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Local News.
f<x Janies Marlin Dies nf Iiis Wounds.
Janies Martin, who was shot hy .Join,
tobbins in a difliculty, which occurred
.ii thc city on tho 17tn inst., died .Sun
lay night ot his wounds. Soon alter
the shooting ho was removed to the
home of Iiis stepfather, J. W. Keaton,
about three miles from the city, and
for two or three days preceding hi?
death hie condition wa? regarded a?
.ncet favorable for recoveiy.
An inquest over tho body was held
Monday by Magistrate ll. V. Wilson,
who nett d ns coroner in place ol T. C.
.j'ruitt, who hail not received his cum
mission. Tile verdict of the jury was
?"hat thu deceased came to Iii? death
from the effects ol a gunshot wound at
tlie hands of .lohn Uobbiiis. Dr. W.
'.{. Nardin, Sr., performed tho autopsy.
lc tound that the hall entered the
shoulder, passing downwind, tractur
n? two ot th? ribs and embedding it
el! in one of the spinal vertebrae.
Mr. Martin was a young mau of
ihoi't years ol age. Ile lived with
lis mother, Mrs. .J. YV. Keaton, at
.vhose home he died. Ho leaves three
brothers, Allen, Mac and Van Martin,
ind four sisters, Mrs. John??. Ki shine,
Mrs. Michael Uobbiiis, Miss Dora Mar
lin, ot Anderson, and Mrs. Julia Ford,
ii New York.
The limerai services were held at
Ebenezer Church, aller which the re
mains were laid to res! in the church
Program For Hie County Fair.
Vhe lollowing program for the Coun
try ?Fair next week has been arranged:
Tuesday, "ct. 4.-(jato open at li
. Vclock a. ni. Exhibition ot cattle
?will begin at 10 o'clock sharp. Knees
. .viii begin at 2 p. m.
Wednesday. Oct. H.-Gate open at *J
.m. ?Exhibition at 10 o'clock of
(horses, colts and mules. Knees begin
-.at 1 p. m.
Thursday i Oct. 'J.-(?ate open at!)
. o'clock. Exhibition of both diiving
and riding horses. Knees begin at 3
rp. m.
All parties wishing to enter stock
'will please make it known to the sec
i-retary as early next week us possible.
There will be .some speeches each
-day, but these will be arranged for
i tater.
The Tace track grounds, a milo above
.ftoecity, have been put in good shape
tfor the Fair, and everything is about
.in readiness.
The Fair is attracting a great of
-interest, and the attendance, as well
aa the number of exhibits, will be
?very large.
The Governor and State officials
"lave been invited to attend, and it is
expected that most of them will bo
able to be present.
Immigration Commissioner Watson
i lias accepted an invitation to be pres
-?ntarid deliver an address explaining
the workings of bis department of the
State government.
F. B. Cray ton, Secretary.
Denver Dois.
lt wan thought that tho heavy rains
'chat fell some weeks ago would cause
the water courses and well? to fill up.
'uut such has not been tho cuse. Never
in the history of this section has tho
-water supply been so scarce. Wells
and small streams aro dry that have
.always yielded abundant supplies ns
tar baek as our oldest inhabitants cun
i remember. Can anyone explain why
such is the case? Tho rainfall for the
oast several years would average about
what it was in precediug years. Then
.why should tho water got lower than
-over beforoknownT
Cotton is opening very fast nod if
Stands can be got to pick it out the
rrields will be bare by 1st November.
The crop ia at least 20 per ceut. short
of what it promised to boin August.
farmers say there will bo no top crop
?on account of rust and shedding. Hut
I af they cnn get a good pricarfor what
they do make they will como out all")
John Martin has bought the old mill
'tract from T. K. Simpson and is put
ting tho mill in running r?ier which
will be a great accommodation to the
eieighborhood in getting their corn
ground into meal. Then the meal
?ground on a water mill is always so
much better than any other.
Miss Mary Blackman lett Monday
tfor Greenwood, where she goes to re
-?unie her studies iu the Lander? Fe
uxiare College, which has been removed
tfr?in "Williamston to that place.
?Rev. 8. W. Henry, pastor of the
?church at Sandy Springs, lmsgoue to
{Walhalla to recuperate from his ro
dent-attack of fever and hopes to be
.-able soon to lill his appointments.
Kev. Coke Mann, of Walhalla,
{preached an able sermon at Sandy
Springs last, ."rd Sunday to an appre
ciative audience.
<W. T. Brown, of Tomassee. spent
^?uwdny with relatives hero. He ls at
rprecent doing some hoe work on ma
. chiocry for J. H. Bowden.
Walter McWhorter has returned
.irom Atlanta and will take a position
-with the Water, Light a nd Power Cotn
spany at Portman. ?
We are having lovely weather now,
with -each-cool nights and mornings
?hat they hint strongly of frost. Our
-3ocal weather prophet says we may ex
?pect frost about Oct. 10th. Watch and
*see if he is correct.
RI rs. Julia Brock, of Hartwell, Ga.,
paid a ?hoi t \iait to her parents recen t -
Mies Bella Btnriss went last week to
'visit her sister, Miss Minnie Wood,
cnear Com nu ree. Ga.
J. L. Jolly has been offered a fair
'vprice for his home place, including the
?Une mirteifll springo, bnt he has not
yet>i?cided'toecceL't. Incncnitn,
At Home p?
Bot snlphnt baths give tellef a
of Rheumatism ind Cont. The
and Internal. wlU caw both of UMMjtfWj
-be In auch fora? that lt can be absorbe* bj
. o f sulphur ever diWWTercd that can tit ?b
ai vc orgun* to
lt ItTfaiKVm'* Greatest ?trn?dl?*. Sae
to cure Bcsema, ACM. Itch, Dandruff, C
Catarrh, Cancer, Sore Mouth ?nd Tb roa
For ?xte*y oil reliable drug?itt*. m
Hancock's Lt quid S
Prepared especially for Burns,Scalds O
Boils. Pile?, Boughaeaa of Pace and Has
Write fox booklet on the cns? ti ve and
Dca til o?a Fenner C??/L-H nf Anderson
Tlu* Tupelo rMtefdatdppi) Journal, ol
tin--Mil ;n>t., contained thu following
notice ol thu death ot* H former citizen
ol ilns < omit}, w ho moved to h?Badopt'
?M1 homo many yearn ai?o. The de
ceased has a wide circle of fi ?ends and
relatives in the county who will regret
to heat of Iiis death :
"Thedeath of Major J. li. Richard
HOU at Ins home in Haldwyn last week
cann* unexpectedly to hin family and
many friends who were deeply grieved
at tho ?ad occurrence. He had been in
in his usual health hut on thu morning
of hi? death lie received a message
that ;yi older brother Was seriously ill
at his home in 1'ickons County, Ala
bama, iii! was anxious to KO to see
hi.s brother but wa? prevailed upon hy
his faintly not to attempt tin- trip and
li nally he reluctantly agreed to do so.
lu a short time after ho was lound
dead, having no doubt broken down
and expired undei tho great sorrow he
was laboring. Maj. Richardson canu
to Leo County from Alabama about
twenty-live yours ago and resided ut
Baldwyn over since. He waa a man ol
line intelligence and character and was
immediately recognized as a good citi
zen and an upright gentleman. Hi
?as one ot thu most valiant ot thu
soldiers of the Confederacy and left an
arm upon the battlefield, lie took au
active patt in all matters ot public in
teiest and waa liberal and progressive
in his ideas. Haldwyn where hu was
liest known he waa universally ad
mired lor his many noble qualities and
Iii death was a personal grief to ?very
citizen of the community. Hu was in
terred at Haldwyu, a large coucou rae
guthei in>r to pay tribute to thu memory
ot their departed friend."
Belton iSews.
Cotton is pouring into town very
rapidly just now and tho gins of thu
Broadway <>il Mill are tested to their
utmost to keep up with the ginning of
thu cotton as it rolls in on many wag
ons. Thu continued season of wann
and dry weather has forced much of
the cotton open prematurely, so the
farmers say. And the crop will be
feathered unusually early. There has
icen no rain here for several weeks,
which bas resulted in the potato and
turnip crops being injured.
There have been many buyers in the
local cotton seed market this season,
consequently the farmers have been
realizing good prices tor their seed.
Thu price has gone as high as ?fci cts.
per bushel.
The Vaughn Contracting Co. has a
contract for building a brick ware
house in the rear of the stores of D. A.
(Jeer & Co., and work has already
commenced. This warehouse will be
used by the firm of I). A. Geer & Co.
for heavy groceries and other supplies.
Work has also begun upon there
modeling of the building of the Bank
of Belton.
A lyceum course of five attractions
has been engaged from the Rice Bureau
of Nashville, and these attractions,
under the auspices of the Belton High
School, will appear on the stage of
school hall during the fall and winter
months. Thu first of these attractions
to appear will be the Bull Concert Co.,
booked for thu night of Oct. t3.
Thu first month of work bas been
almost completed in the Bulton High
School. During this Time the attend
ance has been good and the work satis
factory. The year promises to bea
good oue for the school. One of the
public school libraries, provided by tue
recent Act of the Legislature, has been
opened to the public and is being well
Mr. and Hrs. Cliff Green are visiting
in Belton.
Miss Olive Laiimer has gone to re
sume her work at Converse College.
MIKS .Sarah Gossett, of Williamston,
has receutlv been visiting at the homo
of Senator Latimer.
Herman Poor? bas recently been here
for a visit. X.
Rocky River News.
Thu chi!ley baud of death came last
Friday morning, 23rd inst., at 2 o'clock
and carried thu soul of Mrs. Eliza Tay
lor to eternal rest. Shu bad gone over
to thu home of her son. Joe J. (?ailey,
to spend the night. She woke up sick
and arose and went into her son's room
and told him she was sick and wanted
some camphor. He told her he did not
have any but would gut it for her.
She told nilli there was some over at
tier house, which waa a short distance
iway. He ran and got it and bathed
?UT feet and legs in warm water. He
then asked her if she wanted the doc
tor. She did not answer and he went
jut to catch a mule to go for the doc
tor. Hi? wife called bim back and he
(ot in Oie room lo time to see ber draw
ter last breath. Heart failure was the
.aune of ber death. She bad aspell
he ti i st of thu year and the doctor told
h? m that abe waa liable to die at any
:me. She was a daughter of the late
Ezekiel Hall. She leaves two sisters
iud one brother. She wns twice mar
led. Her first husband was Alford
??uley. She had three sons by bim, J.
I. Galley and A. B. Gailey, of Iva, and
?. B. Gailey, of Anderson. She then
uarried Mr. Beard Taylor, who sur
vives her with two sons, Charles H.
Taylor and J. J. Taylor. She was
?bout 6-t years old and was a good;
;ind neighbor and Christian woman.
Ibu bad been a member of Rocky Uiver
?aptist Church for forty yeara. Her
?ody was laid to rest on the evening of
3rd inst, at 5 o'clock at Rocky River
:ravoyord, ber pastor, Rev. G. M.
logera, conducting tho funeral ser
ious in the presence of a large con
rogation. The pallbearers were W.
Bull. Clayton Hamilton, James Har
iri. J. H. McAdams, G. I. Spearman
nd R. M. McAdam.'.
Rev. G. M. Rogers bas been re-elect
d rn serve Rocky River Church an
ther year.
Cotton pickers are in demand now.
if on
tts (Rheumatism
t once, quieting the pains
anlpbur treatment,external -
bte diseases. But the ?alphur mart
t th? system. Th* only preparation
sorbed by the shin and by the dlgcs
h a certain enre that we guaranlea lt?
ringworm. Prickly Heat, Diphtheria, 1
t. Cum, and sdi dUcascs cf the scalp. Y
pen Borea, Chafed Torts, Raw Surface*,
ids and all Skin Diseases,
toilet uses of Sulphur.
UR CO., BarUaftra, Md.
Harris Bridge News.
Kev. L. Martin has been conduct
ing a protracted meeting at Lebanon,
assisted by an t-vaugclist, Kev. A. A.
Sublett. Mr. Sublet! did .some forcea
ble preaching. Much good was dom
by his nuble, good works. One hun
tired and eight united their hearts with
God, eighty-four for baptism. Mr.
Sublett's home is in Summerton but he
has been travelinK for a number of
years, doing great work for God. Mr.
J. A. Durham, of Westminster, is with
Mr. Sublett us sinning master. May
God's richest blessings rest on our dear
fiieuds who HO faithfully stood by us
in our meeting*.
Mis? Lillie Harriss leaves Tuesday
for Nashville, Tenn., where she KOCH to
take up her studies in college again.
Vve wish for her great success.
Ai thur Hunter, of Kelton, was in our
midst Sunday.
Mian Salim Anlendor, of Anderson,
visited Miss Nellie Moseley and at
tended ('burch at Hopewell Sunday.
Mis. Florence Stevenson, ot Oconec,
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mis.
< ?eorge Kice.
Misses .Way Kiug and Louise lirown
have gone to Gieenville to school.
Lenie Garrison, ot Denver, was a
fliest of relatives here Sunday.
I Mear liai ri? and family spent a few
days in Anderson with kindred.
John Harris has been visiting in An
derson a tew days.
'l in- crops lire being last gathered;
tot ton i* opening very tant.
Tom McClellan, of Williamston, was
in our midst a few days ago.
Th?* baptizing took place at Hope
well Tuesday-'ere this is in ju int.
A Maiden.
Letter lo an Anderson Doctor.
Andenmn, ?S\ V.
Dear Sir: You understand chemistry ;
how'd you like to earn 81,000?
Devoe lead and-ztno-that's the natuo
of our ptriut that takes fewer Kallona than
mixed paint and wears twice as long as
lead-and-oll-ia made of white-.ead,
white-zinc. Its color, turpentine dryer,
and linseed oil.
If any chemist Ands any adulteration
in this paint we'll pay ida bill and f 1,000
It's nobody's business what we put in
our paint, of course ; but we want it
known. For lead-and-zinc end linseed
oil, ground together by machinery, are
tho muil'to paint with ; and lead-and-oll
mixed by hand is nor.
We want it known that ese word de
scribe* the besw paint in the world ; and
that word is Devoe.
Are you going to paint?
Your? truly,
F. W. DEVOE & Co.
P. 8.-W. L. Brisaey solla our paint.
Cured Fifty Headaches
In one day while distributing free sam
Kies ot Nervalgine, and will cure five
undred if I can fiud that many sutler
ors. You run no risk, for lt is harmless,
and it does the work in five to ten min
uten. Four doies 10c. Sold by all drug
A New Jersey Editor's Testimonial.
M.T. Fvncb, Editor of the Phillips
burg, N. J PoHt, writes: ''I have used
many kinds of medicines for coughs and
colds in my family but never anvthing
so good as Foley's Honey and Tar. I
cannot say too much in praise of lt."
Evans Pharmacy.
Tragedy Averted.
'.Just in the nick of time our little boy
was saved" writes Mrs. W. Watkins of
Pleasant City, Ohio. "Pneumonia had
played sad havoc with him and a terrible
cough set in besides. Doctors treated
him. but he grew worse every day. At
length we tried Dr. King's New Discove
ry for Conan tn ption, ana our darling was
saved. He's now sound and well."
Everybody ought to know, it's the only
sum core for Coughs, Colds and Lung
diseases. Guaranteed by Orr, Gray &
Co., Druggists. Price oOc and ?1.00.
Trial bottles free.
Feet Swollen tc Immense Size.
"I had kidney trouble so bad," says J.
J. Cox, of Valley View, Ky., "that I
could not work, my feet were swollen to
Immense size and i was oonfined to my
bed and physicians were unable to give
me any relief. Mv doctor finally pro
scribed Foley's Kidney Cure which
made a well man ol me." Avoid serious
results of kidney or bladder disorder by
taking Foley's Kidney Care. Evans
A guaranteed cure for sore head chick
ens at Cray ton's Drug Store. 14-13t.
Diseases Peculiar to Women.
If Acid Iron Mineral is used according
to directions as an internal remedy,
oras "awash," and no benefit fellows
after using one 50c. bottle, write un and
we will refund your money. Bold by
druggists. Acid Iron Mineral Co.,
Columbia, 8. C.
Cured Hemorrhages of the Lungs.
"Several years slnoe my lungs were so
badly affected that I had many hem
orrhages," writes A. M. Aire, of Wood.
Ind. "I took treatment with several
physicians without any benefit. I then
started to take Foley's Honey and Tar
and my lunge are now as sound as a bul
let. I recommend it in advanced stages
of lang trouble." Evans Pharmacy.
"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot
And Never Brought to Mind."
When you need anything uauallv kept
in Drag Stores don't forget that W?hlte
cfc Wilhite are generallv open from 10 a.
m. to 5 p. m. Lacas Paints, as good as
the bes: and aa cheap as the cheapest, al
ways on hand.
* Oootors Could not Help Her.
. I bad kidney trouble for years,"
writes Mrs. Raymond Conner, of Shol
I lon, Wash., "and ibo doctors could not
help me. I tried Foley's Kidney Cure,
and tho very first dose gave me relief
and I am now cured. I cannot edy too
much for Foley's Kidney Care.'' *It
makes the diseased kidneys sound so
they will eliminate the poisons from the
blood. Evans Pharmacy.
?as- Acid Iron Mineral is set . p?teDi
medicine, but a wonderful combination
of Health Giving factors, miued from the
earth, and comoounded in the Laborato
ry of Nature. It ia of auch gteat strength
that it only takes a "little to do the
work." It cures anch a large percentage
of chronlo diseases, after all else haa fail
ed, that it has won for itself great fame,
the patient oommenolng to improve al
most from the first dose. Nothing will
build up the broken down system so
quickly and permanently aa A. I. M.
Why complain sad suffer because of
some disease w V.cb. undermines your j
health and robs Hie of ita charm, causing
yon to lose hc?- . and succumb to despair
and final I:;1 nature death. Get A. I. M.
at oued, it may snit your csse exaotly.
It has suited tho asan da of others. Trade
A. I. M. mark ott every bettie. Sold by
druggists. Adi Iron Mineral Co.,
Columbia, S. C
When yon need a Shot Gnn go where
jo? g*n ?At (nm what y ou ?rani; or if
you are uncertain aa to what you want,
go where you can ase them all to make
yonr selection. Sullivan Hdw. Co. have
purchased this season the following sin
gle barrel Shot Oona: 230 Iver John-1
eon's, 400 Harrington A Richardson's, i
700 "Nimroda,'' 650 Hopklac A Allan's.
Also the following double-barrel Guns :
SO Remington's, loo ?-Sullivan's Specials,"
144 Belgum's, 40 Winchester Rifles.
This makes a total of 2,194 Gana bought
this season by this firm. .These people
would be pleased to have yon examine
their line of Guns. .
A guaranteed care for sore head chick
ens at Croton's Drugstore.. 14-ISr, .
Evans Pharmacy, the enterprising
1 ?ruggiitH ?>f Anderson, are having nuch
a largo run on "IIIN DIPO," the new
Kidney ('ure and Nerve Tonic, and hear
it so highly praised that they now oller
to guarantee it in every case lo cure all
Corine of Kidney Trouble? and Nervous
They pay for it if it does not ??ve you
entire nat sfantiou.
If you u*e it, it ia their rink not yours.
A flu cent box sent by mail under posi
tive guarantee.
For uale in Anderson, S. C , by Evans
1 harmacv.
Used for Pneumonia.
Dr. J. C. Bishop, of Agnew, .Mich.,1
HBVH, "1 have U80d Foley'" Honey and
Tar in three very HO vere canea of pneu
monia with good resulta in every case."
Kei'uso substitutes. Evans Pharmacy.
lt Saved his Leg.
P.A. Danfortn, of LaGrang?, Ga., suf
fered for Hix month-i with a frightful run
ninu sore on his leg; but writes that
Buc.klen's Arnica Halve wholly cured it
iu livedayv. For Ulcera, Wounds, Piles,
it's the boat t-alve in the world. Cure
guaranteed. (July '2"i eta. Bold by Orr,
(?ray it Co., Druggist.
(PostOllice Block, Anderson.-"Pretti
est Shoe More in the State." Our special
boast : We keep the best Shoea to be
found on the market.
Sullivan Hardware Cl. have just 10
CAived their second lull car load of Load
ed Sheila thia season. Thov do not ban
tile anything but the best lT. af. 0. ' New
Club" and Worchester "New Rival '
Sholls but these, the safe and sure kind,
are the kind the hunters want.
Foley's Honey and Tar is especially
adapted for chronio throat troubles and
will positively cure bronchitis, hoarse
ness and all bronchial diseases. Refuse
substitutes. Evana Pharmacy.
More Biota.
Disturbances of strikers are not nearly
as grave aa an individual disorder of the
system. Overwork, loss of sleep, ner
vous tension will be fallowed by otter
collapse, unless a reliable remedy la im
mediately employed. There's nothing
so efllcleni to cure disorders of the Liver
or Kidneys as Electric Bittere. It's a
wonderful tonio, and effective nervine
and the greatest all around medicino for
run down systems. It dispels Nervous
ness, Rheumatism and Neuralgia and
expels Malaria germs. Only 50o, and
satisfaction guaranteed by Orr, Gray dr
Cc, Druggists.
The Christian
Churches at Constantinople,Turkey, and
Yokaboma, Japan, have long used the
Longman ?fe Martinez Palnta for painting
their churches.
Liberal contributions of L. & M. Point
will be given for such purposes wherever
a choren ia located.
F. M. Sooneld, Harris Borings, S. C..
writes, "I painted our old homestead
with L. & M. twenty-six years ago. Not
painted since ; looks better than houses
painted in the last four years."
W. B. Barr, Charleston, W. Va.,
writes. "Painted FrankenburgBlock with
L. <fe M. shows better than any bondings
here have ever done ; stands out as
though vnmtnbod, and actual cont of
paint was less than 91.20 per gallon.
Wears and covers like gold."
These celebrated Paints are Bold by F.
B. Cray ton, Anderson ; T. L. Hopper,
Bolton; T. C. Jackson, Iva; B. 8. Hor
ton, Lowndeaville. 11-8
Grass and BuBh Blades and Snaths
will soon be In demand. Sullivan Hdw.
Co. have them at lowest prices.
Registered Berkshire Stock Hog. He
is the finest in the country. Services, S2
^ash. Oakland Poultry Yard, Ander
son, S. C. 13-4
(POB? Ollice Block, Andersen.)-"Preui
H-it Suce Store ju tue Mme " Queeu
Quality and Imperial; Walk-Overs and
MONEY TO LOAN for home clients
ou ea>*y terms.
Simpson ?t Hood, Attorneys.
1HE NATION look? to New York as
leader in things photographic, in carbon,
in platinum, in matt tinhih and* all fancy
lightings. The Cl AI. LAGUER STUDIO
sent to the leading Photographie College
of l \ S. for a man familiar with all thees.
He has arrived and is now in charge.
Working Overtime.
Eight hour laws are ignored by .'jose
tireless, little workers-Dr. King's New
Life Pill?. Millions are always at work,
night and dsy, curing Indigestion, Bili
ousness, Constipation, Sick Headache
and all Stomach, Liver and Bowel trou
bles. Easy pleasant, safo, eure. Only
^.'?c at Orr, Gray dc Co's, drug store.
A largo stock of Tin and Grey Enam
eled Ware. Stove Ware, Ac., is carried by
Sullivan lidw. Co , who would be pleased
to supply you with what you want in
this line.
MONEY TO LOAN-A few thousand
dollars to lend on Land for clients. Ap
ply to B. F. Martin, Attorney-at-Law.
Everything needed in the way of re
pairs by the man who runs machinery ls
carried by Sullivan ildw. Co. Mail or
ders receive prompt attention at their
irs A
Local Druggists Guarantee
Its Efficacy or Make
No Charge
We want Everybody Buffering from
any disorder of the stomach, bowels or
liver to call at our store and get a full
?izo bottle of .Sever. Barks"-thc great
German Stomach and liver regulator.
As an evidence of good faith, we ask a
deposit of 50 cents-but If after taking
according to directions, the remedy
does not accomplish all that is claimed,
return the empty or partly used bottle
and your money will be cheerfully,
handed back.
We could not afford to make a guar
antee of this kind, were we not positive
of our position. "Seven Barks" ls not
an untried remedy. It has been on the
market for 35 years with astonishing
There is no remedy on earth that
keeps Its friends longer than "Seven
Barks." There are thousands of Amer
ican families never without a bottle,
nor have they been without for 20
years. Grandmothers, mothers and
children nre all enthusiastic in their
praise. Don't postpone calling for a
bottle. You will not regret it
AH doors now wide open in all De
partments, ,
Everybody invited to come to C, F*
JONES CO. for Dependable Merchan
Style Right,
Value Right,,
Prices Right*
Yes, in Abundance.
Oar buyers are home, and we can conscientiously say
they have bought one of the largest and most up-to-date
Stock of Merchandise ever brought to our city. How, for
Fine Dress Goods,
Shoes and
We will state that no one in TCTpper South Carolina can touch,
us on prices.Theyar? in reach of all.
, We lay special stress en our beautiful lineof-~
Dress Goods and Millinery.
Bight styles, and, best of all, the EIGHT BMCES. .
We have the leading shades to show our friends and ons*
terners. You will dowell to inspect Lessor's Goods before
you make your purchase, as we certainly will'give you right
pri?es. Ho competitorcan touch us in quality and prices.
Oem Waar Big Store and see the beautiful styles in all
department* We hope to be honored with ? call from you
at an early date. Yours fer trade,
B. S,-We haye some beautiful Premiums in stock for
your inspection. Come and see for yourself.
Unusual Attractions
Ladies' Tailor-made Suits.
A Coats,
A Sweaters,
J) Reefers,
y Gapes?
?? Waists and.
' Skirts,
^ Underskirts,
In Greater Variety than Ever Shown.
Misses' and Childrens'
And Hats,
North Side Court Square,
Two Dobra East of Farmer s and Merchants Bank,
Anderson, 8, C.

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