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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, September 20, 1876, Image 1

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-I L
W I L L I A M S & I A V 1 S.
7.rms.-Tie I/'RA L' /) it published Week
y in tho Town of Winnsboto, at, $3.00
t.oaria4iy in advanc.
UWi All transi'en a'Ivertismcents to be
G1itnaxiry Notices and Tributes $1.00
poer t guare.
South Carolina Democratic Platform.
The Democratic prtty of Smith
Ca:olina, in Coniveitioni 2tu semlded,
anloulnce the following as its plat
form of prilciples :
We declare our a1ccept:mfee in
perfect good faith of the TiLn. enth,
1.our'teenitl and Fifteenth Amuend
nents to the Federal Constitution ;
accepting and standing upon them,
we turn from the settled and final
past to the great livin .f an(1 nomen.
touls issues of the present and the
We ad )pt the platformii of prine:
pesu:Illoul(.cl by the Nittiorld
Do t.ratie party revee ! ly at sem
bled at St. L mis, and )lcdgo < ur
selves to a full and Iearty co-op ra.
tion inl securing the election of its
distinguiished nom inees. Suinnel J.
Tilden, of Nev York, and Ti homlll as
A. Hendricks, of Indiana, and be
lieve that under the wise and just
adlinistratiol of its distinguished
reform leader, assisted by the
eminently patriotic and able coun
4 sellere by whom he will be surl
rounded, peace and prosperity vil
igain bless our country, and the
dissensions, Confusioni and malad,
ministraution of the past eight years
will give phrce to concord, good
government, and a thorough restoria.
tion of the Un ion. In acourdanc
-witih the delarait ions of titat plat -
forit, and the uttemtale(es and acts
of our distilgtuisia"l leatder, it
demnd a giniiiie aid thorough
reform in the State of S mtll Ciro
lina, afnl call upon all of its citizeins,
irrespective of race, color or pI
viouIs coiditioni, to rally v itli i; to
its redeiLption, for if is evidlent that
substall tial andi lasting reform is
imlpos5ible within the rantks of the
.Repu)leall party of this Stite-.
W .'e harge tlatt party with aay
ing race against race, -retiig Jis
tiln bances, a1id fomz)on ting 4; ll-i
ties ; with prostituting the (htiv
franchise, t~uapering with the bal
1->t-box, and holding un fair maL l
fr:an:lui~ent eleef i mIs; wit1 h having;,
m tanu!ltl:ed tin en1t1ornos d 4a:.
nas n11 ge the finianes, mt:
ed the ciedit of Lhe Statt. ,
le%"ingv exo. bitant taxes anld so.pm
deting rheim when collected, thus
wringtng from the toil and liv I
hood of the htoiest p)oor muan of the
State, it. la.arge pe. een niu of his hard
earnings, witnou t givm1)g in ct. i t
any compensation thecieor ; ami
with hopieleissly involvin1:g in delbt a
m11ajority of the Coities of tei
S~tate. Its" main igemen"t of onr
pienal al aritable inItutions is
a shamie rand at disgracee. We chiarge
its legislation as dhemiorailizing. par
tisan and dlisgracefl; andi the
vena~lity andi corruiption wihichi have
characteorized every branhili of the
governmiient , ex(cuivei4' legislithvie
aund judlicial, have 110 p):urallel in the
history of ntions5. It hasR creaite: I
a muiiltipli'ity of unnlitecessary mnd
useless oflides, compi~lica~ted ini their
slystemi, anid iunecessarily emxpens
iv.e. It has attemtedtui to elevate
to the becnchi two m)lost (orrupilt and0
degradied men~. It C:ml never piuify
itsielf, give good andi( impa:rt ial gou
ernent, or by its moral fo) ce anid
chatractor, oxercise1 in its full sver,
eignty the law of the land. We dlo
-t not charge this cond~itionl of things,
whih very patriot, Imost deeply
deplo1res, upon01 the ma~sses of the
party, but 11pon3 their leatders, whot
havo made such fatal use of thieir
ocmfi Ience, and trust ; for it is ouir
firm conivictio)n that all tihe good
peopl)1 of the Statte, of both races,
desire 1p0 Iee and p)rospority.
, We, tiherefore, catll uponl aill of our
fellow citizenis, irrespiective of race
or' paist p)arty atliliattions, to join
wiithi us in restoring the good naome
of their State, andii to augain elevate
it to a place of dligniity and chiaractern
among the commhlonwealths of this
great coiunitry. We discoutil enantce
atll disturbhances of the peaice of the
State, and deno1uneC0 all instigators
aind promnoters th ereo f, ani d earn-l
estly call upon all of our1 fellow
citizens, irreipietive of party hines,
to exercise forbearaunco and1( culti -
I. vato good will ; and1( if the govern -
ment of the Statei 1h0 commiitted to
OUr cotrotOl, weO pledlge ou1rselves Lto
S protect the porsons, rights and
property of all its people, and to
spoed41ily bring to sunuuar~~iy justice
any onio who daro violate them
We desire a fair, pe(aCeab~le elee
tion, appealing Li) thme reason and
not the passions of the peole, and
demarnd of the Republican par-ty a
fair showinig in the appomii~tmeniit of
commtfissionersi' of ele(.ction1. We de
mnand a fair oleetionl and1 a fair
counit- We call upon~f allI of th11
patriotic sons of Carolina to join
1us. We ask but a trial of corn
Smitting the State to our keeping,
and if good govern menit, security,
nrotaotion and nrosnerity do not
(l1twn ill our11 ovor-taLxol, deslpojied I
2nld dishealrtehned pcop)le, thou cuino
its fromi pOW\vr, With scorn1 andu ill
dignion 11. Our 0lbject. 18 i'(401'ii,f
i'otieivlimielit ulnal relief, that by
*diee thec talxes au~l lighten thme
bil1'tlie fl ) thlw poplul ; j; ;.ill; 2it
t110 8siu'O Li 331(1 311)s 2 Iit(3 8(301itv 1111'
protection t") the ri~tlI1.8 andi J)3'mlpr
tv of all. Up)on this l)1'r inlullit.
operai~tioin of every D)em~ocrat anId
in;; inl this criis of (oir St , to)
unite with its in this g~reat work.
IProsidont Grant Interviowod.
Tlio relentless8iii teviewor le~ts at
Jtwit 113:o1e the Pres8ident hais victaim.
Tfhe resuwlt is given in the Now Yor-k
IIe('i(/, fromu which it a21)ea1r8 that
Gen. (iiaiit gave his~ oiiniol3 withI
unusua1il L'l-c.loiln, espec3.iallyI oni the
war'. 1- is of (3lr83. ceifideiit C.hat
IIillZL will go) .U01)ljea1iI, that
ikLaiy(' and1( Whieeler will be0 e~l.ct-e.(31
and that if "in~tiid(It&ion of v'oters
can be checed the Repulicans will
carry' N orth and3( South Caruolinau,
i~lliiuu112, F"lorida, Now lurk, Cuii
ini i'egp~ui'd to this1 laltter h htet will
pu1l ii 21n2, hart: i1s (111*w13(3P-lit it
his j 1121;i int b.1y tha s4 t ndhiard . I.li
I'Og2LV1 l to 13is talk 2(1)3)41 'ji uil:lt'
boi," whtichli bil t131 repe3(tition ofi(1
Mr. Z.chiery ('hiaimdler, die( truie lo;..
i of it cou11( only li I 'I itt Lime -Piros
ileiit i10ali8 to w tll33lraw al h i:"
troo3)ps fromi tle ;)OiI I heiii I I ?3t(8;.
332l1 lili L the ecdog 113011 13t) vott:
i18 t hey p)lease~, inaittOl of hiavituir"
them "l'1i'i1ll' ]Ii~i.2mie2C(1" by~ the
31 isplh1y of F(3tciit 1(13t;1 oUW:&(ver th12
hauls(1 (A both wh~ite a33(1 eudltre(i cit
i/.eli8 in thait quar31ter as418~ t 31:11213)llt
elec'tioin timie34-1illt the i';:titiIsw nw4;til~i~ly t 18 :13 the
tie L:.iei oi . Oil 1it43 1111 y iI t 2
bioon'. lieL rcet.s to Say1 timuit. lie
3eg1'lde (ll utel '8 231:18841ee 31 81("1'i -
Iir (i 't o opsI, lJ)lLgilt 013 ivy (;i-IA 3'
hiiai f~, diet, \\';n wholiily ili i33i.. ,
sotly. lie. 21118s thatt we 1;1ul l3Iu8
230 hive3 ofi flmO .tiilidii \vir al3ter' 1ze.\
Sf ii 3, \wiet] i 3e inii 31) will hatve
"'j1 isi ,t: pi o" e.ei I inltenijon to cumit
oft .(, suppiIjliies 11r)3m 123( Si )ix by
jii 3nt)\ioi.: ll them Iiimli.,iix f, tlt, tiil;
,,iod. t i (3. ,, " tui to I, Ilme A .-l; ii
int:! '. 'ieit'i 21 13111:115 .3 ' 1 24l1.."i 1,1)1
Ilie Ipl213. i)e1t'.3lil ul 1,110;-W 13(lli)dl.,
111tu Lil in:.rile Sit aix, $0 Li 3:11 2::
30t (* lt (:ff liiiim~0ti ll 'h~ C 1J8~iii:
illici ll15 harie guile' oil -timo Wall 1J.61,
3)131, \Wiiei thmey 'an'ut get oniy tloid.
OWNie' coie I iaek.. get f3 ood, 4311 t..c~
pt 3ito5 ,.11.1 ie' rlii34 1 ili1g Wvi 1th icI ii
(331121. All this ipt''" i8 to 1)0 st'')
peal. We :110 tbikinmg liI1111) t ill th
hiostile Imi n t2(118 13331, ci to limo
1'340m~ 1)11-i3, 11i:l1 i lininIg Ii (131
:113Ill -. i'~ limtt:cUlI, (I( 2 i :8m lt a
Pro hi inatlon from Govortior Cliuni
STrATE: 01 So("i (JItltJ.,
Z1 here.ts, is fi ii'ii1it ioU hat;) tel(lu4
iHO thadt It he'iotls riot (w('iII'?Tht it
it Cit ivof C li t il;tots onl t.lty igh~
1111" I,
(N itts ini flirtt 'i ty, and 1(1 ld S ltl(
Ci ((i't Ii ut' tha t the j1315.1i I~ae
will I lc IC ft itler distiii'l )e. .
Now~, thetretore, 1, Daiel If
s iL't, (10 pio1:!till lly jl'j5)lhto
c"ity by all t.he ~ lt)\e:id~ 111y toll(
iiiiitd, 1(11.1 to sCI'ti1'U to every3 ]11:111
of whI:tt!\vet p)oli I ill pItY, tll
rig; ito LI) 818'L, lct tiantivot e Rieel}
hu a*,wtill :1'iYWitot cIlist lail t o)
dtligel'", in the pl'('t(I11 t[ Vliti'Lt
Ali(( .1 i(Ltilofli';i alil mty fellow
C"it 1,' 11814.??:.11 tlittt violce(e beuget.
Vlii(JiA, thaut. 'i cdlui of' Sjtli Il0(ll 1(
wit ili (.in iiev'i' lie t riitttple I oil
itout 101' 6g 11 spirit of \0n1~ ltc4
*111 (1I ttliatt.jo11.
I thliei'the ))'itost eCil~hlstly joel"
J)lOl'Ultill the (cit i/4jnS 4)4'11 Ctiai0et.o)
toiel I)1 (15tht*I(e .1 for i It 0(
;,hll 111)1(e iitllCl tilt N oh h'otjcof
zth'ie 1..\ andits oliislh V LsVttli.N iI
WC'',[ilIS 4o1 rttis ol' lln kind : and
1 ca.ll 1)1)11) tii(e oth (iiirt of the city~
MIS1 ill 'ls'ckllg I'll sutch (lii(11 isla
(id 1111o Vlulie uui.1 h 1' ws Ii''sth
joilit 'salI rights. 'I'lie :.itf po
[ie .hi I''t, ('111841 \\~ hic' Iii 8 (:p: c.Sr
\will 110\ 11" 0' '111(1 utnt il I bltiI 's 'II
ui.i:; lilt:i'lJy ('xCII'i's'I. 1'::(+ N
Iz-; Il t l( giv hi s ' :11 ];(:'t Iill
,\ 5 (1i .it )1 tt I iii!ii!y WI ill'' (I II.
,111 tt Itl :4 ' it',: 1' :4.11 11"\\ l l C A 'ix ,
:, I i7 . (' tl i ( 111 ) 0 o lt l , :i ',
I''s 4.i .: ]4) , ..t ~l 4,..1 tlo l l Cilits
I,:1+t ;Fitl tld t:'iti V-SItl t 1 i tis"n
.' 1 . 1 ) ' d :, ,": . 1 . . . . . " i , t l , i :
*tit (l: i h! I ] \\!'I lie Il(2'o l hl i4
[iIENa I 01. .~~iS11. AYN .
Ill10.11 Y .\!SIrilss I )jw'i.--1,tyf lTvi
sIlds oh :!4.ls'p\tI' 11111 :it L~tV, tle~~
SC :1 :tai of .i' e shtt .) lie ati''a
ti1 01' ll t 1e0 dilla tJultl . I thiitsl
it1. i1t it l.\"! ':1!111 t . 11 '11' otigIC
)f ()t..eij 14015 on u ustli(''nkl iii'tit.
1111,11'1 li it I4f. l ::e': i -i , I i n ill tilt .
+11 ill~: t 4.;1i'(:4. Uil ' I as :ui all
ti Govi'l~tlC I l t- i ot 1(' 1 V ' sealll i
te1 111 Pm~~15 o ie s 14 '',
-The 'true Story of Southern flisorde.
From the New York World.
While( Governor Chlnmboi'lujn, of
South (J i iiau, is. plotting with tho
\Vashilltu conspilirators; for the ove hovffe ovrmn,)o nte
tliiowtl ofly fI'Cet gint'11ll(it whotle the11
triy, his lt(ljllt:13tt 4.I11'(! its busily
IlgI.' tuli le.3CIts to l11ld3 1111(1 riot.
() il' (111pld(IICS tt'l tbt' Hto]'' of the
8(lll1dllu113 p)roeed.in1g3 in the
st t ('(ts oif Chlutx1entou(turing Wed~ -!
iilllietcdl oil tlio l)e11c01111t' lab~orers'3
of th1( Coinbahee rice-Jkddcs for it
We have a*' lreaIdy printed full tic
j '01nnIf. of thliitiliiiil:(til practtis~ed
agatinst 1) 111 r1atie liegroes in aill
''1*l Stat''s 1has' this proserijption
I 3(Ct11 Caoina ani d 1tIt.C3i 318 111.
Tagh b the oxllei of their
whiteC IlCi'8 Ir thILt the L.1WV 11 t) It
miock('ry *111( i1t 811101, the loiwer and1(
( lt'sjotmc ' classes18(3 of the e,. bred
CP(,r I thei lhl110.3d end1s1.
* 'J.'i l'(3 reord of every3 weetk i1)11'tile
iProstrIite State" is it slioekilig
seisof ars'onsi, ou~traigel1(; a lllr
(iers wich~ p~alesl thel story of
I.Focl:tad itindler .Eiglish rule by co11%
t 3:18. SO o mmolnlll have they be
('i 011 1:. 131a :o h11l)eless Ill(,- the whijte
't(I~l I IVli(!f fromt thiioe to whom11
" th' :liluist rationl of the kiwrs is (col.
Cd1 tI gio adliost without lrotet't
111 on11e ii 1ll'i only, of lalte, haveY
11W iltt.) tiheir own1 111111118 anud ill,
I(l('t3311 1. jttlllillcolt thatlWsllt
with t ie il31111t'liatC o1ffnse, but
Ii~rt ii o of illl111erahe aItrlocitie5 it
tile paist..
It, lots~ happenetlld that very many
(1 hled Ia"' pIl1d of the better soit-,
t 143833 wilt) i111V1 alO1111111ttt'dl it litt]le
with:I the whlite's in) h'02C11131 IV (rCl
(letCtllill.ttiOu to viote tile Cuonserva
tive ticket, at tile coaling electiont.
ti lul of the most mllignan~t nlature'.
lhey aret waylaid i t 11y11t 111t!
(1131.13 i1" heCy d,) not tetlllle thetir
* iLeiii'3110'( to tie Rijcll part~y;
*tinty l" cplu frm 0ei1
c"1111 I ('IIC b)y the b'rute; iol'o.' of
t heir' pelepi. It has~ iu11 141111131
lto11'hty for' tile wlhitey to guatrd
4.!u 3UIieni ts of thut'5l p1' luot'()I0
In 3111 vliolee, ::11(1 10to '(u the
n ltllll4 ofc ol ('obo".l 1)emuocriot1
;11 )..-;i).c k to thiril 101 1(,. 4:ott
111i ithIC$ cvlil. il hlI(:t'loeftls!nleoet.i1148. Wits :s;taul t'd I Iy
i11nkill riiih i 3111!( '1 I mruk:Iull 111).
'1'isi act was 11'i)(3.ti.('h 011 \cdlle8'.
SIt tllill;1h:. of disorder' 1111 plundler
811"il 2as ('ould( occur1 ill n10 .Amel1ricani
c ity 1111111 (311l) y te 1.111(1 (of such'
:at 11 II l] 8 11as hare plluge I Sout Ii
;LiC ", ilinto a111 rel.' V(:11 Of('dv4.)riy
fro w ills. her11 disj 3.11(1 1O~S Ile
where the ballot yet staids for
sonothing Will it be del. ied to
thorn ?
Counting Without Their Host.
General Sheruu's order to the
colmnianding officers of the army
stationed in the Southern States,
covoring the Attorney General',:
circular of iistrl('tions ilo inarsha~ils,
is evidently lmeant to pl'.b them ulpo
their guad. The ge(nc'ral sentimient
of the arily oflicers is reullgnkanL to
the soit of duty that Gr-uit, Taft.
and Cai~ineron wonhtl iil)ose upn
thei. It is known that they pro
test vigorously in a private way
against this police service. C. Sherinant
has no love for the South, but ho
has a strong inlPIly iveliing l4nkd
strong dislike of the Washington
intermueddlers with it. He has an
nouned that the order addresscd to
ani officer niust be a proper one, adl
that the ofhicer i.: himself to ju.-e
whether it i;+ (onlipa ilc with hii
iilitary duties. If deein'd by him
not compiatable, lie is not to obey it.
The general judgment in the army
is that the United States inark) shaIls
cannot call up1on0 them except. in case
of riot, where it is aibsoluttely net's(..
sary to protect the peace. It is th I
consciousness: of thiti feling that
his inspired the reserve which we
sere in eneral Sherunin's order.
W1e1 do not believe that a dozen
ukases froi Grant., aind as mnany
file-spiuna arguments of the Attorn',y
Ueneral, sided by C'hainlberhtini ail
Pattterstn, (unn extort fromi the '. li
eers of the arm'y the sort of itter
mneddling in the uflitirs of our peoplile
that they desire The armnv is the
sehool of gcnt'emncn. It is the
school of lionor, lillniiity and
knightly coitrte:tv. Oflicers oriigi.
nate and obey o1'de:rs ]imt those they
obey n1iu:st couc fromt the light
source, and haive'the right. )u1rpsGe
an(d meaning. There is quite it if
firenic'e betweeI lipholdinig thIie ait
thority of the gi ve'niinent, an11d pro
tet'ting the p . an:1 breing, cmlledtl
11uon to dlirph.'y !111~ps at pl~citicatl
micetings. Taft's order seel:: to
("onala ss thr11ouigh init 1eifeence of
armiuied 11111 somIe eff;et to the spec
tacular display of inounted 1nen,
ire-rockets, w.1vi'g Itiev'r: itad
loyous, shouts. Hel w1 ishes ailme
';oothing syrip to quit. the nel(rIVCi
if Radical o )ators, all disordered by
what he ternis ")iriial liclite,
w 1onghetdetless or isieonsidera
Lion." He will not get it fromn the
allieurs of the arily, or the lleni
( I.. Tiwrv ha1ve( q lace~r. and an
ioln(rahl!e pLee and duty, an1(t uhey
know what it is full well. .It will
not lead themll or sulbjecft thems to
''ollis iont w1ith at b.ratve people, w1ho)
kzeep the( peace, )noil observeth lw, u.
ill, it the . saii time, mantli t, W wrest
1olitical po wer imi the un wortyliv
tud corrutjit han is which now sway
it over' them.-I:' y//'ci.
The Hamburg Alrair.
[Fromii lte N:t V ork Worid.)
Moure "goodii enought Mrans
until atfter election." i ke th ii ves
lig iation of .lh1aiune's (ichages't i nsiti :;t
M. Tilden, I ip roseclntion of those
'har.ed wittlh coinliity ini the 1 liui.
11fter'di the eleethln. The A!ton uev
>i te mak~tter unit!il .honaryl', nett.
mithlough ihe counselh for the :acensedI
ii iannee of thk(else, iln't denoutiih-dI
I frial at the tone ltht. set. Whieni
')rdterlyli neroe mant~y of fthemii
IikownV 1.)o haLve bleenIff guly of shoe0k
unog te "utrge rgas,"we
too icetasitm to remar'tk that 1 te
Th i e r.-ela tion11si hait theC dIefece
w~oihl dhis'los ouhaL very' 'i'rt. .in)ly
iresu4 ink such anu exhiitionk of' the
I'omilition) of aflirus uner RadI~i('al
t(hiniistrtion l ini South Cai(roli na as
wo uhl maiuke tihe carpet-baLg gangi
S'4 a st each ina the nio.strlil of I
all civil iz.d people. Th e reslt, hia:;
horne1( ou1t our pr)edictionl, and1( we
mayL no0w ath1 thle furtheri prkoplacety
tha11.t thiese pro seent ions will nlever
be presseid t] he~ while .tltad icals ar1e ini
power'4) at. Cobauiihia. A 11er ihe .thie
tion of Wa:de 1lupton~i we nmyI ex
poet to get, at ti h( exct truth oI1(f the
The Conmbahee Rioterii.
(ia-,:s FoNI, Sepitembler 1.1L---T.'he
store of Mr 1. K~ T1. Robd erts, at th e
1'lEesis Cross RoadUs, wats burnedl
last n ighnt. '.lhe stor 0 andl( its conlk
1)tnt were etirel y Con i-aikne 1. TIhe
fi re wast an alt oIf i ncendeliarism.
lien ied operanltionsi to day on1 the
Ashepooandn' C->lmabec. Theiy
gathereid up theirI1. forces al], visit
ing thie several pilnt at io n , wi pp~ed
amil bieam t erli laborers4. All wvork
hals, in) colnsequlence, been,1 susp1end~edl.
[The white r'ifle clu1b has b eeni order
0(1 out, hut will not kiterfek (1 lunlhess
called upon)1 b~y the Sheriff Or' HLiat
Constable. Thiero is a feeling of
luneasiness ini all the urr1ounldin~g
ctountry, as the rioters have things
alhl their own way.-.News and (ou
Good words and good1 deeds aro
thle rent we owe for the air we
The Charleston Riot.
From the l'hiladelphia Timce.
WAI4sINUTON, September 7.-The
colored riots in South Carolina have
crented grave alarm among the 1o.-.
pl)i1n leaders here to-day, and
to inght there have boon various
co1111ltationis and a general discus
i lion of the nxCpected phase the
icolor issue has taken under reckless
leatders in Charleston. Various
lispatches have gone to the leaders
im MouthI Carolina, and especially to
Go)ve( rno( Chabulerlain, earnestly
imi-st ing that the negroes must be
botter controlled, or the North will
revolt at the G(ranit-Camerion policy
adopted to carry the election, and
they have also been been imlplored
by tIelegraph to get ouit a prompt
stateient. from somebody denying
tiat. the negroes wantonly attacked
a peaceable boly of their own race,
for no other reason than that they
chose to be for the Conservative
tiela-t. Thime gravity of the case is
heightened by the general disorder
ly spirit that is steadily cropping
out and growing among the more
ignnmrtit an(1 idle negroes, since the
J)lblientioin of Secretary Cameron's
nilitary onler relative to tho South.
The political leaders of the negroes
lmve all given the samiio inltorpreta,
tion to Cmneron's order, just as was
itended(1 by Grant and Cameron
themselves, and that is, that the
urmiy is intended to protect the
n(gl'roo(s in anything they shall see
lit to do in the nameio of the party.
Sinattor Patterson publicly declared
mn this city before tihe Cameron
order was issued : "We've got to
lise h---l somehow with the nig-.
gers ind get fit'h troops lown there,
or the (1-4 rbiels will carry the
(.legit ion in spite of us," and it was
in o!cdience to th1is spirit, more
honestly t han elegantly expressed
by 'at tOrson, that the Camieroni
(or(d1r was issueI. The negroes,
especiary'V ill such sections as l
(C'hal( n, where they aire in a1
oIverwhleaniing najority, now bo
IleveI t1a t. .e aimy is behind them
and that. they en11 (1 anything
ne(cssiu\ to calorry the election, and
ioy re ily toe( ready to indulge
i1i Ithe largest licenise. The danger
now is that, they will not stop with
political v"i hm01ee. The rice field
ne0groesc", the Most ig~norant anid
bru:tali/i of the race in tie South,
I ha e aga inl become turbulent oin thon
C ointbahee, n1.1r Chlarleston, and
tier(, isi dainger of general disorder
u1ndler tihe iminnuiity that they
asiea'they possess by the pro.
t le mu my. Governor Chamllberlain is
greatfly alarmuied for the safety of his
ctate, andA the Il(lpiib iienn leaders
here 1(o iighit would lbe glad had
('am111on's (r1(1 never be11 issued.
All reliab1.le( reports from Clarlestol
go to prove that the lepublican
negroes atI taced tihle Conservative
negre a(s without provoeattionl of any
kind. and the result is a wild mob of
.gnornant ,nd lawless blacks, who
..cli(v t.t.emIselves aibo ve all restraint
gal or oft h erwise. Soue of the
re dise; et, lepulblican leaders
hare! isist, that .while the adminis
traitioin cannot recede from itis posi
1tion b i he revocait ion of the~ CameICr
Onl 0 ier, there inuist be an1 oilicial
lconltruetioni put luponl it publicly
11hat will imike the ne(groecs and1(
thieir relkle~es leaders in the South
unde101stal thait t hey musHt pay
11m111( respe1ct to 1law and1( ordter.
\In v4 leciro that? if it is not (done
Sihe Nrth enuiot hie relied upon to
sustatizi llayes unider the locad of a
despo tie anid violenlt policy that
sne(1 ifices thle peneo( andi safety of
hIml; the colluntry ini anl (!fort for aL
f.w ( el.t itl voi es, which will likely
be 1(ot d mailer an11y (ireniist113lices0.
Gu:nLusyvrios JIaoM S-Ers Two
Tie IisArso kEals O)L.-A mosi)t inter
est inig iibserivaltionl, referring toi the
1)1ower of geirmIinaition ill seed3 which
is 1mndred1s and11 (een thiousandts of
ye 3r1 (olt, is sidi to have
bee11 intae by)~ Prof. Hendrich,1 inl
Gree(e. Inl11( th 1 sile 111iine of Lu
rimrn, only the slags le3ft b~y theO
anicient Greeks0h1 ar10 at present work
edt oII, in order to gain, after an im
1r1ve modern01(11 metho lid, silver stil
hef!t mi ill 1dross. Thbis refuiso ore is
po baly aboullt, two tIhousan13d years5
old. .A.inm. it, the seedl oIf aI 5pe
'iOs (If glade'ilum or poppy wals found,
whichl hadi slept in) tho darLkness* oIf
tih earli~th doii ig ll thalt ti.10
Aft er a lit dle wh ile, when the1( slags
wvere brouiight .up1 am11 worIkOed off at
t he meh31 in~g ovenis, t here su Idenly
aro0s( aL (1r11 (of glhmiumii~ plntH,
withi a bealutiful yehlilw flower, of a
kimst uiniown iln modernli1 buotanyi,
but31 wh'ieb is descib ed by Plny and1(
of(8r las fre((lt Ilowver lil alle3iont
Tu'ii Poon0 (IN 'ruli Biii N: (F S'TA1RvA
'rrox. --A promCIinien3t mer (chantI in
8iavannah11 wvrites as8 follows to a
Th'le fever inIcreases~ (laily, and1( we
feel ntow itIs course must be wvorse
(31nd worse until the winiter comres or
it is e3xhausi3tedC for wvant of subjets.
'IThe writer visits (daily, for two hours,
a distriet in which there are not
more1( thanil two houses exempt from
fever, if not yollowv, bilious amnd re
mittenIt, andA tihe people are all as
poor3a it is pIossibleC to be. The
conitr'ibutionsH of the Savannah
.Benevolent Association, of which he
is agent, keep pe(oplo from dying of
starvationi, and our funds will soon
be exhausted if they are not in
Po1Iucal Notee,
The Augusta Conaeteulionatist
says: "An unusual number of
mosquitoes are thinning the hot
blood of the South Carolinians this
Georgo A. Richmond, who has
long boon a prominent member of
the Republican party, has joined the
Democratic club of Ward 1, Colum
bia, together with his relative, Mr.
J. 3A. Harvey.
The Anderson ejournal hears of a
proposition being discussed amnong
the Democrats to take the name of
every colored' an that votes the
Democratic ticket and give him a
c;:rtificato to that effect, which cor
tificate will give him preferenco
over those that have none in soeur
ing emlployment.
At a meeting of the Democratic
Club at Mill Crook, Richland coun
ty, on Wednesday, a mnounted club
as organized with thirty members.
TIe following officers were elected ;
A.ildrow Patterson, president ; R.
W. higonor, first vice-presdoent ,
1-Ienry Yatos, second vice-president.
At a mass meeting of the citizol
of Georgetown, held last weekd, a
coimmlitteo of safety was *ppo!ited,
is follows : Whites-R. E. ]'
inc. I. Hazard, A. Morgan, .1.
v. Par,ox, Thomas I. Session:,.
R. Carr, W. 0. Bourke, J. B. S,:
W. F. Shaw, J. L. Ward. Cols -
-Chance Allston, Alonzo Jaik.:.
Renty 'T'ucker, Eldward Allst
Chas. Gaddons, V. B. Iiatrris(1.
Sheragrd Johnson,. Tony Rutledg,.
Jamies Small, James lrownliold.
The appointment of this committeo
was rendered niecssary by the
incendiary harangues of some of the
Radical negro leaders of the coun
The colored club at Walhalla, now
numboring about thirty limembers,
were addressed by Governor Perry
in the courthouse last Saturday
night,, they requesting him to speak.
The Governor explained to theme in,
a plain manner the condition of the
county, the heavy taxation which
ultimately conies out of the laboring
popullmtion, the necessity for reform,
the assurance of better govermaent
in the election of iamptoi, and
that the intorosts of the whites and!
blacks were identical, and they
should be friendly. lie proved to
them that no power on earth could
take away their rights of freedomu
and suffrage,as both are guaranteed
by the State and Federal constitution;
and, further, that the whites neither
r- .. .1 :t at-" A ~ .
infringe upon their rights in any
way. The Governor was clear ad
forcible in his remarks, and they
had a decided eff'ct. At the closo
of his s)eogh Col. Aiken made a
short and telling talk to them, and
several joined the club.
A colored Democrat named Chas.
Smalls, working on Mrs. Waring's
plantation, near F1lorenco, reports
that several Radical negroes at
tacked him on Saturday last in
Florence because he annonneed
himself a Doplocrat. Smnalls s. s
he wms knocked down, beaten a d
kicked1, and one of the negron s
placd thme nmuzzle of his musket id
his 1h(ad( andl threatened to kill hima.
Hie knows their names. Smualls is a
mlemb~er of the Grant Township
Demnoeratic Club, and at the hat
meeting of tihe clumb lhe rep~ortedl the
occnrrence. The club has takeni
thme matter in hand. He says lie
went to A. Baruch, trial justice, to
get a1 warrant of arrest issumod for
the assaulting party, which ]3aruch
r efused to issue. These negroes will
arr s;ted by the Unit~ed States com
missioner' and brought to just. c
This1( intimidation of the colored
men by their own color must stop
-11h0 white Democrats will see
theml out and prlotect them. The
tial jns~tice will b)0 reported for
nona -performance of duty.
In answer to the inquiries of an
interviewer as to what he thought
of Attorney--General Taft's late
order turning over the South t a
iliitary law, Senator Bayard, of
D~elaware, said
" No document so partisan ini
chairater, so reckless of all consti..
tituttional limitations upon power, so
regarloss of historical truth, no
utterly insubordinate to the deci
sions of the Supreme Court of the
United States, h as in the history of
our country issued from a depart..
ment not only acting, as all depart
ments should act, under the sanction
of law, but looked to by all ether
departments of the Excutive as
itself the fountain of law for thoem,
At a station on the Greenville and
Columbia Railroad, where Col.
Cothran was expected to deliver an
aidrous to tihe citizens, a large body
of colored horsemen rode up to
greet him, riding along with their
white friends.
A little girl asked a minister : "Do
you think my father will go to
heaven ?"~ "Why, yes, my chiild.
Why (10 you ask 1," "Well, because
if ho den't have his own way there,
he won't stay long, I was thliking,'"
A young man wont to Bleep in an
Anderson chureh, reenntly, .and
wheni aroused, excitedly dhented,
'Hurrah for 1Rampton.

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