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F. M. L. DUKE,
POST OFFICE liouis.-The post
office will be open daily (Sundays
excepted) from 8 A. M., to 12 M.
and from 2 to 5 .P. M. Northern
and Southern mail close at 8 P. M.
precisely. W AMail delivered on
Sundays from 8 to 9 A. M. only.
-n C. C. & A. R. R. now leave
Winnsboro as follows: Going north
12.80 a. in. Going south, 1.35, a m
A ccommodation day trains : Going
north, 11.33, a. m. Going south,
12.12. These trains moct at Winns
P'onix-Juliau A. Selby, Mana
Sheriff's Sale-S. W. Ruf.
Sheriff's Sale-S. W. Ruff.
Owing to the change of schedule
over the North Carolina Road, pas
sengers and mail coming this way
have to lie over in Charlotte twenty
four hours
There was quito a collection of
Radical grandees in town on Mon
day, in attendance upon the Radi -
cal convention called to nominate
a candidate for Congress from this
district, and for solicitor for this
Tito trial of the H uiniburg rioters
has been postponod to the January
t :il of the court, although Gun.
Gary, their counsel, insisted that the
case go before the granld( jury imne.
-(diately. This11 is un~derstood to be
another card playe'd by the Radi
ciis in the gemo of "bloodlyshirt."
' publican County Convention assemia
bled here on Tuesday, and elected
the following delegates:
To State Convent ion, W. R. Mar
shall, George Shelton. Frank Ki!
lingswvorthI .
To Congressional - Convention,
Samnl. Adams, Frank Loitner', C.
To~ Judicial Convention, S W.
Ruff, Milton Cook, James J ome.
of Rdicl rfor inFairfield was
the sending of Sip) Cohien asX a dele
Sgate to tile county conventioni Tuies
day. ,It will b)e remlembored that
Sip tapped B~acot & Co.'s "till" a few
yer's ago, to the tune of seventy
.live dollars. He was tried, sent to
tile penitentiary, and pardoned out
by little Frank. Such is Radicalism.
JOmXT DIscUssIoN-Thle Ri.~cals
held a meeting at McG'or'ke's plan~
tation, ten mliles from Winnsboro, on
Satur'day last, and a number of
Democrats were proenit, to divide
time. Speeches were nmde by Ma.
Nor 'Woodward and Capt. Wm.
Sligh, for' the Democr'atic side, and
by Henry Jacob), Wyatt Boulwaro
and Noah Johnslon for the Rop~ub
l'cans. The .Demiocratic speaker's
weo'o resp~ectflly and attentLiv~ely
heard, and their roemar'ks were not
withlout effect. Evherything p)assed
off guietly.
THlE COUNTY CANvAss.--The series
of public meetings instituted by5 tihe
Executiv'o Committee of thle Demo.'
cratic liar'ty of Fairfield opened on
Saturday last at D)urham's, underi
the auspices of the D~emocr'atiac Club
of township no. 5. Ther'e were a
large number of p~ersonls prosoCM,~
-among thenm a goodly attendance of
colored mrni. Spoeochos were made
qby H. A. Gaillar'd, Escq., andl Sam.
4olackwoll (colorod), onl tile Domno
eratic sido, and by Willianm Bouh.
ware, (coloreod) on the Rlepublicanl.
The meeting was iln all respects a
fine success.
erats of Richland have placed in
noinfationi a full tieket, as will b)0
seen by thu followinlg despat~ch to
the .New. cad Cour'ier,:
CoIounrA, September 4..-Thec
Democratic Coujnty C'onven tion, of
'jilandc, met to-day and madle the
Tot lowing nlominlations :For mcem
bor1s of the Legislature, John C
Seegers, Tholuas Taylor, Louis E.
'LeConito, WVilliama Statch andl Geor'go
G. W. Davis, John McLaughlin and
Christophor Hayncswortb, colored
for school commissioner, E, S. Per
rival ; for clork of court, R. O'Neale ;
for sheriff, J. C. B. Smith; for judge
of probate, Andrew Crawford ; for
3oronor, Robert Morrison.
Tho Union-Herald says it is an
eelloit ticket, and from what we
know of the nominees we can heart"
y congratulate our Domocrati,
FAT.ss ALAM.-- 1'io alarm of fib o
was sounded. about half-paut nine
)'clock on last Thursday night. The
first cry of fire canto from the direc
Lion of the African Methodist
hrrch, and soon a largo crowd,
with tho fire engine and tht hook-.
and'-ladder truck, wore going to
wards the point indicated. The
Larln-bell was promptly rung by
the policeman on duty. But no tire
could bO found, and the companies
returned at once and housed their
apparatus. The cause of the alarm
is not precisely known. The most
1 casonablo solution we have heard,
is that a person was seen carrying
L pino torch towards tho house
owned by Mr. James G. McCants
and some colored mon near by,
supposing there to be a fire, gave
the alarm. By many, however, it is
believed that the cry raised was
minply a hoax. We incline to the
belief that it was the sight of tho
torch that caused the first cry of fire.
Tho incident should be a warning to
all persons to exercise great pru,
denco in giving the alarm. To make
1 joke of the matter is a very difler
Lint thing, and we trust thatt it was
not tried on Thursday night. If it
should ever be tried, and the guilty
parties be found, they should be
very soveroly dealt with.
CAss CARENT', A.T v.-L. Cass
Carpentor, the white Radical who
was, a short time since, shown to
have used incendiary language in
Colhnubia, und was likewise shown
to have been guilty of more than
Mnc glaring falsehood in connection
with his telk, has been using his vile
tongue again. We find the follow
ing in the Columbia Registerf:
"At a plco near Columbia, known
is Liberty Hill, about a mile and a
half from the city, secret meetings
Are nightly held. On Tuesday night,
uo less a personage than the lovely
Lass Carpenter, he of the sorrel-top
uiid blonde beard, who advied a
lot of black menci, according to his
own statemuent to ially around
Elliott or some other Massachusetts
cai pet- biegger, (anybody other than
sown p~reciolus self) in the event
of a riot, deldivered hiimaself of a
pehin which he toldl his hearers
that if the Democrats carried the
3lectionl, and lhe thought they wou'd,
they would be put back ii~to
slavery. Hie was very bitter in h:'s
'ljommeintion of the rifle clubs, but
said they dare not come out there
to divide time with themt. We g-ive
this as it wa~s reported to us by onc
who wals prese-nt."
Kv;.s- MoourrAI MurriIAnl ScHooL.
eare p.leased to learn that Mr.
JT. easter Lyles, well known
throughout Fairfield, has accepted
a. professorship in this popular in
stiution, filling the vacancy cause~d
by the recent resignation of Capt.
C. D). Grandy. Mr. Lyies is finely
qualified fonSthoe position to which
he has been called. He spent somle
timieat the School previous to his
entering the State University, and
is therefore well acquainted with
its discipline andl general routine of
duities. At the State University he
took an honorable position, gradua
ting with ci edit in sevendl of its
departments~d. In Mr. Lyles, Col.
Coward, the Principal of the School,
wvill hinid an eairnest and valuable
coadjutor in his efrort~s to continue
his institution upon that basis of
sound, practical education, 'andl
effective discipline, which it has been
his constant p~urIposc to attain.
The faculty of the School now con
sists of Col. Asbury Coward, and
Profs. Williamn Currell, 0. . Sp)on.
cor and JT. F. Lyles.
We are pleased to learn that this
S.hool lhas opened its current sos
silon with line provspects. There arc
(luite a number ' Cadaota alreadly
Dinrol41od, and consideralo additions
may lbe expected. Fairfield is
represeonted at proesent by Cadets
Hall and Ford, and others from this
counlty have already expresso5d their
intention to enter.
Friday' last it was our good fortune
to attend a feast provided by Green
bricr Democratic Club of township
nso. 9. At an early hour the mem
bors of the Club with their invited
guoestm, including a chasrmuing array
of the fair sex, assemb~ledt at Curloe's
spring, where ample pr-eparathtn ini
the wray of tables, sonts and a spcda
era stand, betokened the programme
of the dlay. At a convenient distance
run excavation, suggesting a rifle pit
rnd a,- wam nu asome wn haeo n,
mudor tho skilfill tanagonent of
Mdr. Arthur Hayes displayed a
bompting array of baxbocued meats
lone to a turn.
At 11 o'clock Maj. Woodward
iLounted the stand and entertained
,he audience with one of his racy
end pungent speeches. Ho was fol
owed by Capt. H. A.. Gaillard in a
Ipital speech of som1e length, Judg
ing by the applauise which frepuent
y greeted these gentlemnwn, their
'straight out" speeches were ad -
hiessed to a decidedly "straight
ut" audience.
The number of colored people in
attiendaico was not large but those
present gave a marked and in
t(:rested attention to all that was
said. At the conclusion of Capt.
Glaillard's speech an attack upon the
ta')lo now fully etluip)ped, was in
vited a call which under the leader,
ship of the ladies was proinptly
responded to and admirably sus.
After dinner several gentlemen
IVerO called upon who enItort tined
1he conp)any with brief and spirited
ldresses. By live o'clock the audi.
a ice had I otty wall diwpersed and
bLore was nothing left of the Green
b.ier barbecue but a host of pleasing
Tiu; S rA'TE C.AvAss.-Tho follow
ng is the list of appointments
ndo for General \Wado Hampton
old the nominees on the State
lectoral ticket :
Spartanburg, September 9.
Union, September 11.
Lajulrenls, Septelber 13.
Newberry, Septeniler 14.
Abbeville, September 10.
Holeza Path, September 20.
)arlingtoni, September 23.
Chesterfield, September 26.
Bennettsville, Marlboro County,
Se)tcuber 28.
Marion 'C. H., September 30.
Conwayboro, Hurry County, Oc
Aober 2.
Kingstree, Williamsburg County,
Detober 4.
1Ianning, Clarendon County, Oc
Wober 6.
Sum ter, Sumter County. October
Camden, Kershaw County, Octo
)C1' 9.
Lan:cutor, October 11.
Yorkcville, Octobe~r 13.
Chester, October 14.
Lexington, October 17.
Edgefh~ 1 I, October 18.
Aiken, Oct ober 20.
ihriinwell, October 23.
Giillisonville, Becaufort County,
Detober 25.
Colleton, October 27.
Charleston, October 30.
Georgetown, Novemnber 1.
Orangeburg, No vemnber' 3.
Columbia, Ilieland County, No
vember 4.
The0count cha'ilirmoen, respective,.
ly, are requeted to make thme
ne'e8ssary arranlgemecnts in accor'd
1.nco wi th the abiove programme.
THlE Ci ovs.--The latest report of
the Government Department oIf
A~griculture shiows an increase in
tile entlire corn area of the country
of fiv'e per cent. over last year. The
crop iln general is in a thrifty, growe
ing~ st ate. Insect injur'ies have been
liio~td to depredations by wormsli,
and1( are not serious. TiheC entire criop
iverages inety-s~even por1 cent. WXin
ter wheat implroved in condition
from eightyv-seven per cent. of an
average in June, to ninoiv-sob'venl
per cent in July. *West. Vir'gia
shmows the highest average,~ 115.
Spring wheat shows about eighty.
five por~ cent. of an average condi
tion. Iu New York it is a full
Liveraige. The reports concerningw
win ter r;, c are faivorable, and spring
r.yo is about an average on the
wvhole. The ont cr'op has implroved
inl most of theO States. In tihe
Middle States it bas risen above the
mverage, except in D)elawaro. Public
opinlion iln tihe Souith is growing
decidedly in favor of winter c.ropis
of oats. The crop of tile whole
countr~y is about average. Spring
barley is above tihe average in New
York and other States ; in still
other3l States it is blOow. Tile hay
ar'iop is amplo, being aibovo average
in most of tile States. Tile acreage
planted in potatoes iln 187G is about
eight por cent. less than in 1875;
Now York shiows a. reduction in
acreago of fifteen per cent. ; in Nowv
England and the Midd1]o States the
31rop in con:Iition is below tihe avorn
age, or slightly above. T1hie acreage
of beans is ab~out the same as last
year, and an average crop is indlicat,
ed. Thie cotton crop~ averages 97.6
faess acreage has been lanlted in
tobacco, andl tihe ionditionl of the
L'rop in tile States reporting is
rhbon l l rec por cent. boelow av'eramgo.
Tho Newi England and Middle
States are full average or above.
TVhe fruit crop has not imnproved1 in
con ditio.n, though localhties boast of
an unusual sup~ply, and a good
prospect of fruit not yet ripeunedl.
The nm.al cndition of the a,.,o
crop is still above avorago. Eric,
Now York, reports the deadening of
the ends of the small limbs to the
extent of six to twelve inches,
through som agenoey not stated.
.l'he condition of tho crop in the
Middlo States is abovo averago.
Only threo States will have average
crops of peaches. A very serious
decline has occurred in some of the
great peach regions, 1)elaware
prlom 2"og~ not much:1 over onle fourit L
of the usual crop.
Cixu 1 MEE'i1lNO.--Tho Democratic
Club of township n1o.1 4 met ill the
Town Hall in Winnsboro on Friday
i ruing last at 1Q o'clock. Aln
trunonm1insent to the constitution was
adopted elanging the time of neet
ing from the last Friday in the
month to ovary Friday afternoon at
5 o'clock, 'iho following resolu.
tions worn unalnimously adoj t !d:
Resolved, That this (lub1 extend
at sp1ecial invitation to the colored
volers of tins commuIlilltiity to ('omte
forwarl, ind join in the efibrt that.
is heing mtiade to give theItliiato1 and
coioty ia gove'nim ent under which
both races may live peacefully and
pr ospero usly..
. i''.'/ecd, further, that tho mem
bers of this Club solemnly lledge;('
tile.1selves to protect to the full
exient of their ability all 'olored
mein who unite with us in the sill
port of th Democratic ticket.
After the transaction of roltine
business the Club adjourned to
nueet Friday afternoon next, the
15th inst., at 5 o'clock.
The Club roll now has on it
eighty-five members, aniw it is to be
hoped that in a very short time this
iunber will be doubled. Every
)emiocrat in the township who
desires the success of the Demiio
eratie ticket should conic forward,
conno''t himself with the Club,
attend every meeting, amd labor
ineeasingly for the triumph of
reforma and good govermnent.
Qluesramns rot EvJ:uv ONE -rO AN
smw:n.-Are you troubled with Indiges.
tion, Constipation of the Bowels,
Dyspepsia, or any disease of the
Liver ? Have you suffered for
years and found no relief from the
use of mliedieles ? Do you have Ia
ftint appetite, and are you troubl(d
wit.h feelings of languor ? If you
have theso feelings we know yon
have not It iod the new discovery
Melont:u/1.S HI1ArIxE, at 1e(M.wnT:'n
& Iie s Drug Store. It is pe:
forming wonderful curos in 1i5 an11d
ill ote(r colutanities where the
(eol)le l(e it. I1 is lronoulnce(1 by
d 11as the hest Liver Miledic'ino in flte
wVor'ld. Two do(s will relieve the
wvorsit case5 of Dys1ppsi or Con
sti pationi of the11 JBowela. kch
b)ottle contains fifty dosles, and ia
(0oaspoonIful of this iedicine iln a
wineghassfu ofi 0wautter thriee timos(1 a
dgILy for onie da:y, prod)(uces~ aL most
wvonderfull c'hangei. Whereo (lhe
systemi is rI dwn it los f
en1ergy anid appetite, or D~yspepsia,
withl all its traiu or evil, 1s cifle(ting
its deadly work, this remedy,
Msllnu.:u's Hi.Prvsx, never fails to
euri 1. Th'Iose wvho doubht the merit
live from day to da~y without trying
th e 1U 5l'A'mlN:, have ouri symnpi by,
lbut cannot be enired unless thov~
WoxnaamuT Suicesss!-It is ro
o Ledl thatt 11osentmss GizmnIus
3vaur' hais, since its int roduction in1
the UL'ied States, re'a(hedl thte itm
menso14( sale (If 4 0,000) dozen per
yearl. Over (,000 Druggists havet
t he Factory, at W\oodbur~ly N. J.
and 1no1 on1e has1 rep~ortedl a sirgle
failulhre, but every letter spea1ks oIf
5' astonishing suc'ess in) cluring'
sevet e Coughs, Colds set tled on thle
Bi e ist, Consumption, or any disease
ofi the TIhroait anid Lunmgs. We ad
vise anly personi thiat lis any plreilis4
1)osition t~o wveak Lungs, to go to
thieir Drunggist, McMAs-ri.;n & ]Buic.,
abloult, it. Rlegulari size*, 'I5 eeni ;,
sampl~ o bottle, 10 cenuts. T1W( (l oseS
wi relieve( any case. D~on't neglec
your cough.
SENSmsU.E Aunis.-You are asked
every day through tile co~llmns of'
newpapers5 and b~y your druggist
toI use something for Dyspeps~lia and
Liver Compldaint that y'ou kno1w
no:thing about. You get dliscouaged~
succe'ss. Now to give you satis
actoary proof L Guuoss's Auosu-'r
ito will cure y'ou of D~yspepsia
and Liver Comiplaint with all their
efleets, such as Sourt Stomach, Sick
Hteadache, Hi abitual Cost iv'ees,
p~alpitation of the H-eart, H eart
burn11, W~ater b rash1, (com1ingf up oIf
food a fter eating, low spirits &c.,
we ask you to go to your D~rlggists,
IMARTEni & BuimE and1 get a. 5am1.
1p10 Bottle (If Gnu:m:Ns Arnius-r'
Fx.owien for 10 cents and try it, or
a IRegullar Size for 75 cents. Two
doses will relieve you. *
Shteriff's~ Sale.
)Y irteo an e'xecutioni to) me direct
) ed I illotfer for saule beforo thle)
C ouirt Ilontso door' in Winnsb~oro, (on thU
tirst Monday in Oc)tober next, wuithin11 thei
legal hours oI 51al, for' cakh, the following
dustoribed prIoperty, to wit: Alt t hat plan
lation or tract of' land Ilyinig in Fai rld
County con1taiing4 three hundi~redl and1
ten aores, moore or1 10145, knloWi aus Lihe
Turlln.ieed tracl(t, also anuother tract
knowtn as theo Chiapell tract, con1tanin~rg
s(ix hundredi1:4 at r'41 IIor'o. or less, anid
bounded by landos of Sltephen'l Gibson,
D)r. Walace, Dr'. Gloanii amid Othirs, lovied
on as th~ pro prlty' cf Ilenry3 Clark as
a-liniistrator of' thle estate of John W.
(Clark, deceased, at the suit of the
44nnaty Coiuu~ijasjines of Fanir'foldl
County. 5. WV. 11UFF'
8. F.'C.
Sheritf's Ofien,
huet. 18-76.
sept. 19tlxv9
1'itllisIod in Columbiua, isI
Thio Cheapest Awily raiper
III S~outhi Carolina.
Of' tilt 1)ay (oInhlezseII.
:'1't Ii(4l4)lIC4e41 thle hbest lei'ria~ ~til7
Daily tit thle I '14jlitil. A\l4 Iiss,
J l' 1 1.\ A. '!town Yr4 1llI1liI4l
f 1I 1ullowj'iit lrliItulli, (Iilitil tin
Vir 04111 4lIV11il. tilt 44' 'ill .\lpriI i.')'
;411d iid luig tilit- firs o4) At i I i7'i, m1i14 fur
ltir 14111~ttt" 44..14j1s54 Ilt' Ii irst (ily of
1uopto21beI', 1,476, i ; l.Iihedto fr (lt: i11i
1. 13(" it. iut'iiililt, 1111ir1'i4 t i biyd tilt
III(eiutllllt 211111 \54l1ill n. 4Of t1"1 'I'41v 11 tit
illyl I121e11i44t1114 , I l444 It' 1'4:11,4..1 1,.1,
list)' 11111 54' i4.'5 tlte4r of1 that i.-, to, '-I\.
1'Ii'ti\'.'4 CItl1:; 'ill l't!4'cr t~i'll 4VQ2'1
21.'51'.14 litlt 1111) i1 tIi t t'.1.ilt It'Iajtt'of I
ht! 1'trt i a;s hiel toIitl't : Iii 4,14 tlltt','
I)141 114 I't l b (''i'l'l 14i 114 1'' i . 4 )Iaiht u) I
4244t1 1it'l 14.4442)4 1 10411:Itl (41 ' 1 t1'lt 111
74 111 4411 tll l iuit, .111 41114 4)1 (,l h~t~ . , 111 1~11h'
4411t 4ll 144 II 41111 1)4'( f l :11 1 "4 a 1 (11 1 ' -
ai)4il4, tha~t lift' it 2'4'4itl+. taxi shallt 111'
11.111 14o th t.. "tlr'lr it tut4' t4444.1 4'44)21141
441 \\1*ill51444I'4t, ()11 "ll Ii 14 t 4414' t lut 11711
4)1 1.)'4 '111144.'(ll1'\1. !111141 1!1 41-'Iit 442ll' 4I
1"! y lt'1I 1, 2421 ex'4-141 1.111 i~II' lot 11441( tll'
111. Ali( be. it. 14111144'r 4'14144t 1 ;,1441 il1'-I
tdau l , thut it it II 1144 14,, li till I.r il \)4
1.5lr'iL'4 to11 rli 4)1',4142 li, I tllie l inu fori
144)iVcl, lwit1144t trint o4ili1i1Ig i1 liet-2154
front1 the tom 11 c?44)111i1, a11 Mich I i)41454 11;1\
be4 gi'4i1t4'4' 1114411 1114 i '::4V 4lIlt t II 14' 414ii
tijile'. Mill4 axlilid ily121 Iul :n- lii
uni~e45t caucus, 14.41111 fi1th' tl5l1~"" fur a!1I
il; ill 1' 1t444iti'4Iis a)' this 444411104! t,'hai
144t lined4 fiIty doitl Ihays ftis 014 hail i.' cr4\
I)111 14tile.t 1tlg l~11tI. l
I\".% And1)411 144 i4t 41rtt t114 11 441 W41illo
iii 11441 (414i4 lit qu14 1.44 41,, lI\14?1.'& l i m1
441'ln illI is111' lii' !!'a44141 rt.'1444 11l -:, 4'1I44.i
h1illioultl 15 ltt l,14" di1?t1 40 e14 244li f l 1:t'
Ilat tl t)lc'ti re1 so it,- t111e~i.pt \t1j'I ii;l
1ill.' mile of111 tis oL 1t 115u iI~ shl I~ie41451.
41114t1 irs 1.144 nii a143444 14Iti'' It 1 44fil
llt' tot'1:t\\ i 4l ti 1t lL~ lits "'I(, (: ll , t 4 .1'
.)111114c~t slislI1444 1""i1-4 lully' utilSli lea
al111 4itl11 1 43I'1y 4l 4:llt11'21!1\ ,111 t1tl'
tai 2111' ur 11t 3-1'
\\'N -'xniiic ot 'ulel
'1 ) 1; it e'2414'1(4 wi114 4441114ii44'4 b\" tilt, Tit
I ) I' 11i t~11 l ViJl"rt~ 1 1iI Le t'\1'11 o'f
et\ l144lt'41442 ill 4444244'ii 41-.i1 It. id 1 t, it
shal not )Iilk uwi fel It 1'411 \1114' 441 14401)1111in' 4
tilt '.il liltli t 441115i)4' lit I1-, 44111,11'.441~14
WEarts now~~ Vt1VjUO in ily exteunsive additions to ourii la:'
btock, am[ we how clniitl to have the 1ar'go's
ntidt 111o0.4 coliplitte stock ii outl'
zinc; ini the ttB'ojo~n"
sistiil inl p~art
Om WVhite (t~u& Stoc~k iti ljuiii c'plcuitlhd overt' dn, I'M I
CC 'titr~.-1 ~
lIILPLAlID aod S'I'I11il'El) .JAC()N 9'E, SWISS, VIOTORIA an
Weo 1I;Lv4' ,)int rcttivd at ]Iaigo asot ii.eit of Ladies' and i anies' t; iun.10~4
ntttl actriIttnc l ttt, nll of at lit:;'t, t. tyleia and wo cloaim to
havoe iaisitomtu~st ittoc of MI1LLINERtY
(R)ODS IN 11 -)\1N.
i1iJ B(IN , LADIES' C( )141AR8 and C1'11i'5F,
S PE'E'iltl ut tent 14)1 is calle'd toni new lino of Spring Catittimnor's for.Ueui
andl IBoy' Clothing, All '.f the abovo together with our uusually ht,
Stock of
B1I EA'I I I:~1) and 1 UOWVN SilIU'PI\'( andi flEYPIN ,
11 ill he sold at.Pre thalt (defiy compeIttionflor LASH.
'A largo ot iick of 1,tadic a.,' Mli,*et' and Ceuts' SHOES always on ban .1
I ('~n ft ille foutnd at tin' old stan~d w ith a coinjdcto Btock'of
P1-,N'I'\T)N ;tid l" UN11L) (,1W)( Fl,1ES,
'I'o;ti et ith it a1etr,;o Stoc of .Ladie' and (ent ShTOES, nearly il
iiiait I I oli order (",'i;]tal fi ir thet uaket. and warranted froo from fiheu.dy.
A. car1 10141 of goodl fauiiy PLOU LB at low 1igrtre.
:'. EL2D R
(I4.) TO'I'll B (11 BA I' (CASl STlOIE AND) SIVB MO NL3

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