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^ T-TTrTtTT AL T A mn orriAxi ! ANDERSON. S. 0.. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 21. 1903. VOLUME XXXIX-NO. 18.
Copyright 1904 by
Hart Schaffner cs? Marx
Just as soon as you decide that you want the BEST
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B. 0. Evans & Co,
The Spot Cash Glothiers
JL-LXJw f .
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to Yonr Privileges ?
Are you getting your money's worth out of what you have
to buy ? Are you aa prosperous as your neighbor ? s If yon are,
it is tacanee you are trading with us. If you are not, you axe the
1 man we are talking to. The man who buys
From us in season a?d out of sermon, and refuses io take any other,
. no matter how "cheap," ho ie the man wNo enjoya life and carries 'j
a high head, for hie soul is never troubled. He baa no worries and
ho never frets. He seeks comforts for bis tired feet by buying a
pair of our
For they a.?e well named, end, like all our Shoes, are chock full
of superiority. ; He buya hiB
From us and reste beneath tho friendly shade of hie own vine and
fig tree, for our Fertilizers do all the rest. They are the beet
grades on the market, and that is what he always demands and
what he always get. ^.
WANT TO BE HAPPY? Then, come and have*emile of safe
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~ customers fcro aura to become regulara.
Try us, and whenever you think of perfect, un -
alloyed Happiness you will think of
The Folks that Se? tho Good Kinds.
- A farmer ia Lancaster County
has made on 1 aore of land 100 bush
els of oorn and 1,038 bundles of fod
- At Lancaster Wm. Robinson, a
negro preacher, raised a cheek from
$3 to $3,000. He was arrested and
lodged in jail.
- One hundred and seventy-five
bales of cotton were burned at the
depot in Wiunsboro, having caught
from a spark from a locomotive.
- The Mystic Shriners held a cere
monial session and grand banquet at
White Stone Springs, on Wednesday
night, at which time over fifty new
members were initiated into the noble
- Percy Crews, a carpenter, was
shot in the back of the head and in
stantly killed in Columbia by Charley
MoDonald, a painter. They were at
work on the same house and fell out
about money.
- Commissioner of Immigration
Watson has arranged with the rail
roads to run home-seekers excursions
from the Northwest-one in October
and the other in November. One ex
oursion will bring in a crowd for the
State Fair.
.- Owing over a million dollars and
with assets of only a little over a
thousand, W. B. Smith Whaley, the
financial supporter of several eottoc
mills in South Carolina, has goao into
voluntary^ bankruptcy in the district
cu uro at xSQl- .ry a.
;- Deputy Revenue Collector Gus
Aiken seized an illicit steam distil
lery near Greenville, and also seized
over fifteen hundred gallons of beer.
Three negroes were seen in the dis
tillery but all esoopt one managed to
make their escape.
- The State campaign of 1906 is
going to be c. hummer. About eight
prominent names have been mention
ed in connection with the governor
ship and half a dozen men are meas
uring Ben Tillman's shoes. There
will be something doing that year.
- General Wilie Jones, the State
Democratic Chairman, is working on
an address to be given out to the
Democrats of the State, urging them
to vote in the general eleotion. The
address will not be issued until just a
few days before the election, sud will
be sent out all over the State.
- There has been some discussion
as to whether any vacant Clemson
scholarships oan be filed from some
other oounties. Attorney-General
Gunter has decided that suoh vacancy
oannot be so supplied. Any county
not supplying applicants for any year
merely loses the scholarships for that
- Several classes of ohildren from
Sunday Schools in Greenville spent
Saturday in the fields picking cotton.
A prominent farmer was in the oity
to seonre help, and failing to secure
it he called upon several Sunday
School teaoheu who responded by
taking their classes to the fields and
working, spending the day in pienio
- Moaning, S. C., ia an enter
prising town. She has a stump fac
tory, whioh is fast clearing away the
old stumps left by the turpentine in
dustries of that seotion. It has been
found by scientific investigation that
the pine stumps are rich in spirits of
turpentine, oil of tar, creosoto, ace
tone, noetic aoid, etc., and that these
oubs?anoro can be obtained by a pro
cesa of distillation.
- At Kershaw, in Lancaster Coun
ty, last Saturday night John Morri
son, a white man, waa lynched within
four hours after he had killed Will
Floyd, another white man. Floyd re
fused to loan Morrison ten cents, and
the latter shot him twice, killing him
instantly. This was the fourth man
Morriaon had killed, having been
acquitted only a few montha ago of
killing a negro at Camden.
- Sam F. Hurst, town marshal of
Mayaaville, was killed last Thursday
night by J. Ed. Anderson, the rail
road agent at that place. Hurst made
threats against Anderson during the
evening, and waited on the platform
until he started home. Hurst ia said
to have provoked the difficulty and
advanced on Anderson with a pistol.
?nderson shot him sin times with a
oik's automatic pistol, every bullet
passing through Hurst's body.
Hurat'o pistol was found laying by his
body. . .
- R?v. W. H. H em phill, father
of General Hemphill, while pas
tor of the lower Long Cane Church
met a man in the road who ahowed a
disposition to stop and talk. The
?tranger told Mr. Hemphill of his
great misfortune in the burning of his
house. He lost everything. Mr.
Hemphill waa sympathetic in his
speech and generous in gift. Hand
ing the old unfortunate man five dol
lars, all the money he had in his
pookflf.- he asked him when the fire
ocourred. The reply was: "Twenty
eight years ago last March.''-Abbe
ville Press and Banner.
.--The railroad commission baa re
ceived from A. H. Plant, auditor of
the Southern Railroad, a communi
cation in regard to the rules as to the
eolleotion of claims.. The commission
in ita last annual;report called atten
tion to the fact that the legal ma
chinery for collection of olaims
against th? road waa ?low and cum
bersome. The auditor statea that
since this report waa put ia tho reta
haa changed its ey ote m of paying
claims, and has established the office
of special route agent for thia State.
Thia agent has visited 110 stations in
the State, and haa paid 13,764 olaims.
In addition to thia the Southern bas
ou deposit with connecting lines over
. $600,000 for other olaims.
- Greater Now York has an epi
demic of typhoid fever, 441 oases re
- A woman was fined $50 at Bir
mingham, Ala., for carrying conceal
ed weapons.
- Sixteen dressmakers at South
Orange, N. J., have beoome brides
within tho last month.
- Richmond county, Ga., which in
cludes the city of Augusta, is prepar
ing to have a prohibition election.
-- J. E. Holmes died at Brewton,
Ga., on Thursday from a congestive
chill brought on by drinking too much
ice water.
- Gows on the track caused the
wreok of a passanger train at Linwood,
Mich.. Several persons were injured,
the engineer fatally.
- Tho Republicans have a cam
paign fund already of over ?7,000,000,
and the chairman hopes to make it
$10,000,000 before he quits.
- The Chinese in Manchuria have
been unable to harvest their crops on
account of the war aod the winter will
likely bring much distress.
-.Near Little Rock, Ark., a boy
shot his father and killed him be
cause he would not stop abusing his
mother when he asked him to.
- Texas leads every other State of
the union in railroad mileage, the ag
gregate, according to the Texas state
railroad commission, being 11,563
- Next to Eugland and France,
Germany is the greatest creditor na
tion of the world; that is, has the lar
gest amount of capital invested in for
eign countries.
J- The finance committee of the
Richmond council decided to recom
mend that the city give $1,000 and a
site for the proposed monument to
Jefferson Davis.
- Believing that a colored teacher
had been appointed, 700 boys and girls
went on a strike and prevented thc
pupils from entering one of the public
schools in Chicago,
- By au almost unanimous vote the
United Citizens Club, of Philadel
phia, a non-partisan organization of
Jews, has decided to support the De
mocratic ticket this year.
- A negro committed an assault on
Thursday on Mrs. Thomas Boggan
near Patton, Pa. Mobs were after him
on Friday to lynch him, but the offi
cers got him out of their way.
- A needle nearly two inches long
has been removed from the knee of
Mrs. Davis Thomas by Dr. E. F.
Apeldon, of Berwyn, Pa. The needle
had entered her' right leg about 30
I years ago.
I -Three miuers were crushed to
death at the Old Andover Iron Mine,
at Hibernia, N. J., another was so
badly injured that he will probably
die and two others were seriously
hurt. Nearly twenty tons of rock
fell on the men.
- There is in Chicago, aocording to
a news dispatoh, a firm of stock bro-,
kera that begins every day's business
with Bible reading, a hymn and pray
er. It is alleged that the firm has
found the "admixture of religion and
business to be very advantageous."
- Aa engibe ran into a wagon load
ed with dynamite at a little village
ox Long Branch, Md., causing a terri
fic explosion, killing the engineer and
a brakeman and wrecking several hou
ses. The concussion broke windows
of houses half a mile away. ?
-The military court of inquiry have
made their, report to the governor of
Alabama recommending that Co. F, of
the ' Alabama National Guard, which
waa on duty at Huntsville when the
negro Horaoe Maples was lynohed, be
mustered out of servioe for ineffi
ciency. - .
-Louis F. Carmiohalj a carpen
ter 60 years of age, of Winston-Salem
N. C., ahot and killed his wffe, aged
50. then out the throatof his 12-year*
ola step-daughter and committed sui
cide with a. razor and pistol. It was
all because hie wife, refused to live
with him. j
- In a rainstorm at Mariette, I. T.,
twenty miles north of Gainsville, Tex
as, lightning struck' sud killed three
small boys and seriously injured two
others. The boys killed were all
rideing on one horse at the time, while
the two were on another horse. Both
horses were killed instantly.
- Twenty thousand dollars to es
tablish a home for drunkards' wives
in the State of Iowa is one of the be
quests of the late Jamas Callahan, the
eooentrio philanthropist millionaire.
Mr. Callahan waa a strong advocate of
temperance during the latter years of
his life and gave freely to the cause.
- According to railroad men, the
wreck on the Southern Railway near
New Market Tenn., will cost the com
pany nearly one million dollars in set
tling death and injury claims. The
disaster was the most serious ever
known on the Southern. Tho destruc
tion of property will be a small con
sideration eompared to the amount
which will have to be paid.
- An insect supposed to be a boll
weevil has been found in Covington,
Ga., on the plantation of L. F. Duke.
Charlea G. Smith subjected tho insect
to a microscopic examination and com -
Eared it to an enlarged picture of the
oil weevil issued by the department
bf agriculture and ho .finds it to be
practically identical with the gens
nine Mexican boll weevil. They had
not been discovered until the reoent
hot, dry weather, but they are becom
ing quite numerous now.
- Rev. C. C. Jacobs, oolcrcd. has
been nominated by the Republican
oonventiou of the Seventh District as
a oandidate for Congress.
Corner Creek Comments.
It is hot, dry auddusty-well, every
body knows, we presume, hence there
is no use commenting un the weather
just now.
Our farmers are being kept quite
busy now picking out their cotton,
which is opening so fast. About halt
of tho crop has already been gathered,
aud the Heida are heavy ladened with
tho white lieecy staple.
Miss Madena Bigby left last week
for Greenwood? where she hag accept
ed a nine -mont hs* school several miles
below that point.
Quite n number of our people will
attend the fair thia week at Anderson
and expect a royal time.
Our public schools will Boon open, as
the cotton picking season is almost
over, and tho many children should be
ushered into the schoolroom and there
receive instructions from those who
are fully capable of imparting knowl
edge to them eo-thcy may become bet
ter men and women. Tho McAdams
school of our immediato community
will again be under the efficient con
trol of Miss Luuie Wright, tho Bar
ker's Creek Behool will be taught by
Mrs. A. B. Shirley, while the patrons
of the Long Branch school have
secured the sei vice of Miss Liz/.ie
Tom Jones, from near Brewerton,
spent Sunday hero very pleasantly
with the fair sex.
Messrs. Jackson and Dusenbery, two
young sports from Anderson, were
here for a few hours Sunday after
The Barker's CreekChurchbasunan
imously called Kev. Chas. E. Burts for
another year, ind it is to be boped he
v. :?? accept.
Our good friend and neighbor, F. A.
Shirley, lins recently beautified the
appearance of his premises greatly by
having his house re-painted. Mr.
Shirley truly believes in having things
fixed up inproper styleandconsequent
ly secured the very best painter to be
found; hence ho employed W. H.
Amerson to do his work. Tyro.
At rlyin.n's Altar.
Last Wednesday morning at 0.30
o'clock a large congregation of friends
and relatives of the happy couple
assembled in the Methodist Church
here to witness the marriage of Rev.
S. H. Booth, of Boykins, S. C., and
Misa Pearl Russell, daughter of our
clever postmaster, B. F. Russell. The
ceremony was impressively performed
by Rev. A. J. Cn ut hen, and at its con
clusion the contracting parties depart
ed immediately for the home of the
As Miss Raseell, the bride was ac
knowledged by all who knew her to
be one of our fairest and most lova
ble and accomplished daughters, being
a graduate of Williamson Female
College. She is cultivated in mind as
well as heart, and being possesned of
rare personal beauty, *?bo ia well cal
culated to adorn the home of the young
minister who has won her heart. For
several years Miss Russell has taught
in the graded schools of our city and
she was one of the most zealous work
er^ in the church and Sunday School.
The groom is one of the most promis
ing yoting ministers of the South Caro
lina conference, and indeed the happy
couple start life's journey under most
favorable circumstances.
They are attended by sincerest con
gratulations and best wishes from
their numerous friends. A Friend.
Williamston, Oct. 1.
Latest War News.
Chefoo, October 3.-Chinese who
left Port Arthur Ootober 1 and were
previously engaged in burying
the dead says the effect of the Rus
sian shells and machine gnus ia ter
rible. The slopes of a high hill were
littered with mangled bodies and
severed heads and limbs.
In one trench the Chinese buried
300 Japanese and 200 Russians.
While it is true that the regular
water supply of Port Arthur has been
stopped by the Japanese, the fortress
has other supplies which cac bo taken
only when the oity falls.
The garrison of Port Arthur cow has
sufficient food,but the supplies of tin
ned meats are nearly exhausted and
the troops are cow slaughtering thirty
donkeys daily for fresh meat, which
is worth $1.20 per pound.
A private letter reoeived here today
from Port Arthur, dated September 23,
gives further details of the fighting
from September 19 to September 22.
The attaok began with a heavy bom
ardment directed against nearly all
the Russian outposts and many o' the
main forts. The shelling of the re
doubts protecting the water-supply
of Port Arthur was tremendous and
bightfall of September 19 found them
reduced to the mere heaps of debris.
The garrison of the redoubts there
upon retreated safely to the main
fortifications under the cover of dark
ness. At 4 o'clock the same after
noon the Japanese assault on High
hill began. The Japanese pian of at
tack never varied. First a bombard
ment again and another assault. The
desperate determination of the Japan
ese to capture this position amounts
to fanaticism, their efforts never
ceasing during four days. 1
Tokio, Oot. 3-The navy depart
ment reports the destruction of an
other Russian ateamer while dearing
the mines at the entrance of Port Ar
thur. The report of the loss of the
Japaneset?unboat at ihe Port is un
founded. ^
Rome, Oot. 3.- A telegram from
Chefoo, asserts that General Stossel,
in command at Port Arthur, bas or
dered all the women and children ex
cept the nurses to leave the Port in
order that food and water, which are
scarce, may last longer.
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fore it made a bonnee.

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