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This is the Spot Gash
-Clothing Store
You have heard so much about. The
Store where Credit is unknown. The
Store where Reliable Clothing is sold
at a small marsrin of profit, sm&?rr by
far than any Credit Clothier can afford.
i j * \ *
- J ??e^[email protected]>? 3fc??*0c:
We have told you this before, and we mean every word
of it. If we weren't doing this very thing, instead of a large
and prosperous Clothing Store you would find here simply an
empty place.
The trade wouldn't come to us and pay Cash if they could
get the same Goods at the same prices on a credit.
People don't come here to trade because they like us.
They have found out that it pays them to trade here.
And it'll pay you, too.
More customers are coming every month, and our busi
ness is by far the largest we have ever known.
Our Fall Clothing is here, ready for your inspection.
Here are some of the values we offer :
ls the low price we place on a big line of Men's and Young
Men's Suits. Blue and Black Cheviots, also Cassimers in
Checks and Plaids. Every one of them excellent value, and
we doubt if a Credit Store can match them for a dollar more.
Is the small price we place on an excellent line of Men's
Suits in Blue and Black Worsteds, Blue and Black All Wool
Cheviots. Also, Cassimers in Stripes, Checks and Plaids.
These Suits are not usually sold at $7.50, but here you save
at least a dollar to a dollar and a half on them.
At $10.00, $12.50, $15.00, $16.50, $18.00 and $20.00 you
will find an assortment that would do credit to a much larger
city. These Suits have to be seen to be appreciated. But
you can take our word for it that there's a saving for you at
-each price. -
The Spot Casi Clothiers
- Kershaw'a gold mines are said
to be paying handsomely now.
- Work has been started on the
big naval station in Charleston.
- There are two eases of smallpox
at Gantt, in Greenville County.
( - A number of negroes in Colum
bia have asked to bo admitted to the
democratic patty.
- The Woodside cotton mill with
a oapital stock of $200,000 has been
ohartered in Greenville.
- Arrange your plans early to at
tend the 34th Annual State Fair at Co
lumbia Oot. 28th to 31st.
- The newly eleoted State officers
announce that t..ere are no vacancies
in their gift for applicants.
- It is said Ahat D. H. Magill,
member of the Legislature from
Greenwood, will be a candidate for
-- In Aiken county six of R. D.
Lamar's cow J were killed by light
ning's striking the tree uuuer which
they were.
- Hub Evans was fined $5 by a
magistrate in Greenville for his re
cent assault on Editor Blackman, of
the Greenville News.
- Joe Grealish, aged 13, was crush
ed to death by a heavy rock that he
and other boys of Greenville were roll
ing down an embankment.
- Probate Judge Gentry of Spar
tanburg was re-elected by a majority
of only ll out of 6,881 over his op
ponent in the second primary.
- Col. K. M. Wallace, of Sumter,
left about $-10,000 in legacies to his
relatives, and the balance of his prop
erty, about $60,000, to his sisters and
- Prof. E. M. Von Fingerlin, who
has been in the State thirty years,
will leave Greenville for a professor
ship in the State Normal College of
- F. H. Brandt, of Walhalla, though
a good swimmer, was drowned while
seining in Chauga river. He was 32
years old, and leaves a wife and two
- Stephen Turbe ville a young
white man from Homer, Marion Coun
ty, waB run over by a train and killed
at Dillion. He had been drinking and
fell asleep on the track.
- Mr. C. A. Wood, of Marion, who
was elected president of the South
Carolina College at Columbia without
any solicitation on his part, has de
clined to acoept the position.
- G. L. Walker, lately oaadidate
for Comptroller General, will be a can
didate for clerk of the House of Rep
resentatives. The present clerk is
T. C. Hamer, who has served aeveral
- Two little negroes, the ohildren
of Coleman Jeter, who lives near San
tuc, were burned to death Sunday
night. Coleman and his wife were
away and the house burned up with
the ohildren inside.
- Littlo Graco Moseley the five
year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. R. Moseley of Laurens was terri
bly burned last week. She was play
ing near a burning trash heap when
her olothing oaught fire.
-? The State Senate will consist of
25 old members and 15 new ones. Of
the old ones nine were re-elected.
The Senate seems to be a fair, co ose: .
vative body. In the House there are
48 old members and 76 new ones.
- Prof. Albert Barnes, who has
been assistant professor if mathemati
cal engineering a( Clemson college,
has been elected head of the mechani
cal department of the Mississippi agri
cultural college and bas accepted.
- Archie Gooding, town marshal
of Hampton, was Bhot by his cousin
Perry Hearse and hilled last Thurs
day. Two brothers on each side, con
tinuing a family fend got into a row
over the eleotion. Hearse was wound
- There was a cutting affray at
Coward's, Florenoe County, last week
in which several prominent young
men werainvoiced. The participants,
John and Nash Parrott and Daniel
and Franois McAllister, sustained se
rious injuries.
- The governor has been in formed
by the citizens of a certain town in
the Pee Dee beotion of the State that
the magistrate had performed a mar
riage ceremony for & white man and a
colored girl. Suoh a marriage is a
orirae and if the oharges are true, the
magistrate will be removed and the
proper legal steps taken.
- F. C. West, of Spartanburg, who
was due to ran a third race for the
House of Representatives from that
county, generously withdrow in favor
of his opponent, who had lacked just
three votes of landing on the second.
He said that was near enough to show
the will of the people, and he knew
that they were tired of politics.
- An old negro named Dave Wade
of Rook Hill went orazy several days
ago. A few years ago he was released
from the penitentiary after having ser
ved ten years of a twenty years sen
tence, for a crime of which ho was
innocent. A negro dying near the
scene of the crime confessed his
guilt and Dave was released-with
shattered constitution and mind af
- A special course has been added
to the curriculum of the textile de
partment of Clemson College". This
course has been arranged to meet the
demands of mature young men, who
already have a good general education.
It consista of as many hours of theoret
ical and practical training in the mill
prooesses aa the regular course, but ad
ditional time ia devoted to the sub
jects of dyeing, bleaching, etc.
- Bishop A. Coke Smith will
make Charlotte, N. C., his home.
- Demoerats'of Colorado deoline to
fuse with populists sod name a'straight
- Fifty persons were burned to
death in the State of Washington by
the forest fires.
-; The Democrats of Delaware have
nominated a full ticket and hope for
vickory thi i year.
- San Francisco had a slight earth
quake last Thursday morning. No
damage was done.
- The Republican State convention
of Alabama has put a full ticket for
State officers in nomination.
- The vaults of the Bank of Franco
were robbed the other day of $44,000
in gold presumably by an employe.
- Morgan's firm in New York is
, credited with holding securities
amounting to six and a half billion
- The navy department has sent
two warships to Panama to protect
American interests from revolutionists
at that point.
- Montgomery, Ala., claims tobe
the most American oity. All its in
habitants except two per cent, were
born in this country.
- The fire in the oil wells at Beau
mont, Texas, has been extinguished
after losses variously estimated from
$75,000 to $250,0M.
- The soverigu grand lodge of Odd
Fellows, by a vote of 146 to 36, re
pealed the law admitting to member
ship men of mixed Indian and white
- The Presbyterian ministers of
Atlanta have entered a crusade against
the Sunday papers. They say that
they are trash and a hindrance to re
- The United States government
has appealed to the powers for protec
tion of the Jews from cruelty in Rus
sia, and protest against their being
driven away.
- Gottlieb Neigenfind of Pierce,
Neb., shot and killed his.former wife,
Mrs. Anna Petegs, on Thursday night,
then killed her father and seriously
wounded her mother.
- The Jews are still leaving Rus
sia, in accordance with a government
decree. In the meantime, England
and other powers are taking steps to
intervene in behalf of the JOWB.
- John M. King, a former member
of the board of aldermen of Richmond,
Va., has been found ?milty of accept
ing a bribe and sent?n sed to 12 months
imprisonment and a fine of $100.
- As a living incubator, John Fit
son, a farmer of Eminence, Ky., holds
the record. During a prolonged fit of
sickness his wife placed 48 eggs in
bed With him, and in due time 44
chickens emerged.
- Speaker Henderson, ina publish
ed statement, declines the nomination
for re-election to congress from Iowa,
because his views on the treatment of
trusts and reducing ' tu> tariff are not
in aocord with the >vtrines of thc
Republican party.
- Dr. John Matthews, pastor of
the MoKendree Church, of Nashville,
Tenn., has just finished the first vaca
tion he has taken since he entered the
ministry, 57 years ago. He grieves be
cause no one joined the church in the
five weeks of hu1 absence.
- The Boxer uprising in China is
assuming serious proportions, and it
may prove as disastrous as the upris
ing of two years ago. There have
been anti-foreign riots. The Boxers
have made an ineffectual attempt to
oapture the oity of Cheng Tu Fu.
- A circle one hundred miles in
diameter, with Guthrie, O. T., as its
center, would, according to a Western
railroad contractor, mark the most
active railroad building section in the
world. Within that area more than
1,000 miles of road are now being built.
- Lieutenant Peary has returned
from the polar regions. Peary said
he did not reaoh the North pole, but
that he made important scientific dis
coveries. All are well and ghd to
get back to civilization. He believes
his expedition the most successful
- Reliable reports from all sections
of the State indioate that Florida's
orange crop this fall will be ?ess than
800,000 boxes, some estimates put
ting it as low as 500,000 boxes. Fruit
has been dropping badly on account
of the dry weather, and only groves
that were irrigated show a good crop.
''-Miss Rose Cleveland, the sister
of ex-President Cleveland, is a suc
cessful farmer. She now owns about
one-half of a 700-aore island near
Islesboro, Me., having within a few
days acquired au additional tract of
land. Miss Cleveland has about 800
chickens, a large herd of cows and a
big vegetable garden on her island,
where she raises prize pumpkins, fat
chiclee* s and makes prime dairy but
ter, one handles her affairs herself,
it is said, bnt employs a large foroe of
men. There is but one other cottage
on the island.
- According to the prediction of
Grain Inspector Arrl.miith, based on
personal investigation, the wheat orop
of Washington, Idaho and Oregon
will be at least 5,000,000 bushels short
of the expectations entertained earlier
in the season. He says the grain is
shrunken in thc drier districts and
that smut has injured the crop al
most everywhere. It is estimated
that the Washington orop will be 27,
000,000 to 28,000,000 bushels, as com
pared with 32,000,000 bushels last
{ear. There is a similar shrinkage in
daho and Eastern Oregon.
Oar Hurricane Creek Correspondent
Dilates on Varions Subjects.
Noticing the editor's call to his scat
tered correspondents-whotn no doubt
ho knew were now wrestling with the
mighty torces of mother earth and her (
Eiroduce-a Piedmont contributor ,
once ye "Portman scribe"] rises to |
the rally of Hurricane Creek section
and proclaims we are uot all dead-we
Editors are peculiar geniuses, though
this is not au essay on tho mau with
the quill. Unco we may enter the hair- -
braiucd sanctum and fear lest our irre
veraut toes may, within tho hallowed
grouud, touch upon some effusion
which is ono of a thousand occupying
all space from floor, to ceiling. Wo
; fear to speak lest tile vibration of our
voice sends rickets into the cerebellum
of the body corporate of literature, or
I that ouo word more on or off the sub
ject may bo tho last straw. We retire
from the place silently ns though from
suffocating and cramming of brains the
miniature Pauthcou nerve become a
mausoleum, our freezing breaths aspir
ating the while: How fearfully and
wonderfully made thou art, oh, man !
Again, we enter, when from the de
spoiled appearance of the sanctum,
suggestions materialize bei'ore us a
hobgoblin from Plutonian shores who
had surfeited his ghoulish maw on
ceremented cellular tissue. The editor
occupied in calling un the shades of
his invisible contributors, and the
compositor within his outer san ct um
transferring to type the proclamation
to a mystic circle : "Where are our
correspondeuts? Friends, awake!"
Correspondents are glad to be re
membered, oven collectively. Som* - i
thing within them swells up At the
challenge of extinction and exclairus :
"hero am I!"
Perhaps the corps of quill wielders
were effacing from the earth the writ
ten history of negligence or time's de
facement. Ye dilatory correspondent
was in Pelzer t.bsorbing the stock
show. No use in discussing what outer
boundaries of Pelzer have done nnd
are still doing. Pelzer iteelf is the cen
ter of accomplishment. One point con
spicuous upou the arena of this city's
activity is where she throws the gaunt
let. This challenge, admirable from
north to south in this State, is the
chief innovation known as "kindness
to old soldiers."
Pelzer sets an example to larger and
older cities in her patriotic kindness;
and when the dusty Confederate vet
erans on the last tired camping ground
are thanking the good angels of past
recollections for the cup of cold w uer,
they won't forget Pelzer and her
creamy hot coffee.
There is also a suggestion that when
Williamston, the academic neighbor, is
in the near future erecting a monu
ment to Co. D, Gist Rifles, Pelzer will
say : "I am in the contribution. I
love the old soldier. Inscribe my
name on tho tablet of donation. Here
is remembrance to the old soldier.1'
The wives with the sedate veterans
enjoyed all privileges gratis; and that
ls one way in which Pelzer substanti
ates her claim to popularity and is
likely to set the march for prosperity
to Piedmont and Anderson and Belton.
Women have long memories for good
and bad, and have a peculiar way of
tickling their husbands' ears with re
Tho stock show was a thing of beau -
ty. Let anybody ask anybody who
was there. Everything from bird to
beaBt that had excellence of its own
was on parade or exhibition. We were
interested in the spirited horses and
riders, and especially was ye scribe
transported to the third heaven in the
vagaries of the festive mule: whose
heels thereof might be shod with bur
nished gold as translucently they
shimmered in the upper air where the
warm sun laughed in their mirrors at
its own reflection. Of the happy own
ers of the agile animals the writer
learned no name; but each proud pro
prietor of its kind will know bis own
quadruped by the above description.
We would like to say a word of
Piedmont-at least of our little town in
connection with Pelzer. It cannot en
viously be said that Piedmont was not
in it. Piedmont was, and all the glory
of her whirling mills and clean life and
exclusive population was with her as
she paid her addresses to Pelzer.
Piedmont's surrounding country is
jubilant in the success of crops better
than the country has seen for years.
We believe the country people have
little time for other labor than bring
ing within shelter the varions connu?
daties exchangeable for yellow gold. I
One neighbor, however. Mr. Richard
Jones, bas found time for the labor of
love and called to the interest of his
heart and home an estimable lady
whom he denominates wife. This is
simply to announce Mr. Jones' timely
wisdom, and forewarn all the young
ladies accustomed to await the appear
ance of Mr. Jones' buggy at Shiloh
Church. The gentleman has been
captured, relieving henceforth the ob
ligation of kind-hearted yonng persons
who sought to check the gentleman's
seemingly willful career of widowered
bachelorhood. So mote it be! With this
happy effect to a Piedmont country
lotter we leave the field now to further
contributors who are prized by reader
and editor as weekly correspondents to
The Intelligencer. H. R. L.
Piedmont, Sept. 20.
?. Most Shocking Tragedy in a Church.
One of the most shocking pnuics that
has been reported in this country oc
curred in Shiloh Baptist Church, nt
Birmingham, Ala., where the negro
Baptist convention ia iu session, last
Friday. The big church was packed.
Booker Washington had just finished
speaking. A negro lawyer from Balti
more got into a row with a choir leader
and the people near them called
"fight," which the audience mistook
for "fire." A minister got on the ros
trum and called "quiet," waving his
arms, which the crowd took for a fur
ther warning and they wont wild.
The church is about 15 feet from the
ground, the approaches being high
rick guards, which proved a veritable
death trap. The people were pushed
over, mashed up against the brick
walls, ground in the earth and mashed
to a pulp in many cases, while the
mass behind struggled and fought for
exit. Tho trouble wns increased by
people on the outside trying to break in
through the jam.
The police had to remove the mass
from the doors. It was so jammed
that it could not loosen itself any more
th?? it had been composed of so many
logs. One hundred and ten people
were killed and many injured.
COAL FORSALE-Phone t> J. J. Dob
bins' stable or o ?pl yard.
iii M
Is an expression that we could apply
to our Store the whole year, as every
new and good idea that comes out
usually finds a place here. Especially
is it a fitting expression at thia season
for we.
Have Something New
OUR entire Stock of Fall am! Winter Goods is now ready for you to
examine. You are especially asked to visit our Store at an early date to see
lite grand collection of High Class Merchandise that we have gathered from
toe leading American markets for the purchasers of Anderson, Anderson
County and others. Every season finds our Stock just a little better tbau
last. This season is no exception.
The real ideas of all fashions and fancies are shown in this collection,
embracing a wide variety of styles in every department. Why shouldn't a
merchant get the best ? There is nothing too good or too new for the people of
our Town or County, and realizing this fact we bought Goods that are moat
stylish, most popular, best of quality. Also, special attention was given to
the prices, s ? that all can buy the Goods that Dame Fashiou has smiled upon.
We hardly thiuk that you have seen a prettier line of Novelty Dress
Goods and Dress Patterns in this City than we are showing in
Basket Cloth, Homespun,
Hoppaoking, Novelty Camel's Hair,
Etamines, Broadcloth, Venetians,
And many others.
Ranging in price from 87.50 to 820.00. We would like to describe each
Pattern separately ; it would give you an idea what they are, but to see them
is better than any description we could give.
Just as popular, possibly a bit more so. This Stock was never more
complete-Wool Melrose, Camel's Hair, Granite Cloth, Broadcloth, Mohair,
Brilliantine, Serge, etc.
A pretty assortment of WAIST PATTERNS.
A full liue of Cloths for SEPARATE SKIRTS.
Here are all the real things that make the dres9 the prettiest It is no
idle boast when we say our Trimmings are in the lead. May ba we are harder
to please in selecting ocr Trimmings than others ; but it makes no difference
how fine or how cheap the Goods, they won't look well unless you use the
right Trimmings. We have the kind suitable for all grades, including Flo
rentine Galloon, Venetian Galloon, Venice Medallions, 111 Over Lioas, Gold
and Black Lace, Turtle Platt Lace, Ring Venice, To3ia Net, Venetian Sa
loon, Venetian Madillion, Appliques, etc.
You will find something you will fancy from this assortment of Belts,
Purses, Bags, Brooches, Buckles, Sish Pins, Cellars, Collar Points, Combs of
all kinds, and other new Novelties.
Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Hosiery, Corsets, etc.
Laces, Embroideries and Insertings-a stock that's worth your while to
see, with many new patterns from which to select.
IN HEAVY GOODS-Outings, Vicugna Cloths, Flannelettes, Eider
down, Cotton Flannels, Wool Flannels, Blankets, etc.
Remnants, Percales aud Flannelettes.
Ginghams, Madras, Percales, Shirt Cloths.
Underwear for ladies, men, misses, children and infants.
House Furnishings in Tabla Linen, Doilies, Napkins, Lace and Tapestry
Curtains, Rugs, Art Squares, etc.
The grandest showing of Capes, Jackets, Furs, Raglans, Coats, Reefev3,
etc., ever presented to the people of Anderson is to be seen here. The correct
style, the newest cloths, the best material, the best workmanship, all combined
make this showing complete. From the cheapest to the best.
One of the best attractions of this Store is our Millinery Department,
and it is especially attractive this season A larger variety of Trimmed and
Untrimmed Hats, Ready-to-Wear Hats io all the popular colors. The White
Felts are decidedly pretty and popular as well. Watch for our Opening ad.,
for the display of swell Pattern Hats will be ?he best we have ever attempt
ed. If it's a pleasure to look at pretty things you can't opend a moie pleas
ant day than looking through this department.
OllftFO-We sell the kind that ghe entire satisfaction, or make
wBlUllw g??d every pair that does rot give good service. Our ?ino
new Fall and Winter Shoes for men, women and children are beauties. We
give you a guarantee that's good.
It would be easy for us to go on and on telling about the different things
we have selected, but to see them and have our competent Sales-people ex
plain or help you with your selections would be better than all tho printer's
ink, for there are many new ideas that originate each week that cannot be
thought of on advertising day ; so we agaiu insist on you visiting our Store
ss soon as possible. You don't have to buy; it's a pleasure to sh JW our
Soods. Also, we gladly send samples when requested, and are ever ready to
serve you at all times. Thanking you for having helped to make our Store
mo of the leading Fashion Centres of Audersou with your patronage, and
loping that we may receive our share of same for this season, and assuring
rou that it will be our aim to please and give you the best of everything, we
ire- Yours truly,
Moore, Acker&Co.
8?U Agents for the Royal Worcester Corsets McCall's Bazar Patterns,
ind B. <fc P. Pat. Leather 84.00 8hoe for men.

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