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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, August 16, 1876, Image 2

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t1'chnsI3II1 m1orniing, ;1 ugnst 9i, IS? i
-" J N O S .. R 1 1 N L.S m
of Nowv York.
:''IfOS. .. IE 1"b.!? /CA ',
(of JIiana.
The c lef)0 ! ~1t t i~tlut have wonY Vf'
Rt 8j)lcildj vitory OVQR' tile I utticiils.
The election hld on the 7th insiit.
resiilteil ini ti hoiioiec of at 1).(11ff)
%;va xajrity which may~ s~afely be
lecetion Was i (juiet une, tie
being I11) to-this time no) men tioni of
anly (118~t111h1T2J" wlilot(c('. [ni lSia
*the. 114'p 11)AiI11 ll(1a it ninjoaiiy of
lVc7U+2; in 1870 the J)eijtovrntts cia'l
* 'ied Lte Htidco by niiuLi ten thou.
Aml~id, in 1872 Grant, reeivedl 10,828
maIIjority, *411(1 in 1874 ilw Dezwerclatta1
rolled Upl at maWjority of 13,190. It
w'iil. thus be a;ecii (lint the Den-t'111(y
hard h ei std1 id gaining. gvirln14 .
Over siVce tlle RI (ielCtd5 t fl)I;inll
it foothold under the wcukI iiig, ulI the
A1dalu;tla tis al1l rigl for' util tiuu' I
tried14 ifl UfIll ( iou 11 t il (,1':~c'
. It is though t 11N IlulilY t fLlt .it~~ %ill
f.4 i ive a . Jul iti I h[i(' If ul I ' l i '
f1(20I. Lniiv ir l"i ly ni 'Ii1t! -- : I:tt . l
IIi,uillutttii. ("(01''ll If illS. '1'1'. (I jutf
fhlilli\'tt lie's ill11 tl,.iiI;'i:ufI 111;.
anti'ii .lieho 11111111"'(lisl ';; {1(1;111uot':;
t. i.lt!. 1O 1' rec 1 if)r 1i' f 111 or :1
"!1.';V . fl i( 1(.a Itl I t hei. IL 1,fft. 4.1ff
'Oi ll d roc. ( it't IIt, h t"1 J1 (,f If'ill
votes 4( !) lii'tl l and the ('ii;l tIf :)uI111J
kt heirt iIif r fufl14,'t (c) titf 51 111t
cl T~the(01 lut 'uhf V)II f \'il lf"ilv
I ll'ct t.:i s ll ttljtlelfV itc~ tlz t f l rfr
il ~cnltn u 114.1 its(Ii ;r.+
JliiUfl t '1juill. by f. hn If; tie uol5 Ii
of It full "itato ticket have nothing to
gain and much to lose by' 1).3reirst.ing
in their . present, line of action.
There :1 Ibe r;inp1..c tithe, after the
adjonl llw( lit (f Me I(("htl}):ict,11
e()JLVul! t i(:11, for the Lellluculley to
t .ke ,,ny steps that may be found
1(lvi8ah1(', Itn(1 no battik (%ii, rosult
from r;iitil),r, M( 1 ro of the chief
:'1)oinf l4 to be gained by- nolnilkation
now are Ike ttnilic"ntioll of the party.
::11(1 the illfte:in;. into it of that en
ilit .:i:(ti;n !1ic l1 is ttlwayli
c'z('iI("1 iIL a ret;u)uily innngnl'ate(I
political c;unli;(i ;n. 'I'Iie first of
' dieSc' rndr; ("Ull Lest bo al tailiv(l by
lo::f 1)c)11eilu"i t, 111.1 the hltt(!L" \ "L11
i"n1'ti'r no (I1nlilltttic"n, 11ull if, is
II('ecl(!11, by It (lelay of two or three
is 11(,11" ('\"('1'V 1"e:asoll tO 1)U
lie\"e tlr:tt, it rtaj, :'il y of +Iul('.;tttes ill
Litt: State l'Ult\"cliti(,It 'il1 I',L 'Or it
lut+f.l ( lacnh('Ilt of ill(: I1o111111ittiotlg
for ,Stall till after the
joltrunrc'ltt.cl' f,1I(' Itt"1)tI1)liMtna } ("
Hon. 01 I he ('(; nnt:UH 1, tt 11h(t:ercl
frulu, Atl(' "ille, Beattf , ('hats heal
Lon, ('1i(' tor, (') trunJ , 1)al,.. 111"tulr,
( \ "n, Gr VIII(', ()rallg;e
I)atrr I11nLtor h(1 Y 01-1c 1111W, ill
Ihcit" resl)(so a r.ull "ent.i(ms, ex.
pros (l 00". ill opposition to
the lice of ,u doll lnarl:e+l out. by the
]! xocltttice ('ollLll.it-tce ; 1)tu"uwll 4 I
fjoll(l:; hc r (1,'I('n;tttc5 nninstL'u(rte(i,
th(! ::('iltinivilt, in the eolwt.v favor
int; 1,r;lla,1:(:nlrut; Aiken, Anderson,
I{ielli;tn(1 and Spar
I,:'I1 ;l:'n f:tl'UL' Lilt! ln L:I(.lll;lte 31U111i..
11:!li( 11 of it full $l;tt(. tic l.et, It is
111, \" 1"LtiI!1('(1 t11a1. I ln i' 11r+' ('rrtainl .
ti('\'('ii t v (lt it.'^,tl out. of Olt. whole
nlaltlla t". Mw 11!111,11-.+.1 :LIItI 10ty ('i;;llt,
\111 , ;.1;! v ,l(' I( ," 1 ,.;t1,';I:cuu:lf,
".01il(. 1+!on"i tit!u'r cuIlIi ie:; ;tre (:On
li(I('fitiV v':1u"vital to 1,nrr:lul a iiuli!ltl'
.1 it Wail lic'I(1 \\"(s th(
,(t'1'1i11)1111. IJ III'' I)(!Illo('t:l( r,'llvtll
Cl' (IIF( II('(I ';) l"11+' (:I111 N of 1101, to
I( Itlhlltat tlll;tllia11''tLtt ill ftl\'(,1" o I' ItIL
;, Ij~Itrlratl( nl. (11' thy ' t",tl,' ('i)n\("li -
I1",11. \11111( Ill" Illt:l :llr al,}. 1,(ollt(lltl
ttlll w o t!'ll t
t lttj Ill' .1 ,I-i a 11;111.
t"(w til('ll ttt ti''I , '1'ht' ,u"ti'nh of the
)1'"'"1111':(' ( (1'u 111)t}( .! ll:ttl ('('L't;Lilll '
!'.:r to ("o:tt!u ut I tilt
l",,,:.1 ("t' ,t 1:l.li( !"ily o f tIt(
"l ,,l,: . !','.J: ( '' t!1'' .- t.l!e , , ,',l 1\'t Il':l !
.,ILI(I Lila ! I1( I.:. II '(,:tlit l),
010 L"C.1I r(AIltii!t(:II1. of t.llr 10a1't\" NV iiI
lc+ fltlly it' lr( a;( 111 t I ;(11(1 fralikIy
e :1 rc . c'.1 ,lilt( in 'tl'l1 ,t1II action.
"1'!I('rc' i1: c'("rt;tilll . ,t \ i.l(! (101i+t"(.1(("v I
tor have already signified their will
ingnesd to' upi ort, on a conpromis<
platform,-a Democrat for the solioi
tors"'hip, 1d10 there is no reason t(
(1Oubt th'at, a hominilatiol by tlo bal
would receive equal endorsemont
In such an event the noinineo of th<
bar would certainly bo elected. W(
suggest to the 'airiiold dologatioi
in the State Convention to use thoir
votes and their influence to have the
nomination of a solicitor referred114
the bar of the Sixth Circuit. "/
The Cov<., :,-', Apl,oal LOG '
Str:lge'y enl .ngh. r hori i''ntl to
have bee~n some myu~steryV srrou~nd
in~ Gsovernor (UawLIeain's course
ill the matter of qulirti ing United
States tLiops t Aiken land other
poin1ts in >uth Cirolina. All
(loul)ts , -101no icinlove'l by the
stLte Its contaline-l in the follow.
ing ..%tnets fi(Ill the (uvernor'
j .u" to P1rsdi(ll t Gilltt. 111)011 the
occa.s ion of (.he [auriihuig riot
"I de't it iUnpo'i (lt to advis
vou of the fi.ets now stated, mind to
solicit. fl(cim yout some in dienationl of
your views 1pon. the 11qestions pr..
sented. To be Imoi ( sp)eeliei', will
the general goveuiment exert itself
vigor oluly to reprels violence in
this Stato dIuriing the preisent politi
(:al caliipiign, on (tle part of persons
belonging to either political 1Irty,
whellever ihat violellco sha)fill be
beyond the ('O'nt.ol of tle State
authorities ? Will the general guv
enanen('t takle' such111) lueatlonls asK
may bo suitable, in view of the
feeling of alitrl already referred to,
to restore confideneo to the poor
people of both 1aces a01in politieal
(arties iii this State, by such i dis
tiibuti ion of Iie military forets now
here as will rerli.i' the ii.ervention
of the get .(1n1 governe1nlt prlomiipt
alt etlcetive, if it shall Iecome1
ni('s's1a'V. il lestorinig pece 11111
order, .' 1 seelnm proper to addl~
that i ni movil to nitko this com.
inieniition, to you ihy no motive of
feelii g Sav sult as 1hout1 animnate
m111 as (Ihe Chief Exeenttive of this
State, h1(omi to dlo justico to all and
t~o oppress 11mo1.
""1 v(enttuire to say I have given
sili en iit, (videnucie by miy whole
cont htie inl this oflice tlit, us (ov
(Pniour, J ami guided by sy 11th of'
olice an mlily duil'ty to ill the people.
I ebllciiy: any;v priof or1 indtiettion.
'tiiii a1y WOO d (r act of mine as
G over nor, t hat I iasm canle~~l of
dgoing injulstice, or deny'ing jutstice.
t. any, e''tizenii (f thi4 State. Biht 1
(:) di'iie it inly s:alenm dily to di
ily 11(11imst t)o s-1r:1 i fair. alu frec
elect i(n i i s . ,;(t:ate ; to pr'otect
iVeIy ma iin ithe fi (1 enjoymient of
his I' liticaI , iglhti, ail to see to it
0!ha t) 111.1 nu,n or)) cobiation1 Of men01,
tf IiV political ail ty, sha1ll overiwo
or put in ftear or daiigir sany i.e1ien
these re.snts I utw ru..-gnize. wvith
dt!'lp regiset, thant 1]here are manylll
iihea.(ions thai.t it will be1 n1eessary
fori me to inv oke. thle aid which, un
aiuthor sit ies: of the genienid gov'einl
Gov eor mii Chunerlain, in1 the
con11imuien 'tion from1)11~ wichl we
s1'10t0e, c:onf(esses thle imnpoteoney of
(lie gosveilument'll of wvhiich he is the
hiead, ands~ falls bacek iuon the r'esor't
one1 ii 'i of carpe-ba~g governiiors in the
Sotth. Whe 1 ho1li inithna!1:tes that
the p etin-(e of Fe,1eral~ troops is
'in 'South Cm-.uolii, hie 'ommiiits8 a
libe! lupoin(11 ihe peol of the ;-at se.
and ~ 4 1111~ does tha w ih hi:i stronigly
andi at. the Nortli. Hie shnil no0w
ense to b oa.t, of thle s t'ng th of
the c'ivIil powerI''1 in South Carodinia.
'.lf.ie pretlimlinarii'y exainaiIut.uiin, het~
foro J ud ge Mahier', of the par1t ies
buriig riot, developed som1e ver1y
start.ling: andi sigifiemit facts. In
our' linitudo space0 we conlhil do no
11noro 1h.m1 giv~e a1 bare out ine of the
t11stimony adduced b IO iy e defend
p ha~se is give to II the alIl'airb t he li
facts sta:tedi in) the examilfiat in.
Firs.t of all!, it. 1s shown thant D)1e
.1th h 'uns i0 h' no- 11e 1 icompany ils tme.
d'ed Ito comiipmiy atI' a1l1 but alaw
Btle mob of armt mn, hetg upon
mui'ciefi,z ihm trou toiv thie peice,
and,1t'1~ re et oahly insultg in theirc'
word and i h mtk nor. Jltlowai~rd no -
I iing le 1 coin ht ;'ouar liessrs.il
lhttle'u'odoll Geen .,ets gent
men.100t chllSi dt'seI lgy wast 'iPtttlo
luut an hraein n h xee
worse1 bylliil faxtedin theoselve
acrit od in rove1,oat (neiterals
aes t''o aeit insor sib?1il for-th
dhogg i.ed i~ ( unne weuever~d the gen
go one~ ti' he wa. hisl s~atmrnh
ing in, column of four, and 1t t
gentlemen had abundanc - 1roon
to pass. In tltt lotto 'oltainedl
at the very beat, t af'truth-al
'aysi Cho worst - of falsco((
One other poil ani n the amt
divits mado, or Judge Miathr i
that yo / orriwethor was -5lsu
bofori nglo shot had been fire
b whites. This mtkes Do
mls and his mob elearly the ag
ressors in the disturbance that oc
Burred. General Butler'sswornstate
ient -thno e eit a ti uth of Whieb il
respectable.I i.ain dire dispute--show
that the evidence takeni. or pretendfl1
ed to he taken, before the couroler
inqiueit is in numberless particular
false, and only awaits the test
applicibl)e in ia court house to b
ialost entirely overthrown. Th
actual killing of the prisoners dig
not coei ill) oil the examinat)ioil
exc(ept its at Hiinl)le matter of fate
sevotal of the defendants proving at
<dibi. This killing seems yet t
have been wrong and unneces
sary, though the prime roupunsibilit
for it rests upon the men, of bot
racos, but, as is usial in such case
chiefly white, who, dircetly an
indirectly, brought on the first di8
turbanee. In the mutter of bi
there was somte difference of opinio
hetween Clho now-fledged At.torney
(leneal and the leaitned and iprigh
Judge Maher. The former, with
view to add as munch sensation a
possible to the alre:dtly exaggerate
features of this most unfortuiat
affair, demanded that -each of th
a1001ac e( be bound over iii at 111i no
less t hnn five thousand dollars, t.h
aggregate amount of hail thus lin;
al)oilt live hJimd1(, thouantiid dollars
A more m<I(.nt8 rouH proposi tion wa
scarcely (er ulbmi'itfed to ia court
and0 in making it Mr. Stone1 Wa
guilt.y cither of most arrant, folly u
of n:a.liciou:s klnalverv. If he reali
believed that su1ch1 :111 amiiioitl of bai
could be given. he was guilty of th
formn'r ; 111(l if his 1olpoa4.ion wa
only a trick to Secure the in1car1cera
tion of tihe a1(cused1, he wias guilt;
of the latter. FXortilm Iat.ely the e
siding jtulge gave neither ear no,
coumt(nalle to such petty resor
an(1 the alcclIed 1 were proipt l;
discharged oll reasonJablel bail.
It. nm1st1 he a relief to all right
mliiindl people ill the State tia
some.1ating like a fair investigation o
the "Hinubiurg Matsacro" is alread;
begn,, and that the truth will at la1s
com11 utit in the court-house. W
have~ always been anixiousN thazt afu
inIvestiguationi be miade and the actu)
al facts, in aill thir~ beliar ings,1 1he (licit
el ina11 talngibleal trut1 onn1r
When1 suich an1 ilnvestigattiont shal
have~ 1been made ., it will thlen be f iin
toIA show whol were the instigator
an11dsiaggressors inl the1 distuirbanet
and al.l else 41lidt.he2( people desire 1.
know. ,Suich an1 in(1piiry is deandi
ed alike by the accused0 pu t ies, wht
haive haveC all ait xtatke in the i~sue, h
the peopleo of the State, wvho have bee
miailind throuaghioit, this broald a
on1 neco1lm1 of the aiffair, and1( by3 iih
people1 of thle nation, who, somIie wit
good and1 some1( with hadu moiitives
have71 shown11 the d eepest, inlt i
it. Lett the civil law be enf!orced
het i ts4 maijesty b' 1a3zsserte(d, and1 the(
thiere will b1 1 no need10 for th.1
go vernor of S.uth Carin a to hiast
eni st(ealthiily to the war1 depar tmeni
and)1 wiin~igly 1beg for F"edeni
banyonets to aidl himil nl thle (n1fore<
ment1 oif thle law, whien he( has malid
not, eVeni the sem1iblance0 of ain hone.,
ell rt to uIse the civil au~thiority.
If ou i alow me a little spaC
in your paper', I will broghorl
wh1ispler ani ideat ori two in the eai
of Messrs. D). R. Fe aster andit T. M
W~oodwuard. Wlorth~y sirs an)
brothers, honor 11e for a1 1momer0
with your unfeigning attention.
Maijor, yourV comnmnhienliztioni fro:
P'~hildelphiaL to thie NEWS anl
Itimlui a fe11 wee'(ksl ago, relative 4
ur11 organiizaItionl, wVas written frii
mioties of iuperate honesty, fr
the purpl'ose of drawing out (crtii
par it ii's, as8 I undestantil'd if, on I I
question01 ot Dem1ocrac(y. Theo mep]
of Caplt. Feaster, which wasII pul:
and1 gentee]~ lly mde, 11ully d< filnin
the pIositlih of hhns115li and1( (othe(
who dIiffered1 slight ly froin il aIt h
clasx of thlinkers on the plan <
orgaliizationl inL41( the 11uno co11vn1
tionl. Aiid hl"re I thinik puhlene
wvouild have saido thle alt0rat io
titoodl by one0 ano11ther; anid are* (01
.4endinh~g for the samel pri'WO. But oi
last Sa1turLday, Major, I wasl (1e)
paineod to sob ano1ther31 coml'lfneri
sirne niatter. Now; Capt. Fast3
1 ho *lth shiebrity that you svi
lot, tist 6tter pass unnoticed, for
you do so there can~ be i itn
1 W ~ d ~ 11 il y o u r p t ur t, i)O C t~ ul e o u
1i1 d (iplay nioro 1) tlio18111 ly,
l)Uill ti iont thanii ly ((-iinil it
&iCvul1 1 I4plicatiaui ll nths118 orlt
- 4to (lI1HU8Biofl. (Jcl~lQ 1 1, we
s hatve too ii1uc1it at; Kiae, alit( too
t nucls'du Ly to do, to stop to enter
l inlto -pr'otracted disputesa Ibout
c thing~s whichi are gone by. No1w
lot me, as a brother Demiiocrat, Ito ;
you, inl view of the duity we owe to
01O1, bleedling coiiitry, and1( for' theI
.) ! 4akco of the .tuoiaaaiersey of thiis
es ctlunt3, tlhat. you both tacitiy agwree
5 Kaiti, s1h1111 b.e ilite:red ill t he vaultI.
5 of the past. Ve iiiiiu. live for1 thie
K leF~ellt andl the fttiie. !look, sirs,
at thIe d(aI tigcis htClvrt
L- ndhngoe our1 clear oila State.
You cannohit but see ill t' , IlilItciLl
h lorizoni fitlt !gatt.I a.inia convolvinig
cluds of bankruptcy .nl (,n its~
Ifaace thei phlyjiag of the VividI
lightning jidicates' their ('Oiil
- veJlocity, while the deep1 I tnedl soundit
y of tho i-(litto( inig t~liiitat'r Jllludl:i
l1 to unite solidtly and] strike dolwnl
- this desp)otic! i*1i of ii;ih~e'i~ce iiid
1ignoanlt ne''rovM. -hc 1ii c
ruined 11,td We have wttd 0011
OcKHioIIK to thl1ii utilu they haivel
i i lK u to the ver'y maiirgini of
s tairvatioln itself anid %%eI stanid
Kto-al~iy whence~' they~ wi'll 83i011l 1,111.1 11.
usK into) ill vortex of incllt'alUlC -lt
1) iualeseiibnihle iiii' c~ry lidle1ss8 we a~t
iit 1[reulcan ii ut $111" *il s tr'ok(
tfor our (ieliVeri'Iea'. I ' sim
eeiitr ou41 r id n8lp)1 thea worik of
iii;ikiiig Dillr' no iZ;a toil( iillptet.
thet 1' de'n't, tl or t 111' (iili tlt ii t '
sidhuibitalllly 1ii'is ill the vii t-te of t
r.stiai-lit out, ilihi i.i;iiahil Stilea l1(r
now that CcotI aijiah f i44)iiU ('liII t In!
- iitto N"ot:in.~ :h1m t f t.i:. in
INi" (pliill, Will fulii l lIit.u I ua.
inl L liI'Ile ii'le',e N' (;lit aaiausha'ul ctiur
WiO Wiilli~i Lilitiit to th isil I1
t j(:1\~ V'l'wich i ml. (-IWit.
A Raia~i~ PlotL.
Ddl, anid called loudly for 111o blood
)f the w'ito . i.'riuco J'Rivers do
l)(s4Cd tha Dll1oe :ad'u~lts '11 ipiny wa4Ls
[[ti )ikOi%'i4e P4 )'UI)O1tit(d tjut' 011at.0
iiictt, li(4iet1114;rO madeU't, that Do('
tral justice. :''1.; aRHvlnblil (ot
whiites~ 11 the vicinity of H4uniburgt is
ilown to lhave boon fronit the fact tLit t
theret\lt'ill a I)eiloc'iittie c'lub meet
ing near llauubiirg; on the (11i3'of the
(li~tlttrblee,'C 'Ti aflidav\it of D., S.
iedel~~8)l 51 a jed that S. J. Lee had
to1li hit t hat 11(1., aSjmrijic h ad
u- k.t 11'111 (1.(-() wi lV l;(! dlid not goI
ii('cl. Lee 1l !lel I that. t iii v \\"atH14)
Ill( l .'\v ill it, that. lie Wits not ciii
1)i ('L and W')11tltI nJ)L go). Spnitiit
1.1ei:i i it w4asit.a Iu:ttol'3 of po)litics
11141 Ltht it good thing~ (ou1ld be
I111)(k) oit, (of it. 'Cho dt'1)o-iti)l of
iX I'ssIr:. It. .J. ] ittlia 141;(1 lli'ty
(ctsei (I B;('l ibed the I ,~'giii ;ig of1
I lie itilb:ir. .t'Iifly stated tha~t oin thet
lilt of .1141\". Virile passing thlrought
[Il le:; Ii1 i h \ of411 i liiiiilaiig in iL.
1a1g;y', \\.4 I' they had : ate atli
114 hit, ;n the toad \\' IsomOIC l'c; is aI
I'tllic 4l('i O l)tP.5 half ill' thle
ii 'ad(. theyv werte iiet, by DIW A iuu&
right1 111) to) their lit11)t($5 l11)1:1 andt
ux~,ee thirg (t ti tigh, (4illl tlc 11, WltiII
'shift it Loit~inn, IWit it. st4"u o11(f
tIi i, LII) 4(4;r :mt1 cL IiI!t it 1111I a 11812(1
tli(en, iflailI tIa let IlictIa 1(188
11111. .Mjio~slillg one thir~l ililil
[)1 C1 I .lli4.ir iitlit ghl; 1111, fee1ot
tijnirt. '.111 l l thoui itt tI ('lio41] to
ili\ o I Ii 14)1 I, buiit thel IiC'gi'4)L'
).'roSS~td lr);ttS' andC N rl1 '(ftti't1 (Ii
Itiauit'. '-Ili v W',ere thus dlel a 114(8
:81 ihil ii if. liiie Vi. iiOVe'l Wi i' IttL tiii -
tvg (II l(li 1(4 thu (jun14);; LILs Bil
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Sugar-holtse Syrup.
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ALSO, 14 Halts of 1'rirne 'I'iulull+y 1 u
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A lot ofPot Karr &e.
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Cortt, Oats and Hay, Ni iiitu11 I Krll fat" easlt
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Native: Wines.
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t1t:111h; ill 11111I1.1-m.1"ltitle.
1 .JAS. \V. LAW,
fc:, 1 I .Itt,"ut at Winnsboro, S. C.
t I.1'i'1tAP-! 11'L' 7'I{A '.S!
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tit"tt' sull+l;; of Prints- ('I:\'l'l:\
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