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LO.. ALJ IT Bib/
F. M. L. DUK E,
1876-R. L. Dannenberg.
Barber Shop--Alexandor Patter,
Town Ordinances-WV E Aiken,
Cit.ttion-Jno. J. Neil, J. P. F. C.
Everybody is enthusiastic over
the success of the mass meeting on
A "good mn" for the Senate. See
he list given el.sewhlere.
What sort of ?lelegatihn will it be
fro:n Fairfield-Chamberlain, alti
Chamberlain, or:"unpledged and un
n structed."
Owing to the absence of many
members from town, the m eting of
the Democratic Club of township
no. 4 was dispensed with on Frid:y
last. This Club now numbers
upwards of seventy persons.
Joe Thompson, or D~uival, or
Daniel Bird, or Henry Jacob, or Is
rael Bird, or Henry Johinson, or "the
great tnknuown," for the State
senate. Which?
"Carry the war into Africa," said
General Butler in the M.y Conven
tion, ' "and carry your Democracy
with you." Sound doctrine and
pretty sure to win.
The death of Gen. John A. Wag
ener causes ia vacancy in the Demo
cratic electoral ticket. Ho was
niominated as 0on0 of the electors for
the State atL large.
P~hI.:nsom.-We had the) pleasnire,
on TJhiursday, of mneeting. Col. ~John
P'. Thomas, the supier intendent of
the Cau-olina Mdi Xary lInititutei,
Charlotie, N. C. He repr'esents the
p)rospects oif thle Instijtute a very
enicouraginig. Tijhe next termi ibegins5
onl the 15th inst.
Tom D~avis, who Iigu red largely
inl tihe last State empaighn as a~
S tlup-speak er against (ChamberllaQinh1,
diied in Chiarlestoni a few days ago.
Dais wals one of the worst men:,
ono of the vile:t and most d,:mger,~
Ous inwcendimijes the Radicals have
ever enlisted in their cause.
A leadinig white Reopublican of
Fairfield prmediets9 that we shall soon
hav a(companfy of Fe(dera l toops
stationedI at WXilfnsboro. Wei have
no0 oIbjectionk ; but w~hen the ba;yo.
nets are sent, we want to know who~
it is that says they are ne'ede.l :o
prloteOct theQ colored votcr andi seeme
aL fair election.
Hardy Solomon hass been arreisted
in New York, ebarged with frauidu --
lent management of the Carolinam
.Bank and'Trust Compan'y, placng
his money beyond the reach of credi
tors, and converting loans and bonds
to his owni uo0. The3 arrest wasi
mnade upon the aflidavit of cx.(iov.
R. K Scott. Hardy was released
on $20,000 bail. Poor' man ! To be
arrested in a big placee like New
York is bad enough, but to be ari'
rested on the comlhaint oif a fellow
like Scott is adding insult to injury.
M'IARK Tui.-A 11egro h)oy was
heard to tell some of his confreres
on Thursday that if Hampton wasl
elected they wouldi not live ten
A certain colored individual wasm
hoard on Thur'sday to make use of
highly incendiary language. Both
Qf theoR parties are wvell known, an1d
will be closely wvatchedl. They have
a right to think and vote as they
please, but they will not be permit..
ted to stir upJ strife.
Tmtm COUN'TY CAMAIoN --We arc
authorized by the Executive Com-.
*mittee of tihe . Democratic parimty 0;
Fairfield county to announce that
*public meetings will be held at
follows :
Septembe~r 9, Dur'ham's.
September 12, Gladden's Grove.
September 16, Yonguosville.
At these meetings, addresses wil]
be made by the D~emocratic candi
dates, and by canvassors for the
Democratic ticket. Othler nmootinge
will be announced in a short time.
The People of the County are
aroused, and they are dlo.
termined to Wiln
in November.
Thursday was a great day for
Winnsboro and for all Fairfield.
Though the time given to the peo
ple of the town and1,1 coauLt.y to pre
pare for the )emacratltic rat;fier-tic.n
Meeting was very sho t, yet the
meizeting Was In every way a succs.
On Wedhnesday ii ternoon at large
bnner wa.s slsp(ndled across Con
gress street, from the top of the
building occupied by Messrs J. F.
MalIslster & Co. to the fourth story
o the Winnsboro I Hotel. On each
side of this 1bannlier were the words,
"S. J. Tildein for Pre:iident, T A.
llendt i<"k:: fort Vice-lhe.sidenlt, Walde
IIimpton for G:ovei nor." As it was
raised to its position, the crowd
asseltblJed gave cheer after cheer for
he Democratic standtard-beareis.
The mi.uaket bimilding Wits decorated
with flags, and in front were in
bohl letters the words "IIadquart
ers Democratic Club."
Thuarsday came bright and beau
t'fil, aind the few who had been
fear fiul of bad weather were even
muore jnbilanat than the m1ore san
g hine who had .nticijiated no
drawbacks whatver. Some; had
feared ti at the short notice given of
the meeting woald reslit in rather a
sp use attin idamee, but any sich a up
p .ebens'ion t iinst, have been soon
d spelle:l y ten o'clock the
maoi.l o chlbs begin to arrive, and
from the nnber coining in the first,
it was fair t > expect a large crowd.
Eact club, as it approachel tire
banner on Congress street, raised
their hats and gave three rousing
cheers for Tilden, Hendricks a1nd
Hampton. The Collego en waci "s
the place of general ren(dez Vos
an 1 thither each body of maonated '
nen prnptly repaired, to be as,
sign(d a pace in the process ion
The scene onl the green was a is.
no' cl and striking one. Every spot
of ground seemed occupiod by a
hiorsemian. There was no trouble or
co'nusion in foraiing the cilmnl,
the orders of the maurshala and his
assi stants being conveyed to the
several presidents and then obeyed
by the men--all ~vitha the promij t.
niess and pr'eiion of vetertans. Al
hl-pas .we.b-e o'lock the proces
saiin moved off in the following
ChietfMarsh al au-l Assistmi.ts.
-(Carl inges cont lain in gthae Spak.
ers and other Ge nt1Lauen.
iiidgeway Chnb.
Mi mta ia'elloa Clb.
Whlito Oak (lab.
Jenakisviile Clua~b.
J.ackson's tCek Club.
(All1 the townlsipjs were represent
ed, there becing ini som0ecatses two( or'
ino rc clbs uan i Ie.1.) In thegrocessioni
were aniiy flags-ciefcly thle at~ional
colors. TIhe M~ontticello Clu tb bore
.he batt~e-Ilag of the aold Mont iceilla
( hnards. which that comapany us~ed
d liing the0 wara, and whiwi was one
us~ed (an thie roniaparits Or Fort. Sumtter.
Thea fla was plrsented to the Club
beforei the imeeting b y Col. Jomaus
HL. Itain, in whose keeping it hadt
beenaf sinc~e lae close of the war'. In
anakin th' Ile presamtationa, C2ol. Ii ion
add ressedl the cluib in forcible anad
eloqaient t erms, andl wias loudly
0lceered.-The1 e >loare I (dll) re
centl~y formaed at Whuito Oakh wats
oi n hand, andl there were likewise
several colore~d mien seal t(ered
through the proessionl. Th'le line
oif march wais down College street
to Cangress, down Congress to Liba.
crty, down Liberty l~o the Presbyl e'
riatn churcb aind from that point to
thle grove near by. 'The cavalcade
was1 frequentally chooered (an its way;
and as eaclh chub passe~d under the
banner on Congress street, the min
rose ini their stirups and miade theO
aiin jIth their chelers for Tilden,
Hendricks and H-aimpton. Th'le numn
bor of hiorsenmen in line was about
eight hundred. Some idea of the
strength of the hurnout may be
gathered from the fact that when
thie reair of the prlocsionl turned
the corner of College andl Congress
streets, thie head( had barely reacehed
the Brosb~ytoriaan church. Arriv~edl
at the place of speaking, the horse
men formed ini an are around the
stand, loaving room for the crowdi
on foot. Ini addition to the mount
ed meni, there wore about three
hundred wh~ites and two hundrod
and fifty colored people. Altogeth
or there could scarcely have been
less than fourteen or fifteen hundied
porsons~ on the ground...
aAfter music by the band, General
John Biratton mado a brief address,
udating the ohjent of thn gnah-ing
'mdc the pllrno~es of IDernocritie or
guuilizution. At tho rIONo of lis,
Vtel'i.e 11(8 lie introduced Col. Jamles
11. R(ion, who ofl'rd the follow iig
rdilsolutioil :
Resolved, by the o (locrlits of
Faiirfield, ini iialsslieeting asm4wemn1
1. 'that \\" heartily olidorsc the
noiiiinadiion of Samiiuel J. Tilden for
presidenit, anid Thioiias A. Hell
di ick8i for vie-* p~reSideiit, of thle
Uniited Staltes, niuid 1)le~tl 0110 Yl'ees
to 11121ko Iit ( 01181ii till hUliI vigorous8
2. 'Li \t" 1 I 'at with I;a cu" the(
Ve~ai~l il iii lill i lul g it 1"11:1 tiekcut
I'lie best andt pu~est. 111011 iin tht'c
State : hi-.11 \\'c join with our fellow"
citil o f 8i~ltth Ca2rolina1: ill the:
cie-i.,1ilt.iOii to exhauist all law "u.
11:. .1114 to brIilg its it gloi h llS\ iitotiy
1:1 Novembei)r.
,$. 'Ii iiut I het ticket i nniu t(c'1 1by
11(2"tt 11(1 1 iI(l. ii lit I we gie t(1i
(-elh all I c\ ur ii l rove. tiit("iti i h0i
11n)( ili-Nlth tiie to Feecuoeu their
(Jul. lRion thenl jlioctcid(l tositi HII
the :tilie anid purl-uaxes of tile
i)eiiit ii'iitie lpaity of South Cairolia
iiiil tho benefuits to)0 ( leiyd(, 1by
oil cus~ses anid rce:: of thle people,
f. eat I)'in:wc'rat ie sill r.!ie',. \We
haive nut s:ace for the 5l1LetvhoN
illi!fLll of any of the oraitors. Co1,
Riut u:i tu fllo1 wed in t1111ii by Col*
EsqN~., ard (lien. J ohn 1). Fvella'-dy.
Al~l tiio sp)(cO~hlCs were full of foc
all eloquicliec, aund ftill of enci uratge
is 218 P'tji(ll i" (.1t1 iicJ l)v t'he'n1
2illl -the dcto'~Iiii 1211 l to) re'eiii11
the SLtl 111d(1 to give to alhl th l 0so
J)le, Without regaird to race Or coli
dlititol, 1). good, honest andh ecientu
gov"ei'iliiitiit. It as5 Alsot dlistinlctlyV
c.:t"ii (If the s1.a'ikcis that those
of1 thle c() Ioro:1 pelellI WhOI
woulti unlite with their I)QliiO
n. nol go~vernmien t \V t ilu1 !) ie piticcted
::g:ii!:.tI thi ec.~ andi v"ii deuce fiont
the Radt icalsN, let the (:,):a I)0 Wh at it.
1 iii}. At; the clo se ot Gen. Ken.
Iiidv's slltC(.hi the 1't'Noillt l~n:: ciii~tozet1
by (,ol ion wvee Put il nl ili
lilunuly (ilIr:ell aithild 1011.1 *chiL(15
frcoil the hlsseliil dage.
saivinlg that, lie w\ouilll 1:1)1t thenai ad
dre'ss they peclll1i nn th i sues~ of the,
in 1871. It was cittc cnire'.y to ii.
e;flOi'tK that the to vii t ' \'i lhitlar,
htow oni of the most lloiu'istiig. andl
I)1'Itgrsivo plco in the State, was
founded. It was here~ that hie
bre'athied his list, M11 r.-deld by
many friends, andl it was herie that
lhe requesCted3( that his r .minis shiould
rest. General Wl'geiiurs chiecf trats
we're' sterling integrity, great teergy,
1111 ('(lilst:lflt devlotionl to thiose,
W.1050E. iitere'sts lie eitdeatvot'd LI)
1111 111 t i Ill sI] (333 t 11 11'' l!.,'I~ 141hI~j ' .
lil tii 3111i. t 1 (1314 i (I Ajit1!: I3I ) 311
'4 1 1 11 ,1"IX Aj I ":IX I' l1.\ I'II ON. II
4)t'11111 3(1 n l1VriIof Counil.Ii I
?;i 38rr1 111111 XII jIX iI'3 i lt31t is till In-~
_). I t 4 31 1tll till' \ 'ul11'j.1 :111,. 1I'.\111 (I'
\\'111 11 O. 1"1 1 IltI t s il1"1 I;1
~:1111 lit- !%1'Q1 . 113 I'1 t1%"li h{aN Ll3'.5r I l"r
allyV I' V,' it, 111)31 polI' 1)11()11 II 231' t 33 l ii
Sll' (1i. (1r ii1 ol fil' 113e 1 111;5 (1 Iit l'av111
1((11 1(t lit 1\\'It tl33 l ' '' 31:3'!tl ,"13.1 113 -
3111:1.l e(id V(1111 1 . Ill :131 111'1\ w lll ' Ill":'' I ll
411' the11 Ill flit \\"1.11 o ilyllIWIlt x,"in111' IIIWI
ll' gr'.133'.l \ith ii tLti~'l3 ;t' I I I 3llstIlt
lItt.'1II it,.
\\' N ('l1.lN1t.l:3:
Cler' k.
,: ', t 1111-1(.,5 3 1. c l ti ' iieo" 1It ,(1t
1. i. Bul (');141 11 ~lh~hI1\ 1,
al.1 lt VVC(1n'..s11 Iit. IFlou'1r, a
11)1(1'the t var1i et fi " ) (1" 8~il(1"11, to. 1i11"
1;5. '11,1 1'4tl ixiuj '(1111 tha is(l' .t 5)t\',
'".O1) , 11""11(1111 , foritt ( t 1 41v:1(111W for1
r. il05!11+\ i~ ilttit- ~o"ut.rt" the its t~1'~ .
jue 25'; 5511 1)3et 'triI l '1 1(11(r
.C11: 1 \'1 , P I 1)11\' t (~I hiz e i ~ lIhle ' (Iit t 6
i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1NTNIAJ,"\"Is ilit1 .",v(1Ill 111.(,!
Pall and. "inter
Pity~ r11 vra.l
~I . MOTS AN!) Si i(
'!', ANI)D
N~T1~ NS
'lfTihS :1
'I'()'I'll I ('II1.! iAP tSIL S'1'OIIE, AND SAYE M\ow)srly2
11' 11,I, (41 11' (1* A UH lXVI' MANV\ (F)Oi) for it LI'I".ILE 1110PEy
1' E. riie ioI'i'Q I viii'.~in laivetniv diin to our largo.
SiIIIck, :r1'(f I( 11w c :ill to have the large~t
alnd I liii t 1,811t1i ulet1 stock ill thu'.
sist:1li ll Dar
CAL1,IJ1()S anf(l 11USL1INS
Whlite (, (tol Stock is I cii1 repltufishlcd every daty, and.
1S ' f,:111) 1111(t [TH I ' E ) ".A('( )N l'', S WISS, VICTC;i I 1, and
111151 OI"'S L1A \1'N .v
: *' j t ia II "e4' v 'dI (1 :1 ige 2.84 'i t i t1Id 11 ,11(1ie44 i111tl MI2(B',t1 11111lCL
:,nil tilt I"i.1tIC('d 1 1:11., ai l fite Iit-e.tif Stylesi, 1111(1 WO claim. to
lHL1V'( tI,1:(. 1 11 1 1-t1f. *14 tak (of MI ILIL1E t '
(0U0.)- IN TOWN.
A IL:i, L-.IWJ OF~

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