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Orr*> Uegimonl.
ii 11>>i:? ! N i i.i,i.?<. i N' I I:: I notice in
I \ 11 i i i' i.v 1:1: of Mareil _l ymi
lirdtod sonto bloody re?ord?, UH HUOWII
y eorge L. KU mor, writing in tlio Now
V.ork . I il VA rt ? .>'>', in v. i'.ii'li lie shows t hut
?rr - Regiment ol Uiih South Carol i ti a
\ o'unteers. lost ni or? j men kill??! in hat
ti?; than any Kegim' dit il) either alloy.
I lo,puta til?' ijuti'iiii! it! thr?-?i ?iuhdn?!
und thitty.. . ; no! Uhoy; tho num
ber timi niue . * ' nupanits lost, hut
til?, t-'iii .>; ? . ls -i.'.ws thirty niuo
?v..;...!. i .? t'.ii', my intoiilinii Uihlipw
tfrv ,:. .. k'idi?d 'ijii Wi'i.ulido?I, lint
.- v ': - 1.._': ueni roc?jy?d
?y . -. lipnpr at.y llegitiienl in
- \::i... IV or ''irre?I ?tn tho morn
: y,.\\ ?. l-' i. n; tin Wihlnrncs*..
\. 1*. 11 iii. witii \Viieox..and Heath*
. >i. ii-, nod I li ant willi ins hosts ut tho
W';. 1> I I.? -- ?ind held him in i-heok from
. ti";eli)j';k |<. 11 .. lipid ?)ark, stopped
.le ' attic tkeii ive IWI book :: short ?Iis
!?.:.?'. toi. i a!y v. o lor ih'j hi g i M*, with
. tir .-nus itt if :t !i iuds. Th'- lie M ni'irii
: _? .:: ; : . ti. tv A <. v. - '.' up au?! in
i e--i ..i; . . Wo ?ne1. lo tin-ion ..ut
i . - .-. '. ' . thal
\? . i i .tr -.nm : i Ie'ii <riders
.te c Io t: .. ? i . ! o'wai i I; til I he sit lilli ti inn
:i '. -ha? n- .. '.-! - bogan ??. tiru and tall
! ? I. in : :: . ?-dgo ol lie' timber. Some
.i:?* life in li->u: ("..lilli lr" M'??II ?i J'nll j'UMI
nf buttle.o' !!... oiUMiy. Abiiul tho lime
Wi? ihet th?! -ha: pslutoters '-om i tn: buck, ii
. tu ried !<..:.. up e. ii h ?>rd< rs 1er ns to tal I
i ?.iek heh in-1 a battery, some t iv? ?or three
hundred yunis iii nur roar. Col. Miller
stepped'nit ?e. 1'roiit ?if tho regiment and
said: "Moo, the nyes of Cen. Leo aro on
yoe. 1 want you to fall huck in good ur
dor. A hon I lace, guide ?tenter, march!"
when all inoyeil like wo wore on regi
n.'nt drill. Tho troops on on?;!] Hank
had lett out iii flou l.le-.|tiiek. ?iris llegi
m'? ut Iel] hack in good "riler, with colora
dying. Soon wc ?.aw Lieut. I. ('. Has
ko'. !, ?d' ' le? . . ovan s -e. a ll, coin i tig I .< tr-? in
:? gjiilop. l do not know w hether there
wo ru mero than ono t lint win- m hopes
thu: ho hail ordern lo.- tis to come out in
don I ile-'j ti ?ok or not, for ihn xviii// tho
? unie hillls were anything ',llt pleasant.
When li" got, to tho regiment ho raise?!
his cap und sui I: "Col. Miller, I have or
ders from . o-n. [.in to sainte ymir Hag lor
coming out in good orih r. Wo hill hack
behind tin? battery and were soon ro
lievod by ?regg'a bravo Toxans. I have
always thought til?' good order in which
wo fell badi was the cause ol lion. I."??
sending us into tim terrible battle of
111 ?ody Angle, .six days later.
J. H. Cos
Co. K . Orr's Regiment, S. C. V.
Pendleton Items.
Mrs A. S. Wright died on tlioTih in*t.
and was buried on the sdi in tho family
om voit: ground Th? funeral services
were e?inuuct??d by the Kev. lt IV Kuhl,
pastor ol'tho Presbyterian Church.
Mr. M. M. Hunier ia quite sick at thia
writing, but wo hope hu will noon bo out
?juin and ai his plano td nuttiness.
Mr. .John F.iUew. a resident ol Georgia
and uncle of eur townsman, Mr. t?. h.
Kskftw, was on a visit to his nephew this
week. The old penllsman is hide and
henny fur ?mo of bia age He is Wi
According t:> tho.regulur by laws of
Canap Corpora! Tally Simpson, No? 100!},
each member is molested to meet al the
Farmer's Hall on Saturday, March 2(3. to
h?lp elect ilelegates to the State Reunion
in Charleston, April U7.
The people ol' Pendleton have formed a
Choral I nion which meets every Tuesday
uftornoon, when both yoong and obi join
in sining together, for both piensoro anil
protit. All wishing to help improve the
singing; of our different Churcheb, are cor
dially invited to join.
Mr. Henry Troscott has bought tho
I laslie place and will heeonio a residen? of
our town in tho neat future.
Mrs. William Henry Treacott has been
right sick for several days, Wo hopo ?be
will soon be weil again. Tr.i.i. TAM-:
Mr. T. Paul hickson, ?>f Pendleton, in
nttetsdiug lite Patrick Military Institute
Hts brown eyes and raven black hair and
due military bearing, nimmie:, upon this
magnificent horse, reminds one of bis
illustrious lather ;*>7 years agu, when ho
If?ft his fi-thl r's luxurious home, a gallant
Lieutenant o!" C J 6, 4th S C. Y., to defend
lus country, and after having passe?!
through \Z Inird fought battles, returned
home, hut not without hoing IVarfullv
wounded at tho battle ?d' Fay ott sv ll le, N.
>'.. one of Ute luvt con tl ?ctn ?d' the war of
four long, weary years. When we nee
Col. Dickson passing through the streets,
h?9 handsome torin being bent a little
with the weight of ."iii years, we can hut
wonder if Paul and others of the noble
sons of ibis cay will be called to p^sa
through tho perils ufa war.
Siuipsomillc Nows.
Will you allow UK space, Mr. Editor, iu
your valuable paper to give you the newe
Of Simpson ville?
Our little town is situated west of Pied
mont. It ia a ilouriahing little city, with
about one hundred iiibabihtuUs, and ls
steadily improving. Several new dwell
ing houses aro being built. We now
have a telephone running out about ten
miles in the country.
? >ne of our mendiants. Mr. W. A. Simp
son, made a business trip to Newry last
Miis. F. Drake, ?d' Donalds, has hjon
visiting Mrs. .!. .1. Hannon this week,
'dad to see you, Miss Drake; come
M ibises Lula Philpot and Ida Simpson,
two of Si m peon vii le's charming young
iailies, wero at Daeusvllle Thursday, al
luding tho murringo of Miss Sallie Hct.
Philpot to Mr. lt. Caines, ?if Central.
Dr. W. M. Lo'ig anil wife,ofCateechne,
have been visiting Ibo family of Mr. W.
A. Simpson thia week. Como again, Will;
:t seems like old times to have you in our
Mr. T. K. Simpson, one of our popular
young clerks, made a visit to Denver last
Sunday. Wonder what Mina N- lt -
Simpsonville is on ? boom. Wo saw
throe of Piedmont's "Pehbels" in town
Sunday. What's tho attraction, boys?
Mrs. Toni Harmon and little son, from
. ireenville, have boen visiting her par
ents thia week.
Two of our belles, Misses Ada and Fd
na Simpson, bavo boen visiting Brushy
? 'reek for tho last few ?luvs.
We are very sorry to know that Mr.
? 'ollins has two cases ?if typhoid fevor at
his home.
Mr. W. A. Simpson hatl a very lino
horse tiri von to death last week.
We ?aw Mr. Rob Simpson ont driving
Sunday afternoon, (io ahead, Doh; wo
see whore you aro right.
We saw ?mool"our updo-date farmers,
Mr. J. IL Simpson, hauling guano Sat
urday. From the amount ho is hauling
wo think he doesn't mind live cents Ci t
/Mr. E. W. Long, of Kquality, was in
/own Saturday and Sunday.
If this doesn't reach the wastebasket,
wo will como again next week.
( oriif r ( Tock llappciiinirs
Tin- heaiitiiii! sprin,' weither is herc.
;!.. ?r ; .yUT?' I<?OOTI'IMT???
and wi) hope ?"o may have lots bf fruit !<>
(.Ht ti)M \ t ar.
.Mr-. Mary Higby is very ill willi pneu
monia ?t tins writing.
Mr. und M rn. I'. M. Taylor, nf Neva,
visited relatives in our midst laut wmik,
Supt. A. \Y. Attaway visited thc Mc
Adams Mellool nt thin place last wee!:.
Mr. an.I Mix. J. C. Bili r ley,Ol' Nova,
Hpeiit Saturday night arni Sunday hore
willi ii ie:,.ls ami relati \ CM.
Mr. lli.u'li Wildon, "I AblwvilJe, lian
I leen nulled tu th? ??... 1-i ? i ? * nf Ids sinter,
M rn. Higby, who is very niel; v. ?th pneu
Several -if L 11 ? *''orner I iee,, ?HUH attend
ed lion. Wm..I. Iii van's lei turn ?il him
West last I ri-in\. lion, .leslina VV. Ash
ley went, and lie nays that it wad the
1111 ? ? -1 spi.?i 'Iii' hollad over heard. lt
being "ti "I iee Silver, ti" didi ht i! was
tin? inie-' speech over delivered in the,
South. J lia', ir, just what the lui mers pf
tl.t? South i iced j and until they fiel tree
. .< et there, v. ii i n?t he in II eli prospoi itv.
Y nil I .'I : es ? M tn? lei it had tho pleasure ol' j
attending preachiui! at Harkers (.'reek
Suuditv xii'! Leard an excellent M inion j
dom their pastor, Hov. M. Weston limit
Mi. I . Higby, uni. ?.f Anderson's
popular tnOiehautrf, wusln mir midst for
,i ^iiort while last Sunday.
!Inyt Shir.'nv hus caught I? rabbits and
? lie 'possum in olin ni Ins ~.i-i'a!led rabbit
\\ " liavn hern having s 'ino oxeiillonl
weat lier ipr larming tho pas) wieok. ami
our fariuilrs sir? progressing riipiiiiy with
their Lum work. Son..' um puning in
They ??"?in !.. hu using a laigoqmpuity . t
ii Irotn i wo to three tons to Un* hp rsc
l ui wu urn gi*'! t" say thal a largisihiphnt
? i it is going t'i Lo used ninler corn, and
from whiit we ran Linn, the acreage of
corn will almost muni that n| tho cotton
in this section.
Marvin Higby, who iias Leen very sick
for tim pHHl month, is ahout well again,
wc an? t?lail I" note.
Mr. .1. N . shirley, otin ol pur substan
tial lani.ors, hus thc largest quantity of
siuLIc man orri of any ono in this section
lin thinks lin will have hotween .Ml und
T.. two-hnrso loads to pot limier Ilia ditton
?ind corn crop thia y par. Mr. Shirly in
forms us that lin will have to uso Lut a
very small amount of commercial fertili
zers. Older farmers should follow this
ex limpie.
The cami ?dales for various oil) ces ara
announcing tlionise!VPN right along all
over the stale, ami the County oil ?eora
me ,,lmngiir<" around. So walch out,
lhere will he spine hot tino -, this year.
I \ Ito
A rou ml Alice.
War ii Iho gnnnriti tupie pl fhn day m
t ll In Ht !t iljll,
s mi.? i I iiiii- tanner* are planting rpm
ami s mie preparing to plant c dion seed.
Mr. un 1 Mn. I). 1'. I towen, nf I', IWIIIHU,
a., visited their diughfer, Mri.'limaba
< ?aili v, recently.
('apt K M. Snipe!) ami wilt*, nf I'iod
mont, viutvd us last week.
Our townsman, W. 1'. liol!, was called
tn Lowndcaville ?as' week to attend the
funeral of hi? mother.
Mrs IO I i/.a Ila 1 has gonn ?o Abbeville lo
spend awhile with her daughter, M rn Alice
Some nf our Loys must lo in love or
something else. They cun t eat nor sleep
sound. Cheer up, boys, and don't take it
so hard. Il will do yon good when you
get OVOP it.
It is so delightful to Leur th? gentle
Linls Hinging these beautiful iiioruiugH.
It makes a fellow frei like going tu see his
best girl.
Miss Creswell, of Troy, S. C., is visiting
her sister. Mrs. Willie Moore. ,
S O. Jackson, Esq., luis started nut to
make UH Home good roads.
Misson luisny nnii Desale Blackman
worshipped at Mt. Hethel last Sunday.
Miss Bessie Cowan, ono of the Mohawk's
awed fiixteens, is visiting in this com
Messrs. Wheeler Moore aud Will. Childs,
of the Nation, wpre in this community
lust Sunday looking after the interests of
iholr her.rt?. Come aii&in. boys.
Well, Mr. Editor, H? it is the early li i rei
that catches the wnrrn, wo a uv gea t the
tiHtne of W. P. Hell for County Super
visor. KAUM i:it.
Corner Dots.
The health of this community is vtry
good wiih the exception nf the mumps.
Tho young nt opie hero are having quite
a lively time. They liavo a sociable nearly
every p'riday night.
Ml-H Sallie Sherard has putchascd hera
line plano. Miss Sill?n luna great lah nt
fur music. Wo wish her much NIICCUS*.
Mr. Ira littmilton go?? up th o rou! ipili?
often, li Moms like there aie great at trac
lion? up lhere for him and ".loo" I..
near I lean's.
Miss Louis is ban a Nourishing
school at Motlattaville Academy. Tho
patrons were riglit in electing her the
second timo aa teacher, for she is a very
bright and intelligent young lady.
Mis? Mable Smith, one nf the most
chsrnilnu; hells of Gaatonia, N. C., also has
a very Hoe school at Moflattaville. I
know "Tads," heart will be broken when
she leaves. '
Mia? Nettie Bowie is clerking for A S.
Rowle. Sho wcuid "oe elad to have her
friends call.
Misses Mattie and Nettie Howie, accom
panied hy Mi?s Sntnpie Teasley, medea
(lying visit to Hartwell, O.t., last Saturday.
Well. Mr. Editor, if this does not find
its way to that dreadful wasto-h iskei I
will write again.
Succeea to the INTKLLIOKNCKK. Eon
I,(Mid a Hand.
Last Saturday, tho first day that tho
Lend>a-Hand odico was open, waa a very
successful day both in receiving and dis
tributing reading matter.
The Society tenders ita thanka for valu
able contributions from Mrs. ti. F. Tolly.
Mrs. A.O. Moana, Mn?. Hleckley, Mr?.
Seel, Mrs. M. I J. Honham, Mrs. John M.
Hubbard. Mrs. Elsie Oray, Mrs. M. E.
Nowell, Misa Lillie Strickland, Miss
Della Cater and Miss Evie Lewis.
We have some on hand, but the de
mand increases. Respectfully,
H. M. Bri.MVAX.
? . ? -
Pension Notice.
The County Board of Pension? will
meet on Monday. Marah iiSth. All Town
ship Hoards who have not sent in their
reports, will pleaio do so by the lilith inst,
to County Auditor HMoman.
JOHN C I i INTI'. Chairman.
Huckleus Arnica Salve.
Thc best salvo in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sures, Totter, (.'happed Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Irrup
tions and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required- It is guaranteed tb give
perfect 8atisfac\ion, or money refund
ed. Prise 25 cents per box. For sale
by Hill-Orr Drug Co
lu Memoriam.
_ i
Mr?. Aun Maxwell Wright, relict of j
.".? . .. i M:I?I \r, n i i::iil. departed tliis bloat :
her hume in Pendleton on the 7th ?lay <d
March, and alter appropriate and ?
H demil serviires, conducted by Rsv. li. I*. .
Ri id and the venerable l>r. .lohn Ii. Adgor, j
of the Presbyterian Church, btu! the Rev. i
Mr. Dunlap, ol the Methodist Chun ll, was
laid to n sf in the Baptist Churchyard hy
tho bide of many of her family who had
pre. oded her. Mr?. Wright was the daugh
ter of Mr. lt-J bl. A. Maxwell, ? grandson ;
of Cen. Robt. Anderton, ol l?HVolutioin.ry j
lam", und her mother wa-, M Misv Karie, a
..ir-ter of .lodge Kirie. Mr-. Wright, al
tiie limo of lier deece.se, was icveuty year ?
<<i ugo, and ipr many jeura had beena
consistent member tho Presbyterian
Church, and although sh? had jost her
hus', tn I in lile i ' mfcdcraie war and uh of
her propel ly by ii ? resulta, and bad eu lur
? tl the anguish that only a mother i au feel,
when called upon t j bury Ibo last of her
surviving children, she std; inuintained
her lr li?t ill Cud, ami with sui?.hied bul
cheerful spirits went about doini.' good,
thereby illustrating in the highest degree
a true I'iirislian spirit. The largo cm
?.our.-?? of friends who follow 1 her re
iilains to (hoir last resting place ohuiuently
prove the high esteem entertaine?l for her
?:liuraet?:r anil g.-nile Christian virtues by
those ii? whoo ipi isl she lived, labored
and died A 1 e:; M>
I ii hi; Ic of Respe? 1.
Wit ii I rem ?ding hand und aching hoatt
Wu raise. ? .:r poll lu pay as best wo cnn a
lust trib?telo tho memory ol Mrs. Acide
Sims Casey, the beloved wife <d Mr. M. A.
Casey, who has just departed this lite,
For the past lour weeks tho life of tins
Invitee wife timi mother had been hanging
hy a thread, ami dav hy day ber friends
and loved ones stood around bur bed with
sad hourn and tearful eyof, only to MHB
another strand break and tue cord grow
weaker. Vee, weaker ant! weaker it grew
until Ibe morning of tho -7th ult . au the
?lawn of another dav was gently approach
lng, the remaining strand was severed and
tim t- j il rit. ol' tho b?dov?'d one was watte 1
into tho grout eternity. Death is a HIUI
thing even when il comos and takes away
the aged who have out-lived their useful
ness ; lt is a sad thing when it swoop*
down iiinl lakiN away ihe infant wie? i.??>?
never livid i?? know th?? sorrows of tins
world, biitoh! how much more sad ia il
when .* comes and lays ?is resistless bind
on H tomi mother, who i-> ali?osi in the
lei.otu '.| Jilli ;?i wai t ll M Ol!?', tot silo tiatl
jmd untere?! bur tidily seventh year.
Mm seemed lo ?hink when jit-i taken
til thal sim was never lo get* well, and
knowing thal . was to leave six poor
little children in this edd and unfriendly
worhl with ?inly a lirbcr's care, wt* can
not nay that wo believe sh" welcome?!
death: \ ?.: she met ibo inevitable doom
tint with fear, but willi courage and beau
tiful resignation. U is ind?'."'. sad to
trink that Ibis loved ??no is gone from
among UH forever, but those tokens ol'ex
iatence, her well known voice that has
ROO til ed and tdossed ?md cheored, and Ihe
vacant i mir she ?lois not now li.I, ami the
sweet Hind that always covered Imr face
Am! now dear friend, wife and mother
noble ami true we bl?! thee farewell Over
theo shall grow the Howers , thy virtues
will nut be'forgotten : love ?hall not perish.
.'Dearest loved one, we have laid thee
In tho poaeelttl grave's unbrace:
Rut thy memory we will cherish
Rung as IOHSOII holds ils peice "
Rule* Adopted hy the County Hoard or
Education March 12, ISNS.
1. That hereafter no certificate shall le
granted on examination to any applicant
unless bis pupers huve been granted by at
least two members of this board, and
?should iurno fail in agree, by the tull
That hereafter no certificates shall be
granted on any diploma unless that diplo
ma IB first submitted to thia board for ex
amination and approval under the law.
:!. That all business for which thia board
is responsible shall bo transacted at a
meeting of the board ; and any auch busi
nesa tra impeled except at a meeting of the
board shall ba held illegal and void.
4. That a recorded a fte and no vote shall
be taken on every ?piestionif demanded by
iinv member.
?. That minutes showing all the busi
ness transacted by tho lizard shall he kept
and recorded in a Miilable booK tiled in
the ollice of the Co. Supt. aa provided for
in Se?'. ?0 of tile "school law."
fi That this Hoard meet en the first Sat
urday in faun month at 2..50 o'clock for
the transaction of general husmea?.
The consumption of horse flesh as
human food bas slightly decreased during
tho year in Paris, being 4,272 tons. This
was derived from 20,878 horses. S.'l mules
und -.'12 donkeys.
Mr. H. Drake lias moved bis Shoo Shop
from Mr. Pink Cattail's o hice to next door
to Hubbard's Corner ?m North Main
street. !H
The Rio )ks C ition Planter, genuine and
original, sold by Sullivan Hardware Co
F?JU REST-The offices recently occu
pied by Ronhnm it Walkir.s, in "the IN
TKW.IQKNi'KU building. Apply at tills
The price is not the oniy point, rcecrr. -
mendlna the Crescent Bicycles. No liner
wheels in appearance and quality made.
The Crescents are beauties. Prices and
quality guaranteed I y Sullivan Hard
ware Co.
When in the market for Bit?ekafuith
Toola, remember Brock ??rc?, are head
quarters. If yon want good Roods end
low prices, see them before buying. They
ure the people.
The Sullivan Hardware Co. has had
long experience in the bicycle basinets.
They know and ought to know how to
select a wheel. They treat all customers
fairly and have built up tho most exten
sive bicycle trade in thia State.
The great Syracuse Tutu Plow is a type
or model of Its special. It is the standard
?if plow perfection It hesitates at noth
ing, lt l? all grit and ss lough as a knot.
They 'urti where others fal!. Remember
Crock Hms. ?reselo agent?.
Sullivan Hardwaro Co. oller some spa
cial bargains in '97 Cresconts. Don't hesi
tate to avail yourself of same. Thes>e
oilers can not be long open.
Cdll on u.s for plumbing and we will do
you a good job of work.
OibornoiY Clinkscales.
descent Bicycle? possess grace, strength
and beauty ; rtmsttuction simple, no clap
trap device anywhere in these wheels.
They are the wheels 11stand for all, young
or old, heavy or light.
{Jo to Osba/ne ?to Ciinkacales ?' you will
haven stove that bas etoo." tho test fur
years. Buy a Times.
The sales of the Crescents in Anderson
increase^ every year. They edmply lead
and soil where others fail.
Syracuse Plows made to gain and sustain
the cuntldenoe of the public. They turn
where other? have failed. Every one we
?sidi stays ?old and is the means of us sell
ing others. Yours, Ac.
Hrock Bros.
An ancient Greek philosopher once said :
Cive me a lever and a place on which to
rest it and I will move the world. But au
oki Anderson farmer said If you want to
move the earth with case, use one of Brook
Bros'. Syraenwe plows.
WANTED -T h e people to know that I
will be at mv Pendleton o ill ce on 8atnr
dav? onlv. J, C. Walker,
34-4 ' Sergeon Dentist.
0 PA
Herald the Spring Tide at Big
New Store on Brick Range
A FT KU -pending some tim?: in Ne
era h:ive selected :i pretty, bright and ?
N o ; i i J 11 -, Millinery, Ac . for our Irado,
in striking pretty, attractive Merehuudi
peuple want al reasonable price* i- I'M
nave that, some will say it i- ml ve* li rio?;
will lind our Stock just thflt way.
We aro now ready for Spring hu.sinc.s3 m all Department
w York and other market* our buy
u'actical lino of Sj)ring Dry Goods.
VV ? have never been more fortunate
se than tims far thia year. What
il tlw.ig in merchandising. If we
talk: hut come t? soc 11$ and von
At present one of our mot popular !
I lepartmcuts is
\V< art showing quite an assortment,
and i r??ni the way the Ladies are pick
ing them up they must he choicestyles '
and pattern.-. Everything points to u
great Silk season. We have i hem in
Wai-; I'attorns. Dress l'atteins, Cut
Pieces, I'lai.M and I'am y Black, Baya
dere Sli'ipc.s. ami ali the newtst Nov
elties. Will he glad to have . ve iv
one see our Silks.
W< can please you as wi li :i any one
Our buyer put much time un this linc-,
for it i? thc most diilicult stock to se
lect in the Spring. Thc prices in Holt j
(louds range from 'Joe. to 75c.-in
l'atteins from 85.00 to 812.50. Wc
are still selling Black Goods at old '
prices. Our stock is large; we antic- i
?pated the advance and laid in a large
supply. Besides the bouse iron) which ?
wc purchased Black Goods went out
of the wholesale business, and wc got \
in at closing out prices. You know j
the Turill' advances the price of Dress j
Goods. No Ta ri d' un our Black
Gnuds. 1
Ginghams J 1 ?4:. * 11 appears as one of
I he loading Wash Fa I nie.-. Nothing
wears bettor, und wc can give you ti
beautiful assortment to select from at
front .lc. to I Oe
I II Seasonable Wu.-h Goods, such
as Percales, Mud 1 as Cloths, Nainsook,
Dimities, and White (?oed- generally,
fi oin 5e. Lawn lo White Organdie
(7'J inches wide tit, $1.00. We can
;ive you a beau til'ul select inn of styles.
? Mir Whitt< )rgnndi< s commence at 15c.
Xever have we hud such a raid
made un us lor anything us thc La
dies have made for om- Embroideries.
Voil will he delighted when you see
them, (?vcr one thousand dollars
worth ni Short Length Embroideries
already received this Spring.
Skirts, Shirt Waists and Wrappers.
If yuu haven't time to make them we
cnn supply them ready made.
One of the Fads of the Season is
We have a great assortment of beau
tiful designs. Little Hows, Four-in
Hauds, Pulls, Hibben Ties-hemstitch
ed and fringed.
SMALL WARES.-Ladies' Hells and Belt Huckle,. We have them in
various designs, styles and prices, and are always delighted to .-how them.
Another Special Fad is Sashes Our linc of Sash Ribbons range from
50c. to 81.50 per yard. There is nothing adds more to a lady's appearance
than a pretty Sash. Come early and get first and host.
REMNANTS and 5c STUFFS-This attractive price will furnish you
some real bargains. See our Remnant Counter every linn von come io our
Stoic. New things constantly arriving.
Let us emphasize one thing. Wc have put much hard work on our
Spring business. Since thc early days of January it has been our constant
thought, and we believe your money will buy as much good, honest stuff from
us ns any place in the State. In order that every une may know what we
have, wc would bc glad to have every one call to see us. We will appreciate
your looking at our Stock.
Will let you hear from us often now.
Yours verv truly,
n F Jf?MFS *. no
Pr events and (Jures Cholera in Chickens.
Don't wait for your Chickens to begin to die.
^>i jLrf m^jr i. ^ JL
MOUE uf them sold than any other There must be gund reasons for
[his, when thc same condition prevails every year. They must have merit.
Why You Should Ride a Cresent !
Tlie price ns well as the quality is {inarantced. If you buy a CRED
ENT you will.never he annoyed by"having a duplicate of your wheel adver
tised at Department Store ju ices.
CRESKNTS are gold through Bicycle Dealers, who protect and stand by
their customers.
Wc sell the CRESENTS as cheap as they can bc bought anywhere in
ike wide world. Buy where you arc assured fair treatment.
83;O0O Crescents sold in one year.
Best Uked where best known.
W. W. SULLIVAN, Manager Bicycle Department.
THE best Implement to-day for labor and.money saving in the culliva
:iou of your crop. A stout boy With one horse can easily cultivate twenty
teres per day. Can you afford to be without n tuol that all Farmers who
tiavc- used it declare reduces the cost of cultivation from thirty to fifty per
jcut. Rend this :
?'Last year I bought one of mc Success Weeders aud Cultivators, and
vas more than pleased with its work on Corn and Cotton. If the land is
>roperly prepared it can bc used successfully and at a great saving on Peas,
Corn. Cotton, Oats, Wheat, or auv crop that you may plant.
M. L. KEYS, Anderson, S". C."
This is one out of many testimonials we have in our office, and that
vhich is used successfully by one man can be made to do good work by an
>ther. Call at our Store and examine the Implement' and let us explain to
rou its merit?.
General Merchandise, Cotton and Fertilizers,
ANDERSON, 8.-C, February 23, imu.
IT LS oUR HEAVY GROCERY SEASON, an I wo are rolling thain out in gre
shape. Our prices . n ""lour, CofTae. Tobacco, Sogar, Rice, Liri, Hims, Bacon
and all Heavy uud Fancy ttMCeriss are "warm.*' Kunamber, you will cheat y ours? ..
il" you buy any of tu? ab >ve before seeiug II*.
Wo carry tb? nest and cheapest Hum of NEW ORLEANS SYRUPS oneal nab',
.lust received a new lot of genuine MUSCOVADO MOLASSES They are fi oe c-w
Try I hem.
OL'ANO and A ( 'ID al prices not < .b*aiu<\ble elsewhere.
For the next few da-j we will sell JEANS. FLANNELS, BLANKETS, SHOP*
and BOOTS far below iheir real value
We always carry one of the largest, niel by far the cheapest, line of SHOES in
this glorious Piedmont region.
We appreciate every cent of trade you nov he so kind as to give us. W>a..
always glad to yee vou. Come and make our S >>-o your headquarters.
Yours very int ly,
*S- THE BEST ??Sift
Tea and Coffee Store.
Gremiine Seed-Tick Oofiee,
Which is famous for its cup qualities, und will sell you Seven Pouuds for
One Dollar. Wc have just received ti lot ol'
A nice present with every package. We guarantee the Tea in every o artic,
ular, and if it don't suit you it comes from AUSTIN'S-bring it back and
[jet your money. Here arc sjnie of the Presents : Dish Pans, Teapots, Cup?}
und Saucers, Plates, Carving Knives, and many o the M too numerous to men
tion. Call and see them.
JNO. A. AUSTIN & CO., The Best Tea and Coffee Store.
A A A. A. A A. A. ^ tjK ^ tft ^ ^ ^ fa -fa jfff, jfff.t (fat? ^jS^ ^( ^ ^ ^
WE'VE not too much money in vus-?-tl iu Shoes, aud it ia our pduoiple to rush
oir Goods that, we are overstocked on, even if WH hive to do so a> a sacrifice Rs
<H member, this is no CutttSalv, hu-, for 'ile toxt thirty days, commencing Wad nen -
day, January 151th, wo will sell any Shoe iu our Store ?or l?-?s money than the
same Shoe can he bought in South Cand?na, and placo behind our oller a PIETY
DOLLAR GUARANTEE. Som? people can offer to sell at Co*t but don't do it ; or
ii' they do, it is not (strange, that they have to sell oat at Cist, if their ''Cost'.' ia a3
high as tho price they cluiin is "Cost." We buy our Shoe* Cheap, and will sell
t h em cheaper
Nor do we propose tn bo second to any Firm hi- " fe
at less than standard prices places us a*, the front, iu tilling th- largs*', as well as
the smallest bills.
ft HIGHEST GRADE GUANOS at guaranteed prices.
The Latest and Best Agricultural
Implements Made!
The Genuine and Original Brooks Cotton Planter.
The Terrell & Dow Law Cotton Planters.
The latest designs in Disc and Smoothing Harrows.
Lead the world wherever tested-in Europe and America
practically and scientifically, the Olivers win. Ten times
inore Olivers sold, than any other make. The lightest draft,
mest perfect turners made.
Tried fer years, Very popular. Moderate price.
On hand. Prices kept down as long as present stock holds
out. Buy now.
A big job in HORSE COLLARS. Knock-out prices.
Great bargains.
Sullivan Hardware Co,
Is Now Ready for Business. Il Farmers and Merchante Raak.
Money to Lend o.t. Reasonable listes.
Interest Paid on Deposits.
The Farmers Loan and Trust Co. will act as Executor, Administrator
or Trustee of Estates and Guardian fer Minors.
VfiNI? rieh nen in South Carolina out of evory "ton commenced lifts poor.; Thar baeame rich by
\A spending lees than thor made. NA ?M rich -.:-z t\z~~, D?t ?v?u? ??n tuan ??.> ntr?e*
ma wiii gat neb who continually epends less tann he makes. Kvory yoong man can and should uv?
something each month or each y uar The san ^bo ?Ul not ear o a portion of a ?mall saury or wo?!,
saratoga will not eave a portion or a largo .alan or largo earnings. The boy who saves somet?as;
?very month aili be promoted before the boy who epends all he makes. True raanboxt i? rehierra in
?rder to deny ones salf and atTe. It U weakness and folly to spend all regardless of the "ratoy day
Industry, economy and integrity causo prosperity-not look or good fortune.
Por reasonable interest and absolute jecurUy deposit yoer sarlngs In tho Farmen Loan and Tm w
'o. Uffico at the Farmers and Sforchsmts Bank.
B. S. HILL, President t?ttO. W. EVANS, Vice President.
J. K. VANDIVKB. Cashier,
J. BOYCE BIJRBH9, AsaUtant Cashier.
J. t?. WAKER' ..LD, Jr., Book Keeper.
Excellent Stoves and Cheap Prices!
THE TIMES STOVES are tbe" leaders. They have points
if excellence that no other Stoves have. Call and inspect our iVesh stock of
Remember, we do TIN WORK and PLUMBING.
Yeure for business,
*. '? -ie the placebo buy
A Dollar's Worth of COFFEE if want something Hiern aiid Stron"

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