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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, August 09, 1876, Image 2

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Weadnleshlil IMori i n : Augis 9, IS7?
FOfl )'11E811).:NTr,
5.1.1 LT /'-L J: 7'f;)jL I u.,,
of Now Y i'or.
of Inldiana~.
M1r. Geo. W. WIlian. 1 10. riten to
the iVl us (Ui(rl (.Amrie,, docJiningi
the Denioci'atic1131 liatiol for 90v-!
torpor. He says ; "'I ho(ntly b~e.
hiove that Governor Chsiieilnin cll
ilo mloreo for SoathCUX lta in anid
out of thW $t~al,, thann any other
(lovornor Chainherinin hrtvt not
yet remoICved the doub~t, if such there
)xas to his course in regard to the
quartering of troops) at Aikoii an(dI
}Itiiabui'g. 110) }~* evaided dho siII -
joct, but tihe evidence iH criichtiirie
thatt ho req~uested theo trOOhM4, nli aking
what we are forced ti) consider a
fal1s0 representation of the eonditio
of things.
Judging from the O)piions thusa
tar ro (3 ierO (1, it 8(3033)5 (1 011+ 0etc
actioni of the;: Mate E:xcctti' '(hnn
Jmiteo ini clllili the Iiotnoeral it
Conmvention for tlhe 115th inst. 311eP~tl4
ve-i3"ry ol ilt.rabhlo ,, irapf-l ) 1:1 tion!.I
InI several (iUntliit, (eletcsie haveC
Lieon ehwioa, withi inlstructt.immf to
advocate a I)08f.I3il(iiilue oif 11 iv
loiOnliltdcOls for tile) pretit. A nig
nitiqit fet-tiir oif Lihe o(i~ouitin
1 '4' showing itself inc that it is nsot
confined Lo ani) 1)at'b~ hwC~lll"]u ii t.
And1( is felt b)y both "itritigit ots..
solititajejit this 3iItoWi1C itself will
lie \cvolI 1'ral'M('11t.CIl in the Sltec
Confventionl, antiI that that lin alv " ill
adtjoutrn for the Il-i('Cn11. withIseit
iiikiig 11113' lti~iaiIt fur Statec
htz loin.'za grt CC .i'~\eeItiver (1)..
31)1flue for ( :l ii il'toii have. [iiit~ Cli
FtX('(il" ti C' ('Cilll.('. JIC S 'itll -~s
i 13)3 (Ii n' al1(ii 'to1 the ix .etl)iJit o
thei (Cop'n"n I 1(1hoel flint 1 CIii('
slitsiOali u il be 'ikrt bfill ( l). )- li lig~a
.,.1o ).t r,.... 'I J (l - ,~ . ..C
molre 11011 conicition, and thlis upoi
a More legal technicality. He 1A i
tstanTlh before the coimtry i as btu
a light as ever. It acoems dottbtfii
Wvhotheor there will 'be anfy erimibn
proceedings In the iiiatter, ail tl1
[email protected]'pli~ing trader inl tradersihip
8ti1i c'' (y 'lilinc of going entire
1y utipwfislaed.
TJ-hl call of the i'ixeelttive Coini
mnitten far pit State Convti'onm e
the l)eitlocraey on theo 1 5th iniV
H4et'i8 to) ].lave (tllid formth an ejiu
amount of falvor:Llcb and of tuifavornt
hde cociiiiial~t. \1thilo nobody doubt
t fort the Ii. tiv'on of the Colnitto
1it'(' both1.1 dol.-ca&t anId paitriotic, yeti
in felt in horny (fuartori that the,
have ]mule it mistake. I t only ro
maains flow for' the (..oiiveotjoii itM.l
to' look (';'4'eiIIlly in to) the enui
S~itutione~h ln,foie itoliop api ilac1.1' 0.
fic(tionl to whIichI t11 ciir Du JQIo('Jt
((y of the State will be' Commiitted
\Vlih, it wamy seem to involve mine11
ces rilrr dil .iy fid a waste of tilli
yet, if it. anlxe.ir biest. for thc ilnteresti
of the Stars; at large; tlieI' had lies
ani ]fify 1.10 dtJvid(1(( upiol b~y thenB
w~ho favor i 5t o 1l'tliefflenlt. TJhoer
is ('c1i10 It iff.2eene oif qphiliou
its to I he pm'ipr" ety of , owiwm'a ti(
ilo4iiiiifIi)Ii:i ait. this time, anid thb
,v'lo!.o sublject s;hould he mfaturel'
c iisi~ldi'e before $.loi'' is a tieke
pal, otiL If it slh:ill appear b(is
for' thet majority of the people that1
S'taLte ticket lie at once nfliwill~tte
511(111 a t icet should be made nnl
andc the fiction of the CIonvention
'sli'nid be- supported by the entir"
Deio neratie partyv. Andl if there it
fini tajotl1'ln neml I. those ?"viti All( 114)%
earli't. ini thir~l ad(voi(')1&'y of amuiiedi
ate act ion i sould waiveo all tlei
the; majoity. l'(+ should 111110
Il'f I inns o Iaf cheat tof the 110111
th l lltilial 11 c in veitioll. Ki tt hle
i1lV'ire~ll fo a1uuth' by and caul
p tt. flu1' il('tioll (if 1.lt4" .Deulocin tti
prty'. b h0 n made kin xvii thirou-I
it ('c 4 S i 'il I'' i ('H"e 1t ltiVQH.
(irunnt, onl the Iitllnbtirg Riot.
Soonll' weeksl( agii. iHonest Jodi
I 'aH (I - s ii Offeid ill the Sienaf 4'
I'HI l tit 140 I41,lirt i~ in ' he .''4si( en
to fil ti i I Indat oy anyl iform al
lion he 144ighl p ossess ('4111 111i
the I liiol t ug nfl' zin. PJhii Prosit lem
hosI~~ill ~li ''Ih~ Ill t.t'tuntiilitin g
itt','t frotih {l ih it' ('h~ii'lahii
his (m~ n ejly. wiltl the r1Y1,111,
..1 uutonl 'ii'1i'ul Sf4 i1(. ft1,iJ 11 th(
wt~i hi it i444Xsii'44 ini wh1ichl Iito ('
pi14'H54s hiinil-eif as foll'.u's.
i status of the party is now no longer
in doubt. Ethan Allen, one of the
I ieadsm, hat a iounced, on authori
1 ty, that thez will, be no convontion
D not Q sp6a tJb regular Republi
s can lieo The Liberals, or 1
luaes loi leader, Carl
Willouppq t )yes and V 1l
Thit n r s 'onans a surren r
Ehe oi dot plitical leaders
whom tli Libhials of 1872 i're
loud~e ily' e ir denunltciationKa
The Repj\l~i4cg % sldates, proj pLe
soinally pure, but they are surround
ecl by iioi lr9p1Wlnl oIia th eiat' a
nothing to expect ba, a rel it ion
of those tlhigE tht har vUg&4~l
th party into wue'.1 desurvo.1 die
t. grace. ThAe is no wior cysaten.
ey in the presont courisepdf . Xnur
and his followers thag(lhore woud
have been in their Atkprt- ofA i-ant
four years All the laid
elements o lt tbliea' -uty
are still py Aenit andI potent, and the
persong) charac lr of the caudidates
thonelves can avail )ut little
against the power of coriuption,
ombinatiton and party discipline.
The alhesion of Schur and lit
followers to the uegulw Republi.
aus has very imuc.'h tie appearance
of t trade. and] thiere aim those whe
believe that the great Germsrg liui
pelf has auimed his price aid had it
paid. The defeetirn of Sha'lrna amd
his followern goes only 1 A h'ow that
there are two givat political parti
in the Union, an' that by one of
these every great contwt must be
won. There is really no mwiddle
ground. and those who attempt ta
find one, are likely to discover, whel
too late for their own <raatage,
that they have neithier real positlion
nor cons id'erable starngth. The
majority of the Liherail Republican
inrt sIeen, to hve beas foracl to
th in conclusion.
The return of Mr. Sebsurz inute
the fold of that party which lie has
for years bitterly denon ee:, and
which has been1 growing more ar1d
moire corrupt, (er since he first
raised his voice in oppositi n to its
ruling principles and 1 dishonest
leadur. ai,'nnot accoam1plish m~uch
for thE Republican. That he will
c arry bit little si.rength With him
.eeiis to be universally blievecl.
Mn y of his strongost allies in the
1 old .itihrail party havI)Io pronioun(Lcl
for Tildein 1nd1 Ialelricks, and there
is every r.Sion to believe that he
will have no considerable following
from itIong tlo (orallans. It is amonig
those chiEfly that he Hats be sup,
posed to have saength, and if they
fil himi. lhe i(ideed a weakl
aiccessionl to) the Re'publican host
T'he D~ieocrat genuerally seem'i te
coQ li eiter regret inor a~iprehension
b)I e(enutse of his detfettjin. Het ha11
detedptta his colors, and his de
foetion is, as8 we have beOfore in
timiatid, niot wi thouit the susic~~aion
that, he has betrayed his friends b
s(llng ant to their fos
IGovErnor Tildien Accepts.
(oveu nor TJildenll has1 comel ont in
a& ltter accetinig the Democriatic
lnmi nation for the p)rosidenc~y, ini
which~l lht states at consido~rable length
his views of the gerneral condlition 01
r' a'airs, aneli what should bae done by
a now aditnistrationi. Upon tie
great gnestioni of Itoform hie says:
"Th'e neceit ofrform in the seaic
Iof pu~blici oixpenses, Ft'iderail, Staite,
m iunuicipal, ianin m1 1uEOo of F~oeoral
tax tion. jutities all thet prFomiiiinece
ho~inig given to it ini the declaration
of thie St. Lionis Convention. Tie
prt~eent dlepreissionl inl all the buisiniess
andi industriesi of tihe 1)eople, whieb
is depriving labor of its employment
andit carrying want into so muan~
euxcessive gov'~iiernmetal (consimnptionl,
Iundler thot~,ilhienu of ai speciouls prop.)
orty, ngnrdbythe failso policiea
of thae Fedatltr government. The FedI
oral taxes of the~ past oleven yara
re~tch the gigantic suml~ of forty-v
hnditredl mIiliions of <Il yr.Local
jit'xation 1has amiiouted to) two-thirds
as amch. .Tho-vast aggregate is not
loss ithan seventy avoe hiundred miu
ilionls of dlollars." After shlowing
ho ti extr'avagance hsafce
the generil interests of the counitry,
the letter says
"An acessory caus1e4, en~haini
tte adistreats ini buinesio1s, is to ho
found in the systomantic and insup..
potrtale imlisgovernme1nt inmposedi
on the Stautes of the Mouth, Bie
Bideks (lhe o~'rdiry effects of igno
runt aind dishoniest admUIinitraLion,
ismiies a)f frauduletnt blonds, the scani
I y aivaile of whieb which nore waist
edt or stolens, anmd the eixistenice of
whtich is a pulici discredit, Lending
'to bankruptcey antd repuiaition,
Taxeus, goneraslly oppressive, in) sonme
instiances have counseated the en
I ire in~hcaof property and totally
destroyed its masrkest value. It is
imosil that these evils should
not react upon01 the prosperity of
the whole country.
"Them nobler motives of humanity
concur with the material interests of
all, in requiring that overy obfltaic
be irmoved, and a complete and
durable reconciliation be had he..
urally estranged, on the basis, re
cognized by the St. Louis platform,
of the Constitetion of the United
States, with its amendments, uu
versal% a spted as a final s.ttle
#fnt anersierwiene
go cored civil wear. But in aid of t
re t so beneficial, the oral infu
en o ery citizen aasil gUovery
go r'n l a} erit ht' e
aloft to ni tain ir
e y .be ore, t law, it
h 'is es$ 'Juh rdial d
f l a ob~d a~y ' ci 1
whatever their' race or color, who
are now uniting in the one destiny
w fOnei anligomenent, Lti
duty la be assigned to moe, I shiiall
$1fto ace!- t14,P0 -cil with.
a the lat\"t ' un x h Istitdtibn
of our -country. clothe. ita Chief
Mapustratn,. to prote t all its oitizen11s,
whalttevg .. ir for~mer conditionf, inl
every po$ ,ci and personal ight."
Thme rrrency quesitionl is netxt dlis
cussd at eYlnsiderable lcngthb, Of
courte Ovenuor Tilden tdvocates a
sppeg tturn to hard inroney.' After
shuwig how weak have been the
eflorts of the Republican party in
this direction, he pklge hiuself to
carry cut the principles set forth in
the St. Louis plnlatfrn. He next
discuisses the slie~t of civil aovice
refourn, shows the great evils that
have grown and flourished under
Repumblican aciministratioli and
urge- the ieceisity of a cothplete
eovolytjolin the m11ode of' appxint
mg plerfions to (liial stationis and
in the prjnmiples which now regulate
the temu o of such positions. The
letter eleses thus "Whien, a year
and a half ago, I entered upon try
piesnt trust, it was in <nrler to con
suimmate reformus to whichb I had
already devotxd fseveral of the Iwst
yeara of my life. Knowing A I do,
thcerefor from fresh egerience,
how gloat the di erence in betwvteen
gliding through anutli caroutine aid
werkitg onut it reform of systeams and
policies, it iS impossible for ite to
co1nteUphLt what neds to be done1 in
the Federal llaunistration, without
an anxious soezne of the diflicnlt.ies
of the undertakin'g. If summored
by the sififra'gcs of my countrymen
to attempt this work. I shall eudeav'
or with God's help to be the citi
cient inatrumnnt of their will." The
message is alt4ogether an able docn
meit, and secomn fully to meet all
the issues presented by the existing
state of affairs for Govei nor Tilden'.-.
Governor iendi ix has likewise
w: itten a letter of acceptance, which
is published along with that of the
Dneocratie candidate for the presi -
dncity. The chief point of intee .t
in it is found inl the following para
graph: --It, will be seen that I aim
entirely in accorid with the platform
of the (Tonvention bty which I have
beewii ntoiminiated as8 a (!hcadidte foi
the offiee of Vice-Pro-sident of the
United Stales.' Even had there
ever* beenl any reasonl to fear that
Hendrix, with his suppose :1 raft
mone tecndencies, wvould not fully
subscrvibe to tice St. Lis- platformt)
(~hat fear would hoe now entirely dia
sipaited. T.Lihlen and Hendrix stand
upon one and1( the(5 i me plaitform, and(
upon it they will woik together at
Washington after the 4th of March.
Tti E Coui ON 2man
A rragr-ant Letter fr'om Col. D. Wyatt
CoxEsunRY, 8. C., July 21.
Edlitor of the KNes andl (nur-ier .
I have read with pleasure, as8 you
doubtlIess anticipated, the comumni
o'ationi of your correspondlent "5,' in
the A'eue. antm ('ouir of the 9th
istant. I weleome "8' to the ranks
of those who for five long years
nave beon laboring asiduusty to
effect what he at th'it: late day 'con
siders es-sential to theprpeiyo
the South.prpetyo
'Nearly three years ago the Nation
ail (range, aispembled mn St. LJisi.
and compIosed of a represenitative
farmer ol every State iln the Union1
eept Rhode Island, issued "a me)
m.>rial to the Cotton States'," urging
the cotton planters to diversify their
fiarming, and contract the area of
cotton. That memorial con tained
these wcrds:
"If throo million, five hundred
thousand bales (3,500,000) are grown,
they will be consumed befc -a another
cr'op ennW be gathered, and - a remut
nerative market price will be sus.
tinedl by the consequent demand.
em'ou million, ivhud-dth)ousanld
(1.1500,000) bales are grown the herg
01r marginal e'xcess will control andl
depress the market. 1s it not wi h
in tihe p)ower of our orgaizationi to
control this feature of our condi
tin? Altemn dives for suc'cess
upjon the single one of co-operating
in the determination to bs)ist at
home. With this end( attained,
ther'e is ino reaIsoni why we should
not be the happiest. most inldepenCd
out and mfost protperous people1 on
cari th.
T1his mnemor ial waus signed b~y the
master of every State Grange, fronm
Northb Carolina to Texaus.
It hats .' I by thousianids of
individtual a, to hundreds of
granges in their nmeetings, and had
a perceptible effect in many places
upion the planted area ; bhut, strange
to say, A. diinished area; did not.
produce a sinaller crop. Just in
propotionto the decrease in area was~
tefrt anices of. effort ; at great?
e~ot o ertlie.andi an application
of more intelligennen to the produc
tion of the "~op. The result was >
greater W did poractre, and an equally
large J) %)pon a dlecreasing area..
etor, .1 am an advocate of
I o orativc effwi't in every general
dawtry Ofd bave :labo1ed., forth
Southern farmers until I have wvell
nigh reduced my'f.to poverty in
my effort o Vrgabi6 tem for' their
read iratiujq anad" rosperity ;
tl tholis ara tu-a r
p)owerful' thanshtorbe-ead
for and' temporary reif from p'ves
" J11.ts - ~i*1% '.JI, 'M. Ztcuof the
Pattronis ofHubnrisyselttc
' .4~et,'nd aditta'gIto 'iti, ri) )kN
mwn 112 tht ioihI br' won .d die
I.intorestcky unite in the elani t mu
gestic by '-I ;" andl the~ ,sliordilaite
bi'a~iet4 of tis O'gniz:itioit liQet
direoct conmilttio 101 idlt echw
othear. Thrlouigh themt good ('f)'oc.t.ii
might be Jt'l(JdicrrWi biut, OYO.l thecn,
it HeflhR iflmj)1atict)e 4'd. &Itl'(tiJ' ouri
.Southtern farthers arie lothI to co'
of t ho 40,000 farmlers ill South
Oitroliiat, onily abount one-third toov
nienmbers of ttle Oranlge. tied( about
the Rime1 tIIopiioll ltir liletull' in)
the other Southtern Stain.. T1his
one0-thuld itigilt move fowajd solidly
to aic(omplipsihh the anid 1)1o)(08ed by
8"Whatt Qfitclt would tbliHE lv~ e
upJonl the oter two-.tltirds ? And
1yet ti only. - third is a vastly greatelr
number timitl would ever join a
"'Prot('(ti ve Assoitttion." or be
bound by its r(egulatioas.
The jltitlortn ai resloluitionu
adopted by pojptalttr coil E.11tiotil avail
but little unless tiw y tire thei coil
tittients of of u ave i'lutmy Orgtni:iwd
body. 'r\1u1111) and1( couty uP
gutltinrtls umat be~ forilue l baforeo a
State (!on vention cani shek even
#110 ()Xrntv OI Hicl iis, tind ci )ciall~y
sgo than tiny Staite in the" Utuon, In
(ieoi-gi the fa rvuers hldd semi tUa-1.
:41 CcillVPUtiofl8, to tu'], fro tn l thieh
e1tlat('( 1t1"0 (.1lfiecl Ufi(I() iy the
huilroal'o mmii d1urinig theo conventionl
tics~ of thte td)w11 (m city to thte (leIss
gates Almiost (tveiy whlee eIlse de
kXtto tPo, tttn1is1tol tint 11;3f tite
uISuatl rte(S. iii MouthI (2tu-ohit it
'1itrfeflt. l)()hi'y j)lOevttils t-n 1(1 hotlt
t'wCt~milln(Itjt1io nfo. no))1 e (Xpwlisivo
andio mea-tgre tht))t clsrolle:P. (Of all!
melt. now -a ii tvs. far-mers htave leti-;t"
mot0ley. :11(1t or' thw-Re toli-i1o1 thte
(')tl'et toiifl advised by~ "S. wol
iloit he IC ttcecl goleipill V.of. if
tittidol. ivonhl lot sit, long eniough
to efl'ct. thme end Jlropn~e~ecl.
'J'hte ('reirgia8 tite Convention1
metsl() inl a itosville on or tioii ium
7th of August- I sulgg:)4" ::hut ',"
Il-ellrire IL P~ap-(* upon the sub11ject It(!
litsfi) well oni(IofeI~ ill((1 o-:tnsadsll11ti.t osi )))I.
w~ill v('nthil-e to gutirtt.e it ai w~'illij
I 5(hi('tiut nc~l~ fcol ! eflot-t, 51111
I tion.F't:a o~ l' iii t heirVis WVtttr(E) du1(1
tI lolg ll', FPO fi to 'nutr . .e :h
The Medicine, SHELL'S ' .I{PA
tu-zE, for le by MoMABTErIt & .]JIIIcF,
WTinnsbory S. C., will cure aill
disooas06 of the Liver.
Th ro 1 iiR wide distinotiol1 'be-.
tween being a-nman of fortune and it
fortuntet man.
SDon't forgot t he pr'inter ie~l
Assets $1, 500,000.
1'. NoT2 x. Ville-)>PIVA. A' far~.
lt'li 4!2)2J1 I)21y hit 1)ad( it p2'ni2(! l2 I x j)
rie i(: W: ' I25 y'tfrs 1!Int , 'iO.x'd , n:' l-I
tI"M ;i r ~i t p iiriOil (,' Itit VonII 2. r l2. 2ilting~
Porland21. I 'hieatgoni-i Bostoni. 1it. ali.
Iti'( romp(112'tly lit (vt .010rnd vents , ll~I
it to th ( 1h ltlj)'2y u~e
JA'~ W. IJA W.
Agetit, itt \Vit 2s~l1, S. V. Ith 3f1
1\ ' 1-t ng tI lz it 'i r tt'e I*i Ftr 202':22,nr'
exoo..El 411 ).i~ittitt llll . . hf. I I.10*.
It'o'kul 11111 to 1'4!ftlem1. I. I 'll V. t nu
rik., tl l'l t; 1 21!2121tl" IIIC( 1 12211 s .~, 11
* 10. N~itl'ii ~1.1s. W.I~ LAW I'll2, 2 222
7" C2 u.y At- is
1l. N n .t '28 (I1 2t1'Ill l t' 2t4 it'2;2ll ' 'in i.t'
1J Ie ii II I'i * ( 101.111.1.
c'1222, T22 ix -A-I MT. "qS .1
TRADE 5 i o~sit. 'i~ 't ill 122.1,'Sl'
A. itll tSupply:
I n rat I t2n'l i.& L22. )ln32j fo tal ' - it, LI
I13321 l i . '22 I I 22 i I 21 .2,t ~. I::
theF 11'.et UABEN~tiof
IN2 IF 2 - 111 r1
Xronrn the oo p m
e . v
The per l? i' f (wr, ,y ll rtrv, (t Protect..
4(l Solution of Ile(: I rotoxi(le of
Iron. is so C( utbincel (is to h(two
tiw. (Jh(t"r'(U)tCr of (llb ((U)lleuts '((
COsil!/ (lit/eSte(1 (111(1 arsslinllttfcrt
tui,'h Ilea ll'loo(l ((s the simplest
fool. It /1leIcfrs(rs the (ru(tlttlt7/
of 11'(r/rr1'e's ou",r. 1 "ltc(li-'11r fj
Agent, fruit in. the blood, and
riir(,'rcr.lho((s(ru(l ltts)i) slinpll)'
by Vol? !n f/ nlri/trif/oraIirrt/ (cull.
J'itali..ilr!/ (fhe S'1/stclu. '171c cu""
richc (n;.(l rit((li-('rl blood 71(1'-.
")ut'((te(! S c't"rrl) V111.0 .eid /,
t'('/utlrlilf/ (l( ur(1 US (tu(1 z (tslo,
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SD H W. FOWLE & SOH, i'roprietorsr
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