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New Year's
on the
Old Plantation
J?fmk^ HBISTMA? was never celebrat
ed ed to any great extent in the
Boutii back in the good old
.-J-.... ii',. J--1~ :> - - ' '
UU^B VUVU UC ??". ile IT
!iear*s day took its place among tho
masters, and the prolonged, rollicking
""co'ii shnckln' " supplied the slaves of
Kentucky and Missouri especially with
ni) the Jollity they desired. It was an
Institution peculiar to the south, pecul
iar not in being confined to those sec
tions, but peculiar in the manner in
which it was conducted, for husking
bees have been known in New England
since the mind, of man remembers and
Indian corn has been gathered.
When a "co'n shuckln' " was decid
ed upon notices were sent out to the
-?laves of all adjoining plantations stat
ing that on a certain night Judge 8.
or Squire B. would givo a corn shuck
ing of so many thousand bushels and
that all colored people, male and fe
male, were Invited to attend. Great
preparations were made by "ole mas*
.na" and "ole missus" for this event
for, while they expected a good night's
"Work in the shape ct wagon loada of
yellow corn, pleasure was to be the
main part of the programme.
Supper waa always provided on a
large scale and generally consisted of
two or three roasted pigs, turkeys and
-chickens, with side dishes of vege
tables, in equal proportion. Bushels
.of sweet potatoes were baked, boiled
and fried, and hundreds of rich, golden
pumpkin pies were turned out of the
-ovens, done to a mouth watering
A band of musicians was engaged,
for no "co'n shuckln' " would be com
pleto without it On those nights ne
groes worked not .happily save to the
-twanging of the banjo and walling of
the fiddle.
A corn shucking always lasted three
nights continuously on one plantation,
?sud i lie-n the negroes moved on. to the
next, whela di re o more were devoted
to the corn of the owne:, and so on
until all the maine of tho neighborhood
bad been husked.
About twilight the darkles began to
.arrive from all over thc country, the.
'"boys" clad in their suits of Jeans,
with that pride of the darky's heart
bia "long tailed clawhammer blue."
Every negro who made pretensions to
being "anybody" possessed one in more
.or less condition of wear.
The female portion of the gathering
was coquettishly dressed in linsey
'juin jii&Cr?Gj? 'WviiB^Mf XTA.**T*X"" *TO 'MM
wools ey frocks, with their beads tied
np in flaming red bandanna handker
chiefs, tho .rodder the better, and with
a white handkerchief crossed upon
their breasts.
They came in groups, and each party
of buskers from a neighboring planta
tion was announced long before it ar
rived by the well known tupes preva
lent in those days floating down the
road and over the fields as the happy
boys and women hastened to the gath
ering.. A favorite tune was this:
i Yea, we*8 gwine to do shuckln*,
Tea, V.'Q'Q swine to de shuckln',
Wq'o gwine io de ohuckin' of de co'n.
An' we'll be dar In de mo'ja'n'.
An* we'lSj be dar in de mo'nm'.
We'll be dar tn de mo'nin', shuah aa
yo'0 bo*n.
AB soon as the darkies were-all as
sembled/tbs oldest slave present went
to "clo massa" and begged a piece of
Silver money. , This was always ex
. pected, and a plantation owner would
a's .soon bave thought of having a
",shucklnT" without corn as to be un
prepared to produce the bit of silver
?rn the first evening.
Taking this piece of silver, thc an
;' dent darky returned to the field and
there performed a ceremony the exact
meaning of which has not come down
to us. Whetting his Jackknife upon
tu.< silver* he solemnly pronounced an
.,' Invocation for a bountiful crop, of corn
the following year. And it is doubtful
4? "Ute Vi?cte massa* wcuK ^avc been
any more willing tb allow '. the busking
to proceed without this Jdndly prayer
than would bis white haired servitor,
who by its means thus once' a year
. stood In the attitude or high priest to
the family he served.
After tho preliminary prayer the
..twelve wis? m*tf*?were chosen, and
their ?reV duty 'was te select two M
v she brawniest negroes Ia-tue company.
,who. when called out, with much prt?U
. at their dlstiscticn, indulged In a good
humored contest of strength, whicl
Waa known ai "roselin* io' de capt'in/
. The. victor' became the' master ??, cere
monies, and upon bun d?v?lv?d thc
duty" 'of seeing that no one shirked li
*work or entertainment
The matter of the captaincy fcelnf
. Codded, .the "twelve wise men" chos<
? four big feilowtj,- who^formed a "pacl
. saddle" by crossing their?'hands and th<
captain waa: elevated upc? i^and car
ried hair a dozen tifies
beaps of corn, while fte
this melody or sometbftg
When cur days nm ?ono
Don't we darkles nb a time?
When our days am i^no
Don't we darkles ?t a shiner
Back to our cabin ? will go,
Back In the early jO'n.
But we'll be here li io eb'nbv*
To do de ahucklu' o de co'n.
Toen the corn Bhuaang proper be
gan. Stacks of fuel std been placed
at Intervals of a fewlards near tho
corn, and after they Al been lighted,
under tho supervision |f the "twelve
wise men," the fun beat. As tho corn
was busked lt was tiftwn Into plies
and would be baulel away in the
morning. Twelve w&crs were se
lected for each heap ofinkusked corn,
and. as back in New roland, tho red
ear was eagerly souglfifor, but with
a different purpose. \m?n a mau got
it be shied lt at a biflugger's head,
and If he blt the markfie unfortunate
darky would, not "?rry for ten
years." If by "shrewd Aging be miss
ed it bis happiness wogi be crowned
within the year. If a ?sky belle se
cured a red ear she haMthe option of
choosing a sweetheart Sra any of tho
darkies around the compile.-Cincin
nati Enquirer. ft
around the
darkles sang
akin to it:
|nn, Whefo
art of m sk
inning New
|re as obso
lom aa is
the United
more do
?that have
lr time, let
They Originated In
They Arc Now
In Japan originated t
lng and the custom of e
Year cords. Today bot
lete in the Flowery
New Year's calling 1
States. Moro charming
ll ghi ful custom, are n
among the good thing
passed away to suffer in
ns hope, a happy revival.
For more than a hu ml
designing and coloring o
cards occupied the atte:
foremost draftsmen and
ers of Japan. They were
command of the nobleme:
peror's court. In size the;
six to eight inches, sud e
scribed with a poetic senti
ed by the noble giving the vi 1er. They
were printed from five or K blocks,
each color requiring, as modern
color printing, a separate ck. The
blocks were the property ol he noble,
who retained or destroye< them at
will. No reprints for an er were
ever permitted. A nobler i's New
Year card was like his coat arms or
his sword. The surimonos, j Japan's
Now Year's cards were cad, were
designed specially to please |me lady
love.-New York Press
years the
iew Year
n of tho
de at the
the em
ere from
was In
t dictnt
It Waa Celebrated In tho Sf ngtime
Nine Centuries
Now tho new year reviving- ddeslrea,
The thoughtful BOUI to solltulretlras;
Ah, my beloved, hil the cup ut clears
Today of past regret and futi fears.
* So sang old Omar, the Fehn poet,
nine centuries ago, and wejf today
can but echo his thoughts ails New
Year's season of resolution a J festivi
ty, though kingdoms have len and
fallen, old nations have deded and
new ones sprung up and wejre in a
country whero sentiments o?
and justice abound, for the hi
tiona remain much the same
the time or clime in which |
whatever the religious influe
govern ns. Of course in th<?
Omar in most countries the
was celebrated in March,
the beginning of the vernal
and as it is the season when i
in nature ia given new bi
dents probably for this rc
ere! lt a suitable time to bel
year also. Christianity, howe? ;
a distinct break, and finally lae six
teenth century Jan. 1 was settLion by
common consent in all cofiental
Those New Tear Reaolntla.
Every 1st of January that vlrrive
at is an Imaginary milestone! the
turnpike track of human life,lonee
a i'natinr? niano tfim 0?/?n??V?* ntm.?ill
- "o ?- -.-- --o-- -i
tatlon and a starting point ftresii
exertion in' the performance! our
Journey. 1
The man who does not at le| pro
pose to himself to be better
than he was last must be eit
good or very bad indeed.
And only to propose to be b\
something. If nothing else it
knowledgment of our need to]
which is the first step toward
But* in fact, to propose to on?
do well is In some sort to do
lively, for there ls no such thli
stationary point in human enders.
He who ls not worse today
was yesterday la better, and he
not better ls worse.-Charles Lai
Her New-IT ear7? Qttt,
Luella Gladys Rosamond
Ophelia, Phyllis May
Sweetly resolved to make folks
Upon the New Year's day.
A basket filled with dainties rat
. With her own hands ehe bore
And left it without word or alan |
Before a poor friend's door.
"It did not even bear my name,
. For that, in full, you,see.
Would quite eclipse the gift ltsetf
. She murmured modestly.
-Joe Cl
POT Infants end Children.
ttl KM Yu Ult! Alwin
Bears tao
- A young mao, who asked a
rooontly how her nose became so.
is now wishing he hadn't hean so
qui?itiva. ; "My noaa is glowios
satisfaction over tho fact that it ie
always stuck into other people's, bj
?ness," she replied. And theo, '
spite of the nose, Bbc froze him witt
- The biggest gold-produoiog mi
ia tho world is Shu Homestafce,
South Dakota. Tho ore yields le
than $4 a ton, but it is worked at sm
Coat.. Tho output now is over 20$
ounces of f?nii?,gold a month and. w
soon he increased.
tfhe Girl Who Did it Told Her Chuma j
tho Awful Reason.
Having been put through the third .
degree by her mends, the girl who j
had attained the dignity of a real
heroine by breaking her engage
ment explained why sho did it.
"It was because Henry was ellem- ?
inatc," she said. "I could never lovo
au e?teu?uuiu mun, mm, of 00iii?0, x
couldn't marry without love."
"Of course not/' chorused thc
email audience approvingly.
"But I never had thought Henry
effeminate/' added the tall girl cau
"I never had either until after we
became engaged," sighed tho former
fiancee. "You see, before I prom
ised to marry him I never paid any
attention to the little habits and
mannerisms that show what r- man
really is, but after wo became en
gaged I btgan to keep my eyes open
for all those little details. One night
at the restaurant wo had a lovely
dinner, and I felt sure I was going
to be the happiest girl in tho world,
but-well, it is all over now. The
shock came when Henry paid the
"What waa the matter?" asked
the tall girl. "Didn't he tip the
"Yes," said the former fiancee;
"he behaved all right about that,
but he-he carried nis money in a
little fish scale purse/ That struck
me as being the limit. To my mind
there is only ono really manly way
for a maa to carry money, and that
is to throw it around loose in his
trousers pockets, GO that when he
wants a nickel he has to dig up
chango by the handful to get it.
For bills, of course, I can stand ono
of those flat leather pocketbooks.
They have a businesslike aspect and
do not detract from a man's dignity,
but to see a big, strapping fellow
who hos the appearance of a real
live man draw a dainty little purse
from his pocket and fish around for
a dime is too much, for me. In fact,
the man who does it seems almost
like a woman, and I couldn't marry
him. Can you blame me?"
The disengaged girl eyed her com
panions appealingly.
"Indeed, we cannot," was the
unanimous reply. "Loose change in
the trousers pockets for us."-New
York Press.
He Didn't Know Succecc.
A story is being told in club cir
cles of the young son of the presi
dent of a New York insurance com
pany who was at Yale and who had
trouble with his compositions. Ask
ed to write an article on "Success"
for his rhetoric class, this youngster
put the duty off until the last mo
ment and then telegraphed his fa
ther tu du. it fur lum.
The president of the ins manco
company was got out of bed at mid
night to open the telegram and sat
down at once and wrote out the or
dered article, wiring it to his son so
that it would be ready for the next
morning's recitations.
He was a surprised f a*1:.** a few
days later when his sun sent him the
professor's report, with the compo
sition marked very low, and written
across the top:
"You evidently do not know what
'success' means."
Unconscious Humor.
Unconscious humor among girls
is not iso marked aa among boys;
but, according to the Milwaukee
Sentinel, the girl who received as a
prize in an English school a book
entitled "Our Feathered Friends"
showed the nature and scope of her
reading when elie remarked to the
teacher, that she was not quite cer
tain whether our feathered friends
were Indians or angels.
In the same school in the domes
tic economy class a girl gave the fol
lowing directions for sweeping a
room: "Cover the furniture with
dust sheets, scatter damp tea leaves
over the carpet, then carefully sweep
the room into a dustpan and throw
it out bf the window." . .'
Not Ready Yet.
A Philadelphia photographer tells
thia as having actually happened; A
woman entered his studio.
"Are' you *the photographer ?"
"Yt*, madam.
. "Do you take children's pic
. "Yes, certainly."
"How much do you charge?"
"Three dolli vs a dozen."
"Well," said the woman sorrow
fully, "I'll have to seeyou again.
I've only got eleven."-Philadelphia
Ledger* : .
8pldersf Webs and Sound,
A French savant points out that
spiders' webs improve the acoustic
properties of a room. H"e says he
knew in England a hull that was
ideal for tho convey ance of sound.
In an evil moi vent it was decided
to clean the ceilings, and'oil the
spiders,,were dislodged. Tho hali
was ruined as a place of speaking.
The savant suggests that cotton'
strings might be hung loosely, across
ceilings to improve the sound carry
ing properties of a room.
?jo every
- as?
?- After picnicking under a hay
? mk a party of holiday makers near
Dl?tatiban, Franco, loft an empty
111 m * k?er ^ot^e "tiding up on the
rmi V^' ?SBB?'8 rays became fo
"il n^ through tho glass aad set tho
1 I *K^shtr . lt was burned to the
fVaya of Serving the Portion? of
Turltey Left From thc Feast.
After 3'our Christmas diuuer you will
probably lind that you have u goodly
portion of turkey left. This bas hap
pened a great many times before, and
ns a result many ways have been de
vised for preparing these left over
scraps of turkey ment. Thia doea not
mean thc large white sllcea of the
In .1*r\r> thia ni\^t)nn *';:? CSOflt
be simply arranged on a platter and
eaten ns lt ls.
A salad of the white meat of turkey
Is us good as if not better than chicken
salad. Take one cup of turkey meat,
rather coarsely chopped; one cup of
celery, also rather coarsely chopped;
the whites of three hard boiled eggs,
pis- chopped. Put the yolks of the
hurd bolled eggs into a bowi and
mush and thou pour over them three
tablespoonfuls of melted butter or pure
olive oil. Into this put1 one teaspoon
ful of sait and ons of mustard, with a
dash of red pepper; then thin with half
u cup of good vinegar.
Another way to use the white meat
of turkey ls to chop it linc, then put
a spoonful of cranberry sauce that has
been run through a colander In the
bottom of a mold or small bowl, on this
a layer of chopped turkey, then a lay
er of cranberry, and so on till ?he mold
is full. Press hard and put In a cold
place till ready to use; then turn out
on a platter.
Turkey Croquettes.-Take ono cup
of turkey meat, chopped fine; one cup
of bread .crumbs, one spoonful of but
ter and two of cream; season with salt
and pepper; mold Into little fancy
shaped cakes and fry.
Turkey patties are made exactly as
are chicken patti oa. To ono cup of
turkey take one cup of turkey gravy
or ono cup of water made rich by a
generous lump of butter; season and
thicken with a littlo flour; pour into
poetry shells and bake in a quick oven.
- Fault-finders are disgusted when
they bump up against perfection.
Evana' Pharmacy G uarantee
that Hyomei will Cure the
Worst Case of Catarrh In An
When one of the most reputable
concerns in Anderson guarantees that
a medicine will effect a cure or they
will refund the money, it speaks vol
umes as to the merits of that remedy.
It is in this way that Evans Pharmacy
are selling Hyomei, the treatment that
has made so many remarkable cures
of both acute aud obronio oatarrh in
Anderson and vicinity.
Hyomei is not a pill nor is it a
liquid that has to be taken with a
tablespoon or wineglass. Just breathe
it by the aid of au inhaler that comes
in evory outfit and benefit will ba seen
from the first treatment.
.' It destroys ail germs of life in the
air passages and lungs and enriches
and purifies the blood with addition?!
ozone, it cures oartarrh of the head
and throat, or of the stomach, liver
and kidneys. Wherever mucous mem
brane contains oatarrhal germs, there
Hyomei will do its work of healing.
When using this treatment, the air
you breathe will be found like that on
the mountains high above the sea
level, where grows balsamio trees and
plants which make tue air pure by
giving off volatile antiseptic fragranoe
that is healing to the respiratory or*
A complete Hyomei outfit costs but
$1.00, and includes an inhaler, drop
per and sufficient Hyomei for several
weeks treatment.
Remember that if Hyomei does not
cure you Evans Pharmacy will refund
your money. This is a good time to
cure 'catarrh by this natural method
and prevent oatarrhal colds that are
so common at this season.
ABDSRSGa, 5. C."
W* Office over Post Office Building.
Offloe over Farmers and Merohants Bank.
Money to Loud on Real Estate Seourlty.
Oct 14.1903_17_8m
State of South Carolins,
County of anderson.
BT virtse of an Execution to me di
rected, I will sell to the highest bidder
on Salesday in January next, during the
legal hours of sale, at the Court House
In the City Of Anderson, S. C., the fol
lowing Real Estate, to wit :
One Tract of Land In Hopewell Town
ship, containing about Fonr Hundred
and Twenty (420) acron, more or less, ad
joining lands of w. Q. Hammond, Wade
Watson, J. J. Fretwell, et al.
Levied on and sold SB the property of
Miss Varona Neal to satisfy Judgment
in favor of Misses M. D. Roes and D. R.
Terms-Cash. Purchaser to pay ex tara
for papers.
Sheriff of Anderson County, a. O.
Dee 16,1003 26 8
When you ooma to spend the day al*
j ways remember we have fesdlng and
hitching places, ond aro always glad to
see yon come, si ways ready to do your
work at a reasonable price. And yonr
Horse Shoeing-don't fall to let us do it
I ir yon want yonr horse to travel right.
You will fina me below Jsll on the cor
ner. Ton can see nay sign.
? m ?_ W. rf. WALLACE.
1 Notice to Creditors.
ALL persons having demands against
tho Estate of William Oallaham, deo'd,
are heresy notified to prevent them,
properly proven, to the undersigned
within the time prescribed by law, and
those Indebted to make pav ment.
//.. , v WM. F. LEE, Adm'r.
Deo 9,1003 . S5 8?
'J'?* ' - y. ?'. :?" . ;
An old clergyman lins a son whose
habits of unpunctuality and indo
lence are a pore trial, but whoso
ready tongue secretly delights his
On one occasion tl?2 young man
appeared at Sunday morning break
fast fifteen minutes after tho ap
pointed time. The cl orgy man took
out his watch, looked at it with a
sorrowful lace and turned to the
"My son," ho said reproachfully,
holding the watch so that his son
might see its accusing face, "do you
think this is right? Do you honest
ly think it is right ?"
"Well, sir," said tho young man
regretfully, "1 wish it were about
fifteen minutes fast, but as you ask
me to bay honestly I am afraid it's
just right."
A Hard Word.
A Frenchman said to an English
man, "Tare is von void in your lan
guage 1 do not comprehend, and all
ze time 1 hear it. 'Tnttletoo, tattle
too'-vat you mean by 'tattletoo?'"
Thc Englishman insisted that no
such word existed in tho English
language. While he was saying so
his servant carno in to put coal on
the fire, when bc said, "There, John,
that'll do."
The Frenchman jumped up, ex
claiming : "Tare, 'tattletoo/ you say
him yourself, sare! Vat you mean
by 'tattletoo ?' "
Waa a Poor Sailor.
A young graduate who was hunt
ing for a position received an offer
of a place as shipping clerk from a
firm to which lie had applied for
"I am 6orry I cannot accept your
kind offer of tho position of ship
ping clerk," he wrote, "but the fact
is that I am always ill when at sea."
Fence on fcartn.
I heard tho bells on Christniaa day
Their old, familiar carols play
And wild and sweet
Tho words repeat
Of pcaco on earth, good will to ment
Valuable Lands for Sale I
NOTICE ic? hereby given that on Sales
day tn January, 1904, between the usual
hours of nain at Anderson, 8. C., unless
previously dInposed of at private ?ale,
tbare will be sold all the Real Estate of
Aris Cox, deceased, oonBisting of about
(700) Seven Hnndred Aores, situate in
Honea Path Township, Anderson Coun
ty, S. C., on Saluda River and Little
Creek, and adjoining lands of S. N. Latl
mer, M. L Latlmer, E. P. Gaines, Goo.
Cox, D. W. Oambrell, J. C. Milford and
others. These Lands are In au excellent
state of cultivation, are well Improved
and well watered. They will be divided
Into convenient Traota to nuit purchasers,
and plats of the dlfferont Tracts may be
aeon by applying at the office of Bonham
& Watkins at any time subsequent to
December 16th.
Tel tu? of sale- One-half cash, balance
on a credit of twelve months, with inter?
est from day of sale at eight per cent par
annum, to be computed and paid annu
ally nntll paid in full, with leave to pay
all cash. Purchaser to pay extra for all
necessary papers.
For farther information apply to Dr.
Allen E. Cox, Milan, Tenn., or to Bon
ham dc Watkins, Attorneys, Anderson,
8 C., or to Dr. P. 8. Cox, Belton, S. C.
Deo 9, 1903_25_4
Aa aaaj.Nvtavno awv aios
WI A. -tr?s*a
.OR*siao-inS "OOiKl^-?UVlBKVH '&
?amo ?oixaa Laasans .XOVSQ ox oes
R p*n *VK>3 XKV IS
r linrvj?snoH?o
op nco Aoq Xuu^rtOI
j ? m neu j on *xoiB? A tra? 'II J i H .t panax? si pw
*ofm (uer?u?ca poon ns tra qsns-savtuaxvn ?mv?
no saxa, ?qt jo ?pina oj AKIV,*. avitnvH 'snoNoa
.ioa xoK ATOi?.'ioflnvsf puu ovary, SAMIM ana?!
xrutft aiavaaa Ono? ari si ,mq ^urudano* jo
aino.vv oin xx%_ _
arnvj asaa ASIA, om jo cuorros z ?"F10*
so no*ro? o mi-iv
Foley's Honey and THU*
eurea colds, preve?is pneumonia.
Assessment Notice.
This off ce will bs opon to receive Returns of
Personal Property for Ts mt lon for ?ho next
Fiscal Year, frora th? fl ret day of Janusry. 190?,
to th* Seth day of February following inclusive.
Baal Estate stands as before, but ail transfers of
Baal Estate made since laat return should be
notad upon the retara blank when luting.
TajaTowushls Aasssoia are required by law to
Hst for all those that fall to make their own re
turns within tbs tine ar eoe ribed. Hence the
difficulty of ibo delinquents escaping tbe Se per
cont penalty,?? well aa the frequency of errors re
sultier from this practice. By ail means maka
your OWN retorna and theroby save expense and
Bx-Confederate Soldiers orar 50 years of age are
exempt from Foll Tax. AU other males between
the ages of SI and 60 years, except those Incapablo
of earning a support from bel DE maimed or from
any olber casse abell be dem ced taxable polls
For the convenience of Taxpayers ve will also
bar? Deputies to Uko Returns st the foUowlng
Um ea sod nU ces:
Holland, Ttleeday. January 12.
MorruttsTillc, Wednesday, January IS.
Iva, Thursday, January li.
Moselay, Friday, January, J ff
A. E- Broddy's, Satarday. January Ur
Starr, Monday, January 18.. , T.
StoftmUe, Tuesday. January IS.
CUnkaealaa' Mill, Wednesday, January 90.
Ooyton, Monday, Janury lb '. '
Blakey* Branca, Satarday, January 2ft.
Five Forks, Monday, Janoa<y 28.
Au tun, Tuofldwy, January 19. .
Wyatt's Store, Wednesday Jan us ry 18.
Cedar Wreath, Friday, January ii -a. rn
Janes' Store, Friday. January ie- p- m.
Wlgington's Store, Thursday, January 1?.
Equality, Tuesday, January 12.
. Pendleton, Friday and Satarday, January 15
and IS, to JTT. Hunter.
TowuTlllo, Friday, January 15.
TuxaJoo, Saturday, January IS. .
Monea Path, Monday and Tuesday, January 18
and 19, or np to February 20th, to J. >. Trussell.
Belton, Friday and Saturday, January 29 sod 80*
Piedmont, Monday aud Tuesday, January 25
and 2o.
Falser, Monday. Tue*day and Wednesday, Jan
uary 18,19 and xO, or up to February 20 to John
B. Bonner. V
WUUamston.Wednesday and Thursday, January
27 and 28. .
50 pev cent. Penalty for Non-Return. <
Vigorous O?d Age
Taine's Celery Compound makes the old
feel young, ami cures their ills. It has added
yeats ol health and enjoyment to many a life.
Use (his great medicine regularly, and its invig
orating powers will fill your declining years
with heall li, strength, and happiness. Read
what George I . Morse, 67 years old, writes:
ti tittle ?ie II ;-Just a word in favor of
Paine's Celery Compound, hoping it may catch
the eye ol souse nfllicled j HT son, and they
may receive the same satisfactory benefit.
Some 15 yeat s ago I had a combination of
malaria, chills ami fever, and grip, which con
tinued for a year or more; meantime I lost in
weight al>out 60 pounds, trying different medi
cines and doctors with unsatisfactory results.
Paine's Celery Compound was recommended,
and, after using a little 1 lic?an to improve,
gaining about a pound a week. In a year I
hail regained 50 pounds of thc lost weight and
good health, and have been a well man ever
since. Yours truly, GEORGI? V. MOUSE.
LEOMINSTER, MASS., Oct. 27, ino?.
Drosses, cloaks, snits, ribbons, coats, foathors.
stockings, - everything woarablo, Diamond
Dyes make to look liko new.
Direction book and 45 dyed samples froo.
DIAMOND DYKS, burlington, Vt.
raps MUH ui Mun.
We respectfully solicit a share
of your business.
- THE -
J. A. BROCK, President.
JOS. N. BROWN, Vice President.
B. F. MAULDIN. Cashier.
THE largest, strongest Bank in the
Interest Paid on Deposit?
* By Bpeolal agreement.
With Puaurpassed facilities and resour
ces we are at all timmi pr?nar?a te sc;
commndnto our ountomern.
Jan 10,1900_29_
tho most healing salve In th? world.
General Repair Shop.
ALL kinds of Blacksmithing, Wood
Work, Fainting, Trimming, Bubba*
Tiree and Rubber Horseshoeing. All
done at ?hort notioo by first-olaes work
men. We don't claim to be tba only
flrst-olaaa workmen in town, bnt au good
aa any la the South. Our work shows
for itself. Work and Fricas guaranteed.
Call and coo our work and get pilcos.
Bring your Baggies and have them re
paired and made aa nice and good aa DAW
for Spring and Hummer drives.
Yours for bunineas,
P. 8.-Horee Shoeing a Specialty.
March ll, 1903_88_
Notice to Creditors
ALL) persooH having demands against
the Estate of J. H. Mounce, deceased,
are 'hereby notilled to present them,
properly proven, to the undersigned,
within the elmo prosoribe?? by law, and
tboso indebted to mako payment.
Deo 2,1903 _34_3 _
Notice to Creditors.
ALL persons having demands against
tho Estate of Louvinla Childs,
deo'd, are hereby notified to present thom,
properlv proven, to the undersigned
within the time presorlbed by law, and
those indebted to make payment.
E V. GABS AWAY, Exeontor.
Deo 2, 1903_24_8
Page Woven Wire Fence Co.,
Adrion, Mich.
ii linn i III ju ia ? .II, in, Miiissassaa-a
are the most fatal of all dis
i ULE I ? Bueraoteid Remedy
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by ?mi
nent physicians as the best for
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
FRIGS S?c ?ad Si.00.
SITUATED on and near North Hain
Street Five minutos' walk Court HOODS.
Apply to J. F. Ollnksoales, Intelligencer
office. _. ..._ '
Notice Annual Meeting.
ALL persons having claims against
Anderson County, not previously pre
aented, are hereby notified to file same
with the Clerk of the Board of County
Commissioners on or before the 1st day
of January, 1904, ao that th-y may be ex
amined and passed on by the Board at
their annual meeting to be held the first
Thursday after the first Monday in Jan
uary, 1004; and on failing to file said
claims on or before the 1st day of Jan
uary, they will have to lay ovor to the
Fehrnary meeting. ?*
By order of Board of Conrd-v Commis
?ioners. W. R/tn* AUDY, -
Cleik Board C. C
must have a sufficient supply of
in order to develop into a crop.
No amount of Phosphoric
Acid or Nitrogen can compen
i sate for a lack of potash in
B Now York-08 NORMU? Strfct. or
PREPARES for College and offers a
thoroughly practical courue for students
unable to take a College education.
Tuition rates reasonable.
Next session begins Sept. 7, 1003.
For further information, write to
A. G. HOLMES, Principal
Aug 10, 1903_Bolton, 8. CL
WE oan negottste Loans on Improved
Farm L&ndH for sums exceeding 93.00
on reasonable terms, on the installment
plan. It ls worth the whhe of persons
contemplating bnrrowlng money to seo
us. Bring your land panera with you*
OlUoe in People's Bank.
Sept 30, 1003_ic_.
Anderson County Mutual Ben?
e?t Associaion of America,
Tho Anderson County Mutual BeneflS
Association of America writes the cheap
est insurance of the day. The plan ls to
take one thousand people, men snd wo*
men, bind tueat together Iii a buuiuwsa
way to belp oaoh other in time of need
and trouble. You ouly pay when ons
dies. It you join now your first paymerjA
pays you up until January, 1004, nnlestt
we lose one of our members, If the hand
of Providence should sever the sliver
thread that holds the Ufo of one ot our
loved onos, friend or neighbor, who
would hesitate a moment on paying the
little sum of One Dollar and ten cents to
replace the amount and pay expenses
paid out on death claim. Consider tho
matter, examine aud study our plan
You are' receiving insurance o protect
?our family at actual cost. Don't stand
aok, let our agencies write yon np aft
If there ls anything you wish to know
In regard to the policy call on any of the
agents and they will take pleasure in
explaining the pulley to you. Remem
ber this 1B the only opportunity ovar
presented to you at actual cost. Toa
owe lt to your family, you owe lt to your
self to secure their protection in case yon
sro taken away from them. If you aro
over thirty years of age this ls the only
cbsnee you will ha VJ of getting In*
After 1,000 members hz.~s b?ou secured
no one over thirty gets In, sud he only
to replace a deceased member.
N. R, GREFIN, Pres.
J. M. PAYNE, Seo. and Treas.
Here is our Non Tre Setter
We worked so saeoessf olly last season*
Sets 'em cold, right on the wheel, and
keeps the dish right, too.
With plenty good seasoned lumber,
improved machinery, well seleoted
stock of different sises, shapes and
parts, we give yon the service yon ex
pect in short time. Overhauling Car
riages and Buggies from start to finish
is our specialty.
foley's Kidney Guro
makes kidneys and bladder right*
THE Books for the collection of 8t&te, School
at 1 County Taxes will bo opened from October
J6th, 1992. to December list, 1003, Inclusivo, and
from January lat, 1991, to March lit, 1901,1 will
collect with the penalty-for January 1 par coat,
February 2 per cent, ani from March 1st to tho
loth with 7 per cont penalty. After the 15th of
March Executions will be Issued.
1 he rate of Tax Levy is as follows :
8tat* Taxes......... S Ullis
Ordinary County....3U"
School..'.1 "
Past Indebtedness. 1
Public Hoads....... I .?
An additional levy of 8 mills has been mads for
No. 24, HuslarSchool District; an additional ter*
of 2 millacas been made for the Town of WIN
I i ams ton, which is College District, No. - ; alao
Gantt School District, No.- .levy made additional
8 mills fot School and VA mills for interest ca
School Bonds, tho total additional for Gantt School
, District ?l-? mills ; making total tax lory for Has?
ter School District 17 mills, College School Dis
trict 18 mills. Total tax levy for Gantt School
District 18)$ mills.
The Stale Constitution requires all male? bs> - -
twsea twenty-one aod sixty years of age, exoo>s
those incapable of earning a support from bslasx
maimed or from other ouises, and those who sors- ' I
?d in the war between the States, to pay a Poll \
Tax of One Dollar. ^1
All persons between the ages of eighteen %siA 1
flf y years of age, who are ab!? to work the pobUs
roads, or cause them to be worked, except Preach* ?
era who have charge of congregations, and parsons
who served in the war bo twee o the States, SohaM .
Teachers and Trustees are exempted from ron ?
duty, and in lieu of work may pay a tax of One
Dollar, to be collected at the tame time other
taxes aro collected.
I will collect tsxos at Slabtovro, Mt. Airy, Pleat- -'
mont, Pelter. Wllllainstou, Belton and Hones
Path, but will give notice later tho time I wfll
visit these places. i
|_J. M. PAYNE, Co.Ttaaajf
Foley's Honey ana Tat
forcni?drentsafc,8ure. No opiates* g
^l?NlW^ ~ ^Dctnowa ?
Anyone sond tn? a sketch and description TU?
gnlekiy aa cor tain oar optnloa freewhotker as
farsssfas le probably patsjtabje, OaaasnsuUea.
lent free. Oldest a*e?ey fer soonrtnjrpatenta.
ratouts UXoa thrush Muna & Co. rsostta
tpectal notice, wUheut charge. In tho ^*
Scientific ?rican.
K handsomely Illustrated weekly. 1 .unrest dr?
sulatton of any nc lcm ruo Journal. Tonne, SS s
rear; tour months, St. Bold by all nowsdoalern.
^ branch W.lclfeo lyEU V?Ahln?u^i[^??^ ?t??U

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