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l'ublishcd every Wednesday.
ONE YEAI*, - --- $1 50
SIX MONTHS, - - - 70
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 2:5. 1903.
1 111. ? !?? Mt lill ? ? ? .11.1. .M.W WIM.-I - ??? 1 r-T*
Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma
are goiug to make another light to
"join t'ne Union."
It is said that efforts will bc made
in the legislature at the approaching
session to create three new olliccs
bauk insj)cctor, insurance inspector
and oyster inspector.
- - . m ?
North Carolina seems likely to get
on the national ticket next year. (Jen.
Mat Hansom, thc noblest Kunian of
them all, has been spoken of aa a vice
presidential candidate.
While the cotton mills of thc North
are cutting down workdays and wages,
our mills go on paying the same wages
and running on full time, for winch
every one should bc thankful.
A few days ago a negro political
party was launched in Chattanooga,
which declares in htrong terms in
favor of independent political effort
and against whiskey, cocaine and
Within the past few days the ther
mometer has been away below zero
throughout the northwest. -No won
der these people are seeking homes in
the sunny south, tho best country in
the world.
In his annual report Fourth Assist
ant Postmaster Bristow recommends
that the maximum pay of a rural car
rier be increased to $750 annually for
a route of twenty-five miles or more in
length. The services of the carrieis
are surely worth that salary.
It is gratifying to soe tho price of
cotton so well sustained, and doubly
so to note that Southerners have led
the bull movement and profited by it.
Wall street will come to realize in
time that Southern men know a little
about cotton and trado conditions.
Tho Secretary of State has com
pleted tho statistics of thc capitaliza
tion of new State banking corpora
tions organized during thc year, most
of whieh aro in operation or will bo
soon. Tho total capitalization amounts
to $1,100,000 whioh exceeds that of
previous years.
Reports from Washington indicate
that there is some danger that Con
gressman Lever, of the Seventh South
Carolina district, may lose his seat,
which is being contested by a negro
named Dactzler, from Orangeburg
County, who received less than 150
votes in the last eleotion.
President Roosevelt has boon cod
dling the collecter brother and mak
ing himself sure and oertain for the
oolored vote for the next nominatiog
convention, but after all his troublo
the oolored brother will dump him
over and get into the Hanna band
wagon when the time oomes.
If there is any one thing that has
been firmly established boyond all
doubts, it is that there is nothing sec
tional in the matter of lynohing, nor
is it, confined to the negro race for
victims. It took the North a long
?.? ????-.:?. fc|j|B ggf i.V.s. -dsiin?l?a
. had to come. The consequence is that
the Northern press is deprived to a
large extent of its editorial stock in
j trade, and the sensational head Hoe
iwriters have had to lay in a new sup
ply of journalistic soap of a different
; The tax commission has practically
agreed upon the various recommenda
tions to be made to tho next Legisla
ture, but before sending them to that
body they will be carefully gone over
by a member of the commission, to
put them ia legal shape, and see that
.hey do not conflict with the Consti
tution, eto. Tho principal recommen
dation will be tho institution of a
franchiso tax. Another departure
from the present laws proposed will
be thc imposition of a license for fish
- a ? im
Tho keynote of Christmas joy is
"Peace on earth, good will to men."
Tho first Christmas day that ever
dawned brought rejoioing in its wake.
On that day there was born in Bethle
hem, Judea, a Saviour, ?rho is Christ
the Lord. For those weary with sin.
for those oppressed with sorrows, for
the troub'ad in mind, for the weak and j
helpless He oame. But not to these
alone. To tho joyful and happy ones,
to those rich in this world's goods, to
the successful and prosp?rons He
esme. To the whole world he appear
ed. None was forgotten by Him.
And now to the outcast and to the
weary one, to the rieh man and to the
joyful child He says the words, "Learn
of me." On Christmas day, at least,
*'let all wrath and clamor and evil
.speaking bo done away," and* let every
one sing, with the heart, "Glory to I
?od in t^ie highest. 1
j Mr. I). II. Uurisoc, otic of the old
! c^t and moat worthy citizens of Kdgc
(iel?], died on the 1 Ith inst, after ii
brief illness in the Til l year nf Iiis agc.
Mr. Duritjoo was a newspaper man fur
j nearly his entire life, and for a num
ber of years he was the owner ami
publisher of the Kdge?cld Advertiser,
which he inherited from his father.
Denver Dots.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Blackman had
tho honor of an invitation to tho "gol
den wedding/' of Dr. and Mr?. S. Lan
der, of Wi?liaujo'oii. Their daughter,
Miss M..y Blackman, who is attending
college then-, will return homo with
them for the holidays. Dr. Lander
and wile mea noble connie, whose
lives have been spent in trainingyoung
girls for useful Christan) womanhood.
Tin y ?nc known and loved all over
this State and in many others. A lo
gion ot friends will rejoice with them
in the celebration of their "golden
wedding" and heartily wish they may
live to celebrate their "diamond1 un
ni vcisary.
Mr. Levis Jones, of Antun, and MTR.
Jane McKee, of Iva, were married at
tliis place on tho Kith by J. IL (?al li
son, N. I'. This is the second venture
in matrimony for both these worthy
couples. It "marriage is a failure",
Ht ra n go so many aro willing to try it
Mr. W. D. (J arr ??on and Mrs. T. Ii.
.Simpson received notice Friday that
their aged lather, who hus been criti
cally ill lor some weeks, was worse
and hastened at. once to his bedside.
Mr. .John .lolly gave a birthday din
ner on the ?01 li in honor ol his 50th
birthday; also that of his first grand
child, Lugenin Browne, who was three
years old oil that day. Both received
nome handsome presents, (juite a
number ot relatives and friends gath
ered around thc festal board, arnon;?
them Mrs. Met i ill, tint great grand
mother of little Mugenia, which made
lour generations, which in not often
Christmas is nearly here, and the
children are in a quiver of expectaturo
to know what Santa Claus will bring
them. May all fond wishes be realiz
ed is tho wish of Incognita.
Townville News.
Married, at the residence of tho
bride's father, Kev. J. T. .Morgan, ou
Dec. 17, Mr. Janies McCarley and M?SB
Nora Morgan, Kev. B. J. Williamsofh
Mrs. Spearman Dobbins? of Atlanta,
Ga., isspending awhile with her fath
er, J. B. Gaines.
Miss Mattie Bruce is teaching a flour
ishing school at New Hope.
H. D. Grant made a business trip to
Walhalla Tuesday.
Mr. and Mr?. M. J. O'Neal, of Ander
son, were the guests of L. ?. Bruce
Saturday and Sunday.
J. K. Bruce spent Sunday with his
brother, W. N. Bruce, at Oak way,
Mia? Ellie Bagwell, after a pleasant
stay with her sister, Mrs. W. N. Wool
bright, has returned to her homo near
Dr. W. K. Sharpe, who has been
sick for some lime, wu aro glad to learn
is improving.
J. S. Harris will preach at tho Bap
tist Church Sunday night at 7:80
Mr. and Mrs. George Crenshaw aro
visiting friends and relatives at l'am
J. C. Bogga has been quito sick for
the past few days.
McKinney Brown is erecting a r?si
dence ou the ioc where the schoolhouse
formerly stood, near tho Presbyterian
Church. Pan By.
Dec. 22.
Prospect Dots.
Kev. W. B. Hawkins preached a
powerful good and interesting sermon
at this place on Sunday.
L. Jackson, of this section, is now
moving to Portman, where ho will run
the hotel. His friends will regret to
know of his moving.
Miss Eula Tate, of Anderson, spent
last Sunday with her parents.
Miss Della Barnett spent hud Sunday
with tho family of John A. Bolt, of this
J. S. Neal spent last Sunday with the
family of J. E. Pilgrim.
John Eskew spent last Sunday with
his brother, J. W. Eskew.
Miss May Gray has been spending a
few days with the family of Thomas
B. C. Harbin, of Kock Mills Town
ship, has moved into this Bection on
Joe Esk'?wrs plantation.
Miss Lula McLees, of the Roberts
section, spent last Sunday with her
sister, Mrs. Bessio Jackson.
Dec. 10, _ B. L. G.
- Harris Bridge Locals.
Sumo time baa elapsed since any '
news haB been in print from thin burg.
Messrs. George Wyatt and Wake
Watson, of Omega, were welcome visi
tors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Holder last Sunday. While in ocr
burg they visited in our beautiful city,
When this ia in print Christmas will
be hore aud the old people will talk
about olden times while tho young
folks and children will be looking for
Santa and presents, also enjoying the
entertainments. While we are enjoy
ing the merry Christmas, let us remem
ber those who are not able to enjoy
themselves with everything delicious
to eat and something comfortable to
Mr?, and Mrs, Jim McClellan, of An
derson, visited Mrs. Emma Harris last
We are looking forward to hear the
wedding bella ring ero long. We
think the couple aro preparing to run
away so the ministers need not bo sur
prised to be called on at any time to tie
tho knot.
Wishing everyone araeiry Christ
mas and a happy New Year. We are
stilly A Maiden:
- If you have tbe proper lovo of
roses you'll not think of the thorns.
- The pies that mother used to
make tasted good to the palates we
used Hf have.
Beys Life Saved Fro? Croup.
C. W. Lynch, a prominent citizen of
Wincheaier. Ind.. write?, "My little boy
had a severe attaok of membraneous
croup, and only not relief after taking
one dose ?nd T feel i hat lt saved the Hf?
or my boy." Refuse substitutes.-Brana'
Few people realize when taking onogh
m ed tat?en other than Foley's Honey aud
Tar, t'oM. they eon ul n opiates which a*** j
constipating bes do* being noRafo, par i
onlarlv for chi id ron. Foley's Honey ami
Tar oontalDB no opiates, 1? ?aro- and au ?
and will not constipate.-Evana' Phar
macy. . .
' v'' '. . .- U- ? ' . . - ..
.^..11 vir.J
Pension Report for 1903.
Columbia, Dec lb.-Tho pension re
port for the year 1003 lias been issued
and (-(mt a ins the usual data in con
nection with such reports. The most
interesting is the amount received by
each county. The following aro tho
Abbeville.8 3,882.55
Aiken. 0,628.40
Anderson. 10,518.10
Hamberg. 1,5X0.15
Barnwell. 3,302.40
Beaufort. 077.01
Berjcoloy. 2,528.10
Charleston. 2,051.00
Cherokee. 5,080.10
Cluster. 8,584.10
Colleton. 7,120.30
1 >ai lington. 5,00(5.2.?
j )oicliestei. 1,741.10
ridgefield. 3,078 85
Kail hold. 3,250.85
Florence. 3,812.85
(georgetown. 1,125.45
(i reen ville. 10,003.30
(Jreenu oed. 3,403.30
Hampton. 4,250,05
lloiiy. 4,058.20
Kershaw. 3,388.25
Lancaster. 0,287.80
Laurens. 0,020.50
Lee. 3,155,05
Lexington. 5,441.70
Marion. 5,702.85
Marlboro. 3,532.10
Newberry. 8,780.15
Ucouee. 7,802.80
Orangeburg. 4,403.55
Kichland. 5,000 35
Saluda. 4,035 82
Spartatiburg. 10,000 00
Sumter...... 8,080.25
Union. 4 801.35
NV i 11iainsbui g. f',015.75
York. b\0i>2.70
I will fin Tuesday, December 29, 1003,
sell ut my residence, better known HS the
Kiley Place, oin? lot of Mules; ?IMO, OHO
Mower ?un) Rako one Shingle Mill, one
lot of Corn und Fodder, U ackeinith Tools
.and Farming Implements.
Terms or t?.do-Cafth.
Dec 23, I?MJ:; 27 _ 1?
THE undersigned bas in bis possea
slon u dark o >lore I Jersey Cow, wbiub
haa evidently atrayod from its owner,
who is rei)ucr,ted to oall. prove the prop
erty and pay the expenses. I live on S.
C. Majora' plantation. 2 miles poutb of
tbneitv. ZACH MARTIN.
Deo 22, 1!)03
Notice to Creditors
ALL persons having demands against
tho Enlato of G. W. Mollee, deceased,
are hereby notified to preeent them,
properly proven, to the undersigned,
within the time prescribed br law, and
those indebted to make payment.
Doc 23, 1903 27 3
Notice of Final Settlement.
THE undersigned, Admiuistralr'x of
the EittHte of J. C. Griffin, doceased,
hereby gives notice tba! she will on Sat
urday, January 23rci, 1004, apply to th*
'Judge of Probate for Anderson t.'ounty for
n Final Settlement of said Estate, and a
dischurgo from her of?co as Administra
Doc 23, iOOS 27 5*
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtue of authority vested in me
by I be conditions of a Deed o? Trust to
me executed by Ninoy J. Chatnblee on
December 19, 1003, for the purposes
therein named, I will sell at publia out
cry at Anderson, S C , within the leged
boure of sale, before the Court House
door, on Saleaday in January, 1004, being
the fourth day or the month
All that piece, parcel or Tract of Land
situate, lying end being In Rook Mills
Township, Anderson County, South Car
olina, containing Seventy-three and
Three-fourth aer**, more or les?, bound?
ed by landa of W. J. Freeman. Carey
Chain hire, Frank Mc Lees, ?. M. Barrett,
and olbera.
Terms of Sale-Cash. Purchaser tu
pay for papers.
M. L. BONHAM, Trustee.
Deo 23, 1004 27 2
Cheapest Laundry in the City
I do flrat-elass hand work, and gu?ran
os satisfaction to every patron. My
prices ara reasonable, and I want yon to
give me a trial order. Will call for and
deliver all clothing free of cost la ihn
Will oltse ene week for Christmas on
Wednesday, 2ld Inst.
J. H. WAH, 128 Whttuur Street.
Dee 16, 1-05 ? Sm
ember Sales
We are striving to increase every month's sales,
and we intend to make December a record-bre.tker.
If you want the best at Lowest Prices visit this place
first !
Men's "AU Wool Suits, guaranteed not to ehange color or
rough up, at 84.70 Suit.
Men's Heavy All Wool Caesimero Suits ut 85.00 Suit.
Men's veiy liue unfinished Worsted Suits, worth 810.QO, at
87.00 Suit.
Men's very fine all Worsted Suits, cheap at 812.50, we price
at 810.00 Suit
Men's Suits, all wool Clay Worsted, in black, 84.98 Suit.
Men's Overeats, nica goodt?, at 83 98 each.
Men's Fine Ulsters at $4.50 and 80 ?.0.
810.00 Coats at 88.00 each.
Men's 81.50 heavy Wool PanU at 81-00 pair.
Men's Fino Panta at 81.50. 81.75 und 8100.
Tanta at 83.00 and 83.50 pair.
Men's Uniou-mado Overalls it 90c pair.
High Grade Shoes at Low Grade Prices.
Line of Ladies' Fine Shoes, every pair guaranteed, our own
name on these Shoes ; we have thom in all styles, Lace, Button,
Heel, Spring Heel, etc., just two prices, S 1.25 and.Sl.50 pair.
Ladies' Fine Shoes, small sizes, at your own price.
Ladies' New Style Blucher Shoes, very nobby, at 82.00 pair.
We sell the Queen Bess Ladies' Fino Shoes at 82.50 pair.
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Men's Blucher Shoe?, 82.50 kind, at $1.93 pair
Men's Fine Vici Shoes at 81.50 pair.
We sell Men's high grade Fine Shoes, such as the Selz and
Bion F. Reynolds.
Dress Goods. Etc.
Nice quality single-width Wool Worsted at 5c yard.
34 inch 25c Worsted at 15c yard.
Nice line of Heavy Skirting 25c, 50c, 75c, 81.00 yard.
New Arrivals.
Ladies' Fine Drees Skirts, all grades, from cheapest up.
34.00 New Style Dress Skirts at 82.98 each.
Ladies' Hose, boxea damaged in wreak, worth 15c pair, at on
ly 10c pair.
Nice Pillow Coses 10c each.
Ready-hemmad Bleached Sheets 50c each.
Fine Lace Curtains 59c pair and up.
Gents' Furnishings.
Men's Fine Shirts 25c Lion Brand Shirts, prettiest styles
made, at 98c each. Men's Undershirts 10c each and up. $1.25
kind 98c each. Men's Wool Socks 10c pair and vp.
?tOTIONS-Two Balls Sewing Cotton lc, ose Paper
Pins lc, one Ball Tape lc, one box Bachelor Buttons 5c, four Cakes
Laundry Soap 5c. Thoueands of useful artic!?? at half price.
Men'd and Boys' Caps 10c each. 10c bottle of Vaseline 5c.
I _C. H. B A I LES & CO. |
We are Shoe people, selling Shoes exclusively,
and we offer you advantages in buying your Shoes
from us.
We carry the best going in Shoes-the very best
SI.25 and $1.50 Brogans. Just a shade better than
the other man. Why ? Because the big Shoe deal?
er s know we are Shoe people and always give us the
We are strong on all lines of Shoes from fl.25 in
men's tb $6.00, and women's $1.25 to $3.50.
We have the strongest lines of Shoes in town
from $1.25 lo $6.00.
See us for good Shoes-the kind that weale.
DAVIS, The Shoe Man, Manager.
, S. C.,
We aro the only Wholesale Dry Goods House in upper South Carolina
selling to MERCHANTS ONLY, Wo o ar ry in stock a complete line of
everything for a firat-olaas Store at the lowest market prices. Save your
Freight Ea pense and^ny^thome^ ^^^^^^^
-, ??v$$** . y ......... , ., . v.
Will soon be here, and he is going to buy his supply of
From The Peoples Furniture Go. Some of the Wagons have
shafts on them, just ready for the goat.
Everything in the Furniture lino.
Funeral Directors end Undertakers.
EVERYBODY that has seen our
Concodes it the beet stocked in this city. We know it is th&
lowest priced. Only a few days left to close out onr entire
stock of Toys. Every item has to he sold. We offer Goods at
Positive Cost 1
Every item here offers yon a saving. They make it pos
sible for yon in many cases to buy
x nu villi?
For what yon expected to pay for one.
Come and make yonr selections.
Clothing, Shoes, Hats
A.ndL Furnishings!
iv. Si
6.00 and 6.50 "
7.50 and 8,00 ?
9.00 and 10,00 "
16.00 and ?0.00 M
- it? .
-^ee 'the*
% ?W?-* CASH he bought this ki at Fifty Gent* aa fha BoKas^aa^
vee propose to g?va our customers tho W?af?t of thk deal.
3>rop in and look these over.
G. - ?L* B^JBSE?

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