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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, August 30, 1876, Image 3

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ilt. J \b. BOYD.
1F M. L. 1)UK',
Y.H. K1+:11R,
,4.11. BO YLI..
. .oRt COltoNE
1'0o'r OrIuC Ilouis.-The post
OflicO will be ope. daily (Snndays
excepted) fron A. M., to 12 M.
and from 2 to 5 P. M. Northern
a1nd( Soiltherln.mil close at 8 P. MA.
precisely.. r Mail delivere 1 on
"1undiays from 8 to '1 A. 1. only.
RAILutO.A S imil.J.--The trains
-)n C. C. & A. IR. 1B. now leave
Winnsboro as follo.w'.:..G (in north
12.30 it. mn. Going south, i35, a mn
Accommodation day trains : Going
-north, 11.33, i. Im. Going sohgt,
12.12. TIese'tin int atW moot
Pay your subscription.
Nw An1v1:-alsi:MENTs.
Citation -Jno. J. N(.il, .. P. F. C.
ML. Zioin Collegre-W1. i .Dwight
And now John Green has been
turned ont. of prison, to worry tli
life out of old'ini B.
The County Excentive Comnmittue
.of the Deimorratic party of, Faiilield
will hereafter meet regularly at
Wi nnsboro, every Friday at 10
o'clock, sh ar1). MlembIcrs w ill take
due n.tice and govern tliinsolves
The Repullican. State Convention
is called for Ipl. 12 'Ther is now
a growt ing belief tha, ii~h--rlbii
will be cast aside by his party, and
tihat E'lliott. wJill receive the'nomlina
l iont for ~ovaenaor.
We ('all special attention to the
advertisment of Moiit Tin Tisti..
tute, in another column. of the
merits of this instituition un1der the
minageental of - theo~ 'pvresent , .able
.principidl, we. neoed not, niow.~ speak.
We~, wish it aimedant prospe.rty.
Thle fir,4 bih of newv .ot!n was
b)rought to WiIimalIgro , ou.. Friday
last by Mr. Heniry A. Gibson, was
classed mkidd1ling. af ter bo'ih1t by
,r-nts. Tlhis wi a qularti r ''f a cent
more thani was paKil 'for tlie first bale
sold at Columbia. -
- ~r requeOsted to state thlat
the coiistitutio.;-i ofthe~ Wiisbore
.Ddinocratic 'Ohub is in 'the hands of
T1. Ro~ss Robier tson. Esq., secretary,
and that persons wishing to unite
~themnselves with tlho Cluli can sign
,tho consftitutjion by applying to imu
-at hgis law-.office on Market street.
Every lnomeneit o(.pur litvs every
part of ourL body'. iswearing out anid
is5 being built up anewv. This work
is accompllishidl,b~y thiXt bAodE bnt if
the b)lood doesH not perf orm~ afs work
'propody 4th'o. sysio~p is, p)isoned.
Clemnsc the system b r the uise of D)r.
Bull's Ve4gtihtapm ?ih. 'falrlesC
buit efhicnt.
'FRiST IN WVA1i,'FinsT [N PEACE," e\nd
-fit'st in the hearns of the thiousandsi whc
wo :e onen the vict im ofa disorderedl li ve'
andii its attendanit iualaies~b, stichl as5 con
tipation, bi1lou fevers. colic. Dyvspopsia,
* .ick haitdnLhe4, caill, rheumail~tiai, goni
jan lidiOc, tvstlessnesis, loss of apbe)titeL aniit
general deility. '-First Tuerr's Pni~,ns andi,
'hon21 he'allih and hiappiness," is their iot
(. This is the resiilt of Amiericani pr.
gress ini sien1ce. .Diseasies thait P* were
treated b~y emi et blisters, lanicets, star
'vation and poisonous nirinerals, are nlow
bitt-ed by' theresiafe aind gentle pills, whieb
iii t Htrength to the body. while they
remiove all unboialthy kLecretins.
An~swry.Sheif .Riuff. .at~uredi
* Nathan J-inmgleton 91 TPhursd~ny last
in) NQIeery, auid lodlged ,hii .in the~
jail at this lrrec. flingleton -is thec
negr'o whio robbed aniother colored
ago,;of $30ft , sifes sever-al articles
of . c'lOthing; . . . . ,, , -. . .
Jim Hlarris, ulias..im Paurk,,aliqm
Audy Jackson, a niegro, was .-rreted
near. White Oak by lDegtgty .Sherifl
Mrin on last Thiursday evening,
a5( ndsenit to, Charlo'ttehli sa'nr nioght.
Thi nero is,,.supposed to .t1,: ,fhet
villain who recontly coimnitted a
bru-Ital outrage On.: a lad-y n)oi Char
lotte, N. C., If lie proves to he the
guiilty wvretch,.we prediet that he
gvill not vote for Settle next plectima
dlay. At least, we hop1) so. Hie
should be swnvng to thoendaren~t tree.
CoJ,oRn. :DyMochic CrUR.--A
D)emocratic Club, composod entirely
of colored m1en1, was formed ner!
Whito Oak on Saturday last. The
movemnont was started by Mr. E
P. -Mobley, and on tihe (lay mention
at, Maj. T. w wVoow..i .,,,,1 Col
T. J. Calmeron proceeded 'to tifo
place, and made addresses to the
colored me asoenbled, exlainint
fully the 'bitjt and aims of ti(
Democratic party. At the aloso, 0
the remarks, a Club was ,to'rned,
about thirty namen being e irolled,
It is expected that this itumboi
will receive largo, additibus in
a short time. These col<red
men desorve great credit .(qr imir
course, a1(d t(h(y;t41ould.be ogtcourag
ed and sustained in every way pous
-- I -
meeting of the Penocratic ('lub, of
Gladd'u''Grove was hold on Sa4r
(lay hest. The Club im tleir fl iendS
assetmbled by eleven o'clock, and t
that time the meeting was 'allen t
order by the president of tie Club.
Addresses were delivered by C.
Richardson Miles, Esq., of Charles
ton, Major ,Tnes ,.Pagau, God-ral
Britton, Col. F'..J. Canoron, and H.
A. Gillard, Esq. At the close of
the speaking the following resolu
tions were unanimously adopte.d
Resolvd, That we do most hearti
Gy endorse the nominations of, the
National Democueioti party. believ
ing that tho. ,q~ect.ion., of Maneil. .
Tilden ai president, . iad Thos. A.
Hendris (as vice president of the
United ttetes will secure a return
to those py're priacilo;. of lilerty
and, 'ee:.engrafteL-in our'-iationr1
40A thution, which havo been lost
sight of in the insatiable greed for
gain,. audI the miserable co(iption
of an almost military despotism.
JRe.olved, That.we o mpi t heiarti
ly endorse the .iomination. of our
State Convention for State officers,
headed by,'that gallant soldier and
purei niedl incorruptible patriot, 'en
Wsade Hampton.
/ eso/red, T'hat .wll wo endoret
these noniations, we do -als'
5oliiinnly pledge ourselves to their
earn est support., ai.n t? it vigo.gp
and determined effort to sC.rc
their success in the. coming eledt ion,
satisfied that thus; only can w se
cure the iedei'ption of our, tatst
fiou the (.)tls.. of the mlliScrabkh(
degradation into which she is sunk.
The regular proceeding-" being
now o've', the party were ii'ited Lc
a s1umptuouIs dinnor prepa re by th<
Clith and their lady friends. The
Im eting Was altogetl&r a "pleasant
affair .
TowNeim t1[ErINo.--The rg'ulari
ieeting of the Democratic ('hi)b o
4ownship n6. 4 was hhil, at lhr
Town Hall on Friday evening ist.
The Dcoting was called to order
,by. ViC ~e s,5ent oerig. Tht(
first busiinces; in order was the sign
ing of the constitution prescribed bN
'the Ntate I~eentivn Connnfl tog and
snbegrriont7y. adopt'ed and ondersed
by the County Club. About thirty
.poZ'sofn camue forwvard and101' enrlled
(their 'nvames.. The secretaory informn
ed the Club of the resignation Pf thc
peilnMr. Janjes R. Aikon, and
likewise stated that hee himself
wouldl be compelled -t~o 'roeli~iislh
the du1ties5 to ihh lhe lad, beer
(called Iby the ,ClubI.. Bo0th reug'im.
Lionis were acoptedt, in,1d thlo, Clui.
procc,detUJ to ~tje electioni of a presi
dent, and 'a delegaste to. tho, Counf.3
Cluhi, in'phiin of M'r.'. Aikon, pud a
secro ar~y'in place of Mr,. Reyniolds
Mr. F. Gerig~ .was ninafed for th<
office of p~resilent, aned, on1 1l)>)ion
was unanimously. glectqd by' ac
clamnation. Mr. &. Ross Robertson
was clhoen secret ary, Mr. J. C
Caldwell diiliate, and( Mr. lR >bert
sonl genieral. 1lternate, to the .Con
ty Club. .s n a")rdczue with
request of the Comity Executiv<
Comnnaittee?, a coianiittde, con istin
of Dr. Julo, 0. .Mobley, ..i4ev. J. S
Connor , Dr. i. J, 'ihm I. N
Withers and i,. W. Phlillips, wa:
appointed,, tog med' arrange mentLi
for the ratification meietinog or
Thursday next. An amendnmnt t<
.the const'tution,. changipp th( tim
of m'eeting from Friday 'evainiig t<
Tursdlay mnorning, at 10 o'cloekI, we
ordlered1 to lie ovecr for inturq con
sideration. The Club then alljourn
(3d, to ,convene agai1n ini speciae
menjtmfg, on Thursda'y necxt, at 1(0
a. ini
P LntiLL MEIyx.--A mublic moot
ing and barbecue wvere gmvrn at Paul:
Spr'ii'( on Wd'iesday lpist by th<
D~emocratic Club of township no0. 12
By eloven o'cloek l.e were' abou
an(;ng thit. L goodliy ,,number o
ladies. A 34tand( .had bien erecWto(
in one of Lhio ,lin<hiest spots, attain
abde, and upon01 whichi the A eakers o
the ocenSioni 'wgci' on~dneted. .. Th<
priesident of the Club, Mit. R. ]U
of welcome to the audience, and in
troduced as the fh;st speaker of th<i
(day, Maj. T. W. WVoodw'ard. .Majo:
WVopdwai-d, in his usual pointed an(
f';;cible {imner, rgviewpd the ciir
un instances attendin g (hd assembilin
of the Ia% Doncrtc State Coni
vention, andl drew from the action o
that body the lessoiis to be learne(
by the people, in order to success
resolhuLion, unmnity an d constan1
work. He was followed in turn b'
Messrs. Jno. 8. Reynolds, H1. A
Gaillard and F. J. Cameron-all o:
whom urged the importance of vige
rous and united antionl ande ict
eloqutiit per~iods of tis~ om1i1101
and dli".iltisun onsi.d ?nI~isoic jur1is4t
Ill. JBro. IN. Levin, 333d degree
having boen delegated to organize
at Lodge of Petrfection in WVihhnsboro
cuiuonced lisn labors oil Noidfil
degrees from the 4th to the 1;1t1
for Lteta. TIhu~ Lod(ge.- a olii rganl'
izod anudi the -following oflicuri
Bro H-en)ry I. (0 eCar, '1'. 1'
G. W.
i11. 1'; x. 131.0 '1'. l3. llr hertson
S5. U. 11".
11. 10.> 13:"o. V. U lUexpo)rtes
Bro It. J.W. alv (:In
:x. Butr.I;W.Ale, (:uc
],x. Bro. A.. F. ood ing, (3 ra
Almoner10 . II4
Ex. Brmo. 1B(2ht. F. LcetkII, M\asie:
of ('t e lI' i 1 14 H.
EN. pe rt.
les)). Pr3o. .J. 1).:1 'Ca(rtle), Ji r(
'Epr.t't 3o. Johu .Jolu i om, (Jl'li
Iof fill- HosH.
.1iesp. lBro. J. V1. ?Ie Mst ci, 'ier
Iin this ('onn14cri0on it its p)1(Pr t:1
re'fei 10 01112 younr tow 1wt'~Liin, ]3ro
It. L~. I)annemnherg, to whosem in)
'*e t' the( breth11r4ii are iml( d eni ho
1tihe ')1ti1iY.;iiz:1tit)1i of AtloIi! iatII
L.odgue, N o..1 2..,!* We ojx pitss tlin
iittP(eSst' ayt.t.ciil its frttiii lorl11s,
'.Tin. (te, ;x r>< Co ?.\ 'J'UiX. --1'r: -
all! to) It 14 11iitAlnl1t of tihe e'l'
t~tiLion, bIIie rii '11 )11 V Immt le uC'ili
if thne ])t'ln'ienlti" ('ounty ('mbl A%;!
hlt on t irchv" iit in til Icy(4,it
lI I21'C. Propty) altu: (evenl o(e1')Pkl
(l11e ('hIll] was ('ailed to. order 1w by t
roll1 \. s e".thleil 2and theret were* fruil
to 1)e p~rescilt sixty)-ti 11(30 lelegat.es
Iwhieh 1111 P til ts iiuierease<1 to) sixt v
n~inte 14', th( arrZUival of tilcltgttca or 0
1h12li)]t.:P1ii-b4,Lild tran. F!Ver)
sltli'ii oif tale c~IIlt)" was1 ft iltv ade')
15~i4 :, I ):ft 41 the Jnlt'et iil was tilt
c()t iitidUPt.itui of ti l1U1n'112me h f
I ni~cet ill;; UN, I. A. (i.3illari'h 1 :1:4u.1
iiit'itil i'P'S 4)f thne I xcetive (2omit' nit,
Cee' 1 ittc'iI .1 nt het lileimni )tjls of tll
I anso wits lost Stonewall JII1l(()olI
rejvc>cllee(1 his2 (,lod, turd( \c:2H at Jlhl
of lullyor. H-j wats nticcos~;fu1 in
s evry cowilict. A poivorful politi
ctrl campaign is now b~einig organ~izedl,
but, .wi'thltt regard to.. the lessons of
Ithe pas~t, jrofiuo language is the
2ifstaple of ti,,~ Opt ecs. Our ears tire
1 nsge~l oii tiro streetsx daily by th 1l
liufu22e lanuge of ttinlodg;ed po>li
t i ialis -- vchoce ; 'fromn" the full
featheired. 'I'isx ? iticli we woutld
s~ay! , Soe114 (0t.1IS are4 Ho(1 ('()llitit221 d
* airaiiigi~s 211ess; 2111 I)-w0218i anid
p Irofa22 nn tlgiage ii Fe c~t naed.
L Uo1' t2'o2'1 Ch~ n'1C3on.
( 1Al:)u~y'i(Y S. .. Aug 19 .. 17(;.
'.Hi cion o11(f the State ( ',ive i
14ion has2 e~(t184( c siddeb le oxi r inl
1 !U a,'~., f11-eelyo O
viet~lry .r fcl (Ti8cls8C&T. ''Iis
(y for t",:.a.. . . h s I~tn t
I 21(222tly vol I ~E4 :t iiv WE u ..iiil 11 t-=:
Ietya . 24..v11lju ity iof1 . 11,.' whit i
volt.cI'J3 iLtlvocatt ' thle poll,(,) ,of in in
cli it'' ii ilof 2111 1101r(9i t' H(I '22t~1i"'
th 1, lal:riser of tiin (' tat's ticket. ati
poqii;licy e, p~i ,t lt41 l1 11(lte(' ft~ot
the elect ion of (1ivvvioi n(Imlillha ol'
Ltijt) could he tcees~xl Fii c'ar'ie
put (nly il it pirit,. of '(111121 nc 2111d
of d4lillcrnte 0 '211(2121tjcn sa o .aioonl as,
* i. i 1 1~ 1 ('u h e ~ ( 111 'w t.
,,fee ing;gn to 1.111 h1igh I lie *t*K'c,
I :unl~ltr fld . ;i'I lie - 121I.to 2022110
Io 1'21 dra sije;p iiial ires, t(.j
84.e1,011l 1o'cxi1,ji v14 of h11;, (Mee(
s 'eiiie',1, to14 it"11"e- n~ei tio sI ie n(4l' ( )ic''l0.,1 (11 ""c', a
Not yet ('\"-11 is if 4h",d'n wihel
*COil i8'2 'Would he ) (> 2()'! ('41"t2) of)
From)82 ~~ill 11 cal 1("l1'11
12 'MOe\ 1'. thle 10Ltr:ai i t hn11t p )'CV' w~ax
theo on'(' Io gi vI) the11 1)1)s1, gcii'r1!
S.-ixfal'til m. It lots 1111 114 been 40
OIp(1pod (l only 4.11 the k i(011. of Expo.
iii ency . Jill; ( i ll 1i I o' le ic4(2- o
1itltallost (-very' 111 4, .Ct:roiliit h( iirt
- hought lcr1liap): tik i~o4)wU I) ii sel 1',
a1~2l'1c firlit. A11d 141(21, see'ing \V1:11
4)1 1141'- hoped 1 V1)fat, theY, were1
read to1 id Nill inn to (14, ('4iu1-t'd
21212 rr(1. 11, WAS th a ili
hiii together ill con vei1I6ioll, 11ll
/I 1.t.. ...1 Ao' ~ 1 1 1) 1 4t!(' 111
run:; t " . (ioveriior, tilt l)eaiioc'rxt
thie:ni (10 'theiir dijt' And
fronu, "fhuiwtointiujn to te seaboar'd
livill 1.11g out the ely ift viet.oly,
' 1i )usnuI1 of-tho atdyyqlxitws of ("1111
pl)oiio haZve ill the( Jptnst few dabys
with \"1)111 trl'vetollilt (' pei'ienvoedt
l. chaniige of senIt iment. TVhey op
1)08ed the dloltxliallt lii~y' onlly frotix
1L View to &xjW(:llillC, 1111(1 H(Leillg,
mt k heH ight fight. but thle eiw"
thlItti -111 antd the dletel Iiuit lOul to
A\voxk t hat inc ( (i;ia ry for 'ictor'y,
they have "'.,ully, gi\"el& ill teiahene,111 ueqly ci on
vitdloryi. 'iiillb n111 Ctily heat; o
pfli..i 'lu' erI'uhi.;inH. %4S shxown
by t 1:o (!,r imr - /I / il. are1 (lis
ti tlirxxgi. Be Ull) ol~ the deensivie.
li' cit 1 ;0 'I1 s '~ '1
'l ?-1-: :~ t '. 1 oit hi\,.1 ri nof row ltel
um.tll-l u l .it l }~ tt ul~ltti ll I ttiiett 1)011k1 Oft
tt 111.11 I ~ t is.11 It 11 i ui ,(te iuli
t iltti l it i" thi11t' 'uior jg tlittghtt 811xi1:
IR t'0 lita ha -'-1' i lsi 11 11,1. hi t I'l tl t. -
vt". ., bii iuthe hi. I u txilit t r o Itul ;i ithere
fore hexit.
t;. Iitt"(n lit itiut ost b ih (ie ll
'I'htl t~t"vie Wit n 1rtion (h
lii 1)11' xl11 Ii",
h1: , " uli t r.1 tv 1111 Vii, l~lli It;. rld luulqo1
ii, itW n t .I'i il1 (. i11t8011 .t ito xthu
.1 'ij ix 1 WV x ii 'ft :o ti uh('t tt u f l s -
Iv it'i (xll lbth~ t lur c lst l ixt ltlis
i(hofne wxith thV i oli t il thutl tit tht
:itv l l xi h . lt i i x ilaY he ittth.t-i
1; LuIuit-u (lu tllf In itl: ibo t ln Ihlitt
ft te .I' itt ]~,: htutt iIs. hms t
S W. IIUrl".
Ills.' I.. .
I('(,l"\'t)'1' im'. 11 g1"lms
A~ll ?111:.115 ofl ('1;144 hlti . lt
\\i its I: 111111N 1-.;. 1 EN
nil~ 111 raipn iln11t Yr iov r (1111rlltt 'Itiltiii
h -It ,111 :111, j t0ist QV 1111, ill ti y. t
Due11"" :. l',eon t e C:111 llegeS. 11
I I,~ tix ' u lttli'tttiit il i~-t flit 11li
1, t, it '1"1 ,1 l rt, ': xh' t at:: i t'
18.1 ,'In.TJ.1 lit lii uttNl~h IR
-1. t it' Wei ust, S.tn ( I A i. I 1571;,
tiIIN t'i'. MIAi'1
\' v; 1.1 (ills itt, s.it in Ih. lilt xt,r -
-11,u I J.il 11' F . i "::11-'I~ 111~ ' ('0)
Ii ti 11 11.1:1\ li S 1Il tu''1'1 of firo N. C WIN
', t -rxx11", the C11l-h'hi Il] t i fI:lil'ti t i tt ll
0(1 iv triumph for South Ct~rcd1nn
PeuLl4Jacy :uo Noyouibo}. '1'lvre
wore quite it numb er of colored peo
1)10e p)rst3~i, and theiy paid (close anid
r051jectatfll attention tq what wats
sii.'f. At tlo close of tile .9peech4JH
vii which was spre'adl Il)11lllllt!0 of
Ifbarbcue~d iliwts aid other' 8ut11iiI
til9l, While tliei'c Willi likewise a gorod
s;howinig r dl~1icai;eh9. It 1s need
less to Hay that. eC"0' lYlo)Ocb . *p''eiit
(i1i1 jus~tice0 to) the (IcCWsi'il. '1'11("
(legfit roll1 i'oit WiillIbdui.. Were
-" flgging;~ energy in dloily;; th''4i' tl1''iit
of the p)leasanllt work1. For oit1 l;(11
('( tl1('liHe.llV ' t1 'I)~lliiig or iig
thlrong),l the tl!l'cSI., ill ('Oneht'lHt.im Ill
andit ini such1 otlher WIIV"H as. xittiI
tliil~'1't"l1.9toi. *Tliy i11,(( dispersed
for their several'll IoIliCs. -11 wvell
pleased~ w~i1.l 110 ihe da' ('xf)erilewe.
The mieeting mi~n '?zui>leiu n(; ii in
rill i0Hl)IJctI' bo~th p lC.a1 11114 and fle
1) ua1litI i..---~~.e'i giiig o B.
.13:11 wts p~tY~ attislat .I'll9
I"r'idlit evelliog. last, 1 'et w1eeil i!c
thet first ice (If time ~iberjty M1ill
Club. TUhe yav'.}"rs fromt Lii "'ity
Hill a111ive4 !)1 toll'1 about olt'
jo'lotk IandI ( took (JUliut (1 it the
1i1lle'4'l at teni hii0 lif. ateri fonti
.oq)ocdc the~ Nai1ueles"wnn g th
Los.i and1 sendinig the( ib)ertyl I-t ill
to the1 bat. '1'110~(: la~f ter mai~de i
poor1 stairt, failing 10to 'lo( It xiiigle
:"1111. The1 Naimeless, ini lici r torn,
imprv e h ht 1'' 1 0 ,11 t (,I1$3011 this1. itOii il
threle 11111-4. ( )i the 140121101 iIl-inig.
l)Ioveni114, 1(1and tile Nuiieless didi no
titi on kite . va ;lnwl- iv
Seoji I exted, the SI 1tai tgte (ii 1h1.
hid(, of tit(,'N.iillt14, atI. 1e end.
being little piore hiat tiha. gitiil
eddI 1111 '1k t 4hisX. o'clock, the
etirel' w(ore 241(11 1O., (1gW co-n 1111.11
for the Naitnel('s., Lind4 ft ouit con ]'Of'
the ail~rtycll.'.11 ''**inf gell
c 'alMv was t', anjd thle gallile was
one of tilie ,1.9 1111 iter(--tint.; everI
1)1111d in. \1"in>.u.no.
tgL'"eiiit' of.1 the Naioutess, at 11 hlelm
1"10a large ''V'''ie' of ladies :iiidl
(rlenl 4. iio, . !iii 1 pa: (')iV"'i
)1W4.. 1I1d in lhi'.1 . I epy 11 1
tin \Yill(1cpi'niuoie on Mondaiy,
CllLIlII" to
XYg "Iin .CO:, ,' r: iu
\1'xx~tc1:oS. , 1thAeitCCtt, 1870.
r 'l~iE elm nut icCrtitit'lJF 'tfib tc ~rd of
('i'll ut"'Illi held on1 'lI'Ia:"t. hoi 5th
daiy of Si"pteliiher next, et 'their offie,
it.IO'clook, A. Ml.
A1!ln~s~i hII~4CIaving I'laiiI) of anyC ,le.
Xrito~j11il nl.nCiCuil the t aouty hot Cutre.;Cu1y
IriesNI'CItv will deposCIit the HIIIu withe tilt
1 (1ki- of sail Boa)rCd ton or before the 'It),
(it' 1,4lIthofir, so~ that they.-Ci11y be ox
.CII 1,, i andC 11 ittil atI said( ftICCCCl Inert
iiig, il it) Ie111laeE with, Apt ot the' (t n-e
('1k. Iuiiiird Co. (')n1'r. L'eirliv"td Co.
Slate of' South t'zw(fit .
\VV III I (t.'AS, Smn~tel 11 (lIow ndy bath
4l ltit to 1110 toC granit loin1
I i (i i c'it CI1'1 CI Ctielit otf the esttlete 1(1
ellei'ti,. of' Art bLu Iheeueev .elepeed:
'CCI', si't;tlh e'et'ere, to Bite tiCI~l Inllnon
181eit' C t~l1 Hi!'g~ttlilbht kindred C l I creeli.
t(its -if IIC&' said. Arthar" Bone, dle
eetsed, this' IChy *lie.wtd l pnei before Ime,
in thel',t "ont' Pit lir(Citi 1. bi lCOlel Clt
I"nij1iehIt (;ouast lii 0CCe, S. (,,.ol the t'h
,1l1l" (Ift (itiIleiCC !1 neCxt, aftter p Ctblie'Ctji)In
crCeI t', lit 1I o'elock (iC tho forenoone, to
,hiow ('cuse, it 41111' tICoy haCve, wh113 the Keid
till IIietraltioICC 1lioldl ICotUCb granted.
Cla ot JIiCiiiC'y, Aeiuo Llontiln 187q~.
,1 No. J. N EI1,
nut; 2.1 tX2 1J 1'. F. C.
Daily, Tri-Wookly and Woekly0
T1he onlCy J.)uigocrathr, iper at tho Capital.
a)t.Y ix monuths .- . $3 G0
Ti-II m- I:i . six moui!thse - - -' - 261)
six IICtiCCtlC - - - - 1 00
Ui.Iik andli .Job~ P'rulu Iug Office
INCCtu' ''11 r'11;'
i3C iri+ all ullu~Ili.tio, ofC
NO. '2 LA I?.iX,'
WI N N8 'tI cu 't! cA : IN
SU2 A l~ LICCiC e' ti volI toi him wIOit.C~4
1 ee v prl opt Ietiie eni1ll
11 A11 2l1..P, - 3IvMASiI " IIIIICE~n~
rAT.TAR.,T At 1r-.T .

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