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Local Kc w&.
W KD.MM?AV. j)|>0. '-'":- "L
Her.::: of Mr. I'aul Sha pc.
Paul Sharpe, :i int i vt? of t ?. f -s ??ty,
'.mt n i;?)'o tioliiu foiseveral yoais fias
!?<..?!. :n (iivfi>iiiKllUlii. die?; Wi-d
lesdav"morning |n lauiisvih Kll?
?m,I ..'MU ?II ill !>i al i lt foi * tunis
.uni with t hit hopis "ii- 1 h?'
.\ i- (aki*ii .?loon t wo u ti
saiiuiaiiiim iii l.ouisvilli'. .ot
improve, liowcvci, itu 1 tl
\V< iliu silay HMM ni ii j.',
Mt . Sh.u pc was wei oin
i:ity will??? li? was hon . .i'll. Hts
lott heiii in ls>*'Sai??l wont ...sh vi lie,
TeiMI., ?hele lo- engaged lu III?! lui
n i turo business A low years ugo ho
?nov.M io 1 l?iiii?iij?h;tni, which plans
waa his residence at thu tmo- ol his
death. i?. wan v?ry successful in lu?
i u - : : ? i . - s ail.ins, heilig u niau ol' go ul, |
sound judgment niid o', this highosi in
li'^-i ity in all things.
1I<i iviis tho second son of tin- late
Capt. W.N. Sharpe. .Ila;- oily, lie
wa? about I?) y ia is of ago and leaves ...
widow am! i-i.i- i i,M? io cheri h hm
?non.ow. flin iv i Iii was Mis? Meli?
Scutltla'i of lins county. Flo h ave* be
sides: hi- luuihi't three hioihi i s ami :
two sisters, Loyis >iiaipe anti Percy |
Sharp, ol Nashvilh-, \. lt. Sharpe ami
Mrs. C. li. Co h I?, ol Hi - city, itiiu Mrs. ?
ft, S. Do? ling ol Bamberg.
Mr. Sharp?' ?as prominent in secret
ortlet . anti l'or a lum! was Chancellor
Commander ol thu Knights ol i'ythias
'ot tile .Malo ot' Tennessee.
'l?o- remains iver? brought to th?
city ami in terrell in lita cemetery ol
the First Presbyleihui Church l'inlay
morning at i<> o'clock, tho funeral os
CH'?H'S hoing coililucletl hy Kev, Mr.
Prospect News.
The health ol' thiscommunity is very
xooil at this writing.
Mrs. .N.J. Campbell ha? niovetl to
her new residence.
Mr. Vickory anti on? of hin friends
I'roui Georgia have recently been visit
ing Mr. Thomas (Jirani ami family.
Prof. \V. W. Hall ami family visited
M.I.. Campbell Inst Suntlay.
.J. lt. ICskew ih now remodeling his
old house.
Th? school at (his placo has closed
antil ai ter the holidays.
Mi-. John Reynolds, of. this section,
.tas'.Moved lo Shirley's tinily lunn be
low iii'! ei'y, where ht; will tah o a posi
.l/i?i*i Matti?' Holt has been visiting
her m K. V. McCoy, rocentl>
Mt- I A. K. and N.M. Cuuipbo:!
have been visiting at jUartinsvilie-re
cent! v.
./.vim A. Holt ?ill mnvo his saw mill
La The old M'aylor nlautation altor
We ure glad to seo the farmers hold
; ag their cotton, U. L. li.
December '21.
beautiful Country Weddin";.
At the hcutttifill country homo nf
"Mr. anti Mis. J. A. Woodson. in Ander
don county, their dnughter, .\Ii*s
Kiright, wan married to Mr. J. Rowley
'Yawn Thursday a* Hu, m., Kev. li. J.
Williams oili cia! i ag.
Tile home was tastefully decorated
-ami was lilied with the friends of tho
happy young couple. After tho cere
mony H superb supper was served
which was participated in and enjoyed
.by all.
Today Mr. Yawn carried his bounti
ful bride to thu h onie of hts mother
cu Greenville county, near this city,
where they will make their home.
.Hero there WUB a reunion of tho happy
rparty of Thursday night, and tho in
fair dinner was served. Tho day was
.??joyed by all.
The bride is a most attractive young
lady and tho groom is ono of Green
ville's most progressive farmers,
Greenville Herald, iJlth inst.
To Grow Wool From Cotton?
To the Editor of Tho News and
Courier: 1 herein eueloBo you a elip
"niag for your inspection from the
??tate of last Saturday. You will note
3. have marked a paragraph which
states that Commissioner Watson is
very much interested in growing wool
-JU cotton stalks.
Throe years ago I wrote you 1
thought such a thing possible, ai?d you
wore so amazed at my wantonly wad
ing into tho ways of incredulity that
you turned it away as a huge joke,
and advised mo to try ami raise a breed
of sheep that would grow cotton" on
their backs in lieu of wool; that ann n
Ute cottontots such a breed would ne
.exceedingly popular, and soon.
Now, to save my veracity, here cornea
the news from Columbia that a larmer
there is raising wool on cotton plants.
What are you going to do about it
-iiow^ Do you advise this farmer to
destroy this wool producer anti in lieu
thereof introduce ti sheep thal ?ill
45TOW a cotton rather than a woolen
.coat? Hardly. However, 1 must re
mind you that the juke is*on you now.
Some of you fino writers think you
tiaven patent on all itleas, while wo
fool farmers hold a first mortgage on
tho. .vin of Ananias, or aro cycling on
Asphalt to Bedlam. But accept my for
giveness, to* every advanced idea
since the family of Cain, in tho land of
Nod, began the arts, down to the Hy
ing machinery, has been pooh poohed.
Vegetable wool will come. In the
.cotton seed if. found an oil very much
like the oil in wool. The miBcroscopo
reveals the cotton (ihre to bo porous.
?Sotue man will soon lind some way to
get cotton seed oil into the cotton libres,
then we will have a wool which will ri
val the fleece of the Persian lamb.
In the article st nt jon, you will note
.also that u emart Vau kee wants to es
fubYtah fir silk mills in South Carolina.
For two or three years a factory in
- Germany has been making a high
grado Mik often island cotton: never
\hft? u skein or cocoon of silk gone into
Chat Ta i; lory, and slr A nco to say not a
yard ot cotton cloth has come out of
Jlh*< factory-all ?ilk.
QTheaecrot hun been guarded with ntl
filue diligence, bur. ?Iiis Yankee coming
soaear ibo sea islands ami wishing to
out up nix silk mills makes me think ho
? baa discovered the Cern?an secret of
making silk ofcuttou.
Tf silk can be made of cotton then mi
i one can gainsay that wool can hu made
of cotton. Preach up your low country
cot? mi, tell.it in Catii and publish it in
Askalon. A. W. Brabham.
Olar, S. C., t?o*. 93.
"The follow i njr .j^ the paragraph to
milich M iv H rn h lia rn refers:
"Another iii.til>.r which is engaging
"MT. Watson's aiii'iiiiou ia the proposi
?uou ?;?<> grow wool on cotton stalks. On
Afr. K. C. Keenan's farm near tho city
experiments aro being made in many
|ands of cotton hybrids. One of these
ii? ttl e. "Japanese wool,' a cotton of a
.ooarse crinkly fibre, told of in the State
"Mr. Mansion, of California, a great
mirnee engineer here recently, told a
.woollen goods" manufacturer of this
s plant, ondit is possible that attempts
v. will he made to mix. ?ha fibre .with
Miirrinjf? of a Popular CoupD.
T|ie home <d Mi. .li :<->. ('iiM;>l?i !1. ol
l'on it v il !.*, u ?is i i i . - M'I m- ut ?1 s et \
pioity IIIIIIIM wedding hod Tuesday
at f i II inn ai ; o'clock, w ia n M >>s Stella '
I ii 11 nul . t am pin ii ia ca III e Mis. Way
III Ul llOggS,
I'lui patio] w ILS tastcl u My di.rated ?
witli evergreens and ch ryson them urns.
Thu tu di- wont a handsome brown
suit \\ itli white trimmings, and curried
a bouquet of white clitysotithoinums.
Thu maids in attendance won- shirt
waist hints ol becoming shodes.
Kev. W. IL Haw lillis ul Ami? ison,
Aflei tim ceremony II dainty menu
wan served in thu spacious <Iiu
Tho /mom is the Mind si.u or ?ir.
John .'. Hoggs, ol Mus place, ?nd a
promising vom - business man.
The bude i* Mm eldest daughter ??t
Mr Ji'sse Campbell. ."' 'u?"
fiai.WP!-- \ o.iug woman. .
I Im iiiuny nieiiils ol this popular
>/ii inj? couple u i - li for them a long lite
?il urospciif.t and happiness.
Ali lend.
Tiiwnville, S. C., Dec. '.'I.
Notice Veterans.
I will beal Anderson court lmii.se on
Ho- M. 'id. Uh 'Mil. '>Mi, Titi, 1 Ith and
..*7;!iut January, ]'.">'>, lor the purpose
ot pii paring pension applications to bu
placed before comity pernuna board.
.1. .1. ('iliuer.
I 'elision Commissioner.
I a tesl War News.
Tokio, Dee. 20.-lt took ten honra
ni the hardest kimi of lighting to cap
turo Ki ku nu lort which loll into the
linnda of the Japanese December ISth.
Tim for ti bea lion was finally taken at
the point ol' the bayonet, i'la* garri
son was practically cxtci minuted.
Tokio, Dec. 21.-Ad m i ral* Togo, tele
graphing under dato of December 2'J
"After 20:? Meter hill was occupied
as thc result of ii gallant und desper
ate attack by the besieging anny, the
bombardment of the enemy's squad
ron by the siege and other heavy guns,
became, effective.
"The battleships I *ol ta via and lletvi
7:111 were sunk and subsequently thu
battleships Pohcdiunnd i'ttoaviot, the
protected cruiser ralada and tim ar
mored cruiser Sevastopol escaped the
land batteries and left tim harbor De
cember !> und anchored near dientan
......ml 'Ol. _... ...... .1. ...I ?I...
mountain, ? noj were niioci.eu UK
cont innoosl v by our torpedo boats and
ht-nivly il iiiiiii.'? i|,
" I'lii' stieiitf'll of the enemy lill?
buen complete'.) crashed. Only ll
weak gun-boat, the Otvashnt, and
several torpedo boat destroyers remain
"limier Hie circumstances our com
bined Meet bas been removed, UH it is.
unnecessary to continue the blockade
of Port. Arthur, which has been main
tained since May the first. I have ar
ranged for closer watch for the ships
attempting to run the blockade Mid to
walch for the remnants of the enemy's
"During the blockade we Hollered
(rom tho enemy's mines, both bini and
flouting on tim Hens, and from the
dense fog.
"The cruisers Mikado, Salven and
Yoshitm and HntsiiHO and tim Kainton,
a gunboat, and tho 1 lei ven, a const
defense vessel, were sunk and many
gallant and loyal officers and men were
killed. Hut we succeeded in main
taining the blockade.
"When the enemy emerged fruin the
harbor our licet, with tho support of
the siege guns mid the anny succeed
ed itt crushing nearly all the enemy's
squadron. <>ur second squadron so
heavily damaged tho Viadivostock
squadron that it hus M nco been unable
to leave the port."
The Annual Report of Gener?! Leonard
Washington, Dec. 2b.-Gen. Wood,
commanding the department of Min
danao, Philippine division, in his an
nual report to the war department
says that the troops of the department
have been in the Held a great portion
of the year, quelling armed uprisings
and preventing slave trndo and kin
dred a bu sea. Ile say.-- that in almost
every instance actual lighting was in
itiated by the Mores.
"Conditions among the il/oros
throughout the department are gen
erally peaceful," says (ien. Wood, who
adds": "The establishment of civil gov
ernment and the extension over them
of certain laws and regulations hus
caused some excitement and at times
serious resistance, especially (he law
prohibiting slavery, slave dealing and
slave catching, in some sections ac
tive hostility lias been engendered by
our presence, especially in tho Lake
Lauao region, where almost constant
murderous attacks on workingmen nud
soldiers were tho rule unfil Ibo effects
of the recent expeditions tn the Ta ruca
side of lite lake, combined with exp?
ditions to other sections of tho Lauao,
were felt by the Moros." The power
of the Moros of that section he says
bas been completely broken.
Continuing, the report recites: "In
Jolo affairs are quiet. The prompt
crushintr of Hassan's uprising has
made a deep impression on the people
and the abrogation of the li?tes agree
ment hus done much to bring to an
end the unfortunate conditions which
existed nnder it. In the upper Cotta
bato valley Dato Ali is out with a
small following. Ali lins always been
a bad character, a gambler, a slave
dealer, and has declared that he will
not obey tho laws, especially the slave
Ali's party, tho report adds, is tho
only band of Mores now openly hos
tile and it is hoing followed by troops
anil scouts. Gen. Wood anya it is not
believed there will beany serious re
sistance of authority by the Moros in
the future, but there will bi* constant
work ?f n police character requiring the
use of troops and constabulary.
Women Agree Not to Kiss.
A little red button worn by sumo 300
womeu, old. nnd young, married and
indil'ercnt, among the leading social
sets of the City of Mexico marka a new
ileparttire, or rather a new step, in
iirogress. This littie round, red but
ton signitit-R membership in what is
known na the Anti-Kissing League.
Members of uhe league1 take solemn
pledge* but put it on thogroand that
tiesing is contagions, or, rather, the
neons of conveying cont* s i ms diseases
'rom one fair hp to another.
There is nothing visible to the naked
>ye in the constitution of this league
igninst kissing other members of the
female persuasion, and, in fact, the
tract ice, aside from the supposed dan
cer of infection, is decidedly, to the
unie sense, not only deplorable, bat
mnecessary. When one woman takes
. wo or three minutes of time in a street
?ar to kiss three or four women before
tlighting from the car she certainly
Mutates the golden rule by ranking afl
hose passengers wait. How far thia
tew league will conduct ira offensive
ind deft mi vc campaign remains to bo
leen.-Los Angeles Times.
'.>.?"'.?, .< ODO Drinks.
All. flUOfiV'lJOO? ?" " ? I ' -1 ' < lld ii ! , V.'llO
ia - .m up .i iii.*.! u? !i ?arc?, >vrile? i?>
Thc N< ivi ?lui Courier ??.- (olloy/.-; *
* * v\*ii AI *in yow illili!; of lin- .Jo**
pilt'ChlthC of I'M ?ll made l-V th'.- jJ?*r<l "l
C introl in (Columbia f u th'" pjverty
htricken Stale in tU run sense? Thc j
awards analyzed l,ial 117,700
trallon* oi mm were bought by the !
I!,?ard; ?hat lri.'!,0?)0 bottles of the
: ?HM' iiery liquid were bought, or a to- ,
t il of lfj-1 Ballons were forced OD j
this people. When you confider that j
the above quantity represents D,2f)8,
.i>inks, or about seven drinks for
every i: u III an being in the Common
wealth, i.^ it not shameful that such
un iniquitous l.iw should prevail?"
Vc?, it i- "Shameful," but wu cao |
?lo iioiliifii; about it. Tho State has
authorized thc trafli<. und \s pushing
t ie business lor ail it is worth. The
larger the Hales, the larger the profits, j
Thc moro whiskey consumed, the moic
convincing the balance i-licet when it
is submitted to thc General Assembly I
for judgmcut. The greater tho number j
of drunken men, the more money for
teaching of the children in the public
schools. Thc larger thc increase of
crimes by violence in thc State, the
mire business for thc lawyers and
Courts, with incidental benetitn, of
coarse, to the undertakers, who have
c illina to sell, and to the merchantP,
who deal in mourning goods. There
ought to be at least DOO violations of
tho law in 9,258,000 drinks, and if the
Dispensary shall dispose of anythiDg
like the whole of its Christmas stock,
there will be a strenuous time iu South
Carolina before the present holiday
season is over. "The great moral in
stitution" is a great moral failure, a
reproach to tho State aod an offence to
decency and good order.
We have been fighting the aystem
ever since it was established. It ia
growing steadily worse. There are
s mic r> i >< ti -? linn tho pet ?plu aro bf pi n -
mug io ace ii in ali Ld uideuas de
formity, but it will go OD until the
people get strong enough to overthrow
the machine by which it is controlled.
Thc ?tate is dominated to day by the
Dispensary, lt is worse than the open
saloon, because the saloon could bc
regulated, and Xhe Dispensary is aboie
t'ic law. There ought to be a lively
Christmas in South Carolina this year
with seven drinks of dispensary whis
key apiece for every nun, womau aud
child in thc State.
- Walter Masey, a colored boy who.|
was sentenced to the chain gaDg from
Richland County for stealing a watch
has been pardoned because he dis
covered a plot among some of tho con
victs to poison one of thc guards, aud
reported same to the officers.
If you want a good Stove, one that is
fully warranted to give entire satinfao
tlon, you should call on Sullivan Hdw.
Add Iron Mineral our OH all skin dis
eases. Has cured Eczema of 40 years
HU M di n g and ls king of germicides. \
Hold by Druggists.
When you buy your Stool Plow Shapes
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cept those manufactured by the Towers
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is manufactured from highest quality
steel. Each Plow ls properly set and
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sold exclusively by Sullivan Hdw. Co.
who have eight car loads of them now on
Boy's Life Saved From Membranous
"My little boy lind asevere attack of
m mibranous croup, and only got relief
niter raking Foley's Honey and Tar,"
say? C. \V. Lynob, u prominent eltizen
of Winchester, Ind. "He got relief after
one duse and I feel that it saved the Hie
nf my boy." D m't be imposed up?n by
substitutes ntlered for Foley's Honey
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Cured Fifty Headaches
lu one day while distributing free snm
ples ot Nervalginn, and will cure live
hundred If i can iitid that uinuy ?oiler >
ors?. You ruu no ri-<k. for it is harmless,
and lt linea the work in ?ve tu ten roin
utcH. Pour do:ea 10c. Sold by all drug
A Household Nc ossify.
A good liniment is a household neces
sity. Elliott's Emulsified Oil Liniment,
mosts every requirement of tho,hoane
hold and barn yard ia a moat satisfac
tory manlier.
Full 1-2 pint bottles 25ote. Evans Phar
Straight Fact?.
A whole lot of fanoy phrases oan be
written about remedies, but it takes
facts to prove anything-good straight
facts. And the strongest fact you ever
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ttfrct from the start. ? AH druggists have
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and dont dare take a substitute.
MONEY TO LOAN-A "few thousand
dellars to lend on Land for clients. Ap
plv to B. P. Martin, Attornoy-at-Law.
(Post miloo Block, Anderson.)-Pretti
est 8hoe Rtnrn in the State. Seen our
big Now stock? Everybody welcome.
A kidney or bladder trouble ctn al
?-sys bo cured by using Foley's Kidney
Cure in time. Sold by Evans Phar
Say .'Murrays,"
When vou'vo got a hid cough justs
say "MU RB A YB." If a druscglst gives J
you any thing but Murray's Horehound,.
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best and surest oongh remedy, jfeoke
bim give you Murray's. Acte quicker
md yon get s bos. Blas bottle lor 25e.
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A Thousand Dsllar'a World of Good.
Vi have been afflicted with kidney and
bladder trouble for years, passing gravel
ir stones with excruciating pain." says
\. H. Thurn??, a woU known coal opera
ar of Buffal o. O. "l got no relief from
medicines until I began taking Foley's
Sidney Cure, then the result was sur
arislnir. A few doses started ths bi ich
lost like fine atones sod now I have no
pa'n across my kidneys and I feel like a
ior nan, It hts done nae a 91,000 worth
>f good." Sold by Evans Pharmacy.
I iva! tit'a C.VU**"T Conferred by lian
^?TfT Liquid Sulphur.
ip*r*\.\" gland* < f the fare harboring
0nuiii.ii du ! part <.!..??, causing acm
iii?) most prevalent facial bleuii-jii auiung ,
An tllViCtivo tonic for the ukin. Han
r'ock'ri Liquid buIphur enlivens tb? ta
nial glands to action and alford* a bright
complexion, thu? enhancing uulural ;
Hoing Nature's greatest germicide, |
liancuuk'H Liquid Sulphur cure? eczema, |
acne, Itch, herpe*, ringworm, pimplen,
prickly heat, diphtheria, (catarrh, canker
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mouth, nose, throat, Hcalp and eyelids,
i'u.' 11 M r.n.I acalde bave in it an effective
Commit vour druggist and write for
booklet to Hancock J. quid Sulphur Co.,
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A Timely Topic.
At thin HOHHon of coughs and eoldn it ?H
well tu know that Foley's Honey and
Tur is tho greatoat throat and lum; rem
edy, lt eures quickly and prevents a? ri
ot s results trouiaoold. .Sold by Evuns
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l'aiut given to churches whenever they
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Coughs, Colds and Constipation.
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lar, that they contain opiates which are
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ticularly for children. Foley's Honey
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(Post Ollice Block, Auderson.) -"Prettl
eet Shoe (Store in the State." Queen
Quality and Imperial; Walk-Overs and
Report From the Reform School.
J. G. Gluck, Superintendent, Prunty
town, W. VB , writes: "After trying all
other advertised cough medicinen we
bavo decided to uso Foley's Honey and
Tar exclusively in the "West Virginia
Reform School. I lind it the m o?i effec
tive and absolutely burmless." S>ld by
h-vann r-hurujttuy.
Worst of all Experiences.
Can anything be wor.?e than to fool
that every minute will ba your ISHI?
Such was the experience of Mrs. S. H.
Nowson, Decatur, Ala. "For thvt-e j
years," she write?, **I endured icsuflor
able pain from indigestion, stomach and !
bowel trouble. Death Reenied inevitable
when doctors and all remedies failed. At i
length 1 was induced to try Electric Bit
ters and the result was miraculous. I !
improved at once and now I'm oomplete- I
ly recovered." For Liver, Kidney, j
Btomacb and Bowel troubles ElsetHn !
Bitters is tho only medicine. Onlv 50a.
It's guaranteed by Orr, Gray & Co.,
Notice is hereby given that tho bra'tb
of the pbople of this county is in im-!
minent danger and munt be taken cure ?
of. It bas been decided that every pre
caution be taken to prevent prolonged
cases of pneumonia, grippe, etc. The
best thing lo do is to give a gond cough
mixture nu noon as the cough M'RDH.
LEIN AND TAR. Only 2?c. a bottle.
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Dr. II. !> Heese ba* Opened Iiis
<>;.ti<!ul I'jt iwr Over Atkinson's
l>i jvr Store.
Thy pfoplft in BU I around Andor^oii
liavo long tOlt tho nord of an *x ilusivo,
up-to-date optician v.ho will l>e per
manently locatod among theto. D-.
Iteeee, being aware of this Cacf, bas open
i d his ollico over Atkinson's Drug Store, j
::orner of Depot Bud Main streets, and
will heroaftor l)avo his permanent oflico |
with UH hore io Anderson. Those who
nave and are now having trouble with
their ?yon, eau at any time iind hisollloe
opon, and a welcome if thev should de
sire to consult him. Dr. Hores ia well
known among UH, and han many pa
tient* in and around Anderson that will
testify to his ability to correct the most
rtbhtinato CMHO of refraction of the eyes.
Ho oomea among us endorsed by the
leading professions, haa all the leading
methods "f examination, and it ia worth
your time to vialt his office and lind out
ihe true condition of your oyvs hy the
moat improved systpm for refracting the
eye in ibo ?South. Dr. Reese ls a member
of the Optical Association of South Caro
lina and lias Lia diploma from a recog
nized colloge of optics.
"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forget
And Never Brought to Mind."
When you need auytblng usually kept
in Drugstores don't forget that Wilhite
<V. Wilhite are generaliv opou from 10 a.
m. to 5 p. m. Lucas Paint*, as good aa
the best and as cuoip ai tho cheapest, al
ways on hand.
Attention Merchants.
We have great inducements to offer
you in Hosiery, Pants, Overalls, Drawers,
Piece Goods, etc. We will bo in our office
for tho next sixty days. Buy from us
you get the mill prieee. We save you
the jobbers profits. Call on na and be
convinced. We are selliug the largest
and closest buyers in the country.
Commission Merchants and Mill Agents
That Throbbing Headache
Would quiokly leave von, if you used
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of aufferors have proved their matchless
merit for Sick and NervouB Headaches.
They make puro blood and build up
your health. Ooly 35 cent?, money back
if not cured. Said by Orr, Gray & Co.,
W. A. Herron, of Finch. Ark., says,
,4I wish to report that Foley's Kidney
Cure has cured a terrible case of kidney
and bladdor trouble that two doctors had
given up." Sold by Evana Pharmacy.
Is the thing which purifies the blood
and makes the digestion what it
ought to be-that is
Under its use the entire system is
kept in perfect condition-the skin
becomes firm, smooth and clear.
Try it thoroughly and you will find
it successful. WLOW
To One
And AU
And that your New Year will
be full to overflowing of ail
good things.
We also THANK you just as
heartily for patronage so libe
rally bestowed upon us?during
this year, and hope these very
pleasant relationsSwill con
tinue inde?nitely.
Tours very truly,j
Are Medicines that will cure the dis
ease they are recommended for. We
have a Sp?cifie for "Blood Troubles/'
and many people have been cured with
it. It ia
and will Cue any "Blood Trouble,"
whether inherited or contracted. No
testimonials cited, but we have num
bers. u
?hone 182.
Evans' Pharmaoy,
To Make the Closing Month the Largest
in Sales of the Year.
If you are out buying Dry Goods of any description or
iny kind of Wearing Apparel, we want you to come thia
vay. Wo have what the people want-right style, right
values for the money.
New Dress Goods. j
Prices from $3.50 to $25.00.1
Prices from $7.50 to $15.00.
Prices from $1.50 to $20.00.
New lot of
Special attractions and low prices in the Millinery De*
Our Clothing and Gents7 Furnishings Department is
ready to fill your wants in great shape. Men's and Boys'
Q-ri?f-.*?. OvAronofa. *S?^a- S?d ?TT?,>TR H?j.*? Q? ""A^d" ffiBJ3
We are prepared to supply the trade in good, dependable
merchandise. The people are buying the Goods, and we have
them to sell, and ali we ask is a chance at y ou-what we
spread before you will speak for themselves.
We will heartily welcome every one that will come.
Head-to-Foot Outfitters,
For Men, Women and Children.
Wewi?hlfco thank our friends aha
S ?'?*!. *'?'*'''.- ?' 1 ' . "? ' ' ? 'l* v.*' f.'*' ? .V- /.??-?"?> * ' ?"li's- V;.;; ?'
customers foi the liberal patronage
given us during the Christmas season.
Our trade far exceeded pur ezpecta*
tions, and we hope we shall continue
to merit and receive your future trade.
Wishing you, one &nd all a Merry
Christmas andi a thappyland prosper*
ons New Year
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers.

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