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Just teighfjfl wa did the Largest Business
of apy November in the history of the
Howse !::::::::::::
- ? i ,3?4??#?^?^??<B?
For the eleven months of 1903 the sales have mounted
-to a height never before attained. This may interest some
of yon who have been trading with ns year after year, for it's
"human nature to have pride ia the Store where you trade.
Now, there must be some good reason for this increase in
.our business. People don't come here to trade because they
like ns. If they could buy the same Goods at the same prices
on oredit they wouldn't come here and pay us cash in advance.
No, the only reason they pay us the Cash is because we
eave them money. They have found out that it pays them to
trade here, and it'll pay you, too.
We are selling GOOD CLOTHING at a smailes margin of
^profit than any Credit Clothiers can afford. No doubt about it.
We have told you this before, and we mean ever? word
.of it-every word. If we weren't doing this very thing, in
stead of a large and prosperous Clothing Store you would find
here simply an empty space.
Every Credit Clothier has a certain amount of losses by
"bad debts. Then there's a high-priced book-keeper to pay.
Here we have no losses. No book-keeper to pay. ?very
?ale is Cash. We don't hare to add on a certain per cent to
.our Goods to cover losses by bad debts and to pay book
If we can't save you money we don't want your trade.
Our Fall Clothing is Here I
Here are some of the Values we offer
Ie the low price we place on a big line of Hen's and Young
Mon'ftSuitSi Blue and Blaok Cheviots, also CaBsimerea in
Shooks and Plaids. Every one of them are excellent vaines,
and we doubt if a Credit Store can match them for a dollar
gs the amati price we place on an excellent line of Men's Suits
In Blue and Black Worsteds, Bluo and Black All Wool Ch*
vlcts. ?lso Cassimera in Stilpes, Ohe^ s and Plaids. These
Suits are not usually sold at $7.50. &rat here you eave at least
a dollar to a dollar and a halfen them. p
A* $10.00, $13.60,3*5.00, $16.60, $18.00 and $20.00 you
-will find an assortment that would do credit to a much larger
city? Tlie Snits have to be seen to be appreciated. But yon
?an take ons word for it that there's a saving for you at each
The Spot Gash Clothe
- W. D. Morgan has been ro-eleot- !
ed mayor of Georgetown for the thir
teenth term.
- The South Carolina Methodist
conference decided to meet in Tarling
ton next year.
- Tbc latest reports estimate that
the Chinese cotton orop will bo 70 per
cent, of the average.
- Mendoza Higgins, of Hodges,
sold 93 turkeys in Greenwood on Wed
nesday at 10 cents a pound.
- The earnings of the railroads in
South Carolina amounted to over thir
teen million dollars for the year just
- The Winthrop College girls will
have only one day for Christmas, but
an abundanoe of cake and pickles j
will be theirs.
- Under the finding oflthe supreme j
oourt in the Spartan mills oase the
mills will have to pay a sum of about
030,000 in back taxes.
- The state dispensary broke all
records in whiskey buying, and has
been shipping out more to oounty dis
pensaries than ever before.
- Gov. Heyward hsB revoked the
commissions of a number of notaries
publio in the lower part of the State
for fraud in insurance oases.
- A negro has been sent to the
Ssnitentiary for twenty years from
iamborg oounty for whipping his
oiok child, a daughter, so that she
- A writer io the Aiken Journal
and Review, signing himself "J. M.
B," has nominated the Hon. Frank
B. Gary, of Abbeville, as a candidate
for governor.
- The Spartanburg Journal says
an Indiana olergymaa has sent a cir
cular letter to his friends asking them
to help him find "a good wife who has
a few thousand dollars."
- The barn of H. 8. Lipsoomb, at
Paoolet. together with 18 horses and
two mules, two cows, three hogs and
$2,500 worth of forage were destroyed
by fire last Thursday.
- A negTO on trial in Saluda coun
ty last week for murder wanted to
plead guilty but was not allowed to
do so by Special Judge Weloh. The
negro wont on trial and was oonvioted
only of manslaughter.
- The boll weevil hsB made its ap
Searanoe in the Pinewood section,
[r. R. H. Witherspoon was in town
last Monday aol he told us that on
his plac? iu? pest has gotten in its
work.-Manning Times.
- Capt. John G. Capers still re
mains the boss io Republican politics
in this State. The protest of Deas
and others against him as a member
of the national committee was con
temptuously turned down by the com
- Merchants of Charleston are
Bending large shipments of shoes to
Summerville by express as a matter
of economy, the freight rate between
these points being 33 conta per 100
pounds, while the express rate is but
30 cents.
-Calumet Manufacturing Com
pany; of Liberty, has applied for a
charter. It io to do' a cotton manu
facturing business on a osoital of
$150,000. H. L. Clayton," B. H.
Cs?ahsu, J. S. Wilson and H. ?.
i Shirley are corporators.
. - Billy Harris. :Of the Catawba In
dian reservation, has written to Comp
troller-Goneral ?Jones asking that the
annual appropriation for the Catawbas
be increased ty $2,500. Billy does
not think that the stipend of $800
which the State allowa annually goes
far enough.
- At a meeting in Columbia last
Thursday the sinking fuud commis
sion disposed of 900 au roo of land io
Piokeos county ito C. G. .Drake for
sixty-five cents an aore. This land is
up nesr the North Carolina line and
the strange feet in connection is that
it has never been granted anyone nor
bas there ever been any olsim filed for
it by any individual which gives an
idea as to its value. ' 'The land was
found to be in the State's possession
some time ago by Secretary Gantt and
Land Agent MeLaurin on a resurvey
of the county. . -
-.The vault of the Courtenay Man
ufacturing company at Newry, about
four miles from Seneea.was blown open
Monday night, 14th inst., by profes
sional burglars, who secured some
thing over 02,500 in money and de
stroyed many valuable napers belong
ing to the company. 1. uera is no eine
to the guilty party or parties. It is
supposed to be three or four in a gang t
or an organised band of the tafe blow
ers that have been operating in the
State for the past year. T&e suppo
sition is that the veult was blown open
with nitro?glyoerico aa no ore on the
factory hill heard the explosion ? and
there are several houses within a few
yards from the office where the explo
sion occurred.
- In the Supremo Court a few days
ago the ease of Judge O. W. Buchan
an, former Circuit Judge, against the
Sute Treasurer and the Comptroller
General was: argued. Assistant At
torney General TownB?nd appearing
for tho State and Mr. B. W. Shaad
fer Mr. Buchanan. Mr. Buchanan
claims that by the salary reduction
Act approved December 22, 1833, to go
into effect January 1, 1834, tho ?.-dary
Of a circuit judge Was reduced from
18,500 to $3,000. This oase has been
before tho Isgblature and before tho f
circuit Judge and Anally comes before
tha supreme oourt for settlement. No
decision wat ;rendered. The State'
takes tho position that there are no
funds in the treasury to carry such a
?claim and that the aot reduoing the
salarien applied to Judge Buchanan
although he claims that the office was
assumed before it Went <nlo effect.
- Tho Republican National Con
vention will meet in Chicago Juno 1st
- Tho riots continuo iu Chicago
growing out of tho reoont strike on the
street railway.
- The wages of 30,000 men in tho
Connorville, Pa., coke regions have
been reduced 17 per oent.
- Tho suicido rato in tho United
States has increased in ten years from
12 to 17 per lOO.OOu population.
- lu the city eleotion in Boston
the Democrats elected tho mayor by
27,000 majority and also every alder
- W. C. Dean, a young man of
Bainbridge, Ga., has invented a tele
graph key which he has sold for $25,000
down and $2,000 a year for 17 years.
- Daniel J. Sully, leader of the
bull in,.ton movement, is credited
with having oleared six million dollars
in two days by speculation in spots
and futures.
- Henry Dixon, of Pittsburg, Pa.,
described as "a splendid youngman,"
killed himself on Thursday in Macon,
Ga., where ho had been living for the
past two months.
- In one of tho congressional dis
tri?te under the new apportionment in
Texas there are fifty-five counties.
The entire vote of the distriot, how
ever, is only 22.000.
- While putting wood in a stove
in her room, the dress of Miss Nettie
Gower, of Atlanta, oaught on fire and
she was burned to death. She was
only 16 years of age.
- New York girls to the number of
2,000 employed in the manufacture of
petticoats have formed a union and
demand a general ' crease in wages.
A strike is antioipav^d.
.t - Three Americans and seven na
tives were blown to pieces by the
blast of 46 tons of dynamite in a
quarry near the entranoe to Manila
bay in the Philippines.
- The automobile principle ha9
been applied in Paris to baby car
riages. The nurse sits behind and
regulates the speed, whioh doos not
exceed a moderato figure.
- Great Britain is stirred over the
cotton situation and an imperial grant
in aid of cotton growing in British
and West Afrioa will be proposed dur
ing the coming session of parliament.
- At Brinkley, Ark., Sunday morn
ing a white man who had out a police
?nan to death was lynohed by a mob
composed of less than fifteen people.
The coroner's jury returned the usual
- Out in Indiana a youth stole a
ham so that he would be arrested and
sent to jail. He said that he wanted
to break himself of the habit of smok
ing cigarettes and thought thia a good
way to do it.
- A party of twenty people from
South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan and
illinois, have bought 24,000 aores of
grazing land and 48,000 aores of tim
ber land in Puerto Principo province,
Goba, and moved there,
- Joseph H. Thibadeau, aged S1B
stood in front of a minor and shot
himself in his hotel in Washington
because of financial straits. He was
a Georgian, but had been in eoe of
the departments at Washington.
- John Jonesand Albert Lewis,
tramps, robbed a store at Molino,
Fla., and carried cfit the 12-year-old
boy who had beeo. ltftin oharge of the
store. The mea wore captured and
are now in jail rt Po cs ac ol a, charged
with robbery and kidnapping.
- The Supreme Co art of Nebraska
has decided that dogs are good wit
nesses. Blood hounds had trailed a
man from the place where a burglary
was committed to his home where a
stolon purse was found, and on the
unsworn evidenoe of the dogs he wan
found guilty,
- The United States grand jury at
Omaha, Neb., has returned twenty
two- indictments in oonneotioo with
postoffioe bribery easel and illegal
fenoing of government lands. Tho
indictments are against ex-State sena
tors and other prominent persons.
There will be other indictments.
- Olarenee Lee, a colored student
of Harvard university, Cambridge,
Mass., has been arrested on the
chargeB of forgery oed theft. Ho ob
tained $2,5003 from. Harvard students
and express oompanicQ by forging re
ceipts and by downright stealing. He
says he is from South Carolina and
ie a son of a former oolored congress
- According to estimates given by
a number of leading dealers 60,000
Christmas trees will be used in New
York this season. The pri?e range
from 75 contato $25. Nearly all of
the trees come from the Maine forests.
There is a good demand also for ever
green rope and mistletoe and holly,
whioh is Ming sent to the metropolis
! in large quantities.
- After having been bound and
gagged by a negro thief in the residence
of Mes. B. A? Barclay-on Grand
Boule fard, Chicago, a plucky 16-year
old girl employed as a domestic, burn
ed the acids fron her wrists and
chased the intruder from ?the boase
with a carving knife. This is the
story as related by the girl, whose
name is Anna Hastings. Opening the
cellar door in response to a knock, she
says, a negro seised her by the throat,
dragged her to the kitchen and after
tyoing her. forced a napkin into her
mouth, while' ho proceeded to ransaok
the honse. The girl dragged herself
to the range and succeeded in freeing
herself, receiving severo burns in the
To Protect Birds and Trees.
Among tho bills to bo introduced nt
the coming session of tho Legislature
none will interest lovers of true snort
as much as Representativo L. W.
Haskell's act to protect non-game j
birds. Mr. Haskell contemplates ask
ing the general assembly to make it u
misdemeanor to kill or injure tho hun
dreds ot harmless birds which, while
not edible, are still ruthlessly slain
every day. In this category are in
cluded tho doves, hawks, mocking
birds, red birds, thrushes, sparrows,
etc. Many of theso birds aro song
sters and all aro active in ridding the
country of the insect pests so destrne- |
tive to tho crops. It is said that tho
blight of Texas-tho boll weevil
thrives in a country where tho birds
have been indiscriminately trapped
and killed.
Along this line it is said that a bill
may be introduced to better protect
the forests of tho State. They are now
being wantonly cut without regard to
tho science of forestry and as a result
in many sections it will be years beforo
the country is over wooded again. In
the cities the telegraph and telephono
companies have destroyed many of tho
valuable trees and particularly so it is
said in Columbia. Recently tho hordes
of small negro urchins who have been
collecting mistletoe havo broken tho
trees in their ravages. The country
around the city is plentifully supplied
with mistletoe which might be easily
obtained without breaking tho trees
within the limits.--The State.
Boll Weevil Permanent.
Washington, Doc. 17.-Prof. L. 0.
Howard, chief entomologist of the
department of agriculture, in his an- ?
nual report for 1003 saya that there ie
no proba? iii ty that tho cotton boll
weevil will ever be prevented by either
artificial or natural checks from reach
ing all parts of the cotton belt, but that
it is possible to make cotton growing
Srofitable in spite of the weevil, ana
y no other means than a few simple
expedients in planting and managing
the crop.
These expedients, ho says, consist of
a careful selection of seed, early plant
ing and thorough cultivation of the
crop, and enabled the department to
produce, at Cal vet t, Texas, without
any appreciable extra expense, a crop
of one bale to 1.5 acres. The average
production in the United States is
one bale to 2.8 ncreo. Prof. Howard
.. "The work against the Mexican cot
ton boll weevil in Texas will be car
ried on during the whole of the fiscal
year. An additional field assistant
baa been appointed and $30.000 will
bo expeudea in tm? work on the cotton
Dog Has $200 Funeral
The body of Dane, an Irish setter
dog, which bad been embalmed, lay
in a satin lined coffin this morning in
the home of Mrs. William C. Larson,
in West One Hundred and Fourteenth
street. From far and near came
mourners to seo the animal before the
final removal and interment in the dog
cemetery near White plains.
The casket in which Dane was hur
ried cost $76. The entire expense of
the funeral will cost $200. Standing
in front of the house on 114th street
Mr. Larson stopped passersby to tell
them of the sad death of his pet. It
did not take long for a crowd to collect
and since the embalming on Tuesday
his ruoms were crowded with curious
sight-seers. So great was the throng
that the police reserves had to be call
ed to keep order and allow the funeral
to be conducted. There was no formal
ceremony.-New York telegram to
Baltimore Sun.
Col. McCullough Stricken.
Honea Path, Dec. 19.-Col. John W.
McCullough, of the lower section of
Greenville county and well known
throughout the State was stricken with
paralysis at thia place today. He ia
being cared for at the home of his
brother-in-law, P. W. Sullivan. At
0 o'clock tonight there was no change
in bis condition, and while his friends
are hopeful, it is not possible to say
just how badly ho io afflicted. Up to
the time he was attacked Col. McCul
lough was apparently in the best of
health and tho news was a shock to his
friends here. He hat; a splendid con
stitution, which may aerve him well
in bia affliction.-Greenville News.
Millions a Hay la Cotton.
Two milliona of dollara a day is a
snag sum for the total receipts from
the sale of a aingle agricultural pro
duct ia a single country, even suoh a
country as the United States. That
ia the figure shown by statistics to be
the value of the cotton exported from
the United States in the month of
October, 1903. The value of cotton
exported in the month of October was
$60,283,412, against $42,000.000 in
October, 1902 ; $46,000,000 in Ooto
ber, 1901, and $60,474,437 in October,
1900. The total quantity exported in
October, 1903, was 594,540,872 pounds,
being an average price of 10.1 osnts
per pound.
? This figaro of $60,000,000 rooeipts
for cotton ia a siti?le mooth is not
equalled in the history of cotton ex
Brts except in tho month of October,
00, wheo the total vaia? of cotton
exported was $60,474,487. Even the
figures of 060,883,412 for che
of October, 1903, are subjeot to a
-light prospective increase, aa this
preliminary statement of fae bureau
; of statistics does not inok-.de the fig
ures of certain dictant porto through
which email quantities Of cotton are
It should not be understood from
the above statement that the Talus of
cotton exports of the United States
averages $2,000,000 per day the year
ronna, although it has averaged $2,
I 000,000 per day during the Smooth of
October. Taking tho entire year, it
may be said, however, that the value
of cotton exports now averages $1,000,
000 per day for each business day of
tho year.-Harper'a Woekly.
:.v>-.>- . *.<''. ' -V?."? v. . i ..?S?r'>. * . . k
I I I T T' L, J
J.. JnL JlLa
Has Changed Base on account of
Needing IVCore Room
Growing Business I
Prom Now On Will be Found At
more Clothing,
More Dry Goods,
More Shoes,
A.T LESS PRICE than any Store in Upper South Carolina.
We are going to sell them CHEAP !
Your loco if you don't give us a look.
Satisfaction guaranteed to everybody.
Come to see us in our Nev Quarters and you will continus
to come.
Yours to please,
The Magnet
And it's perfectly natural that they
should, for the biggest stock and best f;
values aro hero. : : : : : : I : : |j
tamT Bee the great line of MECHANICAL TOYS. P
War* Bee the complete line of TOY RAILROADS, 25c to $2.00. j
Oar immense stock of Toys, direct imported from Germany, includes tho
best values ever seen in Anderson, but beginning to-morrow prices will hp
still further reduced, and you can secure the Toy Bargains of your life da*'
ring Thursday.
Doll Tea Sets and Drums reduced also. S
SANTA CLAUS will hold a reception ia the Toy Department next
A Christmas Present for Your Wife !
j One that will make your home-life more pleasant, and lighten your bus*
dent. What could yon get that would be mon appreciated by her than ono
of our- .
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, we
Yours always truly j
- The 5c. and 10c. STORE,
The Man down noxt to the Poatoffi.ce that selle the Beak

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