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Anderson Intelligencer.
ONE TEAK_.ll 50
Georgia is boasting of > one of the
fivest peach crops ever known in her
If. as Lord Wolseley says, war is
"a matter of meat and bread," the
United States is the most formidable
?alien in the world.
- m ?.? m -
Subscriptions to the new bond issue
are piling into the Treasury Depart
ment and the indications are that th?
whole issue will be taken by private
Gen. Fitzhugh Lee has asked that
ike South Carolina Regiment, now at
Ghickamauga, be assigned to his com
mand, and orders have been issued to
that effect. This is certainly a high
compliment to our boys.
Congress has appropriated $150,000
for the continuation of the experiment
tf giving the people free delivery of
?tails in rural districts. The scheme
is said to have worked well in those
sections where it has been tried.
i mm D
Whatever nation may he dickering
with Spain for the Philippines should
sot overlook the important fact that
until your Uncle Samuel is ready to
sign the document nothing better
Asm a quitclaim deed can be secured.
For the fiscal year ending June 30,
1897, the balance of trade in favor of
the.United States was $287,613,000.
In ten months of the present fiscal
year the balance is $514,245,000.
These figures are remarkable and ex
plain why gold has come over in so
large a stream.
Last week the Laurens Advertiser
?use to ns in eight pages, which con
tained an illustrated and interesting
write-up of that growing city. Lau
rens will be benefited by such a publi
cation, and her citizens no doubt
greatly appreciate the enterprise dis
played by the Advertiser.
We have received a copy of the
"DeepwaterEdition" of the Charles
ton Evening Post. It contains 104
pages of interesting matter, illustra
tive, historical and descriptive of the
??ty and its resources, with incidental
pen pictures of several South Carolina
counties and towns. It is certainly a
commendable piece of journalistic
?rn m -
The Prohibition Executive Commit
tee has formally withdrawn its ticket
for State officers, which was recently
Suggested" by their State Convention.
The withdrawal is because of uncer
tainty, whether such "suggested"
t?cket would be deemed "regular" by
the State Democratic Committee, to
which the Prohibitionists declare
their "first allegiance."
The State campaign has now com
menced, and we sincerely trust that
it will be conducted upon a higher
plane of morals than some witnessed
in the recent past. There is no need
to inaugurate a system of bitterness
cr to inject personalities into the dis
cussions, and should it begin the peo
ple ought to stay away from the
meetings. We are entering upon a
new and better era. The passions of
the past have been almost wholly
cbliterated and it is only a crank now
and then who is.kicking.
Some idea of thc magnitude of the
burden resting upon the Spanish peo
ple can be gained by a comparison
with our own situation. Their na
tional debt per capita is about $94 in
American money, being more than 20
per cent, of the per capita wealth of
the entire nation. In the United
States the per capita indebtedness is
about $14, or only about li per cent,
.f the per capita wealth of the nation.
In Spain the annual interest of the
public debt is nearly $C per capita; in
the United States it is only about 53 '
Thc new war revenue bill will pull ;
at many a place that will remind us
cf our post bellum days. Some will
pay on one luxury a ad some on 1
another, and the only way to ,
?void the tax is to have nothing and
obtain nothing. You must take less
beer or pay more for it. The same
way with tobacco. Beer pays one ;
dollar extra per barrel. Chewing and
smoking tobacco costs 12 cents per
pound more. Cigars cost you more
unless you smoke a worse one. Ciga
rettes cost one dollar per thousand
more. Tea costs 10 cents a pound '
more. Stamps will have to be affixed
to ali papers relating to real es
tate transactions-conveyan .es, deeds,
leases, agreements or contracts, mort
gages, trust deeds and powers of attor- >
?ey. Wall street will catch it on sell
iag stocks and bonds. The produce :
and cotton exchanges get off with 1 !
sent on the $100. Bank checks will I
require a stamp.
- The more honesty a man has,
the less he effects the air of a saint.
Only twice in history have the ex
ports of agricultural products from
the United States reached the value
of $700,000,000. For the fiscal year
now about to end they exceed $800.
000,000, and will probably reach $835,
000,000. They exceed the exports of
the record-breaking year 1892 by more
than $150,000,000. They exceed those
of the year before by more than $250,
000,000. All this is money dug out
of the soil and poured into the laps of
our farmers. At the same time our
exports of manufactured prooucts
have increased in still greater propor
tion, while our imports, representing
our purchases from other nations,
have enormously fallen off.
State Federation of Women's Clubs.
Editors Intelligencer : On June l?th
and 16cb the first estate Federation of Wo
men's Clubs of South Carolina was held
in Seneca, called together bv the very
bright and progressive Once-a Week
Club. Mrs. M. W. Coleman is president
of that organization, and Mrs. Adams
secretary To these two ladies is due the
honor of having instigated this Federa
tion, and the brilliant success (if its first
On Tuesday, Jnne 14tb, delegates from
all over thu State] congregated in Seneca,
and on that evening a delightful recep
tion in the Keowee Hotel was-tendered
them by the Once-a-Week Club. On this
occasion the elite of Seneca, and their
visitors were on dress parade Quite a
number of beautiful costumes graced the
On Wednesday morning the Connell
met in the Baptist Church. The Federa
tion opened its session with prayer by
Mrs. McSwayne, of Seneca.
Mrs. Waring, of Columbia, was called
to the chair, and made permanent chair
man cf the Convention. Mrs. J. H. Ad
ams was made secretary.
Mr?. <k>leman, president of the Once-a
Week Club, made avery graceful address
of welcome, to which Misa Poppenheim,
of the Century dub, of Charleston, re
Mrs. Waring read a fine paper on "Wo
man and her Work," after wbich reporto
were made from all of the Clubs repre
sented. At twelve o'clock the meeting
adjourned, to re-assemble at three.
When the reports were finished, Mrs.
Julia Johnson, sister of our townswo
man, Mrs. J. ?. Breazeale, made an ad
dress in the interest of Free Kindergar
tens and Mother's Clnbs.
Miss McCullough, of Walhalla, spoks
forcibly on the educational outlook in
Oconee County.
This was followed by an address by
Mrs. Gridley, ot Greenville, on the edu
cational outlook in the State.. Mrs. Grid
ley handled the topic well, and presented
food for thought to th oso interested in
the subject.
On Wednesday evening Gen. LeRoy F.
Ton mans, of Columbia, add res-ed the
Federation, and was followed by a very
enjoyable concert by the musical talent
of Seneca.
On Thursday morning a permanent
State organization was effected. M rp.
M W. Coleman, of Seneca, was elected
president, Mrs Means, of Spartan burg,
vice-president, Miss Poppenheim. of
Charleston, recording secretary, Miss
Hemphill, of Abbeville, corresponding
secretary, Miss Roach, of Rock Hill,
treasurer, Mrs. Gridley, of Greenville,
The work mapped out for the year is in
the line of library extension. The work
to be pursued by the Federation may be
the extension of educational facilities,
literary culture, child culture, civics, vil
lage improvement, and several other
The Federation adjourned at twelve
o'clock, to meet next year in Chester.
On Thursday afternoon the visitors
were treated to a delightful drive to
Clemson College, where Preuident Hart
zog placed himself at their disposal, wel
coming them with a graceful little ad
dress, and exhibiting many interesting
features of the College.
Tbe^evening was delightfully spent at
Innisfallen, the charming ho cae of Hon.
W. A. Courtenay, whore he and his wife,
ably assisted by Miss Courtenay and Mr.
St. John Courtenay, entertained the Fed
Those whose good fortune it was to be
present at the meeting of the literary wo
men of South Carolina, have come away
with higher ideals, a larger knowledge
of humanity's needs, a deeper sense of
Individual responsibility, and a determi
nation to strive upwards and onwards,
not selfishly alone, but as our feet touch
higher planes, to extend a hand to fellow
mortals struggling far behind us, until
the whole mass of humanity shall rise
one step lurther God ward. X.
Townville items.
Mr. W. M. Brown, wife and daughter,
of Oak way, attended the Baptist Cburch
at this place last Sunday.
The directors of the Oakway, Townville
& Anderson Telephone Co. held a meeting
at Oakway last Friday.
Miss Lizzie Bruce has returned from
the Greenville Female College, and will
spend her vacation at home.
Profs. L M. Mabaffey and J. W.
Gaines have given their schools vacation,
and will spend their vacations at their
Mrs. Broom, of this place, who bas
been very sick, is better, we are glad to
Mrs. G. E. Smith, of this place, has re
turned home after an extended visit to
Anderson, Belton and Pelzer. She re
ports crops good and as having a splendid
Miss Lillie Flowers, of Anderson, has
been visi iug ber uncle, Mr. G. E. Smith,
of this place.
Mrs. "Rosin De Bow" and the little
"Rosin De Bows" have got home after a
six weeks visit in the mo-J n tai ns. May
the Lord be praised.
Miss Inez Schroeder, of Abbeville, is
visiting in this place.
Miss Fannie Daniels, of Pelzer, is vis
iting relatives around Townville.
Mr. John Keese, of Oakway, was in
Townville last week casting his eyes on a
fair maiden.
Mr. J. W. Shirley, of this place, baa
painted his houses on .North View, which
adds very much to the appearance of our
little town.
Mr. T. C. Burford, of this place, is vis
iting his twiner's family at Calhoun Falls
thia week.
Mr. Norris Edwards, a gentleman of
oolor, reported a cotton blossom on the
Hth inst.
Mr. J. W. Gibsou, over in Oconee, is
very sick and not expected to live.
Mrs. James Richardson, near this place,
who has been sick so long, went to At
lanta last week to be treated.
In Memoriam.
On the evening of June 8th the Angel
of Death came to the home of Mr. and
Mrs. L. C. King and bore away in its icy
embraces the spirit of Eunice, their 14
montbs-old daughter. For three weeks
the little one suffered intensely from
typhoid dysentery. The anxious parents
and sympathizing relatives and friends
were untiring in their efforts to relieve
the little sufferer, but to no avail, she was
too good, too pure for this sinful world.
On Thursday afternoon, after appropriate
funeral services conducted by Rev. M.
McGee, the little body was laid to rest in
the cemetery at Bethany. May the grace
of God which is sufficient for us at all
time* fill up the vacancy made in this
home by his hand.
Weep not, fond parents, dry your tf?ars,
For you shall see in after years
How God in love has called her home,
To live with him till you shall come.
j A Fm KN I).
Boleman News.
We have had good rains and all of our
crops are growing finely.
The threshermen are on their rounds
now threshing the wheat and oats. They
report wheat fine, but oats are not so
good. Spring oats are almost a failure,
on account of the dry, hot weather.
Mr. James M. Richardson, who has
been very strangely affected for several
months, went to Atlanta, GH., last week
for treatment, his case having ba filed the
skill of all the docors in this section.
The doctors there said they thought they
could cure him.
We notice mir friend and former citi
zen, Prof. L. M Mahaffey, of Hopewell,
is announced as a candidate lor County
Superintendent of Education. If the
Professor runs as well all over the County
a* be will here in his native township,
(Fork,) ho will come in by a big majori
Mr. Henry B. Richardson had a valua
ble horse to die recently. He also lost a
fine mule last spring. His loss is a heavy
one these hard times.
Mr. Jame- H. Pullen, who buys cotton
In Eutaw, Ala., bas returned borne to
spend tbe summer.
Misses Emma and Bernie Farmer,
who have been attending the Winthrop
College at Rock Hill, 8. C., have returned
horne to spend the summer vacation.
Misses Girtie and Lutie Mahaffey, who
have been at Hopewell going to school at
that place, have returned home to spend
the vacation.
Prof. L. M. Mahaffey and wife visited
bis father, Mr. P. S. Mahaffey, near
Boleman recently.
The Rev. Mr. McCIeakey preached at
Double Springs last Sunday, the pastor,
Rsv. E. M. Estes, being sick.
Messrs. J. L. and B. L. Brad berry, of
near Alpine, have the finest crop of both
cotton and corn we have seen. They had
a cotton bloom on the 18th.
It seems that nearly all of the* corres
pondents have something to brag ab -ut.
We have one thing we can truthfully
boast of, and that is the quietness and
peacefulness of the people of our neigh
borhood. We have not a single tattler
nor meddlesome person in this communi
ty. Everybody attends to their own bus
iness, and lets others do the same.
The health of this community is excel
lent, with the exception.of a few cases of
whooping cougb.
News of any importance is very scarce.
Iola Happenings.
There is a great deal of sickness in and
around Iola now.
Little Fay Walker, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. H. C. Walker, ia very low with
typhoid fever. We hope, however, that
under the skillful treatment of Dr.
Hutchinson, she will soon recover.
Our old friend, Mr. Dock Elrod, is get
ting some better.
Well, there are always some good
things with the bad. We have an abon
dant wheat crop. I mention a few of tbe
fortunate ones in making such fine crops:
Mr. Clarence Burress sowed one bushel
of wheat and made twenty-four bushels.
Mr. J. F. Wilson sowed three bushels and
made forty-three. Mr J. H. uutobinson
sowed six bushels and made one hundred
and twenty. Mr. E. J. Buchanan made
fifty-eight bushels, and many others
made fine crops, so yon see we are living
on cake now, Mr. Editor.
Dr. Hutchinson has been on the sick
list, but is getting better now. Dr. Bolt
has been attending bim and looking after
his patients while he has been sick.
t- The average weight of a Green
land whale is 100 tons, which is equal
to that of 88 elephants.
discovered by a Woman.
Another great discovery has been made,
and that too, by a lady in this country.
"Disease fastened its clntches upon ber
and for seven years she withstood its
severest tests, but ber vital organs were
undermined and death seemed imminent.
For three months she conghed incessantly,
and could not s'eep She finally discover
ed a way to recovery, by purchasing of us
a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for
C nsnmption, and was so much relieved
on taking first dose, that Bbe slept all
night; and with two bottles, has been ab
solutely cured. Her name is Mrs. Luther
Lutz " Thus writes W. C. Hamnick &
Co., of 8helby, N. C. Trial bottles free at
Hill-Orr Drug Co. Regular size 50c and
$100. Every bottle guaranteed.
WILLIAM L. BOLT, the ex-Sheriff,
is hereby announced as a candidate for
County Treasurer, subject to the action of
Democratic Primary.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for tbe office ot Treasurer of Ander
son County, subject to tbe action of the
Democratic Primary Election.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date f?r the office ot Treasurer of Ander
son County, sutject to ihe action of the
Democratic Primary.
The friends of L. O. WILLI FORD,
Esq., of Rock Mills TOWDMI1?>. rei-n^c'.
fully nominate bim as a candidate for
County Treasurer, subject lo the rules of
the Democratic party.
BROWN A. WILLSON, of Belton,
who tor the last nmetteu ye;irs ha- oet-n
Railroad Agent there, announces himself
as a candidate for Treapurt-r of An*i--r8on
County, subject to the rules ol the Demo
cratic Prim i ry.
The friends of OLIVER BOLT respect
fully announce him a candidate for Coun
ty Supervisor, subject to the action of the
Democratic Primary Election.
I respectfully present myself to tbe
voters of Anderson County for re-election
to the ellice ot County Supervisor, subject
lo ihe rules of tho Democrmjc Primary.
1 announce myself a candidate f ir the
State Senate from Anderson County, sub
ject to the action of the l.?t mucra tic Pri
mary. JAS. M M1LL1VAN.
The undersigned r. sptotfully announces
himself as a candidate for the House of
Representatives, subject to tbe action of
the Democratic Primary Election.
announced as a candidate for the office of
County Superintendent of Education for
Anderson County, subject to the action of
the Democratic Primary.
I hereby announce mynelf a candidate
for the office of Judge of Probate, subject
to the rules governing the Democratic
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for Probate Judge, nubject to the ac
tion of the Democratic Primary.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of Probate Judge, subject to
the action of the Democratic Pnn.arv
G. N. C. BOLEMAN is resp ictfully an
nounced as a candidato for re-election to
the illico of County Auditor, suhje-t to
the action of the Democratic primary
Election. *
Asbury Items.
Mr. G. W. Gaines and family went to
Honea Path the second Saturday night to
visit relatives.
Some of our good neighbors were
bothered about the dry weather. I thin*
it is so much better if we would take ev
erything fair when He who rules knows
best for us. I beard one old man say be
thought there would be at famine this
Mr. John Bolt and Mr. Perry T?te
have been threshing in our burg. Mr.
Tate had the misfortune to lose a young
mule the lltb inst. That is a heavy loss
on Mr. Tate, as he isa very hard-working
AHigh Grade Jersey and Holstein
Milch Cow, with third calf.
Two Jeisev Heifers with vonnc calves.
Pendleton, 8 C., June 21, 1898.
Notice to Creditors.
IF there are any creditors of George W.
Manly, deceased, they will please pre
sent their demands to me, duly attested,
for payment.
June 22, 1S98 52 3
Ali persons having claims against
tue Estate of J. C Williams, deceased,
are hereby notified to present the same,
properly proven, to the undersigned with
in the time prescribed by law, and those
indebted to make payment.
Ad DJ i a ia tra co rs.
June 22.1898 52 3
WILL be let to the lowest responsible !
On Wednesday, July 6tb, at 10 a. m.,
the building of a Biidtje over Toree and
Twenty Creek, near Earle place
Plans and Specifications made known
on day of letting. Reserving the right to
reject any and all bids.
Co. Supervisor, A. C.
Winthrop College Scholarship
- AND -
Entrance Examinations.
THE examinations for tue award of va
cant Scholarships in Winthrop Col
lege and for the admission of new students
will be held at the County Court House
on July 15th, at 9 a. m Applicants must
uot be lees than fifteen yean of age
When Scholarships are vacated after
July 15tb, tbey will be awarded to those
making the highest average at this exam
The cost of attendance, including board,
furnished mom, heat, light and washing,
is only $S 50 per month.
For further information and a catalogue
address President D B JOHNSON, Rock
Hill, 8. C.
ALL rersons are hereby warned not to
hire or harbor Jim Cunningham,
who if under contract to work for me du
ring the year 1808 Those disregarding
this notice will be prosecuted to the full
extent of the law.
_ June 22 1838 52 1*
SEVEN Trpcts, 100 to 150 acres e?ch.
nearly 1000 acres. Three sold recent
lv. Pickons County, South Saluda and
Weaver's Creek. Title perfect All vir
gin forest 8tfam Mill now in hs'f mile.
Good wheat and colton lands. "Why do
you rent or try to buy 15 to 20 dollar acre
land ? Tabe choice of the seven Tracts
till Oth August at $2 25 cash or $2 50 part
time; after that ?3(JO per acre Three
quarters of it on tin e three VPSTP.
W A. HU Di ON.
G18 Washington St., Greenville, 8. C.
Is Unequalled in Tone,
Matchless in Dosign of Case.
75,000 IN USE.
Have stood the test for filly years,
.and the price is right.
?&* Do all my own work.
?&~ No second-hand stock.
Competition is the only way to keep the
prices right. Can save you money.
Sample Piano and Organs on hand.
Address M. L. WILLIS. *
Box 294, Anderson, S, C.
Anderson, S. C , June 8,1898.
As directed by an order made by Hon.
W. C. Benet, Judge presiding in Eighth
Circuit, dated Ch June, 1898, the June,
1898, Term of Court of Common Pleas
and General Sessions for Anderson Coun
ty has been postponed from Monday, 20th
Jone. 1898, to Monday, 27th June, 1898,
and that Jurors. Witnesses, nnd all others
interested in said Court, are not required
to attend said Court until ten o'clock a. m.
Monday, 27th June inst.
Clerk Court C. P. & G S.
JuneS, 1S98_52_3
Office in the Nad 1er House,
Office days Wednesdays and Thursdays.
P. S -I will be at my Pendleton office
on Saturdays.
June 1, 1898 49 7m
IT is manufactured in a scientific manner by cleanly machinery, aud is
PURE, so that a short infusion extracts all the good qualities.
DIRECTIONS-Take half usual quantity, see water boils. Pour off
after five minutes steeping.
TELLE Y'S CEYLON-INDIA TEA. "Two cups in one." Fragrant!
Delicious ! !
Blue Ribbon, Genuine Mocha and Java, 2Sc. per lb. For strength and
richness of flavor in the cup it surpasses any cottee on the market. It's a
great seller.
Don't Buy Fruit Jars-Buy Sealing Wax.
Manufactured exnressly for putting up fruit. You can use "any old thing,"
and we guarantee the fruit to keep perfectly.
Soliciting your orders, Very respectfully yours,
Takes the Spanish Ball by the tail and slings him
over the fence and clear out of the pen, exciting
the wonder and admiration of the World.
Bleeding, starving Cubo, cries for help. America, the strongest, richest
and greatest country ou earth, responds nobly to that call. From the four
corners of the continent comes the cry from America': brave sons, "Herc am
I take me !" And the dastardly, cowardly, butchering Spaniard is requested
and commanded to gather up his little kettle, his aggravating bundle, foid
his tent und get out. And now, as the Spanish Bull does not move out with
proper facility, Uncle Sam ?rrabs him by the tail and slings him out. Of
course, there is much bellowing aud pawing up ol'earth, but the Spanish Bull
will never remember goring Uncle Sam again.
But while we arc sending thousands aud thousands of our picked braves
to the front, while Dewey floats the American Hag over Phillipine islands;
while Sampson is preparing to clean up thc whole Spanish fleet now in the
Atlantic ; while thc incorrigible Lee is making ready to sweep like a cyclone
d?>wn upon Havana and give Blanco the chastising which he so justly de
soves, we are also preparing to protect our home people to the fullest extent.
We know there are Spanish spies, or American money-grabbers, or possibly
other heartless persons lurking near, and watching for opportunity to snatch
a few dollars and cents from whomsoever they may lim! unposted or not suffi
ciently watchful of their interests; but wo ure ready with ammunition in
abundance. Our guns are lo.tded and trained on the enemy, and here's the
kind of shot we shoot :
Yard-wide Domestic 3c and 3}c y ard, yard-wide Sea Island and 4c
yard, good Drills 3:?e yard, extra heavy Drills 5c yard. Another lot Ging
hams 2:1c yard. Another lot (?uilt Calico 10c pound. Good Cottonade
Pants 21Je pair, extra qualify Overalls 3?e and 44c pair. Mason's best Shoe
Polish 5c bottle, a good yard-wide Bleach 4c, extra yard-wide Bleach 5c yard.
If you wear Sox or Stockings in summer don't fail to sse our lat?st run. We
are shooting at competition with a 20c black or tan Sock ut. 7-]c pair, u 10c
one at 5c, a 5c one at 4c and 2]c pair. Are you going to paper your house ?
Will sell you high quality canvassing at oe yard, heavy checked Homespun
4c yard, best striped and check Shirting at 10 yards to the dollar. Have
you been deterred from putting Shades in your new house on account of
pri?e? Do you allow your parlor or sitting-room to lack this very important
article? If so, listen to these happy tidings: we can give you our leader, a
well-known Shade, at 10c each. The Queen City, our former 45c goods, at
20c. The old No. 480 fifty cents Shade, with beautiful fringe, 25c ; a 65c
Shade ut 28c ; 75c Shades at 33c and the one dollar Shades at 40c. How
long will they last, do you say ? Well, now, that ain't thc question. The
question is, how so'jn can you come in aud select yours before they are all
picked over. Aluminum Hair Pins 5c dozen, Aluminum Thimbles two for
5c, Toilet Soap ->c to 5c cake, the Magic Cleaner, the big 20 ounce Bar Soap,
5c. Agate Iron Coffee Pots 23c to 28c, Agate Iron Dish Pans 25c to 35c.
Oval Foot Bath Tubs 20c, Sprinkling PoLs 10c each, Milk Cups 5c, Tumblers
13c set, Goblets 25c set, Honey Dishes on stands 10c, Diamond Dyes, Ger
man Household Dyes 10c, Stick Blue two for 5c, Starch 4c lb, Celluloid
Starch 5c and 10c package, Paratine Candles lc each.
Remember, wc are letting our Special Glass Sale prices remain on a great
many Goods until closed out. Don't be too late.
Chewing Gum, best made, five different flavors, twelve bars for 5c, two
packs, Ball Potash, 10 gallons soft, soap, 4c.
Three cheers for Cuba, America,
M?^1 SIM
And the Spanish Bull is dead-lite. Eaglestill lives. J
ii .
Stock Taking!
Preparations are in force for our semi-annual Stock
Taking. Prices of Summer Goods are so cut into as to make
sure of their disposal. By July 1st the Stock of Merchan
dise must be greatly reduced.
Ladies9 Shirt Waiste,
Ready to Wear Skirts,
Laces and Embroideries,
Wash Goods of every description,
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Oxford Ties,
Men's Snmmer Clothing,
In fact, everything in Ladies' and Gentlemen's Wear in this
big Store is reduced in price to move them.^
Mail orders receive the promptest kind of attention.
Agricultural, Mechanical, Literary,
Chemical. Textile. Military.
Best equipped College in the South. 450 students. Send for illustrated
HENRY S. HARTZOG, Clemson College, S. C.
JPianos and Organs
Instruments sold in this County eighteen years aga still giving perree*
BST1 Headquarters G. F. Tolly & Son.
c; ?"V ""J 1? _ See our extensive assort
bee our nigh and low o uar- A */\ * jm- * TJ
. _ * mentor Oxford Ties for Ladies,
ter Shoes in Black and Tan Migses and Chiidren. just
Vici. Just what you want wnat you need for Summer
for Summer wear. comfort.
We have a few Trunks left that we are going to sell..
If you need a Trunk call and see us and we will give you a.
Tlie Yates Shoe Co.
Under Masonic Temple, Anderson. S. C.
- Is th e place to buy
A Dollar's Worth of COFFEE if want something Rieh and Stron<\
. J. G. RILEY.

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