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Dissolution of co-part-
NERSH IP.—The Copartnership here
tofore existing under the firm and style of
“ Marcus & King,” is dissolved this day
by mutual consent.
The business of the firm is to be settled
by Henry King, who is alone authorized to
sign the name of the firm in settlement.
Mokelutnne Hill, March 15, 1853. 19 3
' iC
at Middle Bar, Mokelutnne river,
is offered for sale, as the present
owner of it intends to go home.
The property is situated next to
bridge, and consists of a large house, fixed
up for a store, dining room and kitchen,
with complete fixtures; a small frame house
for private use ; a large canvass house, fix
ed up for a sleeping apartment; a stable for
twelve horses; a butcher shop with all the
tools and fixtures; a large strong corral,
and private house for butcher ; a tine gar
den tlret'dv planted with all kinds of veg
etables ; 70 hogs, of the best breed ; several
dozens of hens, and some pigeons. The store
is tilled with a large and good stock of goods
and liquors. A tour-horse team may also
be included. The house has always done a
first rate business since 1819, and doing so
yet. It is a good opportunity for a family,
who wants to settle in this country, and
first rate investment for capital.
Apply at the place. mh!9
REWARD.—StoIen from the
subscribers at Cherokee Flat, on
the night of the Gth of February last, a pair
of Canadian poneys, one a bright bay, with
short hair; ihe other a brown, with long
hair; no brands on either of them; manes
reached. They are well known in the vi
cinity. being the horses used in our Syrup
and Ambrosia wagon for the past year.
Whoever will return them to us at Chero
kee Flat, one and a half miles from Angel s
Camp, or give information so that they can
be obtained, shall receive the above reward,
ESTRAY. —Found among
the hills near Camp Opera, Two
California Horses, one a large
sorrel, with fonr white feet, the other a
pinto horse, no brands perceptible. They
arc in Rad order, having been left by Joa
quin. The owners are requested to come
forward and prove property and take them
away. Inquire of E. 1‘ BEATTY,
ml'j J usiice of the Peace, in Seco.
Pron:c no\. — ln California wc have some
strange laws, ami still more strange ways
of administering them. For instance, we
have a law' for the protection of foreign
miners; chief among our foreign popula
tion arc the Chinese. It is well known that
the Celestials are prompt in their payment
of taxes, and it is equally notorious that
they receive no protection whatever, but
present to the ruffian of every nation an
easy prey and rich booty. Among the many
otilruges to which they have been subjected
lately, there has occurred one which, not
ending in loss of life or limb is as ludicrous
as novel. Two or three of these peaceful
creatures were traveling along the road to
wards the Hill, freighted as usual, when
they were accosted by a band of Indians,
and ordered forthwith to pay their foreign
mineis tax ! John at first treated the mat
ter with contempt, and essayed to proceed
on his journey. But this “Wally” deter
mined to prevent, unless his demands were
complied with:—“John, must pay tax—
uo Americana—no pay, no dig— dinero,
shoot!” “You no collector—no Americana,
me pay —tieuc paptl .” And so they conti
nued, “ Wally” demanding the tax, and
John insisting that he had no right to
collect it, and that he had a receipt, until
at last “ Wally” cut short the discussion
by leveling his old gun and threatening to
kill all who resisted payment. This was a
clincher. John had recently got so much
of this protection, that he thought the best
way was to comply with the demand, and
accordingly pulled out his purse and each
one in the crowd paid over to the Indians
the sum of $3, one month’s tax for the
protection of foreign miners ! “ Wally”
immediately decamped; John came into
town, made his complaint, and received for
his consolation the intelligence that nothing
could be done for him
Volunteer Gulch.— This rich old pla
cer, far from being exhausted, still yields
freely to the industrious miner. It can
only be worked during and for a short
time after rain, but it makes up in quanti
ty for all such lack of opportunity. Du
ring the week we saw a “right smart show ’
of gold, amounting to from $lB to $2O, the
result of two men’s labor, for about three
hours. This was taken out by peans of
the old rocker. What an amount of gold will
be obtained here, with an abundant supply
of water, by the system of ground sluicing,
which will then be generally adopted.
Angel’s Camp. —The water from the
Union Company has reached this camp, and
we have no doubt the expectations of all
will be shortly realized. It is well known
that the mining ground around here is rich
and extensive, and we expect to see a large
and permanent town established here. It
is one of the oldest camps in the county,
and has turned out au immense amount of
gold each season
Steep Gulch. —The water still runs
here, and a few miners are busy, making
good wages.
Badgley & Dudley,
Mokelumne Hill,
Calaveras Co., Cal.
Office No. 0 Courthouse Row, up stairs,
corner Centre and Pleasant streets. novl3
Sew Law Firm.
Sawyer & Campbell,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law.
Office No. 3 Courthouse Row, Centre street,
(Upstairs) Mokelumne Hill.
Messrs. Sawyer and Campbell will at
tend promptly to any professional business
entrusted to their care, in Calaveras and
the adjoining counties, and before the Su
preme Court.
Particular attention paid to conveyanc
ing, and all suits involving questions of
land titles.
E. D. Sawyer, Notary Public. n 27
Chas. A. Leake,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Office in Main Street, opposite the build
ing formerly used as the Court House,
Mokelumne Hill. - aug7
S. D. Ball,
Attorney at Law and Justice of the Peace,
Office No. 4 Courthouse Row, up stairs,
Centre street. junel7
John B. Hall & 11. T. Huggins,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
Stockton, California.
Their Office is next to Weber & Ham
mond’s office, Channel street.
fel9 3m*
V. F. Faures,
INTERPRETER of the English,
French, and Spanish languages. Office at
Dudley & Badgley’s.
P. S.—Private lessons given of the Spa
nish language; also, translations promptly
attended to. fe2G
WM. L.. Dudley,
Public Administrator for the County of
Office, Mokelumne Hill, No. 6 Courthouse
Row, up stairs. n2O
Col. Platt
LJAS returned from the State of Illinois,
and will practice law, as heretofore, in
this county.
Offices at Jackson and Sutter's Creek,
Calaveras Co., Cal. 023 m Im*
11. A. Carter,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law, lone
Valley, Calaveras Co., Cal. jal7 '52
A. B. Laforge,
County Treasurer Calaveras County.
Office No. 2 Courthouse Row, up stairs,
Centre street. myl
S. 11. Marlette,
County Surveyor and Civil Engineer.
Office, No. 1 Court House Row, in the
County Clerk’s office. ja3
County Clerk’s Office,
Office No. 1 Courthouse Row, up stairs,
Centre street.
IN accordance with the provisions of
the act of the Legislature of this
State, removing the County seat to Mokel
umne Hill, I have established my office at
that place, and am fully prepared to trans
act all business connected with said office.
Office hours from 9 a.m to 4 p.m
J R. DOUGLASS, County Clerk.
Mokelumne Hill, May 1,1852. ml
Dr. G. Fischer,
Member of the Universities of Berlin and
Rostock—Office Centre street, two doors
west of the America, Mokelumne Hill.
A supply of ; genuine drugs and medi
cines, fresh, constantly on hand. feb 1
Henry ML. Sturges,
General Dealer in Groceries, Provisions,
and Liquors. Also, Mining Tools of every
description. Main street, opposite the El
Dorado Hotel, Mokelumne Hill. jas
L• G. Root,
Successor to Kellogg & Root,
Dealer in provisions, groceries, wines,
ale, porter, liquors, &c. Also, mining im
plements of all kinds constantly on hand
at the old stand. ja24
Maxwell & Brock.
Main street, opposite Lafayette street.
Wholesale dealers in groceries, liquors,
cigars, provisions, and mining tools of all
kinds. de2o
Conrad Platt,
Wholesale and retail dealer in dry goods,
and clothing, Main street,second door south
of the building formerly used as the Court
House, Mokelumne Hill. jals
T, B. Parker,
HAS the pleasure of announcing to the
public that he has lately purchased the
[ivery stables, at the foot of Centre street,
md which he has entirely refitted, so that
stabling accommodations can be furnished
for eighty animals. He keeps constantly,
For hire.‘the best stock and equipments in
die place. dll Ini
Scofield & Co.,
GENERAL DEALERS in Groceries, Pro
visions. Liquors, &c , Main street, be
tween El Dorado and Hunter streets.
%* Orders from the mines promptly at
tended to. . ~ ,
• • The highest market price paid for
Geld Dust. a 27
Thomas Stevenson,
Auctioneer for Calaveras County.
Office at No. 4, Court-house Row, Mo
kelumne Hill.
The best attention given to all orders, and
personal property appraised and sold, on
reasonable terms. mhl2
Calaveras Restaurant,
Main Street, Mokelumne Hill.
HP IRE undersigned, in returning
thanks to his many friends and the
public for the patronage extended to him
since be opened the above named establish
ment, would very respectfully inform them
that he has just returned from San Fran
cisco, having purchased an entire new slock
of goods, the best the market of San Fran
cisco affords, and is now prepared to furnish
meals at all hours, on the shortest notice,
and in a manner unsurpassed on Mokelumne
Hill. The bar is stocked with the choicest
liquors and cigars. Strangers in town can
receive board and lodging inferior to none
in the place. JOHN G. WARD.
pOUND, — A Pocket-book, con
taiuing valuable papers, among which
is a note for four hundred and fifty dollars.
The owner can have the same by applying
at this office, on proving property and pay
ing charges. mhl2
pOR SALE.— The undersigned
wishing to close up business and leave,
offers for sale the property known as the
Variety Store. The location is central,
and attached to the building is a comodious
Fire proof Vault. Possession can be given
any time between the 15th of April and the
Ist of May. F. W BOS WORTH.
Mok. Hill, March 5,1853. mrs6t
M, begs to inform the pub
\j/r lie, that he carries on the above bu
siness at his ship, situated in the rear
of Sturges’ Building, and that he has always
on hand a large supply of iron and steel, of
the very best quality, for the manufacture
of Picks and Bars, Wheel Tiers, Wagon
Work, Horse Shoes, and every description
of work in his line.
Mining Pools of all kinds made and re
paired, and every order executed promptly
and in the very best manner, on moderate
terms, for cash.
mh 12 A. J. ROULSTONE,
El Dorado Blacksmith Shop,MokelumueHill
El Dorado Stables.
inform fit
The undersigned bejrs
o O
to inform the public that he has pur
chased the interest ot Alvin Pray in the
above concern. Hereafter, the business
will be conducted in the name of Wilson &
Homans. W. A. HOMANS.
are large and commodious situa
ted in the centre of the town, and
every attention given to the care of animals
left there. Hay and grain always in abun
March 4, 1853 mrs 4t
Came to our premises on March Ist,
one cream colored mule, white
star in forehead, rather small, stout built,
spots on the back, and a Spanish brand on
the left hip. The owner can have him by
proving property and paying charges.
Carson Creek, March 4,1853. m 5 3t
One Thousand Dollars Reward.
TIT’HERE AS, it appears to me, that
* one Joaquin Carillo is the leader of
a band of robbers and murderers in Cala
veras and the adjoining counties, and has
perpetrated a number of heinous offences
against the lives and property of the people
of that portion of the State, and that the
said Joaquin Carillo is now at large:
Now, therefore, I, John Bigler, Gov
ernor of the State of California, by virtue
of the power in me vested by the laws and
constitution of said State, do hereby offer a
reward of one thousand dollars for the ap
prehension and safe delivery of the said
Joaquin Carillo into the custody of the
sheriff of Calaveras county, to be dealt with
according to law.
Witness my hand and the seal of State,
at the city of Benicia, this twenty-first
day of February. A. D . 1853.
J. W. Denver, Governor.
Secretary of State/
Description : —Said Joaquin Carillo is a
Mexican by birth,s feet 10 inches in height,
black hair, black eyes, and of good address.
FERRY —The undersigned have es
tablished a ferry, with good boats, on the
Stanislaus rifer, between Vallecito and
Murphy's on the North side, and Columbia
and Sonora on the.south. This ferry is on
the best and nearest road from Mokeiumne
Hill to Sonora and Columbia, and travel
lers going this route will find it far the
most convenient. It is seven miles nearer
than any other ferry.
Steam Engines & Boiler Works
Steam Engines, 10, 15, 25, and 45 horse
Boilers —tubular, flue, and cylinder.
Saw mill and Flourmill machinery ;
Quartz Mill & Amalgamating machinery
Steam Engines constantly on hand, or
made to order at brief notice.
Our engines are now running in every
section of the state, and command prefer
ence over imported machinery,for strength,
simplicity and safety.
Boilers of every description furnished to
Works, First and Melius streets.
Office, corner Pine and Battery streets,
San Francisco. mhlSSax
C. Jl. TODD, Proprietor , Successor
to Reynolda, Todd 4’ Co,
and after this date, C. A. TODD
will run a Daily Express to and from
San Francisco; also, to and from Sonora,
Columbia, Mariposa, Agna Frio, Quartz
burg, Double Springs, Mokelumne Hill, and
all parts of the Southern Mines.
Gold Dust, specie, valuable packages,
&c., received and forwarded. Notes, ac
counts, &c., collected, and all express busi
ness promptly attended to.
Stages leave daily for each of the above
0. A Todd having purchased the busi
ness, together with the good will of the late
firm, would respectfully solicit a continu
ance of the patronage heretofore so liberally
bestowed upon the old firm, and trusts by
strict attention to his business to merit the
Office at Mokelumne Hill, in the Empire
Building, Centre street.
$l7 per oz. paid for Gold Dust
At TODD’S Express and Banking House,
Mokelumne Hill. mhl2
Agency of Burgoyne & Co,
Agents, Stockton.
for sale for steamer
to leave San Francisco on Tuesday,
February 15, on
Baring, Bros. & Co., London,
Hottmguer & Co., Paris.
Phoenix Bank, New York.
Burgoyne & Plume, New York.
John E Thayer & Bro., Boston,
Canal Bank, New Orleans,
L A. Benoist & Co., St. Louis.
Highest price paid for Gold Dust.
Stockton, Sept. 6, 1852. sell tf
Union Water Company.
President, WM. 11. HANFORD.
Vice ditto, E. C. STONE.
Treasurer, DR. WM. JONES.
Secretary, RILEY SENTER.
The company have now the water in their
canal ready for the use of the miners.
Murphy’s Jan’y 30, 1853. fe6
Sheriff’s Sale.
BY virtue of an order and decree to me
directed issued out of the District Court
of the Fifth Judicial District, held in and
for the county of Calaveras, State of Cali
fornia, dated at Mokelumne Hill, Februa
ry 20th, a. d. 1853, in favor of W. S. Cool
edge. and against Javier Jofre, in which I
was commanded to sell, upon lawful notice
being given, a certain house and lot, situate
in the town of Jackson; or so much of the
said premises as belongs to the said Javier
Jofre, to satisfy a mortgage on said premi
ses; I have, this Bth day of March, a. a.
1803, levied upon a Louse and lot, situated
in the town of Jackson, County and State
aforesaid, and known as the Upper Dance
House, also, as the Jenny Lind Dance
House; and will sell all the right, title, and
interest of the said Javier Jofre in and to
the said house and lot, at public auction, to
the highest bidder for cash, on the 29th day
of March, a. d. 1853
Sale to take place on the premises, be
tween the hours of 10 a. m. and 3 v. m.
Sheriff Calaveras Co.
By Thomas Stivewson, Dep’y Sheriff.
mhl2 8t
C;oniStable’s Sale.
BY virtue of two different executions.to
me directed, and issuing from the Court
of T. W. Taliaferro, an acting Justice of the
Peace, in and for Township No 5. County
of Calaveras and State of California, one
in favor of John P. Haskell for the sum of
$224 50; one in favor of Nelson Seamans
for $lO9 50; and all against John Eply
and Robert N. Cloyd, I have levied upon
the following property, to wit:
The House known as the Bella Unipn,
situate in the camp of San Andreas.
Which said property I will offer for sale
to the highest bidder on the 28th day of
March, A D. 1853, between the hours of 10
o’clock, A.M and 12 o’clock, noon.
Constable Township No. 5.
San Andreas, March 3d, 1853. ml 2
Constable’s Sale,
BY virtue of an execution to me directed
from the Court of T. W. Taliaferro,
Esq., an acting Justice of the Peace in and
for Township No. 6, County of Calaveras
and State of California, in favor of James
Rainey, and against A. Racinet and J. O.
Gernuier, for the sum of 5“194 14, debts
and costs, I have le.ied upon the following
described property, to wit:
Four Houses, Tents, &c., situate upon
French Hill, in the camp of San Andreas,
together with the enclosed grounds adjoin
ing; 1 Iron Safe, 1 dozen Ale, 1 set Scales
and Weights; a lot of Pepper, Soap, and
Nails. * •
Which said property I will offer for sale
to the highest bidder, on the 29th day of
March, A D. 1853, between the hours of 2
and 4 o’clock, P.M.
Constable Township No. 5.
San Andreas, March 5, 1853. ml 2
public are hereby notified, that this
Bridge across the Mokelumne River, at the
Middle Bar, is now completed, built in the
most substantial manner, and can be confi
dently relied on for the passage of the most
heavily laden teams There is besides a
good wagon road constructed on each side,
so as to avoid the hills, thus making it the
most desirable route for the great Sacra
mento trade with the southern mining re
Every accommodation is secured to the I
travelling public. M’K-INNEY & CO.
jan I 1
Main itreet, Mokelumne Hill,
Daily Express
to and from
the transmission of Gold Dust, Freight and
Packages of every description.
Also, to and from SACRAMENTO, MA
RYSVILLE, and all parts of the Northern
Also, semi-monthly, to and from ORE
Sight Checks given on any of our offices
in California and Oregon.
TREASURE received for Shipment for tha
drawn on our Offices in
New York,
St. liouu,
New Orleans,
Also, payable at the following Banks :
Mechanics’ and Farmers 7 B’k, Albany.
Utica City Bank.
Bank of Syracuse,
Bank of Auburn.
Bank of Attica,
Rochester City Bank,
George Smith &Co.,
Alex. Mitchell, Fire and Ma
rine Ins Co ,
Michigan State Bank,
Com Branch Bank of the State
of Ohio,
Clinton Bank,
GOLD DUST delivered at
States Mint, and proceeds forwarded to any
part of the Union.
Our Express being the most extensive in.
the United States, we can guarantee facili
ties not possessed by any other concern.
NEWELL & CO.. Agents.
the United
$l7 per oz. paid for Gold Dust
At the Express and Banking House of
Mokelumne Hill, May 15,1852.
THE proprietor of the Exchange
will be happy to see his friends and
e public at his Hall, on Main street.
The best liquors, ale, &c., &c. The lov
ers of a good cigar can be supplied with a
variety of the most approved brands
feb 1 JOHN P. SHEAR.
dersigned being now in possession
of this establishment, has fitted it
up in the neatest and most comfortable
manner, and is now prepared to receive
permanent and transient boarders. The
sleeping apartments are spacious and well
ventilated, furnished with every requisite
to be found in first class hotels. Families
will find this house well suited to their
wants, a ft the entire business is under the
personal superintendence of a lady of great
The table will be supplied with the best
the market affords, and the bar stocked
with the choicest wines, liquors, and cigars.
J. H. hopes, from the strict attention
which will be given to every department,
as well as the superior accommodations of
his house, to merit a continuation of that
patronage which this hotel has heretofore
obtained. JOHN HEALY,
no 20 Proprietor.
It Eli
AMERICAN.—This fin®
building, formerly known as the
Empire, has been tastefully refit
ted and decorated by the undersigned Mr.
Lamphear takes this opportunity to thank
his former patrons for their liberal sup
port hitherto, and solicits a continuance of
their favors for the establishment which
is now in his own hands. A plentiful sup
ply |of the best liquors, cigars, &c., can bo
had at their bar.
d 25 D. C. LAMPHEAR.
street, nearly opposite Wade & Fow
ler’s.—Stoves, tin ware, mining tools, &c.,
constantly on band, and for sale on reason
able terms. All kinds of job work prompt
ly attended to.
PUMPS —Force and lifting pumps, ou
hand and to order. Tom and rocker plates
punched or in sheets.
n 22 tf SINCLAIR & CO.
undersigned, have established a Ferry
at the crosssag of the Calaveras, near the
Bay State Ranch, and respectfully solicit
the patronage of the traveling public. The
boat that we have put on this stream ia
large and substantial,.and will carry horses
and wagons. This is the best and nearest
road to San Andres, and Sonora, &e
|*IG BAR FERRY.-This well
known ferry, on the route between
Mokelumne Hill and Jackson, materially
shortens the distance between the above
places. The undersigned ..having purchas
ed the ferry beg to announce that passen
gers cross at any stage of the water, or any
hour of the day and night. Connected
with the Ferry is a bar, stocked with the
choicest liquors and fiigars
jan 1 SOHER & CO.
Centre street, below the Empire Saloon,
r |MIE undersigned takes pleasure ia
announcing to the public that he haa
opened his fine Bath Rooms, where he is
ready to give WARM, COLD, and SHOW
ER BATHS The place ia fitted up in a
degree of neatness and comfort even unsur
passed in the Bay City.
Attached to the bath rooms is a good
LOON, where gentlemen will find every-,
thing necessary to make this establishments
the best ia the interior. L. MUNROE..
oo 14

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