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^ T-TTrTtTT AL T A mn orriAxi ! ANDERSON. S. 0.. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 21. 1903. VOLUME XXXIX-NO. 18.
Some of you think it's too lato to buy Summer Clothes,
but you forget what a hot month September usually is.
It'll be a good long time before you'll feel the need of
Winter Clothes, and right now we have some exceptional
Bargains to offer you in- >
Prices on the above are reduced from one-quarter to one
third. You'll find some values here, so come in this week
and get them.
Boys' School Suits.
We have just received our first shipments of Boys' Knee
Pant Suits. Good Suits, well-made Suits-Suits that'll stand
hard knocks-made for growing boys. In this department
we'll show for Fall a larger and better assortment than we
have ever shown. Bring "your boy here and you'll find what
you want.
Suits from $1.50 to $6.00.
Boys' Knee Pants at 60o, 75c and 11.00.
Ages 4 to 17 years.
Il Evans & Co,
The Spot Cash Clothiers
I I'S S I ?
jL. j OL e.-s
ifilii V .
Are You Living Up
to Your Privileges %
Are you getting your money's worth out of what you have
to buy ? Are yon as prosperous as your neighbor ? If yon are,
it is because you are trading with us. If you are not, yon are the
man we are talking to. The man whobuys
From us m eeaaon and out of reason, and refuses to take any other,
no matter how "cheap,'' he is the man who enjoya Uf? and carries
a high head, for his soul is never troubled. He has no worries and
ba never frets. He seeks comforts for his tired feet by baying a
pair of our-^
For they are welt named, and, like all our Shoes, axe chook full
of superiority* He buys bia
From ns and rests beneath the friendly shade of his own vine and
fig Ireo, for our Fertilizers do all the rest. They are the best
grades on the market? and that is what he always demands and
what he always get,
WaJfc?T TO BE HAPPY ? Then, come and haye a emile of sat
^faction with us, Take a fall dose of our 'Compound Chroma
Values and tho rest is Peace, Plenty and Prosperity. Chance
customers are sure to become regulars.
Try us, and whenever you think of perfect, un
alloyed Happiness you wiC think .
Xhe yolks that SeU the Good Kinds.
- Earle's majority overMobley, by
official count, was 10,443.
- There has been another knitting
mill established at Walhalla.
- Carroll Hook, the 11-year-old
BOO of John W. Hook, of Bates
burg, was bitten by a mad dog on
- Last Saturday one negro shot
and instantly killed another negro on
Laurens street in the city of Green
ville. The murderer was arrested.
- Two graduates of West Point
from Charleston have left for their
respective places of duty, one in
Alaska and the other in the Philip
- A young negro boy was lynohed
last Friday night by citizens of Lau
rens County for an attempted rape
on a 14-year-old daughter of George
- Because she was "always get
ting up something" against him,
Grant Wright, a Mt. Pleasant negro,
killed his wife with vi axe and th en
out her throat.
- Sam Slater, A trusted oolored
employee of K. E. Dean, of Darling
ton, for the past te.* or twelve yjara,
ran off with $200 tba* Mr. De*a had
entrusted to him.
- Winthrop College dpenend on
Wednesday with every room in the
dormitories full. Dr. Jas. P. Kinard
is aoting president for a while, during
the illness of President Johnson.
- The re-eleotion of T. R. Trimmier
aa Clerk af Court of Spartanburg
County reoalls the fact that there
have been only eight clerke of court
there for more than a hundred yeara.
- Frank Wilson, a white maa, has
been arrested in Charleston on sus
picion of being a member of a gang of
postoffioe robbers and safe-oraokera
who made their headquarters in Co
lumbia last winter.
- After deliberating for more than
an hour over the cass of Harry Dean,
oa trial for murder in Spartanburg
County, the jury entered a verdict of
guilty with recommendation for meroy,
and the mau was sentenced to a life
imprisonment in the penitentiary,
- Sam Marks, oolored, koooked
Hillary Langston on the head with a
scantling at hia home in Darlington
County, making a wound that proved
fatal. In response to a request
from the sheriff, the governor order
ed the negro carried to the penitentiary
?or safe keeping.
- George Taylor, a photographer
at Bennettsville, oommitted suicide
last Thursday morning by ahooting
himself through the head with a pis
tol. It is sain that he beeame alarm
ed ana thought some boys were goinp j
to kill him beoause of a remark he
had made.
- A fire ooourred in the Seoretary i
of Stato's offioe in the State House in
Columbia, and a number of valuable
faners and records were destroyed,
t is not known how the fire origi
nated but it started among the books
and papers. The night watohman haa
been discharged.
- Capt. Charles Donald Clay,
United States Army, has been ap
e?nted commandant of oadetB at
lemso?! College, to report Nov. I.
He is a Kentuckian, grandson of
Henry Clay, and waa retired on aooount
of wounds received while serving in
the Philippines.
- The South Carolina Bureau cf
Immigration haa begun to reach out
into the northwest to secure settlers
for the untenanted farm lauds of this
Sute. Col. B. J. Watson has re
ceived information to the effect that
the railroads of the northwest have
decided to issue homeseekers' ratea
to all points in the South, with the
exception of Koy Wost.
A negro named John Sama waa
killed by a Coast Line passenger train
in the outskhts of the oity of Sumter
list .Wednesday. He ras driuking
and declared to a negro woman, who
waa walking with him, that he was
going to let the train run over him.
Sha said tho tried to pull him Out of
tho way but he was atruok by tho
train end kcooked into the ditch,
dying soon after the accident.
-. It is seldom that a ooroner baa to
report a negro suicide, as snob CEBOD
I ar? vary raro, but it bas baan noosa
sary for Coroner Oreen, of Riobkud,
to look into ons. Marshall Shelton, a
negro living on West Green street,
Columbia, took a dose of morphine
and died in a short time. After an
investigation it was found that Shel
ton bad. been drinking and waa evi
dently temporarily insane.
- Judge Watts in passing so o te nee
last week on a Saluda murderer, took
occasion to comment upon the fact?
that "there ha? he en too much shoot
ing in South Caroline." During the
course of bis remarks he .said : "I
have heard tho soiisitor of the 6th
district say he waa absolutely afraid
to blow his nose ia tho conn, house
beean Be he carried his handkerchief
ia his hip pooket and was fearful that
somebody might take that aa an excuse
I foi shooting him."-Lancaster Enter
prise. '
- The State says ?he oheoks sent
oat frota the Columbia postoffico to
th? rural free delivery carri ers of the
Sute sf v that the delivery of nail
lato tat country by this means is
steadily growing-that the number of
carriers and routes ha? iuoreaaed over
100 per cent, in twelve months. There
ara more thia 400 rural free delivery
carriers working iu the State as
against lees than 800 this time last
year. Over $80,000 a month ia paid
Out there to these carriers, who each
receive now$720 a year as against
only $600 a year up to a short time
List of Jurors for Court of Common
Tho following is the venire for tho
court of common pleas, which will
begin on the t hird Monday iu October :
A. B. Wharton. Corner.
E. N. Elrod, Williamson.
W. O. Cann, Centerville.
J. M. Fant, Fork.
D. J. Tucker, Hopewell.
J. Ch Jackson, Hall.
G. W. Urnbb?, Honea Path.
W. G. Henibreo, Centerville.
J. O. McOown, Vareuues.
M. O. Smith, Garvin.
K. L. Bowie, Corner.
A. a. Bowie, Corner.
J. D. Moore, Garvin.
W. A. Dalrymple, Garvin.
W. F. Garrison, Anderson.
W. 8. Mauldin, Brushy Creek.
R. C. Wilson, Brushy Creek.
D. A. Skelton, Varenues.
W. D. Garrison, Pendleton.
Willie Crame, Fork.
a T. A. Ratliffe, Jr., Anderson.
H. L. McDonald, V?rennos.
W. J. Trussell, Honea Path.
Geo. B. MuLocu, Anderson.
B. Y. Wright, Martin.
John Scott, Brushy Creek.
W. B. Graham. Pendleton.
C. O. Barries, Centerville.
O. BL Poore, Bolton.
Edward Klug, Jr., Brnaby Creek.
Willie B. Glenn, Brnaby Creek.
J. Fletcher McClure, Anderson.
J. M. Hawkins, Jr.. Martin,
W. rv. Dniiivan, Anderson.
Hay mond Beaty, Anderson.
S. H. Finley, Corner.
- Five men wero killed at Port
Arthur, Tex., as the result of light
ning striking an oil tank.
-- Steps ere being taken to ereet a
suitable monument over the grave of
Major Charles H. Smith (Bill Arp),
at Carterville, Ga.
- The five-year-old daughter of
F. D. Harrison, of Selma, Ala., was
barned to death io trying to start a
fire with kerosene oil.
- A delegation of Armeniens is
ocmicg to the United States to *ub
mit their grievances against Turkey
to President Roosevelt.
- Former Vice-president Aidai
Stevenson has accepted an invitation
from the National Democratic com
mute to take the stump.
- A wealthy Frenohmao has start
ed a home for aged animals at his
country piaoe, and now has a mule
73 years, a goose 37, and a cow 36.
- The city oonnoil of Riohmond
has recommended that the oity give
$1,000 for the erection of a monu
ment to Jefferson Davis in that toa?.
- George Tillery, a young white
man living 15 miles from Raleigh, N.
C., killed his mother-in-law and seri
ously wounded his wife with a shot
- About 1,000,000 telegrams are
sent over the wires every day, and
last week 91,391,000 were sent in this
country while 92,471,000 were sent in
- A fire in Charlotte, N. C., on
Wednesday night, starting in the
Piedmont Clothing Company's plant,
caused a loss of $90,000; insurance
was $65,000.
. - The seoretary of agriculture says
that only one of the 89 colonies cf
Gautemala ants that were planted in
Texas has disappeared and that the
other 88 are attending strictly to busi
- Mrs. John Clentz, of Alexander,
N. C., was killed bys freight train
last week. She and her husband were
walking on the track towards their
home when they were caught. He
- Mrs. Minerva Greer, a widow. of
fifty years, was shot and killed at her
home in Scott County, Virginia, by
one of her sons, Robert or Grover.
Each accuses the other. They were
both drinking.
- Train wreokers tried to wreck a
train between Col umbu o ??d Savan
nah ' by piling oroBS ties on the track
bat fortunately the obstacles were re
moved by a freight train without
doing any damage.
- Edward Speegle, aged 13, on
Sunday night shot and killed his
brother Hugh, aged 15, in Barks
County, North Carolina. The. boys
quarreled Over the qaeitlon of which
should go to oharob.
I An unusual wedding esremony
took place at Montreal, Canada, when
Mrs. J. Charron, a widow, and her two
daughters, Lennis and Alexina Char
ron were married, respectively to
Denis Landry, Leon Marte^ and Mar
tine Therrian.
.- Rassis has given her answer to
the American and British notes on
contraband of war, agreeing to con
sider as of conditionally contraband
character foodstuffs and fas]. The
British Foreign office considers the
; reply satisfactory.
-- Two sisters. Misses Mary and
Lissie Kehrsr, of Buoyrus, Ohio,
committed suicide by lying down On
the railroad track and letting the
engine ran over them. They deolared
they were "tired of the straggle for
life and wanted to die."
- James Webb, ander sentence of
death for the murder of his wife and
, mother-in-law in ...Pennsylvania, has
ref used to sign papers for a commuta
tion toa short tara in prison or prob
able repris vs for the reason, aa he da
el ares, that he desire i to ola on sha
- Sheep railing Ln Montana is
profitable. W. H. Taylor of that
Stats visited relatives io Mecklen
burg Co., N. C., recently. He has
12,000 aheap whioh yield about 85,000
pounds of wool sash year. Two men
aided by shephard dog each, take;
care of these sheep whioh grate the
year round.
Sixty Persons Killed tn Railroad Collision.
Knoxville, Tenn., Sept. 24.-Run
ning on a roadbed iu a supposedly nigh
condition of maintenance and having
about them every safeguard known ti?
modern railroading, two trains on the
Southern railway, carrying heavy lists
of passengers, came together *iu u
frightful bead-end collision uear Hod
ges, Teun., to-day sending 51 people
to death and injuring- 123, several of
whom wilt probtu iy die. This appall
ing loss of life and maiming ot th?
living resulted apparently troni the
disregarding of orders given to the
two trains to meet at a statiou whicl
has for a long time been their regular
meeting point. The claim of failure
to 6co either tho statiou or signals
could not bo set up by the engineer of
the westbound train we*e he alive to
entera plea of defense, as the accident
happened in brond day light aud, ac
cording to tho best information obtain
able, ho had the orders in a little frame
in frout of him as his monster of iron
and steel rushed by New Market.
Soon after he came upou an eastbound
train making for New Market in com
pliance with instructions to meet the
westbound train, which carried the
sleepers from the east for Knoxville,
Chattanooga and other southern
The possibility exists that the ill
fated engineer may have been asleep
or that doath had suddenly taken tho
sight from his eyes before New Market
was reached. Edt nothing is known
save that tts orders were not obeyed.
The trains were- on time and not mak
ing over 35 miles an hoar, yet the im
pact as they rounded a curve and came
suddenly upon each other was fright
ful. Both engines and the major por
tion!- of both trains were demolished.
Why the orders were disregarded or
misinterpreted probably will never be
known, as the engineers of the two
trains were crushed, their bodies re
maining for hours under the wreckage
of the monster locomotives which but;
a short time before had leaped forward
at the touch of their strong hands upon
the throttle.
Some of the bodies have not been
recovered, and many remain aniden ti
Gaffney, September 25.- A telegram
was received here yesterday announc
ing the death of Mr. Lee Hill, at Jel
lico, Tenn., who was killed in an ex
plosion in a powder mill. The corpse
was expected here lost night, but in
stead a telegram was received, stating
that the corpse, accompauied by Mr.
Scott Hill, his father, Lee Hilra wife
and four children and a single sister,
were on the ill-fated Southern train,
which was wrecked yesterday, and that
all the parties were killed. The corpses
of all seven of the family are expected
to arrive this evening or to morrow
Asheville, N. C., Sept. 20.-Conduc
tor Caldwell, who was in charge of
train No. 15 of the Southern Railway,
which crashed into train No. 12 near
New Market, Tenn., on the Southern
Railway Saturday morning, is a raving
maniao to-night. This is the staitiing
information which comes over the
wires from Knoxville.
The most sensational denouement
of the tragedy is that Conductor Cald
well, who received the train orders,
which would have saved the collision,
neglected to give them to Engineer
Kane. Kane was killed and Caldwell
escaped. These orders stated that the
two trains were to pass at New Mar
ket, but they were not obeyed, and it
is said now that Caldwell allowed them
to slip his memory, fa some of the
earlier reports it was said that the
fault was due to Engineer Kane,
although the statement to-night shows
that Caldwell was to blame, and stag
gering under the thoughtof his fright
ful error, he has lost his mind.
There were~?? other deaths to-day,
the total list of the dead being 02.
The physicians are hopeful that all
of the injured will be saved. Twelve
funerals of wreck victims took place
in Knoxville this afternoon.
Brushy Creek News.
Our farmers are getting; along fine
gathering their crops. Fodder'has all
oin gathered except some small late
patchea. There is also a large amount
of hay and pea vineB being harvested,
Cotton picking is progressing nicely,
and it is opening very rapidly. We are
glad to note that it is selling at a mod
erately fair price.
The Rev. Mr. Moore, of Westmin
ster, preached at Siloam Sunday after
noon. He has been called tn finish the
unexpired term of Rev. C. L. Fowler,
who has gone to Boston, Mass., to pre
pare for loreign mission work.
Misa Etta Rogers spent last week
visiting in Greenville.
A. S. Buych and Miss Mack visited
at J. F. Rogers' Sunday.
T. L. Hicks haa gone to Greenville,
where he has accepted a position with
the Eagle Milling Company.
John Hood now occupies his new
residence which he has just had erect
ed on bis plantation, lt is the most
beautiful dwelliog in our community,
and a ?ery commodious one-story
Well, we are so bnsy we don't have
time to gather much news, but we will
come again soon. T. F.
Ia Memoriam.
Died, at the home of her sister, Mrs.
W. C. Blanton, at Ci tran tl la, Fla., on
Saturday, Sept. 3rd, 1904, of typhoid
malarial fever, Miss Katie May Gaines,
oldest unmarried daughter of CC.
Gaines, of Lebanon, Fla. Deceased
was born March 16th, 1883, she was
sick eleven days. Katie was always a
kind, sympathetic and tender hearted
child, and since the death of her moth
er, which occurred Dec. 8th, 1003. She
had been her father's mainstay, and
bis grief is very great. She had been
a consistent member of the Methodist
Church for several years, and her loved
ones can indulge the hope of a glorious
reumcn around the throne of God.
Katie left home in ber usual health,
and went to spend a few daya with her
sister at Citranella, and while there
aha WM taken sick. The doctor, loved
ones and kind friends did ail they
could for her recovery butin vain. She
was gently laid to root in the Lebanon
cemetery, near the place of her birth,
jin the presence of a large concourse of
sorrowing relatives ana friends.
Lebanon, Fla. A Friend.
- The Legislative Committee is in
specting the books of the State officers
- John Case, an Alabama tax col
lector, '?has been found indebted to
the State .$9,908 91.
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Office Supplies, Bte, .
1334 Main Street, . - - . Columbia, S. C.

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