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Correspondence of the Yorkville Enquirer.
Chester, March 26.?The amount of
business done in Court last week after my
letter of the 19th had been forwarded, was
of little importance. One more Ethiopian
was tried late Tuesday afternoon, Kdward
Beckham by name, the charge
against him being that of house breaking.
Tnejury rendered a verdict of not guilty.
Only one case up for trial on Wednesday,
that against Dr. C. L. Clawson for selling
whisky without a license or prescription.
The jury failed to agree in this case and a
new trial was ordered. During the day
Judge Fraser .passed sentences on those
convicted prisoners who had not been sentenced
before. Issabud Lumpkin was sent
to the penitentiary for one year. Fred.
Washington was given two years, and
John Nelson five years at same institution ;
Vic. Hardin was sent to the county jail
for two months.
The grand jury made a short report in
the latter part of which they expressed
themselves as being wen pieasea to see
that the bar-keepers had taken down their
screens. The attention of the Court was
called to this matter by a committee from
the Chester Lodge of Good Templars,
which had been appointed for that purpose.
The law was plain on the subject and
the presence of a screen in a bar-room, although
a common piece of bar-room furniture,
is nevertheless a plain and unmistakable
violation of the general liquor law.
Furthermore, the special license act, which
has proven such a gold mipe to Chester,
imposes heavy penalties on the violation
"in any respect" of the liquor law, one of
the penalties being that any person convicted
in the county court of such a violation
shall be forever and eternally debarred
from holding a license in Chester
again. The grand jury probably realized
that it was easier for a camel to pass to the
top of a greasy pole than for a Chester jury
to say guilty in a whisky case, so they did
not make a presentment, but simply told
the bar-keepers they had better take down
their screens before somebody got hurt.
This was done promptly, and now the unobstructed
light shines in and the breezes
blow through unhindered.
The Chester Manufacturing Company
have begun work on the houses for their
hands. Ten frame buildings will be erected,
and it is said that the factory hands at
Chester will be better supplied in this
respect than those of any other factory in
this part of the State. Six of these houses
will contain eight rooms each, and are to
be two stories in height. Four one story
cottages will be erected also, each containing
four rooms.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Chester and Camden Kailroad was
held here last Thursday. The meeting resulted
in the formation of the Camden,
Chester and Gaffney City Kailroad Company,
which is a revised, enlarged and improved
edition of the former corporation.
An election of officers was held for the
ensuing year. The election resulted in
the choice of J. V. Sarratt as president.
The following board of directors was also
chosen: J. K. Henry, J. W. Wilks, J. It.
Culp, l)r. S. M. Wylie, R. C. Thompson,
J. A. Carroll, T). A. Thomas and J. A.
Wood. S. B. Lathan was elected secretary
and treasurer. Five or six additional subscriptions
to the stock of the company
were taken at the meeting. The board
was authorized to elect a financial agent
whose especial duty will be the management
of the finances of the company to be
expended in the construction of that part
of the road lying between the town of Gaflfney
and the North Carolina line. The
board will also fix the amount of the bond
to be given by the financial agent. The
directors were further authorized to mortgage
the road at a rate not to exceed
$20,000 a mile. The next annual meeting
of the stockholders will be held at Gaffney
on the third Thursday in March, 1890.
Mr. William Reynolds delivered an interesting
and earnest Sunday-school address
at the Presbyterian church Sunday
afternoon. Mr. Reynolds is the president
of the International Sunday-school Convention,
and is a widely known Sundayschooi
worker. His home is in Illinois.
Mr. Reynolds stopped in Chester while on
his way to attend the session of the State
Sunday-school Convention which convenes
in Charleston to-day.
The Lee Light Infantry has been agitating
the question of going to New York
in April. This warlike troop has been
rather quiet of late. In fact they always
Rtanai do -keep quiet until an inspection, or a
very big and very cheap excursion comes
along, when the Lees usually come out
from their ambush and make a successful
raid. Six new members were added to
the company last week. They have not
fully decided about the centennial trip
yet, but a conclusion will probably be
reached this week.
Mr. Jerry. T. Walker, a former citizen
of this county, died recently in Marion
county, Florida. He had been a resident
of that State for about three years.
Mr. W. O. Guy, of Lowrysville, proposes
to try for the $1,000 corn prize
offered by the American Agriculturist.
Mr. William It. Kitchens and Miss Ida
Jackson were married on the 10th inst.,
at the residence of the bride's father.
Rev. R. W. Sanders performed the ceremony.
A new street is to be opened from the
factory to Depot street, coming out where
Peter Agurs lives.
Correspondence of the Yorkville Enquirer.
Blackstock, March 25.?The weather of
the past week has been very favorable for
farming operations in our community and
all seemed to be taking advantage of their
opportunities. Several persons are through
with their corn planting, but the great majority
seem to think their best plan would
be to put off planting a week or two longer.
There is a great scarcity of seed coru in
these parts, and it has been impossible,
thus far, for some to obtain it from sources
which never failed them before.
Large quantities of commercial fertilizers
are being hauled from our town daily.
Indeed, so great seems to be the demand,
that our merchants find some difficulty in
supplying it fast enough. We notice, also,
that large consignments of hay are being received
here, which we take as auything
else than an indication of the prosperous
condition of our farming classes.
There was a marriage in town last
Thursday, and though the contracting parties
came from some distance in the county
to have the nuptial knot tied, it was not
a "runaway match." The groom, Mr. Ed.
McWatters, had dispatched one of his
lriends to town the day before to arrange
preliminaries for that afternoon, but,
somehow or other, no one was found to
perform the ceremony ; so the event had
to be postponed. On Thursday, however,
the services of Rev. W. G. Neville were
secured, and by him the mystic words
were spoken that bound into one the hith
erto separate lives of Mr. McYVatters and
Miss Mattie Perry. The ceremony took
place about fi ve o'clock in tho afternoon,
at the residence of Mrs. Susan McKuskey,
and was witnessed by a few friends.
The sad news of the death of Mr. Rob.
Brice, whose illness at Due West was noticed
in your last issue, reached Blackstock
last Friday morning. He had been among
us so recently in all the beauty and strength
of vigorous young manhood, that it was
hard to realize that he had passed from
earth forever. Many of his youthful years
had been spent in the community, and
many were the friends and admirers of
his, who looked forward with bright anticipations
to the life of usefulness for which
his talent seemed to have fitted him. In
the graveyard of Hopewell church, of
which his father had for many years been
pastor, and where his remains lie buried,
the mourning relatives wished their loved
one to rest; accordingly the body was
brought to Blackstock Friday night and
was taken hence to Hopewell next morning,
where the funeral services were conducted
by the pastor, Rev. John A.
Correspondence of tbe Yorkvllle Enquirer.
Lancaster, March 2o.?The town of
Lancaster put on some gaiety last week,
but the same was regulated with becoming
propriety and moderation. Miss Nannie
Hudson, of this place, was, on the evening
of the 20th instant, united in wedlock to
Mr. W. B. Alexander, of Birmingham,
Alabama. It is said to have been a brilliant
wedding. The marriage ceremony
was celebrated at the house of Mr. J. C.
Payseur, the brother-in-law of the bride,
by the Rev. A. L. Stowe, of the Baptist
church, in the presence of quite a number of
invited guests from Birmingham, Atlanta,
York, Chester and this town and county.
The whole party was a select one; and the
social feature of the affair is highly commended.
The wedding supper spread for
the invited guests is said to have been
most abundant and choice in style and
matter. The ladies were exquisitely
dressed, and the gentlemen were all in
good style, the silk beaver hat and the
spike tail coat being freely in use. The
bride received some'haudsome presents,
each one of the guests contributing a present
of some sort. The bride and groom
and visiting guests all left the next morning
on the 9 o'clock train of the Three C's
road, accompanied, as far as Yorkville,
by a party from Lancaster, who returned
on the evening train. The uewly married
couple, before going to Birmingham, contemplate
quite an extensive tour through
the Northern States, upon which they
have already set out. Miss Nannie was
deservedly held in high repute here, on
account of her sweet disposition, elegant
manners and beautiful person. We all
wish her a prosperous voyage through
life, and a blissful future beyond the
On last Friday night, just before the
Blacksburg train approached Catawba
Junction, a cross-tie was discovered lying
right across the track. Some kind individual
discovered it before the train
reached the spot, and waived the train
down with a light, just in time to prevent
a catastrophe. There seems to be some
fatality about Catawba Junction; for here
the young lady was insulted; Mr. Abernathy
was killed, and a trian ran off the
track near there some lime ago. A wicked
purpose, by this last act, was certainly
manifested, and there is some bad person
or persons behind it.
The continuous rains here keep the
farmers in a backward state. It look^
now as if we were going tp have another
wet spell. The peach trees are now in
bloom, and if we ao not have considerable^
frost hereafter, we will have fruit-fnis
year. We have had no fruit here of any
consequence for two or three years. Some
il. 1 1 T.:H
ui uie lucui prupueio any mat una win uo
a good fruit year as well as a good crop
year. Nosilla.
The following is a list of the letters re*maining
in the post office at Yorkville, S.
C., for the week ending March 23,1889:
L. N. Campbell, Miss Sallie Chambers, J. H.
Chambers, K. P. Gibson, E. L. Hanks, E. L.
Mather, Joe Meals, Miss Frances McElwee,
James Rankin, James Seagle, E. H. Wallace.
Persons calling for any of the above letters
are requested to mention that they
are advertised in the Yorkville Enquirer.
W. A. Moore, P. M.
For the Week Ending March 20?Observations
by Mr. J. R. Sehorb.
a a .
| 6 . . 2 I a
n ATF - * ? C - a &
DATr*. I, u, CD 5 ? a
3 < 3 ? * ? 5
I JO .1 02 A << K
Wednesday 20.. ! 40 01 5(5 54 61 43
Thursday 21 38 64 55 52 64 37 ....
Friday 22. / 33 62 55 50 63 31
Saturday 23 !i 40 65 59 55 67 37
Sunday 21 | 47 56 51 51 56 44 .35
Monday 25 j 49 59 54 54 60 47 .37
Tuesday 26 i 42 68 61 57 69 41 ....
Mean for week j 42 62 56 53 63 40 ..72
rftlarltci Jtfporfe
Cotton Market.
YORKVILLE, March 27.-Cotton, 9 to 9$.
LIVERPOOL, March 25.?Cotton steady and
in fair demand ; middling, 5 ll-16d.
CHARLESTON, March 25.?Cotton steady;
middling, 10i.
NEW YORK, March 25.?Cotton firm; uplands,
10L Futures closed barely steady, with
sales of 53,000 bales, as follows: March, 10.01
to 10.02; April, 9.99 to 10; May, 10.07 to 10.08;
June. 10.14 to 10.15: July. 10.21 to 10.22; Au
gust, 10.28: September, 9.89 to 9.90; October,
9.69 to 9.70; November, 9.60 to 9.62 ; December,
9.61 to 9.63 ; January, 9.69 to 9.71.
Comparative Cotton Statement.
NEW Y ORK, March 22.?The following is the
comparative cotton statement for the week
ending March 22,1889: 1889. 1888.
Receidtsatall ports for week.. 84,913 38,234
Total receipts to date 5,106,418 5,050,617
Exports for the week 128,743 56,980
Total exports to date 3,873,921 3,699,561
Stock at all U. States portB.... 622,820 724,527
Stock in interior towns 94,347 148,545
Stock at Liverpool 793,000 888,000
Afloat for Great Britain 149,000 109,000
Spuria! |lotirur>.
Preaching at Shady Groye.
There will be preaching at Shady Grove next
Sunday, 31st instant, at 11 o'clock. A. M., by
the pastor. Jnc. L. Hakley.
March 27 13 It.
Poisoned by a Calf.
My little boy broke out with ulcers and sores,
the result of the saliva from a call's mouth
coming in contact with a cut finger. The ulcers
were deep and very painful, and showed
no inclination to heal. I used quite a number
of remodies, with no benefit, but got Swift's
Specific, and he improved with the first fewdoses
and in a short time was sound and well
of the poison, and his personal health much
improved. John T. Heard.
Auburn, Ala., Feb. 25,1889.
In 1883 I contracted Blood Poison of a bad
type, and was treated with mercury, potash
and sarsaparilla mixtures, growing worse all
the time. I took seven small bottles of S. S. S.,
which cured me entirely, and no sign of the
dreadful disease has returned. J. C. Nance.
Hobby ville, Ind., Jan. 10, 1889.
Swift's Specific is entirely vegetable, and
cures Blood Poison by forcing the taint out
through the pores of the skin. Send for treatise
on Blood and Skin Diseases, mailed free.
The Swift Specific Co.,
Drawer 3, Atlanta, Ga.
March 27 13 It
Voluntary Testimony.
John C. Kuykendai., Yorkville, S. C.:
Dear Sir .-?In my occupation as a house
painter, I have used in the past'10 years many
brands of Paint, but none have given such satisfaction
to my employers and myself as the
Longman <k Martinez Pure Prepared Paint. I
can recommend it for its great covering properties,
two coats being equal to three of any
other paint that I have used, its consequent
economy to the consumer, its ease of handling
and application and its durability. It is the
purest and best prepared paint on the market.
Yours truly, Wm. T. Hill,
Pradical Painter and Grainer.
March 23rd, 1889.
ps3- For sick-headache, foul tongue, bad taste
in the mouth, and loss of appetite, take Jackson's
Blagk Pills.
^ptf-If your eyes are failing, get Hawkes s
crystalized lenses. Sold only by Kuykendal.
^er All the popular patent and proprietary
medicines at Kuykendal's.
fcif- Fresh Drugs every week at Kuykendal's.
^JSSf-Slug Killer; Sure death to all Slugs,
Worms, and all Insects that attack flowers,
vegetables, grape vines or fruit trees. In five
pound packages at 40 cents a package, at Kuykendal's.
yztr imperial r.gg roou increases anu gives
more volume and better tone to the lay of the
lien. Sold a* Kuykkndal's.
7iAt~ Another lot of Piedmont Beauty Tobacco
at Kuykkndai/s. Selling ]?y the box at manufacturer's
7C3sr Good common grades of Tobacco at from
25 to 50 cents, at wholesale, at Kuykkndai/s.
pgr Farmers' Alliance Guano, a very high
grade, controlled in town by Kuykkndal.
Offering low to close out.
;2rft- Members of Kuykkndai/s Alliance are
requested to get their supplies of Soluble Pacific
Guano before it is all sold.
A Womuii'M Discovery.
"Another wonderful discovery has been
made and that, too, by a lady in this county.
Disease fastened its clutches upon her and for
seven years she withstood its severest tests, but
her vital organs were undermined and death
seemed imminent. For three mouths she
coughed incessantly and could not sleep. She
bought of us a bottle of Dr. King's New Medical
Discovery for Consumption, and was so
much relieved on taking the first dose that she
slept all night, and with one bottle has been miraculously
cured. Her name is Mrs. Luther
Lutz." Thus write W. C. Hamrick A Co., of
Shelby, N. C. Get a trial bottle at Lowky A
St a Hit's Drug Store.
The Verdict Unanimous.
W. D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus, Ind., testifies:
"I can recommend Electric Bitters as the very
best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief
in every instance. One man took six bottles,
and was cured of Rheumatism of 10 years'
standing." Abraham Hare, Druggist, Bollville,
Ohio, aflirms: "The best selling medicine
I have over handled in niv twenty years' experience,
is Electric Bitters." Thousands of others
have added their testimony, so that the verdict
is unanimous that Electric Bitters do cure
all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood.
0::!y a halfdollar a bottle at Lowky A Stark's
Drug Store.
Bucklen'N Arnica Salve.
The best Salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises,
Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin
Eruptioes, and positively cures Piles, or ao pay
required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price 25 cents
perbox. For sale by Lowky A Stakk.
Something New.
We call your attention to the fact that Chipman's
Livkk Pills have been elegantly sugarcoated,
and put up in nickle screw-top bottles.
Those who wish them plain can buy them so.
Those who use these pills for sick-headache,
malaria, dyspepsia, etc., declare them to be the
best. Sold by Lowky & Stakk.
ferial |lotircs.
ReligionH Notice.
There will he a congregational meeting at
Harmony Church on the fifth Sabbath of this
month?31st instant. A full attendance of the
members is desired.
W. W. Ratciiford, Pastor.
March 20 12 2t
Baptist Sunday School Convention.
The next meeting of the York Raptist Sunday
School Convention will be held with the
Raptist Church at Rlacksburg, commencing
Friday before the 5th Sunday in March, 18X9.
Introductory sermon by Rev. F. C. IliokRon;
missionary sermon by Rev. R. G. Patrick.
It is earnestly desired that the Sunday schools
composing this body will send full delegations
to this our first meeting this year.
II. E. JOHNSON, President.
F. H. Dover, Clerk.
March/20 12 2t
Married?At Hickory Grove, York county,
S. C., on the 19th instant, by Rev. R. A. Ross,
P. D., Dr. J. WISTAR ALLISON and Miss
LAURA'WYLIE, daughter of the late Thomas
G. Wylie. All of York county.
Dikd?JNear Ulive, unesier county, n. u, uu
Tuesday, March 19, 1SS9, of dropsy, Mrs. WILLIE
C. GWIN, wife of Joseph C. Gwin, in the
2Gt.h year of her age.
Near Philadelphia Church, in York county,
on the 23rd instant, Mr. CALVIN ALEXANDER,
son of Mr. Haston Alexander, aged about
45 years.
Near Hoodtown, York county, on the 23rd
instant, of pneumonia, Mr. MARION SMITH,
son of Mr. J. W. Smith, aged 24 years.
ALL persons having claims against the estate
of ROBERT DAVIDSON, deceased,
are requested to present them, duly authenticated,
within the time prescribed by law. Persons
indebted to the said estate are required to
make immediate payment to the undersigned.
R. B. DAVIDSON, I p_n(Mltnrs
W. T. DAVIDSON, J ExocutorsMarch
27 13 3t
ON THURSDAY, April 4th, 1889, at half past
seven o'clock P. M., IN YORK COURT
HOUSE, the Board of Corporators, organized
under the commission issued to them by Hon.
J. Q. Marshall, Secretary of State of the State
of South Carolina, will open the BOOKS OF
SUBSCRIPTION to the capital stock of the
WM. H.HERNDON. Chairman of Board.
Attest: J. R. Lindsay, Secretary.
March 27 13 It
I OFFER for sale a pair of well-broken medium
sized mules. They are in good order
and will do good service. One of them is a native
of York county, and will be 10 years old
thisSpriDg; the other is a native of Tennessee,
but has spent the past eight years in Yorkcounty,
and will bo 11 years old this Spring.
These mules are superior for heavy farm work
to four year olds, and will bo sold cheap.
Terms cash. Call and see me about them.
March 27 13 It
1WISH to say that I, MILES, will sell you
better SADDLES AND HARNESS for less
money than any man in the State.
Old Beecher's dead and gone to rest ;
I hope he'll find it's for the best;
But MILES is hero with saddles fmo,
And everything that's in his line.
The fire may burn, the earth may shake,
But Saddles good I'm bound to make,
And Harness, too, that's strong and good,
To Dull vou out through any mud.
^50- Please call and see me at ROCK HILL,
thk Town of Towns. Respectfully,
March 27 13 8t
THE first session of the YORKVILLE
begin MONDAY, APRIL 1st, 1880.
A- full corps of teachers in the
mm^ Primary, Grammar School, High
School, and School of Classics, has been ongaged.
At a recent meeting of the Hoard of
Trustees, the following scheuule of prices was
Primary and Grammar Schools to all persons
residing within the town limits, tuition free.
Primary and Grammar Schools, tuition for
all persons residing outside of town limits,
?1.00 per month.
High School for all persons, ?2.00 per month.
High School with Classics (not exceeding
two) ?3.00 per month.
Stenography and Typewriting, including use
of typewriter, ?3.00 por month.
Music, ?3.00 per month.
JSS- Tuition payable monthly. No pay pupil
will be allowed to continue to attend school
where tuition is not paid within five days after
close of each school month. A school month
consists of 20 school days.
By order of the Board of Trustees.
L. M. GRIST, Secretary.
W. J. Titacicston, Superintendent.
March 27 13 2t
I WOULD respectfully announce to my old
friends and customers in York county, that
I shall be in Yorkville on MONDAY AND
2nd, with a fine lot of
And will be pleased to oiler BARGAINS in
either. I will be present myself, and in meeting
my old friends I can assure them that I
will offeronly the best of stock, which will bo
sold at reasonable prices and on liberal terms.
To those who may not wish to buy, I may be
open for a swap, and will always give a fair
trade in either ease. Be sure to call and see me
at GLENN <fc WIIITAKEK'S Stables on Monday
and Tuesday next. A. WILLI FORD.
March 27 13 It
HAVING purchased the stock of Drugs and
Medicines formerly owned by Dr. I). C.
Atkinson and deciding to move our Drugs and
Chemicals from Gall'ney City to Yorkville, wo
would respectfully ask a share of the public
Our stock will always be full up with the
most reliable Patent and Proprietary Medicines
of the day, together with all the useful novelties
in Rubber Goods and Fancy Articles.
We enumerate here a fowof our Patent Medicines,
most of which are well known on this
Simmons' Liver Regulator.
Railway's Ready Relief.
Botanic Blood Balm or 15. 15. 15.
Swift's Specific or S. S. S.
Warner's Safe ('lire.
Wild Orange Syrup?the great Florida Fever
Cure and Blood' Purifier?only 75 cents per
Bradfiold's Regulator?a splendid medicine.
Dr. Rigger's Huckelborry Cordial, and a
thousand and one things that wo are unable to
mention in this limited space.
We have just received a large invoice of
"Sheriffs Stile" Cigars which we would recommend
to smokers who like a fragrant cigar.
We will give you another chapter next week.
Yorkville, S. I'.
I TilF. above old and popular
HOTEL lias been recently enMiijJPfSL
larged by the addition of sever^tsSSfEE
al rooms, and being well furnished
throughout, is well prepared to ACCOMMODATE
Special accommodations provided for TRAVELING
SALESMEN, and largo and commodious
rooms for the display of their samples.
RETREAT will 11 nd in Yorkville
a pleasant and bracing atmosphere
throughout the season, and at the PARISH
HOTEL they can procure a pleasant home.
Families boarded at reasonable prices.
Table fare as good as this and neighboring
markets afford.
Free Omnibus to guests between depots and
Hotel. C. G. PARISH, Proprietor.
February 27 0 tf
I AM handling a first class line of Collins
and Caskets which I will sell at the very
j lowest prices. Personal attention at all hours.
lam prepared to repair all kinds of Furni|
ture at reasonable prices.
1 January 215 4 ly
JUST opened a large lot of fine Dress Goods
of every description, or. which we are making
lowest known prices for casn.
A large stock of fine Dress Ginghams, Satines
and Percales. Choice Dress Prints and
Shirtings. Cashmeres, Henriettas, Nuns Veilings,
Merino Coupures, Satin Diagonal, and a
full stock of Fancy Dress Goods, at very low
prices; Fancy Lawns and Muslins, and achoice
stock of White Goods, Checked Muslins, India
Linens, ?fcc.
Terry Cloth for Cloaking.
Wo are making specially low prices on Cassimeres
for hoys' and men's wear. Cottonades
and Jeans, Plaid Osnaburgs, Stripe Shirtings,
Ticks, Drown Drills, 4-4 Sheetings,10-4 Sheetings,
line Table Linens, Turkey Red Tablings,
Napkins and Doylies, line Damask and Huck
Towels, Lace Curtains and Scrim Curtains.
Our stock of Stationery and Books is larger
than ever before and prices are lower. All
kinds of Family Bibles and small Bibles in
fine and common bindings.
Music and Music Books of every kind.
We have opened a stock of Ilats for men and
boys that cannot be surpassed by any in this
market. Still Hats, Soft, Fur, Felt and Wool.
Wo open this week an invoice of Straw Hats
'for men and boys, bought specially cheap and
sold at lowest prices.
Every purchaser should buy Shoes from us,
because we oiler the largest stock to select from
and we sell at the lowest prices. We can fit
any foot and guarantee every pair of Shoes
to wear as represented.
Men's heavy Shoos; all shapes. Men's fine
Shoes in lace, button and Congress, in different
widths. All kinds of fine button and lace
Shoes for ladies, misses and children. Slippers
for old ladies. Fine Operas and Oxfords for
ladies and misses.
UUK AHLliiiMl'JK, i\HOi"5 WUUiiXiH, "in
return this week with a nice stock ofMillinery
Goods, Hats, Bonnets, &c.rin newest shapes.
Miss WOOTTEN has been in the markets for a
month, and has studied the styles carefully,
and brings all the newest Novelties with her.
Fine Gloves, Collars, Cuffs, Handkerchiefs, &c.
A beautiful lot of Neckwear. ! i' V*
Just opened an invoice of fine Gold and Sif-^
ver Watches. We guarantee every Watch *we
sell to be as represented, and we agree to keep
any that we sell in repair for 12 months, except
Watches under ?6, which we cannot guarantee.
We have some nice Gold Watches, ladies'
sizes, with a stock of beautiful Chains,
Fobs, Ac. Silver Thimbles, Gold Finger Rings.
A large stock of fine Jewelry of every description,
for gentlemen and ladies. Call and
see us and we can please you in style, price and
Wo have a competent workman in the repairing
department. H. F. ADICKES.
The People's Friend always divides
with its Customers.
THE BARGAIN HOUSE is now on a boom.
People wonder in amazement at the big
bargains offered them in
Millinery, Dress Goods, Hosiery, Notions,
Hardware, Tobacco, Segars, Jeans,
Work Shirts, Tin Ware, Trunks,
Valises, Satchels, Gents' Neckwear,
Men's and Boys'
laundried and unlaundried
And many other articles too numerous to mention.
I have my buyers in
New York, Philadelphia, Boston and
All the time on the lookout for bargains, and I
always send in my order before hand, so that
when bargains are offered that suit my trade,
they ship them out at once to me; anu as 1 sen
everything at a certain profit, I at once put it on
the market at my usual profit, thereby giving
the customer the benefit of ray low prices.
I am now receiving my Spring stock of all
kinds of
Which shall be second to none, and I will try
to keep everything that iB kept in a first-class
My Millinery Department is full of all the latest
fashions and at lowest prices. I have just
received a lot of beautiful Hats for men a'ud
boys, which areas low as any House can sell
you. I have the advantage of BUYING FOR
CASH and
Selling at a Uniform Profit,
And the advantage of resident buyers in the
city, which enables me to get goods very low.
I propose to sell you any kind of goods as low
as any House. All I ask is that you come and
see my Goods. I have had many year's experience
GOODS BUSINESS, and I certainly know
what the wants of the leopleare.
I have just receiveu a lot of nice Tobacco,
Which the old firm sold so much of; and I have
a few boxes of Dexter at 25 cents a pound or 5
cents a plug, and I say, without fear of contradiction,
that my Dexter at 5 cents a plug is
the best ever offered in York, at the price. I
have purchased a largo lot of
The Grand Republic Cigars,
And am offering thorn at 5 cents, and they are
as good, if not better, than anything on the
I have just purchased a large lot of SPOOL
COTTON to run at 2 cents a spool : as good as
anything on the market. I also have an elegant
assortment of PALL COTTON at 2 cents.
Alamance, 6 cents.
Yard-wide Shirting, fit cents per yard by the
bolt; 7 cents at retail.
Pest Prints, 7 cents.
1,000 yards of Prints at 3 cents ; dark colors
and as good as you will lind at 5 cents.
Towels, Diapers, Handkerchiefs at 3 cents and
up; Ilair Pins, 2 cents; Pencils, 1 cent; Pins,
1 cent; Pleached Hoods, Ginghams, Cottonades
and, in fact, almost everything
None shall sell lower in same kind of goods.
Call and see me and got my prices.
Mrs. T. M. DOBSON,
Loading Bargain House,
Sign of the Elephant,
Parish Building.
OUR friends and the public, generally are
respectfully invited to examine our Goods
and Prices, and wo do assure you that you
shall have the worth of your money in all transactions
with us. Our Spring and Summer
Clothing is on hand, anu wo can show you
Cheap Goods, Medium floods and as pretty
Suits as can be found anywhere. In Men's
Shoes we can furnish you with hand-sewed,
down as cheap as you could desire. Ladies
Shoos, in kid, goat and Gondola, of the best
make, nice titting and satisfaction guaranteed.
Ladies'Jersey Undervests, White Goods, Dress
Goods, Notions, Corsets, Table Linen, Damask
in colors, Doylies, and many other articles that
our space will not allow enumerating, at
prices to pleiise. A full lino of
Men's an<l Boys' Shirts.
Linen Cull's and Collars, Celluloid and Pyroloid
Culls and Collars. Suspenders at all prices.
Our Stationery stock is full. Something
pretty in Rox Paper for young ladies and
gents. In Miscellaneous Bargains you can
find Lanterns, Lamp Chimneys, Globes for
Lanterns, Garden Seeds,
Best Quality X. O. molasses.
Table Cutlery and Crockery. Cotton and Wool
Cards, Drawing Knives, Braces and Bits, Hand
Saws, Backhands, Trace Chains, Plowstocks,
Blow Handles, Plow Blades, Ames's Shovels,
Porks, Curry Combs and Horse Brushes.
A small lot of Flannels and Plaids will be
sold regardless of cost, for the money. Staplo
Goodsat the very lowest market prices.
I.ocul Tn.v?Yorkville School District.
IN accordance with the provision of A A., approved
December 24th, 1HH8, the assessments
SCHOOL DISTRICT, will be delivered
to me 011 the 21st day of March, 1SS0, and
said book of Assessments will bo open from
said day, until tho^gOTH DAY OF APRIL,
for the collection of the special levy of TWO
MILLS, on all the property in said District.
After the 20th day of APRIL THE BOOK
WILL BE CLOSED, and the lf> per cent, penalty
will attach.
II. A. I). NEELY,County Treasurer.
March 20 12 * f?t
Fires a Volley of Ringing
Words at its Patrons.
~^^TE take groat pleasure in informing our
friends and customers in this section that our
enormous stock of Spring and Summer goods
have arrived and our shelves are groaning under
the pressure, and it will give us unbounded
pleasure to carry you through our stock and
quote the prices of the wonderful bargains wo
have to offer in our well assorted goods.
Our stock comprises everything usually kept
in a well selected stock of Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Notions, Ac., and it is our
determination in the future to lead in these
lines as well as in all others kept by us. We
have had the manhood and courage to map out
our plans of action and publish them to the
world; and what is more, we have had the grit
to stick to these plans and put them into execution.
The Yorkville Racket has been in operation
nearly a year, and what it has accomplished
can be testified to by thousands of people in
this section of the State, and its merits in the
future shall only bo measured by its supernatural
success in the past. With this assurance,
we ask our friends to continue their patronage
with us, and we will guarantee to supply
them with reliable goods at the most reasonable
prices possible.
In our stock of Dry Goods we have everything
to make the department full and complete.
In Dress Goods we have some very handsome
goods for Spring wear, such as light
Worsted Cashmere, both black and colored.
If you want a Black Cashmere or Henrietta,
call and see our Black Henrietta, 4G inches wide,
at 48 cents. A big bargain.
We also have Cashmeres and Henriettas at
from 20 cents per yard up to 00 cents per yard.
In colors we can show an excellent line of
dress goods at 25 cents, 30 cents, 35 and 40 cents.
In Colored Melange our goods are very pretty
at 12J and 15 cents?worth 20 and 25 cents.
Our line of White Goods will compare with
any stock that has ever been in this section.
Of the large number of critics who have examined
the fabric, all are unanimous as to the
good quality and low prices of these goods.
Of fine finish and good material, we will be
glad to have you compare our White Goods
and prices with anybody's, besides being delighted
to have you inspect the goods.
Calicoes at 5, 0 and 7 cents per yard ; Ginghams
at 8i and 10 cents?worth 10 and 121 cents.
Yery pretty goods.
In Ladies', Misses' and Children's Hosiery
we can furnish you with some tremenduous
bargains at all prices from 5 cents, a pair up.
We haye just opened a new lot of Bleached
Domestics, Brown and Bleached Drill, Hickory
Shirting and many othei staples which
makes our stock in this department quite complete,
and our prices are at the bottom.
Our line of Cashmeres, Jeans and Cottonades
cannot bo beaten in this market or even in this
section. We have a nice line of Cassimeres
ranging in price from 40 cents up to 31.10.
Joans from 121 to 45 cents. Cottonades at 121,
16, 18, 22 cents and up.
We will open out this week the handsomest
line of Men's, Boys' and Children's Straw Hats
ever shown in this market. Try us in these
goods before you buy.
Our stock of Men's, Youths' and Boys'
Clothing is very handsome, and in style and
price cannot be beaten in any market.
Wo can sell you a Child's suit for ?1.35, 32,00,
32.50, 32.07 and up. A Youth's suit at 33.00,
3-3.50, 3-1.20,35.33 and up.
In Mon's Clothing, we have suits in all colors
in Sacks and Cutaways, at from 34.50 up.
All we ask in the Clothing line is a fair and
impartial inspection, and if we can't suit you
it will be no fault of ours, for our stock of
Clothing is well adapted in style and quality to
this market and are sold at Racket prices.
Our Shoe Department is our pride, and we are
unquestionably headquarters for this section.
We are handling a tremenduous stock of Gent's,
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Shoos, and our
pricv s aro exceedingly low. Every quality and
grade of shoo from the commonest to the dainty
French heel. We rarely ever fail to suit and
sell all who give us a call. Be sure and see our
Ladies' Kid and Pebble Grain Button Shoos at
31.50 a pair. Thoso Shoos aro exceedingly
cheap at tho price and can be found only at
the Racket Store.
In our stocks of Tinware and Hardware you
will lind many novelties and little conveniences
that cannot bo found anywhere but at the Racket.
Look through this department of our business
and you will And something you want.
Trunks, Valises and Hand-satchels in stock.
A word to you on the Whip question. If
you want a Buggy Whip come and seo us. We
can make you pr'cos that will make your eyes
fly open with astonishment. Call and seo our
Half Whalebone Whip at (17 cents. A big bargain
on the half sholl.
Bustles at all prices from 5 cents up.
Ladies' and Misses' Colored JerHoy Gloves
at all prices.
Ladies' Linen Collars and CufTs at f?, 10, 121
15 and 20 cents and up.
Lunch Baskets from 5 cents up.
Market Baskets from 20 to 60 conts.
Trunks and Valises at prices that will astonish
A good lino of Hair Brushes at 10, 15, 24
cents and up.
Redding Combs at 5,6, 8, and 10 conts and up.
These Combs arc worth double the money we
sell them at.
Examine our Gents' Linen and Celluloid
Collars and CufTs.
Look out for the big "watch-shaped" sign?
two doors north of where wo were formerly
located. Our sign stands just in front of our
store and bears the following inscription :
Our lady friends are most cordially invited
to call and inspect our stock.
A. Y. CARTWRIGHT <fc CO., Proprietors.
Nkw York Offick, 466 Broadway.
I -
MYSELF have* returned from NEW
YORK where we have been for the past two
weeks, buying our stoek of Spring and Summer
goods, which I think, were bought under
the most favorable circumstances at the lowest
possible prices. The Dressfioods were bought
under tho supervision of Miss Shires, and the
Millinery by Miss Anthony, which I think is
sufficient guarantee as to quality and beauty
and as to prices they will be right.
I am too busy to givo a detailed idea of my
stock this week, but look out next.
Remember that my Carriage-will convey
customers to and from tho Three C's depot,
when nreviouslv notified. FREE OF CII AR< 110.
Latimer's Fashion Bazaar.
During the coming season, which will open
in about two weeks, I propose to spare no oUbrts
in makinginy establishment the BAZAAR OF
FASHION for the upper partof tho State, rt
lias for years enjoyed thiAnrivaled reputation
of being "second to nofpch establishment in
the Carolinas," and with the experience I have
already had, together with hard work, untiring
energy, close attention to tho wants and
demands of my customers and business, I will
bo able to give tho people of this section nn establishment
that will bo a credit to them and
myself alike. With tho very best and finest
goods in stock at the most reasonable prices, I
will be prepared to accommodato tho most fastidious
with all tho Novelties of tho day!
Prompt Payment Is Essential
To a good credit, which by tho way is a very
good thing to remember, as I am one of the
very few in tho Dry Goods business who extend
credit accommodations to patrons.
I have several pieces of Eiderdown left which
I will close out at a bargain. Call and see it.
I offer inducements for cash and you will do
well to call and see mo when you want anything
in my line.
Baying on Credit With Money in Your
Is a practico which a large number of people
engage in and which works nothing but embarrassment
and extravagance to parties who
indulgo in it. You need credit when you have
?a ?nnnnv arwl vnnr tn'Oilit iu mnnmirml hv
your disposition and ability to pay. Of course
if you buy necessary goods on credit and pay
cash for luxuries, you are more than apt to
jeopardize your credit and probably work
hardships which may require a life iimo to
I have a large stock of Underwear for Ladies
and Children which I am closing out at greatly
reduced prices. Call and examine this stock
of goods. Also Children's Underwear.
A Job Lot of Hair Brushes and Combs.
I have just received a job lot of Hair Brushes
and Combs which I am able to sell at very
close figures. Call and got one while you have
the opportunity.
I have on hands i>00 yards of tho very best
quality of Jeans which must and will be sold.
The price at which I am offering it is very low;
in fact it is cheaperthan I can replace the goods,
but I must have cash at the price invariably.
Another Lot of Fine Dress Goods.
Of all the nice Dress (foods that I have ever
handled, my stock of German-faced Henrietta
Finished Dress Goods beats them all. They
are 3(> inches wide, and twenty-five cents per
yard is tho price that I am selling them, and
they are certainly the cheapest and best goods
1 ever handled.
My Laces and Embroideries range from
2 cents per yard up and they must go.
I have just received a large lot of the celebrated
which are undoubtedly the best machines on
tho market.
A first-class Traveling Dag can be obtained
from me at a bargain.
In fact I handle everything, and you can get
anything you want from a toilet pin to the
finest silk* dress under ono and tho same roof.
Proprietor of Fashion Bazaar of Yorkville.
mTmTTnnn a T\TAT7Tnn
WAGS on at tlie Adickes' Building. Fresh
and seasonable merchandise of all sorts,
save liquors and pills, and ahvays at lowost
market prices. We make a big boast when we
claim to nrotect our patrons in prices, and even
often to save them monoy. We believe in the
best goods, and while public clamor often demands
inferior goods, we always sell them
with your eyes opened by our protest to this
effect. As to prices, wo think we buy our
goods low, and try to sell them accordingly,
though we are not of that class who sell at cost,
for we can't make a living that way. Cost is
quite a comparative word, and sometimes it
means very costly. We don't believe in selling
one thing at cost in order to sell something
else costlier. Our prices are open to the world.
No confidential prices, though they differ as to
qualtities. We ask your special attention to
our prices and think' they will stand the light
of any legitimate business.
Seed Potatoes of all sorts. Clover and Grass
Seeds in variety. Garden and Flower Seeds.
500 Flower Jars just in. Dried Fruits?now is
the season for such, as they save sickness and
medicine in tho Spring. Evaporated Apples
and Apricots are delicious.
Sugars, Coffees, Teas and all Staple Groceries
as low as the lowest. O & O Tea should grow
in favor, being blended on scientific principles
for the health as well as tho palate. Remember
where to buy your Grits and Rice. Also,
Rice Flour for cows; excellent feed. Bran.
A large lot of Flour received last week. Lard
of two sorts. Molasses?some real pure New
Orleans. Honey at 10 and 12A cents. Laundry
Materials cheap. Soap, Starch, Indigo, Binding,
Potash, Lvo, Clothes Wires, Pins, Irons,
Wash Bots, Boards, ifcc.
Remember wo are positively hcadquartors
for Hardware of reliable quality and low prices.
Examino into this matter. 'Twill make you
money. Our Steel Nails are fast stealing into
PvAol/nyv ?ml in vnrinfcv. XfiW
lot this week.
Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, ?tc. The celebrated
"Gravely" Tobacco.
Wanted any and everything from Hags to
Gold Dust. Putter and Peas wanted badly.
Gome and seo us. WIT 1T ERS A DIClv ES.
WE would call the attention of persons who
have purchased Fertilizers from us to
the fact that they had better come and get them
at once, as the demand on us for Fertilizers exceeds
our supply, and for this reason it would
bo wise for those who are expecting us to supply
them to come at once and get their goods.
Do not delay any longer.
It has been our custom for several years past,
to furnish our customers with this brand of
llams. We were fearful that we were going to
fail this season, but after repeated efforts we
have at last succeeded in securing a limited
supply. They will bo received in a few days,
and persons desiring them will please leave
thoir orders atoneo.
We believo that wo li:^c the finest stock of
FANCY GROCERIES in this section, and respectfully
solicit a share of the patronage of
those who buy this class of goods. Wo especially
recommend our Canned Pears and Peaches.
'They can't bo turned down.
pit- Remember that all goods sold by us are
delivered freo of charge within tho corporate
limits. J. II. RIDDLE.
Mtfc II. G'. STRAUSS arc receiving daily
SUMMER GOODS. All who have seen their
stock express the opinion that it is the
And at very low prices. Never was there a
better selection of Shoes and Ready-Mado
Clothing in Yorkville. Come and see. The
One Price Cash Store and that the cheapest.
In any amount from
Three Hundred to Ten Thousand Dollars,
UPON six years' time. Interest payable
annually. For further particulars, apply
to C. fa. SPENCER, Attorney at Law.
October 31 41 * 22t
WAY virtue of a writ of fieri facias to inediJ
J rented, will bo sold between the legal
hours of SlieriIPs sale, on the FIRST MONDAY
At York Court House, tlio following property
to wit:
Four bales of Cotton, weighing respectively,
400 pounds, 400 pounds, ll.'i pounds, and 148
pounds. Attached as the property of William
Drown, at tlio suit of John II. Ashe. ($4.40
10. A. CRAWFORD, S. Y. C.
March (5 10 4t
WW Y and in pursuance of the authority and
J J power given under a certain mortgage, executed
by Mrs. JANE E. DOVE to C. <4. PARISH,
his heirs and assigns, in the event of nonpayment
at maturity of a certain NOTE given
by the said Mrs. JANE E. LOVE, secured by
said mortgage, we will offer for sale, on the
a \r r\r a twutt xtt^vp
r j i\n l iViv/i> ua 1 jj ai ivuj
:it public outcry, within the legal
hours of sale, the following described property,
to wit:
All that tract or parcel of land situated in
York county and State of South .Carolina, or
Mrs. Jane E. Love's interest thorein, adjoining
lands of William Rurris, Martha McLeave and
J. li. Williams, containing
And lying miles, in a southerly direction
from York Court House. Said property to be
sold as the property of Mrs. Jano E. Love, and
the proceeds arising from said sale to be applied
to the expenses of said sale and to the payment
of the mortgage debt now due and unpaid, and
to such other claims and obligations as are directed
by said mortgage instrument to be paid.
All the purchase money to be paid in cash,
and the purchaser to pay for all necessary papers.
C. G. PARISH. Mortgagee,
per Fini.ky ifc Brick, Attorneys.
Dated March 2nd, 1889. 6 4t
I HAVE just received another supply of ele.
gantllams. These hams aro elegantly cured
and have a delicious flavor. Call and got one.
20 Pounds of Rice For $1.00.
I am selling twenty pounds of good Rice
for one dollar.
guano and acid.
Call and get my prices on Guano and Acid
before buying. The Navassa is tne best.
From 50 Cenfci a Pair Up!
I am carrying a first class stock of shoes in
several styles. I have Shoes at 50 cents per
pair. Call and see them.
hecker's oat meal.
Hocker's Oat Meal always on hand. Call and
get a package.
Fine Cucumber Pickles.
I have a nice supply of Cucumber Pickles,
together with a full stock of Fancy Groceries.
1AM now prepared to furnish all kinds of
short notice and on the most reasonable terms.
iiivory one nas a desire io marK uie graves 01
friends and relatives who have crossed the
"River of Death andshow at least that humble
respect that is due to the memory of the
dead. Call and see me and get desigus and
prices. I will give them cheerfully.
J ir.\ VK in stock a nico line of
Staple Dry floods,
Bleached Domestics,
and White Goods.
Having bought largely and for cash, will be
placed in condition to meet the
Some nice lines in Men's Hats at a bargain.
The cheapest Suspenders that I have ever offered.
Also, a full lino of
Low for cash and cheap 011 credit.
OR GROCERIES of any kind, go to R. A.
PARISH'S where you can always find
tho pick of the market.
You can always find first class meal at my
Breakfast Bacon.
When you want something nice for Breakfast,
call at Rufe Parish's and get a piece of
Breakfast Bacon.
Bring me your Eggs, Butter and Chickens.
I will pay tho highest prices for them.
mi IE undersigned respectfully informs the
JL citizens of Yorkville and the public generally,
that he has fitted up the room near the
Exchange Bank, formorly used as the post office,
where ho is prepared to
Repair Watches, (Jocks, Jewelry, &e.,
In tho very best manner.
Fine old English and Swiss Watches improperly
repaired or badly worn by use and given
up as time-keepers, can, in most cases, be restored
to their original usefulness at much less
expense than new movements can be fitted to
the cases.
Being supplied with IMPROVED TOOLS
and having had years of experience in one of
tho largest American Watch Factories, he will
guarantee to do good and faithful work at reasonable
prices. A share of the public patronage
is solicited. HENRY FORI).
March ( 10 ly '
; on hand. Burial Robes a specialty. Our
best attention given to all orders received Our
prices are reasonable and terms easy.
Yorkville, S. C.
February 27 !> ly
FROM *75 TO *175.
I HAVE 011 hand about TWENTY HEAD
am prepared to oiler at from ?7"> to ?17">. These
Mules are aU well formed, young and in first
class condition. If you want a good young
Mule call and see me, for I can suit you in
price and size and my Mules are guaranteed to
be just as represented. My terms are reasonable
and easy. Call and see me.
My Stock can be found at Rufe Parish's
Livery Stables.
"??- > 11 if
.tiiircn 10 u
Yorkville, S. C.
T. S. JEFFERYS President.
JOS. F. WALLACE, Vice-President.
Organized September 1, 18H7.
T1IE BANK will receive Deposits, buy and
sell Exchange, make Loans and do a general
Banking Business.
The ollicers tender their courteous soryices
to its patrons and the public generally.
jT-er- Banking hours from 0 A. M. to 5 P. M.
September 12 36 tf
The semi-annual examination of
of York county, will take place in YORKVILLE,
on FRIDAY, the 5th day of APRIL,
is.su. The examinations will be commenced at
!> o'clock, A. M. L. A. JOHNSON,
School Commissioner of York county.
March 20 12 3t
-^MAY Ac MAY, ^
JOHN MAY, Jr., having just arrived from
Now York, wit h the largest and best selected
stock of new fancy articles ever landed in
Yorkville before, asks you to come and see
them and we will hike pleasure in showing you
the beautiful things just arrived ; and then
come again for they are arriving continually.
Oh ! Look at those Beautiful Lamps!
Just lovely and of different shades and styles.
Extracts of tho finest and best quality that
could be obtained. So if you want fine goods,
come and see us, as no such goods were ever in
Yorkville before.
Young Ladies, if Your Hair is Falling
Out /
Or if yon are troubled with dandruff, or if tiny
hair is hard and brittle, do try a bottle of a new
preparation called tbeSEVEN .SISTERS?onfly
50 cents per bottle?and it makes the hair gdow.
Or the King of Kings at 25 cents.
If you want a nice Tooth Brush try o? imported
; if you want a Dentifrice, try qwr new
Piatt's Chlorides ""*"
Quinine, Opium, Morphine, Patent
Medicine*, Extracts and all kind*
or Drag* and Medicine*.
Our stock is full up. Our new Plaster for
Pains in the side or back beats anything going;
it can't be equaled. Try it.
You have often made the remark if I could
only get a good knife I would buy! Now you
have a chance, for I have picked out 40 of them :
every one warranted to be the finest made, and
they are beautiful. Come and see them and if I
can't please you, I would like to know your
reason so that I may get what you want when I
go again. I haye sold some already to gentlemen
who had been waiting a long time for a
good Knife, and as soon as they saw these they
remarked, "Here at last."
Now you have talked about your Razors. I
have them?the finest I could get. We have a
two bladed Razor for $3.50?imported?that is
hard to beat. Our imported $1.50 and $2,50 get
there all the same. Now these are the best
that could be had, for I told them we wanted
only the finest, for gentlomen wanted to shave
when they started and not haye to stop and
sharpen everytime. They gave them to us.
We have them and will sell them to you?just
adding a little expenses. Try them.
Yes, I should think so. We have the finest
we could get and they are beautiful; and one
cake of our fine YORK'S FAVORITE, which
will cost you 25 cents?guaranteed to last longer
than fi ve ten cents cakes, and perfumed with
the finest odors: Heliotrope, White Violet,
Jockey Club, White Rose.
Glance at that FINE GLOSS on Mr. Happerfield's
residence and see what pure goods will
do. If you want to paint, it won't cost you a
cent to cotne and see us and get prices and
know the quality of our goods. If they don't
prove square we will paint over with anybody's
paint you may choose, or refund the money.
We guarantee the paints if you get the best.
We will give yon writing to that effect. You
can ask those who have tried good goods, or
walk down to the Methodist Parsonage?painted
3 years ago. Two coats were applied
(which painters can tell you) with some now
parts, and you will see no scaling off. Just as*
good as the day it was put on and only TWO
COATS. Is that proof? No shade trees to
protect the paint from the burning sun. The
goods tell the tale. Once paintea, needs no
more?only touching up. The green paint on
the windows, however, was not furnished by
us, but supplied by another dealer here; and
while the windows preeeafr* dilapidated ~V
pearance the body of the work remains lfitact.
M. . WILLIS, - - Proprietor.
READ what men of judgment have to say
Mr. W. G. R^id is a practical Buggy man of
15 years' experience.
Mr. E. A. Crawford is the popular and efficient
sheriff of York county.
We submit these testimonials for what they
are worth.
M. C. Willis, Proprietor.
Rock IIill, S. C'., February 2nd, 1889.
This is to certify that I have closely inspected
manufactured by M. C. Willis, and find it
surpassed by none in workmanship, neatness,
stylo, finish or material used in constructing.
Yorkvillf., S. C.j February Gth, 1889.
I take pleasure in stating to my frionds and
the public that I have been using one of the
YORKVILLE BUGGIEvS, manufactured by
M. C. Willis, for some time, and find it firstclass
in every respect. I consider it the best
buggy I ever saw and heartily recommend it
to all. E. A. CRAWFORD,
Sherilf of York county.
dealer ix
A LARGE stock of Furniture of all grades
jV. s?ld in this market at prices that are bound
to sell. A largo line of Stoves and Ranges.
I am handling the celebrated IRON KINGCOOK
and all ofCHAS. NOBLE A CO'S patterns
and makes of Stoves and Ranges, which
were bought in CAR LOAD LOTS, and I am
prepared to oiler very low prices for CASH or
GOOD PAPER. A nice Tin Toilet set for one
dollar and twenty-five cents.
qa ROLLS CANE MATTING, in and arriving,
which must be sold if prices are
any inducements. A nice line of Carpets,
Window Shades, Rugs, Floor Oil Cloths and
every thing to beautify your homes at
4 Q DOZEN Wagon and Plow Collars, 8
AO dozen Plow Harness, Back Bands, Bridles
of all grades. Saddles and Harness of all
grades very cheap for reliable hand made work
at G. H. O'LEARY'S.
j\ the Factory for sale (;hcap at
JUST roceiveil one car-load of nice WHITE
CORN, which will he sold at short, profit.
~ HAY.
1 CAR-LOAD of prime HAY for sale by
TAON'T forget that I carry the largest stock of
II HARDWARE ol any one in town.
THpublic will please bear in mind that I
am still running a lirst-class LIVERY
AND FEED STABLE. If you want your
horse fed, go to DOBSON'S Stables. If you
want a nice Turnout, this is the place to get it.
If you want to buy a second-hand Wagon or
Buggy, you can get it at J. W. DOBSON'S
Feed Stables.
MORTGAGES of Real Estate, and Titles to
Real Estate. For sale at the

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