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Mohelumne Hill, 91ar. 19,1853.
[For the Chronicle.]
All among the pines’ green tresses,
Bending in the western blast,
Where the raven and the vulture
Croaking, screaming, hurry past;
Where the storm in winter rages
As the rains come pouring down.
And the hot sun dimly enters
When the summer months come on.
Let me rest awhile and ponder.
Lounging by my faithful gun.
For my limbs are weary climbing.
O’er the mountains in the sun.
There is grandeur all around me.
On the earth and in the sky.
In the white peaks far above me.
In the river rolling by.
There is music stealing gently
All my wearied senses o’er.
In the cooing dove’s low murmur
And the pines that round me soar.
Grand and solemn peans chanted
On their windy organs wild,
Like the broken hymns of slumber.
In our dreaming when a child.
List! the west wind rising gently.
Wakes the zephyrs from their sleep,
And the river tumbles headlong
Down its canons dark and deep!
List the clash of ringing shovels,
And the grating of the screen,
With the songs of happy miners
Echoing up the long ravine ;
Hear the whirling of the windlass
As its many coils unfold,
For another bucket freighted
With its wealth of virgin gold.
Westward, sternly, like a giant,
Shutt’ng out the rolling main.
Mount Diablo dimly towers
Far across the smoky plain.
See the belts of living verdure,
Telling where the rivers run,
Where the wild grape hangs in clusters.
And the lotus woos the sun ;
Stretch away their threadlike courses,
Far as eye the scene can view,
Till the skies and broad savannas
Melt and mingle in the view. A. R.
Ihe right to the lehuantepec route
has been granted by the Mexican go
vernment to a mixed company of Mex
icans and Americans, at the head of
whom is Col. Sloo. The treaty was to
be ratified by the American Minister,
and the chief engineer waa to leave
Mexico on the 15th February, to take
formal possession in the name of the
grantees. Thus is the prospect fair for
the speedy opening of another great
line of communication between the two
coasts of the American continent.
James Smith, of Philadelphia, re
cently made a donation of SIO,OOO to
Leicester Academy, Worcester county,
Mass., on condition that SSOOO should
be subscribed by other parties before
the first day of January, 1853. The
condition was complied with.
The Postmaster-General publishes an
official notice ordering that on all letters
to and from France through England,
the single rate of United States postage
he 21 cents, and on newspapers 4 cents
—such postage to be collected in and
retained by the United States.
The rats are said to be leaving Texas
in disgust. They are reported to have
taken up their line of march westward,
and to attack indiscriminately every
thing of a vegetable nature in their
way. The ferryman at the Sequin
crossing ot the Guadaloupe river killed
over fifteen hundred of them in one day.
The Floating Church of our Saviour,
for Seamen, at the foot of Pike street,
New York, was slightly injured in one
of the boats on which it rests, by the
storm, and overburdened by the accu
mulation of 15 tons of snow, sunk in
about 35 feet of water.
The venerable Dr. Washburn, who
resides at Vernon, Vermont, the Gretna
Green for Massachusetts, performed
the marriage ceremony for the seven
hundred and sixteenth couple.
The Salem fishermen are catching a
species of fish which they call “Christ
mas fish.” They resemble flounders,
but are much belter flavored.
The census of the population of Prus
sia has just been taken. It how ex
ceeds 18,000,000.
The roads in Illinois have recently
been so very bad that a person in going
to Springfield from Galena, reports
passing ten broken down stage coaches
and mail wagons on the road.
Mr. Samuel Blood, of Orford, N. H.,
a few days since caught a grey eagle in
a trap, which measured eight leet
across the wings, and weighed fourteen
Louis Delery, a native of Africa, who
was one hundred and twenty years old,
died at New Orleans on the 2d ult,, of
old age, a disease not very prevalent in
that city.
John Gossin, the celebrated clown,
was recently compelled to kill a man in
self-defence at Baton Rouge, La. He
promptly surrendered himself, and after
examination, was discharged.
Letters patent have been issued to
Abiathar F. Potter, of Boston, for im
proved gold washer and amalgamator.
Goon for a Sinner. —Said a deacon
to one of the world’s people, “Do you
profess religion ?” “No, sir, I profess
my faith, and practise my religion,”
prig ih* answer.
San Francisco Advertisements
Wm. Foule Smltb,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law, and
Proctor in Admiralty. Montgomery, cor
ner of Merchant street, San Francisco.
n 27 6m
Are purchased in any quantity, at the
highest rates, by
Watchmakers and Jewelers, City Observa
tory, 161 Clay street, San Francisco.
N B.—Specimens Assayed without injury
to the surface. Charge, $2 each. 5253 m
Wm. 11. Stowell,
Commission Merchant ,
Fire-proof store, Front street, near Cali
fornia, San Francisco.
N. B.—W. H. S. makes no purchases of
any description of property on his own ac
count, but generally has a large assort
ment of merchandise for sale on consign
ment. He respectfully tenders his services
to any parties who may wish to employ an
agent for the sale of merchandise, or other
property, or for making investments,
mao 3m
W Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints,
Oils, Dye stuffs, Perfumery, Fancy
Articles, Instruments, Glass Ware, &c.
Ex Comet, Flying Dutchman, and Wild
Pigeon—One of the largest and most com
plete assortment of Drugs, Medicines, &c.,
ever imported, and offered to the trade at
the lowest market rates, consisting of every
article needed by the Druggist, Physician,
and Fancy dealer.
Perfumery and Fancy Articles—J ust
landed, Irom the most approved American,
French and English manufacturers, in part
Rubins’, Pinauds, Chama’s, Edes, Jules
Hauel’s, and Roussele’s extracts for the
handkerchief; teeth, nail and hair brush
es—and endless variety ; fancy soaps, sha
ving creams, pomades, hair oils, cosmetics,
toilet powder, hair dye, &c.
Country dealers will find it to their in
terest to call and examine my stock before
purchasing elsewhere, as intending to trans
act exclusively an importing and wholesale
business, and having a permanent agent
established in the Eastern States, I am con
fident I can offer facilities to the purchaser
that cannot be surpassed.
7?sS~. Agent for California, Oregon and
the Sandwich Islands, of Pareilas celebra
ted Italian Remedy—never known to fail.
Miller’s New Orleans moss—for uphol
ster’s use. No. 173 Sansome street,
Between Jackson and Pacific,
fel9 1m San Francisco.
Oil Works, Battery street, between
Pine and Bush, San Francisco, have on
hand and for sale at the lowest rate —
80,000 galls Polar oil;
3.000 galls pure sperm oil;
4.000 galls blackfish oil;
3.000 galls elephant oil;
1.000 galls lard oil.
Quality guaranteed. d 4 3m
This new parparation,for its labor-saving
and renovating qualities, stands before the
public without a rival. Want of space pre
vents the enumeration of all its advantages
and claims to popular favor. Among the
scores, the following are—
First —It saves labor; it supercedes the
necessity of rubbing and pounding, and pro
tects both skin and knuckels, as well as
buttons and clothes.
Second —It saves time. A washing or
dinarily requiring a day may be easily ac
complished in two hours.
Third —lt is economical in regard to the
use of water, not requiring more than one
tenth ordinarily employed by common soaps.
Fourth —It will instantly remove grease
and spots of paint without the use of any
water whatever, and thus protect carpets
and furniture from suds ana slops.
Fifth —Flannels can be washed without
being fulled or sticky, with the ease and
rapidity of that of cotton or linen.
Sixth —It is wonderfully effective in re
moving grease and spots from woolens and
linens, yet per ectly harmless. It will not
injure the most delicate fabric.
Seventh —lt whitens clothes and renders
the skin both soft and white, and is an in
fallible cure for chapped hands
Eighth —For champooing, bathing and
renovating the skin it is unequalled.
AmtA-It supersedes the necessity of
using polishing powders, by instantly im
parting a most brilliant lustre to jewelry,
plate, Brittania, tin, copper and brass.
Tenth —It is acknowledged by all who
have used this soap, to be the.greatest in
vention of the age Its use is absolutely
indispensable for the comfort of every fami
ly and the convenience of every i.otel,
steamboat, restaurant, ship and laundry
It is also admirably adapted for the mines.
It is retailed at the principal groceries in
the city, and sold at wholesale at the manu
facturer’s depot, 86 California street, San
We refer to the captains of the steamers
Northerner, Tennessee, Pacific. Cortes.
Winfield Scott, Brother Jonathan, New
World, Wilson Q. Hunt, Camanche and
American Eagle Among the many who
have tested its superior qualities, we are
permitted to refer to Fallon & Gallagher,
Mrs S A Leeland and Mrs Pettit, Califor
nia st , J G Dowe, E D Hall, Geo S Mann,
G B Post & Co., Collins & Co. and Henry
Meigs. D F PACKER & CO.,
Inventors and Proprietors,
86 California at., San f rancieco, Cal.
fcb!2 8t
San Francisco Advertisements
Important to the Miners and Trade
A INSA & SONS, exclusive Dealers
in FLOUR and GRAIN, are now pre
pared to offer unsurpassed inducements to
purchasers, and have the facilities for sell
ing Flour at San Francisco prices, adding
only freight Merchants from the Mines
will find it to their interest to call before
Brick Store, Levee, Stockton ; and
No. 64 Sacramento street, near Front,
mhl2 1m San Francisco.
Boiler Making by Steam !
At DONAHUE’S Union Iron Works,
Corner of Mission and First streets,
San Francisco.
THE undersigned having recently im
ported and erected an improved
Steam Riveting Machine,
•nd in other ways increased his facilities
for making boilers, is consequently enabled
to materially reduce the cost of the same,
and resnectfully invites the attention of
those interested.
Gang, Mulay, sash and circular saw mill
irons, and all other descriptions of machin
ery, together with castings of iron and
brass of every kind, made to order.
Steamboat repairing, blacksmithing,
turning and finishing executed with dis
Steam engines constantly on handfor sale.
Circular saws, and a full assortment of
engineer's findings.
STEAM PACKlNG,warranted to stand
any required degree of heat and may in all
cases be used where packing is required.
Exclusive manufacturer,
96 and 98 Broadway, New York.
This packing, for which the manufactu
rer has received two silver medals, at the
American Institute, in competition with all
others, is now used almost universally, in
England and America.
The undersigned has been appointed sole
agent for California, for the sale of the
above celebrated article, and confidently
recommends it to the use of Engineers and
others, for steam and water joints, valves,
manhole gaskets, &c., &c.
Union Iron and Brass Foundry,
Corner First and Mission streets, San
mh!2 Sm Francisco.
’ * visit San Francisco, call and see the
superb collection of curiosities at the
of TOBIN & DUNCAN, Long Wharf, San
Francisco. This magnificent room extends
from Long Wharf, to Sacramento street,
between Sansome and LeidesdorfF streets.
It is 120 feet deep, and filled with all the
beautiful manufactures of the Celestial
Empire. The rare and solendid CRAPE
SHA TVLS so highly prized at present for
home, can be found at this house only, in
endless variety. myl
•■•.SHERWOOD,City Observatory Clay
street,.San Francisco, are constantly re
ceiving from the first manufactories in Eu
rope, fine watches, made expressly to their
order, and are always manufacturing the
choicest designs in rings, pins, combs, lock
ets, &c.
Particular attention paid to chronometer
and watch repairing, and charges in all
cases moderate.
Mr. Barrett has returned from Europe,
bringing with him the most magnificent
stock of watches and jewelry ever imported
into San Francisco. iv
—Fancy Confectionary, Pie and Refresh
ment Saloon, Long Wharf, between San
some and Battery streets, San Francisco.
I will just say to my patrons, for their
special benefit, some of whom have been
frequently decoyed by the near imitations
of tables, chairs, &c , (as well as my sys
tem of tickets,) by a house in close proxi
mity to the Fountain Head, (and been as
often taken in,) that with a little more at
tention they can avoid the like occurrence
for the future, by just noticing the numbers
on the candy windows, 47, 49, and 78 and
80, on the doors.
was first established on Jackson street, and
destroyed by fire in September, 1850, re
opeued in Clay street, the same month,
then again consumed by the same devastat
ing element on the memorable 4th of May,
1851, and was again opened where it now
stands, in July following, and was the first
public refreshment saloon ever started up
on the coast of the Pacific, without intoxi
cating liquors, not even of beer has
ever been sold upon the premises, neither
*hall be. My friends advised me to intro
duce the sale of liquors into my business,
as they thought it would add much to my
profits; my reply was, I have hands to la
bor and produce what sustains life, but not
to deal out that which will destroy it.
The Fountain Head, as usual, is open
from six o’clock in the morning, till 12
o’clock at night; so that gentlemen who
are unable to obtain seat* at regular meal
hours, may get refreshments between times
when the crowd is not so great.
d 4 lin L. WINN.
niSTRIC r COURT, P'ifth Judicial
District.—The Terms oAhis Court will
be holden in Calaveras County, for the pre
sent year, (1853,) on the Third Mondays of
the months of February, June, and October
By order of
Hon. Charles M. Creaner,
Judge Fifth Judicial District, Callifornia.
Attest, J. P. Douglass, Clerk of )
District Court of Calavem Co. 5 j»l
Stockton Advertisements
Avery & Hewlett,
Dealers in Groceries, Dry Goods, Produce,
Iron, and coal.
Corner Main and Hunter streets, Stockton,
sell 3m
T. Robinson flours & 0.,
Agents of Burgoyne & Co., fire-proof build
ing. Centre street, Stockton.
EXCHANGE for sale on the Eastern
States and Europe at the lowest rates.
The highest price paid for gold dust,
sell tf
TING PUMP.—This Pump is confidently
offered to the public—
First —As being the best, most simple and
durable Pump in use; and
Secondly —That with the same power, it
will raise more water per minute than any
other pump in use.
It has taken the premium at the N. Y.
State Fair, Franklin Institute of Pennsyl
vania, the Maryland Institute at Baltimore,
and the American Institutes!' New York
For sale at the Stockton Hardware Store,
Centre street, Stockton, by
mars tf C . P. GREENLY & CO.
—The splendid, new and fast steamer
SOPHIE, C. S. Whitney, master, will
leave Stockton every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday, at 2 o'clock P. M. Returning
will leave Central wharf San Francisco,
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at
4 o’clock P. M. For freight or passage
apply on board. apl7-tf
State of California, )
Calaveras County. 5 S 9 '
In the District Court of the Fifth Judi
cial District of this State.
The People of the State of California to
Julia A. Shear, greeting :
You are hereby summoned to appear and
answer in said court unto the complaint of
John P. Shear, in an action charging you
with having committed adultery, and pray
ing that the bonds of matrimony between
you, the said Julia A. Shear and John P.
Shear, be dissolved, (which cause of action
is fully described in copy of complaint filed
in our said court,) within three months af
ter the publication of this notice, or judg
ment by default will be taken against you,
and the plaintiff will apply to the court for
the relief demanded.
,—— . Witness the Hon. Charles M
< seal. £ Creaner, Judge of the Fifth’Ju-
' dicial District of said State, with
the seal of the County Court affixed, (there
being no seal provided for said District
Court) this 3d day of March, A. D. 1853.
J. P. DOUGLASS, Clerk.
By Wm. Inives, Deputy. ms3m
County of Calaveras —District Court
Fifth Judicial District of said State.
The People of the State of California to
Thomas McHale and William Washington,
You are hereby summoned to appear and
in said court unto the complaint of
Thomas D. Grant, in an action against you
to recover the sum of $5lO, with legal in
terest from the 7th day of January, 1853,
within ten days after service of this writ,
if served in said county, and within forty
days if served in any other county, exclu
sive of the day of service, or judgment by
default will be taken against you for $5lO,
with interest and costs.
( I ——' ) Witness Chas. M. Creaner,
? seal. 1 Judge of the Fifth Judicial Dis
c 3 trict of said State, this 26th day
of January, 1853, with private seal affixed,
(there being no seal provided for said court).
J. P. DOUGLASS, Clerk.
Thos. D. Grant, in person.
feb 5 3 m
County of Calaveras.—ln the District
Court of the Fifth Judicial District of said
The People of the State of California to
A. B. Mudge, Wm. Hance, James Bloome
Smith, and Wm. Belzer, greet ng :
You are hereby summoned to appear and
answer in said court unto the complaint of
“ the State of California,” there filed,
wherein the said State complains against
you, upon your bond, for the delinquency
of said A. B. Mudge as County Treasurer
ol said county, in the sum of $9,541 50,
together with 25 per cent, damages there
on, and interest at the rate of ten per cent
per annum, from the Ist day of June, A D.
1851, within ten days after service of this
writ, exclusive of the day of service, if
served in said county, and wPhin forty
days if served in any other county, or
judgment by default will be taken against
you for said sum of $9,541 50, together
with 25 per cent damages thereon, and in
terest and costs.
, Witness Chas. M. Creaner,
s seal. > Judge of the Fifth Judicial Dis
( v — 3 trict of said State, this 18th day
of November, A D 1852.
J. P. DOUGLASS, Clerk.
By Wm. Innes, Deputy. n2O 6m
Courts of the County of Calaveras :
The County Court commences its sitting
on the first Monday of January, March,
May, July, September, and November.
The Court ot Sessions, on tne first Mon
day of February, April, June, August,
October, and December.
The Probate Court is holden on the 4th
Monday of each month.
By order of the Court. jal
CENSES.—AII persons engaged
in loaning money at interest, or in buying
or selling notes, bonds, or other evidence
of indebtedness of private persons, or state,
county, or city stock, or receiving articles
on pledge for money loaned, will take out
License for same, or otherwise suit will be
commenced forthwith against said offenders
County Treafum.
MA.—One of this company’s splendid and
well ventilated steamers will be despatched
from San Francisco on the Ist and 10th of
each month, with the United States Mail.
These vessels, in accommodations, speed,
and safety, are unsurpassed. They are
supplied with provisions of the best quali
ty, and every attention paid to the comfort
of passengers. An experienced surgeon is
attached to each steamer.
Apply on board, or to
E. KNIGHT. Agent.
Corner Sacramento and Leidesdorff streets
nI3 San Francisco.
PUBLICATIONS.—Forwarded by mail,
under the provisions of the late Post-Of
The British Periodicals Re-published are
as follows, viz:
The London Quarterly Review (Conser
The Edinburgh Review, (Whig.)
The North British Review (Free Church.)
The Westminister Review (Liberal )
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine (Tory)
Although these works are distinguished
by the political shades above indicated, yet
but a small portion of their contents is de
voted to political subjects. It is theirdite
rary character which gives them their chief
value, and in that they stand confessedly
far above all other journals of their class.
Blackwood, still unuer the masterly gui
dance of Christopher North, maintains its
ancient celebrity, and is, at this time, un
usually attractive, from the serial works of
Bulwer and other literary notables, writ
ten for that Magazine, and first appearing
in its columns both in Great Britain and
in the United States. Such works as “ The
Caxtons” and “ My New Novel,” (both by
Bulwer,) “ The Green Hand,” “ Katie
btewart,” and other serials, of which
numerous rival editions are issued by the
leading publishers in this country, have to
be reprinted by those publishers from the
pages of Blackwood, after it has been issued
by Messrs. Scott & Co., so that subscribers
to the reprint of that Magazine may always
rely on having the earliest reading of these
fascinating tales
For any one of the lour reviews, $3 00
for any two of the four reviews, 5 00
For any three of the four reviews, 700
For all four of the reviews, 8 00
For Blackwood’s Magazine, 3 00
For Blackwood and three reviews, 900
For Blackwood and the four reviews, 10 00
Payments to be made in all cases in ad
vance, Money current in the State where
issued will be received at par.
Per ann.
A discount of twenty-five per cent from
the above prices will be allowed to Clubs
ordering four or more copies of any one or
more of the above works. Thus : four co
pies of Blackwood or of one review will be
sent to one address for $9; four copies of
the four reviews and Blackwcod for S3C
and so on.
reduced postage.
The following table will show the great
reduction which has been made on these
periodicals since 1844, and the very trifling
rates now charged :
_ . Per ann.
Prior to 1845, post, on Blackwood, $2 41)
“ “ on one Review, 112
From 1845 to 1851, on Blackwood, 100
“ on a Review, 50
In 1851-52, average rate, on Blackw., 75
“ “ on a Review, 38
The present postage on Blackwood is, 24
“ on a Review, 12
(The rates are now uniform for all dis
tances within the United States )
At these rates, surely no objection should
be made to receiving the works by mail and
thus ensuring their speedy, safe, and re
gular delivery.
Remittances and communications should
be always addressed, post-paid or franked
to the publishers. *
79 Fulton street. New York.
N. B. L. S. & Co. have recently pub
lished, and have now for sale “ The Far
mer's Guide,” by Henry Stephens of
Edinburgh, and Prof. Norton of Yale Col
lege, New Haven, complete in 2 vols.,
royal octavo, contaiaing 1600 pages, 14
steel and 600 wood engravings. Price, in
muslin binding, $6; in paper covers, for
the mail, $5.
This work is not the old “ Book of
the Farm,” lately resuscitated and thrown
upon the market
Dob printing ©fficc.
Having lately made
To our stock of
Miff HIS MkfWMMtf
We are now prepared to execute
In a Superior Manner, and on the most
Reasonable Terms.
&.C., Btc., &,c.,
£beri) %Je °f
Executed at the Office of the
Mokelumne Hill,
Calaveras County, California.
All Orders will be promptly attended to
and Work executed cheaply, invariably fn*

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