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$umon)u$ Department
The Bible View.?Wife?The Bil
says much io favor of women, Jot
I thought that the Israelites kept tb
women in the background ; but if th
did the Bible, which is their histo
Husband? Humph ! The Israelii
did well by keeping their women
the background. That's where worn
should be.
W?But still the Bible says that?
TT AL T I *1 fa,,, mi
n?V-?U, i Know lueienrouicn uji
tioned in the Bible?there was Jezeb
she was a woman.
W?Yes, and there was Ahab;
was a man. And there was?
H?It's no use talking, Mary. T
Bible is a history of men. Women s
mentioned only incidentally, as th
had influence on the actions of m<
The book says very little about worn
compared with what it does abc
W?(musingly)?You may be rigl
after all, John, now when I come
think about it. There is someibit
at any rate, it says about men that
does not say about women.
H?(smilingly)?I thought you wot
come to your senses, Mary. What
it that the hook says about men tb
if ilnoc nrtt aav ohnnf. unmPII ?
W'?(placidly)?It says "All men i
Then the husband rose up and p
on his hat and went out to see wh
kind of a night it was.
Bound to Be Safe.?Washingt
has an old blind colored man w
makes a living by traveling from dc
to door selling matches. As be is
good natured old fellow be has ma
friends, who are careful to see that
is in ueed of nothing. One day c
long ago bis customers heard that
and his family had had the misfortu
to lose their house and their few p<
sonal belongings by fire. Many off*
of assistance were made. The mornii
following his loss the old man was <
his beat as usual. A certain lady w
took considerable interest in hiui ga
him an overcoat aud some other cloth
for himself and his wife. It being eat
in the day, the lady said, "Uncle Jt
you'd better leave these things he
till you go home tonight."
"No," said Uncle Joe. "It ain't i
use. I'm gwine to kerry 'em 'loug."
"Yes, Uucle Joe," said the lady, "b
they'll be heavy and bother you."
"Dat's all right, missus," said t
darkey ; "but I hain't gwiue to run i
chauees, for I'se afraid when I g
back you'll change your notion."
VVashiugton Star.
A Novel in a Nutshell.?M
Met him again?in love with him.
Met him again?no longer in lo
with him ; but he in love with me, t
cause I am so beautiful.
Met him again?he is still more
love with me; but because I am al
so good. Sorry for him.
Again I met him?he is colder thi
he was. Think he has forgotten n
beauty and goodness. I, however, s
inclined lo think that I am in lo
with him, after all. How lucky he
and how angry mamma will be.
Mamma proved to be strangely pies
ed. Makes me angry, for I know s
is not a good judge of a young gir
Flirted with him outrageously
make mamma mad?didn't succeed.
Eogaged to him?glad.
Married to bim?sorry.?Philadi
phia Times.
Not the Same Genesis.?A wi
known divinity professor, a grave ai
learned man, bad five daughters, who
his students irreverently named "Ge
esis," "Exodus," "Numbers," "Levi
cus" and "Deuteronomy."
Beginniug his lecture one day, t
professor said, "Gentlemen, I wish
speak to you about the age of Genesis
Roars of laughter came from t
"Genesis is not so old as you m
suppose," continued the professor.
More roars?so long continued, i
deed, that the worthy man had time
think before he made the next remai
He said timidly?and he managed
hit the mark this time :
"I may not be thinking of the sai
Genesis as you are !"
Proved His Theory.?The It
Hall McAllister some years ago ent<
taiued a visiting scientist at the Uni
club before its amalgamation with t
Pacific, and during the evening a pi
ticularly foggy one, made a wbimsii
remark conveying the idea that f
was an excellent conductor of sound
The scientist took exception to tl
novel theory and asked Mr. McAllisi
on what it was based.
"Ou phenomena which we have
observed," returned the ready juri
"On an evening like this we hear t
fog horu quite distinctly ; but wh
there is no fog we cannot hear it
all."?San Francisco Argonaut.
Managing Mrs. Jones.?"Lo
here," said Mr Jones to his house agei
"ray wife will be calling today, and
want you to tell her that that bouse 1
have been looking at is taken."
"But, my good sir," protested t
agent, "it isu't taken."
"It will be, then," answered 1\
Jones. "I am taking it now. M
Jones can't make up her mind ; t
she'll want it directly she thinks s
can't get it."?The Weekly Telegraj
The Needless Question?Peace
Idiot?Are you insured ?
Irritable Man?No; I used to It
hut I'm not now.
Peaceful Idiot?Oh, really ! Did y
let your policy lapse?
Irritable Man?No, you silly foe
Can't you see that I died ?
No Radical Change.?"Now thet
piped the little lawyer, "what's yo
name?" "W. J. Jones," respouded t
witness. "No! no! What's your fi
name?" "Full name ?" queried I
witness. "Ob, it's the same as whet
am sober." ? Philadelphia Nor
16?* The fellow who asked for a lo
of his girl's hair was informed that'
cost mouey, hair does,"
Watjsidt ?athmtifls.
l)le There are nearly 900 cigar facin.
tories in Lancaster county, Pa.
e,r J?* Corundum, of which sandpaper cc
ltfy and like polishing materials are made, ar
ry, is being largely worked at Waynes- tb
boro, N. C. ae
pgr Australia is the largest producer 80
10 of wool in the world, with Russia sec- P(
ieD ond, the Argentine Republic third and ^
the United States fourth.
I?" With the prospective retirement P
"ej of Mr. Vest from political life at the J
' end of his term, the last of the Confedjje
erate senators will have gone.
$3F At a recent local option election ^
be in Cloverport, Ky., women and preachire
ers crowded the entrance to the polls ey
and sang hymns, while church bells
;D. were ringing. The temperance adyo- J
en cates won.
tut I?* Canada could muster 60,000 at
trained troops within a short period,
hi, She has 300,000 men who have done th
to service in the militia, and her citizens b<
ig, available for military duty are more st]
it than 1,000,000. CG
I?" A regular business, carried on in sti
ild France by ladies of the highest stand- ca
'8 ing, is to secure rich American brides of
at for penniles men of title. These mat- th
rimonial agents receive heavy fees be
ire when they are successful. ca
I?" California produced in 1899 gold at
,ut to the amount $15,000,000, and silver de
,at to $636,000. The Alaskan mines pro- di
duced $4,917,821 gold and $82,680 sil- nc
ver. The Klondike output was $16,- re
on 110,129 gold and $114,617 silver. up
uv W&T The Spanish peasant works every
,or day uttd dances half the night, and yet l,c
a eats only his black bread, onion and of
"y watermelon. The Smyrna porter eats by
only a little fruit and 9ome olives, and d0
^ yet he walks off wifh his 200 pounds. a
t6F Germany's army is to have, '10
>r shortly, a number of automobiles that
^r8 are lo be used not only for the trans- .
' portation of the baggage, provisions IVl
0jj and ammunition ; but also lor the rap
i<l transportation of detachments of ao
ve 30ldiers- ' }J
ies t)SF A curious superstition prevails
" 'Wrt*t?,uu When ih? nponle are in ,
jy ,.~J. .. r-- ,p(
)e quest of a drowned body they row to
,rg and fro with a rooster in the boat, an
fully expecting that the bird will crow ^
D0 when the boat reaches the spot where
the corpse lies. WJ
ut Graduation day at a school or or
college is called "commencement day"
he because the diplomas are then conferno
red and the successful students then
its commence as bachelors or graduates.
? The term is borrowed from the Eng an
lish universities.
S&T A very curious theory lately reel
vived is that the sap of a living tree
ebbs and flows in some way in sympa- ^
thy with the tides of the ocean. This Qa
ve idea comes from Italy, where a grow>e
er of vines says that no tree should be CQ
tapped or pruned except during the .
in hours of ebb tide.
so fas' The Boer women are accustom- Cy
ed to assist in tilling the soil aud join- pr
an ing with the men in domestic l$bor of
ay all kinds. When the men are called ^j.
mi away to fight with the army, the ap
ve women go right along with the work
is on the farms, and thus insure an co
abundance of supplies.
w" I?" An old woman, arrested for re
street begging in Marquette, Micb., bad pr
I'8 in her dirty, ragged clothing $3,445 in tei
bills, and 11 $100 United States 4 per tr;
cent, bonds. She was sent to an asy- lei
lum, the authorities urging that a br
woman who thus made a savings bank
?1* of her clothes must be insane. * ini
I?" Drinking glasses, called turn- cu
biers, owe their names to the fact that ca
ell they are the successors of little round dj
ad siiver bowls, so perfectly balanced iuj
'm that, whichever way they were tipped mi
n- about on the table, they tumbled into
ti- position agaiu and there remained tei
with the rim upward, as if asking to rei
he be refilled. of
to t8T He came home from his daily Wl
1 " . 1 -DO-.- 1 C.1I! - BO
griuu at me umce, auu laiuug iuiu a ?
be chair, said : "What have you got to br
read ? I'm just in the mood to read
a>' something sensational and startling? W
something that will make my hair ru
n" stand on end." To which his other aP
t0 half responded sweetly, "Here's the re
'k- bill for my spring dress, darling." sa
to VST Six new cruisers under construe- n?1
tion for the United Slates navy are a.c
ne designed especially for long distance
voyaging, and with one coaling, will
be able to steam up 9,800 miles, or
ite 2,000 miles more than across the Pa- 0
er- cific. In order to make room for the e
on coal, the engine power is reduced ; but .c
he the speed will not be less than sixteen ,ei
*r- and a half knots.
l wi
. BciT An excentric Michigan man who m
?8 died a few days ago was buried ina ^
coffin painted a bright red, which for
b's two years he bad kept in his dooryard,
Ler marking the spot where he wished to j ,
be buried. He also had a headstone Qj|
a" prepared, on which was inscribed the _c
st- following: "Here lies the body of ac
"e William Decker, who always paid 100 ca
en cents on the dollar." nr
Here is a true case of heroism qt
and devotion. A boat in which were pa
a Long Island man aud his wife was bt
overturned in the sound. The man fe,
Qt_' directed his wife to cling fast to the fe(
boat, and he would swim ashore for th
assistance. The distance he had to bj
swim took hira nearly an hour. He su
succeeded, howeyer, in getting anoth- ap
er boat and returned to his wife, who sti
was still clinging to the overturned ti<
,s' craft. bi
V3i~ Dr. R. J. Gatling has just invent- 6r
)J)C ed an automobile plow. It is built on an
the principle of the ordinary automo- an
bile with disc plows so arranged as to 15
ful do the work of the implements now in ch
use. The idea is to operate a machine w!
e ; by a single man. It is claimed that it
will do the work of 8 men and 12
ou horses. Either gasoline or kerosene w<
may be used. It can also be used in esi
>1! driving a thresher, shelling corn or for as
other purposes. As
A matrimonial authority says: ce
i," "These two rules will be safe to follow so
ur in all but a few exceptional cases: ca
be First, for a woman to refuse marriage ex
ill with any man who is objected to by gr
be ber male relatives?provided they are po
i I reasonably well acquainted with the ev
th man of supposed affection ; and, sec- As
oudly, for a man to refrain from offer- ph
ing his band in marriage to a woman of
ck who is not approved by his sister, or lit
'it if he has uoue, by his judicious lady lei
friends. pe
4fam anil Jiwsidc. 3
The annual subject of "catching sui
ild" is causing its usual theorizing,
id again we are being reminded of (
e danger of overheated rooms. Few jy
em to realize that the danger is not wj.
i much going into a very cold tern- gU]
jrature; but lies in the passing from ....
ie cold to a warm apartment. Yc
It has long been u subject of com- pr
aiut on the part of some Europeaus ger
at American houses are overheated. cjj,
is also claimed that one result of C0|
is overheating is that Americans are g0,
ore subject to lung or throat diseases m8
an they would be if their houses aj|
ere kept at a lower temperature dur- 25
g the winter. This is probably true ma
) to a certain point; but there are m
me ways in which the danger can be wj,
'oided even where there the temper- co,
ure of the residence is not low. ^
It seems to be the general idea that jje
e person who passes from an over- agg
sated room into the cold air of the ju
reets is in serious danger of catching OQ(
Id. Consequently muny persons wj;
ay indoors in the winter time, be- 0f
use they do uot like to run the risk taj
catching cold by going out. In this
ey often make a decided mistake, j
cause the majority of colds are not 29
ught by going from a warm temper- g0
ure into a cold temperature, provi- jjjg
id the person makiug the change in- a?(
ilges in reasonable exercise aud does 0f
?t remain out doors too long. The wj|
al danger of catching cold comes jD?
ion the return into a warm room.
As a matter of fact, many physicians sjj(
ild to the belief that the stimulation co|
the circulation and nerves caused pn
' a warm room often prevents a per- g
n from catching cold when going into '
temperature that is in the ueighbor- Qf
iod of zero. The danger rather Qa
mes in the sudden rush of a person, ....
illed by inteuse cold, into an excess ^
ely warm room. If a vestibule or ne*
tiling room were maintained in most for
uses at a temperature of about 60 wjj
65 degrees, and a pause were made gi.(
ere after coming in from a walk in ou)
e winter air, colds would not he so ^
quent in this country.
The suggestion is worth heeding,
d it is of special importance to teach mQ
e children the danger of rushing di- fr0
utly from the cold outdoor air to wa
trm fingers and toes over hot stove qjj
open grate. dn(
' * ' pla
Hot water is so simple a remedy, me
d so easily obtained that its value is sen
t half appreciated. It is one of the for
st restorers of nervous energy, it Co,
3ts the weary, and it relieves pain, lar;
it only as an outward application ; no*
it as a remedy to be taken iuler- nei
.lly. ha1
A ciwlilrm nn<t wpflrini? attack of irrc
ughing often needs immediate alten- to
>u, especially in consumptives, and ent
ose chronically ill. In an emergen- bel
, that ever useful remedy will often offi
ove effective. It is much better than eu<
e ordinary cough mixtures, which Sk
Border the' digestion and spoil the to
ipetite. Water, ulmost boiling, ou|
ould he sipped when the paroxysms vil
mes on. offi
A cough, resulting from irritation, is de]
lieved by hot water through the me
omotion of secretion, which mois- fac
ns the irritated surfaces. For the Lit
yiug cough, hot water is also excel anl
it, as it promotes expectoration and pai
ings relief. in?
When one has a sudden attack of ap|
digestion it is a good plan to take a act
p of hot water as nearly boiling as offi
n be borne. Persons sutfering from to\
spepsia will find a relief by drink- ab<
g a cup of hot water on rising in the afc
orning. bli
Wheu one comes home at night af- the
ra fatiguing day, nothing is more the
stful than bathing the head and hack po<
the neck with a towel wrung out of de<
iter as hot as can be borne. It abl
othes the nerves and rests body and |
ain. The same treatment relieves a Jai
rvous headache as nothing else does, ha
hen one is overheated and there is a Mi
sh of blood to the head, a hot towel se\
plied to the face and head is a great is
lief. In the heat of summer this is
me hot towel refreshes and cools the Ro
in, and gives it a feeling of lightness err
id comfort that cold water never lov
ves. coi
? ? ? tin
A Good Paint.?Having recently De
paiot several large buildings, I en- Gr
led seriously into the questiou of un Ira
onomical paint. An old and exper- Ke
need paiuter advised me to use hall col
netian red, half yellow ochre, mixed nai
ith raw oil. He said this would crc
ake the most duruble of all paints. Crc
e said this mineral puint would har- ser
in, and was almost like a stone in 4.2
coming impervious to the elements, for
iherefore ordered a barrel of linseed res
I at 30 cents per gallon, and u 110- coi
>und keg of Venetian red, the same cai
nount of yellow ochre, both of which air
me in a dry and powdered condition, tra
id cost 1$ cents per pound. It re- A
lired only one-half of this oil and vva
lint to cover two large buildings, one rer
lilding being 100 feet square and 24 jm
et high, and the other beiug 40 by 24 ab<
et high. I was astonished to find Joi
e buildings so thoroughly covered Fa
' one coat of paint. Anyone would in
ppose at least two coats had been pu
inlied. I think this one coat will wh
ind several years without an addi- He
>nal coat. My plan is lo let the Kg!
lilding stand for one year, until this art
st coat becomes entirely hardened, the
id then to apply a second coat. I Be
a told that these two coats will last pic
i years. If so, this is certainly the act
eapest paint for farm buildings a li
inch can be suggested. the
Value ok Wood Ashes.?When ace
aod ashes are applied lime is unnec- hai
sary, as every 100 pounds of wood his
hes contain about 40 pounds of lime, a c
ihes vary greatly, as they are produ- I
d from different sources, easily ah- Dri
rb moisture, and their composition tat
nnot be determined without careful fro
lamination. The most valuable in- bui
edient in ashes is potash, the pro- ha<
irtion being about six pounds to his
ery 100 pounds of wood ashes, pie
ihes also contain about 2 per cent, of Re
tosphoric acid and about 3 per cent, in
magnesia. Coal ashes are of but det
tie value. Wood ashes give excel- Ch
lit results on all kinds of crops, es- tw<
cially grass. frie
Miscellaneous ilcailinj
timary of the News That Ik Being F
llnhed by Exchanged.
CHESTER?The Lantern, Janu
: Mr. George Bigbam, of Lewisvi
10 has been wasting away with c
mption, died Tuesday, aged 23 yei
The Rev. T. C. McKelvey,of N
irk city, an evangelist of the Uni
esbyterian church, will conduci
ies of meetings at the A. R.
urch, beginning February 28th i
atinuing two weeks. Judge V
) says the man who introduced
irriage license bill in the legislati
owing the judge of probate a fe<
cents, must expect this official
ike his money out of the comn
:nt of lunatics to the asylum,
shes this law maker lived in Chef
jnty and that someone would sw
it he believed him crazy. lode
would not hesitate to make
idavit himself. In this connect
dge Wilson remarked that this st
ce had a marriage license li
ich required proof that the cons
parents or guardian bad been
ned, and also a bond of security
; support of the wife.
JASTOtf?Gastonia News, Janui
: Mr. Chalk Weir, only son of ]
yce Weir, died Wednesday night
home near Pisgab, of meningi
;d 18 years. The many friei
Mr. J. L. Riddle, of Pleasaut Rid
I be sorry to learn that he is sufl
; intensely irom a wounu reuen
ring the Civil war. Mr. Riddle t
>t through the body. The old
ored citizen of Gastonia is Loj
low, and he is fireman at Messrs
Page & Co.'s shop. He is only
irs old ; but says he is the only u
his race that has been a residenl
stonia ever since it has been a to\
"Mr. George A. Gray left Wedr
V night for Chester, to organizt
v mill. Chester has been very i
tunate with mills, and Mr. Gi
I help them along by putting
>ulder to the wheel and getting th
i of the old rut. When he gets
id a mill project, it is sure "to b
" Mr. Gray has a 10,000 spin
II going up in Atlanta. A I
nths ago Chas. HufTstetler escaj
m the penitentiary at Raleigh; I
s located near Abbeville, S. C.,
ief Russell, of King's Mounts
1 captured by Chief Riley, of tl
ce, Saturday, and taken back to
i. Four years ago, it will be
rabered, Huffstetler was tried c
itenced to Dine years' imprisonon
breaking into Costner, Jones
,'s store. Huffstetler had been
ge since September 10th; but
iv iuside the prison walls. C
ghboring town of McAdensville
ying a very large-sized and i
?wn sensation this week. As we
press the muddle is still on and
i is not yet in sight. The ca
li is the appointment by the p<
ce department, through the in;
;e of Congressman Linney, of <
idmore?wholly incompetent and
the best of our information, th
ijhly unreliable?to the McAde
le postoffice. The patrons of
ice feel outraged at the action of
partmeut in making the appoi
nt, and feel that it was a slap in
e, administered by Congressn
iney on account of their wellkno
tagonism to him in his political cs
igns. Consequently they are ki
; very loud and strong against
pointment. In retaliation for tl
ion the appointee has removed
ice from the incorporate limits of
vn to his little house on the
}ut a mile distant, which the sa
resaid Skid more used to use ai
nd tiger barroom. The patrons
? office are still Drotestiug agai
i appointment and appealing to
wers that be, to annul the unj
;ree, with what success we are
le to say as yet.
CHEROKEE?The Gaffhey Ledg
uuary 19 : The ministers of Gafli
ve taken a wise step in organizin
maters' association. This was d<
'era) weeks ago. Rev. W. H. Hod
the president. Rev. J. M. Brid
the vice president, and Rev. B,
bertson is the secretary. G
lor McSweeney has made the
ving appointments for Cheroi
inty : For supervisors of regisl
n?H. A. Tate, Webster; W.
mpsey, Gaffney ; J. A. Whisons
over. For assessors in Blacksburj
i Hardin, B. J. Gould and J.
iunedy. Tuesday afternooc
ored boy about 14 years of a
med Ed Lockhart, attempted
iss the railroad at Buford stn
issing in front of the afternoon p
iger train that arrives iu Gaflhej
0. The attempt was a fatal <
Edward. Just as he was aboul
ich the other side of the track,
vcatcher of the swiftly moving tr
jght him and threw him high in
. The body fell to one side of
ok Tt. whs limD and motionh
crowd soon gathered, a physic
s summoned and all possible
idered the unfortunate boy. ]
uries were so severe that he d
iut 7 o'clock thut evening.
aathan Stewart lives near Cherol
lis. Jonathan sometimes indul
a too free use of the chemica
re. Saturday was one of the tit
en Jonathan indulged too free
: went home feeling like a pri
bter. He disputed with Mrs. Su
and was about to assert his ;
>rity iu a brutal manner, wl
mice I'orter, his duughter-in-h
ked up an axe and swiped h
oss the rear of the head, cutting
urge slice of skull and scalp. Jo
in was conquered with one bit
)hysician was summoned, and at 1
;ounts, he was getting along
idsomely as a gentleman who be
wife deserves to get along. It v
lose call for Jonathan.
JNTON? The Times, January ]
3. Torreuce and Poole have am|
ed the fingers and half of the thu
m the hand of Chief Engineer Vi
ren, of the Union Cottou mills, w
1 the misfi rtune last week to ha
hand badly crushed by a hea
ce of machinery falling upon it."
v. Benjamin Alston's many friet
Union will regret to learn of
ith. Kev. Mr. Alston served I
urch of the Nativity at this pli
a or three years and made ma
:nds in Union. He died at bis ho
* in Winnsboro last Monday, and
V remains were laid to rest in the Epis
? pal cemetery at that place. 'J
following cases were tried at this te
of court: State vs. Frank Land, hoi
a ' breaking and larceny, plead guii
sentenced to nine months on pul
ary works of county or in the penitentis
Sally Farr, housebreaking and larce
on" guilty, sentenced to six months
ire. C0Unty jail or same period in penit
ew tiary. She goes to the pen. Lovel
te(* Young, murder, not guilty. Artl
t a Willard, murder, not guilty. Seve
appeal cases were argued. All confii
l?d ej an<j appeals dismissed. ]
Jno. A. Fant has selected the site
his $200,000 mill. The location i
lre> fine one, and gives the mill a local
3 in one of the most desirable parts
f? the town of Union. The prope
known as the "fair grounds" has b
He secured. The property begins a I
Jter hundred yards beyond the railn
ear crossing, this side of the fair grouc
:ed> and takes in a considerable lot of pr
erty on the left of the road, to
'on Santuc road, and all the property
Ale tween the Piuckuey road and the r
iW? road, theu on both sides of the San
en1, road until the railroad is reach
?k" Mr. Stephen Green, of Boston,
f?r civil engineer who located it, says i
the nrettiest mill property in the sti
?ry Mr. Green is one of the busiest c
"r* engineers in the south, and has b<
ttt building mills all over this state. I
l'8> expected that dirt will soou be brol
a"s for the building of the mill.
tan B.B.B.( Botanic. Blood Balm) Drives tl
[, of l'oisoncd Blood out, and Thus Cures,
'es- SYMPTOMS. If yon have either pimple
i a painful .swellings, ulcers, or mucous patch*
HQ. In throat or mouth, sore eyes or nose, slo
1>av discharge from the ears, copper-colored spo
, . (sometimes the spots are red or pink), sores c
the back, or ulcers on legs, color bad, ski
itches and burns, boils, uchlng bones, fe
be- or hands pufT up aud swell, hair and eyebrov
e a *a" ?"'> then you have blood poison, eitb
jjje acquired or inherited. Begin taking B.B.l
r lit once, at any stage ot the disease, and
one to six months the poison will be drivi
Jed 0ut 0f the entire system, and a cure will i
but suit. All the symptoms will gradually disa
by ji -ar, nml you will be happy once more. B.B.l
(it itaiiiu Blood Balm), is a thoroughly teste
i ' powerful blood remedy, hence cures when i
J* e'!,c f;,Bs. Beware of the mercury treatme
Ibe of the doctors. II.11.B. does not contain ve
re- ctuhle or iiiincrnl poison, and acts as a fii
iud tonic, liuilding up the broken-down constit
en^ lion. For sale by druggists. I.urge bottU
o $1, six (full treatment) for $5. Send 2 stain
06 iv.r linnfc mid free saiunle bottle, which will
sent by return mull. Describe nymptoms, ni
is personal free medical advice will be given.'
)ur Address Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Georgia.
run Founded 1842.
15M F
. ?Sing their own praise.'
ma- TF you reckon the endless joy and \
?hp A manent value, you will get one of tb
.yZ celebrated STIEFF PIANOS.
ine They are made with all that skill wh
iQt- only years of constant and careful ati
the tion to every detail of their construcl
)aD can command.
,m. Therefore, we won't burden you with
, unnecessarily big price. Convent
CK* terms.
leir CHAS. M. STIEFF, Piano Manufactur?
the Baltimore, Maryland.
, ... No. 1113 North Tryon St., Charlotte, J
0,11 C. L. WILMOTH, Manager,
line August 23 w 61
;er, lu Effect 12.01 a. m.f Sunday, Dec. 24, 1J
ges west. east.
P- 35. 33. EASTERN 32. 3
r?i 2nd 1st TIME. 1st 2i
101' Class. Class. Class. CD
[{00 .
rR. Dally Dally Dally Dt
ru Except Except Except Ex<
H. Sunday Sunday STATIONS 8und'y Sul
in''' P.M. P.M. P.M. P.
n 8 20 12 50 Camden 12 25
u- 8 50 1 15 De Kalb 12 02 -1
I a 9 20 1 27 Westvllle 11 50 4
?0 10 50 1 40 Kershaw 11 35 4
? ' 11 20 2 10 Heath Springs. 1120 3
to 11 35 2 15 ..Pleasant Hill.. 11 15 3
10i 12 30 2 35 .'...Lancaster.... 10 55 2
1 1 00 2 50 ....Riverside 10 40 1
as- l 20 3 00 ....Springdell.... 10 30 12
-of 2 30 3 10 Catawba J'c'n. 10 20 12
at 2 50 3 20 Leslie 10 10 11
3D6 3 10 3 40 ....Rock Hill... 10 00 t
f t? 4 10 3 55 Newport 9 35 i
, 4 45 4 02 Tlrzah 9 30 f
the 5 30 4 20 Yorkville.... 9 15 "
nin 0 00 4 35 Sharon 9 00 <!
' 0 25 4 50 Hickory Grove 8 45 tl
the 6 35 5 00 Smyrna 8 35 <1
the 7 00 5 20 ...Blacksburg... 8 15 S
JS9. p. M. P. M. A.M. A.
His ??
ied WEST
11. I 33. I EASTERN I 32. 1:
cee 2nd 1st TIME. 1st 2r
ges Class. Class. Class. Ch
lily Dally Dally Dally Dn
nes Except Except ^ Except Ex<
,, Sund y Hundy gf^flONS. * Y
ze- A.M. P.M. A.M. P.
SW- # jo 5 no ...Blncksburg... 7 48 6
au- g 30 5 45 Karls 7 32 ?
8 40 5 50 Patterson Spr'g 7 "25 6
1CD 0 20 fi 00 Shelby 7 15 <i
HV 10 00 0 20 ....Lattimore (i 55 4
' 10 10 <128 ...Mooresboro.. 0 48 4
11 m 10 25 0 38 Henrietta.... 0 38 4
off 10 50 ?55 ....Forest City... 0 20 3
11 15 7 10 Rutherfordton 0 G> 3
na" 11 :? 7 22 Millwood... 5 63 3
>W 11 45 7 :t5 .tiolden Valley 5 40 2
12 05 7 40 .Thermal City. 5 37 2
asl 12 25 7 58 ... Glen wood.... 5 17 2
as 12 50 8 15 Marlon 5 00 2
atS P.M. ~P.M. ~ A.M. P.
pUl First Class. EASTERN First Clas
mb "Yo, | 13." TIME. 14. | 1<
40- ?
ho ~~
1 00 0 00 ...BlacksburR... 7 50 3
1 20 0 20 Cherokee Falls 7 30 2
108 l 40 6 40 Gaffhey 7 10 2
the PM- AM- AM- p'
ace SAMUEL HUNT, President,
my A. TRIPP, Superintendent,
me s. b. LUMPKIN, Gen. P. and P. Ag\
Schedule Effective Dec. 17th, 1899. d<
i)lic 'j
iry. North Bound. Passenger. .Mixed. .Mixed. a!
Dy NO. lO. NO. on. NO. OS. w
Leave Chester... 8 10 am 9 -10 am n
10 ArYorkville 9 15 am 11 22 am
en- ArGastonla 10 10 am 1 10 pm
ArLlncolnton...ll 07 am 3 20 pm "
ace A r Newton 11 50 am 4 30 pm P
bur ArHickory 12 13 pm 5 15 pm LvH 15pm r<
jraj ArLenoir 1 ltl pm ". 8 15pm ir
rra" South Bound. Passenger. Mixed. Mixed. ?
Mr. NO. 0. NO. 01. NO. 03.
for LcaveLcnolr 4 30 pm 5 00 am A
ArHickory 5 28 pm LvH 15 am 7 10 am &
3 B ArNewton (1 00 pm 9 10 am D
ion ArLincolnton.... (1 50 pm 10 10 am
nF ArGastonla 7 54 pni 12 30 pm ?
1 01 ArYorkville 9 00 pm 3 08 pm
ny ArChester 10 11 pm 5 15 pm p
een Connections at all junctions with South- y
few ern' S* A* s> c- & Ex., L. & C. a
. L.T. NICHOLS, Address K. F. KEIl), Auditor, J
* (ieneral Manager. Chester, S. C. _.
ids, _ : ?'
op- I
tbe h
b? Your -*f-N e
ail- O <
? - u
lue | Stationery for 1900 should | jjj
look nice, neat and up-to- E
flip . R
l"c date. The printing on q
^ your stationery should be
jvj| artistic and attractive to L ^
een Eet l^e ^est results. We p \
l,iP are prepared to furnish A1 ^ *
cett quality of both Stationery ,N ti
and Printing. We do any 1 j!
and all kinds of Printing q
Ion short notice. j ?
? I' s
I I,?,
n TA^
,8' / vK yfo\P0Ti^ allow y
88 vTY /nXa/t I ingashoddj
? Wx(OJ
in \ r / / for some pe
et ?a/ * Q/
f lUKiVlLLil
: for :
"Here Is Plej
And Goc
d. Two High Grade Bugg
ent of Furniture, Sewinj
Watches, Silverwj
THIS is the season during which the vi
people of this section generally make
<,u* selection of the newspaper they expect to g
read during the following year. R
m We want THE ENQUIRER to go as a ?
il t TWICE-A-WEEK visitor to every home L
llA in York county. With the assistance of
intelligent and trustworthy friends in the
1 different localities, we know it can be 5.
gotten into many homes to which it is not n(
now going. This assistance is of much 0i
value to us, and it is our purpose to pay R
for it most liberally, in proportion to the C
ioq serv'ce rendered.
T|ie propositions we make herein are
to all responsible individuals, in each and
every locality. There is no monopoly in e
tho matior Rpcnimfl an individual re* T>
turned the name of a certain subscriber pi
last year, is no reason why he should tt
have any claim upon that subscriber this
? year. Because one individual may al- g|
4. ready be at work in a given neighbor- ra
hood, is no reason why another should b
not also canvass in that neighborhood, of
Every clubmaker is entitled to get sub- "1
^ilv seribers whenever and wherever he or a
cept she may be able to get them, and upon
icry compliance with the conditions herein S]
stated, have them counted. w
M* Our plan of compensation to clubmak- TI
>in ers this year is on the same line as here- K
i kn tofore?a competition for TWO LEAD- a
I 30 ING PREMIUMS to be awarded for the P1
I 10 TWO LARGEST clubs, and a third leadt
15 ing premium for the largest club of
I NEW SUBSCRIBERS. Alter that the W
; ? value of the premium is in proportion to Tl
i 40 the number of names returned.
! oo The Leading Premiums. ft
j ,1? For the LARGEST cluli of subscribers
I 5) RETURNED and PAID FOR, at$1.75, we 8*
30 otter the choice between the following pra150
j 20 HILL BUGGY", with quarter-leather m
SS 1"P' valued at $75; a BEST GRADE B
' "YORKVILLE BUGGY," with quarter- m
M leather top, valued at $00; a handsome ni
? SUIT OF FURNITURE valued at $50.
. C. u'e will give the choice between the above
articles left after tirst choice. c?
2. SUBSCRIBERS we will give the premi- si
_1_ mil which is left alter the tirst and. second Tl
id choice has been made.
iss. The handsome suit of furniture may sj
? be seen at the store of W. B MOORE tk
A CO., and the buggies in the warerooms in
rd.'v of the respective manufacturers in York- al
?1 ville and Rock Hill. [|j
M. In addition to the competitive premiums v|
mentioned above, we also oiler various other d(
40 premiums for clubs containing specllled num- or
20 bersof names, and propose to deliver the pre12
miums whenever the numbers specified are a
00 returned and paid for. Upon securing one
>0 premium?a watch or sewing machine, say? UI
*0 the clubmaker will be at liberty to try for the fo
20 same thing again, or for anything else on the
a? list, and if In the aggregate, by the 7TH DAY n<
2j> OK MARCH, 1IK.0, he shall have succeeded In Gt
0o returning and paying for the largest number h<
"0 ol NEW NAMES, lie will be entitled to the
15 premium for the L.AHGEST CLUB OK NEW s|:
j-0 SUBSCRIBERS Just the same as If he had m
00 not previously taken other premiums. Now, i
then, read the list: us
? J-'OJC iiO S VHSCltlHERS. be
We will give the clubmaker his choice of the tl.
* * 1. .? Q'fZ . A Lil
ioiiuwmg premium:*, cavil tuiuni ai . ?
,s MACHINE, together with all attachments; ;'
r? FORKS AND SPOONS, made by Rogers; a
* "WALTHAM" WATCH In coin silver, dustBnt
proof ease; a BREECH-LOADING DOUBLE- ^
M. SUBSCRIBERS, we will give the clubniaker
?? his choice of the following, each valued at 815: se
00 WALTHAM WATCH, In open face silver KO,
40 ease; set of half dozen ROGERS BROS'. 1
SUBSCRIBERS, choice of the following, each o
t. L. M. GKIST &
\ ND it takes an artist to he a pbotographer.
One who is not an artist
oesn't stand much of a chance of makig
a success at photography. I have
iven years of study to this especial line
nd I can say with pride that my work
ill compare favorab ly with that of any
hotographer in this section.
The best and most perfect photographs ^
re the results of experience and not exeriments.
I do all of my developing,
^touching and finishing, thereby obtainig
the best possible results.
Ls Far As Prices
.re concerned, yon need not worry yourjlf
along that score. I know that my
rices are reasonable and you will agree w
itb me when I tell you what they are.
am also prepared to develop and print
ictures taken with pocket cameras. If
on have a Kodak or Vive or any other
*mera, and for any reason you can't deelop
and print your pictures, bring them
) me at my gallery on West Liberty
:reet. J. R. SCHORB.
"^VlJR personal attention, with longexJ
perienee, given at all tiriies All
rades and priced eoods in COFFINS
nd CASKETS. Latest equipment In
-appings, etc. Robes, Gloves. Slippers 4
nd Stockings carried in stock. Fine
learso for town and country use.
/Kkik ii a m l (jitftai a A T 1^
tunn iriiifij rim 9ftuu>
^ EK me at oneo! Prices low and terms
5 to suit. T. B. MoCLAIN.
January 10 w tf
ourself to be talked into buy?
job to save a dollar or so when
on sale in every town in the
1 you ever think how easy it is
ople to be talked into a thing?
isant Work
>d Pay.
ies, a Handsome Suit
? Machines, Guns,
ire, Books, Etc.
lined at 810: NEW YORK STANDARD
JEWELED WATCH In dust-proof case; 14K
GUN. '
and any monthly magazine or weekly %
swspaper published In the United States, for
leyear; or the following four books. "RED
r one year; a CONCAVE WARRANTD
an extra quality FOUR BLADED
OCKET KNIFE, with name and address on
le handle; or a FOUNTAIN PEN.
for one year; an extra quality THREE
LADED POCKET KNIFE; a copy of one
' the following books, "DAVID HARRUM,"
arranted for one year; "Siren" pattern BUT- .
NIFE, with name and address on handle: or *
years subscription to any dollar magazine
lbllshed in the United States.
The Yorkville Enquirer?TWICE-A'EEK?tilled
with bright, flesh news fh>m
'mpt.tv interesting Rtories. instructive mis
Haneous matters, and humorous selections,
:planatory editorials, etc. The paper will be
;ld up to its present high standard, and will
intinue prompt, explicit, reliable, and, in
lort, the best. .
By new subscribers, we mean those whose
lmes were not on OUR BOOKS ON SEPTEMElt
13, 1899, except we will not count as
sw subscribers, cases where the subscription
iay have been changed from tlie name of one .
lember of a family to another. This is lnnded
emphatically to meun new additions
i our subscription list. TWO
Lch, wlil be considered the equivalent of one ' ,y
jarly subscriber at $1.75 and so counted. A
ibscription paid for two or more years in adince
at $1.75, will be counted as one name for
ich year so paid.
Clubmakers will be held personally responble
for the payment of all names returned by
lem. After a clubmaker has returned and
lid for any name, he can. at anytime thereter,
discontinue the sending of the paper to
ie person for whom he has paid, and transfer
ie unexpired time to any other person, proded
the person to whom the transfer is , :slred
was not a subscriber at the lime the
iKinul name was entered on our books.
No name will be counted In competition for
premium until the subscription price has
>en naid: nor will any premium be delivered
itil a satisfactory settlement has been made
r all names returned by the clubmaker.
Persons who commence making clubs will
)t be permllted to transfer their club to anher
clubmaker's list after the names have
en entered on our books.
It Is not necessary that the names on a club
lould ull be at the same postofflce. Names .
ay be taken at any number of places.
Clubmakers are requested to send In names
i rapidly as they secure them after Novemt
Ith, 1809.
All subscriptions must be forwarded to us at
e expense of those sending them.
We will be responsible for the safe transmls3ii
of money only when sent by draft, reglsred
letter or money order drawn on the
jrkvllle postoftlce.
In sending names, write plainly, and give
istoftlce, county and state.
All subscriptions will be discontinued at the
plration of the time paid tor.
A separate list will be kept for each clubmat,
who will be credited with each name
lit, so that the number sent by any one peril
may be ascertained at a moment's notice.
In case of a tie for either premium, two
H?ks will be allowed In which to "untie."
Hie time in which names may be returned
ider our propositions will commence now,
h titty of November, 1899, anil expire at 4
clock p. in., on Wednesday, the 7th day
March, 1900.
SONS, Yorkville, S. C.

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