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NWedneosday Morning, August 30, 1070.
JNO. S. NIET NOLI1)S, Editor.
t .; 71)of Nv'Y"ork.
'oni V1^EF. 1FSDENT,
' !'itfOS .4. /I" iE.M1)ICM IUIS',
of Tht1diitia.
FORl (O.ldVR1NOii,
of ltic1ll.
*W: D. S3L1PA-)N,
"of Btielli.
FORt COitli"rMc Y.EIi (IKNEI..
'II. M. SiLms,
of "oi'k.
*of~ C~ihl1'J(;Hft5d i
"of k hiilittt.1
'\1t AI)JUT'AN'T t.;E (l.
E. W. MOI9F",
. of Niiiitcr.
'of- Sparfimbin-g.
r*ORBO.IClTOII 0F 'CLLR I:;i ('iliitlflT.
.T. C. G'ASTiON,
of (:liter.
The t.'ui;igi ini Hunt11I (1 Lrolilil
in aitready it lively ohh. 'I'll? 1.)( Io
C 'ie'lii.till (V1" I' It' 'Ait 4t' Ill
*rc' M tiito iii i i1 o ojiui ,u.. Evi'i rw t
in large nmubers, and they will take
part in the procession on horseback.
We trust the meeting will. be the
largest, most onthusiastic a1nd nmpat
successfttl over hold in Fairfield.
Let the f 'ple make it so.
Whio Solloitorshlp.
Tile Democratic ctndidato for the
:hlreitorshtp-of wtho sixth ejudicial
circuit is T. C. 'Gaston, l.sq., of
Chester. A ' bottEr chbico could
scarcely have been made. A lan of
tlent. indu'st.iy, high character,
consisteitly temperate habits and
u1ii1eiung courage, Mr. Gaston
Ji0ss0isd till the qualifications
necessary to fit him for the office
for which lie has been nominated.
Graduasiting with distinction from
the State University in I 19, ho
immeindiately applied him.'ielf to the
study (of law, anld as 'rsod after
alsoin ied 7in its pract.id'e k.fith (iles
.1. Patterson, Esq. His career as a
law er has been both progressive
11(1 sucticesiful, and he now holds a
leadingf position at the Chester bar.
In politics ho has always boon
sti ikingly conservative, and among
the colored people of Chester he
h1 is 11111m1y supporters. We are sat
isfied tlit no stronger man could
have been found in the sixth circuit,
and, if a proper effort "he 'made by
thor:o who have ',lt, him forward,
his election is almost a foregone
As yet it is hard to say who will
be the Radical nominee. The
p)sitiohs'?tgt W" Mr. Couch, of
Chester, ':.1\1 MIr. iIacl'c.y, the
)preseint incitumiben t, with the chances
seeminig to favor the latter.
Of this. more 11non.
Ior Congress.
.Froin the itNes (uiu (.'otrier ie
extract the "following sketch of Col.
Jno. H1. Evins, the Democratic can
didaite for Congress from the fourth
district :.
"The foulrth Congressional Dis
triet is composed of the Counties of
Unmionu, Spart4uburg, '(reihavills,
York, (hestor, Lancaster. Keshaw
and Fa~iirf1eld. 'ho -vot.ing popiiula
lion is : White'.8,9i0, bolored 19,
957. The l)enmocratic candidato is
(Jol. John IL. Evin, of Spartanburg,
than whom there is not its
South a(rolina a iner sp ci 1men OI
time liberal ind accomplished gentle
man. Hie 1beolongs to one of tin
oldest an1d befit, f;miliesiih the State,
is ai lawyer by professiuom, and abmout
forty- thre#' V,-'s age. lIe-fore the
wa*tr ho wasi aL -uummbr of thik- Staht
served asu ( 'ipi it' in tbnkini's erne
regimenA1)(1 the PathndItt() -Sharpshoont
erPS. At Fraz*ieri's5 famrum, ini ilh seven1
daiys' bamti.t.es, lhe was wounided ami
dlisabilodl. Sincee the war lhe has bieen
anl acetive pro'imoter of all w orks of
init.ernial iunpjrovomntl, and1( did
iich toi 5oeure the rtmmhnig of th(
Air Linei Railroad throligh Sparta:&
bu11rg. For lo'mo years hie was a
direct or of the Air Line Ibitiih1(d,
and is nuosy a dhietor of theo Spar
t anhiig. an'~d Ashemvillem Raih-ond. (Jol.
Ev'ins is an~ able -lawyer, and con
spsieniously aia~~2'ble anid np~righit. An
Elder of 't~h Presbyterian Chuurebh,
he is hoclovel ah'd lhdnoreid for his
puirity, hhlraTmit~y and sincerity in
overy wvalk of lifo Tifr term of
otli ce of Col.l" vinlS as Odngressman
wvill begin on the~ .tth of March."
WVhippor F'or'Owarnod.
Giove'rnor C~hambherlain) has issuled
a pr'ocm;ation warning Whijpper toi
make i tim-t at Iatinig h'is seat
on the trenich 'till his Aldims lhe
settled by a (comfp~tent couri't, andi
orderIi:.. f lIt (courtI otheers of
O)rangeb'urg auid Charleston hot to
recogiz o hiiia ii uiial c'apaicitYv.
Thie go)vernor Rays 1 (1do hereh v
proclail'1 that a~y such attitimpt hv
W. J. Wuhipp'br aind thmose wvho may
aid and abot hiimi, wilIlihe reOgarde
and tr'mated by mna hot onliy as an
uinlawful andtio riotouls dist9Ibance
of the pub lic pee, hblt also as an
outrago upon jtmdicial authority; not
to hoe tolertedt in it civiliyied State.
* * (1do thl'rpforo forewarn
all eitizens of this Stait.o aigiiinst
midihg or abel~t ih'g W. d. Whipper
In, his sah.1 l dhladfill at tempjt, and .1
el l uponi tho olicers~ of the law ini
saiid circuit to exert thiri (ilicim,
andowes, in sstabtlilg e athrt io v
mdtxctilng th11 ordii oif Juiift
tReed, and1( in putting down all at
tempts ini anly mhanner' t o inerfer
Withi his discharg' of t ihn dhiios oif
his otlice. *** Amld I fmrthe.
pricimiih t.hiiit if the iltliern~ of the.
law in said circuit nhamlh faili to dis,
chalrge tiheir duitieii as$ hfe einhoire
hutIid diwn; 1 shlti proceedc , unlder
the lai o~(f t his State tom or-gaize i
suflicient force inl thme (uflmtih of
O)ranmgeurg antd (Charlesto(n, tinder
thc co)rmmiandl of the" tlawful deputy
conlstabileR, undelr ?ny owni direct ion
and control, to exento piromp~ltly
and effectually sneh ordes as inay
he issued by iJudge Reed, aIs judge
of the said circuit, whenever such
ordera shall he resisted, and to
arrest and eornnit all pmron~Wh
1iit;"J iiP3or Yo'esist his atuthority,
or Who may in contempt tliorcol
aid in- the execution of aniy order
Winch may beo issued by W. J
Whipper, uptil his claimt to be judg(
of said circuit shall have beer
established by sonic tribunal compeC
tent to rasa ftimnl jutdgelllei
tlieieoni" T1his U('fiont of the gov
orno phi til additionail *1( l~e
the way of WVhippet~G' lli e (o
the benici to which lio cllli)IHl to
have beleiiClectt~d. or i ' ero. I. it
the posi tioni he~ hasI In kenl, ( hove: 11(1
Uh:1u1)e11i calookh ~ oi !"y Lo V!-6,,4
W~ho( llO'.v oppjosei his j) ditti iis il1'tL1.
tionls- -iil' 've feel sanie that lhe toil
receive it t.i Oif'! fullest "' enlt
hipperx vs (h1l.'es .Of '! ,au i11~ 11
5Owit1 ire (('itleIly Pn")o', lull t he,
semt et. pooirer a1:.1 poorer i~
tune goes on.
'A Falir El1ctionl.
Governor Chiaii'. eriain 11 lts issue'
the following 1)roeluII atiofl, =e:l~ rinj
(late Aug~. 25:
or ibefore; the 7tlh proximio, fle(
CIommissioners of licietioii f~r 'caol
county' ill t1e Mtato.
"1L is jiist andlc proper.). IF. Ily jitt1g
ri'lclt.'tilaf, 'vh(i1 itichal lpar1ty Shot
Noh fairly i'cpltmc clf' 141these Seven't
l.)bnils, wild f thei sf~lo 1 i')Uol(' I o ap
j oin1t. a1s a general rulie, oil (ftlI b)oar(
\v~o I pI s"!' ntfi1ivs of th1. { aTpili"
call ilatcy':ihzd env of the ])tyio*r tti
par~tyA in all cnfi, -TI inite411to II) l;
poit. d111y fir- minde'd id,,liixt 111e
,I, I hic(f')I e, invite' siigges~io
and r('cltIlnl atiii as to thien
('"ae ;itl 1' fee as11 to appoint'Ic' (
Elction ;1 tiliol if tine0)H Ii rst, pp )intI.
c(1 ,;1;11 t. "'O ("after' inec'i ott:; (a41t(.
(bat(es;.1 shl 201CXI (lct. thir ies8ignath it
ia (oin inii*;ioul1'r (i 6' i' leet jllt, 1111
I steal! f(eel wall 'nittel its flikilii'c
iiin~vtl fo, this va1tso."
Th'lis zit(' oif. the (>v'niin ' jis cl
(Iliii to atllay fill fe sof un1fajir
neSS at the (It'l( t . 'hI(" pI'CsI:I.
of at I(p I:re4;i ati"' of' tadic poj itic',
'p~arty wvill insutre Iairliess to ult. \\
t rust, tht g reat tliseci ii'w tii 1)
CxCI ciH(al1 ill thle i~jnuiiil i:(i t ( thI
rcejw;'scntf Iit. of Ih le luno.'ratt,
paorty. Tihey 51(,111( I 'e lcn f rie
dlidaite fo)r ofliec will hb' digihi
T1his is ant excelb it L )rov :Sion, IS at
mut IL(hliuit.
Cur County '1i:-'cet.
hae f loll o)f the( Cj1t.'~ on
(Jon 'CJI il ol wns;)iit;;y a fa' ll c
It was only by the advice of my
friends that I originally coiisoiitod
to be a ciandida'te' for the office of
Clerk of Court, and I am now td
_ vised, by ti.) samel friends, that my
Withdr-wa1 fromi thu proHent canlvass
- for the office will conduce to the
good of the; County and State. This
I (10, while I aIni iidvnsed by my
f sameU fritlids t hlltit I J lai (IIit~ *1can
(lidatte. I will be elected1. Iletico nip'
llcticn is4 baised solely ulpon WhIa1t A~
('olcive- to he liy dutty to lily fl'ields
SiAML. B. CLO\\'\E1.
Aug. 28, 137(1.
FI umt1iu.o) (iOU\'I'1. S. C.,
Augt'l ut ti), 1870'.
/ (ht '1",CII. (1./tl I1tcra/
A large atnd '('1thlusiastje r (l&'ni
1 of tlhe whjite votecrs of hA~h u>shtij) no.
G was h'.ld h'rre to-day for t ir''pur
pose of organizing it. De121(eratie
Cl(Jub. '' meecting h at1 ealrd to
()1' hr ab'out 11 o'clock. Oil motion.
- mtiy ehairribant. andc H. it. I.laniiigan,I
1L.;scf., W is t( ju~tesi fe to net as recce
1 t:ury. 'The eh2~ii12lian exp lainled the
l jec~t of trip h~i(e(ting ill i few fordi..
-_)1 hie ul iks, amnd etUxtiik fill ivita..
tioui to all to eciiue '" iward1 and jomin
.runs8 c.tfltt, tip a;1(l signied the roll.
l speaiking.. and itfier 1rlpeat'd calls
John ltoci isonl, cs'.,(ame forward
ing the 1c( esi(.y' of' l iom~oigi or
s g;.ul;r:ttion. ,tdf l)Oilttlg (lut how,
V- mu, drive fro 1111 )""r the liar
(lies that haiVe so lu (Iis9graced own1
C plae in I h''ir s;t" id the g;lllaii(
1 *a ~lalie-I la i'"rs eh(l '1 by .3 the late
AIIi (. 1(111C in flt Ih ,i lemitt. :i W.
( 1) (1I (It 11'a1111 (aiitvn hour h~en
Ifr'il vVj(1V (.tit! 1J1"'4CAre1 I. '[ir.
etrttaY':i r ).1l(C( till corruption of t~la
jl'cm1ii t id ill i3 ti 1u. um111d ti i i1
fril'(I1 lil4t l1C~sijtll'. of il ic 'United'I
81 tex (iolIV1 to tlhe mos)t ilisignili
''"iut Jl3I 1l(1;11 official, aid cli led 111101
nees and readiness to O),tend the
same right to Republican seakers
whenever they desire a respectful
hearing kit oui' meetings ; and; to
this end, we urge the.. Deinocratic
party to observe every decoruin and
prop1iriety in attending the meetings
of the opposite party.
The object of the Democratic
party is peaceful and untramneled
discussion, that the people may be
come enlightened on the issues of
the (lily.
"1he course pursued by tie finmo
cral1s present at the recent Republi
cani meetings hats of 68ityt exeited1
the ire of time ring .leaie rs of the
ltadlieal party, expressed, th rough
its doughty organ, the Union-Ifer
(dW. This is lmt nt'uri., One of
the trump cards in the 1adieal pack
duiing the past eight years las been
that they have 'adthings ail their
own way. Their speeli's have
been in the main Vut a tissue of
falsohioods4, constant villification of
tihe :hit rpecpli of'the Stata, 1111(1
base appeals to the passioils of the
negro. The wvhiitch in their un
fortui.te a pathy, stiod aloof, and
and' 1 the Rad(lical leaders poison
the ikroes' inds(1 and villify the
best ttnd'dlr"st nff 1n of the State,
to the fulksl e'\t. iut this, it is
10w determitted to (:heck- -not by
violence, not by 'inti'idation, not
by turbulene'j but in i ' jerfectly
peaceful mu1-numr. 'Tt is profesod to
meet the Radical s spokesmen lpon
the stump, ask a fair division of
time, aind tell tie coloFed- people the
whole truth Th'e 'theory advanced
by the Radical sheet in Columbia,
tund o'd te'd by tlie aftiiny of oflice
seckers all <IEer the '6.h1de, is that
inl attending the Radical meetings
and takihg ;art -1h lt'h discussion,
the )elhocrats flitlon intiiidation.
This is not true. What is intended,
is to p'ut a: st(j; to the. utterance of
falstIehoods by the Padical leaders,
mnd tius reiniove one great cause of
trouble, tending to breaches of the
peace. It is also ilteuld to show
t he colored lieple 'f heir "crror in
perinitting themas;elves to be th<
positive slaves of the midical office
seekers, ahd 'tihe cecssity of it
"hango in tliir 'iotirse. No fait
Iman can object to such discussion,
and it is opliosed (onily by those
whose se!Iisit interests tre thereby
iin paired- -the rings of Ittadical
ullice-seekers. T1hey fear 1mthinlg
more than they do the truth.
Thme Executive Committee "uarge
the Democr atic party to observe
ery10 decorum11 (end propriety in at.
Ueninig thew mteeing's of the opposite
par1ty." We feel sure thaut this ad(
vice wvill be~ closely follo'wed by the
Demtocrats whlo aittenid the Repuibli
eIIm meetinigs. Everythinag shiould
be1 done1( to allay exeiteme~n t and
keep tihe petace. Should trouble en
snie, let it be0 Seen that the respo~ni.
bilitly res5 s11upon the Ratdicail leatders,
nout upon the white D~emocrats of
the S taite. ~Let forhearaceiIU and
-ati on, 'ot itmixedl with tirmnness,
chater~t ~ize eviry act, of the Ihemoi
eracyv. Ini this way we will accom
phish all our ends1 and1( yet give om1
elIeIlVy nO( opp)Ortiniity to take adyan
\'A\[just. in r e'c't'ipt~ of m
chl a: dI new .to ,'xalihtine miy
stock beftore 1diu~ 1tpCrehas 's.
Thle iinest lin 'of Ged(Iltf and
1 oys' Furp an'd1 StralW r ;nts in
to nnm;. Lad ies' .ircsi Goods
Gent' u D~I)si Shirts; Nr
Satchels at sub. WOEIFEs
]E~t~EI.,& oC
c I G- .& 'I. 2m,
.JAt'a.MENDEL. ,
('ct 1(6 -ly
{it00l andarranted putre, al ways
tehon draught, at thme
Uii i'I tt Con binp, c., 1 K 7ii't
"1111: fnllowin. IU.%ongc'r Schcd5Ie
W be rtun over this ruotil on ani
r "( n!in. , 9 20 p) t
t'"' nutro-1A) Chester, 2 2 i Ti
.Arrive ati (!lalodle. N. C. Ih , .i
,TV,.AIX--pe(\sI 501'mri.
1eu (nteNC. a, 9:$. p
'' Columib ia, 3.41 , iii
Arrive at Animate j.1.( n ill
flea P'iiuaetigcr'nnd 'I it ket A j emit
n y
H i ..
~~. '~ to~c
u.fo 'A 'L
gp . * t: "p .1
J 1 .:
i LM(), It 64.N' . ~liii, .seltzer r1ini
\ flt, Il I'u ('I"" 5'i yrii p. Smilp;i mii,
Zniniii, Auig: Ht F lower, JIodide andi
Iroeimi ie of 1Potai,1lt Ii<i(~e, (, e4IIi1I,
lair Vig.or, (1, ttvsltil~g; ,Wantlre , ,U0iii
.oiIet Soapi Starch, I ,ili: ul, Iliijiii, &.1.
:". ls Receive~d byv
I: hfre It .n iice lot of' ITQUIE tn
Q IJPEIIlTOI C'abinert "'i-.key" of 86t1
'_ Viintage. For seitm. at. the
, LARGE semi-monthly Litorary any
I wamily Pal-or, containing 28 column
of tcoi ehotoest Miscollaneous amattor, in
clud pg Original Serial Storiee. by th
best writers; listorical and lBiographin
Skotehes. written expressly for it
colunm s; Agrietiltural matter from prac
t-l & ens; Habbath and Children's Stead
ingo) y compotent writers; IH[u))morou
ltadiilg and excerpts troun the Curren
literature of the day. No advertisement
or matter of either a local or a politica
character. Neatly printed on fine whit
paper. Reading new and fresh, adapter
to all tStes n'hd all sections of the coup
T1'.U)-Single subscriptiions SI 50 pe
.nnum, in advanco; in 4Tb of five o
amore, $ 1'5 per year, A lt a valnuiab
Lrentiun, .woith1 from1 1'.n1,, to $XZ50t
lepenlding tioli the nuh11 1r Ot saibscri
bers to the uniker of the club, : pecinel
eopies,iul tall particulhry of) ota liher
termux to .'nta and cluh,niakcrs sent 01
applicatio. Address .
7,. 1. UR S'T; di llisher,
-'-.3kville, S. C
1 0.W H4314 FP K'
-s, ,y&
SUlt VltK, Parlor, Brackets any
P i e 1 "llm es, f r d esi 1n an
workmian ship,,. n1ie~~uoq1tallW. Itemeiii03
her IT price. are beyotd c...nfi"etition fo
the same qual1 'y of goods.
of laustio ,kt'.1u'l1wy, Shad, low in, pric<
durable, convenint, that nevg r get out c
order,-and will last longer 01in any oth
Shade. Mattresses. Pietui,r S, fint-llacl r
Mirrors and Lumber for sate.
lIElA I'tiING.
furniture. i ltly repaiired at. inoderat
ariee.s. Syeeial attent ion giveo to the 111
lertaker's 1n1pp r1 men ti. I(ltgy) on hand
tull supply of Case anil Wood Coflins.
1l1 TE'A AE 1815 C TillC'L ( I'AI.
One car load of Pol-to Rico M(a15ex, an
Sugar-house Syru p.
One ear h dfL resh grnumid Flour of a
g ~ A156,
71 hales of Prime Tininthy 11y.
A lot. of Pt Ware &c.
* at reduced rates.
llc .'igilrN I FifC In illf~IllC ('0llpilhl
Ases - - - - $1,500,00i
Husnyv N. Howe, President.
1'. Non:u tx, Vic-Prest. & Sec
'Thiis comlpOny1 bas ,had a p~raat ical exp
rienieo of '25 yer 'Tt has paxxSedi safel
through a period. 1f tuin years 10 inluin
portlandl, t hkicaggnad'H oston. It has pii
and prompd)t ly hny, oneam hunidred c)en)ts o
e)very dohll of the en41)om0P~ouslaimcs whlic
grew~ out of th':si torrible t i res. .Its pai:
record and prVe~t)uI stat~u w vilI 'rcom uen
it to the property owne% : \ A
.Af'ent at Wiiiua;boro, $. C.
feb 29- 1)m
Fthe unders.igned, desire to ini
and viei'nity thalt we hacve a4r :St'yd( (oui
~elves unlder the firm name of Jodai(sroN
perrwnsivIE, iad willI keep constanti Io I
haindi alrgestlock of 11)ne Wdhiiskies, \iine
iin, ..Ac. Also Mcwansi Geotch Ah
Guiexs' Dubililn Porter andc Befhs
Oinlge:,-Alc. Also a lalrg(' stock '-f I oh
ah nld-- 19,, D)iry GoIx))h, (!lo t h in g, ('rocer it
anid everyt Ipihg. pxu' (al ket in a Ii rst-cla
hout~~'lse lc Thpin) for t. ' I lieral patroag.
bes'towedI iin ,hf OIJli ouise, we0 4olicit
~TOTIj E is barebyt, gvntathr
days(l43 aftr4ag2 puhl)pationl heorej
appict iOnt w)3 4ill bo ecade to the Clerkc
the Circuit Court ot' Faittlelid County., fo
ai chlarter of ineorp)oratioa for the \V'rsx
auf 12.titf
JustHecofed ico luncan
vals d IlanR an all 'siZeO
A lo Prei Augutisa i'lour
fob 21
r 31lfE Store Rtoom intely ocIcupiedt b~
1ierre Blacot. Possession givenm l
August, Apply to
ag 1.-t2 0. IL IIn MA .

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