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At Hymen's Altar.
Down.on South Main Street, where the
beautiful water oaks fling fern-like sprays
on the summer air, a very pretty parlor
wedding took place this morning at 9 30
o'clock at the home of onr yonng towns
men, Mesara Frank and Lucina Murphy.
The contracting parties were Miss Julia
Irene Murphy, of rbis city, and Mr. Mc
Duffie M. Cater, of Abbeville ; two youog
people well known in Anderson and its
The bride, a beautiful young lady, was
lovely in a gown of cadet nine, trimmed
with applique, and the manly groom was,
of conree, attired in the regulation suit re
quired for such a high, festive ooca*ioo.
The bride entered tho parlor leaoinc on
the arm of her sister, Mi-s Lmme Mur
pby, while the groom followed, accompa
nied by his be?t man, Mr. CL Bt>n. Allen.
The ceremony was most impressively per
formed by Kev O. L. Martin, assisted by
Rev. J. N. H. Sn m merell.
The parlor, which was handsomely dec
orated with faros, palms and ox ey fd
daisies, was crowded with the friends of
the bride and groom, all esger to offer <
their congratulations on the happy event j
- The happy couple were the recipients ot* i
many useful and beautiful presents.
Mr. and Mrs. Cater left on the morning
train for Abbeville,
Ail our beat wisher attend these yonng
peoDle, and let ns hope as they pass do wn
the busy highroads of life that no shadows
may flicker across their pathway, that the
wayside flowers may ever bloom for them
bright!?, and prosperity and happiness
attend them.
The Greenville Commencements.
The commencements of Forman Uni
versity and the Greenville Female College
were exceedingly pleasant occasions from
the baccalaureate sermons on Suuday to
the floal exercises Thursday night when
Ave yonng ladies graduated from the Fe
male College Thia institution has pass
ed through its most successful session
under President Riley, 206 students
having been enrolled thia year. Tbe^an
Bual concert under Prof. G. Ferrata'was
a splendid exhibition of the higbest or
der of music, and the anniversary of the
Judson Literary Society was a most in
teresting entertainment.
Forman University graduated fourteen
yoong men and one young lady, Misa
McGee, of Greenville. The cloBiog axer
?1868 Wednesday night w?re presided
over by President Montague, whose en
ergy, tact, wisdom and ability are doing
so much for Forman.
Tn? Forman alumni bave raised $8,000
for the new al o m ni ball. They will easi
ly secure $2,000 additional when Prof.
Jndaon will give $5,000 and the work of
building will begin immediately. Rev.
H. R. Moseley waa re-elected President
of the Association Forman seems to
have entered upon a new era of prosperi
ty and success.
Annual Honor Roll.
The following is the annual honor roll
of the Anderson Graded School for Schol
arship and Deportment:
2jd Grade, advanced-Arthur Davis,
George Fant, Tom Hill, Charlie Nabe rs,
Robert Todd, Oze VanWyck, Bessie Mar
t?n, Janie Thornton.
3rd Grade-Sam Gilmer, Sam Tribble,
Nardin Webb.
3rd Grade, advanced-George biles,
Mell Glenn, William von Hasseln, Ber
tha Ducket?, Cora W?hlte.
4th Grade-Lydia Orr, Adele Provost,
?attie Divver, Saidee Strickland, Nina
4tt Grade, advanced-Stacey Rossel I.
9th Grade-May Macau ley.
3th Grade, advanced-Addie Brown.
?th Grade-Herbert Howell.
7th Grade-Cora Mauldin
7th Grade, advanced-Bessie Simpson.
Death of Mr. Manly.
Died, after a brief illness, near Belton,
8. O., Jane 7th, 1898. Mr. G. W. Manly
He was born in Laurens County, Feb. ll,
1818, bat moved to Anderson Conney
wheo nearly grown. After the death of
his wife, about twelve yeira ago, he lived j
in the family of Mr. O. E. Breazeale,
where he found a real borne-both giving
and receiving expressions or confidence {
and affection without interruption ana
without abatement to the close of bis life.
In 18<7 be was baptized on confession of
Christ and became a member of tbe Bap
tist Church in Belton, and lived the life
of a consistent, decided Christian to tbe
Tbongh one of the most modest and re
tiring of men, the excellence of his char
acter through bia long life secured the
hearty esteem of all who knew him, as ;
was testified by the very large attendance
at bia funeral. Stricken soddenly at the j
?lose of the day, June lat, he at once I
fessed into unconsciousness, from which J
t?sere was no recovery. He needed to
?peak no Iaat words: hi? message waa his
?very day life. C. M.
Bennion of Students.
contemplated for several years by the old
students of Cantwell Institute to have a
reunion this yeir. it being the 20ih year
since that school elosed.
I have been urged to take tbe matter in
band by several of tbe old student*, being
ene of tho oldest among them. So will
ask yon to please give notice that we will
meet at Anderson, June 27th, (Monday,)
at lt o'c oek a. m., to formulate a pro
gram and appoint some committees tbat
will be needed. We want as many of tbe
?ld students to meet with ns as we oan
get. So let each one feel aa if it hie indi
vidual business to be there.
Very truly yon rn,
8eptos, S. C., Jnne 15tb, 1898.
Card ef Thanks.
MR. EDITOR : Please allow us space in
your columns to return our heart-felt
thanks to our many kind neighbors and
friends wbo so kindly ministered to our
darling Eunice during her illness and
deatb. May God richly reward each one
of them.
Crayton, 8. G
Attention, Veterans.
AH the mptnher? of ''amp L?dbpttf>r.
N<?. 9S3, will meet nt Guyton on the first
Satur 'R.v evening in Jnlv at 2 o'clock for
the purpose of el ?*ct.i OR il*l*>uw*><* to iittend
the Reunion at A-lama. G*., and IO traus
ac otb**r important business
By order t ouiuiander.
A. M. GUYTON, Adjt.
The County Democratic Executive
Committee will meet at Anderson, S. C.,
on Monday, the 4th day of July next, at
12 o'clock m., for the purpose of arrang
ing the County campaign, and transacting
any other business that may come before
it. J. E, BREA ZEA i. E,
Cb. Co. Dem. Ex. Com., Anderson Co.
Belton Items.
This section was visited by several
splendid rains last week, winding up
with a very heavy one on Sunday after
noon. In some places the land was con
siderably washed, but otherwise there
was no damage. The farmers seem to be
in the best of spirits. They have an
unusually favorable harvesting season
and a fine opportunity for puttiDg their
crops in such a condition as to be easily
cultivated from now until they are laid
Wheat through this section is reported
as being unusually good. A fair crop of
fall oats was made, but spring oats were
almost a failure.
Mr. J M. Reeves, formally of Laurens
County, S. C., but now of Elberton, Ga.,
who is considered one o? the finest pen
men in the South, is now teaching pen
manship to a large and interesting class
at the high school building.
Arrangements preparatory to the enter
taining of the Saluda Association are
being made by the Baptist Church at
this place. The meeting begins on Tues
day the 2nd day of August, and contin
ues through tbe 4tb. . We are looking
forward to the entertaining of onr breth
ren and friends with pleasant anticipa
All of our boya and girls who have
been away to college have returned to
their respective homes to spend the sum
mer vacation. We note the following
from the different colleges: Messrs. C.
W. Rice, M. W. Grubbs, J. C. Green, and
J. C. H oil id ay, Forman University; W.
O. Latimer, Wofford College; O. J. Cope
land, Nyack, N. Y; MUs Ora and Bessie
Hmitb, Winthrop Normal College, and
Mtss Mamie Latimer, Converse College.
We.?re glad to welcome all these young
people home again. They add very
much to the life and pleasure of our
Hon. A. C. Latimer and family have
retuined to their home from Washington.
Mr. Latimer was quite ill before he left
Washington, but we are glad to report
that be has improved rapidly since be
came home, and is now able to be out.
Lieut. Ed. R. Cox, of the Darlington
Guards, spent a day orso with his parents
last week. Mr. Cox is ordinarily a good
looking man, but he presents a particu
larly fine appearance in his splendid U.
S. uniform.
Mrs. and Dr W. C. Bowen visited tbe
latter a parents at Little River last, Satur
day jin d Sunday.
Messrs. Clyde Green, Reuben Gambrell
and W. B. West, attended Commence
ment in Greenville last wo-*k.
Mr. J. P Inabinit, of Orangeburg, vis
ited Mr. W. C. Latimer last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Lon McGee and Mr. and
Bira. Robert Ligon, of Anderson, visited
Mr. J. T. Rice's family 8unday. ?
Major G. W. Cox, Commander Camp
Andereon, Confederate Veteran*, wishes
a meeting of the Camp ai 4 o'clock p. m.,
Saturday the 2od of July, in the wai ing
room of Southern R. R. depot. Delegates
to the reunion in Atlanta will be elected
and other business of importance will be
attended to The Commander wishes a
.full meeting XXXX.
Echoes from Prospect.
Well, Mr. Editor, I guess you have
about forgotten ''Old Uncle Vade,ie," as
he bas been silent in the press for a long
while, but not quite so in the cotton
After many weeks of hot, dry weather
we were fortunate enough to get a shower
of rain, which was heartily welcomed by
The crops are looking fine, considering
the amount of rain sines they have been
The farmers are plowing their corn for
tba last time, and cotton is almost ready
to bloom.
June peaches are getting ri pp. Come
out, Mr. Editor, aud help us eat them,
Last tbird Sunday was regular preach
ing day at Prospect,, and as usual, there
was a large crowd. Brother Hawkins
preached a very interesting sermon, and
the congregation was very attentive.
Mr. Oscar Sanders, who has been clerk
ing for Wilhite & Wilhite, is at borne
very ill with fever. We all hope Oscar
will soon be able to return.
Mr. Lee Sanders has also been qnite
low with fever. We are all glad to learn
he ia better now.
Miss Clalr? Browne has returned home
from Winthrop College.
Several youngster* went fishing on the
river last Monday evening. They didn't
catch any fish I think they fished more
on dry land than in the river. They re
port a nice time. That's all right. But
we do solemnly ask them, if they can't
catch any fieb, will they please bold in
their "gas" coming back and don't wake
up everybody on the road.
Ask some of the Prospect boys whose
carriage is the center of attraction.
Wheat threshing ls now about over,
and from reports everybody made a good
Spring oats are almost a failure on ac
count of tbe dry weather.
Mr. Reed MoCrary, one of Pendleton's
dashing sports, waa down on this side a
few Sundays ago. What's the attraction?
Watch him, boys.
Mr. Arthur Erwin, one of Denver's
warm P por ts, was brushing around on
tbis side of the creek a few Sundays ego.
Gi Vf bim room. boys. . -
Well, as it is getting time ' Old Uncle
Yaddie" was killing grass, I will ?lose,
with best wishes to the INTELLIGENCER
and its readers.
Vncklens Aruica Salve.
The best salve in theworld for Cutt
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum.
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corn?, and all Skin Erup
tions and positively cures Piles, or uo
pay required lt is guaranteed to gi ve
perfect datisfaeMon, or money refund
ed. Prise 25 cents per box. For sale
by Hill-Orr Drug Co
Corner Dote.
Well. Mr. Editor, is I haven't seen any
dots from this place lc a long Mme, I seat
myself and take my pen in my hand and
will try to give you the news
Messrs. J. L. and A. B. Sherard, two
graduates of the South Carolina College,
have returned home. Both of them came
ont with flying colors.
Messrs. G. Howe Ligon and "W. Hamp
ton Sherard- took in commencement at
Due West last week.
There is a certain dashing sport near
here who, if you say "Who?" where he
can hear you, will immediately say,
"Whatyou want?"
M ?ss Georgia Cunningham, from Lown
desville, is visiting Mrs. V. C. Sherard
and family, much to the delight of ber
many friends here, who are always glad
to see her.
The following young people have re
turned from Erskine College, at Due
West: Misses Annie Beaty and Florence
Clinkscales, (graduates,) Miss Mary
Clinkscales and brother. It. P. Clink
scales, Jr., and A. B. Wharton. There
are others who have returned, but I can't
remember them all.
Miss Julia Stewart, from Doravale,
Ga., is visiting relatives in this commu
Mr. Jep Wilson, of Anderson, was cir
culating among his friends here last Sun
day. Give him a big ring boys.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Wiles, of Honea
Path, vUited Mr. Wiles' mother last
Miss Mary Wiles, who has been attend
ing the Greenville Female Collage, re
turned home last wef-k
Dr. W. E.Link visited the family of
Kev. R. C. Ligon last week.
What makes Isham look so sad now,
SQ rne hea'tb of our community is very
good at present.
All the green crops down in the Corner
are simply fine
Mr. W. T. A. Sherard took in Com
mencement at Davidson College last
week. Ask him to tell you bow to make
an ri break a circle.
Miss Sallie Sherard, who has bepn vis
iting relatives and friends in Caudle
CreAk, N. C., returned home last week.
Miss Lois Davis, who bas been teaching
school here, has closed ber school. Miss
Lois is one of the best teachers we have
ever bad, and if she doesn't teach again
next year it will not be the patrons' fault.
Mr. S. B. Sherard, who has been attend
ing Davidson College, has returned home
to spend bis vacation.
Ask Hampton and George what they
contemplate doing next year.
Resolutions of Respect
June ll, 1898.
Whereas, it bath pleased the Lord to re
move fr m us by death, which occurred
May 31st, Rev. Baxter Hays, who for a
period of forty-five years bas been a faith
ful minister of the gospel. He labored
among us as only a servant of God could
d<-, giving bis own life in service for oth
ers, preaching tbe gospel to all classes, he
sought to help all and to offend none.
Truly be sought the people and not their
pasm?n-?; and whereas, we feel that in his
death the ministry bas lost an earnest,
faithful lab rer, the church a safe guide
? nd the world a shining light. In this
IM t. 8 thel) church bis name will be car
ried into the next generation; our chil
dren will hear of bis thirty years service
be.ro and h during his earnest appeals
to sinners, many resolved to turn to the
Lord Eternity alone will reveal the val
ue of his work. Indeed one more great
man han fallen. Therefore, be it
Resolved, That we bow in reverence
and submission to the will of God who
doeth all things well, and pray that His
blessings may be granted unto us. May
the way of grace and salvation so often
marked out by our departed brother be
followed bv us In the future. May tbe
blessings of God rest especially upon our
church lor whom our brother so often
prnyf d.
Resolved further, That these resolu
tions wit h preamble be published in the
Baptist Courier and that our county pa
pera ba requested to publish the aa m e.
We further resolve to send bis family
a copy r jd to place a copy on our church
D one in regular Conference June ll,
1898. D. A. SWINDLER, Mod.
Centerrille Items.
Messrs. Reid MoCrary and his brother,
Henry, and, R A Buchanan, visited
frMida in our burg the second Sunday.
The fruit crop in our settlement is very
good, bot it is very small on account of
tbe dry weather.
Mies Mary Gric? bas returned to her
home at Pendleton, after a long stay with
her .'riend, Mrs. J. H. Bowden.
Prof. Welk, from Septns, S. C., can
vassed our burg last week with some
interesting war books, BO I heard.
Mr. W. J. Erwin is remodeling his
mill. Hf will soon be ready for us. and
as he is a fine miller, I would advise you
to try bim.
Mr. Ha-mon Thompson and his be
witching sisters, Misses Nannie and Beu
lah, visited friends in our burg Saturday
night and **unday.
Come up and feast with us, Mr. Editor.
Improvements may never cease. Cres
c-i't meyers are always up to the highest
rung of the ladder.
The 8ullivan Hardware Co. caters to
thon* who want the best bicycles for the
lt-HBt money and know a good thing when
tbev Bee it.
F r valley tin, tin work, gutter, roofing,
cornice work, etc., go to Osborne & Clink
Don't forget where to go for Harrow?
.nd Hoes. Sullivan Hardware Co. sell
tbe la'eat and bast at price? to Hake tom
petition weep.
The C. A. Reed Hosie Heise
Are offering some special bargains in
Pianos and Organs at thia time. It will
certainly pay: any, who wiah to purchase
an instrument, even in the remote future
to see and investigate their magnificent
Sullivan Hard ware Co. give an absolute
guarantee on the Hero and Crescent Bicy
cles-no foolishness-all fair and square.
Ir. in a revelation to see Sullivan Hard
ware C .'-. line of Harrows and tremendous
stock of hoes.
Take your cboici-J Either the Counts, (a
home-made article.) tbe Josh Berry 14
tl ger or other 14 finger Grain cradles at
Su'ii van Hardware Co's
Tn?re is an ep'demic of dysentery and
dUrrtooi prev*l?"t now, and if you are af
flicted you should try Evans Mixture,
?hieb oan be purchased at the Evans
Pharmacy for 25 cents a bottle. It is high
ly recommended by every person who has
used it
Protection to purchasers and homet
treatment of all ls Sullivan Hardware
Co's motto.
Have you Reen the new Klondike Har
ro? sold exclusively in Anderson by Sui
li van Hardware Co?
Sullivan Hardware Co. can open your
eves on; Harrows-ihey sell the Terrell, the
K'imm Klondike. Frix and ptbora.
Poor Piurrbing canees sickness-to get
the r>e<t plumbing dune, go to Osborne <fc
Sullivan Hirdware Co. keep up with all
bicycle repairs, sundries. &c, buying bt
quantity prices. Tney retail at wholesale
ti ? u'res.
Fort RENT-The offices recently occu
pied i>v B'm hum ife "vatkitis, in the IN
TELLIGENCER building. Apply at this
<; pat driveou handled II ?es a> Sullivan
H ur" wara Co A n - r loan going at ligures
t. > > Htuu ?nb the hiiyer , .
Toe reliable Wni'o Mountain Ice Cream
freez-rs lor *a!e by Osborne ct Cliukecalea.
Mo experiment-a success1.
That G?ilas !
Everything that sounds cheap in ?Nfc advertisement does
not always appear so to the customer, we have placed on
In the front part of our Store a line of Colored Figured Or
gandies that are very low in price.
French Organdies, quite a variety of Pasterns, (in many
just about enough for a dress,) all to go at 18o. per yard. This
is a big slash into prices. No mistake-you never got such
Goods at this price before.
We are placing new lots on our 5c, 8c anil 10c piles every
We are figuring close these days. Quite a lot of Odds
and Ends that many customers are taking .advantage of.
Drop in to see us.
New lot Domestics, Linens and full line Skirt Goods just
received. You've never bought Domestics so cheap.
Ribbons are still right to the front-can scarcely keep in
the staple widths and colors. That "Cut Price" let can't fail
to interest you.
Summer Millinery is still in demand. Just received a
new lot of Ladies' Pure White Trimmed Sailors. Summer
Millinery goes right down in price now; not long to sell it
now, but you will have a good long while to wear it.
Would like to fix up a pretty White Mid-Summer Hat for
you. Our Trimmers will be with us throughout the Summer
Our Stock of Dry Goods, as well as Notions and other
lines, has been kept fresh, and will continue so throughout
the Summer by constant replenishing.
We are closing out some lots of Spring Clothing very
Good line of Alpaca and Light Weight Clothing for Sum
mer wear. Gents' Furnishings, Straw Hats, &c.
Nothing will interest a merchant more at this season of
the year than to have a Cash customer come around for Sum
mer Goods. We think we can interest Cash Customers just
at this time.
Yours very truly,
C. F. JONES 5 CO.,
One lot of Fine Wash Gooda that were 10c-our price this week only
5c. a yard,
One lot Black Satine, guaranteed fast aniline black, our price this week
only 9c.
Yarrf-wide Sea Tsland, our price this week only 4c.
Silver Star Cheviots, the best Goods of the kind in the market, for this
week only 61 c.
One lot of our best Cottonades, in Stripes and Checks, colors warranted,
our price this week li?e.
One lot Featherbone Corsets, our regular 50c. line, our price this week
only 35c.
One lot of our best Corsets, regular one dollar line, for this week 79c.
Ladies' Unbleached Undervest, for this week, 4c.
A handsome Bleached Undtrvest for Ladies, extra length, ai only 7c.
A full line of Fast Black Children.'* Hose, regular mad?, nice good?,
10c. a pair.
Big bargains in Leather Belts thia week.
Gents Furnishing Department.
Collars, Cuff-*, Ties, Socks, Suppeode?, Gauze Underwear, Laundered and
Unlaundered Shirts, in colored and white, Handkerchiefs and Straw Hats.
We are showing a complete line, and at prices unheard of before
Shoe Department
We have just received a new lot of Ladies' Oxford's and Sandals. These
Goods ar? ss bolt as a glove, aud will give solid comfort to the wearer. We
will offer them this week at 98c.
One lot of Ladies' Tan Slippers, 5 to 7, will go for this week at only 69c.
One lot old Ladies' Kid Bals. Will close this lot out this week at
only 59c.
One lot Ladies' Genuine Dongola Shoes, every pair guaranteed, to closo
for this Wtek at 89c.
Gentlemen's fine, all leather Shoe?, in Lace or Congress. Will close for J
this week ai $1.23.
Millinery Department-Millinery at one-half
its real value.
We have a large assortment of Ladies' and Children's Hats that we will
close out at a sac ince. Don't buy before you see our line, as you can save
money. Our 82.00 Trimmed Hats now f??r $1.00, and our 81.00 Trimmed
Hats at 50i', our 75c. Sailors now go ut 49c
You are cordially invited to call and inspect our mauy bargains offered
during this week's Big Cut Rate Sale, as we will give you big value for your
money, uiul will tavc you Iroin 15 to 2-5 per cent on any articles purchased
in our ??tore.
You?s very respectfully,
Next door to Ligon & Letibetter.
We come to you Singing a Song,
With Victory perched on our Banners.
OUR five years' experience with the DEERING IDEAL BALL
BEARING MOWERS ha3 convinced us, as well as hundreds of the beet
farmers in Andersou County, that they are most appropriately named-that
they are ideal in light draft, in strength, in durability and in ability to ile
perfect work. Perlect as were the Deering Machines last year, we know that
they are still better improved and strengthened for the harvest of 1898. Re
member that they are the only Mowers on the market that can start from a
stop, in any crop, without backing. Every Deering Mower sold is an adver
tisement for us, and is the means of us selling another. Can our competitors
say that ? Remember, one thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness
of warning.
For Engines, Engine Fittings, Saw Mills,
And for any kind of MACHINERY and SUPPLIES, remember we are
Headquarters for Low Prices. Yours truly,
The Hall Self-Feeding Cotton Gin!
iiMBKACES all the improvements known to modern Gins, and is the feat
est, lightest running Gin on the market. They are giving entire satisfaction
allover the cotton-growing country, and numbers of Ginners in Anderson
County will testify as to its merits.
PENDLETON, S. C., December 17th, 18S7.
DEAR SIRS :-Y?>urs of 16th duly received. It gives me pleasure to tes
tify to the merits of 60-Saw Hall Gin outfit purchased of you in October. I
find it very light running, fast, uuusually good as to roil, whn-h rarely if ever
breaks. It elf ans the seed just as you may desire and the sample is good, an?
I have heard very favorable comments from cotton buyers. I think it wifi
prove a durable machine, and I ara more than pleased with it iu every way.
Yours truly, 0. A. BOWEN.
If you contemplate putting in an outfit this season come to see us or ?toop
us a card and we will call on you.
8. M. ORR, M D.
W. H. NARDIN, M. ?.
Hill-Orr Drug Co
WE hope the people understand that our taking these
Doctors into the business doesn't mean that they are all to
live off the Firm. The Mauagera and Clerks, of course,
are dependent upon the success and profits of the institu
tion, as they have no other visible means of support.
These Doctors, however, get their living physicing folks,
and their principal bases of supplies are those who imagine
they are sick.
Our purpose is this: The go xl old days are past. Com
petition aud new methods have done away entirely with
the large profit feiture in all lines of business. It is the
volume, properly managed mid directed, that leads to suc
cess in aoy line; and we hop.^ by a community of capital
and influence to so iuorease the volume of our business as
to compensate for the decrease in net profits.
We shalbjcarry EVERYTHING in the line, Whole
sale and Retail, and arrange so that you ean get what
you want from us any time-day or night.
We confidently atk our share of the patronage.
And Small Musical Instruments, of Every Variety, at
ALLOW us to call your attention to th? viral ?nil important fact that MUMO te th?
moBt refining of all ednoatnrs, and wo. ovular, ??ff irrt to allow oar ehildreo to
grow up in ignorance of th?? elevating and refininor vfluenoe; hence the great, mnfkv
t??.n<v? nf prncurinc an Instrument of annie kind We have at present some GRuaT
BARGA.IN8 in Pi-mos and Organs which *e would be ?Ud to show voa.
Though it in h*rdiv uec?*<arv to maki Mis stat-raent. we allow no one to soper
?ede ns regarding Qiality. P ice or T*r a?, and every representation that we have ?Mr
made regaiding our goo-is have pri>v?n (?rrect. The roa-iy unsolicited testioMt?nts
we receive corroborate tnis tant. W-i can certain! v m ?fee it to the interest of prospec
tive purchasers to call and ex?'i.in? our Stock, or write us for catalogues a id prices.
Respectful iv,
_C. A. REED.
[s where can be had the Best QI \f flt C?t
for the Least Money ? DIU I WkELO
Th*? Battle has been fought and
Victory d?*cl?re<l i? favor of . . .
Nothing Cl????p about the
Crescent* but tho Price.
And remember thar, yon eau buy the CRESCENTS just as cheap
from us as anywhere iu the world. GUARANTEE ABSOLUTE.
W. W. SULLIVAN, Manager Bicycle Department.
? : ( ;

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