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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, July 26, 1876, Image 1

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i PI'IL1.IF111":1) \r VI:K I. l" fly f
1,1,1A ii 14 LAA VAS.
7.rJrr.--9'ht lll;:;.11.1) i= t) tl liSlle-l Week
s in tb' Fo:":n ofWittn-b,,: 1;43.Ci47
F.,mrialply ill
!t r " all ( ,n i, ,t! "t.l , s ti.citl("O1. 11) lie
t"" I .l//) !.Y .Ill V.t.1";' l;.
0 "il.t try N',tl.C4 ~1t"1 '1'61111:rs :.O(1 i
per 1 (Iu"tr;'. tl
The iil;t, ttitswer to tlli,; iatlt;it"""
r.Ou1c'S from ("cr y t t)u . Ito in C:(!
\\'ortli "If w o r;1tn1)t. i.'lt c t, '1'il:lell
ltntl }-[e11(lric"k:(, Wt. "Olll.1 llot civet
ltilyho(l}'. " llore. C'u'll It1I("v l)t'ft)l'l)
the Ilw(;ting of the St. Jj :Iti:; C:;n.
\"ention, tilty:; the Rie.ittlolid DA. 11
1,ulc"h, \"; e Ilml oecas;io i to Hay that
\YO dial not know th:tt the l),)IUol:l"at.s
1'1)tt)(1 Meet Tilde n, but We wci"e
eonlitlotlt that if alley el)ul;l elect ti
i:n}"ho;l they er)u1;1 ele:"t. him.
l., take the ;ii:Ite of \1'i:;rl.1ls::n. -with
itSS tell cleet0ral \"c"ti::;. 1,,1)t,:ly in
this t;ertit n ever (]l c ::iuea that. the
JetuOerlits of Chat "I.I.Ite
tiny hope's of t,i\'iil g, it:; eleett.t":tl \"()t(:
to the e:211t1i.tate of t;1eii" 1):!i't.y. Yet e
the (1el(',*ili'('.; Iila. \ i;;e0llsin l'.0- t
t'.lal-etl \\"it II :11111Utit 01)0 \':)i(:', 0-L,,, if 'fikleil wore nn;tlin:tit"tt he \\
t"ei'tt1ill' y Carry t'I;if 1'11'"l"
not r;cenl to have a u(nli)t. Jill.,,i 11
the 5tibjoct. 111e i, isrnl ;ri\"0il \\':ii t1
that nliao:t. t:tllf I lie \"otcr:; we: v
(Jel'1)l:;ll:; Ca t; (': tly 111 favor of 1't
forill ill,l hard
BE iStiaeh:tse' , , t',; ;) 1'c" 1vs , tt';
elected to (.'u:t1 'rc:: ; ft.u, 1?c iiei..1'; tl:;
mitt two Ind t';)"ll(i('llt.; (13.111.5 :111.1
8celyc') it) fi\"e 1Zel;til) irk:ltiN. I'ee;ttl'.r
of t!lc" of (t;:t'tt to rlilo
I.r;l:iai.llla by iii:Iitar\' fc):('e. : 1,'\'
i.'(ir;tlli :;h.Iil itttcuilit t:,eo':"("r tl:o
1)(s )1)le of 1'ioricl:,, lli:.. itua \t
15 :;lil::na Alto V04:n,. for 111tc(a, c1
lrnb'ti;Lialii:;(.t 11111.:t1i11O; ei'l't.:llillV t.t
give 111:1" tIIiri;':t l) . l \'
'Pillion and J lcni:irit"1: . ;:', ' i.; tirI
of iililitary rail''. \;"iihoot. .i lovt:l
South C'.tr<,li1w,
Lnlisi:.11:1. Ow t-i ' 'YflfcI)
', .1, 111 \' ,t( :. ( :i ,.
, ;: Ii i 1. Oi"('.;r n, N : -
1'ttlla a't1 t'(tl;, ";tth) \1'111 il(l"1l".I:i( t!+t:; \1
l)Illliiler to 1-20' ; N(rw York, \ ".\'
J(!1'F('y :"7111 ('i.l ).((t it 11{ \1 lit 11:.Ft' it. It
to 176 ; toil .lncli:tn:t \"; ill iietko' it l;ll 11
-tt lll:lj:,i-ity c)f th,' e.ee:Jral "l)lle_;t". c'
Now atlrl J'i b.ac"1111:::'+. :'. \ It: 11
Tilden \\"i1 :cliti )::!. sire") ' get. if
(;<rlttlt ('itrrica by ft)rel: tIio f1,ni.
" 11
rtil)tlt.ll(a 1) SLA tk:: l1;111,1 .l -} l;ov (all
be c"at'rie(1 in no ot",l' \\":,".--anal
'i.'iltl("ll 1011 h:,\ e IN ("1(t("i ll:tl
'1'111l:", if ( r:int a1111wS toe M inIlie:;i)
.'tatov, to \"ott' :L:; 111:,.,. 1)1e.L:;1',
,;ill vote f.)r Tilde-i1, aiel he will l e
iaeet':l ; \1'1)iltit if. oil t1;(' e.)iltla:'\',
(!ra'it col):l:r::; tit(,- four -'-iiat
lot nc+.1 to eat t.hc'ir \,)i(:,; for
Mayes, 'J'111kll will he ch-c ('] by
perhaps a Mill IarY or In:;jol ity t.h:111
lie will 1-re(0irc) if (ti";:111 shall let the
Sout.hei'i) pet 'pie vote an thvy tlegire
to 110.
'1'l:0 11i.; ur'J"1 pre") Irv..; i.lle f,)ll..n',"
ill,, t.al)1e, fill-1 s tvs . "'1'Ile realer ,
- .._11 _. ,- ,I , " , , . .
South~ Carolinai at St. Louils.
(',l. J. if. )I..9l in 1h, Lulcson L~eU1'ne +.'.
It \\",t t'ilei'lly uh(lOrstood that '
1l(e 1)4'(cfoI(('.)c of4t1 1u4( 4.joiity vtt
orTide i'1J I41 the miost 4vli!.tl)1O
!.nt4idate. itIu tin forIul.al eonshtatinns
i;l144('4t5 iu v'uivc4l WVC1.' likely to he
411 il4Q;C I' 1" ,t4Y actionI )411 -kit t,!li .i
'1 u(((i).. IJt'.I 11il U tu 4 i ci1 (3 hor t
(;'i I{x h.(i t';' hCl ,i1c) Ift t hatt it Wits
(cpai.-i to to (4141::iil1 the L4 81.ala Linid
(lut p(.i I il'e evi cci~ inl 1 (IlrcI to iui 11.~
1(. (.,idi S41101' s cfoo(4lceicliiig this
'I(C ( (j'4C81 ico. 11.I ('41C(, the~. (I',
ltt~(X ll(. :0)1. 14)11a41 ill" [)i'0( ofi
In Sitntlill 1 I i(' tete (I .'.14 I~t~ Iil l 21% h%
11)441 the(ir. :~1(,:1. ill 1.:1.; l '(.sp(84,t.
t. iag wit 11(411. the 8-lighit(ert ii 4tic- (
LK~i~g 114' esptiohi~ty resting
Jun44 tll11, the (tlelc'-gtil w(a1 pre
it !iC just we'lit an.d 4441
1 ac-hi piuv\a iv 1 on1 o111 ai'1il, tiiiei1
he( oppotunthlities wort)c notI \\'.iitiii'' 0l
)glei the :1' g4114)c4t8 p)r'.Scutecl by) \'I
lit: 14ieni III)441([ jt 01,1C11 t 8(of the at
iie ;31 eaI Cl.i ~late.;, for :t 1141;4iher of
C(II Ll4C14 'I;01 )l lug 1..1e IUItel'0t.; 11
fI'i Ict:: 2411.1 Jleu di ie"kt w\"i'e kilnd \c
11 I , :414 t. .t\" n 11.1 1\i ;4 t~lO:i' View- 1)'
t ci)1)'-.a'cn I Iilicex. It \\:.:; finally
Cte'441i41. I 44 vo)t: (118 it unit, Idni 11
ht:(' C 4t ' 1 . v: ill:~;t :4cc' te: to ('.1 t,
M4 g in; lit: \\. iln t11( Iiil I. 'r4'ii Ii
..u; c!'d' (leil t eC,te, ILL; 1.14: id
t14t4C44~t5 h)icd:;l!1 to b'll~o 11' or f
11;'e:i 1.y ial l a~ ('ui.4111i 3'.lIoj:;i
1Ian1tIh(ie \vel 1:c e Of the i (gin tire ('114114(
1'y" an1d 1.!e 44llCCCs:; of tilt( [)iI1Oclat1
V ill tile ('in 4244 tioll cle 111
'i'lie '- ;iii (Cu 2~oi2: ehitc'gat1o
C1'( cl ia tIit 4 1 013. ('d11lIII ll Ilt
ti It1a'(' '! ligs.'ton loC t til 1)t' ~ 11 r
1f'2Id 1iai hi 2 44.;.laa!4c'In clu10 (11
'.1 11 xa i e c~'i4ItLe t l
4'iV4' tue (1;llg hi f111 )'C2'Si 11.11.1: 1i
" 1)(
tr.Iolil.4. I Its !a{1t' i~V a4 efhi('-c('i'c e
1"' ll'Iiv% lkll II14, iuil t.la('1'C are Jew'"il
111", of(4 liui 3(': i 1), \\1; des~iigna2ted cO'
s : 113(111:(1 o' 1.1the ('0441401tI CC to
ii f;) )1 444 I le;i 11131l I lI(11(1) is ks 111' t hir 1
( !1.1[ '('gi .l'1 14 1 \\":a; cl i(n~ r t i
ren it w \ o ( \'V . tncI (hell. Mce(ook, ofh'
ho. A 1144444 h)ei of "gc'i'tlen rowut
.14 I~u: It.. 't ('S{" : (it~i'ctd 1.r) 14(c't
tl(1~ ci ' tilill, ic'iit. tilig jit.
(l uu 6 ie wt\itt, 4t ilillei" o''f (un - c1.
t4'e'S fro44t New lurkI, iaiicl 01e n11.'"
~'c' (c 'l: i. 111-111 of the Natiunizl Ci
"xe'(ii i\" ('oucniit It c', (yen. Gecorgec
If1.t:1e('4 11 \l'44tioii : I h 41. (Charcles, S
~ JIli))' il oi lc' c a:i - o ts (l '1 Ii l c (,
1 \\'i \'1.' 7li 7 414 1.".it tl7 r l c~t ll '?
trawe that will Show How the Presi
dential Wind is B3loWi'g.
In viow of the Presidential olec
ion in Novemiber, the State elections
Which will p; o.le it will be looked
s with interest. The following ii
b(e ordke. of t'ICso elections:
1. lientuckv, on iho first Monday
I Augsi8. This election will b1>; for
c'iembers of the Legislature dul
irlit judges. The Democrats are
shking acive preparations for the
le(tion, but mo far the 1epublicans
(dicate at 1imsrpos to allow the cal
ass to go by defallt.
2. (J.difornia, oil the firo4. 'sWednes
a} in September. This election is
>r i11in)u of the General Assein
1y ii-l11 members of Congress. '1'ie
arties mle pretty equally divided,
teh clttiiingi the viatory, and an
Celting 'o)ntest is predicted.
3. Verumont, on tiie firstt Tuesday
I September. This ('e(eetion is for
te uflieers and mIem1b)ers of the
-encr!l Assembly, and ats the State
overwihehnlingly 1Republican, the
111y interest atttachied t.) the el.ectionl
ill be in noting the relative loss
id ga.in of the two p ri ies.
4. 3l:aine, on the :;.cend Mlonday"
November. Here at State ticket
ill be c!ectel, and there seem21s to
1! no dcubs't of the re-election of
on. Stlden Ca nner, Republican, the
e-sen!t g~ov: nor".
5. G.o.)rgia1, oi the second Tu1sy
Octolbr. Gen. A. H. (olqauit1 is
koly to he0.1d the Democratie ticket
r the governorship, whose ele-tioin
pre.iet t 1 by 75,0() maOjority. As
-t the Republicans have Hot indi
ted a1 pul.pos0e t., conlteSt the field.
(. WVest Virginiat on the second
nsesd..v in October. This election
l' s a State ticket, memlbers o
le Legislatoli and21 umembers of
ongre1ss. Thel Dor ats aire
remly in the field with t St.ite
e'ket, haled by Hon. A. Ml.
attLhews, preCsnt atttornVy-general,
r the gove: nt rshi). Tiie .R'3pub
an11 w1il lnoinltlte at State ticket
.'ring the Latter part of the preset
olti. The Democrats c'laim that
I their dissensions ahe hle.dled, and
i1:t the will c: rry the Sti by at
rge miisjority.
7. Ohio, seconi1 Tuesday in Octo
)r. In tilhs St.ate a ticket, with the
eeptioll of governor and lieuten -
it- g igovernor, will be elected. Tie
epiublicanus c'himi they will e: rry
to State by an increased m.tjority
er Hiayes' vote in 1875.
8. Indiana, oil the sece1,d Tuesday
October. Here at full Statto ticket
ill be e'.ected, the Demi:)critie
eket beng )headed by Hon. J. 1).
(illiauns. present mebel'r of Con
ress. for the g(ove.rno)rship, and the
epbl)i)2li ticket by 1on. Godlove
. Oth., late Ihinister to Austsi a
l iiana proml ises to be the battle
rolnd preparatory to the Presi
eOntiatl onset inl November, and both
irties w , ill put forth their best
li'rts to secure the ascoldenev.
U. Iow1', 1n tIe second Tuesday
L October. Thsis i a Republican
tate, and may be expeeted to east.
S Vote inl that direction, both in
etober and November.
10. Nebraska, Sicond Tuesday in
etobers. This is1 also a Rlepubhiean
11. Te'(xas, ons' thie f'ist Monday iln
ovember)L1. Thiis State wi11ll probab)ly
1) Democratic b~y ft 0om 75,000 to
1)0,0001 malijoIity', but1 the( ele(ction' 18
'so ner theo time1~ of holing the
residen3itial e'lectionl to afi'eet it iln
A 5.11 Tas.IK.-Ths father of
hal'ey' RI >ss0 has been prs':u~de:1 t.>
rite the story of hsis lost 1boy. The
bor01, 1he says, wvill invo'4lve3 a rev.iving
' hi~s p.,:in' and1 add at dr'op' of new31
itterne2ss8( t is lread.1y ov'erfl Aving
upsj of gief, bust 1h(e2 is wiling to on..
sre'. 11he osfi'rng for' the4 good of
be cause8. He gives foursi reas:Lons
>ri uni'der takin'g t he t:tsk : Fi. st
t is due1( to the( pl)Ui(c. Ser'on..
iw'e narrative may give' a nniiw im'
uslse and1( at new1 direction1 to the
earch for the lost child. Third
har11ley may himself some10 day read
hie book, and)( thrious'gh the illustrai
ions0 of onice funi iir scenos, or1 by
01.1 accidlenta(Il wor'd Or senten(eo(3,
'say bw 1(ed to hsis 1home0. Fouth,1
'hie profit arising from the sa1l0 of
lhe book will furn'sish 1mean1s for
rosecu'1'ting thie searc'h, whtuich must1
oft con1se( unltil the c'hild be found
live ors dead:1. Mr. Ross first in
13ntionl wasl to) employ somo5 "pra1cti
al wriiter1" to (10 th)- Jiter'ary3 work1
in m''ust t~ell the stor'y himself. Thes
!wr1'ative presen01ted( in) is own" plain
/ny3 wous'ld be the mlost attrIactive
11m111 to pu'st it is, they rea20sned, and1(
,1r. Ross hasi assen01ted to thes ari
an'gemencit. The11 work wvill be taken
I) Iha1nds at 01nc0 and1 pub~ili~sed as
'on s possible1)1. -Pi'ttsbu Irg Leader
A Fac-r 'ruA-r JsROGUM'-Ls
hanii two' ye?'ra ag'o Hamue~'sl eJ. TJ'ilden
v'ao elected govern7or' of Now York,
Wh waslte year' afters thie panlic. Thc's
>0OlJ felt p~or and( they donatnded
redu11'ction in' theo expenses0 of th<(
~overnment. T'ho taxes for 1874
vore $1(f,000,000. Th'e (axon fos
870 are $8,000,000. Th'sre is n<(
mm'sibu'g, 1no 8sam, no falso protono4
bot thant. It iA one of those solio
mbaitantial facts wIch toeh th<
>ocket and influence tihe judgmeni
>f every citizoti of every commus'nit'
n1 the $tato, for every man is a tax
A Wonderful Occurrence.
Fr oma the liewhorry leraid.
On Monday parties of unmul
veracity repor~ted anl occurr<
that happened last wok on 1).
i. William's place, which 1
"Bald Mountain" and i ote "slhe
of meat in Kentucky" in the tsh
That something uniusual ha ppe
on the place there en bo no do
its the whole neighborhood aro
D:". William's place is very m
Oxcited, andl on Sundaty luil!
Visito1 t'ie sceo( intd l[have veri
the wonderful phenomenon.
thing is ahnost too incredible to
believed, but from the high st
ing of the partios corroboratilg
occurrence there must be souot.h
inl it. The following is a stattei
of the afleir from a 1 eliable gen
The lady of the house w.1S d
501110 hotsehiold work whon a p
of a brick fell in the roomt on
floor. She thought nothing of
Supposing that soie oeu
thrown it into the house accident,
she pushed it in the firopla', w
wonderfi, to relate the brick jml
(d out of the fireplace, danced c
the floor and went into one of
other rooms of the hon ;o. Ab
the same11 time a boy aund i- 111111 w
working in a field near at hoi
wheni they Were appalled by a sho)
of roe1ks, one of wmi,!h h]ic Lto
inflif"ting a revere blow ; the u
ran home for his gun, think
s01110 o11e lying con)c0eatled
throwing them i but after the n
diligent search failo. to see :
o1ne. The boy is hurt vory ha
and as vet h:s not recovered fr
the tfe'f s of the blow. S,
parties hearing of the oecciurrene,
dty or tv.) after, went to the ho
t.' invest igate, and chairs 1 :
offered by the host, they sat do
one chair being empty ; in
middle of their colversat:on abl)
the iiflhir they were alarmed l
startl.ed by seeing at stick of w<(
fall directly into the empty chtir.
seemed to fall from the ci'ling
was thrown by no visible hma
The 1'.)ki an i bricki fromn I
accounts ar1e continning to ji
around, and1( its yet 110 solution <
be offered for this wonderful oce
What Weak Woman Can Lo.
From the loston Con u''reiul Ad vcrti
She can sit at an open window
a r.ilwvy carriage, with a stiff a1
west wind blowing inl 'that ei
('ovlyhody in the vicinity to
marrow, for two hoeus, in a t
imiuslin dres?, withuont flinching.
Sh1 enn (dance(' orI Iiltz dowmn
c:ptail of a n mreehing regieint, i
tt the 11 'lock suppor put al
lobster salad, ice-cre.n, ehampa'
cake and coffee, without flinchi
suflicienit for a week's nightnmre
a srong 111111.
She can comb her hair all back
is to l0eave the roots of it to the
play of a December breeze.
wear at bonnet cn the top (f
chignon, leaving ears antl be d
posed with1 ipunllity, with
thiermiuoieiter 10 d1r((0s below z
dry goods for the inIvestmxent of 1
She enn study music for tenl ye
sufieotly to enable)1 hur' tO p~eri<
execientl, whn no' inl the priese
o (f those11 who (esire toi hear heur.
She enni toalan'e huerself on
batll of her great too and a a
heel the size of a ime all day iln
pu bic streets without11 falling.
She (cani occnpy three0 sea1t5 in
horse ear andut be ntterly obldivi
that anyW of heri own se(x are sto
mng upl.
Shei shows innnsnal strength
firminess iln the holding ofi
es-tate, soliteire diamnois, and1( (o
vaihufabl 'proerty which'i her1 1:
band pla~ces inl her handsld previ
to compn~rom1ising with hisi credit
for' 20 (cents on1 the dlollar.
The PresidenIt,. (one dayt last wt
gave an1 aud~ieIter to an1 Ohio pris
citizen, in no( Way conntcted v
putblic life, andl vohmutarily conver~
very freely wtithi him npon~ the p
lie situationi. Anong other thir
thue PreCridenlt erif ic'isd ver~y sev<i
ly Mr. Hayes' let tErl. Ho. said
'onsideed it ilOn xU ~eely hald tr
and1 thought that it reflected nu
the 1p1 (401nt adhninistration.
President furthe~r sa1id to this g
tiemans that he~ hopeod the time we
como~l when~i the Amierican po
Iwould 1be perm1itted to (elect aL Pr<
(lont for as long It timle as they chi
The inlference loft upJonl this gen.
man'1 min was111~VL very stronlg
imresid'O1(ent wasH grievouisly 1am1
(ed thlat atny consIiderti on 'vat
had been given to tihe questttion
the third toim11. 'rThe Presidient's
tire manniiier indicated 'omplJleto
fiatisfactioL With thle pol)itical uit
ioadmuch) personal anger.
A young man essAyed a couple
weeks ago to puss the en tratnce
atnination to Amherst, who spe
neithoer by t~O tior ny ear',
b~y mahin strength. His paperO1 <
tained the words "gelicy"
"gousy,'' the latter, ats the ret
will not have .readily p~er'coi
meaning "jncy."
Won't the m'aidlonR of swreet
teen feel queecr goilig about
their pookets full of that new
called silver, to buy ribbons.o
dE DOQFFIELi, C., July 16, 187(.
>te-.1 '" li sios<t ! mralg m re
1 'lhe high jott commissioii coti
m isting of William Sitee, carpet bag t;
weir Attoi nv (:eneliral, and the muilat to t)
d eAdjutant, (tneral of the State, ,
tv11'vjis, have l:t.eily visited uiIurg L
to imivestigate the "horror," and the hi
lformer hais mlade his "reporti." mu
-hed by (overnbor (lhabilst1,tin should fi
shave suhjected: the St:te( to the m
islexpense, an d the two (1ignit:ries to a
the trouble, of going to Ii:im)urg,
he Is someiwhiat ilu iising. When we ta
Srea-l the "report." and consi ler the a
the data from wihicl it is mia.le, the
Ji. u arte at iteinent 5 of lying negro'es mti
at l nd the patial, partisun 1and false It
Ie- conclnsions of its facile author. the m
siggestion ar is('s, why i h, alida vits H
were not wr iittein out in Cohunlia,
a,1dc to order there, and sent by
e . cxl) ess to be exceute witho;tt i
u.lmit by the duisky atfliaints of tat pc
a lrenowned rendez('voui0s, H1nbuiili r-,;. ti
'This plan would have answered the di
bin )Irpose of outrage naini fat.ireils
an11(d their hirieling newvspaper (
vl champions just ts well- ba
1to If this so-called Attorney Gener- e
al had ben in purlili'. of I lie t rt !i.
t, wvh did lie confine his imiluit ici to rd
the besotted nIe(res, and a few a
-' perjured white me12n who had in.
stigated them1 into an air::e I i:ir .
retion agamist the laws of the ilt
in" colmiitry, the rights and( Iro)'rty of j
its citizens, aniid the safety ai.l peace he
of that cVomulimiity ? If p
-withim the. puniew of the <illies pl
d e i~lident to the high position in the be
State to which the accidents of wi thil
1 have levated hin, why did ho so ue
iha, ily conichide) his investiga:ti ,ni (en
before getting at, 11e r(!/ /Iev': of we
this imftortini:rte nteli'ite. ani s11h11 m"i
unito prinlt with ia repol t pregmmnlt asl
thelwit partisanship, and fragrnot With on
the odor of T:icheal falsehood ? 1 f N..
his hi elilng (luunpions of the plr(es's ji
11<1 had desired to 'iresent; to tlie public re
(It "- rcoh ut and at I ,-iu' ,pi-' in
Im .'Wn/t(/fiofn of the "I lamburgt H I n ror," vi,
d. why did their Ic~co(1otiditing Ch
treporters seek for publiention the
mt !statements of 5c11 wort hies ats an
Dil) "Jock" Adams, Prince Iivers, yIa
m-. h1rdner and other onegroes of that to
ilk, and avoid sources of int. form.- (Ii
Lion which counldl have thrown light, at
it least., u1pon1 the subeiect of in- ha
g11iur1y ? to
ser Why should these champions of h;e
of Rasdicail outlaws, these boldsterers of t v
J.h. the wining fortunes of one of the
ills most ina.uuouis:, imbeeile gevel nlmelis (
the that the w orlI has ever known, so
hn"s:wiftly denloimece", the white me let
engag"edl in the mlerited c'hatsinent 'ol
the of this body of armited outlaws, tl
Old mundits and robble: s, its "hiends," $ nu
vay "cowards," etc., anti have not one ti
ne, word of condemnration for the out-- l
n, laws, bandits and robbecrs themn)
to s4lves \ \hy have the edit.ors and og
reporters of these imailignant sheets til
1o(1 hashed theliselves into spai5s of cit
furll horror and s hiame an14d mort ifieatin
mnd at the death of a few of these tied th
a " ouHtli-ws, and tind in their hearts i n
ix not a feeling of tr,. o or solrow a. it.s
the . the (deathi of that hplnldid, fe:irliss . fo
r0o. and hiiioorahle yolmig )'lan, Ale(Ivi( :
of Merreiwe~thier, wauo wa'.s umirderedc i
I ca on u ut twe'nty mis
*are stait (iient 'o(f facts5 int tid "eport,"
rm12 whihb 1k Ioidd hae been easc~ily avide (!th
nee if the dlou(ghty Atto)1 ney G eneral :1f
hiad tatken 1the( troublle t arrive at (Il
the the tru'ith. As lie n'eonwndsic' a
1ho0 juiial inivestigation,. an1d( .40idr'y
thei threaCts of arres'0ts have1( been1 1nade(10
by certauin iiant kiuightL of the to
onls to pIly co4:nstableI for that purpose0M, 2
d-1 will rCeerve~ my ecxp)osure of t hese mi~
f'alsehioods for that in terest ing '
-eail Upon the h1o:ul11 of thioso charged'i
her1: witU the execuition oif theO lawsi res('ts (I
ms.- thie responIlsibliity fdorL his() ohisi~on. (1
rms1: if it is 1.rue( that (Governorl SottL Lii
or1S phlacedl 11(ese arms1( and1 thuis anmmni' sh
tioni mi the~ lumIds (If Lthis ignons(11t y
peopl1)1 ; it was at cimie aga2inlst the 111 (1
*k - and the wihite p1(.>piW that lie dhid c:i.
ate It was ai cr'ime in (Governior Moses
,ib aei ime ini Goverinor Chandaar ilaini, 111
1gb, iln Lhe 201liht of his exien~'cei0 upon de (
rthat subject. IL wasH a eiwl-' 11n11
hie ine0x(ensable( wr1olig, liili unp:(2rdona
10)1 couln triy and the( lives of the people1, ij
li e thaot he( shiould havi~e allowed thiese 110
e11- guns andl~ annuniion~uI to rema2in1 in i
uld( their hand"ol.A
ple The1 juriisdiellon and pow ers~ of a of
L'Mi - -Tialj~ J usticeO are large. anid the r'e th
>se. Hhponiliity prop'ortionll y ilecroas
,bat blorder', like Hamibur'g ; and1( aL man11
oy of the greattest dliseretion1, idlhity be
ver anld firmneIss, <fonild and should
(If havwe bell1n pro1:icrd to fill theo oIfiice
s-- 11 vers, whiol]y linjit for so jIl12IC li
na-t ant a station, is tile (lnly acetinig
Tr'ial~ Justice ini Hamb11iurg, and1( I
of' blee the tost rioftrOmt in Aiken
Count y is abioult twelve mllies dtiN- o
buit Now, if' the~re hand been11 h 'iflrial at
0on- JusHtice necesible, wh'lo would hatve ta
and given Mr. Rlobert BUutle'r justice, Ia
der wvhen, like a lawv-abiding man11, as lie fit
red, is, 1h6 altppealded to him to protec~t b<
mnembersi of his family against this t
so-called militia, this "Horror" jla
six- would never have been1 ihlronicled. uj
ivii Kot oi'fly does lie nlot afford him at
ituff protection, bitt the ruffiarnly con- if
stable of this Trial Justice, one B3ill vi
el1on1,. a coppor-colored negro,.
suflta me asl 111 attorney when I
)proaehed him in a perfectly re,
ieetful maunner, to inquire about
ae whereabouts of the Triali tas.
e, in ord(r to begin the investiga.
un. I was moreover baffled andi
ilh(d with for hours by this Trial
Istice and his negro associates,
ilit this armed company of outlaws
td time to concentrate in their
lnory, where they could success
lly nitiintain their attitude of
)ied insiurreetion, armed with
mns which this same Prince Rivers
mnitted in my presenc ha4d been
ken from himi by these negroes
t hoot. ull thorit.y.
The town had a negro intendanut,
ro aldermen. negro narsthals.
was almost ia terror to every white
all whose )usiess required him to
through it. They had htrbored
ieyes andh crimninals from every
ect ion. They had arrested and
ed 8-)1un of the best and most
Iae(able citizens for the most
vial offencs against their or
n11ces-sone for drinking out of
printg adjacent to tile lliglhway.
10 vonng m11 in was fired upon, the
11 p)assing through his hat, arrest-,
, dIragged to prison and heavily
ed, bcelile his horse shied oi the
e of a sidewalk. An old man
s arredte 1, insulted and fined, be
Ise his horse turned on the side
1k as he w s in tile act of mount-.
r. Market wagons, camnin)ig with
live or six miles of the town, have
cn ro11bed night aftor night, cattle
1 been) stolen 1nd r1Im into this' 4
i('' a11(1 sold. Stolen goods have i
1n systemai1Jti(ally received here,
aprties knowing them to be I
)101l. For nights previous 1A) the I
ilision, imoffending white citizens I
re halted by the pickets of these
litia mln, armed with State guns,
di 5t:itioned on the highways. In
e iistance, live or His of them had
aped their bayonets on1 the pail
;s of a gentlemai, and 111)011 his i
om istrtiniee, cursed and abused himi
tlie hearing of his wife and momile'
iting ladios. The namhes of all
s IHersOns ena)n be given.
W\hy did this Attorney-General
11 these '"swift denouncing" news.
p(rs not put thelmselves to soie
:nble to ascertain the provocations
bo0th sides ? T1hat this~ was not
-oltpany of S ate militia, but a
l(] of negroes organized contrary
law, or withult the altho.ity ofl
V, wil') haud taken the State proper
witllout authority I that "Comp.
A, Ninth lleginnlet, National
1rd of the State of South Caroli
," id been diilndedl for several
trls, andl( that this hand hail utsurp
the'r org.mi):.a tion without aul
>rity' ? that they had not only
l'twfully and iotously obstructed
3 pubi highway, but had broken
ia civil court, delled its process,
1 resisted its ltaUdattes, anid in
Ite(1 its oicers, ind riotously
re;alened the lives of peaceable
izens ?
Why do they not publish the fact
tt a certain white man, who lives
that town of Hamburg, and pub
les a it.tliid I pper in Columbia
cirntlationI in (eorgin, was seotn
I hel train going towards Colu mbia)l:it
Thmli.Sdayl) evenIin~g previous, and
lurled, as3 is stronigly Hiuspected,
Ii ~th ammunition for thlose niegroes ?
Why have thbey not replorted that
H H 11m1( man1 said to tile negroes
er thbe altercation) on the streetsm
tile 4th oIf tJuly, bletween this
e.dle0.1 miliitia company and young
Ltlir and( Getzen, tihat "they (tile
~roes) ought to hlave idiot Gietzen
death, and1( beait Buitler's blrains
t with thle butts of their gunls,"
di thatt lhe incorftita~ntly flied like a
s'chieQvous cur, w~hien tihe storm,
iicht le had b~rewed, burst upon
uhlfenidinig negroes ?
W\hy they hatve not rep~orted all
t11h3se pro)vocationsH, I cannihot conl
ve, excep)t up~on thLe hiypothecsis
it the3y are laid to lie anmd to
.aler and1( mlisrepresent tile white
OpIIO of this Stalte for p)olitical
They saty that tile dlemanid was
ide upon01 the( niegroes for their1
11s without auithlority or juustifica
n. Wh~y had1 not any~ citiz(en or*
mbhier of citizens thec right to
Prince( tivers, a Brig~adier or
Ijor Geea (If iiitiai, had said
bicily thait tihey wvere taken fromi
ni without authority. Theseh
re( itn sitate of atrmeid r'esistanice to]
: laws. aind any citiz/en or numbher
('itizons1f had1( then righlt to dlispe1rse
13 rioItEra and1 Atyppre.ss the riot,
du to) use just so much fore as was
ecksary to accomplish it ; aiid if
'ry nie,.ro enIgagoed in the riot had
(3n kiilled ill the supjpression, it
mld1( haveY been excuisable, if noft
The~ tribunal of tile written law
d been31 app~hlied to, anid igllomni
isly failed. Delay would have
en fatal to the safety (If the lives,;
01n11(3 and1( property of the un
fending, peaceable e i t i z e n s.
'omp1t, shlort, sharp and decisiwe
tionf wat rlecess1ary, uinder thle die
f~e;'f that unwritten, inalienable
wv known as self.prroervation, tile
'at of aill laws. Some there may have'
en whio were glad of an opportuni
to punlish thiose whlo had accumu.
ted wrongs, insuits atnd outrages
>onl thlem, such as I have enumor
ad. I can symp)athlize with themn,
I canntot approve such a means of
I have pen a previoue. occasion
explained how and why I. was in
Hamburg. I did nothing there
which I regret, or for which: I have
any apologies, and would do again
lust what I then did,
I might have avoided the storm
by fleeing from it. But. I conceived
that I had certain duties. to, perform,
and I was not brought. up, itr that
schuaoL which allows any mana to
teseort his friends and ietba when
they are in danger and their- Aunilies
Ind property in jeopardy. I am
idifferent to the opinion ei those
bowling hypocrites, and ask no fhvur
at their hands, and shall grant none,
T'heir threats of United States; sol
diers have no terror for me or the
people of Edgefield. We have had
these soldiers with us, and have: no
objection to their coining aggin.
We have found the officers gentle.
nuon as a general thing, and the. men
)rderly and law-abiding, and they
will do no more than execute their
>rders and enforce the laws.
I invite a judicial investfgalion,
md am prepared to submit to, the
irbitramnent of the law . and such
s the feeling, as far as I have- been
thle to learn, of every white man
wvho is in any degree connected, a ith
the affhir. The white men of this
!ountry have some rights which the
negroes are bound to respect. They
lave no other feling for thaem than
<indness and pity. Kindness for
heir loyalty to our families during
he war, and pity that they will per
nit themHelves to be made the tools
if bad, mischievous, designing white
non and miuln ttoes. So long as
hey obey the laws, every honorablo
nan of the country will feel bound
.o protect and encourage them in
appiness and prosperity.
Very respectfully yours,
Cor (i. --ote ny is a division of
)atural science which treats of
)lants, andi a study of Vegetable
Physiology must bo the foundation
)f botanical knowledge-a study
)nly possible by the improvements
n the microscope and in organio
,hemnistry. As plants are not
;cattered haphazard over the earth,
>otanical geography must be studi..
d, and, with this, plant-history.
Botany may be applied to the wants
)f every-day life, as in Agriculture,
horticulture, or Medical Botany.
.nimals often exhibit a marvelous
natinct in select'nj medicinal herbs,
d an observatio n of their habits
has often, even in the present time,
od to moat vahuable discoveries.
And should man, with his knowl
)dge and appliances, fall to dfs'over
oss than the brute t It is of Miedi.
1aul lHotiny we would speak, or of
,he HEPATINE PLANT, discovered in
Southern Nubia, the Flower of
vhich changes it color with every
ihange of the atmosphere. The re
narkable changes and variations of
hia Plant, and Flower have been
or years our special study, result
ng in the discovery of its posses.
{ion of wonderful medical proper
ies, the existence and value of
vhich have hreofo're Imen entirely
inknowfi to meld)cal s~Uuce; After
me'h labor and scientifie invest1ie
tion, we hive succeeded ini extrac6-.
ng its peculiar medcibal principleS
bvhich are a specific and cure for all
liscases of the Liver', Stomach and
Bowels; a permanent cure f'oi'
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Spleen,
Jonstipation, Jaundice, and all
Bliious Comla~h~ints. Of course we
sannot sendl a living Flower of this
Plant Ito all who read of Hepatine ;
mit to all who wilh senld their
uddress to MiRELL & COd&#9EN,
P~hiladelphia,- a.., with a three eent
dtamp1 for rett* postage, we will
,end Fmms a fa"'iile of the iflowew
bhat will change its color 'u~f thei
ine as the real Hepatine I' lowe?.
The Medicine, MEIRRELL's HEPA -
PINE, for sale by McMALITER & 11*f6w,
Winnsboro, S. (I., will cure all
hiseases of the Liver.*
VANcR ON BILLY 83fif.F"h~
l me," said Vance, "that Smi tl
harged last night that I ran away
rom Italeigh on a barebacked mule.
Well. I confess I did leave, but I left
m a horse and retired In good order,
~iith was in Johntonm aufd had lost
uis horn, and euldn't get his dogs
inp, and what wasI to' do but run for
t ? There was no one to signal
he euitnm's apprYoach." FfRoars of
"Shall I hit him again, 01- let hfrr
lone ?"
"Give it to him," yelled the crowd,
"Nci, I can't do it, gentlemen. Bill
smnith v/aC my rmg.htad man dur
ng the war. Hca##the flercesit officer
miter conscripts and deserters I had,
Lfad helped ru weel outi the red
atrings. No, I can't do it. I feel
ike the Irishman when he killed his
pet pig and held it up by the tail
wvhile kle dof hold the ate to knock
t in thme head, 'Kill 'ima aisy, bljazusg
le feels nigh to me.' "-1ialeigh
D, holmes says, "We cont the
b'rokeii lyraw that, reet.' lBut were
the Doctor to go to Wasiington and
undertake to count the liars thafi
dion't rest, he would strike for more
wages-'.or for homte-In lessa than
two hours.
Moody will be ready to com
mence revival woth in Chicago on
the first day of October,

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