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The Anderson intelligencer. [volume] (Anderson Court House, S.C.) 1860-1914, August 12, 1880, Image 4

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Bndf. In tba grotgrar ?ea i
Tba acorn, forever and over,
Strives upward to Ibo troc.
Tba rainbow, tho sky adorning,
?hlnia proralso through thp etorui ;
The glJm-acr of coming morning
Through midnight gloom will form.
By time all knota ora rivcn,
Complex although they be, r
And peace will atlast be given, . ; ..
Bear, both to you and to mn.. ;
Theu though the path may be dreary,
Look onward to the goal ;
Though tho heart and the beud be weary,
Let faith inspire tho soul.
Bock thorlgbt though tbJjwrocg be tempting;
Speak the truth ator?y ct?i;
Vain is alt w?-*>k exempting
When once the gem Ja.iost.
lila strong bend and been eve be ready,
For plain and ambushed foes; .
Thought earnest, mid ?xr.< y tt'-;;dy
Bear best unto the ?lose.
The heavy clouds jfcu?/>e raining.
But with evening comes tho ?fgbl :
Through the dark awi low winds complaining
Yet tba iunrlse ?gilda the height ;
And lovo Ju* bli hidden'treasure i
For tho patient and tbs pore/ .
And Hmo gives his fullest measure
"fotho workers who endure ;
And thc Word that nt/ law has ahakun
. H?s tb? future nledfto supplied ;
For wekn?# that vfbe?* we "'awoken"
Wo ?ball b? ?-?aUsned."
A singular isiory, as one of tho thou
sand strange events of tho war, comes
from a ratsl?ow*?!tn TEa?dTennessee. It
seems that in the carly part of tho war,
a man in tho town alluded to, baring in
his possession eight hundred dollars in
specie, and fearing tho consequences of
keeping it hy him, or afc least making
thia tho pretext fur bis conduct, ap?
proached an honest, well meaning wo
man in tho town, tho wife of a small
ohop-keepor, and desired ber to take tho
money and keep it for him. His reasons
mrjoaaklng tko request Wv re that in war
Umea it was not prudent for a man who
might reasonably bo suspected of owning
specie to keep so Iorgo an amount in his
possession, -while she, in whose honesty
bc hid every confidence, could take it,
accrete it in o careful place and uover bo
suspected, .by . any ono bf having it. li
was a?ao Imposed by him that oho should
noter, by any poMbiJity. lot . any one
oven her own husband-into the secret.
After som? hesitation tho woman con.
sented to take tbs money, and entered
faithfully ?po'n the,dischorgs of her un
dertak.i?fr Tho treasure was carefully ,
concealed, and tho secret BO sacredly ,
guarded ca her part, that not even her ,
?soand was aware of the responsibility ?
she had Bsa'umed. fl
A few months-rolled hy, tho woman ,
giving herself no further concern about ,
the moneys than occasionally to satisfy {
herself that it iras safe ia the place of .
concealment, .xyitll ono day o man-a
ncighte^^nte? hhs^?fto thc bes- \
cst woman and told hor that bo was an ,
omer of tho Confederate Government
fully authorized and empowered to claim ?
to?&jo.in heb^C of fto Gpy^penfc, ,
all tho specie in the land. To mnko his <
prdtensiona moro plausible, bs represent^ .
iawC?M&itac^ i,
Tho Quasi officer bloted to tho .woman |
that from tho krown frugality of herself ]
and husband--?hey aloa? constituting (
the family, and besides living within the ,
bounds of rigorous economy, hoarding |
overy penny, as is tho wont cf ?ll shop- ,
keepera of their ci ;:>.inband being j
a thrifty Gcrman-r-it, wa? atroagly BUB- J
pected that they hi? a large sura, of ,
specie hide away. Tho *go?i|' woman j
trembled violent?j at ths prcs^ecfc of thus .
having to BurrenoV ibo scanty savings of t
many years of deprivation, ioii and <
anxley, not to say the fcri&t of calamitous *
misfortune wbjch nt One tims had te* <
fallen them bfforosettiiug in,tho town,
and whllo wrin^Bg her kunda in despair ,
her mind wss happily relieved by tho i
pretended ofilcer himself. ?
Tho secret'which sho had BO sacredly .
guarded, and 'tba importance of which (
wasso seriously impressed upon ker by ,
th?ffly n?* jqte???itea io tho prescr?a
t?QU;0f^p?LO7*f|lAjQcncy, was known by this \
? dread officer t\f tho. Government. He i
quietly told her that he knew abo bed in J
hor po?3M3?Qn this iboney. <?? nn oflicor <
of tho Government'it waa his dute to ,
demand it. and if ebQ-'?rquld quietly band t
it over without delay, ho would give her ,
no molestation as to any coln abo and ,
her h?**?wi?bwned in their own right. .
Ho_.fidinUtHrthat they had met with
misfortune, wore now aa7anoirig ie yearn, j
and he felt that ho might in thoir peen- i
liar case forego tho imperativo duties of .
his office j but the money she held in \
trust-tho gold belonging to a man of
wealth; wheeo duty it was to aid with ,
every uocrtns in his power the Govern* ,
moot to which Iii owed alleglcncc-thla !
was.allogethsr a different matter. He .
-did not wish to two foro. Hehoped?ot ,
to have to resort to the disagreeable
necessity of calling upon .the military ?
arm to fii'Kid a file of soldiers to search ,
her prcniis?si? who might find moto than ,
the C'**joct sought ; while such proceed- i
ins weald ako divulge for the fi rai igHQ 9
to lier husband tba mot that cija had tho " ,
money in ter jwesetaFob. The tortuvei!
woman, tlqw4 began to.real?; * the natur?
cf he? poiliioo. While ordinarily,alia
made no conccfllmeuta from her husband. -,
and tho couple Jived harmoniously anet ,
amicably together, both laboring in t heir j
icspec\iv<??Rpherc.4 to sqcurei.a comp?- '
ieucy d this ?vorld'^ g<?04a^ v?t KW had
pledged hor word to a man to whom she i
w?i'&^le? ?no. sp?^al obligation, < to keep \
. tip ?t9*|^?v^ from hot'- htwhia'd. Sho '?
'> h?tV B?eo^Irauy dono -ho up to thia time ;
and tho pretended Governmont agent .
subtly advised that thora wsa no neces- .
etty to mention tho matter to her hus?
band their?. ' All] trouble c??icV bo rc- ,
raov?d eimp?y b^ her quiet obedience to
tbs b?l?is* af; fear vr?Venimoni. He
Ois???bi'e; adviiiK? s. ready,.ia?iplianee,
auggesiiug tl\at her husbaud Vii kept i!t .
The poor woruao, unused fio the ways
of the wo?d/and whoas- fear of losing
:ty'savings of a litTs time had
vt**iWwioSght lo th? high tit tension "by
tho' interview, in tho faint pe.wn of - hope
to save Ai?TOwu carefully-hoarded treas
uro/loat sight of what might be tho next
foh-e ?top of gaardln? from her husband
.. involving a business transaction,
to her at least, of euch import, ana
?rombling bindj and, ii must te
admitted, many miaa?,vlngs ta to her
duty, ?ot o?ily in the matter of yet break
ing tho :JccTc5 to her huabinu, tnt also
her obligation to the man whoso trustee
s?? innocently bacame,- and gla<?.?Mft(i: J
?i .o horaoli of au unwelcome visitor.
y.sed?<S?a the batuiof glittetiD-coin
:. -??.;;. )i\ : it.vublti aenste, refiecting
3!nj wi-:ir pri;cioUB val no in thews
d?ya of i-ftarcity ?nd waht, but, like the
eyes of th** doadly basiltekj, gleaming
i&W and respected ro private fights.; *
Ucf ^veningduties, if uot performed
with tho cleverness for which abe was
noted se a skillful, .tidy house-keeper,
I were dls2br^g?4 in such a manner as to
nient from her husband.
The ff?gfti rn*;&? was prepared end eaten
?!>c .conversation usual!/ in
oy them at table. Tho dishes
?ned, the "tallow-dlp." the only
substituto for n lamp, was lighted, and
after the customary family devotions,
which we?0 never omitted, the couplo ro
tired. But with what different feelings
did each seek ??? couch of repose? The
!id, but through many
years of suffering, patient ?nd uncom
?laloing, conscious of never having done
is follow-mnu a wrong, seeking the
quiet repose of the righteous ; the wo
man-guileless aa c child, who would
fnstiocwrely obV/lk from tbo least wrong
ful deed, her mVjd racked with the fear
that abe had committed an act not
wrongful 'ojia?!/, hut which might bring
upon her untold raiser*., If not poverty,
to herself and husband.
Fear and hope alternating in her
breast, she passed a sleepless, restless
night, and arose tho next morning with
haggard fact and troubled cspressloiy
which ber husband, had his duties kent
L?m ir? tho house that morning; would
have casiiy detected. But fortunately,
ho mudo no discovery, and after Ino rou
tine of tho morning'? work had been
performed by tho tireless woman, she
mado a pretext for calling upon a neigh
bor, ana with beating heart basify re
paired to the man who had entrusted her
with tho ,,ioney.
With language eloquent lu its sim
plicity, ehe recited the wholo story. She
told how implicitly, in the effort to
render him * service, she bad kept ?he
secret from every human hoing, not ex
cepting ber husband ; the anxiety tho
trust bad imposed upon her for so long a
timo ; - with tears streaming dorn nor
cheeks, which had previously known no
furrows, she rel atea all that occurred be
tween her and the pretended official ;
how oho. b?ai tated, apd bow at last, as
abe supposed in o^edienco to tho require
menin of ! r, abe reluctantly
gave un tM^?bii MO brui ted
wrongiullj^HBIppd iguonsnca
fear, Induct,/tty the is
atlon. Sho caw, whet
would have beeii the pr
her to pursue, "but," sim;
tho agent would h?ve ta?n it from ' you
any woy; I hope my ofl?use is not so
predi 'nt last. My conecitnee ls clear that
/ did not divulge" tho eccw.of having
tho money in my possession, and if,
through fear and trembling, rind under
compulsion, I surrendered it to tho Gov
ernment, as was demanded, I trust you
rriii show tho pity* I. cravo."
But tho man of money was not of a
forgiving nature With stern counte
nance-ho heard her simple "story, nod
replied that abo should have known bet
ter' that there was no euch officer em
powered to impress money from citizens,
?nd that. In strict justice to himself ho
roust require nor TO refund every cent
if lt.
Fortunately, tho women was prepared
for.tho worst; and fortunately, through
a Ufa of toil and caro, oho had learned
"to suffer apd grow strong,'? Hut to re
Elaco this cum of eight hundred dollars
i coin, nt that time, would bavette
cn with men ol
.o?rcesy to her it seemed *a
[illlty; To break the secret to her hus
band at this stage, abo feared, would en
tail tho bitterest consequences. Though
% kind husband, ho iras of irascible
temper, and this lost stroke of joiafor
tuue, added to reverses whlclif 1*0 had
patiently boroo, might, in tho evening
jf ber lifo, bring untold- vials nf his
wrath Upon her bead ; OP what ?ho most
reared-true and. do voted wife as she was
-it might hasten tho climax of an
jgaravftUng disease and cause tho death
)fnir? '\om ?ho bad promised "to nureo
througi. sickness," cherish, love and
moy, until death uiid them pat t.
In His dilemma her only, sourco of
Uof carv^. Tho inan wnota sho,at
tempted to servo-tho sash who imposed
the task upon ber-he who see&ea in
dumenta* in filling her cup of eorrow
lo the brim-made c. proposition, the
E"feasible plan." as bo sold, thatl
wonted Itself, and ono which, to 'MK I
t a guileless, - confiding woman wofefirf
iiavo seemed. to have been "out, and.
hied" for tho occasion. It was proposed
.hat if ?ho did not havo thc money to
replace the forfeited sum' immediately,
tho should become hi? debtor to .that
iraount, and pay it in installments as
ibo could. But the currency of thut
icrlod could not bo received. Only
ipoclo would suffice. And it was stipu
lated that as her tt?sband had been thus
hr kept In Ignorance of ibo rrsusaoiion,
is a matUr oj policy it would no w bo best
o admit no one into, tho eecrcf.
Only too glad to know the worst, the
?voman took the only alternative. She
returned to her home, and as bcU abo
:ould, set about the new burden imposed
ipon her. Though our story covers a
period bf many years, but little more re
mains to be told. Schooled in adversity
"rom a child, self-imposed lessons of the
most rigid economy did not go BO bard
with her. A lltlioSaved here, arid"a
little there, tho deprivation of articles of
Ir?p. end the many little economies
which 39o can practice when.a motive
prompts, enabled her year hy year to re
luce the dobt. the lost cent of which .wak
ilschhrgcd fourteen yea? after the un
fortunato transaction with tho bogus
GSovcrnmont agent, and os!? a few dnya
iiaforo thodeath of her husband Jj4
?vhcm she ever proved a faithful and-Pe*
mn Tfifc Be never knew the secretbi
lib wife's burden. While it hi pleasant
to know that ho left his widow rv rnTrmir
[ency, it w?uld bo a satisfaction also to ,
know whether or not the man to whom 1 j
she refumlcd 'tho amount derived any J
benefit iheufrorov and also *"h*ther or |
not tho pretcurlcd "Go velmont. a^t"
ever received a portion ss his share.
/cirthy Southerner was speaking of the ]
distress through whicht bia State had
passed: "Vre i-j-iicrvTrjininjriaino wer??
but honor," he said. "Why, sir, thcict
was Col. Carter, of Cartcrsvillo, as high- {
toned a f-entlemau ju you: ever< naw,?- I
He'd lost cverythltjgin tho world butJhlai
hencr. Now, cid Grant sent a Yankee
Postmaster to Oartersvillo, and ono day
the Colonel wanted to send a letter to
his factor in K*w Orleans, and, aa '
bad lost everything but honor, he esk
tho Yankee to trust him for a three cent
Bt&mp and the fellow wouldn't do it. "ami
of course tho Colonel drew his pistol and
shot him dead. And do you know, sir,
Mi took all the exertions of Judge Bowie
and some of our most influential citizens
to prevent that thing from coming to a
lawsuit t"
This ia not unlike tbs narrative of tho
taro Kentuckians nt a Chicago hotel,
una of iii es ?SSH fiercely diepstlaj* the j
correctness of the bill which the clerk {
had just presented to him, when the
other took bim hy the arm and said :
"Colonel, never forget that you are a
Kentuckian; Lill tba clerk, but pay the
fcSK,*'--N. K Hour.
Worji.t> Rirrnaw Hia DOCTORS Via
?T6.-From an Ellenton,S.O., eubscriber
we.-learn that the fellowing occurrence
took place : A country doctor across the
rive? presented hi* account to a patient
who had been quite ill. but was now well.
Tho ox-patient tisteued attentive)** to tho
nccouut being read, by ta? medical man
aa follows; For medicines, a*/ much ; fer
vUita, so mach, Finally, with an air of
?snerodlv and candor, bo ?ava: "Well
School cr Business f
Yous,boy ii fourteen years -ol I. Yon
lire considering the question whether Vcu
ebal! take bim oat of ucbool and put film
to business. : Ia thc ?bop ho cati earn his
living nt once. In J ??hool be coats you
from ?300 to e8Q0 a year. Even if be
?oe? to a pnuue school his board et home
costs something, and;he earns nothing.
And what is tho use of. his learning
Latin, Greek and Algebra: for the prac*
tica! affairs of life? Will bis musa, wv?
tea, mutta, and bis te, y and a ever enable
bim to sell more crticoes or at more cents
ayn rd, or to get mero bushels of wheat
out of an acre of granad, or even io con
vince a jury of practical American* that
bis client is entitled ta $1,000 damages
from the railroad company that smashed
his trunk or by its delay compelled him
to zeiss en important appointment f He
can rend, write an i speak the English
language correctly ; why. not apprentice
him to h ia. trade and let him begin!
Shall I keep him in school or put him to
business? Tur.t ia a question a great
many fathers are considering. Ah'? aura*,
mer-and every summer.
Keep him in school.
He that apprentices h,V bo/ chooses
bis career for him ; and no man knowe
enough about tither hie boy'e neture-er
his futuro to moke.such a choice wisely.
Some men havo to make it ;,tthit is (hew
misfortune; it aught not to be yotrr
choice. If he is nut into a store it is
Very unlikely he will ever become u law
yer ; if inUfVJe'tfycr's fefi?cd it is hardly
probable-that be will emerge a civil en
gineer. &y putting him into business
you decide what businesshe shall go into.
But you can'?io more toll what your boy
at fourteen ought to he et- forty than you
tan tell what an unlabeled naper of needs
will become if planted. He is a mere
bundle of possibilities. What life lias
vor bim you cannot foresee. Who could
have guessed that th? canal hoy of forty
told that tho young Irish teacher half a
century ago was IQ be the greatest retail
and wholesale merchant in the world?
?Who can tell what Providence has iu
?tore for yonrjbpy?' What'hp toee/ls for
Iiis highest measure of cu?cese ft such an
education that he moy he ebie to do with
!iis might whatever his hand finds to do;
Hind therefore be neods to havo evcty
?night in him well developed. Educa*
lion does not merely" fit' men for their
Itatton ; it shows them what station they
re ?ttcd for, Jt designates men.by dc
cloping them. Education bf a-Man iv
ike cultivation of .tho voil ; it show.t
rhat possibilities there are in him.
A purely business education is always
i narrow education. It develops a par*
icular power and leaves the others un*
leveloped. It tends to make lopsided
nen ; men of narrow horizons ; men of
United abilities ; that is, of abilities lim
ited to a sphere of action'. The boy who
?coes into a store at; fourteen td ..stay till
He is twenty-one may grad ti ato a capital
??icninivu, ji?i ho r. jii ?pnra nothing eise
in his school hut how to ?ell goods; and
?ifjf f$ti?h^vvjej^tf fcthor geffice for him,
possibly ovon a higher service. The hoy
who graduates at college at twonty-ono
?till not know how to do any ono thing
I", as bis mercantile companion, but
1 be" ?bl? to learn bow io de any
a hundred things. In a commu*
rhere casto determines position,
tho son of a merchant is pre
ed to be a merchant and tho ROU pf
?.kcopex lo*.bo n sbop?Bc?por,ap*
:ing fa very well. But in n coun*
?crc society is not only fluid but
where tho bottom is ell the time
up to tho top and the top is all the
ming down to tho bottom, every
should bo ambitious to givo his son
ication that will enable him to take
ace and hold and fill it. Business
ion makes "rut" men; a liberal
ion makes broad men. A business
ion equips a man well for a single
a ; if he misses that he has no rc
A liberal education equips a mun
lundred chances ; if be falls to gel
Dor open be has in his hand the
f ninety-nine more,
s tho broad man who prospers iu
times." The man who has bul
ring on his place may go thirsty ic
ight; not so tho man who huso
When times are dull, it i? thc
teener who keeps a ledger account
fully and knows not now to dc
lng oise who gets left out in thc
because there are no more ledger
kept. Tbs versatile man, who ha;
loptnbillfv to do ^wbatover wori
to his hand, always finds ?om?
to do. When a college graduate i'
starving the story goes tho circh
! newanapers from Boston to Sat
|?CQ; hut v?ho? clerks and beck
rs go hungry no ono thinks I
?e. It is au appalling problem t<
nplato: what will tho thousand am
rradnatGS cf eur colleges this voa
S do? But,, somehow, they all di
lomething. Our colleges do no
h tho country with its beggars, it
traer its tramps. A well cducatci
sa man of many resources, aud hi
-cforc ready for many exigencies
's safety in brea?th.
is the broad man, also, who genet
iuds "room at tho top." Education
not Impart genius ; genius some
tro top men. -Thc man who is reall
tr of any craft. . The m?chenlo wb
s how to drive a will but not hutw-t
r a joint may bfe^goed; earpentei
io will never bo an architect or
er. All professions require for' iii
sr.d blgirai euee caa an encyclopr^di
ledge. It is conceded that m?uii
lawyers and" doctors should Tiav?
id ed?cajhm*5 bu^ybyinofcasjw
liants, mechanica, and farmers
successful merchant ls not a mci
1er with an empirical skill at dil*
B Urff?fl; hu to tr^nratter arowi
;'ana he must know tho laws'-<
that ls, practically, mental and mor
?^llckonhv.-r-dnd must be h slUled lite
B?tent-, for To' wri to a good business lett
requires as much facility with the pen
Ito a good editeicfet* Tbosucoessf
into ought to know iho*c>nce
-physics, chemistry, n??*?ral pt
?y-or ho will bo building-u G
s garden wall to tumbledown)
sans bf the dancers, to ala ama
and other people's indignaik
ope the day is not fer distant wh
lieges wlli eond some of their m
Ihn building bualnc??,laad*we'6
plumbing and carpentering boss
rains. Tho farmer ought to be
Heoemhrt, knowing the constituents
?both soils and plants; and aphyalolojrj
?knowing the organism of animals nndt
Haw? of their . health nud the naturo
?their diseases ; and a merchant, know!
?the needs of a changing market and h
?tc manufacturo fc-v JV. tho high
?success every vocation requires ii eV<
?knowledge; ,no true learning coe
?amiss. TtW man wbo known how to
?only A single thing can never be maa
?of any art ; for he can never divest mi
?men how to do many things.
? Nor should it be forgotten that the t;
?object of education is nti learning !
?ability. The well educated man !
H learned, ^methlng- moro than Lat
Greekj* ?" <AIgebraj; b s&} earned ho*
? Scam, wntuh ls far'more Imn?rtv.i t. 5
?supremest ability in life ls (be ability
? acquire new. kuowlr.Jge resdi.lv; aro
nco it promptly, and he who has af
I ten years in learning munt be
ordinary fool if be ha* ?ot In; that I
?^K^Jbow tn lean*. . Thia is none
? Wo dlscnsa this queitlou of scboc
, buainee* on a. pnrely bread ead bc
basl.i. Wo ignore the constdemUot
? vastly higher coa^idcrAlion-^that lil
? more than business, and tc be a ma
more than to be. a merchant or a me
chanic. In its purely economic, aspects
tho higher and bibed)** education ''pays."
There moat alway? he bswera of wood
(ind drawer? cf water. Out' the supply
will probably alwAys ctjual th? demand.
Tbs merchant U mor? than'a salesman,
the mechanic la moro than a carpenter, a
mason or a plumber, the agriculturist ia
mort than a digger in the dirt; if you
want your boy to oe that something more,
strain erery nerte and every resource, if j
need be, to keep him at school as long os
be ia learning there, and to gire him aa
high and broad an education os the abil
ities which ho bas Inherited from you
enable him to appropriate and utilise.
Christian Union.
- A clergyman waa recently prosecu
ted in England for stealing an timbrel's
which ho bad taken from a shop in K
shower. He was. released, the Judge1
doubtlesscbargiogtbejury: "Let bim who
is without sin among, you sling the firs
- Yesterday morning Mrs. Chatter
mug, a lady .living in Nerada street, got
excited over thc account of Tanner's
fast, and announced that she would re
frain from talking forty days. Bbs
begau at 9 o'clock in the morning yes
terday, and at 10.80 her pnls? was so feeble
from exhaustion that the physician
feared she would die at noon. At ll
ber heart beat but 26 a minute, .?'?nd her
respirations were hardly ootlceable.
Her friends here urged her to discontinue
her terrible task, and told ber some' gos
sip about a neighbor. On hearing it
she immediately rushed from the house
and going across the street met. a .lady
friend and talked until 0.30 last night,
and ia now fully restored. Her record of
nearly ?wo hoot? and a quarter of abso
lute silence now takes its placo at tho
tcp of tho Hst. Congratulatory letters
are pouring ip from all sides, and she
has had several offers to take the lecture
field.- Carson (Nev.) Appeal.
BE WISE ASD HAPPY.-If you will
"top all your . extravagant and wrong
notions in doctoring yourself and fami
lies with expensive doctors pr humbug
CUIC-MIIH, that do harm, always, add use
anly nature's simple remedies thrall your
sUmcnts-yoy will be wise, well and nap
py, Snd save great expense. < The great
sst remedy for this, too. great3 wiso and
?pod will tell you, ls Hop Bitters-rely
sh it. See another column.-Press. .
HAVING recently graduated in Medi
cine at the Medical College of Booth
karolina, offers bis professional services to
'be people of Anderson and'surrounding
July 22,1880 _2 . ,2m
One Circular SnW Mill,
Cl U ITA 13 LE for Steam or Water Dower.
Apply to
Anderson, Bi C.
.inly 15, 1880_1 .' . ?:. 4 ??
Fresh Turnip Seed,
AN assortment: of Fresh Turnip Seed,
from David Lnndrcth & Son otu! D.
M. Ferry & Co. They are reliable. For
lalo by - A. B. TOWEitS & CO.
July22,'18:H) ? . 2A--. ?? ????? ?? - '
MOUE prospero?!? les* year than usual ;
annually growing In popular favor;
.wenty-one'years under thc same admlnis
ratlon; employs only tho best teachers; .
lepends upon merit focouccess : and offers
ho best advantages for the least money.
$102.00 pays board and tuition for ono
The next College year will open Monday,
bo 4th, October.
Scud for CireuJir irk
EKV. J. I. BONNER, President,
Due West, Abbeville Co.,8. C.
August0.1880 4 , ,0 ,
OUR CARDS are now in real, good or
der, and we esuv safely promise flrst
.lass work, with as much haste as ?9 po?si
jleio?o good.work.-.i,^:.".^..'-..m*?m*? *
*M*m ipe m?m ?t&rfij* $9fc i
tAQENTS: . , j .
Walhalla-IL M. Warren,, at tho Depot;
Seneca City-H. T, Poo, at tba Depot.
Anderson,OJ H-II. B. Font, at Depot.
Belton-Gj-W. McGee & Son.
Prepay freights and tho rolls will ba rc*
urned promptly, with b'.il for Carding to
igenti.fi/ 1 >iii -OTJhH?iitl .<>..- ? ?I ?
. : AUQ?v Jv BICTON.
President Pendleton' MTc. Co.
Pendleton Factory. 8. C., July 22,~188Q-4
".ri -
Sold Cheap for Cash,: . ?
July 8,1880. .15
returned tc Anderson and o faned a 8H0R
3HOP, and will ba pleased to receive orders
sitberfbr ".ir,.,n.^.rL J. V;"^
or J^^rivg siebte or
Co.'s Store, Granite Row; ]\ 1 ' J
R. Y. H. KANCK. j
'fiJuadftl?1880?*?Ht HIS. --M *H$m
ValaablQ Property in Town of Beitop.
T, WILL Oftir for tala on 8 A LED AY IN
JL' "SEPTEMBER next, nt Anderson,
S. C.. tbs following described property in
the Town of Belton :
Lot one-quarter aero, more or lea?. House ?
24 by 81 feet, three stories, including base
ment; bsaenieht 21 by. 00 feet, shelving and
eor.nters pointed; storeroom 24 by 75feet?
iMel?iaawid counterS/painted. Room ad
joining Store-room 10 by 20 feet; third
slory 24 hy 75 ibet,n?t c?St?d. F?i? p?act*
In each story. Good ahlnglo roof.
?bWS?l4KG AND iLoT.
Lot three Acres, mon'or less. -House 18
by 44 ftet front ; two frout rooms 18 by 18
feet; hill-way8 feet; extrusiontorear,and
built with malo body of bouse, 18 by 55
feet,* cOntaiuinE b?d-roon?, dining-room,
ventry ?nd idi&efO-lJUm tc front 10 by
24 feel ; >c?? 10 by 85filet, both with balu*
te??, Ac. Two cfdtntieys, three fire-places.
?louse ilnlahcd, and painted inside and out.
Good well of water, ?aw?en, sfebla ?ftc n
properly ?n be bought at privOalsaT
before Baledsy lr? September. '
TERMS-Cash, or satisfactory paper.
Bttlton, 8. C.
Jn?*elfcl89fr: . ' . "40. , lt
iM. The undorsignal bcreby gives notice
?bu?. ?itf. will itopfif to {he Jodgoof Probate
efe?*hde?roji C. J*., S. C.. On tb? 7th day of
Septorabor next, for a Final Settlement snoV
disebarzo Worn tho Esslateof 8. R. McElroy^
M. M. McltLROY, Adm's.
Au? 5, tm 4 5
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
< ? ? > 'ANJO ? .
Oriental Gun Powder,
Fruits and Flower? Smoking Tobaocu,
Celebrated Reversible Cotton Tie,
Wagoner and Georgia Orange Fertilisers.
IQT Samples of anything in our lin; sent on application with pleasure.
May 18,1880 ?4 ly
. GKR.IElA.'i? . BA.K,GS--AI3STS I
DURING the SUMMER MONTHS I w'?l sell fdr CASI? nt tho following remarkable
low figures :- . ? ? urti
Manie Bedsteads, Sluta and Castors complete, $2.50 and upwards.
Walnut Bedstead a, 0 feet G inches In di. $7.60 and upwards.
Cane Seat Choirs, per set, from $5.00 and upwards.
Toweloiid and Drawer Washstands, from ?1.35 and uiiwanls.
' Picture Frames and Chromos cheaper than any where- else. Walnut Motto Frames,
with Giass and Gilt lining at 30 cents. 8x10 Fromes, name kind, 25 cents. 13x14, Homo
kind, at SO ceute. Tho largest siso of Pictures, 24x30, WSlnnt Frames, ht $L40. Smaller
sites, same frame, at $1.20.
PINE CHILDREN CARRIAGES at $7.0) and upwards, j
A large lot of Window Shade* from fl cents a pleca and .upwards and everything else
in proportion. I have on hand a very large stock of all kinds and description.
Come and see me, as I will not IKS undersold hy any house in the Hiato.
CF. TOIil/lf.
May 1?, 1880 MI_ jj _;_
.1 il iV?iv
Th.e Light Riiririin^
.THE btu <
IS light-running, hos simple tension, is largo, has
has easily threaded shuttle, winds a bobbin
,. ' without running tho works of tho
- " And ls so simple in
its Construction tli?t lt is i
easily, understood ; tho People's
Machine ia, thc best for all hindu of
Family Sowing. Re-tin use.
WI3,. W^PiT \ A^Ji-NTS
.Where our machines aro notVreprcscntcd. Send
for circular to the
July 8, 1880
Philadelphia, Pa.l I
, 82 . . ly.
ft'.-',l? .'-'-IV.
(? -.i [J.
' f? ? ? mi - ... . . J . ' ? .. . ..,
?3LN 1 BI M ENSE stock on hand-of-our own" manufacturo, both WHITE and
YELLOW PINE. Pelter than ?n'y//>V?stcrn made Gooda brought to i
We are constantly Manufacturing and Can fill orders of odd ab-.es at sbqrt,*.?r.
tic?.' , .'"' . tu- WV'' .i-'1 'VT ? lt - w?. "??;.. '/iii ?i?t???
From Chicago Price List., Special Pricc? to Contractors.' . .>
' . ' ' .. '. 51, : Gm
July 1.1880
: ...I f.i.-t ...?:?..Ii/;|"> ..?.? .*.!?} .."...?} ?. ,-..?<'.ft ' ~t - .... ...? ... .
j ?' * . ". : . . -. i . Nr.". - i ,.i : i ? . : [(?lilli . .,. '"<' .' - V ~'\ '
16 Baila to Paaa?. J is, psshas^^, . 20 Bails to Pound, 2 lb. Paper Boxes*
hs Gas es of 20V 30,50,100:?r 500 Pounds each.
Vaiform''-Marice. Sntwri?bte Sfiacostttis*
pulu iLmss?tmim
JLfl? Ajre?b uamtigt? IUCS?4UI??.UUUXAU5 ?vuov vi-.y?iy vvoiiu.
:/., wm - . . ; -<-.?-. ? -
ttrtr..?.?? " ,.??? -'{-I'/-* ;?'i?rtv-!n.?MX? V".< -<
t-;,u\;.; '..! 11 ' ii: i..
M-iit^'A - ..i ?.... wi .TM ii ? r ???
i? . isl
-1 -i
. ' ". ?j
?J'l ('-.
I . :.|
-i .iHI**>.'}i-.Je'i-wt/* ? -.-it:. i-?' 'i'.A?iV^vj
??W?BI'.WW b<ic '.r^<? !>?;.>?(J
Beat material, good workmanship, handsome sty)es, strong . and durable
. Vehicles in ?very respect.
. S?ll: CARIilAG?S,;: ? ?
Mittiitf$*tttt?:.'.',by:.BM & CO., aro now in|
Thev give uhfallingsatlsractlon. A? their workJi.SfifjOir^^ *e
ceived te'stlrnonlal" from all p?fU of the country of purporVsTmilar to tho following,
hundreds of which aro on file subject to Inspection : '
G ALVA. ILLINOIS. July 16, 1870. .
, Fifher A Cb. .. have used f?ue of your Top.Bugglvs threo year? in my
thev haveKlven mo perfect satisfaction and are In constant nsc. -
j ?t?&rt. /iii
ilbery stable
NEWBERRY, ii. C., ,July 17.1870.
I kan*. CouiiocJt & joiuwm-Dear Eira : ? havo been ?ting tho ?ruot.ion * Fisher Bupgy
rbooght Crom you aa roughly I snppoao as any buo could. .1 had a fast horse, drove him
at Itali speed, sometimes with two grown ladles and my ?alf In the buggy, and it ht to-day
Worth all the money I paid for lt. 1 ray the Emerson & Fisher R?gglra .w'1?^ R ?
A. M. TEAGUE, Farmer.
Tho favorable reputation the Carriages) have made In localities where tltey have
been used for saveral years by Liverymen; Physicians, Formers abd others rcq?ir?ng
bard and constant use, bas lcd to an increased demand from thrkfo localities, lo meet
which the manufacturing facilities or their mammoth establishment hnvo been ex
tended, enabling them now to turn out in good style, ....
?mersoBy Helier & Co/s
? Nor gr. i^TQ_. -
Carriages aie tile Beat,
. SO . . .. - 10m
TITK P.uckcve Rca Der and Mower, Hsr
ter cr/d fiel fender.
The. ?Cconomiser.lCar.?cii Monitor, Sclf
Propolliror and other Steanj Kt (ria i.
Tho Farquhar Thresher ?. 1 Separator,
Saw and Grist Mills; Cotton Gin's, Conden
sers, Feeder* and Frees?, .ind all Planta
tion Machlneey. ; ..
' For deecrlpthVo drcTilaxs, price lista, Ac.,
! address
J. M. MATTHE WA. Agent,
Belton,'Ct. 0.
JSB* All hinds of machinery repaired.
May 0.1S60 43 ?n>
Vcsluable Property for Sale?
IWILL sell on FRIDAY, lSlts day of
OCrrORKR next, Ut ttiS lute vasidexice
of Willis Ailsa, deceased, Oni? TRACT ??F
LAND, known aa tho 4,8h(?l Tract," oou
taining sixty-eight acre?. Ott this 'Tract ls
one ot tho best Shears on Saluda River,
with fall of H iect, and un,-lvalh*.\ sf isa
for erecting buildings for machinery, Th?
Shoal ls Jabt oiie-quoru-r jidl?i from G. &<X
R. R. Twos mad* known <to day of salo.
April 8,1880
lasa-??pt 15,
Anderson, S. C.?
DEALER ?pd Manufacturer of Monu
ments. Menante*?i*I Head?
?t'inc?, Tombai, Vasen, Et?. Aa I
am a practical workman, and do work my
self, lean afro rd to fr.rnlih any thing in my
lino cheaper than any one else, working1
only the heat gradua of marble,' X am able
to give better satisfaction to my customers,
and guarantee all work that leaves my shop.
I work only new detigns. Call and see me
at my shop on Depot Street, and bo con
vinced of these facts, before. purchasing
else where. .
Juno 17. 1880 40 ly
ALL persons wniu'ng TOMBSTONES
will do Well to call oh me, as f have
on hand all grades of Marble, and work ail
the now. designs. I warrant my work to
givo satisfaction. Prices to suit the times. |
I am prepared to take caro of the County
travel and regular boarding nt reasonablo
rates at thc Benson House. Meals 25 cents.
Lodging 25 ccu ts,
Feb 20, 1880 38
John I). Slttoo, as Administrator tie bonis non of I
tbs Estate of Jame? L Simpson, deceased. Plain
MIT, against Susan Simpson, James O. Simpson,
Edwin 1*. Simpson, llosaSImpsou,CornellaHlmp
son, Lee Simpson', Laura Simpson, Jolla 8Iui[>
Bon, Annlo Simpson, John Wells Simpson. Stroth
er Simpson, Fannie T.Simpson. Sophia Simpson,
Maggie Simpson, May Simpson, Henrietta Simp
son,Charles H. riilnncy, Nancy Pblnncy, Heury
Winner, lllcbard C. Simpson, Edwin a.fotnjreoB,
Marr J. Sharpe and James D.Si
B- Summons for Ittlief, ?te.
! To tho Defendants a?ore namcd
YOU arc hereby summoned and required to ar
airer the complaint in this action, which ?
filed Jn thooirtco of tho Clerk of tho Court of Com
mon Pleas for th? said County, and to serre a copy
or your answer <>n tho subscriber at his office -on
tho public aunare In Walhalla. Oconco County,
8. C., within twenty days after tho serries of this
summons on you, exclusivo of tba day of service.
If you fall to answer this complaint within tho.
time aforesaid, tho Plaintiff, aa Administrator ea
aforesaid, will apply to tho Court for tho relief do
' aiaudcd In the complnlnt. .
8. T. DENDY,
Plaintiffs Attorney.
-fsEAt;] Joua W. DAXIBLS, C. C. P. tt O. a, An
derson, ii. ?.
To the absent Defendants, James U. Simpson,Cor
nella Simpson, Henry Phinncy and, Charles H.
Phinney :
TAKE NOTICE, Til at the summons and com
plaint In this action was filed in tho office of tho
Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas for Anderson
County, 8outh Carolina, on the nth day of July,
1880, and that tho object of said action ls tho sale
of . certain House and Lot.' the village of Pen
dleton, in said County and 8. e, known os "Law
ther Hall," for tho pnytnem or debts of tho sold
James L. Simpson, deceased.
8. P. DENDY, PlalntifPa Attorney,
Walhalla, S. C.
July 15, 1633_1_0
CA? BE MASS ASI fmat-cm Dv.sttir.r3. LABI
Tunca AS Loxa,
alu sus Cart 1 vi lieut Dm catii? Un firP.?a.
? . cc uss -t
.Ptrpfpsia,1 .
. ftcralpa,
. .ihtkmi?tjci,.
I Coil?Tesesf,
. Ftrwle'
. . Wui??i?,
! tahat.
1 ' m T?"** ?"re "l! r"*ea*ea by Absorptio-i. No
Noxiousi Villi. Oils, rn- Poisonous Mcdldntsare ttkaa
lntoths8tomach. Ttie Pads are worn over the Pit
of toe Stomach, awcrlnir the Urea! Nerve dentm,
*U? the Liver A/id P'omacb. A RcnUe V<, -table
Kidneys to,he&Uhy action, and etrct?theoliijc tb?
Btomwh to digest food. Paira os PAT? ai ADD $I
J^cjty SOLU ST ALI. Dnuaoit*?,or sent by Maa
r Knutsctared at ? & 41 KOUTB LIBSBTT BT,
. DALimoas. MD.
! WILHITE & WILHITE Agents, Ander
son, 8. C. 37-ly
Hernia or Rupture Cured!
SsaslnsStamped "1,0.SEELEY,WARRAtiTtr.
^^ial ^?^^
Sedy's Hard. Rabber Trasses,
made lu every desirable pattern, shape
or strength. Springs coated with hard rub
ber. Light, cool, cleanly. Free- from all
sonr, rusty cr padding unpleasantness-.
Suspensory Bnndago, : Shoulder Braces,
Adominal Supportera, ?tc.
Complete aHsv.rtnicut, for sale by
?42~ Correct adjustment a speciality.
S May 20,1880 . 43
^E'. 'v"*"r*^;^~
I/-*' - '. .
y' ? ^V<<-t r.e. 1 Xcd'clne ?vettci
, A rei. Mnvjgn ?>f Hops, Roch**, lHnndnil'c
r.nd linurt: lion, 'it!' ?.t itin beet and 111011 c:in
??r.-.propi-rlc^.if ?li?.?..-.er lH'terainakeitlirinvat.
r.'MllondPnrrIn-T, l,lvcf ncirnlntor,andl.!:.
? r,i\ tlcnl:li lie.'UTi.. : .\?cqt pncarip.
.H?-fll'eaae<r?"lij J' ?Tl Ti cnn no?nthlf ianjr ex!?r
t-?*rrn J|?.p r;iivi~i, used, so" Tailed sud perfect
[?re luetr upcratiui H.
raf, (Itt at? H rYs?d .t'OT tofts ase? aol lufra.
?; .> i.M whnM rv . ?; "la: cause Irrejritlarl'r of
.I.'...-:? rr ur!:.. i r.s. or who rcoii! rr.-tn \ p.
! - . I fr. I oatear.viiid'd-, ilvlulant. Hop luttera a<r
.. tuaold irithont iuruxic:iiln:r,
.-.'o rn*U(.'rwflat V<-}r>r ii"!!?- ra or ?frnpton? ?rrv
'-; tili- (?ijir.i.ip ?r ?ISiae!,* ls, uso Hop l;lt:rr.
.. .^n':. 1 j'?>n r?ete, but if yon anti-/..''
?ii (ir ?d.erabl*. MW il-o Hitters ot once, li n-' . .
} :-> .rU.'e. lt ha? saved hundreds.
! , Tiuriep?idfftra ?asattirrrii?potrim .
. I io nrit'-iffrr ror lot your frytids su0cr,biit
j " inlnr^'cih tntoi.TOliopIJttters.
..irml -cr. Itopniuers tr.no vll<i.dniF)?cd,c*niTiit
.. Ml?' nun, but the. 1'in-fsiniid Hot Medtct'tn tvn
M ' i'.ti:vn!it!f? '*. li-nil rtntl Hop^.^'snd
. M- r?vucr tinnily ?l!ii'.-d be -Rlthuut ttictn.' -
J.. . C*t-tfto>i?*t&iadnsv : VX?tMftM,
vito-? Corin Ctua is tin swrctciit,safest tsndbrsi
). >-k?h(I<lren.
.Caa Ilnr r?r? fprV:'.-":,. icf!7l4?CT rtrd Kldnrys lr
ftuptnur Krlitl '.^rf. A^kDwKgUu.
1.-T. C. lt ,iii r>:.'ii"-''i and |trr?!?t?W(r .'.li^s.'fo,
:.'tr.:j';.-:;r. ttiu or <.; lem, tobaccvt. . '. narc it?ui.
S yt+Uiiiettsytt. jr.jI-i^?f?.C?.R?cl^tei??.TS??4:
"iOR5-i ?nu ??Tt.UBP0WPa?15r*r
' M
Wlllestr? orf.tevent*fl{si>M,
? No Hos?? will die of (OLIO. llCTeor IA Aa F?
var. if Foatrt Powders aro used tn time. . ?'
rontr*s Po w der? r 111 rn rn n nd prer e n t Hoe Caoura*
Poatx-s Powders will pf* rent ? OAl-ae sar Kow ta.
I Po-itsfaPowders will lr,-.-r??? the ijcanuty ot mUk
and cream ta en ty per et nt., aad make the trotter aita
ind awe?t.
-ibata-a Powders will ^ora or prevent al mest arvaarr
DtstiAsa to whtih Horst? and Collis aro subject,
.fotrrxn Prnvnans H ILL otva SAtlSFACTin*?.
JJAVIO Z. rotrra, Promoter.
nAz.*t*z*aoa*c sea.
For sale by WILK!TE A WILHITE, Aoderaon,
and M. W. COLE?AN A CO., Seneca City.
Nov 13.187)? 18 ly
?NK ifiilNDItED STOVES to be sold
cbeap~*)f tho celebrated mako of
Thomas Hobcrt Stephenson & Co.-to good
Krtlei on thr* Cotton Option or for Caob.
>mc nod feo them.
.STEAM .COOKEfCS at low prices , Nos.
0,*4.00; 8, fcj.60; 7, ^>:00: 0, ?2.P0.
West End Waverly Hone?.,
March 18, 1880 80 '_
Atlanta A Charlotte Air Line R. R.
: Oat and atte? Souday. June lett 18??, Double ?al.
ly Trains will ri'n on this roAd as folio'? *
Night Mall Mod Patsencer Train.
Arrive Seneca.-.".". 1 r? p ta
Leave seneca..".;. > 01 ? ta
I l>ay PaatenjrerTieln.
Arrive Seuoca.,.._o 13 A sa
l*a?o Scneoa..."."?. it a is
<;OIN;? Vi nat.
, ? ?Ig*?* Mall and. Passenger Traits.
Arri?* 8aaecaT...^_....M_._"."...u...S3 a ?
l*avc Btncoca._._._". 0 st a m
Arrivo8enrca,.."?,."._".."...."s Al 1* m
TkroaaATickcu.i. MU at Ua?n?*Mo,se?Ce*
EirtaSTwUti Sr?rta-Jbara; to ?ll poiau
W. J. HOU3TUS, G. T. and P. A?eav
From which we can mast conveniently
load Wagons with tho .good old
" . -, AND
Palmetto Acid Phosphate.
Cali and buy our Fcrttllzera for Cotton
deliverable next Fall
W? alare Jost Rcenived,
25,000 pounds Tcnne-see Meat,
Three Car Loads New O'rT?????and Mus
covado Molasses, ?'-.'?
SOO bushels Tennessee Corn,
Two Car Loads Excellent Flour;,
Ono Cur Load Liverpool Salt,
; 25 barrels best Northern Seed Folatoe3
We have also a large slock of
Ploughs, Sugar, Coffee .
.. Hoots and Shoes,
Dry Ooods, Hardware,
Hats, Yankee NOUOUL,
And tn fact almost every kind of Goods
needed by tho public-;from a Paper of Pin
up to a Hogshead of Molasses.
Wc offer our Goods for cash or on credit
until next Full nt reasonably low prices-to
good ami prompt paging customers. Come
and trade with us.
Anderson, 8. C., Feb. 12, lBgQ._
(Superintendent. Proprietor.
Water ami Horse Powers,,
Batunga for Balconied
A LL kinds of CASTINGS dono at short
xl notice and low prices. Work dono
in good, workmanlike manner. Repairing
Iof all kinds Machinery and Engines. . -v^
WATSON & 80N, Agent*, 1
Anderson, S. C. ^
June 3, 1880_47_3m '
New Advertisements.
of our next President and Vice President,
Gen. HANCOCK and
Thousands aro walline for tho book. It contains
Bteel pottralts of tho Candidates and other foll,
pogo engraving?. Extra inducements offnrcd to
ihos? selecting territory NOW. DOUGLAS BROS.
00 W. Oth Stivct, Ciucfnnn'.l, O.
Aro i?ldbyeaf?trdtrareaadn*
la no one ovrc.ns a horco nr malo bo* VHU?UIW
this lino of fronds, eomcthlnir of rrrf kt vatnn, an
prelalli- aiUptrd to thrlr wants. CO VERT M'irO
\Vtr,rT,:nr,N. y" f:o!o Manua.-inr^ra.
lng our splendidly lllultrated book, LIFE OF
written by bis life-long fcicud, Hon. J. W, .FOR
NEY, an author of national fame, and an ardent
admirer of the "superb soldier" i Including tao
LIFE OF Hon. ww. II. ENGLISH. This work
ls officlnlly endorsed, lew-nrlced, Immensely popu
ular, and sclllog boyond precedent. Outfits 50c.
Act quick and coin money. For tho best book,
heit tenus, and full ps.rt (culara, address HUBBARD
BROS.. Atlanta, Ga. ^ ' .
IJ^TTT A YEAR ?na expreses to ngents. Out
Jl iii61 ?? Address P.O. VICKERY, Au?
** * * ' KU.-S, Maine, ?-? . ; . : .
Application i jr Homestead.
MRS. MARY D. WAIT/having cp*
plied for Exemption in the personal
property of lier Into husband. James A.
Teasloy, deceased, notice Is hereby gt van
that suid application will bc hcanl by mo
nt my office, ?t Anderson C. H., S. C., on
tho 17th doy of August next, at ll o'clock
a. m. W. W. HUMPHREYS..
Judi?.? of Probate;
July 15, 1880 1 5*
A LARGE lot of i?ood Lumber' is !kcpt
??Tja. constantly on hand at my Lumber
Yard at tho Elua Ridge Depot in Anderson, -
and orders for large or small lots of any
kind desired will bo promptly filled at low
prices. Mr. Robert \i J y Held is my agent
for tho sale of Lumber ,?*. Anderson, and
will furnish any Information , desired to
persons wishing to make an order.
Jan 30,1870 20 ly
iTHE TtruxiAVKrou
X ?i n '(OUMBC
.?ding ni
la bandy depart menta. Tho
eaiVraccs. .special dlspaicbea from nil quat tors of
the globe. Under ?ho bead ot
art girerr tho Telegraphic Dcrr.nfchcs o? tho week'
from all parts of the Union, This feature maxes .
tho mott valuablechronlclo Ia the world, nail in
tho cheapest. Every week li. give* n faithful r*
port of
embracingcomplcteaudi?mprehea?i?c^espatchea .
from Washington, Including full reports of tho
speeches of eminent politicians, on tho questions
of tho hour.
m ibo -weekly uoraw gives tho Wiestaa well as
tho most practica! ?'?Mcatloaa and discover!*, re
?*?i? ^2i*? doU* r* ?la? for ral?! og
Cattle, Poultrr, Grains Trees, Vegetables, dc, Ac*
JrHhsuggjfllonafor keeping buildings ?nd farns
Ingaten.lls.ia repair. Tb!? ia supplerac?ted by a
?waited department, widely copied, under tho
header j . ?
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Ono hundred limes tho prico of th? paper. Tho
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One Dollar. You caa snbwribo ?t snyt ?e.
THE NEW YORK HERALD Ia weekly tera
Address, "
._Broadway ?nd Ann ?trot. New York.'
South 'Arolina Rallrorid.
On and ntler Sunday. MAY IS, lise Ptsseir
ger tra?a? vrlll run** follows s -> " '
? ' D.vr TRAiK, Hvxti'.vs Kxc.r.rrTXt
Leave Colurabl?..._.:_.j us p ai
Arrlv? at Charl&*tott."_ 9 00 n m
l*aTeCb?rlfarloo?..". S4SatM
Ar rivi H Colcmbtl_.^.m.jasa sm
xictrr r.xrsuas ACCOWUODATIOW TR A nr.
Erf*T Colombia,..:^.-..,."...,.?30 p ta
*** lYC? ?W?*m<.~.7-*! * S*
V^T" ^"L?'0?,--...........S,0S pea
Anl??*tColQtnW?.aro? m
dace connections mad? wUh O reen viii? and Co
lumbia Railroad t0 .D(t from Walhalla, ??euvlll?.
Ande?oe,8parUnburg. Flat Rock nod Htbderson
D. C. AtttK, Oen. Ticket Agt^ Chsrlrttoa, ?7c

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