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Ulnnposa Jnuttrat.
nv tIUJ vm M, POSDK K.
Ever glancing, ever dancing, 4
Like a sportive child at play,
From its fountain on the mountain
Leaps the rivulet away ;
From its starting swiftly darting,
Tinkling like a silver bell,
As it crosses through the mosses
Whore the forest faries dwell.
When the olden moon is golden-
Gilding every tree and plant,
And the elfin feasts are holden
in the hollow oak they haunt
Ever sparkling through the darkling,
Myrtles, green and violet,
Thou art laughing, they are quaffing
Pansy wine from cups of jet.
Running slower, sinking lower,
As thy seaward course is apod—
Till it hushes, 'mid dead rushes,
Ry the ocean’s briny bed ;
So youth’s gladness ends in sadness,
And life’s rivulets, that start
From love’s mountains, lose their fountains
In the Dead Sea of the heart.
Awful Tkaoedy in Kentucky.— On Thurs
day evening, April 14th, says the Louisville
Journal , Mr, Julius C. Buky, of Bullitt coun
ty, living four or five miles from ML Washing
ton, went into the room where his wife ami
daughter, a very beautiful young lady sixteen
or seventeen years old, were quilting. The
daughter remarked that she wished to visit a
a neighbor. The father objected. Words
passed, and the daughter retorted somewhat
unbecomingly. Thereupon he struck her with
a cane, and drawing his revolver, shot her
through the head, and, while she was falling
shot her again through the back. She died in
At the sound of the reports, his son rushed
to the room and met his father upon the thres
hold retreating to the yard with his pistol in
his hand. It being evident that the father
was about to kill himself, the son struggled for
the pistol, but the father clung to it desperate
ly, and, after getting a short distance from the
door, succeeded in blowing bis own brains
out, and fell dead.
Mr. Buky was between fifty ami sixty years
old, ami he is represented to us as having been
esteemed a perfect gentleman, unusually kind
to his family, of considerable property, and of
very respectable connexions. lie is said to
have been exasperated against bis unfortunate
daughter because she persisted, against his |
commands and entreaties, in receiving the at
tentions of a lover that was obnoxious to him. |
Toub of Exploration. — A number of per
sons, says the Santa Barbara Gazette , have
lately started on a tour of exploration on the
other side of the Coast Range of mountains, j
They are well provided with maps and Indian
guides, and will visit the veins of silver which
were worked in former times by the Mission (
at this point. The existence of rich veins of
silver among those mountains has long been
known to the Americans from rumor, and
searches have been made by different parties,
all of which, however, have proved ineffectual.
The company arc said to have obtained sure
information of the exact locality of these
mines. The stories told of their richness
seem extravagant, and wc will not recount any
of them now, lest wc should tax too strongly
the credulity of our readers.
Row in a Dance House. —The San Francis
co Ledger says an interesting fracas occurred
recently in one of the Pacific street dancej
houses. Among the participants in the enter
tainment were several females from the “ould
sod,” just sufficiently inebriated for a “lark.”
One of their number directed the band to play
“ Nora Creina,” while another insisted upon
having “ Paddy OTlatterty.” The company
took sides with either contestant, and the con
test grew warm so the musicians—gentlemen
from “ Dutchland”—tied in terror, and the
affair concluded wiih a general fight, in which
the daughters of the “ green isle,” true to their
nature, made common cause against all the
rest—whipped them out, and then whipped
each other. A night watchman, attracted by
the noise, found the survivor sitting on the cold
wooden curb, singing—“ The Harp that once
through Tara’s Halls,” Ac.
A Doctor as is a Doctor, —A self suf
ficient humbug, who took up the business of a
physician, was once called to visit a young
mnn’affficted with apoplexy. Bolus gazed long
and hard, felt his pulse and pocket, looked at
his tongue and his wife, and finally gave vent
to the following opinion:
“ I thinK he’s a gone fellow.”
14 No, no! ” exclaimed the sorrowful wife,
44 d0 not say that! 44
44 Yes, ” resumed Bolus, lifting up his hat
and eyes heavenward at the same time, 44 yes,
I do say so; there ain’t no hope, not the least
mite; he’s got an attack of nihil fit in his lost
44 Whcrd?” cried the startled wife.
44 In his lost frontis, and he can’t be cured
without some trouble and a great deal of
pains. You see his whole planetary system
is deranged ; firstly, his'vox populi js pressing
on his ad valorem ; secondly, his catracarnial
cutaneous lias swelled considerably, if not
more; thirdly and lastly, his sqlar ribs are in
a concussed state, and he ain’t got any money,
consequently he is bound to die.”
A Ffllow-Feeli.no. — When the Clerk of the
Police Court came to examine the record, yes
terday, previous to the meeting of the court, it
was ascertained (to use a Tlibernianism) that
the only new case was an old case of drunk.
A member of the bar who stood by the
Clerk’s desk, knowing from experience the
sovereign effects of 44 a Peruvian eye opener of
u mornin’,” moved that the poor devil be fur
nished with a cocktail and discharged.— Sac.
A Relic Destroyed. —The 44 pioneer cabin”
in Placerville, the first buildiug erected in the
place 44 which has hung upon the hill side from
the earliest discovery of gold in the vicinity,”
and is even older than the discarded name of
44 Hangtown,” was destroyed by fire on the
6th instant.
Opposite Pacific Mail Steamship Company’s Office,
Sacramento Street, below Montgomery.
KtUMUhtd for (he. Permanent Cure of all Private ami
Chronic Dueates, and (he Supjresfbm of Qi uarkery.
rian Revolutionary War, Chief Physician to the
20th Regiment of Honvels, Chief Surgeon to the Mili
tary Hospital at Pcsth, Hungary, and late Lecturer on
Diseases of the Urinary Organs, and Diseases of Wo
men and Children, has opened his Institute for the
cure of all forms of Private Diseases, such as Syphilis,
Gonorrhoea, Nocturnal Emissions, and all the consc
quences of Helf'-Ahu-e. In the first stages of Syphilitic
or Gonorrhoeal Diseases, he guarantees a c ure in a few
days, without inconvenience to the patient, or hin
drance to his business. When a patient, by neglect or
improper developed the symptoms of
Secondary Syphilis, such as buboes, or painted swell
ings of the groins, or ulcers in the throat or nose,
which, if not checked, destroy the soft parts, and cause
the ls»nes to mortify, separate ami come away, leaving
the sufferer hideous to behold ; or when splotches and
pimples break out upon the skin, or when he has pain
ful *wcliings upon the bones, or when his constitution
is injured so as to predispose to consumption or consti
tutional disease, the Doctor guarantees a cure nr asks
no compensation. In Hhenmatism, chronic or acute,
in Dysentery or Diarhwa, he has safe and effectual
remedies. For the treatment of the consequences of
Self-Abuse, such as Nocturnal Emissions, Nervousness,
Timidity, Headache, Pains in the Hack and Limits,
with General Weakness, I/iss of Appetite, Loss of
Memory, Injury to the Sight, Restlessness, Confusion
of Ideas, Dislike for Society, and a Feeling of Weari
ness of Life, with the nervous system so excitable that
slight noises shock or startle the patient, making his
existence miserable. For the amive maladies, the
Doctor will guarantee a cure, or ask no compensation,
lie can be consulted free of charge, and invites all to
call, as it will cost them nothing, and may be much to
to their advantage.
HH" A Tribute to Merited Worth. —The ingra
titude of man to his fellow-man is so often met iu life,
that testimonials, prompted by the finer feelings of the
heart, are oasis in the life of those who sacrifice their
best days in philanthropic devotion to the alleviation
of the ills of frail mortality. Kmpricisni Hoods the
columns of our press with fraudulent and fictitious let
ters, singing (leans to the worth of their egotistical
charlatanism. Relow we append a letter from a wor
thy man, who, a brief iicriod since, seemed destined to
“ .Shuffle off - this mortal coil,” —who looked forward to
his dissolution with that pleasure which only those
weighed down by the heavy hand of disease can. Con
trary to hope, the ability of a skillful physician has re
stored him to his former health. Iteheved from his
terrible situation, and impelled by gratitude, he makes
known his ca-e and remedial spent, and his statement
is authenticated bv a Notary Public. The demands of
society Imperiously command its publicity, and it is
given more to warn the unwary, than to sound the
nraiscs of a physician of whom scores of like cases can
rie cited:
Certificate—The undersigned, desirous of ac
quainting those who may be unfortunate enough to be
similarly afflicted where a permanent relief of their
sufferings may he obtained, feels it his duty to thus
publicly express his sincere gratitude to Dr. L.J.Czap
kay, for the permanent recovery of his health. Dome
down by the distressing symptoms incident to the vi
cious practices of uncontrollable passion In youth -de
pressed in body and mind unable to tierform even the
most trifling duty imposed on the daily avocations of
life—l sought the advice of many physicians, who at
first regarded my disease us of trilling importance : but
alas? after a few weeks, and in several instances
months, of their treatment, I found, to my unutterable
horror, that instead of relief, the symptoms became
more alarming In their torture ; and being finally told
by one that the disease, lieing principally confined to
the brain, medicines would he of little consequence, I
despaired of ever regaining my health, strength and
energy : and as a last resort, and with but a faint hope,
called upon Dr. O.apkay. who, after examining my
case, prescribed some medicine which almost instantly
relieved me of the dull (min and di/./.iness in my head.
Encouraged by this result, 1 resolved to place myself
immediately under his care, and by a strict obedience
to his directions and advice, my head liecame clear, my
ideas collected, the constant pain in my back and
groins, the weakness of my limbs, the nervous reaction
of my whole system on the slightest alarm or excite
ment, the misanthropy and evil forebodings, the self
distrust and want of confidence in others, the incapa
bility to study ami want of resolution, the frightful, ex
citing, and at times pleasurable dreams at night, fol
lowed by involuntary discharges, have alt disappeared ;
and, intact, in two months alter having consulted the
Doctor, I felt n-< if inspired by a new life -that life
which fait a short time ago I contemplated to end by
my own hand. With a view to guard the unfortunate
from falling into the snares of incompetent quacks, I
deem it my duly to offer this testimony to the merit
and skill of r Dr. Czapkay, aiulrc* '-unuend him to all wha
may stand In need of medical advice, ficing assured by
my own experience that,once under his care, a radical
ami permanent cure will he effected, if. F. Fillmore.
State of California, County of San Francisco. -Sub
scribed and sworn to before me, this seventeenth day
of April, A. I). 1956. (Signed)
[l. s.J John Middleton, \otary Public.
Dr. L. J. Czapkay’s Medical and Surgical institute
is on Sacramento street, below Montgomery, San Fran
cisco, California. The Doctor offers fredßonsnl tat ions,
and aska no remuneration unless uc edicts a cure.
Hi" A Card. —I, the undersigned, having been un
der the treatment of Dr. L. J. Czapkay, although unso
licited, feel called upon to give publicity ft. the efficacy
of his treatment, hoping that by doing so 1 may be in
strumental in preventing uftiere from experiencing the
fearful suffering and miseiy which I experienced, and
which so often result from the pernicious practices of
pretenders. My disease has been that of physical and
mental debility, which is the result, of indiscretions in
youth. The agonies wliieh I endured are, perhaps,
unnecessary for me to detail: they arc known to those
who have experienced them. Suffic e it to say, that
having called the services of Dr. L. J. Czapkay in re
quisition, all the expectations which I had formed of
him were more than realized. I would, therefore, re
commend Dr. Czapkay to all who may find themselves
afflicted with that dreadful malady my object iu so
doing being sympathy for suffering humanity, and a
heartfelt desire for its relief.
D. J. Daiilee, Printer.
State of California, City and County of San Francis
co.—On this thirty-first day of July, A. D. iN.'Jfi, before
me. Win. C. Jewett, Notary Public, personally appear
ed D. J. Daiilee, known to me, who being duly sworn,
did depose and say that the contents of the card here
with signed by him, are true. In witness whereof, I
have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal,
the day and year first above written.
[l. s.J Wii. C. Jewett, Notary Public.
Hi” The Greatest Discovery of tiie Aok!
Great Blessing to Mankind! Innocent but Potent! -
Dr. L. J. Czapkay's Propliilaticum, (self-disinfecting
agent)—a sure preventive against Gonorrlueal and
Syphilitic Diseases, and an unsurpassed remedy for
Venereal, Scrofulous, Gangrenous and Cancerous Ul
cere. Foetid Discharges from the Vagin, Uterus and
Urethra, and all Cutaneous Eruptions and Diseases.
As Innoculution is a preventive against Small Pox, so 1
Is Dr. L. J. Czapkays Propliilaticum a preventive
against Syphilitic and Gonorrhoeal Diseases. Although
harmless in itself, it possesses the power of chemically
destroying the Hypliilitic Virus, and thereby saving
thousands from being infected by the most loathsome
of all diseases. Let no young man who appreciate*
health f»e without Dr. Czapkay's Prophilaticum. It is
in very convenient packages, and will be found conve
nient to use, being used as a soap. Price, five dollars.
For sale at Dr. Czapkay's Private Medical ami Surgical
Institute, Sacramento street, below Montgomery, San
Francisco, California. All orders must he addressed
to Dr. L. J. Czapkay, M. D., San Francisco.
H i" 8p epmatorriio? a , or I .oral Weakness, Nervous
Debility. Low Spirits. Lassitude, Weakness of the
Limbs and Hack, Indisposition and Incapability for
Labor and Study, Dullness of Apprehension, Loss of
Memory. Aversion to Society, Love of Solitude, Timid
ity, Self-Disfrust, Dizziness, Headache, Involuntary
Discharges, Pains in the Ride, Affections of the Eyes,
Pimples on the Fac/, Sexual and other infirmities in
Man, are cured without fail by the justly celebrated
Physician and Surgeon, L. J. Czapkay. His method of
curing diseases is new unknown to others- and hence
the great success. All consultations- by letter or
otherwise—free. Address 1.. J. Czapkay, M. I).. Sau
Francisco, California.
Hjr A Card.—Prompted by an honest desire of my
heart, I wish to lay before the public a case which de
serves high commendation, not only as mi act of scien
tific skill, but that of humanity also. About two years
ago, I suddenly, and from causes unknown to me. was
seized with a nt of Epilepsy, which, owing to my ma-
billty to ijieet the expenses consequent upon a thorough
medical treatment, and the discouragement which I
met with on attempting it, soon became Much (us I
was then led to believe) a* to defy the skill of a physi
cian. I was frequently, while in pursuit of my calling,
thrown down to the ground without the Highest* warn
ing. and although inaenrible to the agonies, 1 yet
despised the miseries of my life, and soon learned to
look upon those who would render me assistance, or
shelter me from danger, as enemies who sought to pro
long the misery of my existence. While in this state,
and having previous to my affliction tasted the tweets
of life, I was once more induced to attempt seeking
aid of a physician, and, by recommendation, called
upon Hr. 1...1. ('zapkay. I told him my circumstances
and my inability to reward him for my services,regard
less of which, however, he at once undertook my case,
and. with the blearing of God, I was once more res
tored to perfect health. Enable to reward him for the
boon which 1 at present enjoy, and yet eonscious of
my indebtedness, I consider it tine to myself, and to
all afflicted, to make the case public, in order that
those in need of medical advice may find a physician
in whom every confidence can he placed.
Mkvkr Yaiilonskv.
State of California, County of San Franci«co—Sub
scribed and sworn to before me. this Ist day of August,
A. D. 1H56. Oilbkkt A. Grant,
fr,.s.] Notary Public.
Dr. L. J. C/.apkay’s Medical and Surgical Institute
m on Sacramento street, la-low Montgomery, Sun Fran
cisco, California. The Doctor offers free consultations,
and asks no remuneration unless ho effects a cure.
C/.apkay, Lecturer on the Disease* of Women and
Children, and Chief Surgeon of the Military Hospital
of I’esth, Hungary, would rail public attention to
S|)crraatorrha'a, or Local Weakness. There is not In
the catalogue of human maladies one more to he depre
! catod than this, :is well because of present distress as
| the ultimate results. The tone of the system under
its influence Is either Impaired or entirely destroyed,
and a class of symptoms superinduced that unlit man
for the performance of any of the ordinary duties of
; life. The injuries done to the physical part of the man
an. 1 tcily lamentable, but trilling when compared to
' those of the censorium. the great nervous centre, and
|to the n> rvous system generally. This disease, which
is too ol.eu consequent upon that solitary vice, Self
i Abuse, Involves pathological conditions beyond the
I comprehension of the uninitiated, but which are well
understood by the regular practitioner. Among the
I symptoms most conspicuous are the following; Love
' of Holitnde, Aversion to business and society, Disfress-
( ing Timidity, Nervous Excitement from Blight Causes,
I Low Hnirits and Lassitude, Dullness of Apprehension,
and Misanthropy. These being functional derange
ments, are often the harbingers of’ horrid organic le
sions of the brain, which produce fatuity, dementia,
j and death. For the cure of this, and all kindred dis
' eases, Dr. 1.. J. C/.apkay has established his Institute,
where all may rely with perfect confidence upon that
skill which long exjierience and thorough devotion to
; his profession have given. Those who suffer should
call without delay, and use the means by which they
recuperate and live. All consultations—by letters or
! otherwise—free. m'JO-tf
Late Professor at the University, Penn.,
Comer of Montgomery ami Culifornia Street «,
Where be can be consulted privately ami with the utmost
confidence by the afflicted at all hour* dally, from 8 A M ,
until 8 I*. M, (Cure always guaranteed or no pay required.)
constitution a u debility and seminal weakness.
DR. YOUNG addressesthose who have Injure*! themselves
by private ami improper indulgence in that secret and soil
tary habit, wiiieli ruins the )khlv and mind. unfitting them
for either buiIWHH or widely. The following are some «f
the sad and melancholy <• (Tecta produced by early habits of
youth, vir.: weakness of the back and limb*, pain in the
head, dimness of sight, ioaa of inuacular power. palpitation
of the heart, dyspepsia, nervousness, irritability, derange
■nent of tlie dilative functions, general debility, ayinptoma
of conaurnptlon, etc.
Mkvtai i v—The fearful effect" upon the mind are more to
Is- dreaded I/)*" of memory, confnalou of Idea*, depression
of spirits, evil forels<dings, aversion to society, self distrust,
love of solitude, timidity, etc. are most of the evils pro
All persons who are afflicted with any of the above syrup
tom", should not fail to call on Dr. Young, and lie at once
restored to perfect health. Let no false delicacy prevent
yon. but apply immediately, and save yourself from the
dreadful and awful consequences of this terrible malady.
Immediately cured ami full vigor returned.
Dr. J. C. YOUNG.
There 1- no malady of dee|s-r importance, either in a med
leal or moral poinlof view, hi which the hnin.ui family is
more liable, tlian that arising from Impure connection*.
A* a medical man.lt is the duly of every physician to
look at disease as it affects health and life, and ln« sob- object
should he to mitigate, a« far ss lies in his power, their Istdi
ly suffering. Human nature is at best but frail ; all are ii
able to misfortune
Of all Ills that affect man. none are more terrible than
those of a private nature. Dreadful as it Is in the person
who contracts it. frightful aie Its ravages upon bis constitu
tion, ending frequently m destruction and a loathsome
grave, it becomes of still greater Importance when it is
transmitted to Innocent offspring, Huch being the case,
how important it becomes that every one having the least
reason to fear they have contracted the disease, should at
tend to it at once by consulting some physician, whose re*
portability ami education enables him to warrant a safe, :
speedy and js-rmaneutcure. In accordance with ibis ne
cesslty, Dr. Young feds called upon to state that by long |
study and extensive practice, ho has become perfect master
of au those diseases which come under the denomination of
venereal, and having paid more attention to that one branch
than any other physician in the United states, he feels him
self better qualified to treat them.
Hvphillis, in all its forms, such as Ulcers, Swelling of the
Groins, Ulcers In the Throat. Secondary Svphillis, Cutaire
ous Eruptions, Ulcerations, Tertiary Syphilus, Hvphlllls in
Children, Mercurial Hyphlllitic Affections, Gonorrba-. Gleet,
Stricture, False Passages, Intlainmalion of the Bladder and
Prostrate Glands, Excoriations, Tumors, Pustules, etc,, arc
as familiir to him as the most common things or dally oh i
ser vii lions.
The doctor effects a cure in recent cases in a few days,
and finds no difficulty In curing those of long duration,
without submitting the patient to such treatment as will
draw upon him the slightest suspicion, or oblige him to neg
led his business, w hether within duon or without The
diet need not be changed, except in cases of severe iniiama-
Mon. There are in California patients (amounting to over
two thousand in the past year,) that could furnish pnsifof
this ; Iml these are matters that require the nicest secrecy,
which he always preserves.
All letters enclosing $lO will he proronly attended to.
• »ftice hours from 9A. M. to 3 I*. M. Address J. C. YOUNG,
M D.
The following are selected from a volumnious accumula
tion of testimonials of the Press of the United Stales, ami
from eminent Professors of our institutions where the prac j
lice of medicine is taught.
From the S. F. Citizen*
The question Is often asked—“ Why is it that Dr. J. C.
Young is so successful, while other advertising Physicians .
are failing from day to day?” The answer must Is-, or I
should l>e, plainly apparent to all. it is. that tin understands
his profession, and attends to it, and, as bis practice increa
lies, bis knowledge extends. So close has I wen his appli
cation to his unprecedented practice, that he is |s>rfeut mas
ter of bis profession, and can insure ail relief from their
troubles ; and while others an* daily sinking into that ob
livion from which they ware never fitted to Is- delivered,
his course is onward and upward, placing him at the head
of his arduous profession. Ho great has been his increase
of business (hat he has been obliged to associate will* liim 1
self two other physicians, both of extended knowledge and
practice. Wo would advise all afllicled to call upon him in
preference to an v other Physician. Wo are Informed that
lie treats entirely on the Vegetable System, and will always
warrant a perfect cure. His office is at (be corner of Mont
gomery and California streets, opposite Wells, Fargo & Uo.s’
Express and Hanking House, Hun Francisco.
From the Timet amt Tranter if*.
There are thousands in this Stale suffering for want of
scientific medical treatment, and they fear to apply to a
physician. Iwcause they have been deceived, or their friends
have been, by some of the charlatans who infest the com
inunily, and who publish themselves ns good physicians,
professor, etc. To all such we unhesitatingly recommend
Dr. J. C. Young, as a physician in whom all can place confi
donee. Ho is a man of eminent and profound study, a good
Hiirgeon an honorable man, and one who can sympathize
with personH in atllictiou. Mis standing as a physician and
gentleman are both guaranteed—the first, by his medical
works, which are an honor to their author, and (ho exten
sive ami highly successful course of practice with which he
has been honored since his advent in California, and the lat
ter by his numerous patrons am! large circle of acquaintan
cos. We say to all afflicted, call on him, as he will at once
state the case to you, and yon may rely upon his judgment.
We like his principle —no curt no pay.
From Frtfmor JlUthcotk,
I have watched with more Mian ordinary y.eal the rapid
progress of this young man in the intricate paths of our
profession. Few, w ith the accumulation of years upon their
heads, have approximated to anything like (he stand lie has
fairly earned. Were i Mu- father of a much more numerous
family than I now boost of, I should not hesitate for a mo
menl, should (lie services of a physician lie required, to
call on Dr. J.C. Younu, having full confidence in bis capn
city, (a very important adjunct to a physician.) and I re
commend my friends to do the same.
J. C. Hitchcock, M. D., L. L. D.
From the Boston Medical Journal.
Although we are opposed to (he system of advertising,[for
good and sufficient reasons, still we deem it but justice to
say that Dr. Yocng is one of the most industrious and in
defatigable votaries of the medieal science in the United
Dhytown, May 28. IBuff j
Dr. J. ('. Yorxtl ,—The medicine and advice which I re 1
ceived from you on my visit to Sun Francisco last month. I
have effected a most gratifying change in my physical con
diiion. My appetite has returned—that dull langmir and
paleness left me, and I felt like a new man. I’eraona In the |
mines have Ix-en so much imposed upon by advertizing phy i
sicians, that they know not what to do. Many who have
noticed the rapi<l change in my appearance, have expressed .
their astonishment at It. I write thin out nf pure gratitude
for what you did for me. WALTER WARREN.
Voluntary Certificate from Don Pedro’a liar.
BeingMesirou* of beneflltiog my fellow-man «s much as
possible, induce* me to come before the public and certify
to the following facts : In July last I called upon I>r. ,1. C.
Yor.vj for metical advice. I was then laboring under a
dizziness Inttiy head, a very tedious pain In toy back and
hips, weakness in my legs and anna, loss of memory, son*
eyes, palpitation of the heart, extreme nervousness, and
general debility. I was so bad that 1 was compelled to sus
pend business. After a careful examination of my case,
Hr. Young pronounced the case cureable. and I commenced
taking the medicines he prescribed, ami the result la, I am
now perfectly well to all appearances, although not as
strong as J could wish, yet 1 instantly gaining—can do
as good a day’s work as any of the men in my locality. The
reason for publishing the above is to counteract that wide
spread rascally empiricism which Is stalking with such des
truction throughout this otherwise blessed country.
Residence, Hon Pedro's liar.
Witness : W. Urey. C. I- Ttostwfc.
Ide disease, which, when once seated in the system,
wdl sure ly go down from one generation to another, under
mining the constitution and sapping the very vital fluids of
life? Ho not trust youraelfin the hands of those mushroom
Quacks that start up every day in a city like this, and fill
the papers with abominable falsehoods, Uki well calculated
to deceive the young, and those who are not “ posted up"
in the tricks of foreign and domestic imposters.
■4 You cannot l»e too careful in the selection of a Physician
or a remedy in these cases. You should apply to a man
who has had ample experience, and who possesses true skill
in the tnatment thereof. Such a physician is Hr. J. C.
Yoran. who has treated and cured more cases of such dis
eased than any one won living to day. in this or any other
country. Hiii offices were the first that were opened in this
city for the exclusive treatment of private diseases. His
different publications have lieen re published in almost
every country in Europe, and are now acknowledged as
standard works by our ow n medical colleges and the profes
sion throughout the country.
HR. YOUNG, by recent improvements In the healing art,
Is enabled to effect cures in a few days, without mercury or
change of diet, under a challenge of
Married persons, or those contemplating marriage, being
aware of physical weakness, should consult HR. YOUNG.
especially, who have become the victim of solitary vice,
that dreadful, fascinating, and destructive habit, which Alls
thousands of sick rooms witli paralytics and consumptives,
and hundreds of untimely graves with Ms misguided vie
thus, should consult, without a moment’s delay, one who
will sympathise with their sufferings, and cure them for a
moderate comjK'nsution. Indeed, he who places himself
under the care of HR. .t. C. YOUNG, may religiously confide
in his honor as a gentleman, and confidently rely upon his
skill us a physician, acknowledged by all the wealthiest and
most respectable portion of our old inhabitants.
Office— Corner Montgomery Bud California streets, oppo
site Wells, Fargo & Co.’s Express Office.
, the treatment of Private Hiseaes, Is at the corner of
Montgomery and California streets, opposite Wells, Fargo
k Co.'s Express Office, Han Francisco
REMEMBER—'That Hit. Yorwi wants no patients but those
fully capable of appreciating ami distinguishing the services
of a regular, thorough bred physician, from the paltry, un
learned and trifling quack.
REMEMBER—That Hr. Y«>i vo Is the only regular bred
physician advertising to cure diseases of imprudence.
REMEMBER—Thai Hr. Yoi nu s remedies and treatment
are entirely unknown to all others, prepared from a life
spent in the great Hospitals of Europe and the first In this
country, from pure chemicals imported.
REMEMBER—That Hr. Yoi mo lias a more extended prac
lice than any other physician in the world.
REMEMBER—That ail the Wealthy Citizens, Editors and
our (sipnlnr men, are well acquainted, and take great plea
sure in recommending Hr. Yoimo to the afflicted.
REMEMBER—That HR. YOCMU makes no false represents
Rons to gull the unfortunate, but that all be says will be
faithfully carried out.
REMEMBER—That Hr. Yorxo will cure any case of Pri
vate IHaeaae in one half the time that it takes others, and
that be never falls to bring relief to the afflicted and unfor
(unate, curing them in from two to six days.
REMEMBER—That Hr J. C. Yor.xo gives every attention
to diseases peculiar to Females. a 22 3m
Private Modloal Offloo
AND ....
Chronic or lingering I*isea»es of both sexes, ami to tin*
Hereditary Affections of Children. Irtaeao* of the Hkln sue
cntfall; treated.
ti’ I’ttlirnti may rely upon a judicious ami efficacious
treatment, in accordance with the long and well established
principles of Allopathic Practice. in’JU 3m
to uajrKuns, •tssaruns,
.... A 5 D ....
Gold X>u«t Dealers.
1 .sUlillsh.-d their NEW GOLD AND 81 EVER REFINE
RV on a large scale, mi l in a ja-rmanent manner, are now
ready to receive the preciooa Metals and prepare them for
immediate coinage, at the I'. S. Mint, in the moot expidi
lious way.
They invite the attention of the Ranker* ami Gold I>u*t
Dealer* to the fact, that their refining Is conducted hy a
process *o much cheaper ami quicker than that of tiie Go
vernment, that they can fix a much lower rate of charge*
for the operation, and thus make it a great |iecuniary bene
fit to the Ja-positor, both in the time of receiving hi* coin, a*
well a* in the amount of the return*.
They are prepared to return either minor refliuid bant for
dn*t and imported bar*.
4 fjf~ Office NT itattery street, near Commercial *troet. 1
.lack son Street, nlrovc .Mtiiilgonury,
X undergoing a thorough repair in every department, and
refitted throughout with NEW FURNITURE, BEDDING,
CARPETS, etc , ami i* now one of the best, moat cleanly,
ami more comfortable than any House on the I'acific.
It will lie kept a* a First-Class Hotel in every particular,
where all will meet with a Social Home, combined with good
r lean Room* and Red*, and the beat table ever aet in San
The Hotel Department of the Railroad Honae ha* always
been acknowledged to have lieen the moat cleanly, and bet
ter kept than any other Houao in San Franclaco. It ia only
necessary to aay that, until recently, Mr*. Hai.eY controlled
that part of the Itailroad Honae, and will now take the sole
charge of the International, assisted by Messrs. ,I*«. J. Ha
lky, and E. R. Romxaox, formerly of the New York Hotel,
late of the Railroad House, and Mr M. A. Fkkn'H, late of
the Hasselte House. We will nerve to please, and oak but
one trial for success.
From $2 to $8 per DAY, and from 812 to 818 per WEEK.
arf The INTERNATIONAL COACH is always In attend.
anoe to convey I’aaaengera to and from the Boats, at
Corner Merchant Mtrcct and the Pia z a. {
Clhhh, Furnished <>r Unfurnished, will find them at this
Hotel, which ia the moat fashionable and comfortable of any
in this city, and being under the immediate supervision and
attention of tiie proprietress, presents all the comfort* of a
Room* rented by the month, day or week.
Passengers arriving by the steamers, will always dud
lodgings prepared.
Private entrance on Kearny street.
m 6 3m Proprietress.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Express Building, N. E. cor. Montgomery and Ualrornia sts.,
E. Q . H ALL,
Importer and Dealer in
13IanDl Booßls,
Corner of Front and Commercial sts., San Francisco. n 29 tf
No. 97 Front Street, corner Merchant,
• 4 Coods bought and forwarded promptly to any part
of the Mines. •• May Flower,” “ Our Jewel,” “ V». Offer
lug to California,” and “El .Sacramento,' 1 Tobacco. Foi
sale by *2B-tf 8. H PRICHARD, Agent.
Culil'ui'iifa Steam Navigation Co.
Steamer CORNELIA Capt. E. Conklin.
Steamer J. BRAGDON (’apt. Thomas W.Skki.ey
Leave Jackson Street Wharf, Han Francisco, Daily, (Hun
days excepted.) for Block ton. at 4 p. u.
Freight and Passengers will always receive the best
attention JOS 8. PRATT. Agent at Stockton
a 22 3tn ; AMUBI. J. HENSELY. :*n Francisco.
Agua Frio, Mariposa county.
Alameda, Alameda county.
Alamo, Contra Costa county.
Alvarado. Alameda county.
Alviao, Santa Clara county.
Angela, Calaveras county.
Ashland, Butte county.
Auburn, Placer county.
Alpha, Nevada county.
Antioch, Contra Costa county.
American Ranch. Shasta county.
Amiednct City. Amador county.
Belmont, San Francisco county.
Benicia. Solano county.
Hiilwell’s Bar, Butte county.
Big Bur, Trinity county.
Big Oak Flat, Tuolumne county.
Bodega, Sonoma county.
Bucksport. Humboldt county.
Buckner, Sacramento county.
Buckeye, Yolo county.
Cache Creek, Yolo county.
Campo Seen, Calaveras county.
CamptonvUJe, Yuba county.
Cedarville, Kf Dorado county.
(’barley's Ranch, Butte county.
Chico, Butte county.
Chinese Camp, Tuolumne county.
Clarksville, El Dorado county.
Clinton, Nevada county.
Cold Spring, El Dorado county.
Columbia, Tuolumne comity.
Colusa, Colusa county.
Cordelia, Solano county.
Cosumnes, Sacramento county.
Cottonwood, Shasta county.
Crescent City, Klamath county.
Coloma, El Dorado county.
Curtisvllle, Tuolumne comity.
Centerville. Contra Costa county.
Cherokee, Butte county.
Coultervillc, Mariposa county.
Diamond Springs, El Dorado county.
Don Pedro’s Bar, Tuolumne county.
Double Borings, Calaveras county.
Downieville, Sierra county.
Dry Creek, Yuba county.
Drytown, Amador county.
Elliott’s Itanch, Sacramento county.
Eureka, llumboldt county.
Elizabethtown, IMmnas county.
Empire Hunch, Yuba county.
Emory’s crossing, Yuba county,
Fiddktown, El Dorado county.
Foris*.stown, Butte county.
Forlorn Hope, Mariposa county.
Forest City, Sierra county.
Foreman's Itanch, Calaveras county.
Fourth Crossing, Calaveras county.
Foster’s Bar. Yuba county.
French Camp, San Joaquin county.
Fremont, Yolo county.
Garotte, Tuolumne county.
Georgetown, El Dorado county.
Gllrey, Santa Clam county.
Goodyear’s Bar, Sierra county.
Grafton. Yolo county.
Grass Valley, Nevada county.
Green Springs, Tuolumne county.
Greenwood, El Dorado county.
Green Island, Colusa county.
Garden Valley, El Dorado county.
GeorgiaiiH. Sacramento county.
Grizzly Flat, El Dorado county.
Gibsonvilie, Sierra county.
Gwin, Marijswa county.
Hamilton, Butte county.
Horr’s Ham b. Tuolumne county.
Hometown, Shasta county.
Hill's Ferry, Stanislaus county.
Ulinoistown, Placer county.
Indian Diggings, K 1 Dorado county,
lone Valley, Amador county.
lowa City, Placer county.
Indian Gulch, Mariposa county.
Jackson. Amador county.
Jacksonville, Tuolumne county.
Jamestown, Tuolumne county.
Johnson’s Itanch, Sutter county.
Knight’s Ferry, San Joaquin county.
Lisbon, Placer county.
Lagrange, Stanislaus county.
Lewiston. Trinity county.
Losseits, Butte county.
I>*h Angeles, Los Angeles county,
latgnna Seeo, Santa Clara county.
Loveing's Ferry, San Joaquin < ounty.
Mountain View. Santa Clara County.
Mountain Springs, Placer county.
Marysville, Yuba county.
Mariposa, Mariposa county.
Martinez. Contra Costa county.
Maxwell s Creek, Mariposa county.
Michigan Bluff, Placer county.
Mission Ban Jose, Santa Clara comity.
Mokeluoide Hill, Calaveras county.
Moon’s Ranch, Colusa county.
Mormon Island. Sacramento county.
Monterey, Monterey comity.
Mud Springs, El Dorado county.
Murphy’s, Calaveras county.
Mt. Optiir, Mariposa county.
Montezuma, Tuolumne county.
Monte, Lou Angeles county.
McDermott’s Bridge, Calaveras county.
Millerton, Tulare county.
Monroeville, Colusa county.
Michigan city. Placer county.
Mayfield, Santa Clara county.
McCartymrille, Santa Clara county.
Mi» higan Bar, Sacramento county.
Na|ia, Napa county.
Nevada, Nevada county.
Nicolaus, Sutter county.
North Branch, Calaveras county.
Newton, El Dorado county.
Nealsbnrg, Placer county.
Native dad, Monterey county.
Nelson's Creek, Sierra county.
Onlsbo, Sacramento county.
Dragon House, Yulia county.
Ophirvillc, Placer county.
Orovlllc, Butte county.
Dak Grove Farm, Solano comity.
Oakland, Alameda county.
DcreCity, Placer county.
Piittitiewa, Siskiyou county.
Pleasant Grove, Sacramento county.
Parks’ Bar, Yulia county.
Pilot Hill, El Dorado county.
Putah, Solano county.
Placerville, El Dorado county.
Petaluma, Sonoma county.
Pleasant Springs, Calaveras comity.
Princeton, Colusa county.
Patterson, Nevada county.
Plum Valley, Sierra county.
Qnartzburg, Mariposa county.
Ringgold. El Dorado county*.
Hound Tent, Nevada county.
Itongh and Ready, Nevada county.
Red Bluffs, Shasta county.
Dabbit Creek, Sierra county.
Rattlesnake Bar, Placer county.
Russian River, Mendocino county.
Reynold's Ferry, Calaveras county.
San Francisco, San Francisco county.
Sacramento, Sacramento county.
Salinas, Monterey county.
Sun Diego, San Diego county.
San Juan, Monterey county.
Han Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo county.
San Jose, Santa Clara county.
Santa Clara, Santa Clara county.
Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz county.
San I/irenzo, Alameda county.
San Leandro, Alameda county.
San Pedro, Los Angeles county.
San Rafael, Marin county.
Santa Rosa, Sonoma county.
San Ramon, Contra Costa county.
Salmon Falls, El Dorado county.
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara county.
San Barnardino, San Baruardino county.
Shasta, Shasta county.
Shaw’s Flat. Tuolumne county.
Shingle Springs, El Dorado county.
Sonoma, Sonoma county.
Sonora, Tuolumne county.
Htciuberger’s, San Francisco county.
Staples’ Ranch, San Joaquin county.
Stockton, San Joaquin county.
Sutter Creek, Calaveras county.
Snelling's Ranch, Merced county.
Spanish Flat, El Dorado county.
Huisun, Solano county.
Stringtown, Butte county.
San Andreas, Calaveras county.
San Gabriel, Isis Angeles county.
Han Paola, Contra Costa county.
Ht Louis, Sierra county.
Secret Ravine, Placer county.
Smith’s Ranch, Sonoma county.
Split Rock, Mariposa county.
Sierra. Sierra county.
Strawberry, Yuba county.
Sutter, Sacramento county.
Tehama, Colusi county.
Texas Hill, Sacramento county.
Trinidad, Klamath county.
Trinity, Trinity county.
Turnervillo, Sacramento county.
Trinity Center, Trinity county.
Toraales, Marin county.
Uniontown, Uurobolt county.
Vernon, Sutter comity.
Volcano, Amador county.
Vacaville. Solano county.
Vallejo, Solano county.
Valid ity, Calaveras county.
Visalia, Tulare county.
Weaverville, Trinity comity.
Washington, Yolo county.
Watsonville, Santa Cruz county.
Woodville, Tulare county.
Western, Sacramento county.
Woodslde, Ban Francisco county.
Windsor, Sonoma county.
Yankee Jim’s, Placer county.
Yeomot, El Dorado county.
Ynba City, Sutter county.
Yolo, Yofo county.
Yreka, Biekiyoq county.
Public that he has Removed his Manufactory as nlsive
of Furniture and Bedding, to a very spacious place,
nearly opposite the Post Office, where ne is now pre
pared to sell and Manufacture to order anv article in
Ids line. He has now on hand, and will sell at as low
a price as possible, a lot of Furniture, consisting of
With n great variety of other Articles In his line,
too numerous to mention.
All Articles that leave his Store are warranted to be
what they are Hold fur, or no sale. altf
Immediately in the Rear of Cushman's .Veto Store.
chine Shop and Foundry now in complete working ol
der, would respectfully inform his friend* and the public
generally, that lie is now prepan-d to do all kinds of Cast
ings to order, and will superintend in person the Making and
Repairing of every description of Machinery in general use
in the county, ife is prepared to make Castings of 1500 lbs.
weight, and will warrant all of his work strung and perfect.
If required, he will visit places requiring work done oh Roil
ers or Engines. altf
KT BILLIARD BALLS REPAIRED, and made perfectly
round and true. Also—Balls for Rondo turned.
BAKERY is always ready to supply Families with
good, wholesome BREAD; also, PIES and CAKES,
Makiihma, July 8, 1856. altf
Livery Stable,
________ *
milF PROPRIETOR WOI LD ANNOI M K. that in addi
J lion to his former accotmnodations, he has leased the
Stable recently occupied hy Maw Bkotiikrs. and is prepare*!
to accommodate the public in every respect.
Horses Kept hy the Day, Week, ok Month.
Il«r»fi to Let In any Number,
Many of which arc suitable for ladies' um>.
Can be accommodated in every particular.
Tin* StablcH ar un-li-r llie immeiliate supervision of
the Proprietor, wl- . Mill "pare m» paina to rive satisfaction.
These S*.«fde- are situated near the You.mite Hotel,
ami nearly oppoaite the Saloon of Hiumi nthal k Newcomb.
Makiivma, September 12, 18A6. allf
of informing hit) friends and the public generally
that he i« still to be found at the same old place, on
Main at, a short distance above the Union House,
where can be found at all times, he thinks, a little the
U-st Saddle Horses in town, and ou equally as reason
able terms.
The best of (.rain anil Hay
Horses and Mules Kept by the I>ny or Week
and the liest of care bestowed on them. He Hatters
himself that those who patronize him will be well sa
lislied, as he knows he has the coolest and most plea
sant Stable in the place, and prices are such as to suit
tin- chaos. Thinkful for past patronage, he respect
fully solicits a continuation of the same,
allf M. 0. BARBER.
Arthur WT. Jeo,
One Mile beluiv Mariposa Town.
I have on hand a complete and suitable assortment of
luciixr ing tools,
And other Goods necessarily required by Miners.
For sale at the lowest market juice, by
On the Comer of Sun Joaquin and Main streets,
day, the sth day of November, 1H55, and is now in the
full tide of successful experiment. The Propi ictor has
thoroughly renovated, improved and refitted the house,
and procured entire new Furniture, Beds and Bedding
for the accommodation of Families, Boarders and Tra
vellers. The Proprietor will spare no pains to make
his patrons comfortable. C. A. MEAD,
altf Pbopkjctok.
Forwarding and Commission Merchant ,
Fire-Proof Brick Building. directly opposite Steamboat Land
ing, Stockton, California.
tffi' Particular attention paid to receiving and forwarding
Merchandise from steamboats and sailing vessels, with dis
patch, and at the lowest rates of freight. nl5 3m
Particular attention paid to receiving Merchandise from
steamboat* and sailing vessels. and forwarding with dispart),
and at the lowest rates of freight, without extra charge of
com mission or otherwise.
Office In Starbuck’s Brick Building on the Levee,
corner of Commerce street, directly opposite the X team boat
Orders accompanied with the cash, will receive prompt
attention. al.V3m
General Commission ami Forwarding Merchant r
Corner Commerce street and I>*vee, Stockton. California.
KT Particular attention paid to receiving Goods from
steamers, and forwarding same to all part* of the Southern
Mines at lowest rates of freight.
K. B—Bto reage in his Fire-Proof Building, when required,
free of charge. Good references given, if required. a 35 3m
KF.EI.EU k CO. announce that they have just ojiened
on the Levee, next door to the Shades Saloon, Stockton,
Where they are prepared to
jAt Wholesale or Retail, at rates to suit the times. Their
| arrangements are complete lor receiving constant supplier
of the most choice articles.
#jf- Orders from the country promptly and .satisfactorily
attended to. KEELER k CO.,
m 6 Max Next door to the Shades Saloon, Steckloix

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