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CalciDtvas tfljvouulc.
11. A. DE COUiICY, Editor.
~~ T ~ 1
; lurdaj, Xoveniber 1,15.11.
Arable Land In Calaveras.
;-inCe oor last issue we have journey
< 4-aver a goodly portion of our county
in a northward and westward direction,
ntirl were truly surprised at seeing the
rast quantity of arable lend, suitable
lor nil pur|K)ses of agriculture, of the
existence of which we had*no previous
conception. As the foothills of our
mountain range are approached, the
most lovely valleys that it is possible to
conceive greet the eye from the sum
mits of the knolls over which the road
passes, spreading out in broad savannas;
or, nestling like some fairy nooks amid
the spurs of the great sierras that tra
erse our State from'one extreme to the
other, seemingly invite the wanderer
there to make his future home.
All tfrese valleys are more orless wa
tnredVand the abundance of wild' oats
and other herbage now scattering their
ripened seeds upoi* the unclaimed soil
give sufficient token of bhe fertility of
the land; and the yet green grass and
,unfading shrubs and trees that border
the streams and rivulets of the bottoms,
an; proof that living springs of pure
water can always be 1 obtained in abun
dance for the ordinary purposes offarnr
ing. Occasionally, too, a comfortable
log cabin, or even* a snug-frame house,
embowered in a pleasant grove, meets
the- eye,- with the requisite outhouses,
k rails and other appurtenances of a well
to-do ranchero, w-hile his lowing herds
and flocks, feeding upon the rich bot
toms and grassy slopes hard by, are
such as 10-giv-e the traveler as he passes
a-feeling almost of envy for the posses
sor of the quiet home scenes spread'out
before him.
Among the many beautiful spots that
attracted our notice, none created more
pleasant sensations than that of lon
Valley, situated about twenty miles
from this place, in a West-North-west
..Snreat] out over cea of
location has been taken up by the enter
prising. settter, To clhlms of oim hundred
. and'sixty acres each; An excellent and
almost level wagon road passes through
the valley to*Sacramento-, a distance of
forty-five miles, with a branch to Stock
ton, which is but a few miles farther,
* giving the inhabitants- the choice of
* markets Between the two great depots
of the interior.. The majority of the
dwellings in the valley are substantial
and well built, with.strong,.though neat,
fences to protect enclosures from the
incursions of cattle. In fact, from the
disposition of every thing connected
with the various homesteads in lon, it
would appear that the inhabitants have
not gone there for temporary purposes,
but to establish permanent homes for
themselves and their families. There
is no deficiency of wood for building,
►-and other purposes, as is the case in
- many portions of the State, but the val-
Iby ill dotted here and' there with beau
tiful groves of fine oaks, more resem
bling some carefully kept park tbaa a
recently settled neighborhoods The
great amount of travel,, too, daily pass
ing through this lovely section of our
county, will soon render it one of the
most thriving pastoral and agricultural
communities in California.
Shipments of Gold Dust.— We have
beard a great many persons complaining
that the diggings in and around Mokelimme
Hill were nearly worked out. This argu
ment, however, is seldom advanced except
by those who have not the energy and per
severance to work, or by some whose inter
ests lie elsewhere. If the increasing semi
monthly shipments of gold dust, which we
shall publish regularly are not proofs of
, the richness of our placers, then for once,
sftguroe fail in troth, and we have nothing
more to say. The shipments made-, by
Messrs. Newell ft Co.’s Express, from Mo
kelumne Hill, for the two weeks ending
October 29th, to go by the mail steamer
Tennessee, which leaves San Francisco to
day. were $37,281 76. In the above is im>
eluded an exchange account of over S4OOO.
This, we are informed is an increase Of
mote than S9OOO over and above their last
Mini-monthly shipment.
We experienced a slight fall of rain
»n y evening last; not enough,
i*wev*r, e' en t*Vct the group!.
The Cor rts of Calavqas Coca- j
TY - —Fully impressed with ne idea that
a correct administration of justice by
the Courts lays at the Animation of all
our rights, and that the fieode ought to
watch narrow ly the proceedings of their
judicial tribunals, ami lie constant
ly informed of the manner ii which the
laws are administered, it is our inten
tion to lay before the public from time
to time such of the matters transacted
in tlit several courts of the County as
we may deem of interest to the people.
Besides our Justices’ Courts, whose
jurisdiction is confined to their several
townships,, we have four separate and
distinct tribunals, whose jurisdiction
extends over the whole Ccnmty.
They are as follows; the Probate
Court r the Court of Sessions, the Coun
ty Court and the District Court. The
times of holding the several terms have
already appeared in our colums.
The Court of Sessions has been in
session during the past week, and is
constituted as follows: Hon. William
Fowle Smith, Presiding Judge; S. D.
Ball, Esq. and J. C. Scribner, Esq.,
Associate Justices.
The Grand Jury have been m a-tten
dance, and have found bills of mdict
meot against Peter J. Jewell, for steal
ing a watch; John Green, for horse
stealing; John Donahue and Jose San
tos Rojas, for murder. The two latter
offences were committed at Mokelum
ne Hill. Judge Carter having been
appointed by the Court counsel for
Green, filed an affidavit and moved for
the continuance of his case until the
next term of the Court, on the ground
of the absence of witnesses material'to
the prisoner’s defence—which motion
was overruled, and rhe trial set for Fri
day of this week at 1, p.m.
Peter J. Jewell having plead not
guilty, was put upon trial before a-jury,
H. T. Huggins, Esq„, appearing as
counsel in bis behalf. The evidence
was entirely circumstantial, and there
was great doubt as to the identity of the
watch which the accused was charged
with havincr stolen. The prisoner pro-
Htg in the county the last eighteen
months, and sustained a fair character
for honesty, integrity and industry. The
jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
James L. Trask, Esq., was appointed
by the Ceurt County Clerk, to fill the
vacancy occasioned by the death of L.
A. Collier.
The indictments against Donahue
and Kojas being for capital offences,
this Court has not jurisdiction under the
Statute, and the papers will be sent to
the District Court which sits at Jack
son next week, when the accused will 1
be arraigned* to answer the charges al
[ Ifedged against them.
Appointment of County Ci.eek.
The recent appointment by the Court of
Sessions to the office of County Clerk, of
James L. Trask, Esq , who was defeated by
a mnjority of one hundred and twenty-eight
votes for that same office, in the recent
elections, has created no little dissatisfac
tion in all classes of the community. The
choice of the people, as is clearly shown by
the election returns, fell upon Mr. B. H.
Williams, he having received the largest
number of votes polled in the county. The
reasons assigned by Judge Smith, the pre
siding Judge, we are informed, are that the
election by which the choice of the people
was made manifest, was illegal, and that
the Statute provides for the filling of va
cancies by appointment from the Court of
Sessions. This may all be very true : but
if so, who committed the illegal act of or
dering this said election, when the office
was already legally filled by appointment 7
The County has been put to great expense
by this election, and, as we are informed,
is likely to be mulcted in a still greater sum,
by the refusal of the present incumbent to
give np his seat without a suit at law, which
will in all probability engender a series of
litigations that will last until April next;
when, the County Clerk elect at the last
general election will go into office, and thus
put an end to a political warfare i>bat will
by that time have east the County thousands
of dollars, and benefited it not one cent.
We are pleaeed to learn that 8. IV. Ball.
Esq., the Assoeiate Jnetice frem this town
ship. dissented from the appointment. The
objections of Judge Serftaer were over
ruled by J udge Smith.
A new paper has been established
at Culm***, called the Colum
bia Star
Wolves-kke Quartz Mining Com- I
past.— One of the richest quartz veins
that we have seen in this section ot the
State is that owned by the company
bearing the above name. Their vein
was first discovered in the bed of a ra
vine running through Jackson, the coun
ty seal, while a party of miners were |
sinking a hole in search of placer wash
ings. On a visit recently made to it,
we wire truly surprised at the immense
thickness of the ledge, and the great
amouilt of gold evidently diffused
through it. We examined a number of
specinens, every one of which glittered
w'jth l|e precious metal. In order that
we might be fully satisfied of the value
of thejead, the Hon. Win. L. McKim,
one ot,the Assemblymen elect from our
count), and a share-holder in the com
pany, went with us to the vein where,
upon Growing a little water upon the
rock t* wash off'the dust, we conld see
shining particles of"gold tolerably even
ly distributed through all parts of it.—
Mr. Sterns, an agent of the Messrs.
Rothschilds, has bought a large interest
in the company, and Is now making ar
rangements to hava suitable machinery
put ujs with all possible dispatch. We
are indebted to the gentlemanly polite
ness of Mr. McKim for much informa
tion relative to the quartz veins in the
neighborhood of Jackson.
Fatal Affray. ---Last Sunday night,
About 11 o’clock, a dispute arose between
a German named Henry Mittway and a
Chilean named Jose Sfcntos Rojas. The
cause of the quarrel, it seems was a wo
man witli whom Rojas was living, and who
had been an acquaintance of Mittway’s in
Chile. Rojas stabbed Mittway in the ab
domen, and at the same time cut himself
in the wrist severing the arteries. The
German lived until Monday evening, when
mortification took place, and he died. The
Chilean was taken into eastody by Deputy
Sheriff Gull, and has been sent to the Coun
ty prison, at Jackson, to await his trial on
an indictment for murder, the Grand J ury
having found a true bill against him.
Mh. Editor.—Believing you to be as
much interested in the advancement of this
;mg orlipr VPsidgnt cit
the qoiumns of your paper, a few proposi
tions to the miners and others of this neigh
borhood, which I consider conducive-ta the
general good. Although the last six months’
experience in the mines of this vicinity has
convinced me and many others that im
mense wealth Hes hid in the hills adjoining
this camp, yet the extent of claim which;
each man is permitted to hold, appears to
me too limited to encourage miners in the
prosecution of new discoveries lim no ad
vocate for monopoly—not one of those who
would allow any grasping speculator to set
his foot on the apex of one of these golden
hills, and by means of hired men and ficti
tious partners set himself in the position of
Alexander Selkirk and exclaim, “I am lord
over all I survey.” .No-: in- order to give a
fresh impetus to discovery something must
be done, that shall appear like giving a pre
mium to industry and perseverence. I pro
pose that the miners of this camp be in fu
ture entitled to an area of thirty feet square
per man, in diggings so deep as those* f Mo
kelnmne Hill. I consider it it. particular
hardship for tthe adventurous and enterpri
sing to be-re-striated to the limited extent
ef fifteen ftet square, because a. mines may
work day and night to sink his shaft with
in the aforesaid limits, and find r aiten get
ting down, that his idol lies in the claim of
some lucky caballero, who walked about
town while he wax hard at work, and only
took a cla’in for the purpose <>t disposing of
it when tie discoveries of others Had made
it saleabb. A -Vli«ek.
New kt.BANT.---A very rich quartz
vein has ieen struck at a place called New
Albany, ibout half a mile north of Angels
Camp. This is the most astonishingly
rich mint we have heard of being discover
ed in Calfornia, one pound of the quart*
rock hatng yielded nearly SIOO of gold.
The vein was struck by Messrs. Davis &
Co;, wbooave washed from, the surface dirt
sl6 to tb 100 pounds.
pa* Ve are indebted to Messrs Gilbert
& Go», ofche Alta, for a slip from their of
fice eooUning an account of the arrival of
the clrppr ship Challenge. She was out
onchunded and eight days from N. York.
The sKp ame through Reynolds, Todd &
Co.’s Exress, forwarded by the indefatiga
ble J. W Gregory„of San Francisco.
I chicken was killed a few days
since at he New York Flat, which, when
disseetei, yielded fifteen cents worth ef fine
gold wh h was taken from the craw. Our.
devil thvks “ the muggins must have found
rich digio’s, aid that the boys killed him
’cause b would not tell them of ’em.”
Mexican who is working a claim
at San .ntonio, brought into town a few
days ag, a beautiful lump of pure gold that
weighe<four hundred and seventy-five dol
lars aodwenty-five cents, which he dug
out on u«day last.
Meeting.— -Pursuant to notices which
were posted up around town on Wednesday,
calling a meeting at the Lnipire to take into
consideration the propriety of sending a
posse of men to Jackson to retake the pri
soner Rojas, and try him before a jury of
citizens, a large number of peop?e assem
bled. The meeting was addressed by Chas.
A. Leake, Esq., a member cf the bar, ex
horting the people to commit no rash acts,
and showing them the folly of making, such
a movement as was designed, when his case
would be disposed of according to law in a
very few days, before the District Court,
and advised them at the same time of the
dangerous consequence of establishing such
a precedent as was proposed. The majori
ty of the meeting felt the truth of his re
marks, and the assemblage, after some de
lay, quietly dispersed.
ggSr A special term of the Court of Ses
sions has been called for Saturday the 6th
of November, to hear and decide upon the
claims of Mr. Waterman H. Nelson, for the
Sheriffalty of Calaveras County, he having
given notice of his intention to contest the
election of Mr. B. F. Marshall to the said
Mr. William McDowell has also given
notice of his intention to contest the election
of Mr. L. A. Coring for the office of Justice
of the Peace in Township No. 1. Both the
above cases will be decided upon on the
same day.
♦ • •
The Grand Jury have ignored the
bill for manslaughter found against John
Donahue, the constable, for tilling Joseph
Alexander, the young Polund'cr, and have
indicted him for murder in the first degree.
Donahue’s trial is to come on before the
District Court, Judge Creanor presiding,
during he ensuing week.
The company of Mr. John Saunders
has struck a quartz vein at Amadore, of
which, the dirt in tho immediate vicinity,
yields an average of one dollar per pan.

Papers.— To the ever attentive Mr. Wil
son, of Brown’s fast stage line we are in
debted for the prompt delivery of the first
papers received in town during every even
ing of the past week. Last night, Mr. Wil
son, hearing that all the stages were very
heavily laden, and one of them likely to
breakdown, hired a horse, and having
out upon the road several miles met tWe
stages, and returning with his packages
supplied - his patrons with their matter full
an hour and a half before the stages got in.
Such enterprise is certainly deserving of
<Aanj ratonViPT "OMrWWftrhofffltT TfctffiS'-
age of a generous public, This, (Brown’s)
is known as the Eureka Siage Line, and
carries Reynolds, Todd & Co.’s Express
,through-, tuwhom. we tender our thank.* for
repeated favors.
f Nice and Comfortable. Messrs.
Campbell & Weeks have lately opened a
saloon and reading-room on Main street,
above Lafayette, which,in its finish and ap
pointments, reminds one of the old States.
The room is brilliantly lighted each even
ing, so that in any part of it one can read
with facility. All the principal papers of
I this and the Atlantic States, together with
English, French, and Spanish papers, are
always kept on file, free to the public. It
is a quiet resort, where one can read the
news, take a cozy game of backgammon or
dominoes, or, if inclined', find without go
ing out of the house, as-delicious beverages
as can be obtained in California. Such a
place has been much needed, and we are
pleased to learn the proprietors are likely
to be well rewarded for their enterprize by
an extensive patronage,
Jewelry. —We ciCll the attention of
our readers to the advertisement of Messrs.
Barrett & Sherwood, manufacturing jewel
ers of San- Francis*©, which will be found
in another column, Wo have the pleasure
of a personal acquaintance with these gen
tlemen, and knowing them to be finished
artists and courteous gentlemen, feel well
assured that all, who call upon them wheth
er on business or not, will' b© amply repaid
for their visiir.
It is with much pleasure that we recom
mend all our. friends in want of a clean and
pleasant shave, to the barber soloon of Mr
Edwards, on Centre street. It has not its
equal of the kind in town.
To the enterprising firm of Newell & Co.
we are under obligations for repeated fav
ors Mr Clark, who carried on th© busi
ness of this firm so successfully for a long
time at Sonora, having exchanged agencies
with Dr. Steinberger, has come to live
among us, and will no doubt soon render
himself popular with the people of the Hill.
_ We would remind our readers that
there is a fine line of stages now running
between the Double Springs and Angels
tamp. This line wjll greatly facilitate
merchants and miners in their communica
tions and business transactions, both at
the termini! and on the road. The line
has been established 1 by Messrs. Hughes &
f \igf~ Avis.
-A une assemblee de la Com
pagnie des Pioniers de Crochets et Echelles
pour Fe Feu, de Mokelumne Hill, tenue dans
la soiree du 20 Octobre dernier lea per
sonnes suivantes ont ete elues officiers de la
dite compagnie, savoir :
President, Thomas B. Wade.
Vice President, J. E. P. Weeks.
Secretaire, Geo. H. Campbell.
Tresorier, Green Kellogg, fils.
Syndics du Feu, J. S Maxwell, DanieL
F. Clark, and o co. P BruiH- nl It/
La cordiale entente qui s'est toujoura
manifestee entre les mineurs americains et
franoais, chaque fois que la difference de
langage, et plus encore quelques mauvais
esprits, n’y ont pa?mis obstacle, s’affcrmit
et se propagc de jour en jour d%ns toua les
placeres; et les honnetes gens des deux na
tions, qui Torment, heureusemenl, I’im
menso majorile des travailleurs, y puisent
avec la securite pour 1c present, une ferae
conbanoe dans I’avenir.
C'est pour cooperer a cette harmonic, et
a I’efficacite de ses resultats, que les redac
teurs du Calaveias Chronicle ont, des
leur premier numero, et dansl’interet com*
mun, fait appel aux sympathies franqaises,
et prorais, en mettant une de leur* colonnes
a la disposition de nos compatriotes, d’y
fftire inserer par un de ces derniers tout
ce qui peut les interesscr comme citoyens
franoais, en meme temps que mineurseali
forniens. Appele a remplir ce devoir, nous
y emploierons, adcfaut d« talent, honnetetev
du moi-ns, impartialite et desir tres-vif
d’etre de quelque utilite a nos amis, soit en
main tenant toujours notre belle et shere
France sommairement presente a. leurs es
prits dans les diverscs phases de sa rfe po
litique interieure et dans ses rapports avec
les autres nations du monde, sou en grou
pant periodiquement sous leurs yeux toutes
les nouvelles califerniennes importantes
pour les mines, le commerce et I’agriculture.
Nous tevminons, et nous serons on cec>,
sans aucun doute, I’interprete de la conr
toisie frangaise, en remerciant de leur
bonne et TraternelTe pensee messieurs les
fondateurs du Calaveras Chronicle,
dont la simplicite toute modeste desirait
seulement qu’on demandat grace pour la
redaction de leur premiere article a notre
usage- special. A. G.
Nous rappelons a nos concitoyens d-i
comte du Catvaverasque dema’n, dimanche-,
a lieu, a 2 heures de I’apres-midi, dans la
tente dite “ Societe de I’Union,’,’ la reunion
qui a pour butrde fonder une caisse de se
cours; et nous esperons que leur amour da
bien leur fera un devoir d’y
de leurs lumiere* la discussion Jtnr les
moyens les plus propres de mener a bonne
fin une genereuse st fecondc pensee.
—Lc Mokelumne regorge de saumons,.
et I’on en peche en quantile, dit-on, sur
tout a quatre ou cinq ntilles au-dessous de
Middle-Bar. Plusieurs de nos concitoyens
ne pourraient-ils pas exploiter avantageu
semeut cette Industrie. Le poisson se
vendrait parfaiteaent a Fourcade,. et dans
tpus les environs.
Mokeluhne 3111, 29 Ofctobre 1851.
La compagnie s-’est asscmblee, suivant
avis, (Jane I l * roaisoo db Messrs. Meyer &
Le record de I’sssemblee precedents fut lu
et approuve. Le comite appointe pour so
licitor des signatures a la constitution
partm les residents strangers, rapport®
qu’il a vaque a ce devoir, et que les noma
de la. majorite des residents ctrangers en.-
gages dans Jcs affafres. ont etc obtenns.
Le comite des crochets et echelles rap'
porte qao les crochets commandes, soot
presque finis, et qu’ils seront prets dans
peu de jouts.
Le comite des finances mpporte qu’il a
realise et mis en caisse la somme de cent
trente-cinq piastres, et qu’environ le meme
montant a ote souscrit mais non-payc.
Les syndics du feu rnpportent qu’ils ont
fait defaire plusieurs cheminees de poeles
qui etaient dans une condition incertaine,
et qu’ils n’en connaissent que deux autres
qui requierent leur attention. Lesproprie
taires do ceux-ci ont ete avertis, et requis-de'
les defaire, ce qu’ils ont promis d’executer..
Sur motion de M. Kellogg, il a ete vote
que deux crochets seraient places et tenus
entire la maisoii Empire et la bouohcrie de
M. Sears.
Sur motion de M. Clark on rote qu’un
crochet et un bateau seront places du cote
d’cn haut de la rn&ison mexicaine-, troia
portes plus baa que la Ceberiana.
Sur motion de M. Goodwin on vote qu’un
crochet ct un rateau seront places du cote
and du magasin de MM. Maxwell Brook
& Cie., et le crochet et le rateau reatant
au cote aud du magaain de MM. Kellec &
On ordonne que le comite dee crochets et
rateaux aoit continue en office.
Ordonne, que le secretaire procure des
placards imprimea en Anglais et
mentionnant ou lea cinq crochets et ra
teaux sont tenus.
Ordonne* que lea nomi des officiers de la
eorapagiiie seient publics dans le Chronicle
du Calaveras en Anglais et en Francaia, et
3ue la depense de la dite publication soit
efrajee par la eaisse de la compagnie.
Thomas B. W ade, President. /
Geo. H. Campbell, Secretaire. '
Les obseques du marechai Sebastian*
ont eu lieu le 12 aout aux Invalides. Pen
dant le service, la flamme d’un cierge a.al
lurae nne girandole pendue au-dessus, eb
I’incvndie s’est propage avec rapidite dans
les draperies dont I’eglise etait tendue. La
flamme a detruit le catafalque dans lequel
etait rcnferme le corps du marecbal, qui n’a
ete sauve que parce qu’on la retire a
du feu.
Le maitre-auiel a ete brule, ainsi qua-lo
pilastre lie plus rapproche. Quelquee dra
peaux suspendus au plafond ont aussi ete
par les flammes.
assemblee reguliere des Pioniers de Cro
chets et Echelles sera tenu a la maisonde-
MM. Meyer & Robinson, rue Main, vis-a
vis MM. Thcate & Cie., Mercredt Soir,
Novembre le 5, a 7 heures. Une assist
ance ponctuelle est requise.
Par ordre du President.
nl It Geo. H. Campbell, Sec.
J3&* Avis. —Bureau des Letlres Fran
coises.—Messieurs les Francais resident a.
Fourcade et environs, sont informes qu'ils
peuvent retirer leurs lettres ehez Monsieur
Lavaud, negotiant, rue LafaveHe-, »

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