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A Letter from Arizona*
Safford, Arteona, Nov. JW. 1902,
Editors BiteUigencer:.Perhaps some
0{ your readers woola be glad to hear
^Iha've been here one year and lind
ravselB decidedly improved in health.
I?annot say I am qjt?te jweH, butl
cherish the fond hopo that I may in the
not far distant f?tare be ablei tc*make
that statement. . This te KU idedl win
tering place cliopt?cally. The fonder
jg that more people from the East and
Southeast do nof come here to winter.
People with wet'* lungs would sorely
be benefited by a stay here. ?
Salford is on the Gila Bi vet (pro
nounced Hehi River.) Notwithstand
ing, it is in the "iahtet of the "Great
American Deafer**t j??u oesis, being
supplied with water for irrigation from
the Gila Uiver, consequently green
trees, graeees and crops are abundant.
The finest fruits g.ow here. It would
-delight your eyes to see some of the
orchards with ac; ?a of apples, pears,
peaches, plums, apricots, prunes and
quinces. Many of lie apple trees are
still laden with beautiful, large red
apples, which sell readily from l to 8
cents a ponnd attheorchard. Altbongh
we are over 2,900 feet above sea ?evel;
we have many artesian wells in the
valley that help out the irrigation, and
famish to those who take the trouble
to go for it, good drinking water. The
ordinary well water te so impregnated
with alkali and other minerals that it
is not good for drinking, yet many
people use it.
Religiously, this is a pretty tough
place Recently I saw ? book, the title
of which was "The Country God For
got." lt treated of Arizona. Judging
from the lives of most of the people
they live as if they either thought ?od
had forgotten this Territory or that
"there is no God," as thc fool says in
his heart. We have heard of a family
long ago that were ready to move from
Georgia to the frontier of Texas. The
friends of the family, with the pastor
of the Church, called to spend the lase
evening with this family before their
departure the next day* As was befit
ting such an occasion, the pastor was
asked to pray for the family, and all
knelt. He prayed fervently and with
deep interest. As he said "amen" the
little 5-year-old daughter rose saying
audibly, "Good-bye, tiod, weare going
to Texas.'' Many of the-people who
come here live as if they nan said on
starting here, "Good-bye, God, I am
going to Arizona, the country that you
forgot." While this is true, there are
some as trne and loyal Christians here
ns I've ever met anywhere. But they
are clot aa ? numerous. It * wouie be
more fitting to repeat tb the maje ri ty
of Arizonians the 18tk verco of. the ? '?ucl
chapter of Deuteronomy,
There axe many- Mormons here? but.
since they teach that God woe once a
man, that Adam is ?ow a god and
they all expect tobe gods, one need
not be surprised that the infidel has
very: little respect fer such godo, and
do not wish to fall into their hands.
if our people only knew the troth of
Mormonism they would weep over it,
pray over it, and spend freely their
means to give the truth of the Bible
to these poor? deluded people. It ia
hard to reach them, for they will not
come out to bear the truth,, still that
fact does not free the Christian from
tho wbligati>U( to give them, even
though un withe ar to hear it, the Good
News. We do hope the United States
Constitution will be so amonded as to
prohibit the teaching ofjpoligamy,' and
that the enforcement of that law will
bc putin the hands of the national
government. The recent election in
Utah is a fair illustration of Mormonism
in politics. It Bas been said that in
the election "Utah went Mormon."
Bo it will ever be where tho Mormons
are in the majority, or can win by com
bining with either political.party. But
enough on so unpleasant a subject.
We are always,glad to hear from our
friends in South Carolina, and should
any of them feel enough interest in ne
to t write us, we would answer their
The weather is delightful. We have
had ice several mornings, which is
cooler than usual here, Groham Moun
tains, the base of which ?B ten miles
and the top 35 miles from here, is cap
ped with snow which will remain there
till next April or May. But snow does
not fall here in the valley often, and
sot much. ,
Wishing you a merry Christmas and
a prosperous New Year.
I aru truly,
C. Wardlaw.
- The most destructive dynamit
ing outrago that has occurred in the
opal regions >ince' the strike began
was perpetrated at Mahanoy City, Pa.,
at 5 o'clock Sunday morning, when
the saloon of Christopher Port!sud
was dynamited. The front part of the
building was blowo across the street
and the adjoining build'uga on either
Bido were badly wrecked. Portland's
sons are non-union miners and worked
during the strike.
Holland's Store.
Thanksgiving Day passed very quit, il
ly in this neighborhood, Prof. Guy
Norris invited the patrons of bis
school (Shiloh) .to spend a few hours
and witness the advancement made
by his pupils.. He had a nice little
?irogam hurriedly arranged specially
or a Thanksgiving service, which waa
admirably carried out by the children.
Prof. Norris is giving splendid satis
faction as a teacher. Supt.'Nicholson
will visit his school on the 19th of De
ce ober, when a more extended program
will be car.-ied out.
A number of people are arranging to
H tart for Texas .in a few weeks. Borne
of them will locate permanently while
ethers will look with s. view to ?novo
later if they like the country.
There has been good crops of wheat
and nate sowed in this section, lt ie
up and growing nicely.
Cotton and other crops have been
gathered and our leisure hours are
Bpent hi hunting, etc.
We were kept indoors oU day last
Sunday on account of rain. There
was no preaching.
Some months ago the contract was
let to build a bridge at Hardscrabble
to be completed by the 1st of Novem
ber. The timber has notfyet been laid
-down, and the high water season is
upon ne. We hope it will be looked after
soon, for the safety of our mai! carrier
if nothing more. *
Among the many fine hogs that we
i know of wo note particularly two own
ed by J. D. Stonecypher that will
weigh hi the neighborhood of one
thousand pounds grose. Mr. Stonecy
?her has housed snout one thousand
uahels of corn, and it goes without
saying that his prospects for the com
ing year ls anything but gloomy.
Many of our farmers are arranging
to go into the business of raising stock
in the future. We think tho ventui s i?
worthy of imitation by every one. V,\
will never prosper until we diversify
our products. Barke.
- Ooe of the largest turnips evei
grown in Pickens county, and vers
probably in the whole State, was
grown by Rev. Frank MoClaonshan
of v Liberty township. It weight
?uaroeiy iess than 20 pounds and if
apparently free from the extraordin
ary amount of wood fibre common it
turnips of great sise.
- A girl who' has a round, joli]
laugh has something to make the worlc
If you're a sensible Clothes-Money-Spender you're going, to get Most-For-Your-Money
Clothes; which is only another way of saying you're coming here to get 'em. Whatever
you need Jo make you as well dressed as you ought to be, and as comfortable in body, mind
and pocket as yen eujght io bo, you will buy here if you buy right.
We make a point of having the best Clothes made ; . whatever your Clothes-Appropria
tion may, be, you'll find the Goods hore to flt it. In' Suit? and Overcoats you'll find nothing
to compare with the famous HART SOHAFFNEB & MARX GOODS. For excellence of
Bt^s?_*or perfeotioaof tallering, and fitting, quality, they are unequalled. No man is so
particular of his clothes-looks that we cannot satisfy him in these H. S. & M. Goods. Better
see and try on some of these Suits and Overcoats. V
H. 8. & M. Suits from $10.00 to $30.00. H. S. & M. Gvercoata $10.00.to $20.00.
Other good Suits and Overcoats $6.00 to $8*50.
Jfc Ct EV ANS &
- A million dollar cotton mill mil
soon bo built at B onnc tts viii n
- Laurena ia to have a oarnival
from December 15 to the 20th.
- A. J. Bennett of Martina, Barn
well county, was robbed on Friday
night by unknown parties of $1,409.
- Two ladies were stopped on the
streets of Charleston and robbed of a
Surse ..?nd a gold watch, m negro
aa been caught. #*&*?
- Georgetown will get^tnjia year
$20,000 profit from dispensary sales,
which makos her the banner dispen
sary town in the S tato.
- The case against the Charleston
defendants charged with primary elec
tion frauds was postponed to the next
oourt by tho solicitor.
- Smallpox cases have boen report
ed within the past week from Adams
Bun, Colleton county, and near Brook
land, Lexington oounty.
- Miss Lola Turner, 19 years old
and pretty, has left her home in Spar
tanburg oounty and her father is very
anxious to hear from Mr.
- Since last May 630 ?cw members
have been enrolled in thin Slate in the
Odd Fellows lodge. J. Marion Davis
of Newberry is the grand' master.
- J. Davis Carter, a Williamsburg
farmor, planted 18 sores of tobaoco
this year, and sold his crop in his
warehouse, ungraded, for $3,193,02.
- Assistant Attorney General Gun
ter decides that pension agents are
ubi, officers under the constitution so
as ?o be debarred from holding ano th -
er office.
- Dr. Coleman and Mr. WillLyles,
prominent white men living at May
bin gtou, in Newberry oounty, had a
dispute whioh resulted in both being
seriously shot.
- The establishment of extensive
kaolin works in Charleston will mean
a great deal for an undeveloped indus
try in this State. South Carolina pos
sesses clay of superior quality. tt?[3&
- United States Marshall Gtfk^.
Cunningham died in Charleston' last
Saturday, and clerk of the United
States Court, C. J. C. Hutson, died
last Wednesday in the same oity. '
- Spartanburg is soon to have a
new Post Office building on North
Church Street at a cost of between
$60,000 and $100,000. The lot has
recently been purchased at a oost of
- The through freight on the
Southern ran into a buggy driven by
two colored women near Hodges, kill
ing the mule and demolishing the bug
gy. 'One of the women had a leg
-=- Bevenue officers made a raid
into the "Dark Corner" of Greenville
oounty on Wednesday night and de
stroyed six large distilleries, 8,000
gallons of beer and mash and 60 gal
lons of low wines.
- J. T. Th ornas on was cou vio ted in
Yorkville of assaulting a school teach
er, Bev. J. W. Simpson, beoause of
some trouble with the former's boy.
The court imposed a fine of $150 or
five months in jail.
- The treasurer and auditor of
Lee oounty have made a demand on
the officers of Sumter county' for the
i tax books and money of the new coun
ty, cad che demand has been refused
and referred to the attorney general.
- Duston H. Sarvis, 22 years old,
of Nichols, Spartanburg oounty, shot
and badly wounded Miss Josephine
Burns and then shot himself fatally.
She says they were married in Sep
tember and she was trying to persuade
him to make the marriage publio, and
this angered him.
- Winusboro granite is to be used
in the new capitol of the Keystone
State. Several mago i freon t buildings
in Pennsylvania have already been
ereoted. but of material taken from the
granite quarry at Paoolet. After a
while the wonderful possibilities bf
South Carolina will be fully realized
and our resources may be developed,
- A great many companies apply
to the Secretary . of State for % com
mission, overlooking the fact that,
under tho lav?, a charter must be ap
lied for within two years from the
ate of this issuance of the commis
sion and after commencing business
nover bother about securing a charter,
thus neglecting to avail themselves of
every protection whioh jfc&j&law' de
sires to give them'. '* IfPr^i ' "
- The license from innnrnnnn com
panies for this year to bo received hy
the State will ne about ?L??O less
than the previous year. This has
been caused by the withdrawal of two
or three companies, whioh deolare
that they have lost too muoh money
to continue business in this State.
The amount obtained last year was
about $12,000.' This year it will be
in the neighborhood of $11,000.
- The Bell Telephone Company is
issuing a new map showing their con
nections and lines in the United
States. Acoording to the map South
Carolina is one of the most thoroughly
covered States in the union, nearly
every cit j and town of any importance
being connected-with the Bell linos.
The system covers all of the Atlantio
and Gulf states, the miMw West and
Southwest and has several connections
i running towards the Paoifio coast.
- The Legislature at its last ses
sion passed an Aot making it unlaw
ful to ship or offer to sell quail, deer
or wild turkey in South Carolina for
a period of five years after February
25 next, under penalty of 30 days on
the gang or a fine of $100. There is
a farther provision,, however, whioh
virtually kills tho purpose of the Act,
it being that nothing shall prevent'
the importation sale of partridges or
quail from another State.
- A volcanic eruption has ruined
sn entire coffee zone in Guatemala.
- There is $500,000,000 in ooined
?old in the treasury vaults of tho
Inited States.
- The Texts cotton crop has suffer
ed very severely from recent rains,
though the movement continues heavy.
- Robbers in Jonesboro, N. C.,
entered a store, blew open the safe
and Recured between $3,000 and $4,000.
- There are 13 cases of smallpox j
at the pest house in Charlotte. Two
of theee-both colored-are expeoted
to die.
4- George Sheppard, of Sanders
ville, Ga., killed himself in Macon be
cause he bad been jilted by a Young
- ? colony of negroes are to go to
Liberia in January. They aro from
Georgia and Alabama and leave from
-=- A lone bandit walked into a
gambling house in Minneapolis the
other day and held up the inmates,
scouring $2,000.
- Samuel Miller, a tailor of Mem
phis, Tenn., shot and killed his wife
on Wednesday. She had applied for
divorce from him.
- Two young people, one at Car
rol ton', Ga., and tho other at Bowden,
near there, were married over the
phone, a few days ago.
- The emperor of Germany, while
on his way to embark on the imperial
yaoht, carno near losing hiB life Thurs
day by horses running away.
- The monument to mark tho cen
tre of population according to the cen
sus of 1900, was put up in Bartholo
mew oounty, Indiana, last week.
- Rhode Island bas elected the
only Democratic governor north of
the Potomac, east of the Mississippi
river. He is naturally a big man.
- The commissioner of internal
revenue in his report states that re
ceipts) have been reduced $100,000,000
by the repeal of the war revenue laws.
- A live boar whioh was captured
near Decatur, Ala., will be sect to
President Roosevelt with an invitation
to try his luok in a bear bunt there
- A bold robber seized a mail wag
on on one of the most frequented
streetB of Chioago and drove off with
its contents, consisting in part of
- Three oolored ohildren were
burned to death in a house near Green
ville, N. C. They had been shut up
in the house and left alone by their
parents, ,
- A postal regulation haB been
made under whioh women in the em
ploy of that department of the govern
men service lose their positions if
they marry.
- Three negroes, one man and two
women, were sold at public ontcry at
Lancaster, Ky., for vagranoy. Natur
ally the prioe paid was small, but the
bidding was spirited.
- Gypsy, a big elephant belonging
to the Harris Niokel Plate show, went
orasy near Valdosta, Ga., and killed
her keeper. Sho then escaped to the
woods where she was killed.
- Mrs. Estella Hook, of Middle
town, New York, has scoured a ver
dict of $300 against Israel Harris, of
New York, for hugging and kissing
her in the street in June last.
- Senator Morgan, of Alabama, is
not in the least frightened concerning
reported experiments of cotton grow
ing in South Af rios. He finds that,
the prospecto for success have been
greatly exaggerated.
- The Daughters of the American
Revolution have undertaken the task
of saving old Pohiok church, which
George Washington planned and help
ed to build and in whiob he worship
ped, in Fairfax County, Va.
-- Benjamin Kidd, the eoonomist,
who has just mado a tour of the jew
British South Afrioa, Bays he believes
the oountry to be richer than the
United States west of Mississippi and
believes that its futuro is assured.
- Humphreys county, Tennessee,
has a young woman mail carrier, who
carries the mail daily, between two
?oints, rain or sbioe. She has proven
erself perfectly able to attend to her
duties as an employe of Uncle Sam.
- What in to be known as the
"millionaires' train" is to be put ou
hAtweec Ch?celo ?.nd Jacksonville
-and other Florida point*; The train
is now being constructed by the Pull
man company and its cost will bo
about a million dollars.
- Rev. D. S. McCurry, a Baptist
minister of Hall county, Ga., has
made quite a record. He is 72 years
old; bas been an aotive minister for
50 years; in doing so traveled 50,000
miles;- has conducted 911 funerals,
baptized 4,013 believers, and married
621 couples.
- The Rhode Island farmer who
has had the distinction of supplying
the White House with Thanksgiving
Day turkeys for the past twenty-five
years did not forget President Roose
velt. The gobbler on the President's
table weighed 32 pounds, and w?s fat
tened on chestnuts.
- Blessed is the poor man? Pick
pockets never bother him, and road
agents give him a wide berth. The
tax collector never hounds him, No
body tries to borrow, and no one asks
him to endorse. He never runs bead
over ears in debt, and is not robbed or
harrassed by litigation. Burglars
never invade his premises, and he
sleeps in peace. "When he dies no
body oontests his will or attempts to
confiscate his bones. Blessed, there
fore, ere the poor in pocket, for they
always get their money's worth.
.- - '?.u.Au ? xxl.-Xl Vf? .M'X*
Successor to Bleckloy ?fe Fretwell,
- D-ALF.R IN -
ANDERSON, 6. C., October 21,1902.
Our recent advertisement, in which we offered FREE TICKETS to the
CIRCUS, waa highly appreciated, as has boen fully demonstrated by the
payments that we have received since October 1st.
NOW wo propose to go further, and GIVE AWAY more than 8200.00
worth of VALUABLE PRESENTS, to those of our Customer who have
paid their indebtedness in fall since September 1st, last, or tho9e who make
payments on their indebtedaese to tho amount of 825.00, or who purchase
from us from October loth, up to and including the 22nd of December next,
and make Cash payments ou same, in like amounts.
Read carefully our proposition printed below this letter, and do not
neglect to avail yourself of this LIBERAL OFFER.
These Handsome Presents will bs on exhibition at our Stables after
I November 1st.
Yours very truly,
ALL parties who have paid their indebtedness in full, since September
1st, or who pay us 825.00 on their indebtedness from October 15th, to and
including December 22nr1, next, will be entitled to a chance to obtain one oi
the following VALUABLE PRESENTS.
The same applies to all of our Customers who purchase Goods from us
within dates named, and who pay us 825.00 in Cash thereon.
This applies only to indebtedness and purchases for STOCK and
Following is a list of our Valuable Presents :
One Nice Driving Horse, worth - .
One Nice Buggy, worth - * -
One Set Double Harness, worth - .
One Set Single Buggy Harness, worth
One Riding Saddle, worth - - - -
One Biding Bridle, worth ? - - -
One Saddle Blanket, worth - - - -
Numbered Tickets will be given you at. time of payment or purchase,
and a Committee of disinterested persons will be appointed to conduct the
distribution of Presents.
The holder of this Ticket is entitled to any one of a Large
Selection of Books from
After having purchased?goods to the amount of $2.00.
~WIL,H:ITJE ?~wii^raE,
We take no risks and handle no poisons,
F.very Coupon brought to the Store is worth 5c. 1_
Novelty Dress Patterns
From now until the Holidays AT COST.
These Patterns are correct in style, perfect in quality, and at Cost in
price. In the season's newest Goods-Homespun, Hopsacking, Basket
Cloth, Boucle Novelty, etc.
A new line of BLACrt DRESS GOOD3, in the new weaves and fabrics}
Price from 20c. to 82.00 per yard.
Also, nev/ COLORED DRESS GOODS. We make special mention of
the 50c. line. You'll find it hard to duplicate elsewhere.
All the necessary Trimmings, etc., are here.
Remumber the big SILK SALE goos on.
Millinery Department that's always new.
Jackets, Furs, Capes, Reefers and Muffs at prices to please.
Shoes for everybody, all guaranteed.
Visit our Store first when in town.
Send us your orders or write for samples.
Agents for McCall's Bazar Patterns and Royal Worcester Corsets.

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