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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, August 30, 1876, Image 1

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18 PUisi 'I~f iii D wE1 iO('.Y n
V ILL .I A MS & 0 A V i S.
'j~rms.-Tho IIER Alf, D' published Week
y iithe Town of Wiein'bo-o, at $3.00
. riably ii asivoilhc.
q W- All irrniieh.t hhiecrt'lioi hts to be
'All. IN I)VNikCA'.
Ouiituary Notious aind Tribut'es $1.00
'fbr t quaro.
We give below the spee:lcs niatl'e
by Gen. Wade H.unpton and Col.
Jamies H. Riohi in the recent -femo.
cratic Stato Convention. Tihby will
be read with interest
bfjeech of GdA. Ilampto*.
Mr. President and ('ciitlemcn QJ
,the Convention: In accepting the
houorablo post to which you have
'called me, that of your standard.
bearer in the great struggle for
reform which you have begun- I do
so with the most grateful aqjrecia
tion of your kindness, and +lI most
.profound sense of the ligh duties,
the grave responsibilities, pettain=
ing to the position. A the better
days of our country, when the
'surest passlports to oilicial stathc io
were found in the ability the howi
'esty n:nd the it4'rity of her publie
-servants, the most distinguished
sons of South Carolina looked n1peA
the Chief MIagiracy} of tli State as
the goal of their highest anlbition,
and the best reward of their public
services. If men of whom (arolmna
is justly proud, bel inl such 'd
-served estimation the distinction of
being thought worthy by their f
low-citizens of the highest omlWce in
the gift of the State in the days of
her prosperity a01id i'ace, how much
mtiore highly should I esteem t4,e
honor.you have done 10 by calling
1um tunanimoiusly to lead you in this
hour of gloom and peril You arc
struggling for the highest stake for
which a people ever contelded
.you are striving to bring ha&- 4t,
.your prostrate State the iestimable
blessings which can only follow
'orderly and regulated libefrty; mljer
free and good government. We be
lieve that these blessings can only be
securect by a 'Com)pletvi cnLge in
the admuIii iitration of our pnblic
aflcirx, National and State, ath hr
lieving thin, olr -ynpathies ind ouir
interests lead us naturally a1(
inevitably into alliance with k hat
great party )troll whose bann4ers are
mascribed the watch hordQ of
-Denocracy--reform, good goverW
ment., hard money and home rule.
You have endorsed and r.tiLied
the platform of the Demnocratil'
party adopted at St. Jiouis, and
planting yourselves firmly on that,
.you look forward hopefully and
confidently to a victory in whirl\
.you will not only share, Kilt to
.whichi you will have contrihuttd.
Theo platform which you have
adopted here is qo catholic in its
spirit, so stron'g in its foundation,
'so broad in its conistritiom) that
ivery nfianX inX South Carolina who
hionestly desires reform can find
room to standh upon0 itr. W'th such
a p)latformI, wvhere our citizensu of atll
parties andl all races can stand
nsuired of equal rights and full
'protection, you can surely bring
back to our distracted State the
,great blessinga of good govern
As for myselfl should( 1 b~e elevat.
'ed to ftie high p~ositionl for wich you
have iinominated 1me. may sole effort
shaRI be to restore our State gov'
t.rnont to decency, to honesty, to
t)eonomy alnd to fltegrity. 1 shall
S be the governor of the wvhole poeo
ple, knowing no .party, making no
vindicativ'e discriuniniationi, holding
the scales of justice with flumi anld
imipartial hnnd, seeing ni' far atS ini
me lies that the laws are enfored(
in jnmstia temupered it me)ircy1 proa
tecting ali tjitssts alike-, and1 devot
inig every efl'ort to the restorrition
of proI~perity and1( the rec establish.
li'ait of hiotnent goverunent..
honor youm hav-e 'olnferred up~oni met,
wnd invokinig the blets.sing of G~od ona
your p~ra~iseworthy eIflort to redeem
our State, I here pledge m"yself
to work with you in~ that sacred
t'ause with all the f~al all the
energy, all the ailiitsy, and all the
eonshatesi of whlich I aml eflaal1
Spoech of Col- Rionl'.
At N Uose of Gen llahiptoni's
ipCeech, CoL h Roll cmii of thy' memi
bers of the National D ea emotic
E\ Comminittee, was called oil to ad
dress the CJonvenution. lHe saidl
that at a meeting of the National
Democratic !ormaittee at WVashinig
ton, an~d later u in onversationi with
Mr. Tilden at Albanya thme miem'bers
of thie commnittee, (ominlg from all
sections oIf the U~nions represenIte~d
that there was an1 upJrisihmg of the
American peolec for the l)1prpos of
ove'rthrowing the lIepubilicai party,
and they tol mme that everywhere
the Republliaui paruty had to' resort
to the stale erV of "rebellioii." The
main depometirce of that p~arty
seeins to be founded on "bloody
shirt" argdmolnts and1 on the uts'
of the United States army itself.
wvhich is nominally (emp1loyedl foi
thme noilenos of revl...,,s,. :.,ti..:.0,
tion at the South, but which is
really employed for purposesi of
'intinfidation at the elections. I told
lit, cdmittee, and I think told
odi :truthfinlly, that the people
Jitre felt no terror of -f ie i)lue-coats,
f* during the war ire had a warm
front for th#h, andl now dring
peace we had a warm side for them.
JIn our association with tlatb inited
'States army they sympathized with
Mts in our distressed oondition, and
ie sympathized with them in seeing
them digraced to a mere constabu:
lary or gi;ikral detective force. I
told them they iiteed have no fear of
having that force 'drhployed to the
advantage of the party who so
ekmployed them. The cd!.:nittee
oxpreslsed the belief that at the
'next prv'siddhilial ile"tiol this
country would be redeemcd, and
what I have seen in this Conven
tion of the 'manner l- \vbich this
con1tst 1'H to lie cdni(rted, and
tife plins of the campaign
liav -beel such -as tso gi;t 1,1
great satisfaction. The energy,
the determination and the an
'thi% d purpose to carry this State
by all .peceftl ied jnit in :surese,
and tirese only, have given me
1 great satisfaction, for this was a
point'h i4 lh eho nationa cmrui4fvte
Was greatly conlcerned. 'T'here is
like*~v a cternnination to resort to
*ihr? m'eiTns of vt0k,'ice. Thirey say
that we in the Soutlr and especi:ily
we in Souti (Oarolina, -must allow
t lk inas feA' argrments as.ossi le
of tIf*' "bloody teats. We
must send as -littalY grist ats possible
to tire Ant.rag mill. and 4f tho pi ties
who - ahiipuliate the Radiral pa-rty iVn
the North had it in their power to
drawi a draft on th'o Soith, stating
h i, imaly iegroes tihey wanted
kille(d oft in throse States where the
R:ulicals are if, power, the draft
would be honored at omrO. Let us
do everylhing in our1 po wer to pre
vent sn iW a draft fromi being hon
ored ; to hear and forbear, eve1i to
that extext when forlbearance ceses
to be a virtue. Mr. Tilden asked
W'e in reference to the present con
dition of affiurs i'n , )mI.h Carolina.
I told him it was aliost imposs ible
to o\~erthrow the majority we had to
coitend agai'st ; but when I told
hii how the State government had
b'eek admninistelrel, the excessive
tatxation \ whiich Nwas imposedf agjon us-.
a'rd which absorid1 more than the
suirpht$ income of44he wholee pepe,
and time hrmd won earnings of the
c(olor'Il lathoitr combined. and how
that, in oir town, I h-;1. seen% stro'ng,
able-bodied neg rots gin g itround
asking for surbscriptions, he 'skied
W e.a it possible ta';t. tlh'ro is any
ificutV in in Democratic ticket, or
electing ia Democratic ticket, or tit
the colored people would not have
the manliness to ststiin it by a full
vot'e. fe also -said he thougit tire
Stat! 14nf Soukth Carolinakr could be
carried for the cause of good gov
ernment, and by peaceful and lawful
iaiinWs, and that it would ill become
iritm the candidate of reform and
good government, to be (elceted l1v
any other ieahis or be frienidly to
any plan ofintinmidation at the South.
Governor Tilden then said: "I want
a fuair elee'tionn andi thIat is just what
the othrer ide fearm for with a farr
election, threy will a'sbiredly iwi de
featd inever'y Southern State."
WVhile hrere, said 001. Rion, I aust
be al~lowed to W.rs imy gratilicai
tion at the thre action of tis (Con
von tion. WVhils neO have had a hrot
mrenrt, from that point threohlas
breen iunanlimrity, and1( we are now
unl:mimrous. [Aplause-.H] I des'ire(
here to make thie remarrk-, thamt all
thre Southrs of wihei trunpton is thle
genieral repr'eihtative, arS of thre
pro~strarte State ini p~arti'ubizr-, is sad
lyimisunrderstood ait tire North
whlere he is considlered by soime as
aun embodirnAnt d 'vehllion-. They
forget thrat tire Miniy foe is iiew'r ai
se(ret enemrry. TIhey forgut that ire
wiho Wields * inabrty sword hoer,
wh'ien he. sherathres itA ise's a stiletto.
It is also chrargid tihat' Hamnpton is
not cionitout to abide1 by thre results
of the iWar: Thn*y frgbt that Hamnp.
toni, likti thet ret of tiemid no liking
for thre reconstpti'oh laws hut thamt
sinice tirey havebn i puCi It inI operal
tion Hfamr ptohl is a~ for necttg thre
5. tnation'. Thely do .iot know that:
. ut weo kfloi* it ; albii their mnistarke
will he 'or'reetecd ithei tire canrvass
01pe1k an d Hatmrptoni iinakes knrowtn
Iris senitimntp; Hie does nhot acceplt
all thed tormrupt mrenkres that have
'b een forced upon thre tte lby tire
R Jepubicamn pairty for thk 1iid'joar of
plunder and1 peediatiori. I thiinrk
that, ars Democrat; *i4 niay ('n?
Igr'atulafte oursilve V')on the~ standardl' I
besarers w'e haive.--T1ildenr, IHtaIdr'icks
anrd Hiamrpton:~ Withj urlUhr stand(
atrd. -beiaremrs Iin these oiir i6aed ill~
have tire sdt(ete1 It nrirrits: TIildein
will ilot rltw then Fijitd Hf ales
andr~ siatagesr: He Wtill contr'ibdte
mrilliohis for drifisieeburt nrot a eiut
for gettiing up offieial ntuirddr's: He
iaid to inc that, like Giran; hre woubrIl
"lot 110 guilty muan escape," bi t lie
wodld nmakci no) (xueptionr in thme case
ol gntilty friendM ; and w~he(I nc says
"let dIe hava peace," hre will include
every eitizen of tire Union undIer the
proteting megis of tihe Constitution.
So, gentlemen, I thminkc withr these
stanrdard -bea'rer's we shall press5 on
to success both inl tire Stait( and1(
tire Unitedi Sinure
Cdhtozinial Rai~iblia'ge.
C.8(O \T( jee itniid (ie!" t180( to 1)0
lia who had(i visite~l '1I te 1)Ollultifll
cit~y of the Adit.ic had( s0e11 till thait.
Wits ' ('1tlh 1)0ho14inhg ini the wo)rldI,
dprt out of it,. But the exp::,ti.
'=rnidht"tlst 1,e ('Illlg' d 110W to "see
the great (2 ntei)ia I I'i~juili ion at
Phiilall~hjlit 011( di('." for aifter1 that.
there will 1)0 sc(111tely IL1 lil cat
worth seeinig. this side( of it In ttcr
of thin 1- elegain,, rih anid luse fn}1.
its 11ot8 neCver h,('ei broughtf, toge' her
hfol', andit mazy nlever be ((gain
J)1flHO1 Who (I2i tl d 0S, 40 visit it.
WeC Wh'o live in) tis. age a-'I m-uighly
iai".r A1 ahoro our for'efntherR. wh11o
grii'ld 2t (li~l)lfiy. an1d4 it 18 -0 ({iiest ion
Whether tlloH( who eor?20 after 145
will enijo2y t11( sam211 eip1ortltir ty
certannly not uu4 iit iitler (9312t111~
Pnf proper26ity 112ts roll1ed around. !
To~. iltt01211)t it c(1tai';l (lHciJ'tic in
Woul1d 1ryquire toy) 11iiiol te iuah
splce In11 cl 21 -i5 f J) 811(t)ill
where' t1101'0 is 82) gI'(St al varet y.
]'jilrh1 411( of4 l( )i'~-i hhtiy
(utt iiuiiigliri i 1iself to) occup)y
mon1ths8 of time1 ill (.Xil)2)j211141) o'iiti
(!idly, 1111u1 (very till]( thei viit(or
ref111118 lie wvill find12- 2~oilei.122: ne0w
0r1'tt. ippel~.118 iie. 'o (rTsl) na itionis
2110 1Cl)i( $(1 l tdt. (I lit :l" 1181V )(
(91)1 10t Eil iii 1'21 h:172 2' oIf till n~ lt
.81)2100 allotted to LI 20 irtitill)i Uaclt.s of
the E'ast, 1(11(1 the dil NNill 1p:188 lw.1v
before voni 110vc 1]2]il litii :1 ed
'Ther~e yon \il1 See 1lo'.8\1 ). hij
Ilels [tin2g. and o1gle( never ila'] of
('XaiO1ihillii the l!:11 l~i. 9191it/1!' b)1
Ausitria ani 1 I-Ipigrv. GQ121:lv,
(scat~i -41i~i iu itti 1 i.'lautd 1).:n
loti1~h to ni1ick4 11. rQ'fwot :11)i' ('x
hihittioii by Ihu5 li ti"1 's. Hol'e w("
find( \1eXi4'o, the A rgoilt itlo h+e; ul -
rI('S110$C21 I (1. '111(11 \V(1 (011C (- 2O the2
.1)oniiuj'1 of (';:iida. withI iei
la122111(1 I11l2lthlor, 2(1] Ii lieul withi
illt4'(til hg 12111 (' 1.12(1 1111' II V t"he
U 1iite' 1 atI lisj )hjl hg ~i 1l i
variiety of1 :ti i I ( e, ini e'vel (' o(c o'a
1)10 1)1111 thi of 11111;:idry 111:1111 :let.
Illre8, llling'. utgii jolt hi . rt. t ill(]n
H"elile'e. 2as ('02 2 ''i' l cii (:11 illes :11:
ovi'shlidoW s all the ol. I nr":.:;It lea 8:
ini (jtltifty 2111(1 d oftelitiincH iii
'1142l' II 2( HOvOII large' hiiidiii 's.
11i1.1 21e:1i i tt hi undr'ed iann hle ones.
T1hie large (liles at'0 appr )2opriated to
s'j wvit: ]-ful s, '". Alai 0 jI3'iit'dniv,
\V1,ueu81 Plivi lion :.ml th0 (x )v: n
miii laitldiitg. 1',:i'h c~ho o .hesI
Vik('i Illm conl be n.42'1 Of110 1112 ii "112
TheI G~overnmnt Building is at
1)Q1'fct curios-ity s(hop, its it coil1
Lu-tllis e-ery thing, of 11ter'st froml the,
\Vitr, Nav'y, iiiglimiouse and
gnuis an3d( C1111(1114, 131(,it 24 s anid
frigaites, swords a1 petuls, i'n fan
ai'e. fifteen-inch gulls anl foua' ijiehi
lcI0"it/Qrs. *l]lolfllted sidle by silk
0?.''horiiw, that 'aiSld to "(latui) (i'l, r
refit4 so. mites in formenr da's. I'Jii
e1311113)t ima1:gine( Whit3t It Rttisfact i~i
it, W.15 to Wall: stra li t 111' to it
mnitor' ri1)001ICC) inlto stile r9'u',',d.1-s
of' lI.iloe sauce Ilig gusi) 1-lnt. iiaet to
l13l(Ii forth sftlh t13TiI)?r IIYSt.3'lItio31
'I'hei'i 'there 111C 1111111er iiIdinlgs
1)it4 all e'quatlly iiitercestig inl their
1)o v'isitedl in turn anid it~s (-d\eltts
0 '1 1 . State was so 111 fort iinat "' in
rsowing. 1-ad the p5rlwlv ,can
li)en 11 oi il dWe ii-o1l( itty' beeni
\Z-e1I l'ep)I'ented at the E'xhibition.
Still We are 'riot eitt.irely forgotten.
I11 1, 111ciinery IT1Il r2 :sCr*v4l (3'3"v' ot
it. stle (91t toll i-yitieczCd d1owni t o
eleveni iicltv'ss. toi t~lin lR3133k 'c
Jrirt Il'30Ut- of 41, Mlainl iIuiildli
e icrs. WValker, ;vi s~t1I A. (' IV (211
13.110 it 111)0 d1isplayV of Id:lsk 'I f f 4"
ii) 113 t,111fa'rd ini( C'Ilrilest a, \\ Ig ir'I
('3t11J 1V4 Very 1Li'3ltl)1V i t of,iov
txIIii#i. The1110 ' 0 10( o *1310Itt t3'3W1C
IlI * 1'13 29$! Oh t i( 11j binJg i1) the Nap1lfE
14 It lll11 'v 1)1 l. the0 31411915 ti lied with-l
(_I'iI1l51isv 1315s a it~'1s:raite blldinig,
uI wh('10 ih lnl L 3. 1)jP see spcilt'33i-. o f
rite j1 h: 3 lslt.e r'ock 01r 1301,'1 of
theV (Xii1ijwii\ 5 Works( 013 (.IliYsaui1's;
lsbuil~l. A 0iuiid thle ouitside o~f the 111111 utu) tgl'(110 ~tllL
x:,b~Rnti:l 1$11:1 it \'aurlety of p lan1ts are
l3owling luixuianiitly. It is (eilite,
!111131:411a1 to) . (2 cotton Sta'I s 1 and. *13
1,11)33333 ill $111(. 1 3p11 air1 i11 1~ny -0112'
%":.111.1. yiet Ii 21 they lre lookling; AS
13t 11131 *t 1.1eC1. '11(!'3 allay j)@
itile" (9xilifits front our State. but I
Iial'c 11t, ('oeIl than. C. l; (.
,\ its1.- A re you)1 t1'3)uled '((itli Indigos4
lV'-gWJ)5iI1. or il.31)' c(hi01F2 of . the
I~\' 1:tve you)3 soft'i'red for
Yea- S a1il3 1'n~lnd \1. Petrol' fromn I lhe
I1s(; d 3ni -11' i's ' 1)t) onfl have'( it
faitl t1)1))Ctit(, *tb1l lire yonI tr 3l13
W((ith Ii 1(2 illL~ h(f langltuor Y If you
Iiny' it I oeIi'iite WI 11('\' is )\'e33
Il a it 1.r. ti' I (a.'r l(*Wa 'lical\I tl
t\ Batix's .1 )rill Store. It is per
1(311111iig W\uii(1Q'fill ('111121 ill t hins null1
peopl licue it.. .1t1i J 3rt(31111ed 1 b\'
all U tit i b est V,I 7 i I tlefil ll 3111 t.
\331ld. 'Two(1 )14s'14 will relieve thle
WolIst, c:1se otf ])S1wea'ia or)1 Coll
Mooting at Kfllil's.
]icing k in(1 y h'd polit'^!y invited
1tliilrgci, to atte1d a it '4 1)iil+ ( i l
County. S. (1., -T (lid do ]gild .IOW
give -oi : fIw itithnx, r.e 1:11 i vi' to th
(~a2lpt.e t, I. St1ei~it rge and '.pIi
Ca:pt. \vt. IL. stack aneid A i. 1i.1.1h
imlya n CNtrCk~. 116 : inviti Hpet.
orTohte assembly litilg eae~ t.r
'~cfl s ecl Coiivcit~l on ol the .-lt4.ir
(1:ij". Wt. IL. StIcflc. tki11'il~lvd te11mo
in ith (1p1et~latO Cat~>t '1'i. Agxe 1
I V ei.otlU(and aj)1+~l. J\\-tl am
o for t(.14i( he'i. bel~igI~( prest.
1111lt 1111 ilc.i, Jdc h(itliu go iiinltm
4t.'ra'c(~ Covio fo the iiccirot (f
('COI)(\\.11. S ~tark t Illidic II i11,.
fn a an Wa a ot viu-t iow i i.e.b
ho 'Lt cil~r l)'S" l1eglti tt''diitit(
Bent' ith voit1) of th State~ :( ISOi
and 111100d ttt , l ('(' I'ill I i*' 11 II i.
itroduc11 to to I .*j l Je.'it iii s~ s u
ly 8 *111(t at.eid! ('1a18t TIC (Intl i/.t'ii
~i1111( bl e .i;Ici0) fill w ih go: anidi
corrlilec .-viewo thei ui'ci f ir va o
iiih1liin C'ioi11 puiil 1( ni.
;n fe axo pa( ~in f u of (nv. -lltTil--.
bui.. -. i ftcq it ni reard tho~ t'Pi
in-11 I)(' ie yti o- thenie Stitt( of Smf
(oili both 'roliif Iii' w'g, .l.
He'Oti ' li'i,t of~l eilYct(( It" ljlL i i fo
Ilz-i torr lt. dz -iia ii e to s rtotial1 it.
8UftC-Illie vstyinto o undert'c his 11)
jtI til C'i iii a. h id 1)'' t1^ l y V t l
V('ii):i;14 tol (.bi'1:.Itiltt V ilhx
(':1s 1t111igl that. Ia tiiii c a s of ciit li
shold he 'niv' (' at~-z- th1e( I~ultd a of
hi-uin:). o authorili ty ilc'u ( 1t ii(ii.
lie(ii also141re inl itvro 1)Cccli Tviicl-o
an of ion.tI 1"!CCI1111(1): an lio ot1.h j18
ii)ikee o the hrDemo (rai day'.,V
hlil crrct, 1111111y 84rev Li'n~bl it]'
mU. c111nce iew thf thitlri, jieikrx;
lil11( 1 ( .:iii ietd fo(that. . '. EAt zr
Ilia! ilge, Exq., had r~t CO (iclide: W. W
I)Q. "Ci l. 111'' $(1.,~ Il~ ail I li't j( W 1t11,4
]tiefx 81)'t (111(1 loI in refiternce to
reit-1:sf. WitH yii 1Ie~tdOl J il j 4Pi,l
a(1p i'eiie t th tand cit1: lit1(
8('hi ', tiir Vt ior a t oll(]~ mat ati V~jj:
dje11:'iie hl c:pt. Starcibr, a~bnI Jpalltc
d('(4'ed 11) Iliue fw i'izirkx T~h
1.10$P Wih, ]ldit tst.i(I'8. JNhel t for
elii hrt] toi lilYe 8 : hs Pita juslt,
such 0 fut ec Ian11:11 shtouilie ld14
bnrtlch)ltli the cooed iE't(fok ever day..'I I
forH thir 4b.ititl~. dre:')tnl,1 andr
i 111lll" 3 Ii't.is ill sA' or, All- a leJ 1
Cht In rnt speak of'i Iot(v;81lti 118 the
trot+, 1antd liJ~ oa ])D it' aid fts 'i
got'ihiien by(i t~i .a~*i the difretne)~l~1s
111T l ...,.. 1. .... N..'.' I i t . L' ...._1
c'r ('tiltlar 1'rghts ;n the( i'tti'r, andl~
th~t the ;;(ilt ou mght to try todo1 it"
du?'l (ity to 0(11r CIJlored pe'o1l(e.
*Uit(1 we cat' 011 ' tb 1t throutgh the)o
gile'ilt 1)e ii nwrati( part y of 'le,
I nil (*d Stat es. 7. TJhaI thle great
iliiy of thie l'girtr's W\ouj~d 1)(' jndiH
t"iiii~i '4 1hri t v it i7(IN. if I nkr'n front
the 'lil' andII "g4i~ver11l ift of liars.
Iiti'i.-l tt 1111 ( iliellliiei-t. foM the
A fi'iI race, aitr~d outside of their
vnaI'eie. \\voiiti Hooii'r jit'rah themIl to
l)Uirr? or than.1 to 1 leaven. ;). That.
thy I )mnoevats Hd o not. Wi-in or inte(nld
to lit, (Iu liclroes blaek inito la 1very,
good ftr'lV(einmlejft., No that, tlit'y iii ty
Heul ove to Afi.iL as liioniiialiesi
Iiihindred aind thiouisands of their
ra1ce, to rteac the glad tidin~gs of
the Gospel it) the ilions~ Of ihir'ir
'face Whll are' livinug ini ignorailee
of te true fiii(' a d Iti Saviour, anud
ha~winug down and \vorsli Jng false
godls. Coulored pelel~j of thet Suithi.
you bat,' it g''iod, great, miighty and
11A6,.llt s ork( to do, antd itf yout Will
i i1r' o\'er to) timo' giod, great awl
\t iiderf iii old iuxtiite's 'ca~ OV('Vflelf
Live .1 )e:ut ;'rattic IlitilY of A IieiicJ
jIir'l"t'i al Itl i ciil C(lliii ht14)11'. ('xit.
yllt. iioll(I and rellille Your Iuoali fa
,fr ini us1)t } thvoiiieit I--nrifii feiiifl
I1111('. r;,)i 11.1 10 ih ii' n' a~nd ga ins
t.lm iiight y 811d Ja \ less, for lhe li;1's
t.1 )Iu'ii 1 ";")i ilo'tli lig 1 si-ael. Yom
i'jtls hlivI' I, pidid %',Ii Badl ilsto(len 11111
-oje:i iiu1 't eel Fll( 111111 iilv. Si'htols
f~illIP11)11 :i1;i ; .il i ll( t e r '...lii l ow\
10 ei v (4111 a'(te i ti 'ch11S x1( I I Vilr l id(i
A Ii. i i 11Ii~ ltl C, 111)O?) t'l It I 'lie
en t' -~o 1 j " "1'! I Its li e rih. o n trl! ue(11
Al lean i,1t~ 11, vr~lmiiiea 1.t' al iresi the
I\ll Iir lil'1:1( t.S heittn elre . (Ol
b.5bn~a"(,t i.(''c t hr'.l iii. 1( hisino
u'ii (II! llt~ I'hii tlileadi )tivt',
A fi'dlus;i. tI1;,e1:-(.in te S' tiit',. 1111
Il il k i fit )f tit(! Cli S ut 's. I Id
blesfs the (,tt', Iiiia1 hilh his ielo
1'('1 l 'l 811;1 i 1'i lv i (III fll i I 111)1)11 fuea~
U'lii]) 'It~M We( l , miigliefei tO-hi~he'
A ~ ~ ~ ~ 4 frWn nLu u~riSe. andOK
'tI'he I)'111nftato jaliiV i"1 ofuti
LIti:liiltand il('ieiiti 1 :itu seilihuleI
ipibor1 fI V 4it i cit Ii' 'Flit it .I'lithi
'iteitrs to': 1th FI'llthI( it t~t ltilin
:ii;! t4 the 111e1at hIvi ) 1w 1 iiilliiiltiias
I ill i55 'S o th' nite dl ,tan::. Ilie1
ilt or"-1 1iuni;wihhaeIetl
dId Ut St.. WelilH iiiiil to - (Il lull'-ave
1(011e ito lii. ull tillr (1ii h~u haont li.p)
I~ nd pii~raoeofus distngitalie
.'ii ul11 Cal fiia if Ic 11(1ii Plo rm1
4'~5he fhioni ie p:vihl of' Lqioill
Liroei-ijj, ineoiiiio ui1nli~leI
!niiiist~I1'iiui e thloing 111S ''gits 3'flli'k
L 1u of fl i'i{liii).; : i 11Oid~l
Ai i 11 1 i' i I- - - - - - . 11( .-I A i
if eiltion a doinoraliyiW'1, par
I 10i 11(1 disgraceful ; and th6o
chlacterizeld overy branch of the
goverllmont, exc1Cftive, r6gislativo
and1( j""(icifl, have no 'jairallel inl tlio
hlistory' of niatioivs. It has ceated
a n1in1'trfic~it~v of till Ilceaaary and
us~eless ut h'eN, 'otmli~cateod in their
syste~m, and miluceeaaarily expeiltA
ive. 1.1 has att~vl)to(l to elevate
to the~ I enchl' t\\V0,m)ost corrup)t and
hW-graded mnch.. IL caul Hover' purify
itself, gig' g' &i and *tpartial g(,Xd
'h'luiellt, or by its mnoral force and1(
chb:ractoe xocs inl its full
(over'eigniy the law of the land1(,
We doA 'ot chli o this~ coldition o~f
things, which every patriot most
dleelily (deplores. upjont the masse 145of
the party, but upon their lende~r,
wohave made such fatal use of
their (ofhdeneo and trust. ; for it its
our firm conviction that all thm'm
g~ood1 1peop)1 of the Sit t', of b)oth
races3, dlesire peaIc(e and p~rosperity.
We, therefore, cull upjon1 tll of our
follow citizetirtpeieo ab
041 paist patttftliliiion8, t(o join) with'
it fi~ Yestoring the good name11
t heir State, and to again elevate it
to a p~laceo of dligni'ty and character
itrlo~iu the coinhionwoalthii of thili
grvat countr11 y. We(lise(oufl1teualtueo
all dlisturbauces of the pon1ce of tilt
St(ate, anid denouince alli in stigntori
mand pronuoterP threof, and e:rn
estly caltl 'ibpoi mdil of our felld*
ii itll rspr'tiWo of pairty lines;
vote oq~iAW1 id~u if the go W'ri
ourii ('ontr~ol, we ple'dge ouriselves to
pro'pe dv of all its 1)wople; aind td
ta~o~llyl~rtlgtosuiui1iiiaiy justie
ti(m app 1j~euali11 to th reason01 and
not, the pinsin of the people1, 111(1
(lsIti1mu of the Repu1licaan party at
ai1r shot\ili i~i f It' 111)1 1olit~uuent of
('il~~iitViNi(. of 0l0clt)O1. , \\'o (1o.
111111)(1 it failr (leetion 1ibi it fair~
rousit. X11o call 111)011 all of the,
us. We Vc bri ht. trith oif coni.
lii 1 jg the~ State to our keeping;
t111 4f t'!(dfO'~flt oe1if'n et ' vti 1.1Lv
protetion an IiilrOHIJi~e' tV (1 o t
(ha \VII in our o\"('1 taxN16d; (lC4HJoihetk
us from jpow~i, wvitht sc'riM and in -
diiia 1.1io11. ()tir ol jOOL it; re(foti.i
1'O~r4nil~len~it, m111d itlief', .lMutt by
1)(4 ilesl y 11h1(1 CCrlcoifly 110 4tny 1'
1 iirthetiis or th 1 ltt ;~h givingit
0Wli sam,1e tiujie Ib1i1h0t security iifht
pro~te(t ion to thei righits and~ phtijer
ty of aill. Up)on tins arlmiidinlt
iwstl ie t i dioIl; j1lvite the io'
()j)(' Uion)l of e'l1ir; " l)et-zocrat mitt
Repubthliea11 ~Iio iH a"iW;1111(1an ~Wv
l11g in this erisle; of 'our State, to
tiiiite *~ith its ini this~ great work:.
It Vll'4 ('V)'iiing. T'll~c) of tiietii
ei*1' t jAlilg iit. ine (If tlieiii
lcl it 1 aiui c'i: ii. O (nOtir held a eitt
1(1441 til(4 111)41 jitaed 4.110 pmsttsl
into.) 1114 1111.5 I'tar,11and1 iredl; shinit,
im'ig the 1iauLI iii the hindit who hold(
the cmat.; and1( th e 13 with tilt l~tin
tern 'tit i WI 1tdt'd iln tilei urirul :'1111

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