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fcar We have heard of some >atonishing cures |
being made by Prof. De Graih's Electric Oil. It
seems to act on the diseased parts with Ileum'ka
b!e effect and in a short space of titne health lie- I
gains its sway. Ii can be had of the agents here, j
see advertisement in another column.
Columbia Market.
J.\sr.\nv IS, 1 Si)8.
Cotton.?There has been but little done in the
cotton market during the week just hi ought to a
close, partly in consequence of the severity of tlie
weather, ami also the small supply offering. In
prices, however, there litis been a steady advance,
and a strictly choice article would now command
9} and perhaps Pi cents.
Bacon.?There has been no material change in
the bacon market, and therefore we continue to
quote 12 ? 12i for new hog round. New lard
12i cents.
Com.?The stock of corn is light, and prices
are looking up. We now quote 70 (a) 75c. bushel.
Core Pea*.?We have no quotable change to notice
in the price of peas, a id therefore we contin- {
ue to quote 85 (a; 90c. "pi bushel.
Oats.?There is no oats offering, and therefore
can only quote nominal 62 (? 65c. bushel.
Flour.?There is a large stock of flour on sale,
and although prices arc not quoteably lower, still
they are rather easier. We still quote $5.50 (?;,
$6 for common to superfine brands ; extra family
flour 6.50 f? bbl.
Columbia, Jan 20.?The demand for the article
continues active and very good, and prices are still
steadily advancing, we now quote 91 for ordinary,
good Middling 9{, and fine to choice 10c. p1 pound.
l'orkville Retail Prices Current.
BAGGING, Gunny, p* yd (?*A 17
BALE ROPE, ^ lb 121 @ 14
COFFEE, Rio, p* N> 121 15
Luguyra, ^ lb 14 (?\ 15
Java, V 11) 18 (a) 20
CANDLES, Sperm, It. 50 (,r. 62
Adamant, pi lb 28 (??) 85
Tallow, pi lb (h) 25
MACKEREL, No. 1, p* bbl....16 00 (a. 17 00
No. 2, V bbl.... 12 00 (S> 13 00
No. 3, V bbl.... 11 00 (a\ 12 00
*"* "* -? / o c.a
^ mil - IO ("7 o uu
MOLASSES, N. 0., V gallon.. 00 ? Co
Muscovado, ^ gal ?
Cuba, ^p gallon 40 (a.) 50
NAILS, cut, i> lb keg ? 51
RICE, tp bushel ? 4 00
SUGAR, Brown, "jp lb 10 ? 11
Loaf, 0) ? 16 j
SALT, sack ? 1 00
YARN, $> bunch 1 20 ? 1 30
prices prom wagons.
APPLES, dried, bush 1 25 ? 1 50
green. bush 1 25 ? 1 50
BACON, Hams, "jjp lb ?
Sides, "p! lb ?
Shoulders, "fl lb. /.. ?
Hog round, p? lb ?
BUTTER. lb 15 ? 20
BEEF, lb CJ ? 7
BEESWAX. ^ lb 10 ? 17
COTTON. lb 8 ? 9 GO
CORN, p? bush 50 ? 55
CHICKENS, each, 121 ? 15
EGGS, V doz 10" ? 121
FEATHERS, V lb 30 ? 33*
FLOUR, "jP bbl 4 25 ? 4 50
"$) sack of 100 lbs 2 00 ? 2 25
FODDER. ^ 100 lbs ? 75
LARD, lb 11 ? 12
MEAL, pp bushel, 50 ? 55
OATS. ^ hOshel ... 0 50
PORK, V lb 61 ? "
PEACHES, dried, ^ bu.-hel... 2 00* ? 2 50
PEAS, pp bushel 75 ? 80
POTATOES, Irish, pp pushel ? 1 00
Sweet, bushel.. 1 00 @ 1 25
TURNIPS, 1p bushel ?> 50
tu t ruv tti 10 ? 121
WOOL, lb 25 @ 28
, Married?On Tuesday, 12th instant, bv Rev.
S. L. Watson, Mr. A W, MATTHEWS and Miss
HENRIETTA C. HUDSON, all of this District.
On Thursday, 14th, by Rev. S. L. Watson, Mr.
all of this District.
Municipal election.?An election
will be held on MONDAY, the 8th OF
FOUR WARDENS for the Town of Yorkville, for
the ensuing year.
Bv order of Council,
F. II. SI MR IL, Jnteudant.
Jan 21 3 3t
"v^otic'e.?The undersigned would respccti.
v fully urge it upon those indebted to the firm i
of ADICKES & WITHERS, to conte forward and
settle. The books of the concern must be closed
either bv cash or not".
H. F. ADICKES, Survicor.
Jan 21 3 tf
MRS. L. D. OM ENS, late of Columbia, S. C..
would respectfully inform the Ladies of
Yorkville and surrounding country, that she will
carry on DRESS-MAKING in all its branchchcs.
All work entrusted to her care will be executed
in the best and most fashionable manner,
and at the shortest notice. She having had considerable
experience in the business, would solicit
a share of public patronage.
fiSf Resilience on Main-Street, one door North
of Mr. A. \V. BEARD'S.
Jan 21 3 tf
In Equity?York.
Samuel Gingles, v.v. James L. Fewell and John
W. Jones.?Bill to subject an Equity to payment
of Claim, ftc.
IT appearing to my satisfaction that James L. j
Fewell is without the limits of this State. Ou j
motion of Williams & Ucatty. Solicitors for Complainnnts,
it is ordered that he do plead, answer j
or demur to the Bill of Complaint filed ^n this i
case, within three months from the publication '
hereof, or a Decree pro confer to. wall be awarded j
against'him. JNO. L. MlLLElt, c. e. y. i>.
Jan 21 ($5) 3 Sin
1W1LL proceed to collect the TAXES for the :
year 1S57, at the following places, and on the
following times, to wit:
At Bratton's, on Monday, the 22d of February.
At McConnollsville, on Tuesday, the 23d of
At Thomas Nance's, on Wednesday, the 24th of
At Feemster's. on Thursday, the 25th of Feb'y. |
At Clark's Store, on Friday, the 2(?th of Feb'v.
At Gilfillin's, on Saturday, the 27th of Feb'y.
At Yorkville, on Monday, the 1st of March. !
At Wy lie's Store, on Tuesday, the 2d of March.
At Boyd ton, on Wednesday, the 3d of March.
At Moore's, on Thursday the 4th of March.
At Whisonant's, on Friday, the 5th of March.
At Yorkville, on Friday, the 8th of March, and
remain during the week.
At Gray Westbrook's, on Monday, the loth of
At Coate's Tavern, on Tuesday, the lGth of
At Fort Mill, on Wednesday, the 17th of March.
At Clay Ilill, en Thursday, the 18th of March.
At Bethel, on Friday, the lbth of March.
At Smith's, ou Saturday, the 20th of March.
At Rock Hill, on Monday, the 22d of March.
At Ebenezcr, on Tuesday, the 23d of March.
By order of the Comptroller General, no
bills on any Bank will he received in payment of
taxes, except the following, viz : "The Comerciul
Bank of Columbia: The Bank of Charleston ; The
Union Bank, of Charleston; The Bank of the State
of South Carolina; The State Bank of Charleston;
The Bank of Georgetown ; The Merchant's Bank
of Clieraw; The Bank of Camden ; and the Bank
of Chester.
All Tax-Pavers are required to report the
date of births, marriages and deaths, on their respective
premises. Ministers and Magistrates to
report Marriages. Physicians to report the births
and deaths within the bounds of their practice.
The Books will be closed on the first of
May. Tax-Payers are reminded that the TaxCollector
is required to issue Executions against
all defaulters after the Books are closed.
Jan 21 3 Ot
4 ?0 OZ* Sl I PIL OF
JL best brand, just received and for >ale
cheap for cash by
Jaa 7 1 tf
REV. T. CURTIS. D. D., Principal, ami Instructor
i t Mental an 1 Moral Scicuce, History ami
Ei g i.-li Literature.
REV. W. CURTIS, LL. I).. Priircipil, and Instiuctur
in Natural Science.
MRS. E. A. CURTIS, Superintendent of Domestic
and Social Duties.
PROFESSOR J. R. ERFURTII, In.-truetor in
Music. Vocal and Instrumental.
PROFESSOR W. I.UDDEN, Instructor in Music.
Vocal and Instrumental.
MISS M. A. FOSTER, Instructress English Branches.
MISSC. R. TAI.COTT. Instructress in Mathematics.
A. C. CRAIG, Instructress in Geography and
Instructor in Drawing, Painting nnd
MME. M. A. SCnONENBERG, Instructress in
Vocal ami Instrumental Music nnd French.
MRS M. Ll'DDEN, Instructress in Vocal nnd
Instrumental Music.
MRS. M. R. CASSELS, (relict of Rev. S. S. Cassels,
D. D.) Matron.
MESSRS. CURTIS would renew
j their respectful acknowledgments of
the kind support of the public during
the past Twelve years. The location
and climate of the School are wellknown:
its unequalled retirement and accommodations,
and its remarkable heulthfulness.
The.v purchased and have added to this property,
chiefly with a view to its retirement, congenial
alike, as they have found it, to the best habits
of attention, to scholastic duties, and to the mod- i
esty of the female character.
In every Department the best Assistants are
sought for. The Principals have suffered no inconvenience
of occasional changes, or increased
expenditure to obstruct them in the pursuit of
this object?aspiring as they can repeat they do,
to leaving the School rich in influence, literary
and moral, rather than to enrich themselves, or
accomplish n-'.y personal or sectarian object.
Dr. W'M. CURTIS will be found at the Mills
House, Charleston, on Saturday, 13th February; I
leaving on Monday, 15th, for McMahon's Hoarding
House, Columbia; and for Yorkville on Tuesday.
Per Term of Half it Year, payable in Advance.
Instruction*?English Departments, ?25 00
Boabi?, including washing, fuel, nud lights, 50 00
***The above include a complete course of
English Education (for $75 the Term) which all
the pupils are expected to take. The following
are optional and may be taken or not (in whole
or in part), as may seem desirable.
Music?Piano or Harp, including Vocal
Music, ?25 00
Guita* or Harp, including Vocal Music.... 20 00
Vocal special lessons, 20 00
Use of Piano 2 50
" Harp,.! 5 00
French, 20 00
Drawing and Painting 20 00
No charges besides the above will be made in
connection with the School, except for Books and
Stationery actually used.
Jan 21 3 5t
THE UNDERSIGNED having taken
charge of this Academy, announces
vrrrjSlr^ that the session will open on MONDAY,
the 11th INSTANT. The Scliolastic
year will he divided into two
Sessions of five months each. Terms, per session,
as follows:
The Primary English branches $ 6 00
English Grammer, Geography, and History
9 00
The Languages, Mathematics, and h:gher
brauches of English. 17 50
Firewood for School-room, 50
The Principal having enjoyed the advantages
of several years experience in teaching, and having
engaged the services of a competent ASSISTANT,
he hopes that gmeral satisfaction will be
rendered. Students will be received at any time
during the Session. and charged from time of entrance:
but no deduction will be made for absence
unless in cases of protracted sickness, or by special
W. W. CAROTHERS, principal.
Jan 14 2 5t
' mm MlmMr
THE TRUSTEES of Union Academy
jtfnKL. having secured the services of J. 15.
PANKEY, Esq., for the coming year,
VSrjfir take pleasure in announcing that the
session will open on the FIRST MONDAY
IN JANUARY; and close the last of May
with a public examination. Mr. PANKEY is so
well known that eulogy at our hands would be
superfluous. His close attention and devotion to
those under his care, is known and appreciated by
the public. Our doors are open for the accommodation
of hoarders at terms to suit the times?
from Seven to Eight Dollars per month?Students
furnishing their own lights.
T lT 1 T I O X:
Primary Branches $ 7 00
Higher English Branches 10 00
Ancient Laugungss and Mathematics, 15 00
THOMAS NEELY, Secretary.
Dec 10 10 8t
f'l'HE exercises of this Institution
U. will be resumed on the FIRST MONg
DAY IN JANUARY, under the superintendence
of Rev. 11. Y. RUSSELL.
The Primary English Branches
wili be taught at Five Dollars per Session ; the
Higher Branches at Eight; and the Latin and
Greek Classics at Fifteen. Good Board can he
procured n the neighborhood at Seven and Eight
Dollars per month.
Rev. n. A. ROSS, )
Jan 7 1 3t
tTHE Exorcises of this Institution
^ will be resumed on MONDAY, THE
? lJjTH OF JANUARY, instant, under
f the superintendence of the Rev. J. M.
II. ADAMS, President, j>ro. (cm. Everything
is now ready for the reception of Students.
Barents and Guardians are earnestly requested
to bring in their Daughters aud Wards at
the commencement of the Session.
JOHN O. ENI.OE, Sir u nf U?nrd.
Jan 21 :J It
*... The Due-West Telescope, Southern Presbyterian,
and South Carolinian, will copy 4 times
and forward accounts to this office.
A Teacher Wanted Immediately,
VSX TO take charge of the FORT MILL
I - ACADEMY, competent to teach the
English, together with the Latin and
Greek classics. A young man preferj
red?well recommended. Address,
I "Clmiiman. Fort Mill Academy," Fort Mill, York
District, i>. C.
j Jan 14 - - tf
In Equity?York.
i Wylie & MotFalt, r*. Jo.-eph II. Wylie.?Petition.
ON motion of Hemphill & Gaston, Solicitors for
Petitioner, Ordered, that the Commissioner
j of this Court, after advertising for at least three
! months in the Yorkville E.syiutKU, to come in on
j or before a particular day, to be fixed by him, and
I establish their demands, and that said Commis
siouer report on said claims. It is further orderj
ed, that the Commissioner report the amount in
i his lunds belonging to said absent defendant, Joseph
II. Wylie. JOl) JOHNSTON*,
j June 17lii, 185(?.
In obedience to the above order the cred|
itois of Joseph H. Hylic, the absent defendant,
I are required to establish their demands on oath,
j before me, en or before the first of May next.
J NO. L. MILLER, c. e. v. i>.
Jan 21 [$":] din
In Equity?York.
j James II. Stewart, Administrator, vs. Elizabeth K.
! Stewart, ct. al.?Bill fur advice and direction,
! and division of property.
> 1 T appearing to my satisfaction that Win. l'oag
; .1. nnd his wife Naucy, reside beyond the limits
of this State: On motion of Williams & lleatty,
! Complainant's Solicitors, it is oidered that they
do plead, answerer demur, to the Hill ofCuuiI
plaint filed in this case, within three months from
' the publication hereof, or a decree pro conf'tso
will be awarded against them.
JNO. L. MILLER, c. e. v. i>.
Jan 21 [$o] J dm
TAX. COLLECTOR.--Wc are authorized
to announce WVL1E L. HARRIS, Esq., asa
. Candidate for TAX COLLECTOR of York Hisi
triet, at the ensuing election.
I Jau7 1 tf
Bex.I. ri5 4\RLI\ and jprof
I)K GRATII.? Franklin brought ebc'rcitj
from tli<* heavens to iartli, but it remained foi
Prof. I)" Grnth to apply that electricity to the re
lief <>f diseased ami suffering mortals?disease:
that heretofore baffled the piiysici ut's obi treat
ment, such is Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Pains, Stif
'Joints. Deafness, Swellings. Palsy, Pies. Skit
Diseases, &c., ate now cured by Prof. De Grnth'!
electric oil in ?we and tiro days. Read this letfei
from a Physician who has practiced since 1820?
(too well known for comment:)
Prof. De Grath, Philadelphia.
Sir!?At intervals, during thirty years past, mj
wife has been snhject to rheumatism of the mosl
violent cast?[say four times a year]?sometime.'
j so severe as to make it necessary to adrainistei
largedosesof the tincture of gunicuniand morphia,
! and to rock her like an infant in a larg.' rocking
j chair, to induce any repose. Having frcquenl
! co re-pondence with my son, (No. 103 Chesnut
j etreet of your city.) I informed him of an attack
I she had about the middle of the month, [January,]
i which was of such severity as to completely parI
alvze the system. He, in his anxiety for hit
j mother's welfare, sent me a bottle of your Electric
Oil; but as I am one of the practitioners of tnedI
? -i? -...i
i 1c.hl* iii our hiiu iiwl i. fmusvi^iviv
of patent medicine, I did hesitate to give it a trial;
however, on reflection, I concluded to try it, which
I did, in persona, directly up to the letter, and
after the third or fourth application she became
ruther passive, and before one-third of the bottle
was used, not a single vestige of the d sense remained
in the system, and she still continues well,
although she rode out a distance of fourteen miles
without a renewal of any of the symptoms. 1
therefore feel it my duty, for the sake of suffering
huniauity, and also fully believing that merit, under
all circumstances, should be rewarded, to forward
this testimonial.
1 am yours, truly,
Joseph P. Elkintox, M. D..
New Cretua P. 0., Rurlington Co., N. J.
P. S.?Any communication for me will be received
by addressing to the care of my son, [merchant,]
103 Chesnut street.
Philadelphia, May lGth, 195G.
Prof. Pe Guath.?I have been the victim many
years of a Rheumatic affection, and lost the use
of my limbs. I could not raise my hand to my
head, in short, I was totally helpless. I applied
your Electric Oil, and he/ore I had used one bottle I
urns perfectly restored. You may refer nuy sufferer
to me.
Seventeenth and Thompson street.
Mrs. Ifutchins is well known in Philadelphia
and can be addressed on the subject by any one.
Caution.?There are numerous imitations
sprung up on the reputation that my nr:icie nas
acquired. The public must beware. They are
ALLISON k BRATTON. Agents, Yotkville, S.
f. Country Merchants will be supplied at wholesale
prices. For sale by Druggists generally.
Jan 21 8 1m
LOOK Ol'T.--All the Notes and Accounts
due to the estate of J. B. BRIAN, deceased,
which are not paid by the 15tb of FEBRUARY
next, will be placed in the hands of Messrs.
CLAWSON & JACKSON for collection, and will
be sued on indiscriminately.
Jan 7 1 6t
tyr~DOZ. SOPOIYIFIER.?An article
/ 0 highly useful at this season, for m iking the
very best kind of soap. One Dollar's worth ol
this article will make fifty gallons of mist excellent
washing soap. Warranted genuine. For
Jan 12 2. tf
TLOSE'S IIOTEI,.--The Proprietor has
AA returned to the old stand, with a determination
of making this the BEST HOUSE in the upper
part of the State, conducted strictly on TEMPERANCE
Jan 7 1 tf
|_1 alloo there ! I?I have urged the
lJL settlement of some bonds of long standing is
the Commissioner's Office. The 20th of February
is Return Day for York District. Look out.
J NO. L. MILLER, C. E. Y. I).
Jan 7 1 7t
Gi ARDEi\ SEEDS.?100 Dozen assortcF
GARDEN SEEDS, warranted fresl; and genuine.
Selected from the house of Johnson, Rob
bius& Co., especially fur this market. For Salt
Jan 14 2 tf
P.4IXTS.?A full and well-selected assortment
id' PAINTS used for Oriental and Gre
cian painting. Also, all kinds of Paints used it
Oil and Water colors. For Sale cheap for cash bj
Jan_14 2 tf
ted by the subscriber, for which th<
highest market price will be paid. Also 10(
Jan 14 2 tf
rp iY COLEECTOrT?The friends of JO
X SEPFI C. MITCHELL respectfully announce
him ns a Candidate for TAX-COLLECTOR, a
the next election.
Oct 22 42 tf
The friexds of captain a
STILWELL, respectfully nnnounce him as i
Candidate for SHERIFF of Vork District at th
ensuiug election.
Oct 28 tf
ax collector.?-Tho friends of Cap
tain JOHN J. WYLIE, beg leave to annonnci
him as a candidate for TAX-COLLECTOR of Yorl
District, at the next election.
Dec 17 50 tf
r|\4x collector.?We are authorize)
L to announce Capt. DANIEL D. MOORE as i
Candidate for TAX COLLECTOR for York Dis
trict, at the ensuing election.
Jan 14 2 tf
! eg isl ati're.?The friends of A. S
A WALLACE, Esq., respectfully announce hir
! as a Candidate to represent the people of Yorl
! District in the next Legislature.
Jan 14 2 tf
Ready-made clothing.?a bi|
stock of Ready-made COATS, VESTS am
l'AXTS, suitable for Summer Wear, on hand am
for sale, by I.. BLOOMBERG i BRO.
July lb 28 tf
are authorized to an
? NOUNCE V. E. McELHANEY. as a Can
didntc for SHERIFF of York District, at the en
suing election.
ul xtracts.?Extracts of Lcincn. Vanilla
J A Cclerj*, Ginger, Nutmegs and Peach, for fin
voring Ices, Jellies. Sauces, Custards, Svrnps
and Pastry. For Sale by
Jan 14 2 tf
Gi elat1ne.?Coxes patent refined GELA
I TINE, with which an unrivalled chrystalin
Jelly can be tnade in a few minutes. For Sale b
j Jan 14 2 tf
ttholagogl'e.?OSGOOD'S and Jone:
) CIIOLAGUGUE, a speedy and positive cur
for Ague and Fever. F?r Sale by
Jan 1 \ 2 tf
I)IKH SLXX.l FIGS.-A piersnnt an
effectual remedy for costiveness and nervou
! headache. For Sale bv
| Jan 14 2 tf
' I >1:4111. STARCH, ARROn-KOOl
! X ami Tapioca. For Sale by
I Jan 14 2 tf
I . ^
I O ATE of Morphia, Iodine and Iodide P?tass:i
Jan 14 2 tf
Superior articles. For Sale by
I Jan 14 2 ?tf
F're texeriffe, s 111: itu v
l'ort, Madeira and Malaga WINES, for nit
I dicinal purposes. For Sale by
j Jan II 2 tf
> TKATED Essence m JAMAICA 01 NO Ell
Jan 14 2 tf
; rjTiX COLEEClTOR.~We are authorize
L to announce S. 8. ELAM as a Candidate ft
TAX-COLLECTOR'of Vork District, at the ensu
; ing election.
Jan 7 1 tf
ILITAR1 CAPS.?A full assormeut (
MILITARY CAPS. For Sale cheap by
. T7* VE\ SO.--The Subscriber continues tin
, j I* practice of Physic in all its departments.?
p 1 lie propose* to take charge of CHRONIC, or oli
. standing forms of disease, at home and abroad.?
s He is now possessed of MAGNETIC remedies
. which will restore all curable cases if patients wil
f give him a chance, and provided they have a wil
i ami determination of purpose to be restored t<
< health. He will sell MAGNETIC REMEDIES
p j accompanied with directions for their use to pa
. ticnts who are inclined to treat their own cases
His office is at No. 15, Congress-street, Yorkville
r Jan 7 1 ly
| "\TOTICE.?The Notes and Accounts of L
. 11 P. BARNETT, deceased, MORGAN & BAR
NETT, and of BARNETT k WITHERS, are it
\ the hands of W. B. WILSON, Esq., for collection
: The Notes and Accounts of L. P. BARNETT &
t Co., are in the hands of Dr. J. R BRATTON.?
Payment of said demands must be made befort
j the first day of FEBRUARY next, or they will b<
[ sued oil. All persons having demands against th<
( estate of L. P. BARNETT, deceased, will pre
, sent them properly attested to mv Attorney, W
[ GEO. W. BARNETT, Adm'r.
, | Nov 5 44 tf
' I WW Tito iinrlprflifrnetl tflko tliia mot lirtrl fn infrtrrr
1 the citizens of York nud Chester Districts, thai
! thev have purchased the right to manufacture anc
sell* WAR LICK'S PATENT FLOW, in the nfore.
said Districts. Mr. J. H. CULP is our lawfullj
! constituted and travelling Agent, of whom the
PLOWS can be procured ; or at the manufactorj
? near Beckhamville, on Fishing Creek, in Chestei
' District. .TAMES II. FERGUSON,
March 5 9 ly
J1 I L n*r
; tyooq Km j?op of p?u\wu?pp vm j
3U10S GABS A[I11B) JOG {{IAL ifup Jtiqi OJOJGq piUAi
-joj guioo oijaa asoqj juqi os .' qajuj^ jo ts.ii| aqj
1 p?sop ptiut sqooq ai|x *aiqtuojajd qsuG 'aioi
jo qsuo ?q joqjta sjunoGGO 3uipuvjsjno Jiaqj ap
I -jas o) 'unq o) pajqaput [p pun 'sjoiuojsna stq uc
-dn sqvd a[iuo5tjn ponSisjapun aqj 'ssanisnq "|TJ
ut aSunqa ti joj sjuauiaSuojjt) papojja ONIVVjtl
i i ssamisiia m mphj sihx amoi
Office of Kino's Mountain R. R. Co., T
Yorkville, S. C., Jan'y, 6, 1858. j
THE ANNUAL MEETING of the Stockholders
of this Company will take place in the Cour
I ITnucA on THT'RXTt A V 4,h dnv nf Fehruarv next
J. A. BROWN, Secretary.
' Jan 7 1 4t
persons indebted to the estate of IRA FER
I GUSON, deceased, must pay up. After the lot!
of January, all Notes and Accounts above Twentj
Dollars, will be placed in the hands of JOHN L
MILLER, Esq., for collection. Those under thai
. amount will be placed in the hands of HUGE
! SIMPSON, Esq., at Rock Hill. Also, those in
^ debted to ine as Guardian of S. B. & T. B. MEA
' CHAM, must pay up. The Wards are of age nnc
want a settlement.
Dec 17 ^0 tf
; South Carolina?York District
Joseph S. Stewart, Applicant, vs. Wm. Poag am
wife and others, Defendants.
IT appearing to my satisfaction that Wm. Poaj
and wife, two of the defendants, reside withon
this State. It is therefore ordered, that they d<
appear and object to the division or sale of thi
real estate of Nancy Stewart, deceased, on oi be
> tore the first of March next, or their consent t<
1 the same will be entered of record.
J. M. ROSS, o. r. ?.
Dec 1 50 3m
j^.AIR NOTICE.?All persons indebted ti
. the undersigned by Note or Book Account
1 arc earnestly requested to make immediate settle
ment. Longer indulgence cannot be given. A1
outstanding debts on the 15th of FEBRUARY
! next will be placed in suit. L. SMITH at my oh
stand, is authorized to make settlements for me.
| Jan 7 1 (it
. and IRONER, young and likely. Also, on
r HOUSE and LOT on Jefferson-street, known a
the "Hyndman residence." Also, the lot oi
Church-street knowu as the "Magnolia." Thesi
lots are desirable property and will be sold low.
) Sept 10 30 tf
INI against the firm of L P. BARNETT & Co.
. are earnestly requested to present them forth
- with, legally attested, to the Survivors of L. P
e j Harnett & Co.
4 T T) \ II WAV
II a\. I. d:\jvlvv.i, r r?
J. R. BRATTON, i'9"'1'"'0''5i
Nov 3 44 tf
| \TOTICE.--The Creditors of W. B. DUN LAI
1 i i.1 arc requested to meet the undcrsigued n
R J Rock Hill, on Saturday, 2dd January : Saturday
24th April: and Saturday 24 th of July.
L. H. MASSEY, As*')/nee.
D. 0. RODDY, Agent.
e Jan 7 1 td.
PAY l:P.?All persons indebted to the ur
dcrsigned arc hereby notified that they mm
make settlements by the 23th JANUARY, iustnni
J After that time they must settle with JOHN I
Jan 14 2 2t
1,\4IR NOTICE.?All parsons indebted t
. the late firm of ADAMS & McCORKLE. ar
n earnestly requested to call and settle. The bus
i ness must be brought to a close, and that speedil
?"peaceably if we can, and forcibly if we must.
- j July 2 2(5 tf
1 il^OTICE.?All persons indebted to the et
J 1lX tate of ELLIS HOWELL, deceased, are her<
! by notified to come forward and make settlement
and all persons having claims against said estatt
* are notified to present them for payment to tli
- Executor.
i- D. 1'. MORROW. Executor.
> Nov 5 41 tf
I undersigned wishes to purchase a large lot <
- GREEN OR DRY HIDES, for which he will pa
' CASH : taking them in exchange for work in h
! line, or in the puytnenbof old debts.
Dec 10 49 tf
n AGS ! RAGS I! RAGS! !!?The Sul
XX scribers will purchase all the CLEAN CO!
^ TON and LINEN RAGS that may be brought i
| at the highest market value.
; Aug 27 <34 tf
j n WHITE GOODS, consisting of Swiss Mui
j lin, Jaconet, Cambric. Bishop Muslin, Check Mui
tin, &c., which is offercu at low prices bv
y | July 16 28 tt
. r. I... l> L'..: Mill,
I jij. ami rui'ss, mwvi um\?,
! Sieves, Pistols, Double nii-l Single Guns, kc. Ft
p j Sale by L. BLOOMBE11G k BRO.
I July J6 28 tf
HOSIER V.?A large stock of Ladies Hose
Gent lemon's liulf-Hose; and Ladies and Get
? j tlemens Gloves, &c. For Sale by
' j July 16 -8 tf
I X PAGAN, Esq.. respectfully auuounce him f
" j a Candidate for SHERIFF of York District, at tl
] ensuing election.
| Oct 13 4G tf
' j X LIAMS, Esq.. respectfully announce him t
! a Candidate for SHERIFF of York District, (
| the ensuing election.
Oct 1G 42 tf
-j If YOUNG FIELD NEGROES, front the ngt
L i of 12 to 25, tor which 1 will pay full cash price
; Landsford, Chester, S. C.t Aug. 20, 1857. 2
d T INEN GOODS.?A large suick of LINE
u ' I A GOODS, consisting of Fanner's Linen, Ru:
[. sia Duck and Fancy Linen for pants. For sale t
July 16 28 ft
XX STOVE AND PIPE for Sale. Apply to
| Reasons Why the Grover and Baker's
i Sewing "Machine is Universally
preferred for
' T?IRST-?^ ''s ,nnrp H'mPlc an(l easily kept ic
. ! J? order than nny other Machine.
2d. It makes a Seam which will not rip or >avt
; el, though every third stitch is cut.
3d. It sews from two ordinary spools, and thus
all trouble of winding thread is avoided, while the
- same machine can be adapted at pleasure, by a
. mere change of spools, to all varieties of work.
| 4th. The same machine runs silk, linen, thread,
i , and conimmon spool cotton, with equal facility.
fth. The seam is as elastic as the most elastic
< fabric, so that it is free from all liability to break
in washing, ironing, or otherwise.
' 6th. The stitch made by this machine is more
s beautiful than any other made either by hand or
i machine.
7th. Because it is the only Sewing Machine in
the world ever invvnted, so constructed as to fully
meet the demands of families for general use.
Circulars, with all the different styles and prices,
sent to those who wish, aud printed directions
go with every mnchine, so that every one
' can learn in a short time.
1 BQL. All Orders promptly filled : and Machines
| sold at the snme price at this office, as at their office
in New Vork.
Orders on Factors for sixty days will be
' received in payment for the same.
H. W. KINSMAN, A.jtnt,
223 King street, Charleston, S. C.
Jan 14 2 2t
REMAINING in the Post Office at Vorkville.
S. C., on the 1st of January, 1h">8, which il
not taken out within three months, will be sent tu
the Post Office Department as dead letters: ?
B.?John Barigus & Co., W. II. Brownlce, W,
I Boggs. C-?James Crowder, Daniel P. Carson,
l J. M. Creighton, George Craig, A. 11. Copeland,
[ Amelia Coleman, Claik & McArthur, Rev. Wm.
i Curtis. J. M. Crayton. D.?J. M. Deals, 2;
> J. W. Duke, 2. E. -William Elliott, jr., J. A,
> Estes. F.?R. H. Fulwood, M. L. Ford. A. R.
' Faries. G-?Thomas Gricr & W. P. Bynum, W,
K. Grier. H.?M. R. Harrison. J. T. Harry,
J. II. Harris, A. 15. Homeslcy. I.?Col. James
Irvin. K?loseph Kendriok. L-?-I. Leonbardl
.' & Co., 3 ; George Lowe. S. C. Lowrv, S. C. Love
M. ?M. Miers, Miss F.uphemia D. Murphy, Mrs.
Mary McMobley, H. J. Marsh, John G. Martin
O-?Thomas Owens. P.?Cromwell I'.irtu, 2 ;
G. W. Pearson. R.?John lloddy, 2 ; J. Rich
ardson, W. A. Reeves, A. G. Rose. S-?David
Smith, A. Sparks, Rev. A. G. Stacey, A. S,
Smith, 1). Sargent. V.?M. H. Van Dyke,
? W ?R. II. Watson, G. H. Wells, James W
' Walker. Sylvannus Williamson.
Jan 7 1 3t
THE undersigned Committee, appointed tc
innke arrangements for the meeting of the
| Grand Division IN WINNSBORO', on the 27fli
instant, take pleasure in announcing to the mem
bers and other Sons of Temperance who ntny at'
tpnrl t!,*? nini-linrr flint thev will be PPimitted tl
pass to nud fn.tn the meeting, in the Cars of tin
King's Mountain, Charlotte ami South Carolina,
and Greenville and Columbia Railroads for ONF
FARE; and also over the South Carolina Rail
Road, provided thirty attend the meeting.
1 No answer has been received front the Manches
1 ter and Wilmington, and Cheraw and Darlingtoi
Railroads, but it is hoped they will not be less lib'
r eral than the other Roads.
t The Grand Scribe will furnish all who attend
j with certificates, which will bo received by the
s Conductors, and pass them on their return home.
Jan 14 2 2t
AST have determined to leave Vorkville. it h
I x*. my anxious desire to dispose of my STOCK
OF GOODS and settle up my business ns soon as
j possible. To offer inducements to persons wishing
to purchase Goods for little money, I will fron
this date, offer my entire stock
At Prime Cost for Cash,
* or on short credit to responsible purchasers. 1
e have on hands a large amount of valuable and de
8 sirable Goods, and those wishing to buy would d<
II well to call immediately, for the prices shall be n<
e objection.
To those of my kind friends who have kind!,
extended to me their patronage, I tender mv sin
cere thanks. JAMES ALLEN, Jr.
S VTOTIC'E.?All those indebted to me b;
' Note or Account, are earnestly requested ti
come forward and make settlement of the same
as I dislike to resort to more stringent means fo
collecting. JAMES ALLEN, Jr.
Dec 10 4!) tf
P riiHE Subscriber offers for sale 1200 ACRES o
it JL LAND lying in Gaston County, Noith Caro
linn, on both sides of the South Fork of Catawb
River, 14 miles Northwest of Charlotte, and with
in three miles of the line of Railroad now build
ing from Charlotte to Lineolnton. This tract of
fers fine inducements to purchasers, as 1000 Acre
- is WOODLAND, and on it i-1 a WATER-POWE1
i* of 20 feet, with command of the whole river.'t
It is an excellent site for a manufactory of an
f. kind. On the tract, GOLD and other mineral
L have been found, and would probably, if develop
ed, prove of great value.
Also, 230 ACRES on tbe South Fork?a grea
j portion of it FINE BOTTOM LAND.
" } The above tract? will be sold iu lot? to suit pur
0 | chasers. Terms easy.
:ci ersons wishing to examine these lands
l* j will be attended by the parties at Stowesville, N
y j C.; or anj- desired information given on applies
tion to Col. S. N. Stowe, Vorkvilh?, S. C.
J. Si E. B. STOWE.
I May 11 23 tf
THE undersigned res'N
pcctfully announces to BjBSifiSilffi
e the citizens of Yorkwlle
and the surrounding country, that they have for
med a co-partnership under the name of DOSTE]
Si CREPS, in the above business: which the
e will conduct at the stand near the Railroad Depol
They are prepared with WELL SEASONED Lum
v ber and other necessary material, to MAKE am
? i REPAIR all descriptions of FURNITURE.
I Being fully satisfied that the CASH-SYSTE?
I is the best for the mechanic, we have determine
to adhere to it; and will require CASH or it
_ equivalent, in every instance.
n j -Lan 12 2 ly_
! 1 N Consequence of the severe money pressure
f I. and the difficulty of raising money by the ordi
5 i ry means, I have this day MARKED DOWN m
3~ j goods for CASH to a mere fraction over the pros
3" 1 ent New York and Charleston Wholesale price.'
} I will continue selling on four months time to sui
| the times?interest invariably charged after fou
! mouths. All Goods sold, warranted as represeu
>s i ted. Country Merchants and Families laying i
1 | supplies for the year will dc well to call.
jp My Stock will be maintained as large as evet
j New Goods from the lirst-class houses are dail
! arriving the year round.
_ j J. W. AVERY.
>j | N. B.?Persons buying on TIME, are expecte
i- j to cash their accounts at least once a year.
J. W. A.
Nov 20 47 tf
_ j "11/ AGOIY-IMAKlIMx.?iue unuersigne
5, | TV takes method to inform the public that h
is j bus purchased ft large stock of SEASONED TIM
te ; BER, together with the materials of the Wagon
, Shop of J. G. GULLICK, and has established
I Shop ou the corner of Congress and Jefferso
- ! Streets, NEAll THE MASONIC HALL, wher
; he is prepared, with experienced workmen, t
! MAKE OR REPAIR WAGONS to order, at th
! shortest notice. Those wanting work done in thi
j line, would perhaps find it to their interest to giv
i hint a call, as he will warrant all work as reprf
V j sented. J. ED. JEFFERYS.
;s ' Set?" Carpentering and Joinery done as usual,
s. j Dec 17 50 3m
3 11PRMI1VG FLUID.?Forty gallons c
- XX BURNING FLUID, manufactured from 9
N per cent. Alcohol, and warranted good and cliea
s- j per than any other material for clear and bril
>y liant light, emitting no smoke whatever. Fo
Jan 7 1 tf
J. TJATS.?A fiuc assortment of Soft and Stra'
XI Hats. For sale by
BY Virtue of Writs of Fieri Facia*, to me directed,
-will be sold between tlic legal hours of
FEBRUARY next, at York Court House, the fol!
lowing property, viz:?
One tract of land levied on as tbe property of
John Fee. at the suit of J. 0. Hickliu, bounded
l y lands of Edward Dyers, A. D. Hartness, J. S.
Hemphill, J. M. Hope and R. S. Hope, contain!
inn about acres more or less. By. consent of
I'l .intiff, and S. 0. Brown, the committee of John
Fee. this tract of land will be sold for cash
, enough to pay the debt, interest, and coat of the
| ahove fi. fa , ami the balance or a credit of one
j and two years, with interest from date. 1
| Four negroes, Jane, Austin, Hilliard, and Harry,
levied on as the property of Wm. B. Dunlap,
at the suit of L. H. Massey and others. 3
Four negroes: Simon, Isom, Willis, and Emily,
| levied on as the property of W. J, Bowen, at the
suit of James Mason and others. 1
One tract of land whereon the defendant now
i resides, levied on as the property of Stanley Few!
el, at the suit of Charles McElwain and Calvin P.
j Sandifer and others. 1
A negro girl, Harriet, levied on as the property
I of Thomas White, at the suit of W. P. McFadden
j and others. 1
On Tuesday after the first Monday in February
j next, at the house of Johu Martins, I will sell one
j lot of corn, levied on as the property of Wm. N.
j Hardin, at the suit of the State. 1
One bay colt, levied on as the property of James
j McCullough, nt the suit of James Ratteree. 1
One trnct of land whereon the defendant now
| resides, and bounded by lands of James Findley,
| Dr. A. I. Barron and others. Also two horses, 2
I mules, one cotton gin, two watches, three violins,
i three rilie gun.-?, three shot guns, balance of stock
! of merchandise, consisting of carpenter's tools,
r i drngs, medicines, &c., levied on as the propperty
' j of \V. J. Bo^eu, at the suit of James Mason and
others. 1
One tract of land whereon R. M. Wallace now
i resides; also the tract of land whereon James H.
i I Wallace uow resides, levied on as the property of
R. M. Wallace, nt the suit of George Steele. 1
I One buggy and harness, levied on as the property
of Win. Nichols at the suit of G. R. Batch*
ford. 1
One tract of land containing 153 acres, more or
i less, whereon defendant resides, bounded by lands
i of I. 1). Witherspoon, Thomas Davies, and others,
t levied on as the property of John C. Wilson, at
j the suit of John W. Jones and others ; sold on a
t credit of one, two and tlnee years, interest from
i | date, purchasers to give Plaintiffs' notes, with ap;
- proved sureties. Cash sufficient to pay costs. 1
One tract of land levied on as the property of
I j Abner Hunihright, nt the suit of J. Herndon. 3
| One tract of lund whereon the defendant now
> i resides, levied on as the property of Wm. Gwinn,
j at the suk of li. T. Wheeler and others. 0
i One tract of land known as the "Garvin tract,"
j bounding on Innds of James McDowell, Mark GalI
braitb, 8. E. Brattou and others, levied on as the
: property of S. L. Love and L. P. Sadler, at the
suit of Alexander White, Adm'r., and others; to
| be re sold at the risk of the former purchaser. 9
! Two Negroes, George and Jim, levied on as the
; property of Robert Me Lure, at t ? suit of John
1 | 8. Moore & Sons. 1C
j On Tuesday after the first Monday in February
1 : next, I will sell ut the late residence of Priscilla
I Nivens, dee'd.. one lot of corn, one lot of fodder
ami one lot seed cotton, levied on as her property,
i at the suit of O. II. Perry. 2
! i On Tuesday after the first Monday in February
; I next, at 11 o'clock A. M., at the house of the deJ
I fondant, I will sell the personal property, consist'
i ing of stock, farming utensils, carriage and harness,
household and kitchen furniture, coru, foil J
der. flour, pork and numerous other articles, leviI
I cd on as the property of W. J. Boweu, at the suit
of James Mason and others. 1
On Tuesday after the first Monday in February
II ? it-. 1--4 ? 4 .?
i ncxr, .".i me nouse 01 me <u-ienuaui, ui - u viwn,
! i P. M., will be sold, horses, cattle, hoes, buggy
1 I nod harness, wagon, corn, fodder, pork, housej
hold and kitchen furniture, and numerous articles,
i levied on as the property of John C. Wilson, at
| the suit of John W. Jones and others. Sold on a
j credit of twelve months with interest from date. 1
| By virtue of an order from the Court of OrdinaI
ry for York District, I will sell a tract of land
hounding on lands of the estate of Andrew Floyd,
i Rev. Win. Dickson, Win. J. Wilson, and William
I Crawford, containing one hundred and fifty three
i acres, more or less, sold to make partition among
the heirs at law of George McFloyd, dee'd. 1
i S. C. YOUNGBLOOD, s. r. t>.
Yorkville, January 7, 1868.
FTtHE SUBSCRIBERS having bought out the
JL entire interest of L. P. BARXETT & CO,
5 in the DRUG BUSINESS in this place, respectfully
inform the citizens of the town and District,
, and adjacent counties of North Carolina, that
tlioy will continue Ihe above business at the same
old stand. In addition to their former stock of
r they have just received, and are now opening a
5 well selected stock of Medicines, which they will
sell very low for cash, or on very moderate terms
r to good and prt.mpt customers.
The Stock then, with the last purchase, is large
and well-assorted, affording excellent opportunities
to the Merchant, Planter nnd Physician, who
will gaiu much by calling and examining for themf
We have made suc'i arrangements in our future
a purchases, as will fully enable us to sell upon
- terms nnd at prices most accommodating.
Our present stock consists of Drugs, Medicines,
'- Chemicals, Dye Woods and Dye-Stuffs, Oil, Paint,
s and Painter's articles; Varnish, Window Glass (of
R, all sizes) Putty and Glasswurc. English, Ameri
can and French Perfumery ; Toilet and Shaving
y Soap : Toilet, Flesh nnd Ilair Brushes : a full ass
sortment of Surgical and Dental Instruments;
i- Trusses, Supporters and Bandages; Spices, Snuff,
best Chewing Tobacco, and Cigars of first rate
:t flavor; Harrison's Ink : Cognac Brandy of the very
best brand; pure Wines, the best ever sold in
- this market, and used only for sickness and medicinal
purposes: Schiedam Gin. a pure article,
s, All our Prepnratious and Compounds will he
[. made in strict accordance with the directions of
;- the United States Pharmacy; and we will be careful
to represent honestly and faithful^, the character
and quality of any article sold by us.
The Junior partner, Dr. JAMES B. AL_
LISON, who has already had considerable experience
in the compounding and practice of medicine,
will always be in attendance, ready and willing to
compound and dispense all prescriptions sent in
by Physicians, or fill all orders made by customers.
Physicians, therefore, need have no fear as
- to the careful compounding of all Prescriptions,
[\ even of the most daugerous medicines,
y Goods carefully packed and forwarded as dircct.
ted. Prompt attention given to ail orders,
d Jan 7 1 tf
^ i TNTENDING to change my business the ensus
| .1 ing year, I propose selling my present STOCK
of GOODS, which is very complete, at a very
J short advance on FIRST COST for CASH, or to
| prompt paying customers.
I have quite a fine variety of
Black Bombazines and Alpaccas ; plain and plaid
' Merinos, quite a variety ; a very handsome assort*
ment of Mous de Laines, solid colors; Stripes,
^ Plaids and Ombres ; Oriental and Scotch Plaids;
together with a good assortment of
r ; Brown and Blenched Homespun; an elegant asi
i sortment of MADDER PRINTS,
n | Also, a good assortment of Plaid and Plain Sat!
inetts; Black and Fancy Colored Cassimeres;
\ j Black, Blue, Green and Olive Cloths. Ladies
y ! Cloaks and Shawls?a large assortment?togeth|
er with a good selection of
^ A pretty good assortment of Hardware, Cutlery,
Crockery and Glassware, Saddles and Bridles;
| Shoes and Boots for Ladies and Gentlemen, a good
| assortment; Hats aud Bonnets, latest style; all of
j , which will be sold at unusually LOW PRICES on
e j the above terms. Persons wishing to purchase
. ! would do well to
a i before purchasing elsewhere.
D i Tim fjphts due the late concern of S. SADLER
6 ' & SON, must be closed up as longer indulgence
0 j cannot be given.
e i S. SADLER.
J : . Nov 26 47 tf
; South Carolina?York District.
j Dudley Jones, Applicant, vj. Minor Clinton, et. al.
heirs-at-law of William Clinton, deceased, defendants.
>f ' TT aPPear'nS *? my satisfaction that J. B.
3 j X Hayne and wife Julia W., ?. Corker and wife
_ ; Sarah D., DeWitt Clinton, Catharine L. Clinton,
l? ! and Virginia Lovell, defendants, reside without
r this State. It is, therefore, Ordered, that they
do appear ard object to the division or sale of the
real estate of .William Clinton, deceased, on or
- before the 15th day of February next, or their
iv consent to the same will be entered of record.
4 J. M. ROSS, 0. Y. D.
.1 No? 19 46 3m
Magnificent scheme. $60,ooc for ten
Dollars!! The following Scheme will be
; drawn by S. SWAN & CO., Managers of the Fort
Goines Academy Lottery, in each of their Lotteries
for January, 1858, at AUGUSTA, Georgia, to
which city they hare remoTcd their Principal
Class 71, to be drawn in the city of Augusta, Qa.,
in public, on Saturday, January 10, 1858.
| Class 72, to be drawn in the city of Augusta, Ga.,
in public, on Saturday, Jariuary 23d, 1858.
| Class 73, to be drawn in the city of Augusta, Ga.,
i in public, on Saturday, January 30th, 1868, on
| the plan of single numbers. Fire thousand four
! hundred prizes! Nearly one prize to erery nine
i tickets. Magnificent scheme! to be drawn EACH
11 Prize of $60,000 1 Prize of 2,000
II " 25,000 1 44 ... 1,500
1 " 10,000 60 Prizes of... 1,000
11 44 6,000 100 44 ... 200
|1 " 5,000. 100 44 ... 125
; 1 44 3,500 100 44 ... 100
approximation prizes.
4 pzs. of $300 apxg. to $60,000 pz. are $1,200
4 44 250 44 26,000 44 44 1,000
4 44 200 44 10,000 44 44 800
4 44 150 44 6,000 44 44 600
I 4 44 125 44 5,000 44 44 600
; 4 44 100 44 3,000 44 44 400
4 44 75 44 2,000 44 44 300
I A it en AM i r/YA ti it AAA
1 ' UU " 1,UW " "
5,000 ? 20 are 100,000
5,400 Prizes amounting to $320,000
Whole Ticketz $10?Halvet $5?Quarteri $2,50.
The Numbers from 1 to 50,000, corresponding
with those Numbers on the Tickets printed on
separate slips of paper, are encircled with small
tin tubes and placed in one Wheel.
The first 402 Prizes, similarly printed and encircled,
are placed in another wheel.
The wheels are then revolved, and a number is
drawn from the wheel of Numbers, and at the
same time a Prize is drawn from the other wheel.
The Number and Prize drawn out are opened and
exhibited to the audience, and registered by the
Commissioners; the Prize being placed against the
Number drawn. This operation is repeated until
all the Prizes are drawn out.
Approximation Prizes.?The two preceding
and the two succeeding Numbers to t h.;se drawing
the first 7 Prizes will be entitled to the 28
Approximation Prizes. For example: if Ticket
' No. 11250 draws the $00,000 Prize, those Tickets
| numbered 11248, 11249, 11251, 11252. will each
j be entitled to $400. If Ticket No. 550 draws the
I $25,000 Prize, those Tickets numbered 548, 549,
| 551, 552, will each be entitled to S300, and so on
according to the above scheme.
The 5,000 Prizes of $20 will be determined by
the last figure of the Number that draws the $00,000
Prize. For example, if the Number drawing
! the $00,000 Prize ends with No. 1, then all the
: Tickets, where the number ends in 1, will be entitled
to $20. If the Number ends with No. 2,
! then all the Tickets where the Number ends in 2
: will be entitled to $20. and so on to 0.
j Certificates of Packages will be sold at the fol|
lowing rates, which is the risk:
Certificate of Package of 10 Whole Tickets,...$80
44 44 10 Half 41 ... 40
44 44 10 Quarter 44 ... 20
44 44 10 Eighth 44 "!... 10
In ordering Tickets or Certificates, enclose
the money to our address for the Tickets ordered,
on receipt of which they will be forwarded by first
mail. Purchasers can have Tickets ending in any
figure they may designate. ^
The List of Drawu Numbers and Prizes will be \
; sent to purchasers immediately ufter the drawing, i
Purchasers will please write thtir signa- V
! tures plain, and give their Post Office. County and \
j State. i
I Remember that every Prize is drawn and \
1 payable in full without deduction. \
All prizes of ?1,000 anil under, paid iroI
mediately after the drawing?other prizes at the ^
usual time of thirty days.
All communications strictly confidential.
I Address Orders for Tickets or Certificates to
S. SWAN & CO., Augusta, Ga.
Persons residing near Montgomery, Ala.,
j or Atlanta, Ga., can have their orders filled, and
| save time by addressing, S. Swan & Co., at either
! of those cittes.
list of the numbers that are drawn from
the wheel, with the amount of the prize that each
one is entitled to, will be published after every
drawing, in the following papers:
Augusta (Geo.) Constitutionalist, Xeto Orleans
Delta, Mobile Register, Charleston Standard, Xashvilli
Gazette, Atlanta Intelligencer, Xeic York Wetk~
ly Day Book, Savannah Morning Netrs, Richmond
Dispatch, Xew York Dispatch and Paulding (Mies.)
Jau 1 1 tf
newTopahtnership !
HAVING purchased the interest of WILLIAM
M. WALKER in the establishment of WEIKERT
& WALKER, the undersigned take pleasure
iu announcing to the citizens of York and the surrounding
country that the 4,NEW COACH FACTORY"
will be conducted by them under the firm of
The successful conduct of the establishment has
enabled them to commence under every advantage
; the building is arranged specially for the
purpose; the very BEST WORKMEN have been
procured in every department; and with a good
j stock of well-seasoned timber and a superior lot of
direct from market, the proprietors guarantee that
their work will not be surpassed hero or elsewhere.
The Seuior partner is au experienced
workman, and they can therefore pledge themselves
for the superior DURABILITY and finish of
their work, in every particular. They will constantly
be in receipt of patterns, and will be able
to put up jobs in the latest and most approved
styles. Particular attention will be given to all
kinds of
which will be done promptly and faithfully. The
Proprietors have purchased the right for this section
COUPLING, a recent invention, which need only
be seen to convince any one of its superior value
in imparting ease, lightness and durability to every
sort of vehicle. It adds but little to the cost,
and renders the work almost doubly serviceable.
The public arc respectfully invited to call at their
opposite STOWE'S HOTEL, and inspect their
work. The establishment has heretofore succeeded
in giving entire satisfaction, and the new tirin
are sure that with equal encouragement, they are
as well prepared and as ready to serve a generous
ggy All our work is warranted to stand good
for twelve mouths; and if any failure occurs
within that time, the rcparing will be done carefully
and cheerfully.
Call and see us ; and, meantime, "lethim laugh
who rides."
Sept. 10 36 tf
OF YOUTH.?Just Published, the 3d Edi]
tion. On Spermatorrhea or Seminal Diseases.?
| A scientific Treatise on the treatment and perfect
j cure of Nervous Debility, Seminal Weakness, Involuntary
Emissions, Impotence, &c., resulting
from vicious habits acquired during the critical
passage from Youth to Manhood.
By DR. CULVERWELL, Member of the Royal
College of Surgeons of England, (1827.) Licentiate
of the Hall (1824,) and 30 years l.esident
Practitioner in London; Author of the "Guide to
j Health," "Green Book," "How . to be Happy,"
"Memoirs of Single and Married Life," &c.
j This small, but highly valuable Treatise, writ
ten oy a woriu-renowneu ruyciciuu nuu uut?U|
points out the only sure and permanent cure for
all diseases resulting from self abuse, and is the
only publication of its kind written in a benevolent
spirit and by a scientific man. It should be
I in the hands of all who value their life and health
! and happiness here and hereafter.
Price, 12 cents, or 4 stamps, at the receipt of
which will be sent, post free, and well secured, by
Dr. Ch. Klihb, No. 420 1st Avenue, Box 8586,
New York.
Jan 21 8 tf
South Carolina?York District.
G. W. Barnett, Applicant, vt. Casandra Barnett,
et. at., heirs-at-law of L. P. Barnett, deceased,
IT appearing to my satisfaction that Benjamin
R.. Barnett, one of the defendants, reside without
the limits of this State. It is therefore Ordered,
that he do appear and object to the division or
' sale of the real estate of L. P. Barnett, on or bei
fore the 3d day of February next,-or his consent
i to the same will .be entered of record.
1 J. M. ROSS, o. T. o.
Nov. 8, 1867. 46 8a

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