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^ T-TTrTtTT AL T A mn orriAxi ! ANDERSON. S. 0.. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 21. 1903. VOLUME XXXIX-NO. 18.
Some of you think it's too late to buy Summer Clothes,
but you forget what ? hot month September usually is.
It'll bo a good long time before you'll feel the need of
Winter Clothes, and right now, we have some exceptional
Bargains to offer you in
Prices on the shove are reduced from one-quarter to one
third. You'll find some values here, so come in this week
?nd get them.
Boys' School Suits.
We have just received our first shipments of Boys' Knee
Pant Suits. Good Suits, well-made Suits-Suits that'll stand
hard knocks-made for growing boys. In this department
we'll show for Fall a larger and better assortment than we
have ever shown. Bring your boy here and you'll find what
you want,
Puits from $1.50 to $6.00.
Boy s' Knee Pants at 50o, 75c and $1.00.
?ges 4 to 17 years.
The Spot Cash Clothiers
This is their space, but there are so many Bar
gains in their line that they can't enumerate them
ail here, so they ask that their customers us? their'
eyes in looking over their matchless values in
qeuucAUg IfgM
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nan ?o
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?in if xoo
8 V Z l'on ao?i?a
8|HH nogojg
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9 pi?A\ uoaiapny
9 pjgAA noHJQpay
f pJBAi nosjopqy
g PJQAV nosjQpuy
?; pi?AV noBiepuy
I piOAl nos-epuy
T-i ? T CO ?0< ? t- Tl Tl CN CN
Qt ri ?_ri_Ol
TfHUijoc: cj CN
CN co co CN t- n 07'
1<f H<Sl-?-( o? o
t-H n ?r
co n Cr?
?o CM o i
-* if? I- Cl (Ort N (OO iO T
CO "M .-? -I t-i ?5
Os co <N ? co n co S ? co o O
n CM 94 CM _ >H CM n
lp ri CM 0? _CM
ri -I? t-" CO O Ol I- ?J t- O
?JO O O fOHCO^O ?> t
?M ri T-< ri CM
? CS CO! o o O O O CC O O 0M~
oo CM co t- -?- o? ?r io CN co it- ?-T
CM HH_ri CM_
-r co n co HOrtr> o o -' O
CM _CM _ ri rt ri
as 33 jg"
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S ?O I- <? rt rt rfi ?J? ol -* rt
is ga
rtH CM CM CO_ "S* r-t
00<-i ?0 T CO O H Ci o co
r-l ^_ri -T_CO_CM
r-t lOCO O CM CM O ri
VS ?i CM -t? o? ri cp cs -i ??? ?-<
OJ CO COC> CO CO O? T ri ri
rH J_'"*'_
CM ?- CO n CO CM (?> O g co
.rjt CO CM *!i ri CO _CO CO
CM r- ri <?> CM co LO tr-oo r
2528 Si_SM- S
"V-CO COCO ri OJ Ol 0> rH ri f CN
_ri ri ri_ri _r1_r1^_
on d rt CMCs^i^cMio 90 o"
C?O OOO O CN CO CN n ??l
CO O n t- CD O CS?M
CN n n ri TJ?
co es a0"t< co O CN O O O? ? CM
ri r-t -?mo? QnOI-COt- "f eo
t- QiQ ' -rico n Or?
vn O? n O? CO n CO ri CO 3? O
.ow taco CO CO n OD
?Q COri f H O ? f ? ?OOO
nt- 00 '
S . : : : : : * : . TS : >
?..s. to .. , . . . *2 ? .
? : :? :5 : :s : : ? | : :
^.to* ?-? ? ? % 5 H? H5 is? rt H < ft? -? -s*
- A young man in Yorkville with
mind unbalanced as a result of exces
sive oigarette smoking, attempted sui
cidc by taking strychnine tablets.
- The caterpillar has invaded the
cotton all over Orangeburg County,
and unlcBS they are killed out they
will do material damage to the crop.
- At Hook Hill last Saturday night
safe oraokers ble?? open the safe of
McFadden's meat market .nd scoured
$'300. Other establishments were also
- Mrs. Geo. Hodges, member of a
well known Sparenburg family, fell
backwards down a flight of steps at
her father's home and was seriously
- W. II. Out ss, who has held thc
office of Sheriff of Edgefield County
for more than twenty years, has been
renominated ia the reoent primary for
another term.
- The Paoolet Manufacturing Co's. 1
No. 3 mill, at Pacolet, destroyed by
flood last year, is again in oondition
for operation aud will at onoe begin
- South Carolina masons of the
highest rank are interested in and
are preparing for the meeting of the
Mystic Shriners which will he held
at White ?tooe Springs on September
- The State House scandal threat
ens to assumes large proportions. It
is going into oourt with the oharge of
conspiracy against the architect and
contractors, and a demand for $200,
000 damages.
- Charlie Brundriok. a young far
mer residing near Little Mountain,
Newberry County, committed suioide
by drinking the contento of a vial of
laudanum. No oause can be ascribed
to his rash aot. He left a wife.
- The statement is made that a
majority of the qualified voters of
Cherokee County have signed a peti
tion calling for an eleotion to vote
the dispensaries out of that county.
There are dispensaries at Blaoksburg
and Gaffney.
- The State of South Carolina has
been Bued for $192 50 by an Abbeville
man for constabulary seizures. No
tice was reocived by the attorney gen
eral Tuesday morning of the filing
of tho suit, which is for the return of
two mules, a wagon and two sets of
- A young man of St. Matthews,
Orangeburg County, named Walter
Hildebrand, aged about twenty, shot
himself with suicidal intent on Fri
day because the girl he was in love
with did not seem to return his affec
tions. Doctors were called and think
he may recover.
- The next Legislature will elect a
successor to Judge D. A. Townsend
as presiding judge of the seventh judi
cial cirouit. Judge Townsend will
stand for re-election. He is now
serving hiB third term. Spartanburg
has two candidates for the bench
both members of the general assembly,
Senator D. E. Hydriok and Hon. C.
P. Sanders.
- The eleventh annual meeting of
the United Daughters of the Confed
eracy, whioh meets in St. Louis on
Ootober 4-8, is attracting .interest
among the South Carolina members of
the order, and the indications point to
a large representation from this State,
as delegates and onlookers at the
at the great gathering.
-. George Burton, a drayman, was
killed in Greenwood the other night
by an engine on the 0. & W. C. road.
Burton was drunk and lying down on
the track when an engine going to the
tank after water passed over him.
His right leg waa cutoff in two plaoes
and his left leg crashed. Burton was
about 30 years old and leaves two
children, his wife having died several
years ago.
- The railroad commission will in
a few days take up an important mat
ter in regard to the telephope servioe
in this State. Since tho general as
sembly has placed these concerns
under the commission's jurisdiction
there have been several important
questions to be settled and the com
mission is moving slowly in settling
these, ss their d?cisions will boused
as precedents.
-- In the oourt of common pleas at
Charleston, alimony proceedings have
'been begun by Mrs. Elisa Cooley
against her husband, asking also for
an order of separation, alleging that
her husband has ill treated her.
Judge Dantzler has referred the case
ta Master Mitchell to take the testi
mony. The couple were married in
1892 and tho alleged cruel treatment
did not begin uo$lf 1901. The deferr
dant is alleged to bo worth $20,000.
- A very egrious-looking and
strangely formed pig ?as brought to
the Mayes drug store this week. The
pig was small bat perfeotly formed
with the exception of its eyes. In
stead of being possessed of the two
usual optioal organs there was one
single eye placed squarely in the mid
dle of tho forehead. The head was
of ordinary shape, and the skin on
.the ha'id was well formed, bat there
was only the one ?ye underneath a i
single eyebrow.-Newberry Herald
- In a fieros hand-to-hand fight in
Richardson's beer dispensary at
.Greenville Lam Ward landed with his
teeth on the nose of John Collins,
laos. ' The men were arrested , and
released soon siter under bonds of
gt&fer ?later appearance in oourt.
r. Bramiett dressed Collina' nose
and stitched it back in place. The
nose was hanging by a thread as the
cartilage-had been bitten in two. Dr.
B ramie? t, after putting the nose baok
in position said it might uniite and
heal, but that the chances, are slim.
To Sec the Prettiest and
Most Complete Line of
Ever shown in Anderson, at Prices
that DEFY COMPETITION, cjme to
^4m> tmtJ?L??b *?t?*A* Jk* ??k ^k. A A Ai ?rk ti?ti A ??^. A. -ffr- <^^J^AM^J&
The Racket Store.
Oar Bayer has j ait returned from the Northern markets?
and values in Ooods are arriving daily that provo to tho
most fastidious dressers the result of ca* eful selections.1
Seo our Stock of the Celebrated
Strouse & Bros. High Art
Which will interest those who wish to dress well and SAVE
A new and complete line of
Men's, Women's and Children's, at prices unequalled else**
We extend to all a cordial invitation to visit our St?res,
inspect our Goods, and be convinced that what we say is true.
Successor to Horn-Bass Co.,
110,116,120, East Benson St., - - - - * Anderson, 5. C.
To show you an entire New Line of
Fall and Winter Goods !
Everything you should desire can be had
at our Store. In making your selections for
the coming season we ask that you visit our
place and inspect thoroughly our line. You'll
find that in every particular it will meet with
your approval.
New Remnants in Outings?
Flannelettes, Eic.
Pull line of Ultra & Brockport
For Women just received.
Moore, Acker & Co
i ' i
I make any kind except the bad ones.
I furnish a name, Stamp and indellible pad for marking linen for 40c.
I have some other good things.
Office Supplies, Etc.,
1334 Main Streetf . - . - Columbia, S. 0.
.......j^^-L-._itLi_? ' - ? ' ' ?
- Seven hundred metal and tin
workers are on a protraoted strike in
-- The white people of Alabama are
indignant ov >r the appointment of the
Enfanla negro, Murphy, as deputy
United States marshal.
- A negro was lynched near Brans
son, Fla., for murdering a white wo
man. He was turned over to the mob
by two of his own race. .
- The bureau of entomology says
that the boll weevils io Texas have
advanced twenty miles' northward
since the 19th of July.
- In a street fight in Kissimmee,
Fla., Gordon Lawson shot and killed
his brother-in-law Frank Langdon and
was badly ont by Langdon.
- Judge Edgar M. Gullen, of Brook
lyn, has been appointed to suooeed
Alton B. Parker as chief judge of the
New York Court of appeals.
- Henry 0. Finoh, who has a re
cord of having killed at least four peo
ple in his career of crime, was hanged
at Clearfield, Pa., on Friday.
- Two men were killed, three
seriously injured and 35 oars demolish
ed in the wreok of a freight train near
Akoona, Pa., on Wednesday night.
- A British schooner was. wrecked ;
os Mcsdsy 5S?r Polos Pedro, on the
California coast. Several lives and
thousands of dollars worth of valuable
cargo were lost. '
- Bibles'in nearly every human
language le the World are shown in
the exhihit of the American Bible
Society tn th? Palace of Liberal Arts
at the^orW'jF?ir^
- The musicians union at Wash
ington has declared s strike of the
players in the orchestras ali over the
city, and it is said that thc theatres
will be seriously incommoded.
- Several prominent Lcnisb educa
tors and members of tbs. parliament
oftbat country, are visiting in New
York for the parp?se of studying
American methods of teaching.
- The Armenian in sargen ts recent
ly made n valiant stand against the
Turkish troops in Asia 'sentto dis
perse them, and maintained their
ground although outnumbered.
rr Early Wednesday morning the
pestoffloe at Greenfield, Tenn., was
entered and the ssff blown open with
dynamite. The robbers, got $150 in
money and $550 in postage stamps. ,
- An English farmer has bad sev
eral cate killed, stuffed and placed in
threatening attitudes among the
branches of his fr nit trees. Not a
bird will come anywhere near the or
chard. . .
- A United States flag made en
tirely'-of corn husks, the work of the
High School girls of Atkinson Coun
ty. Kansas, floats. over tbs? State's
exhibit in the Palace of Agriculture at
the World's Fsir. >
- Mrs. Henry Warliek's 15 room
house in No. 8 township. Cleveland
County, N. C., was struck by light
ning during ?n electrical storm and is
almost a total wreok, and the house
, hold furniture was toro to pieoes. The
occupants of the house were cot kill
ed, but'severely shocked. The house
was insured.
- Smith Brooks will be hanged
September 19tb, at Forsyth, Ga., for
the killing of Mr. John Maddox. This
will be the first hanging in that coun
ty since 1847. when a white man by
the name of Hudgins was hanged.
- Dr. B. G. Lightle.was convicted
at Searcy, Ark., on Saturday of vio
lating a grave-digging up a dead man
and having it palmed off as himself in
otder to get his own insuranoe-and
was fined $2,000 and six months in
jail- .
- The state department at Wash
ington was officially notified on Wed
nesday, of the death of Dr. Herran,
the American representative at Co
lombia. Dr. Herran was a prominent
figure at the time of the government
troubled with Colombia over the Pana
ma canal project.
- The Grenadier Guards Band,
England's foremost band, is now play
ing an extended engagement at the
World's Fair. The band is one of
the oldest in the world, and visited
America in 1872 at the time of the
peaoe jubilee in Boston. '
- At Mobile, Ala., last Wednes
day George Mosley and his 7-year-old
son were drowned. The hoy was
handing the father a bunch of fish
when he fell overboard. His father
jumped in to save his son. Neither
I came to the surface again. When the
bodies were recovered- they were clasp
ed in each other's arms.
- Two thousand cattle entries for
the World's Fair Live Stock Show
have heen reoeived. They include
representatives from the herds of all
tho prominent breeders of different
types of oattlo la the United States
and Canada* A number of breeders
from England have also entered the
- Ooo hundred and one Filipino
students have been assigned to twen
ty American schools and oollegee to
Sin an education. It is a part of the
?ular government system to send
th eso Filipinos to the United States
to bo educated and then to return
them to ?he islands to enter the oivil
government servioe.
- In Chicago the action of the
executive boara of the United Botch
ers' union last Thursday night order
ing the members back to the work was
followed next morning by tho strike
committee of other trades involved
taking similar aotion, thus ending the
strike in which the men were beaten
from the start. They will receive less
than; they were getting when they
first walked ont and much less than
first given'them in the agreement
which terminated the original strike
which began. Joly 12th.
- Tho body of the woman supposed
to be Mand Allen j whiehhaa remained
in tho nonna io Colombia for tho
past several weeks, waa buried on
?attrday afternoon. Despite tho !
faot that Pinkerton detectives have
been employed on the case*, ibero baa
np CO thia time been no light thrown
on the mystery.
. i " . ? if? > ?? ? '
- A girl has act idea, that tho rea
son moro men don11 propose to her ia
because they aro afraid she might re
fuie them.
- There ?re a good many ioioles
hanging from domesticity.

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