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PUllLtltFD w E EK LY BlY
W I L L I A Rl S & A V I S.
7.rmsn.--The IIR A L D is published Week
y in the Town of Winnsbo-o, at, $3.00
t. ariably in advance.
riy" All trn isent, advertisements to be
On iimnry Noticus and Tributes $1.00
pert quiare.
South Carolina Democratic Platform.
The Democratic party of South
Carolina, in Convention assembled,
announce the following as its plat
form of principles :
We * declaro our acceptance ii
perfect good faith of the Thirteenth,
Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amend
ments to the Federal Constitution
accepting and standing upon them,
we turn from the settled and final
past to the groat living and monen
tous issues of the present and the
We adopt the platform of princi
pls annotunced by the National
Democratic party recently assem
bled at St. Louis, and pledge our
selves to a full and hearty co-opera
tion in securing the election of its
distinguished nomnines. Saunuel J.
Tilden, of New York, and 'Thomas
A. Hendricks, of Indiana, muol be
lieve that under the wise and just
administration of its dist.inguished
reform leader, assisted by the
eininently patriotic and able coun
sellers by whom he will be surl
rounlclCd, peace and prosperity wil
again bless our country, and the
dissensions, confusion and i malad
linisttatioln of the past eight years
will give place to concord, good
govornmsont, and a thotough restora.
Lion of tie Unllion'i In atccordimco
witi the dec lar:.tiians of that plat
form, and the utterances and acts
of our distinguisihed led ter, wo
lemand. a gt 11t1i110 tnl thiorougil
reform in the State of South Caro
lina, an(1 call uponi all of its citizens,
irrespective of raec, color or pre
vious conad t 1n, to rally with ts to
its redemption, for it is evident that,
silbstantitl and lasting reform is
impossiblo within the riks of the
RepbliUcall party of this State.
We charge that party with array
ing race agatinst race, creating dis
turlbances, and fomienting dillicuil
ties ; with prostituting the elective
franchise, ttnlpering with the I a
lot-box, and holding unfair amd
fraudulent elections ; with having
accumulated an enormous dlebt,
aismn raged the inanes, 1111d in1jur
ed the credit of the State: with
levying exorbitant taxes and squall
doring tl'in when collected, thut
wringing fr om the toil and liv(l:
hood of the honest poor man of the
State, a large per cen t ul of his hard
earnings, without giving in retti n
any compensation therefor ; and
with hopelessly involving in debt a
manjority of the cotllt . of the
State. Its m1anagelent of our
penal and clarit b.C institutions is
a1 shame and a disgrace. We chlarge
its legislation as demloralizinlg, pazr
tistn and disgraceful ; and the
venallity and( corriuption wvthe haive
characterized every branch of the:
government, executive, Jegislaihve
and judicial, have no pariallel in thes
history of nat~ionsR. It has citedl
.a munltip)licity of uninecessary andt
useless oflicos, cioinlirited in thlii
system, anld 1unecessar1i ly expensI
ivo. It has attempted to elexate
to tihe bench two most ciorrup1t andi
deg'raded men01. It can1 never purify
itsolf, give good and impartial gov
~rnm1ent, or by its moral forco andi
character, exercise in its full s0ver,
eignty the law of the( 1land(. We de
niot charge this conldition of things,
which ever'y paitriot most deepiy
deplores, upon01 the masses of the.
party, but upon01 their lead~ers, whot
have madoe such fatal use of their
conlfidence, and trust ; for it is otur
firm conviction that all the good
people of the State, of both races,
desire peace and prospecrity.
We, therciore, call upon all of our
follow citizenls, irrespective of race
or paist party atliliationis, to join)
with us5 ill restarinlg tile good nonel(
of their State, and1( to tagain (elevat(
it to a place of dignity tand eba~lrneter
among the commonweaWlt h~s (If thlis
gret coun11try. Wo' discoutenn ce)U
a jll distulr)bancs of the pe(ce (If thet
St bate, and denounce all instigaltors
and promoters theoreo f, and11 carw
esctly call upon all of our follow
citizenst, irrespective of party lines,
to orcise forbearance and1( culti
aVto goodi will 111and if the govern
jnent of thle State hoe commnitt.cd te
our conltro)l, we pladge ourse$0lves to
protoct the persona, rights andl
prop~erty of all its people1, and1 t(
speedily bring to suumary jusltic<
any One wvho dare violato themll
We desire a fair, peaceabloe loe
tion, appealing to thle re3'n and
not the pasiions of the~ people1, and
demand of the Republien partty i
fair showing in the ap~pomntmenlt 0
commissionoers of election. We de0
mnantd a fair election and1( a faij
count' We call upon all of th<
-patriotie sons of Carolina to jois
us, We ask bat a trial of com.
nitting the State to our kooping
and if good government, security
protection and prosperity do no
awn in our over-taxed, despoiled
(Ind disieartonol people, then drive
us from 1owe1, with scorn and in
dignition. Our object is reform,
retrenchment and relief, that by
honesty and economy wo lay re
dteo the taxes and lighten the
burthells of ti. peopl ; giving at
the same timo absolute scourity and
1)protection to the rights and propor
ty of all. Upon this4 pllrtimloullt
issue we cordially invite the co
operation of overy Democrat and
RJepublican who is eariest and will
ing in this crisis of our Sta1to, to
unite with us in this great Work.
A Black Beochorite.
A Washington letter of August
29 says : "For some time past the
congregation of the Second 3aptist
Church (colored) have been lissatis
tied with their pastor, the lRev.
Madison Gaskins. In 1856, ho
raised $1,5:00 to buy his wife then a
slave but instead of making the
iiiurelase, took a trip to Africa, and
on his return iarrieud another
woman. He has Beal pastor of the
Second Batist Church for three
years, and, since the above facts
have becomo known, his retirement
has been demanded. Som1e of the
tmembers favored his retention, but
there wero one hndret and fourteen
members who objected, some of
whom woro excluded by the chure,
and they called an eeelesiastical
council, which muet this mor ning, at
Lincoln Hall, the Rev. W. J. Walker
in the chair, and the Rev. C. Iobin
sons, secretary. sJskins is to be
suinnoied before the Maryland
Baptist Association at the next
ieteting. 'Twel ve churches were
represented in the council, an1d there
was a determination manifested
that will make it very unconifort;a
ble for Mr. Gaskins, unless ho steps
lown anid out in obedience to the
wishes of the lmjority."
This Distinguished Leader of the No
gro Raco, Burn in North Caroling,
Unites Himself Po.itically with the
White People.
This colored man was a few years
ago a senator of the Ulited States
from 1 e stz.to of Mississippi, elected
by ti:1 i anulican party, to wiihich he
ielongCd. He is vodh known mnilone
the oliter citizens of Lincolntol ts
Rlhodes Ievels ; he lived in this
town njuitil he was aboti eighteen
years old, and then iemoved to Ohio
we 1 believe, where he received a
liberal education and .)ecame a
Methodist iinister. A fter the war
lie was sent as a presialng elder to
ppi and was elected by the
I(-islature as Unih nl H;intes senator
lie was always It worthiy and toth
il mlm 1111i ibtail. the co) ni iClnce
of this eomiimulity when a youth.
We are gratified to know that in
the last elec(tionl in Missis:sippi hie
votel and acted with the deiocrati
pa.y on the ground that his own
party laid become so thoroughly
co r :pt iml that state that no honest
111:1 could t with it, and that the
't and peace of the state re
(lired thit it should be put out of
power)~. The (con.sequcile of his ex
ertingc his' in fluenee ini this wayv was
that the democrats carried the~ state
by a large mii:jority notwithstanding
thee a nuegro majority in theI
stato11. TIhie negroes followed and
T1heo timet is niot far distant when
the negroes here will he slt free
from radlicaul slavery imd act like the
negroes ini Alabama andc Mississip pi
aind come out; for honest govern
munt inlstead( of the corruipt miisrule
whiich now brings shamo( and( dis
grace to the nation. Let the
negroes "pbonder these things in
their hearts. "- Line/n J rores..
'.wo Young Girls, Who Weont to Sleop
on the Ninth uilt., Not Yet Awalco.
IConori, N. Y., August 24.--for
ten day two factory girls, nilamed
Doeverreh, of this p)lace, have bceen
living in a lethargic, state, in their
room11, in aL Cat.ract street hoarding
house. On the 9th inst., they re
tiired to b)ed as usual, buIt liaid om
plained all dlay of a singular senisa..
tionl of drlowsiness5. Next morningul
they dhid not appeaolr, and their land1(.
lady went into their room. They
Iwere bo0th asleep. The lanldlady
(ouhii not airoulse themi, and urnfl
Slundaiy, the 13th, neither of themu
giave any e'videne(O of awayikoingr.
Oni that diay thin elder of the girls
iawoke and1( dressed hoerself. Noon
afterward she fell asleep, and1, with
her SIS ter, hais reminodie aslelp ever
attention of medical men, whio are
watching its result with great' ini
terest. The girls arc, to aill ap)
pearanillces, ill a natural and lhe-tith
fiui sleep. Food)( is forced in to thehir
st~imuachis by atrtilicial means. Ti e
s.(ep(erS are sixteen 88(d twenty
years of age, respectively.
'..he National' Republican Exenu
five Conanuuittee conpedes to Tii len
elector atl vote of 123. T1he Cincin
nt.( Conmmercial lH ayeS or gan, conl
Cclos an1 atdditionl Stat--West
VirginiaL-m king the aiggregte(
vote conceded 128. Newv York,
Indiana, Loiianafll, Mississippi,
Northl Carolina and Florida aro not
inIcIdeld in either of the estimnatos,
andi every one of these States is
almost certain to go for 'filden and
The Spirit of Ropublicanism Showin
The streets of our city wore dii
graced last night by one of the mo1
ilfam11ou)s occurrens00 wlihich hn
ever taken plateo inl our comm1i1iunit:
For over anli hour the uppor 1)rt.io
of King street was in the po8sessio
of a mob of infuriated negroes armn
ed with tire arms, huge o:.keni club
and suitchi other weapons ats the
could handily get or had prepared fo
the occasion.
The difliculty grew outof the de
termination on the part of the col
ored Rlepublicans that the colore
111011, Isamc B. Rivers and J. 1\
Sawyer, who ha (d renounced Itepli
liennlisml and( allied themselves t
the Democratic cause, should lo
enjoy that frcedom of spe(el w1hie:
Republican:iisn has been boasting i
anl essential feature of itb doctrine
began, properly speaking, at Arch
er's Hall, at the corner of King an<
George stroets, where the colore<
Democratic club was holding at meet
ing. Rivers and Sawyer were pros
The determination to break uj
the meeting was not carried ont be
eanse, perhaps of the presence, of s<
many white m1en. It Was very (vi
dent, however, that the black an(
colored bullies had premeditate(
solllething, as will hereafter b<
Tho meeting had ended ; tih
white m1en saw plainly that troubh
was brewing, and justifiably believ
ing that Rivers and Sawyer a ' wouli
be the object of the VenolI whiil
the noisy black Republi'cans had
manlitested at the mneeting, deter
IeD to escort these two colorec
1)emocrats hom . A hollow scinart
was ti0 med and they were 1phceed ir
anid the march lolnhm ward begun and
continued until tile escort got iir
Ning street, ia little beyond ia point
opposite the od Picket Guardhouse
on1 Citladei Green. Here the escort
was sw.m'Jle'd by a denne:: crowd of
ratupa):nt negroes, armedt withl clubs,
and crying aloud for 'elgeaic
.gainst 1bver'1s and1( Sawyer..
'J'l white icn.l eC5"ot' ing tlln
f(>.i o1010 (1lg aIything ini retalia
iJliI, althougn11 t.he aggal'a'ltion ws
.itplJ suilelent to have caused then
to ren.t til il.Lults he.itip.
1111 tlen. Preseltly, a color.
HUM in the rear of tile escort st 1u.l
t wlite m.tn witlh a club, and thc
blow was retiurnIed. 1mmediatv
as well as could bo learned last nign
I mn the great, confusion whlicl pr
veailed, the ilegroes .)egll firing int(
the1 whites, and then the whit.es
losiiig their fobi)earallnce, rctllr1et
the suots. 'Thie liv'ing' was con tin
tied rapidly for1 s)m time, variou~i'
e.tilllated at 11111 a (111a1ter to it hii
110111 , andl(, clmbs four 11nd41 five feel
long b ranldished in every direction
The white Imen1 never forgot River
and Sawyer, and clung to them) with
pfraisewor.l'thy teinineity, until, it wai
said, they got them safely landed it
the Citadel. The scene
AT Tills sTA1E1
of the r'ow, resem1bled a Pande
mon11:ilum, tile negroes cr1yinlg 1(o
vengxance at the topi of their voices
anid striking' r'igh1t and4 left 1By* thi
timle (aptainl Henldricks thle Chief o
and4. innnllediately headed04 at squiad o
abi.)mt thirty 11nen, 1al1 available in thi
011er1geney, and1( hied2i( to the( locali
ty ill King street, near11 Van~derhorts
t hem off ats best lhe (could(. hBu
whait could14 so small111a force of p)olice0
1m1n d1o. withI such01 a formuidali
anid unmhlista~kabIly armed0( witih fir
arms11 and2( heavy') clubs? Thle police
men1 werle delled( and11 the arrlest o
The important matter wa'us to say,.
wer'e protecting--fromi the fury o
tile 111ob1, and1 several wsell- know:
younfg genitlemen~l and2( ai colore<
DemIlo(rat had1( to 110 eMscoted by3 112
po11lcme to) file Upper11 Guiiard
house10. It was1 theni dliscovSered tha11
severaiil'rson had1( been1 shIot am,1
Ibeaiteni, aind theOse were takeni up an
citheri carr'ied 0or ass5ist.d to tih
Upper01 Guardhonse. As soon1 a
Chles1 Green, colored( p)olicomar12
lie will pr1obaly rec(over'.
J c. M. JBuecne, bookin)der, slho
in~ the-abld-nnon~, andlo su1posed fatal
ly. Last nlight lie lay unconscion
onl thie floor (If Ia r'oom iln the Uppe
Guardhouse1018(, and1( unablo)1 to sta~t
an1ythling in1 relattioni to thle row.
Jaike Lloyhd, coloredl policeomar
severely inljured on the head1( by
(c1ub, was la1st night dlelir'ious,
J. 1. 1H011n1s, s011 of Profeso
F S. Holmes, inhlumanly boate
E. M, Reecder, strucik oni the fore
head14 and2 cr'own of the head an
s e ioully hurt. Last nliht hie wn
uitorly u~nable to stand4. up1 and wa
1unconsc10iu The)( wound on h.
forehlead looked exceedingly bad.
George Shrowsb~ury, of tihe Do
tectivo force. slightly hurt on th:
J.W.Reed, trial justice, strue
bya spent ball on the arm.
Charles Behro, badly injured u
the head with a club, and bathed i
J. K. Blackman, reporter of tli
jNTCws and Courier, struck on tli
ikad with a brick and pa nfully hur
W. A. Zinunerian, shot in the le;
Mr. Liroussoliero was set upo;
by a gang in front of the Pavilio
1Hotel, and severely cut about th
Richard icKendry, struck with
club and painfully hurt. A woma
was also hurt, but neither her coe
nor her name could be ascertainc
'The wounded, who could no
assist theUselves, were taken to th
Upper Guardhouse, and every at
tent.on was hlestowel on them b
Captain Hendricks and severe
For over an hour, the crowd o
t .negroes, who were the authors, u
the whole affair, filled King stree
yelling at the top of their voice:
waving clubs, breaking windows
and acting more like wild beast
than like iman beings.
No white man wasit ullowed t(
show his face even at his window
A white face was the signal for
general rally to where ho might ap.
pear, and instantly he was brutall:
beaten. Mr. Bohre was beaten aftei
the row proper had ceased, anu
would have been killed, but for thi
p 'liceinen. Nothing was allowe
to pass up King street.
When the squad of polieemei
were returning to the Lower (uart
HrIse, several pistol shots wert
fired in King street, near Robb's lot
The moun ted policemen iminedial c"
ly dashed after the crowd, whiene(
the report had proceeded, and sooi
dispersed tieni. But the readines:
with which negroes with clubs an
- pistols gathered from the sid(
streets and adjacent lots sliowet
that; they were wide-awake for i
.At a Lite hour the mob had dis
persed, and quiet ini a measure wits
1esttored.-IU artleton Jou.I1al <p
Uomnerce, 'ep~t. 7.
Senator Morton says the mission
of the Republican party is not end
ed till all the colored meat in the
S-uthi can vote without intimidation.
The worst and most extensive in
timridation comes from the Rep!ili
can colored voters who maltreat tin
colored voters who suippo rt the
I)emocratic ticket. In N;w I );Ml(an
it required three hundred white men
to protect i colored man who haid
voted a Demoeiatic ticket. He was
assailed by his Republican colored
b)rethrenl withi brickbats and deadly
weaipons, and he would not hiave
gone home alive had noit the whii.
people protected hin. It is well
known in miany districts in the
South, colored m1en dare not vote
the .Democratic ticket on account of
tlie violence that would )e visitet
upon thein by colored Repunlicans.
Thiere is no intimidation of colored
voters at the South at all egnal to
this. But Grant does not send
sohliers to arrest the negroes wh.
beat and bruise those of their color
who vote for the Democrats.
E rchattJic.
Thl~e Suipreme Court of the Uniited
States lhas struck a hard blow alt tha
usury laws of1 s< me of the States in~
diecidling, through an Opinion oh
Jutice( 1)wayneC, thait the SIidie law ol
penlalt y dtoes not apply to th:r
Naitionail Bainks. Thoe National Batnk
act provid(es, that tihe lawlnl rate oi
Iiterest shall lie that of the State
wherei in the bank is situated(, or, ir
the absence of the 1law, 7 por cent.:
that iL t' ay e taken in advance,
thai~t the neceptanlce of a higher rah
wol ks the forfeiture of the whiol
uin.tt and that if a higher raht
has beeni paid, twieo the aimount se
Spaid maiy be reovered. Th<u
att emptn to apply the New Yori.
penailty of th e forfeiture of thu
w~hole deblt has brokenil down comn
leltely, and1( the Financeial (7h1roni/
e r/e foresees the geiieral abandii~on
ment in all1 the States of any severei
dsr la than that of the Nation a
Bank act.
Watadale, a littlo pairih in Eng
land, has the smallest church in thia
tcountry, and it is a diiniuntivte affair
11,I has eight pows onily, a1l ytt ii
Icapable of accomodating d1oule( th 2
population of the district. Th=i
rector opens the church imselof anh
rings the 1)011 ; then lie dons hi
-ecclesiast~ical robes in the presene1t'
of his congregation. There is 11<
musliical instrument ini thie churchi
and( the minister loads the singfing
JHis sermons are short, a recenit one4
Occnpying only 74 mi~iutes ini it
delivery. Two so rvices airo helt
overy Su nday, and this rector, clorh<
precepitor, sexton, bell-I.ringer amn
(iichrch-wrdeni, al1 cominedii(( in ont
receives fori the perfornmneo of hi
variedl duitieis the miodest little saht
ry of abhou~t $300h.
Dui.ravoc.-Bustles have b)oe
abanlhdonedd bmy fashlionabiile priopi
rsomre time ago, but there atre womei
iiwho are'i dloomedl never to comnpre
hend the fitness of things; conso5
quhienitly the hong narrow bus1tles5 ar
sold at the e'staiJbhlihments whe~r
Sthety originated and will boe sol,
sjust as long as womnen will buy
s The str 'ied-back skirt, tight!l
strapped over an elongated, unmar_
agealdol piceo of wire, whalebone an.
ecotton, made walking absurd anm
disgraceful, sitting impljossil an
kall efforts toapyear at ease pain fiul
lyaw-wr...............I or
Thew Bayonet OrdoJr.
I h -ieilu - ---~~ ~'to 1 o
e paj'tlilit of J iixt 100, lilolixI tt 2015 23 it
1s, Will nIot prove It argl 384. to t ho
CollU 11',). E~ver' iinCO the r1iitlI'44.ioll
of the entenate ord~>i/cl htaw('o
(,oral Gratt and 1vl ;~c it lilts
been Ovidtttate:ltiita~tt
int en~ded to emplo~hy force to3 pr~cure'
the eli IoUl of Clio I (t'p Ii I icat (-,Ill
it didilto fo. Clio .tesidt wv . Thu2(
lorder. of AttrI2(' .(l 211cral Taft,
p)ie\"1i1," Iis the Jegit( imat ft niiit oIf
i1( ''reformu.' WVilill 110111:lliy" Cho1
order aIpplies to the whole cotl Irv,
f Southern Statte; W013!11 this2 R1pl~i,
f cansl hiope( thatt force 1211y earliiy f1,1
Sth~eir* ('.Ildjd:1 Li. lo~.Lliril~ Chlu
stru~ggling wit 121 the t-1tcrgv o31 d -
r1n1 to obtain a til-c 'iti~rl \ite oS(f
South Carolina, L1'ri:lt iand JL111151..
21.14. Hencue, by lilta official ordecr,
Clio Adinjiistr'atio hlit 121 I iliic. I over'l
tilt Sott to tile .I! e10 12l1' OfI
par1tisanl Uite d Statte('5 'tl 3l114h1111
turd( their dep)Itie8l the,2 uilti or of
(11ese d(lltilF being al1 it311111tCV n111
i Ji21tell. '.ruisol i I1'c tij1 51s1111. ('01
2 Vtlt anti ign(Il31it 1):t1t i:.:(li are'
11i 111tu"', 2111110 W-it ics. S I ff1 ('9 litl i
give I hie Ord1er. 1't':ceo oflj('eI8h (,f
the State 1110 wh(Iio i'12 til. 1. tiid 111
these 11)(;11 lilt(' cli1(b)\C( I (3) ('3 25:it
*cha~ralcter, We d10 11t. iLuli('vC tat. tit
"hits4 bee siilmuit I e to the P rest
dehiltuld 11its10 his 10 oval,' oil! dI It ho)
1(01)111)li(',111f anly got, 3 or 0'hle 1). '133
(C141te; ally hlarm it islur 1112 Mint
*fu/ia?ii that. will ireat,t 1i1st, its all.
* (11018. T'lt) peoj dt' of the UitIed
StlCN-1(31)1.i3I11l5a Ave WI' its1
])enboertz4---air Ii .'(1 of I Illy i11ts 1
tlitia 11 t,:u1wl t~11toCin.n l3.g('I' Thiey 3111 o ii12d of
tihe party\ wh'Jichl2ploy.1 the 1,101 i'It
of th e 122et'1 who 1lea1 (lie J)altv. T1.i iey
are( wear1y of (urIl'l i iit l 12( l'
by (10', l)1t.isi21, 12 '2(1 will haii 1 Wi 11 jay I
the Inll.] tI of it. gl'vl1111*ll1 iilvlt
by ho f1 ree ti l~ (Jr. 31i free lcr 3j de
The timie has gone 1iy w~hul2 t'iiite( I
SI.11t(3 ashall.; 1 c: n ('11exe1rcis( 3112133,t
111).ohii to piower, 3111(1 force 112 JlII
](I-ie of it whole 51.41(0 to d1o (11110' ild
Whalt We Buy 1a1n( WV h1it( W Sell.
hislie:: It tall s1a3W~l1.2 I lint 1t11. I((Itil
i 1)l" uS i12t this ('(3213- I'm Io h1e(
y (':1 t" Ildili .J I11312 :it), 18I (1, \W('1'12
5.I t,677,871 ill vlueI, being it dl
CI eaise of 877,2'_1.282 foh te evulya.Of(1 1 (31; ia u((ll'.
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were" t l 1,:)12125, VII Ii 1(an 11 increase f
we1,5 I1'. 21Iil . 211~
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''1'roo). to Pro't(ctL Domnocitic Nogro.
Tie~ \\\" Vork II".o'/d iouik~itson41
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wh re s;lY )1:40 t it. 'It' )"I I14''( 14.141.4ittt1)
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1110& i11, 4 oll4 ,(~1 et 1th h1t' to any
11he ( ( 1 t 'lt 'ih I ii r it e v i n li
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(4('I th I44'la~ 1'10(i;44.1 1;1 11:1 (l1..
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)0 it1(:(1l 114W hill bill ;eSiilat
well(V4 1 i ((4: l4t4 IlhjO II:.'l te 1
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;11:111,V mye 1 :1 1 I' t it', 111 ( 1 ' 111111it
t rii th :Oli' u Oho45( l'los :to
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tutu1l her lit' e m.ui'a ]-,4(it' Des of St
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fly highi at J i ;la.d'(h, 111)11 4Mi( '7
(1114I '111'1 il1 ti ie'g( 55W , 1 W h ie
I l(f;O~(IC 1441 14 140VI(' 10 11 (illg d()
r11) 14 ' I Iclg ic 1 t: 444 ' ( 1~' 111\"t11111
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AlO: 11+I 1 V11ft.I 1)0 1)t(Il"~ el I Io )0
'~IItlal,1)1 )0 tl iIl14 141)014 ie IM1
If))' 14if ,ht. fi'ou I ii. ' in the 1,ot1("1
1141:1 J1101 10 1('(44L1("(1u\ (Ilti.
I-l'.140 11c'sa j t ll ) 1'(If3I 1 10 1 ,N"1't' i.
i1:1'41 (1 II do iicil0 : '1.it. (Ia
11'o 1 of) 111 Il a' :11111 \\1111 ii 1)t(%
hI' head licuto 9;11so in 11.'(!tig\ the h at pieces
No Dicovory Ever Madio,
to He was a married man, wore ,
18 subdutied look and scomned t) I
a wti1;ed down somo great. alit(
lter'ifhting doilestic an'cet iol i ht
r, w:i hadl no desiro to invt:le
tacitity of his home, he w.ts it,
h1 I+ c"' c d to conummhtiento th 1na e
a huisorrow. Ile, ho\Yever, rl: tt-.
be canse of h1is tihalppiness with
<"-t .ni invitation onl our part: rl
it t mtch feeling thus related ;l:.
ry : "You may talk about vi e
i' lis. (ardomen Heed, eloves:, ii 4,tt)
hl . d every thing (slso that, hav":et t"r
1.E mi brought into notice ! - ,
e bie.dI them all anti blaeld if ihi y
t n (IC A't bet ray me every timlo. 1, '
8!'anige! thing that somo cutei ' .
in~ Yan ike has'nt invented l"one
n 'iing to kill tho smell of wh': l.
.h11:;t take so iutch'l its a thimble 4:
anti lty with your face to the w 1't
1lhe wiol e night, it makes no a 1
(ice, there('s bound to he a ft:: m
lie family, for1 you can't get 'n', .(
t in tatarinl meitIler of the w 'n
folks, no way you 1ix it." ,..
finishing his Had narrative, he pit
etd tur hand cordially andlt when l:;t;
seen, WaH lisapa)orimg helnd t it
Hcreen that stood in the front of a
Solmt loor.
.:.vY ON C0NoIE.sMA N WA 1.,t:
L our hasty report, of the :e"
ilt at. (hrles', we omitted to in, a
tion the spechl of Capt. ,1. <i.
Ilatwitorne, wichl was i a pital oet
lie Iwto w te following on Congre-::
nemti W\albi'e, its coinng froti ,111; t'
iachktv. J udgte \actkey is au .t
vt tia i o of the I )rw ian theory, :t
evidenced in A. S. W1allace. .;t]1
t the Judge "'Iho h ighest ordt r .
lumumuity has been evolved fromnt:
bttbooni, monittkey, gorillt, tec., ii I
so all the way down ; anl su.,~
frottll the insectivrous anittl' .
4. Wa'lhivue lumst ceertatinly have lit (-i
evolvel from i te rat tlesnitke, wi.,:
hain~i~g lost body ind shape, 1:.;
> nothing left but Ihis fangs. I netvi t,
look itntler his long.-tailed coat 1:m.
. exxct' to see seVventy six rat 11h
11and i lut.on !"It W' 11,a gotl i-,
Sandi brought down t house.- -
r (,rcenni/lle A'evUs.
Sil Joseph)l W'hitmsore recently- < x
hiibited thr~ee heoxagonail steel p1:nn,:
a. the Kotsingtonu muheutll, wlhich
weri i() ttocuraitely pitnned that
when ono was p nteed on the other it,
glile d itbut 2s4 if' loatinlg, andtu whoen
oto Was1 dropped onl another a
r ushon" of atir dendoned the me
talie Hound, while, when thet air wth
1(jlt ueezed lult, the c(ontact Was s.
r Clos I lit the lower plato adhered to
the ulppecr when rised. 1-1c next
Itd aII i toslroniet of 1 -200,00(1t
ofi ani inch, wi(th ia machine which, ti
a t cer '(1t:aii teiperatul fre, will mtasure
the ihilliont.h of at inch, anud lastly
SioZwed the tensilo strength of
otelc;, it ptec'imen of whi boro it
H sirain of seveny live itons to ti
t. inare ih, without breaking. For
in-idgesVo, (ie., only fivo tont stratin to
t the tjiiart', iuch, are recfuired for
so fely ; for gutns, forty tonts ; for
ohel l., fifty-five tons.
w. iss giril, whlo is an~ aidept at 11ino
liork, recety13 senttto thel
llro of 1 G V(ermaut-ny a lCv
i.tsitely worked with her own7..
lj Ii'es, antd to aIvoIid thet appearanftfco
<to haingit~ 4f sen th present ini Cx
I.(l 1tion Of getting somethinig in
re'Iturn, shle <(itfed hter addliress andt
'Pl s~ied herself "'A Bllind~ G1i
'i4 Swit zerlani d." 'VT old mionatrchi
v..'s Hi well l(ee wiLth thoe gift
nit the mtannter of 14(1nding it thbat
he~ c'ausxed the Germnaitnmitister in
L .twitzerlan to asxcertatin the girl's
munei and1 address~~lPt, whioronroa ho
n-i4 her a va;lua~l o 1brochl antd au
i'graph leotter of thanko.
Troops I
ftorney Getneral Ta'*ft, andl Gieneral
Sherman~ti wo'ro inl consul0tationl to
hliy---i is 1supposedt50 oJver thle Untited
States Marshails.j Aftor the con
fee- they gavet ai htearing to Sona-11
itor P~atf o (rson, an11 d(G o. CJhamber
Ia t, of Sout Catrolinta. Tihiey
o, rep resentI. tha t there are cight or toun
.,(4oun les in the St~ato, wvhero Ropub-.
Iicans aroe intimiditated, and appro
hesions~f 11 are expressred by theta that
manily of tem will be prevented
from voting.C0
Fton Sisi rmi (Cot.uonin MEN. -Tho
A ftllntai TllJIimetrediicts that 30,000
coloredI men51 int that Stato will 'voto
for '.I'ildeni I an 1 Hendriicks, anid
.Colini u.. I1f 30,O000 colored mon01 in
Soulth Carolina. will vote for Hfamp
-o t, shetI cani he mtado to blossomn ast
, and whito and1( colored peop1lO will
irae pea;c(e aind plenty. It is the
icasol inl iall of thto Southtern States
- whiero t ho DIemocratcy haveo boen ftri
l mhan~it~it, and1. will hbe so hero, if you
.will stand~c by your best friends-the'
f white mnr-.amtong whiomn you have
1 heen born1 andt raised.--Sumnter
. Watchma )j (n.
'When a lawyer rises wvith wrath
v upon htis brow, puts thuo witness
upon htis guatrd and1 astks whethtr hto
t tolls suchi a thing to His Honuor and
thte jury on his oath, thte wvitness
may he teliling the truth at tihe
timue, but the law er's mannori fro
quoently loads linm to ototain 7 1
f seriouls doubts ahout his veracity -
andli the accuracy of his memory,

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