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The Anderson intelligencer. (Anderson Court House, S.C.) 1860-1914, March 16, 1898, Image 4

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&ii?er??? intelligencer.
.!/.V.'.UH 'IV"HY wi'i'?wi iii i
?.. V. I.ANOSTON, I I'ito mt lirions.
WKDNESPA V, M A IM 'll h., 18'.?.
What .-ttl arm v wc could mars ba ll
a?aitist Spain it .-H ibo nflice seekers
in South (.'andina were to volunteer
for active son ?ce!
When every South Carolina l'armer
?eubume* "illy home produced corn
ind bacon, .it no mat ter how small i
/.rice, prosperity will smile its broad
- -t smiles upon our people.
hie . . lobrat< <\ ..'ase of the -t. - .. -.
b'undcicook tyan argued . .: Wash iii?
: 'ti !.t-t \\'< ?iio -':..y Und T.! ur.-.day.
Pip- ilcci.siOll oj' th i- li.;!. -ta;.-- Sn
i i \ny ( '. ill Will ! . i Wa j lcd wit li
?i;U(h iplWost, for tin I.il- "? thc dis
pcrtsary law is very n?ui h in\oivo<?
thereby. _?IV-.
Th :r.e is little \ din ncc "'" iv.hi
.."ti- with Spain'. Tip Maine in
?I ;i i rv lia.? not yet been liui bed and
? vi rything -till depends upon ti.< y.er
??et of tli> committee. Meanwhile
?hi gu vern meiji ! i : * . .> ' T\ appearance
?f pi i pari o/ i Vii" war und thc country
holds il- breath iii expectancy.
If llicrc should be a wai* with Spain,
.md ol' th Ls ><" thoughtful mau e;iii
ipeak ivith any degree ol' certainty
#;ie way or the other, eora may jump
?ip to two dollars a bushel and other
cereals in proportion and cotton gu
down .to two cciiis. Thc farmers
should bear this in mind and reduce
t he coi ton acreage.
? ? 9 m
I'rol'cssor Kalb, ol' Vienna, whose
profession seems t" be the prediction
cf the world's destruction, now lix cs
the date for November VA. IS'.IH. by
nu an - nf Temple's comet. < hie tiling
'hat will go l':ir inward re?omi I i nj
mankind to the destruction of the
world is that when it docs come ?twill
?estroy also these predicting profes
There is one ehccriuv :is-}.t ol' thc
present crisis which is especially
gratifying by coi'ilrast with the cir
cum.-tauci;- ;ittoiuliu-j previous wars
and war scare:;. !? i- thc evidence
that comes from every -ide of com
plete national unity, and nf thc rcadi
ness ol' every section. State und locali
ty to co-operate loyally and heartily in
any action the situation may demand.
From North and South, East and
West, there is the same story of an
enthusiastic desire to march at the
mm . mm - - -
lt is certainly gratifying to thc peo
ple of thc South to know that thc
Northern newspapers, P'publican and
l>cmocralic alike, are eulogistic of thc
masterful manner in which Hen. Kit/,
hugh Lee, ?is consul general of the
I nitcd States, is in thc present crisis
discharging the duties of his u tri cc.
Even the <)hi<> State Jinn -nal. tin
recognized organ ol' ('resident McKin
ley's administration, in the Buckeye
State, has nothing but words of praise
for "the ex-Confederate oflicer, who
has shown himself to bc loyal, patri
otic and worthy of thu coutidence ol'
thc American people."
- - -- a- .
Aa the McKinley administration is
entering upon the second year of its
tenure, it is interesting to review
briefly thc record of its first VI mouths.
There eau be but little difference of
. pinion as to what has been accom
plished. A war tariff, in a time of
peace, luis been enacted with the rc
suit of a $.~iO,OU0,(M)M deficit in the
treasury. With a diminished export
trade and the stoppage of work on
public improvements thc second year
is begun. Nothin-j has been done
with thc currency system: and the ?in
potent handling td'thc Cuban ijucstion
bas been so disappointing to the best
friends of the President that they ad
mit finely thc prospect of overwhelm
ing rebuke at the polls. Activity and
dispatch have been seen in one direc
tion only, l'or a year thc lime of tho
administration has. bien engrossed
with applicants for office. Those
have bad the ri sh I nf-way over all
Other business.
mr. % m.
The great powers ol' Euro ps. actu
ated chiefly by commercial ideas, are
?till dividing among themselves the
territories of non-progressive and non
Christian potentates. Commercial
privileges are the modern incentive to
empire, not land hunger, or glory, as
in former agc Africa, at the door of
Europe, has already been pretty com
pletely appropriated. There remain
for division Turkey. Persia. Siam.
China and Corea. As to what is left
of Turkey the division proceeds but
>low!y. owing t" the inability of tho
powers to agree upon their respective
-hares. Siam has recently lost large
ly to France, ('orea is in dispute be
tween Kussia and Japan. China is in
the process of distribution, .lapan.
Ilussia, France and England have all
recently had ''whacks ' at its vast
area, and Cor m a ny is now seeking, it
seems, to get even with its rivals.
?hina is the coming Africa. Its dis
tri bu ti on a thong the powers is to be
the next great problem of European
I'resillen I IJead? lu llccogniyi' Cut?a.
rt \ - 11 : M . 1 i 1 . . *M.tl'!l .'. I I* j Ul Si. II
positively that the President i r 11 < . r i ci -
tn intervene. bet wei n Cuba ami "pain.
Mi- determination was reached with
out regard to the Maine catastrophe.
Tin: disaster in Habana harbor has
only hastened his action.
Intervention is demanded bj thc
people, fruin i he Kast to the Pacific
slope, and the President will accede
to the popular voice.
His present plan of action is sui?
-tanti.illy as follows ;
The los? "?' thc Maine and thc -..n
eral and -pee i lie condition of Cuba
will \><- presented to Congress.
Thc consular report? of the dread
Cul famine and of the su If? rings and
tin; death of thousands will MI~titMt<
?in important portion ol' iii? contribu
t inn.
Mr. McKinley hiis ).. r-oii.iily ? dit<rd
?lui tt!a i- reports:. Me at ii rs j
itjiini iia'tcd*i.ecrlai.ii portions. The oh
jeri "! th; was, I no reliably inform
cd. to protect the ?-->ti-tii- who wrote
lin: terrible narratives. The trend "I
e\.;ii- |ia:.i led ihe I'residen I to regret
Iii- work ol' expurgation, ami th?- re
ports will go .tn Congress practically
elli i i e.
Thc. Court ol' Imjuiry lia- already
iiiiniiiiinieited importan! information
i-i the navy ?i< partment So consular
report has Leen forwarded .bul such
enuc!lisions .1 - liad been airived at
were civen. 'I he.-e are ? I ? * - basis of
the President - (..-lie! that the white
battleship did not <jo down from an
internal cause. Neither does he au
ti< ?pate any modification ol' thc evi
dence obtained by thc Naval Court,
tin the ..thcr hand, the Court, opto
dale of it- return to Habana, had no
evidence to -how how the tren? ra 1 \io
Ifiiee was brought about.
(>n this point the lidding will, un
less some new discovery is made, be
The eompleted report will be -cut
to Congi ess hythe President. I!; ex J
pei i.-- to receive it in full next week,
lu vhe message that will accompany
the documents the President will sug
gest tn Congress that action tu end the
situation in Cuba i- advisable. Ile
will 11 ako m> statement suggesting
war. Kven to day Mr. M- Kinley -in
cc-rely hopes that Spain's statesmen
will see their way clear tn suspend
military operation- on the island.
lb- has been informed hy the best
authorities that Spanish pride will
prevent the acceptance id pecuniary
From all sides whence intelligent
. 1. : . I. I .:.] , Un ......
HU* leen nave noe M ... ii.c one
story is that Spain will not go volun
tarily. Hence thc preparation for
The action of Congress in passing
the S/?ti.iHMi.tiuu bill was in respense to
the President's rocnest. Ile formally
asked for a large money credit at the
meeting "1 the chairman at the White
The probability is that Congress
will recognize Cuban independence.
The President, 1 am informed, desires
this rather than mere belligerency.
Th.- recognition of independence would
not bc a casus belli unless Spain, fore
seeing the inevitable, .should provoke
a con tl ic t. The national preparations
are in view of that contingency. That
the recognition of the Cubans by Con
gress will ultimately provoke war the
President fears rather than antici
The evils that will attend the loca
tion ol' uuacclimated sailor- and sol
diers near Cuba during the rainy
season arc fresh in the President's
thoughts, and add to his hope that
Spain will not brim: matter.? to a eon
Mark lianna has all along acted as
a break on anything that suggested
interference in Cuban allans. The
i i-i 11
[MC cirri OMI MU Kill;, ami bargains
which he maur have .-too.J in thc way.
Ile i- always a party manager rather
than a statesman. Hut Hanna and
others ol' his kind realize that they
niust oppose an overwhelming public
sentiment. Thc fall elections are be
ing considered by, lianna. From all
sections of the central States and thc
West a single refrain has sounded in
the ears of the administration, lt is
that thc disorder and the human suf
fering in Cuba must end. lt is on
account of it that lianna now whis
per." : "Cougrcss will do something
or other.
Ile so informed the hankers and
corporation magnates of Wall street
when he recently visited them. Ile
meant to let down the bars gradually.
l'or the sake of the Republican
party, if for nothing else, the Presi
dent will act speedily.- -.W"- J".,:?/..
? . m .
A Nollie 1 ndoiinking.
A convention will he held in Seneca,
S. C.. on .lum- Ci lt',, for tin- purpose
j ol' lo rm in;: a State Federation of
j Women - J/itcrary Clubs. This Con
vention will be composed of-delegates
from women s clubs in the State. The
purpose of this federation is to uplift
women socially and intellectually, and
will not involve her in political issue.-.
The delegates will bc entertained by
thc "Oni e A Week" Club of Seneca,
and if possible a reduction of fare will
be obtained from tho railroads. Any
one interested in this matter will
please address
Pres. Pro. Tem. Once A Week Club,
? Seneca, S. C.
\ ( ard
I II tii.U nut L . -..I....? ..".5 .::--g
ol gratitud? t<> mir neighbors and friend?
who w?r<- present and helped and sympa*
lld/.ed with my tattier in his sick ness aud
death, I desire to thank, praise and help
thom, trusting; that our Savior's blessing
will reward thom more perfectly.
I thank ??od, whoo all els? failed, that
His command of eternal right can never
ho made wrong.
. I. MAI I Cool. KO.
t on fed?rate Veterans.
Tally Simpion ?"amp, No. lOCHi, Cotted
<."onfederate Veteran*, will meet in far
mer's Hall. I'endletoo, S. C., on Saturday
afternoon, March "-'?Ith, for the purpose of
making arrangement-* to represent the
Camp at the Charleston meeting in April.
I. (' Si niiii.iNo, Commander.
lt. K. Si '.AN, Adjutant.
m ? ?rn
\ ( ard.
MK, HOI IOU: 1'loaso allow mo tho
privilege through your columns to re
turn my thanks to my friends and neigh
bors who so kindly helped too rebuild
the tenant house bu my placo thal was
destroyed hy tire . iii rm of February.
WM. I'.OI.I ."
Fror Pills.
Send your add rr ss to H. li. liucklcu A
i o., < 'tiicHgo, and s?el a Tree Hample box of
Dr. King's New Lil.- Pills. A trial will
eon vince you ol' their merit*. Those pills
aro easy in action and are particularly
effective m th? cure of ('mintipallon anil
Sick Headache. I'or Malaria and Liver
troubles they have been proved invaluable.
They are guaranteed io Ix? perfectly free
fri ?in every deleterious substance arid io
he purely vegetable. They ?lo rou weaken
hy their e.eliott, hut hy giving tone t ? the
viona'-;, and howe!- greatly invigorate th?
system. Itouular *i/.?- _'".e. per box. Suhl
hy Hill . ?:r Drug Co.
Notice of Dissolution.
No rici-; is hereby given that the part
nership heretofore existing between
t.. I?. Merry and T. lt- Hingston in the
Livery and Sale .Stable business lias been
dissolved. The business will bo continued
al the old stand hy the undersigned.
I, !>. UKI: KY.
Mareil !?. I.N?iS :-.7
J7M VE Thousand Dollars' worth of the
: linest Whiakiea. {'.randies and old N.
C. Com Whiskey. Wino-* ol' every kind.
Export Heer lo.\ ppr bottle, Schlitz Hoer,
original bottling. I"?.', per bottle, or two
t' ir 'Ste
(jive my good? a trial and yen will
never t;o anywhere e se.
Iv J. o CON NOK.
Augusta, (ia.
L. !.. VAUGHAN. Agi ,
A nderson, S C.
rgMIl". mamigomontol'llic Equitable) Lil?
? A"eurance S.iciety in this territory is
? ii "irn-.i:* of securing the services <>i' a man
ol charncter and ability to represent it:?
interest with Anderson ?is liead(pia"10?s.
The tight tuan will tie thoroughly edn ?
rated in the science ol' Lil? In.sulance ami
the arl of successful soliciting. Thprc is
no business or profession not requiring
capital winch is more remunerative thau a
lifo agency conducted with energy and
ability. Correspondence with men who
dosire to secure permanent employment
and are ambitions to attain prominence in
the profession ia Invited.
\V. J. KO DD KY, Manager,
Keck Hill, S. C.
Wc Pay 1 uferest on Time Deposits by
Surplus and Profits - - 100,000
Total ----- $203.000
i .!. I 'I ri:KS.
.'.. A. MUM K, President,
.los. N. IlitowN, Vicc-1'resident.
K. I'. MAI ians. Cashier.
.i. w. Nonius. ii. W. KANT.
N.O. KAIIMKI:. .los. N. Bi:o? s.
?I. A. ItaocK. .1 <>. Due won rn
.I..I. I'ltKI VM.I.I.. J. M. se I.I.I \ AN.
ll:ITiitu: ile* largest capital und surplus ot' nny
Hank In tho State outside of Charleston, we oiler
depositors the st r?nnest security.
This applies lo our SaTinRS Pepartinent, where
we nay Imprest, as well as lo ai tire accounts
We loan lo regular depositor customers at our
lowest rate?.
l'rl?ate loans arranged without charge between
our customers, ?nd other Investments secured
when desired.
With twenty-live years experience in hanking,
and with unexcelled fael.ltlcs at our cuimuand, we
are prepared to give satisfaction in all business
transactions, and will, its heretofore, take care of
tin- interests ol' our regular customers at all times.
Judge of Probate's Sale.
Kiln W. .lotus und Sue P. Whitfield,
Plain ti tl's, vs. Ella Cox Whitfield, et al.,
IN obedience to the order of rale made in
this ease I will soil on Salrsdnv in
April next, in front ol' the Court liando
in Anderson, S C , the property described
as follows, tu wit:
1. A.lt thal lsd or parcel of Land, con
I ai niug two acres, more Or less, situate in
tho City uf Anderson, S. C , on West sido
? of South Main Street, and bounded on the
East by South Main Street. r?n th? South
by Heed Street, on tho West by Jail
Srreet, and on the North by River Street,
being in tho form of a parallelogram, and
known as the Whit Held Homestead.
2 " Also, all ot that other lot of Lam?,
' containing three* fourths of an acre, moro
! pr leia, situate in tb? (.'itv of Anderson,
County and Stnte aforesaid, bounded on
Um South by Diver Street, on the West
by lot nf Geo. N. Kroyles, on the North bv
lot of Methodist Episcopal ('burch (col. ?,
and on the East by lot ol' .less Williams
ami .tail Street.
Terms-One-third cash, balnnco in
I twelve months, with interest from doy of
I sale, secured by bond and mortgage, with
! leave to anticipate payment at any time.
' Purchaser or purchasers to pav for pa
pers. lt. M. RURRISS,
Probate .lodge, as Special Referee.
March Iii, lsns 38 :'.
.131 The undersigned, Administratrix
of the Estate of Jesse C. Morris, decea: ed,
hereby gives notic* that ?die.will on
the ISih doy of April, 18?18, apply to
the Judge of Probato for Anderson Coun
ty for a Final Settlement of said Estnie
and a discharge from ber office as Admin
MARY E OUT/i, Adm'x.
Mardi Hi, ls!vs. ys_
1 cnn save you 15 per cent, on ( )r
gana and 20 per cent, on Pianos by
ordering direct from Manufacturer.
Sample Piano and ( h-gains can bc
seen at my residence South Mnin St..
Personal attention given to corres
All the Moiiiy it Need?.
w.. ii..?-., fttmviilv re**.'?.!ved H mininer of
Kentucky aod Indiana paper-* and all of
them ate (nil of tucoursglng uew.i in ref
erence to the Black Diamond lt*ilruad.
Here are two pardgrapht* from a Tennessee
and a Kentucky paper:
A gentleman of thia city is in receipt of
a letter from Henrv V. Maxwell, who ia
now in London, Kug , mating that the
Black Diamond Railroad enterprise can
get ail the money il needs in that city, and
that the linancial agent of tho road lisa
made-all the nteei-snry arrangement* with
I. onion lian ker*. Knoxville Sentinel,
.Mr. Maxwell M tho scientist, wlio bas
rBiiiiucw of rho Itlnek
Diamond, and thoroughly understand tho
topography of the Sjutb and the inex
haustible mineral resources existing along
the line of the Black Diamond in Ken
tucky and Tennessee.
As the MeMtcnyer has repeatedly stated
tho Black Diamond as mapped out by Col.
Boone will be constructed within the next
three years.
Now ia the time for us to yivo the Black
Diamond united support,-Dover Mex
?ten ?j er.
At any price, when any
" Fellow" can get the
At the Popular Price of $50.00.
Thc only UP-TO-DATE
Call and see the Stearn's Chainless.
ui tai oaw llltc oaic !
To begin Monday next, March 21,1898,
in the Store of
( living lo my had health I have concluded to oller my entire Stock of |
Notions, Trimming?, Lilies, Dress Goods, Silks and Satins, Velvet", Plushes,
Km broideries ami .Millinery at prices never heard of before in this market.
Remember, the Goods Must be Sold.
Your opportunity to buy high-grade Novelties for tho lowest figures
known is unequalled.
SILKS. SILKS !-When offered at about tho old price of Cotton Ging
hams, who is it that will not take advantage of this opportunity? China
Silks, sohl everywhere for 85c, goa< at 12'c. per yard. Satios, regular value
50c, yours for 17c. Satins, better grades, sohl everywhere for 75c, $1.00,
SI.25, go for 48c., 00c and 88c.
VELVETS and PLUSHES go at 13, 20, 42, 58 anti ..Cannot be
bought to-day at wholesale for double the money.
BLACK DRESS GOODS-Such as you paid 25c. und 35c. per yard for
merly, yours for 10c per yard. High-grade Importations in Dress Goods,
light shades, very stylish, former prices 85c. and S1.00, now for 40c.
FRENCH CHALLIES-Itegulnr value 50c, to go at 24c.
WHITE GOODS-For less than half price, wholesale \alue.
Gauze Waist Material and Trimmings-Former price 75c and 81.00,
now ode
Space does not permit the quotiug of everything in Stock. Suffice to
>ay, however, that the most sceptical will become convinced of the many
Bargains in store for them.
Remember the day-Monday, March 21, 1808. .
[email protected]@ LIZZIE WILLIAMS.
MAiCH 15,1898,
YES, wc propose to make this the most exJBjBlj^Smiiversary celebration
ever witnessed in cur hopping, rushing, luizzing^Qifccity. Just nine years
ago, on the fifteenth day of this mouth, the writer, thou a stranger, poor in
purse but rich in pluck, push and energy, and with a determination to snatch
both fame and fortune from the hands of lime right here. How well we have
succeeded let our accumulated stock answer. Ah! let the anathemas of dis
gruntled competition speak. Yes, let the thousands of happy and satisfied
customers who sing our praises from thc four-winds of the earth swell the
chorus till every man, woman and child throughout the land wafts onward
and upward thc refrain of that noble work done by C. S. Minor at tho Ten
Store. How well wc have succeeded let our Special Celebration aus wer, and
its uotea shall echo and re-echo through bili und da{e till tho tide is so irre
sistible that even competition takes it up. To celebrate the Ninth Anniver
sary of the beginning of our career wc propose to sacrifice ^early-l^. thou
sand dollars worth Goods iu our-*- . \
This Special Sale begins TUESDAY, MARCH 8th,' and will continu?
till March 25th. Xow, don't wait till the beat has been picked over and then
say we never done it. Full in the swim and let thc tide bear you on. Here
are a few prices to give you an idea :
G good Tumblers for 10c, Lamp Chimneys, 2c, oe and 4c, Fancy Deco
rated Lamp Chimneys 8c and 10c each, Complete Lamps 5c, Large Lamps
15c to 18c aud 21c for large Stand Lamps, Fancy Decorated Parlor Lamps
at 28c each, Night Lamps and Shades 23c, Water Sets complete 39c.? Fancy
Lemonade and Water Sets complete at 93c, Salt and Pepper Shakers at 2c,
4c and 8c, Castors at 12o to 40c for a handsomo one, while 89c buys Silver
Plated Stand with live Cruets, Individual Salts 2c each, Bird Seed and Wa
ter (.'ups -lc, 0 Icc Cream Saucers 15c, Molasses. Caus 7c, 8c and 10c, the
I Fancy Fine Goods and unbreakable at 17c to 27c, Covered Butters 5c, 8c
; and 10c, Creamers aud Spooners 5c, Stand Preserves 13c and 19c, 23c aiid
33c large sizes. Extra Goblets 6 for 23c, Sugar Dishes 7c and 9c, Hen Butter
Dishes 10c, Handsome Hand Mirrors 15c, Pocket Mirrors* lc, The Magic
Mirror 3c, Large Votes jtt 7c pair, Fish Globes, and everything made of
Glas3 for this Special Celebration Sale at prices that.no man can stand for a
regular business:" Pretty Glass Mugs, with handles, at 4c.\ Large China Cup
I and Saucer at"5c. Half-gallon Pitchers 14c. China Tea and Dinner Sets
also in this sale. : <
There will be tiiose who don't believe it now, but in a month's timo they
will be wishing they had believed it. "Five were wise and five were foolish."
Yours always truly,
LeaderKof Low Prices for this Country.
GhL? /A A ,
Laddies' Slaoes.
An incident that illustrates the grand retailing of our Shoe Store. {t
i great Shoe Store. Thousands have already discovered that, aud many
making tho same discovery <]a?|
Our collection of Shoes represent the
best American factories. \ .". ..
** i'-ttty1
foot is largely due to the kimi oj Shoe
there is on the foot. Dt matters not]
how shapely the feet themselves are
if the Shoes are not the proper -hui..
size ami style thc e?l?et will I?. ,; .,,
- '..-ap.
CORSETS This Store has ays I AND Dress Goods chatted
and home a wide reputation STILL THEY vanish quickly wh^l
COESET a.-i to its Department COME. announced. ' There!
WAISTS. whete Corsets are tohl. seems no limittoyoa/fl
Wc have lately enlarged appreciation as measured by vourre
ovir ever complete stock, and in addi- ception ot* those new Bayadere Stripe
lion to the. Celebrated R. & G. Corset Novelties, Roman Stripes, Grenadin*
we have added that renowned Thom- Silk Warp Henriettas, Jacquard.
sou Glove Fitting Corset. The De- hairs. Satin Duchesse. Taffeta Silk?
partincnt now carries a complete line Luxors, Ottamans, Bcngalines, aaj
of these celebrated brands-R. & G. the handsomest selection ol' Priotej
Summer Corset, Iv. & G. Extra Long Surahs and Printed Pongees thats?
Waist, xi. Sc G. Dress Form, Thora- have ever seen. The color-Tor
son's Abdominal, Thomson's High quoise-prevails in all of the \V<4
Back, Thomson's Short Hip, Thora- Silk and Wash Fabrics
son's Superb Corset Waists. We can- r|M
not help but please you. T * Ih^}fTe ?ew ^
w * * e . c LACE ilo.t_old, nor soiled, ra
We try to retrain Irom CURTAINS, shop-worn. Neither ?
MILLINERY boasting and we do lhcI un<legirab|e '
??5?)L? n?t thmk/ou W,H lic" terns. They are of such value 5
RIBBONS. ouse us of even over- j lu . lmye ncyer w>n ^ ^
estimating ourselves ??ro ?? th*g eit" W(, hRV(, ,,)(. f.,^
when you see scattered about in this ?lK^ but you Will find not only-\9
Department the most elaborate line ot t?ngbam Goods but Ir?sh Poin^TuB
new untrimmed?straw Hats. Bonnets bour and Renaissance. This is one?
and 1 urbaus, Braids ami Combina- 0Ur 1)ri(le departments, and althoufl
trans, Pans-made I lowers anti Foliage, we t t0 show no 1)avti.llitv as t0 M
Wings, Aigrettes, and piece upon ti"gUish between -me or the other *
piece of handsome Novelty Ribbons feel tbat tlu.re exista hcre im<?M
even to excel the stock carriel hereto- for lbe better deg 6f ,s ;l?;,? Jl
fore. Among the prominent color- m a ,,rurlMai evolution wi-.irhB
rags thia season are thc Burnt Orange, departure
Turquoise aud Reseda. I" mk
tSsxF We extend a cordial invitation
to ail to look about uur vario
*.i--v~ TI ?j trill
OU?UUSSUl? VKf Afc. C7. Ulm
Beginning with this, the 8th day of Mar
1898, a strict account ot' every dollar spe
with us will be kept for the balance of th
year, and the 1st day of January, 1899,
will completely SHOE the family that
spent the largest amount of money with ujj
FREE. A complete assortment of Shoes
Hosiery are kept by us.
J. T. LIGON & CO.,
Electric City Shoe Store, Old Post Offioe Building
Thc Maine Destroyed and War
has been Declared by ... .
DE BRO^V^fl\! $k "SRO*
ALL who wish to enlist with us must call at once and be inspected,
have been adding new names to our roll every day, and now we are mat
lower prices than ever before. We wish to call attention to our
Grocery Department,
Which is full to overflowing.
We have six Cars of FLOUR, all grades, af 83.25, S3 50, S4.0U, Si
and $5.00 per barrel.
1,000 lbs. Cream Cheese at 9c,
And all varieties of Eastern SEED POTATOES at 35c. per peck.
Come in and inspect our Goods and get our prices.
.?Yours very truly,
?Mkfti Du C. BROWBI &
M 0
H nd
0 S2?
fl *
0* ? w
Q >
M p?
- I
And all other varieties,
Guaranteed pure,

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