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The Anderson intelligencer. (Anderson Court House, S.C.) 1860-1914, March 16, 1898, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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AXDKKSON. S. C.. WK! INKS HA Y. MA ii!'II iii. HW.
mmm xxiii i
IF you would know the latest fads in Neck
wear, visit us. They are ali on show
here. The predominating feature con
cerns the Silks -scarcely anything out
Stripes. Stripes of all widths and run
ning in every direction. All the various
shaped Scarfs are smaller than formerly
hide less of the shirt bosom. Kew lines
just in. Prices 25c. and 50c.
Yon v/ant a Stylish H.::. ol'course. You want
want one that will not wear "rusty" if
sometimes it doesn't get in out of the wet
soon enough. That takes quality. You
don't want, every little dent in your Derby
to leave a mark. The right kind of Hat
will spring back, in shape. That takes
quality, too. Our Hats are full of these
good qualities. Prices from 25c. up to
$2.75, and at every price between. A few
of those 98c. Hats, that were $1.25, still
on sale
Remember, we sell for Cash, and Cash only : but we save
y iii money on every purchase.
-J oin mi e, Grei Yeux* Gun !
i*N;l>lvRB? V \ S\i?M>r,lL. Khj? CAS!! ;
r-!:ik'? :: !:v..iy. and !.:?...{?> II- imsv. Wi. u yuu .uaa; -
S _tr? O JrU !3
"'Vi have thbin :??'1 prici;.^ to -II;! VIJ?I. loa :.:::< !. < hender than anvh .iv . !-..
.o tall: alina i?. du-t arriving a i.i. ul' Lad io/ U.vt'ords. ail ~tv 1*'.-= .uni
lice.-. ]>" -Mri- and sec u- cn Hi- e.-. M? ney .-av ! lor yi?u. Wc haye a
-'.i^ii-i id I i ii^ oj'
Percales, Dimities, White Goods, Etc.
ail and .-ce them. ISxtremely \>>s\ pri?es will make yon lui v.
Ladies' and Ghildren\s IIOSK I*?.-. Ilo.-o for Oe. pair. PLA 11)
TOKKTKD- wo rt li rj <. f.>r I e. ya ni.
Alwav.- (eel ?! home willi ?:-. We an always L?-lad to - .. \ "ii.
JJ .Slate Peneik Lead fVm-ik J"i Eiivei.ipi*. Xc*-??l? .?. Man".-('ollar.
*'iiiL'( r Lin-. Ta ld. I Writin- Pa;- r. 'J"< I M a l-l a-.-. Thia-,1-. L'l Sj,fe N'.l
':'<])> r. ::ud thousands o?" <?*??< r ?-efii! a'r?el? -. C^uie an?? trade :it
CHKA p:<;*-rr *x< >?c.. . rr> T ?? K SST A TI'-:,
Gi It CW Kit IKK.
\u\\AX AT DUE vVi-lS'F.
ii ;- or
Ho [.iVctriiie? ai: Am?n-i;
i, lins to
.Vail? lil
war wi i i: >i>ai
Nur.- T
al Contra
iii i'a cr Vi ii
.A>.-"ci;iib-li wil
lia, never u?od malcho? or kcro.-eno ^-v the-im- t.. the
?jil. Ho road? by the traditional pino ?'Xl"-'0l?xi arr?M.l iii
knot and ' ciirrie>" lin- fr?.m Chr:?t- illina u?psy-turvy and
nias tn Christ ma.-. .-.loopy wau..-:- ai i.ie
- Tin- Prohibition executive .-om- tr0:It .vou v-'' ]r
mit too "!' iii!.- .State lia? called a Stat?- no-'?'"1
ooiivoiition ;.. ?neel in Columbia April ''Hl- .-'!'-alun7- seri -;
l ?-1, KM- ... . excitement wa- t*:?r???>
lia? -et . itri'T
l.-'.loot Iu'iir ami ; won; on two Hat oar.-. .
Tho.\ wer- ix-ami lui ? ?ah c.-tou To::, ^?ati.- ha- n-ec-?ln.y - rn?1 t" No a
- Mos-r.-. Coo,.,,, Summer? ami ?-M?'no!.o;mitn. Ile ha, [earned the
i ?corito William?, ol" Anirn-ia. am! . ^s-''i'o :<^!-'. chemin Koine
Charlie am! Tram-is l-?shbourm-. of do a> l?eme does." Hf Snowed th?> i
Columbia, aro prc].alim-' t.. Mart in a '" h'15 li?Sl ?l?^-h which !i? made in j
row day? for t m. a li a . N-bra?ka, in- S'-isth Carolina, ll wa-: nt ii roon wood-j
. t,. II,-'-,, il... ,;,,,;,-,> tili- mornimr. Ho wa- speaking to I
,,,,,],,.;. wheel- ., , ,,", ; !.Dim p-opn wh'.-i- eh uren-ii kc
"!' l . H?!( mile?. -diem--' wa? in ?rrikiIJJ eoirtrn.-l to the
Clemson Ci;-, ):?.< rm,my t.. ?'d>y acclaims whi-h mel .rr. <-lcd him
'?oin;. Tiro tren HI ri; r ha? received :'~ il!' ??i? way irom tho train to
??."iii.Milo thi? Season from ti?e ?eriili/er tli'.* .-tana on im- pulule sonare. lie
tag tax;. At the moctim; .-!' thc tnt?- . i?Iu-1rali_ a point by ene ol'
t.-c- iv.-iitly it wa? decided to appro- :lPl anecdotes with which his
?.riat. .-M'J.."?!'o their surplus lo the ?peoolic? abound, lt wa? an old story,
erection .d' :i textile mill. Work will ,),;t '< ?",,k r-1 .'! ?!,ler?sl wh,:" Lo!d
be-in un the build imr at an carle dav. by him. lt was about a medical -tu
Nato M.mdav nis-hl Charle? -<':!l 1v!ln ^oo? ai:
:aminati"ii v?\? i ic
.Viider?oVi. colored, was waylaid and m an cr.obriatc condition. " I he stu
robbed ??J iJad-sden street near Sydney dent went into asalooh. ora? I should
Park, in Columbia. Ho wa? knocked '?<" :i dispensary." said Mr.
down ic- ;i blow from behind, hi:
liana? ana ?n i Meir. ami a rope lieu
around his nee'<. lie wa- rubbed n{
-.vi.-s v. ..! whi-h lu- was Lr.%-i-r,rer.
ryan. An outburst <>i laughter
ce tc i thi.- re fen-n e.- i" South Caro
lor hiw. A rai.-ins
pi. euliai
,;,, : i,..,! 11, ;
Walker, . I the ih-n -low ('imfederatc *'< -":?'w'n'-? i-'i"-- '' '^'??r l,i;'lt:T:
army .rn iii.- -t, m.M i n't lie public '". H,L-. 'Th- dollar- ai- j.-nin- fat
s.jiiaro for tho tir.-i lime since tln-y ,,!" !I'-*' ''?in.
wereon tl.-.-oast, a period of:>7 roar?. ,l woul'! ?".' r"ll.v :,tlr>,ul'1
(inc remained in Holcomb hegion; the 1'ioi?ucc Mr M ryan? ? peech. lr
other transferring to Hampton Legion. w?'uld lo?,., in.ueli s-n-d nut in cold
Their ?wapping of anecdote? and ex- ^i^- ' ?"ly w|,.-n h.-ard in the full.
p-1-ieiio-, was iiii.-1-estin-and tou.-hin- rosi.nant v"i,-- ..f Mr. Bryan i:- ono
and ,on.o "f th-i. -mr, .-ali..:, would , :?!d- a-.-imilat- il..- !..,-{- ?hi-!, h
ffri ,/,/ ' Th- s uh;-o i was frc- -liv. . A dry
!?l ' ii ncc Was ! ii<
tiie L'.OMO
Ve,. I .-lomid ?ik, t" -peak t,
iv people i:. tai- State as possib
! wa- ia-; invited t-(.'"lunibia.
"i* ::)..;..' persons ni tm- hall look a long
breath :ind then < ; aitteu it ia a burst
of. yells, and cheers. Time and awaiti
tliey ?rave vent to their feel i inri?-.
ifenl I
rapnin*.r vi
:: ?' lui
rcmarkeU an .>;?! ?aa;
at hi?! liiv.ei^'i lier
lacie- fr..ni :. i",h.t
su anywiies
- ?. ?et ur e.
va- sta ri n
.nor ia the -?ft .d'
ss. honest .?ad <...
evf.:nnr KlU-rbe.
liov. Kih i!- said
gaze in open-eyed w-mdor and admira- uon'- !':!' ?,? tUtU>v :lire:ul>' :i j
ii-.a :,; ihr man who three years hciiec : household ,v"T thrumdea;; nie State: J
may be the next i're-ident ul'the.- 'Hie fea rb'?.? liuht ..?" Mr. H ryun to j
i:"ited.States; email.-ip-nr ;!:.. pcoph- ;,;.,? -.von the
A .ania,.- decorated wi til bunting :i(lm?ra??on nf ali. hut nea m?re than
and I" ni ted States ila-- and drawn by L\<ro?i:nan:-: v'?rr wrntiivuing
iv., haiid-omu black h-ev-cs awaited . :'A'JU'~ lhi:i r"!:1<-' L?mo- ,:,'v"
Mr. llryan. i le va.? e-enrted to it by crnor ni kobe introduced Mr. H ryan.
Congressuran Satimer. Senator"Me- The audwMicc broke ?nm cheers at
Laurin and liovcrm-r KllurUe ?? ii"' mention of Mr. bryan's nanie. As
pied the other tua. -.,1-. Tia -tart ho ? aine forward tho apphmsc was re
was na..:,. and carnages and wagons ,,0l,1fe5: Tll',!l sample ?d' thc
l\d! in behind aie! formed a procos- wonderful llin--neliof l5l?' man;
^.t. 'which has been noted -.. ?Ve.jnehtly
, ,. . . . lcd'..re. occurred 1; :cemed as if
< in tiie . ? I? t s lc i rt ^ . .! the mini I lu: ; . .
party wa, a;,; by a eayalcade of ol) ye .rag est
, , vet tl;e mere rai.?;::- .: a:.- Iiaau
anni.- lum
vv. .ai. i "! ? a " ! . ai a !< . < : 1 ? . . I lie y
hu and elia med a rhyme. '.he "illy
di.-iinguir-hable word <?! which was
(.ryan. I hie W <.-;. ;?. mo a large
place, but e?ery eiti/.en. woman ?uni
chilli, wore out to do honor t" tlir d\<
liutMi-islicd cue-r.
Mr. ll ryan and < !.o\crmo: FJlerbe
were liri TC-II i" the leon. ?.! I'rn fes sor
I're-sley. where they were eil (ort .ii ne? I.
S.-na!.-!- Mel.a nit. ?a- a eue-t Mr.
i'la ll"., wiry. \'i.-it..r- from a tiler
I? lac -
lac t ee a.at,ea L i.j. a . 1... ri .... cpi.! .
I In -.mic ia -,i?.; wa- tra.- ul '.ar re- 1
i ?gi mr. This fundamental principle;
he-tliuiijtlit. "hfiidu be applied to all
i|iu:.stio?s. 1 le illustrated by adapting
it taxation. In-"ni this applied
h?5 fundamental rule ?ii th. money
nuestioi! aad showed \: >w present
system kepi ad mea ; rom acing < anal. ;
Mr. I?ryan ;!, a ;vc> ; into ::n . x j
wire re
.1 r. I;
ratio nf !.; ro i.
Tho people .-warmed up on the r v
trum to get en opportunity to shake
hands. This ] :. ~ t ? - -1 for some time.
Mr. Bryan ana the Congres-io:) -i
party wer- entertained to-iii?h? bvtho
faeitlrv ol the t'.><:> . . '! he Con-res^
?H uaroo r^'rguson. Linera;, as sell the
c?en o ince., Mr. Curzon, la tlie ilous
of t ommous to-oay: whether there : ?
any truth in tho re.? orts that comuitt
nications i>n the Cuban :?uest??h lav*
been ?xtdiauged between tilt: Brills!:
am!.assaib'r at Vv'a.-idr.gton. Sir duiiaa
l'auncelnie. and tho loyvernmeni'at
the United States.
Mr. Curzon s:iid that no e ennuin:
cations liad been exchanged.
nba. Huber! V'aleniine h)unconibe?
Conservative, gave notice tUuL he
would ask Mr. Curzon whether, wr?ii
the view of recognizing the identity o:
tlie int. rests .d' all Knglish-speaking
peoples her majesty s government wi.
consider the advisability of placing
thc services of the British fleet at tke
.lisp...-al of thc I uited States, in the
event of complications between thc
I ni ted ."..tates and any foreign power
The "juestion. however, was not put
Relative to the withdrawal of hi*
i|Uestion. Mr. huncoiubo said: "???Af
ter consnliatiiOi wita tay friends. '.
tl ec id ed that tin exae* torn: of thJ
. ?uestion mad.- it inopportune to pitt
ir. lt was filmed owinv t<< the wide
t.rcat Britain and tIv I tuted >tatei
are inseparably intertwined. To
day s expression and endorsement w .
will .. ventilate so soon as we caa
frame the ipiestion ia the exact tcrun
which clearly ex ore.-.- the feeling ot
the Uor.se of Commons-that any
trouble threatening the knited State i
will be shared by 'heat Britain/
Other memi-er- of tlie House cr.
Commons who wer.' interviewed or:
the .-ame sub ice t al! s nek o in a -ita:
h.- strain.
The New Void: corre-ivellen i o? :
IK?h? T. ?t-?,,, J. >avs
1 ?). 5'i??iia? ?i: in .. : iai-li.

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