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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, August 16, 1876, Image 3

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Pos' Orie: Iouns.-The post
oflice will bo open daily (Sua1 lays
e0xcepted) froit 8 A. M., to 12 M.
and froin 2 to 5 P. M. Northern
and( Southern m ail close at 8 1,'. M.
precisely. 3W-Y Mail d1elivered n
Sundays from 8 to 9 A. M. only.
LAILnoA ScuEmDU..-''ho trains
-n 0. 0. & A. R. I. now leave
'Winnsboro as follows: (oing north
12.30 at. m. Going south, 1.35. a in
Accommodation day trains : (loin;;
north, 11.33, it. mn. G~oin. South.
12.12. Those trains meet at Winns
N..w A n'.i:irioan ::Trs.
Notice-'1'. It. Riobertson, Clerk of
Board of Coity Cominissioners.
Tuin ip Seced.-MlIaster & BrIice
Sugar Coate1 Pills, &.e.-MeMas
ter & Brice.
Shierifi's Sales-S. WV. Ruf'.
Dissolution--Cloud & Kennedy.
Notice-W. 13. Peako.
Mr. Rt,. L. Dannenborg has re
turned from the Centennial.
Col. D. Wyatt Aiketi visited
Winnsboro a few days ago.
Governor Chamberlain and other
Ilepublicans are expected to speak
at Winnsboro to-day.
A few more gallons of Mrs. Wins
low's Soothing Syrup have just been
ordered for "Big Ike," president of
the White Oak B. B. C.
The boisterous coinduict of the
prisoners in jail, having been pre-'
sented to the town counil as at
nuisance, has been entirely stopped.
This is right.
The Nameless Nine of Wi:miishoro
clallenges any club (r combination
of clubs in this county, f)]' the
championship of F[ai field--the
game to be played at. Wiilnnsboro at,
such time as may be deten mined
Ir.. A. Nelson, fornerly of
W% innslboro, won the fifth p i'o at
'the recent anniversary celebration
of the licland Voluniteer iill
Club. The pri.e consists of It hantd
somiie silver miedal which wias pi e
sinted to the Richiland4oltnteers in
T11he maittclh grame of Unse 1311,
bietw'.een the Blekstock and the
Jackson's (reek Club came ont' at
Blackstockon Vedios1av last. The
result was a victory for the Ja( kson's
Creek boys, by a score of twenty
three to fifteen. Thhe e Clubs cx
poeCt to play another mai:itc'h g:am11e ti.
WVinnsboro on 1F'iday, the 18th
A tr'ain puas:sedl flirt ugh town on
M~onday iighat, nin~~kig decidedly
raptlid timoe. Thle object of' the fast
running wais to makile thle distaine
between Chartlotte andt Cohnobila in
'three hours' amd a hialf--aind this
wasH done. It is estimiated that thle
r'.itoe of speced was abhout thairty- live
ileks an hur ini p~assing thrugh
towni TIhe ob jct ofC th is fast nm~
ningf wais to maiike at conniectioni with
an1 outlgoing train at Colm mbia.
A SEERE S'roi.M.-Qu it e a sev.eie
stormn of rinii, accoiImanie(d with
consider'able lail and a very heavy
wind, visited WimUsboro( 0on Tulesday
.last. The11 rai wias itself ai hieavy
one, and wheni the hiail conniueniced
falling, it seemeid as if the ground
itself would ho becateni through
Several trees wereC blo0wn do)wn,tna
many hatd limbs broken oll. It is
feared that considerab!c damnage wats
'done to the gardens and ('otton]
-patches in and around thme townm.
The stoi'mi was coenfiined to but a
snmll area-a circle have a raituiis of
about hdlf-a mile ini all dlirection-a
S from Winnsbl)oo a~s a cenltre.
.RuwoEWAY ITEM.-Intenidant T. TN.
Cloud camon neat' b('ingo 'erio)nsly
iftjured a few days since. Hi-s horse
stumbnled and threw him violently
for'wardl on the ground. Ho was for'
a whilhour, (de con)lbat, but is no0w
all right again.
Chic(kens atre sold b y weigh t-ten
c t aOiud.al
Th'le mnerchants are al usy
get~ting ready to go to tihe North
ror' fresh stocks.
.Doctors. repo)t things distresi
ingly hiealthy, andi lawyers 'got 11o
regularly oer iy Sunday.
Rlidgewaiy has had sweet potatoes
selling 0on bor streeits for' some thie
-"cheap for ensh."
Constable 3'. A. Simpson, under
1)ro1)01 iautihor'ity, solhd a imumle at
puliCcout cry oim Sattur'day .lat.
T[ho anmmal br1oumght - l8..'0 eash, M'
younig mercha'liLnt becominig the puar
chaser. 'Tho former owner maounltddl
the nkg~ and~ went, on his way home
iMri. Joll'.Iforter' has~ two whlit(e
rats en1dd in his stor'e. Thrley were
canlkht at thie rOesiee of Mr. iEd.
Itosborough,'C in town.. These arie
not white iicO with pinik eyes, but.
K white rats With b'lack ys. Mi.
Moore caught'one of thieseo ci..
preserved during the speaking an
,ho excellent management of th1
rrangemients, all of which was du
o Mr. Marshall, who had the contre
)f the stand immediately under hi
Bast BA,.r, A-r Wm-in OAK.-O1
L'uesday, the 8th inst., a 'mate]
ame of Base Ball was played be
ween- the first nines of the Whit
)ak Club, and the Nameless -Clul
if Winnsboro. Quite a number o
>erso1s, including many, ladies lof
ownfl early in the lolrinIg, ill Car
inges, buggies and wagons, at
e ieheted White Oak before nim
iclock. This wias the hour fixe<
or the game, but at that time th<
Vlhite Oaks had not all assembled
,nd it was a few minutes after tel
clock when the players took th<
Aeld. The White Oaks won tih<
hoice awl sent the Nameless to th<
at. The ground weas b. no meamt
good one, and both parties felt iii
isalvant.ages before the game W
broughl. The diamid boundet
y the right lines between the basc
ad been very well cIeared. biul
eyond this was a broad field 01
uh weeds and grass, which caused
!ore than one bad play on botl:
ides. Ii rear of the pitcher war
n inclined. plane, on which a passed
all fairly revelled in rolling fom
.any yards. The uniform of th<
Y1ite Oaks consists of a wlitt
hirt handsomely tinuincl in blue
ud blue pants, the letters "W. O.'
nlbroidered on tihe front of tll(
hirt, and "B .B. C." on the ,eollar
'heir belts alre of rcd webbing, an(
heir caps of white and blue. 'hl(
nimlelss wore their uniform o:
chite with dark brown tr imimings
chite cap, browni Webbing belt
he letter "N" inl a shield upon tih
hirt. In physical appearlncc, ti
White Oaks are rather taller in<
touter than thei Namiieless, whih
he lat er are mostly spare-built an('
ithe. 'IThe gamle opened with
Clliott.at the bat, who soon weil
mit, followed quickly by Craw foi d
vilo sent a fly to IR. Patritck, whtiel
e la tter promptly caught. Hiel
ook the hat 111(1 made three bas:e
mn a short grounder, when Gooding
vent out 011 seconid, and the Name.
(ss scored--none. 'Tihe .Whit<
.),ks took the bat in the best 0
spirits, ald S. -Gibson miiade firsi
lust. Rltland went next to th<
nit, but i fly caught by Ketehij
'reven ted his further elloirts
eoxt eame T. Patrick, who mach
econId on1. three strikes, tile bal.
massinig far over Huiey's head. RI
at rick niext mal~de first on at fail
ihlder, and was followed by' Jos
'addwell, wilo made(1 a home run1 orI
biree str ikes onl aL passed ball
vay, iil the tird mian wasl (out
uind the WVhite Oaks scored fiv<
-uns5. y'he( second inn~inig was is
olrel faivoi able( to) tile INamlessI'
heir otpponlentIs putting three metl
mUt beorue aI single run had hieei
nad1(1. Things looked deOcidedhl
11promuisii'ng for the Wiinnsbon
ilys, and1( schne there't were on1 1h<
~1(trind whol "backed their judg
nient" thait the White Oaks woulc
vini. ]iut thec town boys wier
101itheri dlismayed nor (discoluraged
mud the W~hite Oaks had a lain
imle atI the hatL when thiey closed1( th<
ceond inming. Trwin Wellt out 01
breleC stirikes, S. GJibsonl on foul, ami
Lhutlanid Imlade first onl three striko*
I'. Patrick miatde fir'st base
mt Rl. P~atrick sent a Lon
to H-uey, whlich malide thi
('0re of the( White Oaks--none
l'rom this time the Namueless con
stantly gai'ned gromiud, and atL th
'lose of the fourth inning the seer
stood four runs for tiheml to eighi
for thleir opp)onent~s. Now beg'a
he really finie playing oif the Namec
ess5. Elliott threw blsls~ that hia<
llearcely loft ii hand ivheni the;
were' takeni ini by Huecy. The batse
n1on were keenly on the alert,, am1
711e fildelrs hiad become gnuitel ac0
mLstomedt to theO grafssy gro~nd)
l'hose0 who had playedl badly inl th<l
>ultset fully retdeemedO( thlemselves h:
.rood balttin~g, anid most exeellen
>laying on the bases and in thei
icld. .Ini the fifth inning thle Namie
('55 s'ored( eighlt run11, and1( succeeOd
iin "'white-washmings the Whi<
)oa. A I t~hjs 1)ioint theC friends an
>achers of the Namoeless were great
y encouraged and1( their cheers had1( 1
good off'ect on the boys. At the~ eI
>f the game tihe score stoonl twenty
evenl for the Nameless to eighlt foi
lhe Whiite Oaks-the latter mu1aking
It runs dlulrinlgthe five last innings
iftor a. short interval, duiring whjiel
hec Citizens' porne(t limd, gfiVinns
>oro, furinisheod somne of their excel
mInt imusie, theO crowd rinpaired to
1echool-hoilSe itear IGy,'and there par"
uok of a fine collation p~repared bj
hie ladies. F~or a coule of lieuru
onger the compan'11y romfained r.t.h<
grounid, aind spent the timno as .1bes
mtited their taistes. Theii Winsbor<
Jarty returned ablouht live o'clock
.1were mnch pleaseod with theil
au1nt, and, natnullY o nnngh, quiti
I jubilant over tho victory of the
o Nameless boys.
o Wo have not Loon furnished with
I the official score.
IsCaic IN 'TowNsuIP No. 1.-A cor
respondent has kindly sent us the
I following account of a picnic recent
1 ly given in township no. 1.:
"The Democratic Club, of town
3 ship no. 1 gave ia picnio ati' New
Hopo Church on the 28th tilt. for
f the purpose of extentling the cause
of Democracy both in interest and
inembers. It was largely at tended
by the citizens of this atnd several
ad'joining townships, and there was
miuch interest nianifested iy the
meibers of the Club, in the inr ease
of its numbers and in perfecting the
organ izationi. The Club ttiuliers onie
hundred enrolled inelnthlers. Mr.
T. S. JBrico, the president., intro
duced Col. F. Cuimoron, the orator
of the day, in a hanlsoine aid coin
plianeittary manner, also stat.ing the
Q)ject of tho inet ng, and in very
concise lanlguiage set forth the politi
cal )1ospeci s of our country. We
conIgratulato this club in their choice
of such a noble and worthy presi
dent. Col. Cameron stepped for
ward, and hold his audieneo spell
bound for several hours, while he
faithfully delincated the past, the
present and the future of our now
down-trodden country. lie earn -
estly pleaded for ilumediato action
and union anong thu voters of the
Soiit diiuring the present camnpaign.
Ht said that the politics of the
country were so demoralized, that
Wer it pOSsible for Washingt on to
be resurrected froni his grave and
be a cullitdato for the gubern toi i.t
chair, he W'orthlt be disgracefully de -
feated-so averse was the party inl
p)o wer to honesty and integrity.
lie also touched upon our linances,
11 ctnn ked that we were all going, as
fast is tine would perliit, to the
poor nian's grave, the negro in the
van. But such was the negro's
credulity and ignorance that he
couild never be convincetd, until
Itadical money was not so freely dis.
pensed. After paying a hainidsoiinn
tributte to woman, he clo.rel his ad
dross anii the acclluatiions of the
crowd. The Blackstock band din
ciursed the nmitsic (on the occasiotm,
and added greatly to the entjoyinent
of all. It was indeod a gala--lay to
old New Hope, which, thioaigh slow
in action, is steadfast and uiwaver
ing. We hope that this social anti
political gathering inay Itve its
telling ef'ects in the future."
r'p 1Ec-mtos ieretofore, exiting;
- between TE. e. loud and1( . ax. .
[eedy,iner he irm nam ofst;' (loud
& Kennedy, ist this thry dsovdb
iiienttt wt*ithI .Jlas. A. lie nnedty. iido .stt c
ltidlgeway, 8. (., Aug. I 'IT..-3. ('.'wr,.
ftirmi of riid & lKennedy, unider the lii'mu
namlie of ,1 '0ty05 A. I( ENsio, aind rerluist
tuy frtiends to coini- teir t liberial
patrionaige. ,J.AS A. I(ENNI.:jy.
itidway, S. C., Aug. 8, 1876,
Soid. Alo A ladidini Siafety t iil and No. I
Koroistneil'(i, julst rivedi byllu,
au12I' .Al( AST'lj.'& A JIlBCE.
Ei)fhte of' (oiiy ('oliissiolxer's,
WViN~ snoiai, S. C., 11th Auogust, I 876
rjillE annual mieeting of the lloardt of
Coiunt.y will ho hield on TVuesd'ay, thle 5thI
d iay of1 . Septlmhr neoxt, at thir ine,
Al pesn lmiving climls of any dii
scri p1 ion aigaiinst the < 0onnty3 not.ii i'read y
prested 4, will depoiit thle Hiamol withi th'e
of 3' Setemberot, so thait th ey nmy1, be ex
in, ini accoirihine'e withi Act ofi the' ir'n.
crali Assembaluyv T1. 1t. lituaf i.:lrTMON,
Clk. Ih-aid Co.. Com'rms. F'aiirleld Co.
aug 1.- lx:t
Yi1 vitue oif an1 e'x4'entionm to mnI)I dire't
- d, I il ferfr sa4le beforeo the
(Cour t liIns door 4411 ini Winntsbioro tin the~
firs nt Mo~ndIay in Septembelilr next, wit hiin the
legal liours' of side, for caslh, thle focl lowing
deI4145rihedttt pr'4loerf'to wit: atlIlnta planilta
tion orti'racf of' hind lying ifn Filich
Couinity, contiinig t wo hundi redl andl seveni
I aildwell. JA. P. Mobh-y~ nid ot hers, leviedi
upo'n as the properility oft the estatl ofi inor
Gi idden deeaised, ati the4 sitit. of the
piresidelt aon!d dirc'toir4 of then Bank ot the
State. S W . ltltPF.
-S herif' Olee
Anogust 8,1d71;.
angaiixt Ito-fx2
r- iNii, ise(cond ann ital meeit ing of theii
.: .J Hor ofii'( Equail ization for Faniriih'
Cont i'b held at the Aud itors tOlee
nWensda, he2biintat forth
purpo)(se of redressing' all grievanos.
Iautg 104--3 A nulitor F, C
White Lead,
\~ N.T'on of Whij Lead which I guar.
J anitei a pureO Ladit, for sale at, the
drug lit wre of
W.K Aiin~
Sugar-Coated Pills
(ompountd tharliittie illsi Also Ttt i,
Jayno'', Moff'att's, WVriglit.s, ileinitshl's and
. tronig's, for sale biy
mllontnF ago, and peoplo air wondier
iug swhenco they (ame.-.
'1'he towtn is so orderly that it is ex
poctedt that the cotuncil wvill'ble c'om.l
polled to lease) ott the guard-house.
'There has been no occipant of thut
spaciou$ esta;l)lirhmnlt for some
ACANDD 1'UlIYC1AN. --it is not often tlint
we ini amxionigst. lt the elical inculty uiti
vient oaudox to record any norit whatever
ti pobri'otary medicines, Ali it conflicts
with their interest to (lo so. But below
we give till exception:
l'os-ro, :Iiary I, I84. ]
Th'1is cer11tifi that I have recoman. ndledl1
1. 0 use of 1)nI. 1Ti -rr's E"x1-:mon.or for
il an es of the ungrs ao to-t. pLst twoy e.tra, 1
1an1( to mny knowvlesit lnmany bhull. I'S hve
bee uis.; I .% ny IatienIlts with bee',fi cial
n% Sui tH. I's We, ci-ae.. wiorl it v as thought,
tolIrmIe-i t on untt o : had. ak. I place
tihe Exp.utor.iant vll c.edi at eu r.-.
Iit hi t'hA(. UE, M 1)
Tmes Nrw P~owe'r.at: Rxrs.-Postal
cards, 1 cent, go without further
charge to all parks of the United
States atltd Cisalld ; n\ith it adldi
("iionatl 1 cent stamnp '.h1ey go to all ,t
parts of ]uIrope.
All letters, to itll parts of the
United St:tes and Cunada, 3 cents
por' hlf olm1O 1.
Lo cal or "drop" letter's, that is,
for the city or town where deposit
ed, 2 cents if delivered by enrt iers,
and 1 Cent while there is no carrier!
system .
Newspapers, daily, semui-weeklyv,
.tri.wveekly and weelies, regularly istdtn eat othrsifsr.
issited and sent to regular susci
bcers, 2 cents per pound, payablo it
the office of pullic:atio1 ; newspa.
per's and n.tuaines published less
frequetly then 011CC at week, 3 cents
per pound.
- All other printed or miiseellineous t
matter, inciC lding .transient news
bills, 1mseatledl circulares, books, I
m' 1 cit, proof-shee<ts, photo.. t
graphs, &c., andl([ a1lso seeds, cultings
butllbs and roots antd mlerchandise13
n t , x(' c C d illg f ) r' p , >) ld in w e ig h t
1 cent for ech.2 ounce or fraction
The follo\wing are the postal rates
with Euirope. The rates for letters I
tu-e for the half-noime or frac
Lion thereof, an1ld those to news
paper" for four l1niceC5 or fraction
To Great Britain and Ireuland,
le t ern 5 tents, 11w spalCI s 2 cents ;
Franhlc(, jLttei 5188 ( cets, newspahpers
2 cents ; fl1iL1n, letter's 5 cenfts,
newlsptapel s 2 ~ent ; all parts of
G-ermany, including Austiia, letters
5 cenlts, newspapers 2 cenlts; Den..
martik, letters ) Cet1 s, lewspa1per-S 1 2
c(en1s ; Switzerland, letters 5 cents,
nlewsip:)ets 2 ents ; ltaily, 1oette24.
5r eents,:. necwspaplers 2 (cents;
Ruissiat, letters 5 eents, nlewspapers
2 cnts ; .Norwauy, Jetters 5 cents,
ewlt ix-rpes 2 gets : Swedenol, let
t ers 5 CLent s. newsapers 2 cenlts;
Turiikey, EuroIilamn. and14( Asiatie,
let ters 5 cenuts, ne(apperhJ4~s 2 ('ents ;
Egypt, letters 5 cenlt4 no'lm8pers.
2 co-nts.
IPers4.ons of sedlentary habiits, nna
overworiked, find1 inl Dr. Bals V'ege
tabl doi'1's at spceilic for wantL of1
Appet ito, Plpijtaion, Debil!ity, Con
-stription- and mny oter naeless
aihnlents. At the) dIrug stores.
I i lmT I.N i\Lss Murrxilo.-A
1'eass5 mleeting of l~Cleublcans was1
held at Mylers' Stoie onl ThuIrsdauy
last. A corresponden011t furn1lishes 1us
\v'ith the following neoemit of thle
'"As the puli c were inuvi led to
aiitt end thle barb11eene given onl last
Thuirsday, 10th inst., at Myers' Store
on1 the Longtown Road, a1 few of us5
c (onlu ded to put m1 1an appea(4rance(.
IWhenI we airrived upon)h the groun~d,
we found between 1200) and 1500)
proapresent--as 41 ma1tter' of
courso niearly ll colored.
'"Tho largo ()lcooure wais calied
to or'der by the chairmn, Mr. W..
Marshal1&l, of Ridlgeway, wiho. thien
introduedt Mr. F'illebrownl, of Co.
1-h11nbia. Mi. .Fillebrown took tile
stanld and( prloceeded to mailke a
speeh, iln wich he urigedl the
claims~l of . llayes.~ and W\hoolor, bu1t
saiid nlothinhg thait was$ (tcalulated to
infhunelI on1e por~tioni of h14is eatrers
algatist the other1. lie gave mo1(st
(exceillen1 tlvicei to thei fatrmers anld
labhorers,-t o work halrd anld keep
out1? of debt Mr. Ah,.eloy followed
in a tailk initeiond~ed wIth an1
ecdotes whIib siembad to amuse15 1his
autdi tors.
naitioni ofI Haye~s a11t1 WhIeeler, anud1
othiers endlorsing Gov. CJlahabrlainl
wer*e adopt edl. '14he crowvd wvere
Oovoi'ed wt'epletycoe
the0peopl to theO stand, and1( the
chiril'nan ainonneed difforceit com..
iaittees,n raiis~d for, certain pr
pose. Te dai'rahl h/nyiolded
(111( eandl~idaltes for ':,unfty oflics
wh'1o ~ommll0ee then to set for'th
their respective claiinls. 'Iis was
ketu.Ibelieve, iuntil a~ fateo hour
ill the evonling.
tioning the good order that was
J1 tJI{\I'l'Ul{1";, r:trlnr Itrtt"kot,; mid
I'iuttu"e 1'ruuo,:. for tlf-,"i;cft 3111,1
worktunuxltip. unotlunilotl. 1{t"ntt"ttt
I,,,r it 1 riuor: an- lmt (tittl otttltt"titiott for
iltu;atu quality t11 good,:.
A NC %V S['1'1'lV
cfllnstitt \Vindow S1,10t"s. low in price
tlurublo. voilvuniLYttt. (]fill novel, gt.t t'ut of
order, utttl will litat Iungt"r titan ou ,tilt-1It. l lilt ru shu t;, l'ivt if ro;, 11ut-1{aokz,
.llirrutfill tl J mitn u r for ~tlt".
R1 :1'![R[\C.
I'uruitnro uo:ttlr rt l,:tirotl nt uttnlortte
),rittos. tiln"oiul nitrntiutt };ivrit It, ilo ('u
tlortnkor's l)t"Iurtn ottl. 11,t,"li tIli lnntl it
full $tulillV ot'(.',t>;ut --ml Wr, "I (Y~flius.
W. ' ER11S ARE STillClll ASH.
R. Doty& Con
G U 0 C EIt 1 I":S,
s r IITIIIIIT , . a fr n.
()1'E'1Ic;E IN I1A I~ OP (CO'URlT IIOU.~
s ' 'II busIIntTII I IICI4I4tC L1 CIn hill) W~i1
rtt4' i v' pi olupC nti't (41.
IL. A (l.nI.A.AI . JO1. 4.1t ots
.X0. 1411 II ' .IAN1'(;1,
11I XNSIic lt) ; 0;'111 CA 1;0 1 1NA
A r
0 0 P4
Just eceive it lot niceu Uncatil
C' . t. Bulk: "ideM'.
. lot. Fresh~ AIgCC.Ii lIour,
Car I.oa0 White, Corn. A
1 ('ar Lutul Flour- all rrad(io
1 Car Iroad Bolteil i:.'ka?,
White mild Smokvd Bacon 41111d
"lluillders. '
Rio and Java Cuft'ce---"green
and roasted." . 1
New " Orleans and Culllllot.
.111' grades of SUGAR.'
Lard in h"hls., Ball-bbls., Kep"
and cans.
Genuine I)urlrant Sin'okitig To
april Ill
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