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Hlaripasa democrat.
The Public lliill'lliik* "* Washington.
We notice by the Atlantic newspapers that
extensive alterations arc being made in seve
ral of the public buildings at Washington.
Probably the most expensive and difficult im
provement is that of the dome of the capitol.
The Washington Star thus speaks of it:
The new dome of the capitol looms up, day
by day, though it has not yet assumed any
thing like the outline and proportions it will l
take when completed. The present care of
the architect and workmen is to secure proper
supports for the immense weight of material
to be used in the construction of this immense
dome. The vast size of the brackets, forming
the base of the dome, strikes the beholder
with wonder. Each bracket weighs .7,000
pounds, and their aggregate weight is 504,000
pounds. The brick wall in which the brack
ets are fastened is of great strength and solid
ity, and is to be raised to the height of thirty
feet, forming the arch upon which the iron
columns of the dome will rest. The number
of columns forming the circuit of the super
structure is thirty-six, and each column will
be supported by two brackets. These col
umns are twenty feet in height, and weigh
five tons each. The total weight of iron com
posing the dome is estimated at fifteen million
pounds or seven thousand live hundred tons!
It would seem that such a ponderous mass of
iron would inevitably crush to powder any
supports that the ingenuity of man could
devise; but, on the contrary, wo arc told that
the foundation of the new dome have a sus
taining power more than ten times as great as
they will be called upon to endure.
Smart Butter. —“ Why is it, my son,” asked
a mother of a ten year old one day, “ why is
it, that when you let your bread and butter
drop, that it is always with the butter side
“ I don’t know ; it hadn’t oughtcr, had it V
The strongest side ought to ho uppermost,
hadn’t it, ma ? and this is the strongest butter
I ever seed in my life.”
“ Hush up! It’s some of your aunt’s churn
“ Did she churn it? Why the great lazy
“ What, what, your aunt ?”
“No this yere butter. To make that poor
woman churn it; it’s strong and rank enough
to churn itself.”
“Bo still, Ziba; it only wants working over.”
“ Well, mann, if I was you, when I did it,
i’d put in lots of’lassos.”
“You good for-nothing fellow; I’ve ate a
great deal worse in the most aristocratic New
York boarding houses.”
“ Well, all great people of rank ought to eat
“ Why people of rank?”
“ Cause it’s rank butter!”
“ You varmint, you. What makes you talk
so smart ?”
“The butter is taking the skin off my
tongue, mother.”
“ Ziba, don’t lie. I can’t throw away the
butter. It don’t signify,”
“ I’ll tell you what I'll do with it inarm ; I’ll
keep it to draw blisters. You ought to see
the Hies keel over and die as soon gs they
touch it.”
“ Ziba, don’t exaggerate; go to the store and
buy a pound of fresh.”
Exit Ziba.
Leoal Tender.—The law regulating the
payment of debts with coin, says the N. Y.
Mirror , provides the following coin to be the
legal tender, and we hope our readers will
bear it in mind :
1. All gold coins at their respective values,
for debts of any amount.
2. The half dollar, quarter dollar, dime and
half dime, at their respective values for debts
of amount under five dollars.
3. Three cents pieces for debts of amount
under thirty ccftts ; and
4. By the law just passed, we may add one j
cent pieces for debts of amount under ten cents.
By the law of Congress, passed some four
or five years ago, gold was made the legal
lender for large amounts. Those who, to get
rid of large quantities of cents and small coin,
sometimes pay bills with it to the annoyance
of the creditor, will perceive that there is u
stoppage put to that antic by law.
The barljor who dressed the head of a barrel, has
been engaged to " fix up” the locks of a canal.
A\ klki’ll ant once nearly killed an irishman for an j
insult oili-red to his trunk. “ The ac t wits rash in the
extreme; hut it was Impossible,” the Hibernian said,
“ to resist a nose yon could pull with both hands.’’
Okhci of Secretary of State. )
Saciumksio, California, May, 2<», 15.»7, \
the gtnlo ol California, do hereby certify that the an
noxcd is a true and correct copy of the original Act, now on
file in my office.
Witness my band, and the great seal of State, at my
otto# in Sacramento, California, the twenty-sixth day of
May. A. I). 1*57. DAVID F. DOfOLASg.
[meal.] Secretary of State.
An Act to provide for I’a vino certain Excitable
The People of the State of California . represented i„
Smote and Assembly, do enact as follows .
Section 1. For the purpose of liquidating, funding,!
and paying the chums against the Shite of California
hereinafter specified, the Treasurer of State shall cause*
to be prepared suitable bonds of the Stale of 4 ’alii. >r
nia, U"t to exceed the sum of three millions nine ,
bundled thousand dollars, bearing interest at the rate
of aeveu jier cent, per annum from the date of their
issue, payable at the State Treasurer m olllce, on the
first day of July, one thousand eight hundred and;
seventy-seven ; the interest accruing on said bonds i
shall be due and payable at the office of the Treasurer I
••f State, on the first day of January and of July of 1
each year : Provided, Tll.lt the first payment of in
terest shall not be made before the first day of January,
one thousand right hundred and fifty-nine. Said
bonds shall be signed by the Governor, and counter
wgne<l by the C omptroller. and endorsed by the Treas
urer ot State, and shall have the seal of the State
affixed thereto.
Si;c. 2. Coupons for the interest shall be attached to
each bond. so that they may l>e removed withf«t in
jury or mutilation to the bond. Said coupons, con- '
secutively numbered, shall be signed by the Treasurer !
of Slate.
Sue. 3 It hUI l«. tile <l!,«y nf the Tmumi nnrt l
( omptrnlb r o( state each to keep a separate ree frd of
all such bonds as may Is* issued. showing the number,
date and amount of each Ismd, and to whom the same
was issued, and upon what claim, and Its amount; and 1
none of the claims herein specified shall be liquidated 1
ur paid but m the maimer herein provided.
Sec. -i. The sum of one thousand dollar* to hereby;
appropriat'd out of any money in the Treasury tint
otherwise appropriated to pay the expense that may
be incurred by the Treasurer in having said bnuda
prepared, but the Comptroller shall not draw his war
rant on the Treasury for this amount until there in
money therein to pay the name.
Skc. 5. All persons having any of the claim* against
the State of California, entitled to be funded as herein
after specified, shall, upon the presentation of the same
to the Treasurer of State, receive in exchange there
for a bond or bonds of the Stab* of California, provided
for in the first section of this Act: but no bond shall
be issued for a less sum than five hundred dollars, nor
for fractional | arts of a hundred dollars, but the
Treasurer may Issue certificates of such fractional
parts not bonded, which said certificate*shall be trans
ferable and entitled to be funded as before provided.
The Treasurer shall endorse, on the back of each claim
so received and liquidated, the date on which ho re
ceived the same, and from whom, and the number of
the bond issued in exchange therefor, and sneh claim
shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State.
Skc. 6k For the payment within twenty years of the
principal and interest of the bonds tasoed under this
Act. there shall Ik* levied annually, until the bonds are
paid, and promptly collected in the same manner as is
or may he provided by law fur ordinary State taxes, a
tax of thirty cents on each one hundred dollars of the
assessed value of real and personal property in the
Stale, and the fund derived from this tax shall be set
apart and applied exclusively to the payment of the
interest on the bonds herein provided, and the final
redemption of the principal of said bonds, and the faith
of the State of California is hereby pledged for the
payment as herein provided of the bonds issued by
virtue of this Act. and the interest thereon and all
moneys that may l>e received by the State of Califor
nia from the United States Government on account of
the Civil Fund, so called, are hereby irrevocably
pledged to the puyrnet t of the principal and interest
on the bonds issued under this Act. A willful refusal
or neglect by Supervisors or any other officer to levy
, or collect the tax imposed by this Act, shall be a mis
-1 demeanor, and the person or persons convicted there
, of shall be removed from office and punished by a fine
not exi ceding one thousand dollars, or by imprison
, ment in the county jail not exceeding six months, or
by both such fine ‘and imprisonment.
Sec. 7. Whenever, on the first day of January or
| July in any year, there remains, after the payment of
the intere.it as hereinbefore provided, a surplus of feu
thousand dollars or more, it shall be tin* duly of the
Treasurer to advertise for the space of one week, in
one daily* n \y-/;per published in Knglish. in the city
1 of New York, and for one month in one dally news
paper published in Knglish at the State Capital, for
sealed proposals, t • I* opened one month after the ex
piration of such publications by the Treasurer, in the
pre-enee of the Governor or Comptroller, at the Slate
Capital, for the surrender of bonds issued under this
Act, which advertisement shall state the amount of
money he has on hand for the purpose of redemption,
I and they shall accept the lowest proposals, at rates not
exceeding par value, as may redeem the greatest
amount of bonds until the amount of cash on hand for
redemption is exhausted , provided, however, in ease
a sufficient amount of such bonds shall not l»e offered,
to exhaust the sinking fund to a less amount than ten
thousand dollars, then it is hereby made the duty of
the Treasurer to adv« rtise in two newspapers, one in
| New York and one at the Capital of this State, for
three months, which advertisement* shall state the
i amount in the sinking fund, and the number of lamds
numbering them in the order of their issuance, which
' such fund is set apart to pay and discharge ; and it
such bonds, so numbered in such advertisement* ‘-hall
, not la* presented for payment and cancellation within
■ three months from the expiration of such publication,
I then such fund shall remain in tliq Treasury to dis
charge such bonds whenever presented—hut they shall
draw no interest after such publication as laat afore
Sir. 8. The Treasurer of State shall keep full and
parti ulara count and record of alibis pror-eed lugs
under this Act. ami of the bonds redeemed and sur
rendered. ami he shall transmit to the Governor an als
i stract of all his pro." dings under this Act. with his
! annual report, to b«* by the Governor laid liefore the
| legislature : and all books and papers pertaining to
1 tlie matters provided for In this Act, shall at all times
be open to tne inspection of any party interested, or
the Governor, or tlie Attorney General, or a committee
I of ether branch of the Legislature, ora Joint com
mittee of Istth.
Sm-. 9. It shall l»c the duty of the Treasurer to pay
the interest on said bonds wfien the same falls due, out
; of said interest fund, if sufficient, and if said fund lie
1 not sufficient, then to pay the deficiency out of the
General Fund; Provided, that the Comptroller of
State shall first draw his warrant on the Treasurer,
p ivableto the order of said Treasurer tor the amount
>of interest money about to liecome due, which said
interest warrant shall Ik* drawn at least one month
previous to the maturing of the Interest.
BlO* 10. It shall be the duty of the Governor and
Comptroller to attend, at least once in each month, at
the Treasurer’s office, while said bonds are Iteing is
sued, to examine all claims received by the Treasurer
as aforesaid, and cause the same to Is* registered and
cancelled In such manner as to prevent them from
• being re-isaned or put in circulation.
Sec. 11. The following are specified as the claim*
which are entitled to Ik* received and funded limit r
I this Act: First, Civil Isolds of the Slate issued under
j the funding Acts passed In the years 1851, 1852. 1*53,
1855, and 184<>, which are now outstanding, with in
terest due on the same when presented, as appears by
the coupon*. Second, Comptroller's warrants drawn
, under sanction of law, for civil expenses prior t> Jan
uary Ist, A. I). 1857, find now outstanding and un
paid, but the provisions of this Act shall not authorize
the funding of any of those warrants, the registration
and endorsement of which were cancelled or required
to be camelled bytlie provisions of" An Act to cancel
the regi-fration and endorsement of certain warrants,
ami prohibiting the payment of the same.'' approved
(January 30th, A. lb l*sii, or warrants which have
be.*n specifically adjudged Illegality any Court, and
all said warrants specified in the last mentioned Act.
i are hereby expressly ex'hided from all the benefits
and provisions of this Act. Third. Just or legal claims
; against the State accrued prior to January Ist. 1*57,
aud which may be allowed and audited by Act of the
legislature. And if the Treasurer of State shall will
fully issue bonds upon claims not herein specified as
receivable, it shall lie deemed a misdemeanor, and he
shall Ik* punished us provided in section 0 of th'iH Act,
and such bond shall bo void.
Skc. 12. The claims specified in this Act may Ik* re
ceived for funding, ami (Kinds therefor may Ik* issued
prior to the first day of January, 1859, but not after
wards; ami all claims not presented for funding prior
to that time, are excluded from lie* provisions of this
Act, and such blank bonds prepared under the pmvis
! ions of this Act. us shall then remain on hand, snail Ik*
destroyed in the pit so nee of the Governor, Comptroller
j and Treasurer.
Skc. 13. This Act shall take effect on the first day
; of November, A. I). 1857, as to all its provisions, ex
cept those relating to. and necessary for. its submis
sion to the people, and for returning, canvassing and
proclaiming the votes which shall take effect im
Skc. I f. This Act shall Ik* submitted to tlie people
•if the Slate for their ratification, at th ■ next general
election, to be holden on the lir-t Wednesday of Sep
tember. A. lb 1857, and the qualified electors of this
I State, shall, at said election, on their ballots for State
1 officers, vote for or against this Act: those voting for
the same, shall write or have printed on their ballots,
the words " Pay the lh*bt *. " iflid those voting against
the Hame, shall write or have printed on their ballots
the words *• Repudiate the Petit.”
Si;c. 15. The votes ea-d for and against this Act,
I shall be counted, returned and canvassed, and decl ired
| in the same manner and aulijeet to the same rules as
. votes cast for the Treasurer of State, and if it appear
' that a majority of nil the votes «o ra-t for or against
i this law, as aforesaid, or in favor of this Act, then the
same shall have i (Tect us hereinbefore provided, and
shall be irrepe.dahle until the principal and interest of
the liabilities herein created shall lie paid and dis
charged, and the Governor shall make proclamation
thereof; but If a majority of the votes no cast are
against this Act, then the same shall become void.
Sec. It!. It shall be the duty of the Se. retaiy of
State to have this Act published in one newspaper In
each Judicial District of this Slate, if one Ik* published
therein, for three months next preceding the general
election to be holden upon the first Wednesday of Sep
temWr next; for which publication no greater allow
ance sli ill ho made than the rates allowed bylaw to
the State Printer.
Approved April 28th, 1*57. jell 3ni
Arthur W. Jco,
One Mile below Mariposa Town.
I have on hand a complete and suitable assortment of
3Vt I 3VT I 3\T G- TOOLS,
And other Gouda necessarily required by Miners.
For sale at the lowest market price, by
•‘ s " ARTIIFR W. JFK.
O \ MA K I I* O 8 A KEK K .
.... AM) ~.,
Miuoi-s* S>ui jpi j s
All Low for Cash.
•1« J. I!. EVANS TINE.
C'i 1 f "r SAN os'.
■ *■<:' : n,
Hi £aa» Jp
( v~«ew?ork~?j tirpM
Ami for the Cure of
StntortTLA, Merituiai. I)uiaim. Stubborn Ulcer*,
Khklmatwm, Litameoc* Ebiitionh, Drarinu,
Liver Complaint, Bkonciiiti*, Sait Kit hum,
C'onbumition, Fever Soke*, Euvsipelas,
Kkum.k Complaints, Loss «>k Appe
tite, PlMi'l.K*, Blf.K*. (ifcNKUAL
I>KltlI.ITV, AO.
Every revolving year confirm* and spreads farther and
wider tin* well-merited reputation mid deserved popularity
of this Invaluable Medicine. proving It to be the moat
efficacious remedial agent known, for the cure of all dis
eases arising from an impure state ofllie blood. As n mild
aperient. antis,ptlc and tonic, it contains Hie Ibrco most
useful properties of medicine. It putgo*, purifies, and re
storc*. Tile rapidity with which the patient recovers
under thin triple Influence Is surprising Kach new case In
which it is applied furnishes in the result a new certificate
of it* excellence ; and we have only to point to the accu
mulated testimony of multitudes who have experienced
I a effects, to convince Incredulity Itself of Its real value.
Another Cure of Scrofula.
Trot, N. T., BepL 1,1W4.
Messrs. A. 11. A I>. Banos: Gentlemen. I have for
nearly three years been troubled with that dreadful dis
ease. Scrofula; so much so. ft" to be offensive to rny hits*
band and to myself; and to obtain relief have tried every
kind of medicine that came under rny notice, without
effect. <>n« of rny neighbors, who had been enrud of s
slot ar complaint by your Sar-aparil'n, advised me to
nitks n trial of It. nnd 1 I has done mu
n world of good, having completely cured me. Hoping
that my evidence may induce others similarly afflicted to
adopt the same remedy, w itb th • name satisfactory results,
1 remain gratefully yours,
Prepared nnd sold by A. 11. A I). HANDH, Whole
sale Druggist*. No. 100 Fullon-atreet, New York.
For sale bv DEWITT, KITTLE A «’«».. H. JOHNSON
A Co,. «nd ItKDINOTON A Co.. San Francisco: HICK
A COFFIN. Marysville; 11. II Mr DON ALU A 00., Sac
ramento ; and by Druggists generally.
Complain no more of Aching Teeth.
These Drupe have been extensively used by thousands,
whose experience has proved that the Anodyne will give
immediate and permanent relief after lit* failure of every
other remedy. It Is peasant to the ta-te and smell, and a
few applications will entirely remove tin- pain and soreness
from a decayed tooth, so that it may be filled and rendered
as useful as ever. When tire pain proceeds from tli** face,
or from the gums around a tooth apparently sound, tins
Anodyne will give a s{»ewdy relief by nibbing a few dr»|«
on the part affected.
Prepared and sold by 11. A: I). HANIH, Whole
sale Druggists. No. 100 Fu I ton-street. New York.
A Co. and KEDINOToN k < ■, -no Francisco; KICK
A CtIFFIN, Marysv I : R. 11. M. DmNALD A Ok, Sac
ramento ; and by Drugg ts generally.
tar Samir’ Haiwai’ahm.la nnd other Medicine*
For Salt; by l)B. A. D. BOYCE, Druggist, Ilornito*.
On the Corner of San Joaquin and Main streets,
day, the oth day id November, IHA.i.and is now in the
full ti«b- of successful experiment. The Proprietor ha*
thormifflily renovated, improved and refitted the house,
ami procured entire new Furniture. Mods and Hedding
for tue accommodation of KamiHe*. I bunders and Tnt
vellent. The Proprietor will spare no pain* to make
hi* pain him comfortable. (. A. MEAD,
allf I'Kopwirroß.
KEEI.EII k Of), announce that they have just <i|tefift|
on the l«ve«, next door to the Shades Kaloon, .itocktun,
When- they are prepared to
At Wholesale or Retail, nt rales to suit the times. Their
arrangement* an . i.mplete lor receiving constant supplies
of the most choice articles.
Mn‘ Orders from the country promptly and satisfactorily
attended to. k FLUOR k tit.,
inh din Next door to the Shades Saloon. Stockton
Forwarding and Commission Merchant,
Fire Proof Prick Ruilding. directly opposite Sleamboat 1 jttid
ing. Stockton. California.
Mm" Particular attention paid to receiving and forwarding
Me<i-liandise from steamboats and sailing vessels, with dis
patch, and at the lowest rale*of freight. al& dm
Particular altention paid In receiving Merchandlae from
steamboats and sailing vessel*, and forwarding withdlspach,
and at the lowest rates of freight, without extra charge of
commission or otherwise.
tdf Office in gtarbnck’a Prick llnilding on Hie Levee,
corner of Commerce street, directly opposite the Steamboat
Orders accompanied with the cash, will receive prompt
attention. al&-Sm
(intend Ctmminaion anil I’oncaitiinff Merchant,
Corner Commerce street and I<ovee, Stockton, Califoruia.
%1T Particular attention paid to receiving Goods from
steamers, und fm warding same to all parta of llic Southern
Mine.* at lowest rules of freight.
N. It.—Storeage in his Fire-Proof Building, w hen required,
tree of charge. Good references given, if required, ala 8m
.. .AT ... .
*iT U 1: DUC K D I*lllo KS.
that from and after this date, and until further notice,
he w ill forward Merchandize and other Goods, by first class
Mule and Ox Teams, to Mariposa and vicinity, at the follow -
ing reduced rates of freight, via :
F«*r heavy Goods, Groceries. Provision*. Donors, etc., hy
Muli" Team* cl*. |s-r Hi.
Ox Teams \\ els. |*er lb.
For Case or Dry Goods, and others of a bulky
nature, small lots, etc., Mule Team, v! to *gt t i-j*. per Ih.
Ox Team to «‘ 4 els. per lit.
Hates of Freight to Hornitasand other towns on the Mari
|m,sh line, proportionately cheap.
In addition I offer Iho advantages of correctness, dispatch,
and security agaist losses, or damages on Goods In transit.
Storage iu a Fir* Proof prick Building for all Goods con
signed to my oare. KttKß dr CHMUiH.
*r#~ orders from (he country l.tillifulK and promptly «•
tended to
IhrfKi Ulr relereuces given In all <•«-.-when required
Stockton. May 10, ISA?. (iifJu it) D. J. OI’I.IAHAN.
3XT O T I O E .
Public that he is ptepar. d to
On his Huy and drain l.’utu lu *. wldclt are i oaaensed
of an .ibundanee of FEED and WATER, i..,d are en
tirely fenced In ; therefore itoA-c-sing advantage* for
Ranching Stock superior to till others. The above
Ranch is located in Hums' Valiev. llircL-fourtba ol u
mile aisjve Qtiurtzburg, on the Mu: e Hojtd b iidmp to
Mariposa. (altfj K. d. HARToN.
■ „r 5
Opposite Pacific Mail Steamship Company's Office,
Sacramento Street, below Montgomery.
EnlaUuhnl for tkr Permanent Curt of all I‘riaaU awl
Chronic Ih.*ra*c*. «md the Suppnuinn «f Quad-try.
-rian Revolutionary War. Chief Physician to the
20th Regiment of ilonveds, Chief Burgeon to the Mili
tary Hospital it l’i-th, Hungary, and late Lecturer on
Diseases of the Urinary Organs, and Diseases of Wo
men and Children, has opened his Institute for the
cure of all forms of Private Disease-, mich as Syphilis,
(ionorrho-a, Nocturnal Emissions, and all the conse
quence* of Self-Abu e. In the first stapes of Syphilitic
or (Jonorrhoeal Diseases, he guarantees a cure in a few
days, without inconvenience to the patient, or hin
drance to his business. When a patient, by neglect or
improper treatment , has developed the symptoms of
Secondary Syphilis, such as buboes, or paiimd swell
ings of ihe’ groins, or ulcers in the throat or nose,
which, if not checked, destroy the soft parts, and cause
the bones to mortify, separate and come away, leaving
the aiifl'ercr hideous to Isdiold : or when splotches and
pimples break out upon the skin, or when he bus pain
ful swellings upon the I tones, or when his constitution
is injured so as to predisp«me to consumption or consti
tutional disease, the Doctor guarantees a cure or asks
no compensation. In llhcmnatism, chronic or acute,
in Dysentery or Diarlnea, he has sale and effectual
remedies. For the treatment of the consequences of
Self-Abuse, such as Nocturnal Emissions, Nervousness,
Timidity, Headache, Pains in tin* Hack and Limbs,
with tieneml Weakness, Loss of Appetite, Loss of
Memory, Injury to the Sight, Restlessness, Confusion
of Ideas. Dislik'* for Society, and a Fe; ling of Weari
?i«— of Life, with the nervous system so excitable that
slight noises shock or startle the patient, making his
existence miserable. For the above maladies, the
Doctor will guarantee a cure, or ask no componautiou.
He can *kj consulted free of charge, and invites all to
call, as It will cost them nothing, and muy be much to
to their advantage.
air A Tkiiu tk to Merited Worth. The ingra
titnde of man to his fellow-man is so often met in life,
that testimonials, prompted by the finer feelings of the
heart, are oasis in the life of those who sacrifice their
best days in philanthropic devotion to the alleviation
of the ills of frail mortality, Kmpricism floods the
column s of our press with fraudulent and fictitious let
ters, singing p<mi- to the worth of their egotistical
charlatanism, itelow we append a letter from a wor
thy man. who, a brief period since,seemed de fined to
*• Sin.tile off this mortal coil,"- who looked forward hi
his dissolution with that pleasure which only those
weighed down by the heavy hand of disease can. Con
trary to hope, the ability of a skillful physician hits re
stored him to his former health. Relieved from his
terrible situation, mid impelled by gratitude, be makes
known his ca e and remedial agent, and his statement
is authenticated by a Notary Public. The demands of
society imperiously command its publicity, and it is
given more to w.im the unwary, than to sound the
pral-es of a physician of whom score* of like cases can
Is* cited ;
Certificate*—The undersigned, desirous of nc
qnaiuting those who may he unfortunate enough to Ik
similarly afflicted where a permanent relief of their
sufferings may hi- obtained, feels it his duty (o thus
publh ly express his sincere gratitude to Dr. 1.. J. Czap-
Kay. for the permanent recovery of his health. Horne
down by the distressing symptoms incident to the vi
clous practices of uncontrollable passion in youth «!• -
pres-4*d in body and mind -unable to perform even the
most trifling duty imposed on the daily avocations of
life- I sought the advice of many physicians, who at
first regarded my disease aa of trifling Importance : hut
alas! after a few weeks, and in several instances
months, of their treatment. I found, to my unutterable
horror, that instead of relief, the symptoms Is-cume
more alarming in their torture ; and living finally told
by one that the disease, lieing principally confined to
tin- brain, medicines would be of little consequence. I
despaired of ever regaining my health, strength and
energy : and as a List resort. and with but a faint hope,
called upon Dr. Czapkuy, who, after examining my
case, prescribed some medicine which almost Instantly
relieved me of the dull pain and dizziness in my head.
Encouraged h\ this result, I resolved to place myself
immediately under his care, and by a strict obedience
Ui his directions and advice, my head became clear, my
ideas collected, the constant pain in my I sick and
groins, the weakness of my limbs, the nervous reaction
nl in y whole system on the slightest alarm or excite
ment, the misanthropy and evil forebodings, the self
distrust and want of confidence in others, the incapa
bility tii study and want of resolntion, the frightful, ex
citing. and at times pleasurable dreams at night, fol
lowed by involuntary discharges, have all disappeared :
and, in fact, in two mouths after having consulted the
Doctor. I fell as if inspired by a new life— that life
which hut u short time ago 1 contemplated to end by
ray own hand. With a view to guard the unfortunate
from falling into the snares of incompetent quacks, I
deem it my duty to offer this testimony to the merit
and skill of* Dr. Czupkay, and recommend him to all w ho
may stand in need of medical advice, lieing assured by
my own experience that, once under his care, a radical
and permanent cure will la* effected. H. F. Fillmore.
State of California, County of Ban Francisco.—Rule
scribed and sworn to before me, this seventeenth day
of April. A. D. !«W. (Signed)
fi„ s.J John Middleton, Notary Public.
Dr. L. J. Cxapkay's Medical and Surgical Institute
is on Sacramento street, below Montgomery, Hsu Fran
cisco. California. The Doctor offers free consultations,
and a ks no remuneration unless he effects u cure.
af- A Card.—l the undersigned, having lieen un
der the treatment of Dr. L. J. Czapkiiv,although unso
licited. fit I i ailed upon U» give puolklty to the efficacy
of his treatment, hoping that hy doing au I may he In
strumental in preventing others from experiencing the
tearful suffering and miseiy which I experienced, and
which so often result from the pernicious practice* of
pretenders. My di-case has been that of physical and
mental debility, which is the result of indiscretion* id
youth. The agonies which I endured an*, perhaps,'
unnecessary for me to detail ; they are known to those
who have experienced them. Suffice it to say, that
having called the services of Dr. L. J. Cxapkay in re
quisition. all the expectations which I had formed of
him were more than realized. 1 would, therefore, re
commend Dr. Czupkay to all who may find themselves
afflicted with that dreadful malady—my object in so
doing being sympathy for suffering humanity, and a
heartfelt desire for its relief.
D. .1. Daiilek. Printer.
Stab* of California, City and County of San Francis
co. (in this thirty-first day of July, A. D. Is.'ifi, before
me, Wm. C. Jewett, Notary Public, personally appear
ed D. .1. Dahlee, known to me, who Wing duly sworn,
did depose and say that the contents of the card here- !
w ith signed by him, are true, la witness whereof, I
have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal,
the day and year first above w ritten.
[l. s.] Wm. C. Jewett, Notary Public.
nr The (Ireatkst Discovery of the An*!—
(•real Blessing to Mankind !—lnnocent hut Potent!— i
Dr. L. J. (.’zapßay’s Pruphilaticiiin, (self-disinfecting
agent)- a sure preventive against (loiiorrbu-al and
Syphilitic Diseases, and an unsurpassed remedy for |
\ enereal. Scrofulous, (Jangrenons and Cancerous Ul- 1
cers. I'o-lid Discharges from the Vagin, Cterns and
i’rathra, and all Cutaneous Eruptions and Diseases.— 1
As Innociilation is a preventive against Small Pox, so
is Dr. L. J. Czapkay’s Prophilaticum a preventive
again t Syphilitic and Gonorrho*al Diseases. Although
harmless in itself, it jHtssoaaes the power of cheinioaily
destroying the Bynnilltie Virus, and thereby saving
thousands from lieing infected by the most loathsome
of all diseases. L*t no young man who appreciates
health I tc without Dr. Czupkay'h Prophilaticum. It is
ill very convenient packages, ami will he found conve
nient to use, being used as a soup. Price, five dollars.
For sale at Dr. Czitpkay’s Private Medieal and Surgical
Institute, Sacramento street, Itelow Montgomery, Sun
Francisco, California. All orders must he addressed
to Dr. L. J. Czupkay, M. D., San Francisco.
nr Hi •RKMATomuKKA. or I steal Weakness, Nervous
Debility, Low Spirits, Lassitude, Weakness of the
Limits and Hack, Indisposition and Incapability for
Lihor ami Study, Dullness of Apprehension, Loss of
Memory, Aversion to Society, Live of Solitude, Timid
ity, Helf-Dislnint. Dizziness, Headache, Involuntary
Discharges. Pains in the Hide, Affections of the Eyes,
Pimples on the Face, Sexual and other Infirmities in
Man. are cured without fail Ity the Justly celebrated
Physician and Surgeon. L. J. Czupkay. Ills method of
curing diseases is new - unknown toothers- and hence
the great success. All consultations—by letter or
otherwise- -free. Address L. J. Czupkay, M. D.. Sail
Francisco, California.
•i" A Card.- Prompted by an honest doaire of my
heart. 1 wish to lay before the public a case which de
serves high commendation, not only as an aet of scien
tific skill, hut that of humanity alao. About two years j
ago, I suddenly, and from can ■ unknown to me, was 1
seized with a tit of EpiU-py, which, owing to my ina
bility in meet the cxpeuae* consequent upon a thorough
medical treatment, him! the discouragement which I
met with «n attempting it, whim Is-mme hiicli (as I
Wiii* Ummi led to believe) tu* to defy the skill of h physi
cian. I wim frequently, while in pursuit of my calling,
thrown down to the ground without the dlghestawarn
ing. ami although insensible to the agonies, I vet
despised the miaericH of my life, and soon learned t*»
lim»k upon those who would render me assistance, or
shelter me from danger, as enemies who sought to pro
long the misery of my existence. While in this state,
and having previous to my affliction tasted the sweets
of life, I was once more Induced to attempt seeking
aid of a physician, and, by in-oinme idalion. called
upon Dr. L..L t'/apkay. I told him my circumstance*
ami my Inability to reward him for my sendees, regard
less of which, however, he at once undertook my case,
and, with the blessing of Irod.l was once more res
tored to perfect health. I'liable to reward him for the
boon which I at present enjoy, and yet conscious of
my indebtedness. 1 consider it due to myself, and to
all afflicted, to make the rase public, in order that
those in need of medical advice may lind a physician
in whom every confidence can he placed.
Mkykk Vahi.ovskv.
State of California. County of San Francisco—Sub
scribed and sworn to liefore me. this Ist day of August,
A. D. IKiO. Uilkkut A. Grant.
fi..s.] Notary Public.
Dr. L. J. Cxapkay's Medical and Surgical Institute
is on Sacramento street, below Montgomery, San Fran
cisco, California. The Doctor offer* free consultations,
and asks nrt remuneration unless ho effects a cure.
Czflpkay, lecturer on the Diseases of Women and
Children, and Chief Surgeon of the Military Ilosp : taI
of I’esth, Hungary, would call public attention to
Spermatorrhoea. or Local Weakness. There is not In
the catalogue of human maladies one more tube depre
cated than tills, as well because of present distress as
the ultimate results. The tone of the system under
its influence is either impaired or entirety destroyed,
and a class of symptoms superinduced that unlit man
for tin- performance of any of the ordinary duties of
life. The injur *■■* done to the physical part of the man
are truly lamentable, but trilling when compared to
those of the censorium, the great nervo"s centre, and
to the nervous system generally. This disease, which
is too often consequent upon that solitary vice, Self-
Abuse, involves pathological conditions beyond the
comprehension of the uninitiated, but which are well
understood by the regular practitioner. Among the
symptoms m»*t conspicuous are the following: Love
of Solitude, Aversion to business and society, Distress
ing Timidity, Nervous Excitement from Blight Causes,
Low Spirits and Lassitude, Dullness of Apprehension,
and Misanthropy. These being functional derange
ments. are often the harbingers of horrid organic le
sions of tifte brain, which produce fatuity, dementia,
and death. For the cure of this, and all kindred dis
eases. Dr. L. J. C/.apkay has established his Institute,
where all may rely with perfect confidence upon that
skill which long experience and thorough devotion to
his profession have given. Those who suffer should
call without delay, and use the means by which they
recuperate and live. All consultations--by letters or
otherwise—free. m2O-tf
Late Professor at the University, Penn,,
('urner of Montgomery and California Street *,
Whore hf fsn ho consulted privately and with the utmost
confidence by the alllicted at all hours daily, from s a. M.
until S I*. M (Cure always guaranteed or no pay required.)
DR. Yol'Nii addreMefthose who have injured them-* lv «
by private and Improper indulgence in that secret and ardi
tary habit, which ruins the body and mind, unfitting thorn
for either business or society. The following are some of j
the sad and melancholy effects produced by early habits of
youth, viz: weakness of the hack and limbs, pain in the
head, dimness of sight, loss of muscular (tower, palpitation
of the heart, dyspepsia, nervousness, irritability, derange
merit of the digestive function*, general debility, symptoms i
of consumption, etc.
Mkvtaii v—The fearful effects upon the mind are more to 1
Is- dreaded. |/.ss of memory, confusion of ideas.depression :
of spirit* evil forebodings, aversion to society, self distrust,
love of solitude, timidity, etc. are most of tire evils pro
All (sr-ons who are alllicted with any *.f the shove symp
toms, should not fail to call on Dr. Young, and be at once
restored to perfect health. Let no false delicacy prevent
.vou. hut apply immediately, and save vmir-i If from the
dreadful and awful consequences of this terrible malady.
linmedi.itclv cured and full vigor returned.
1-r. .» I . YoI’NO.
There is no malady of detqH-r importance, either in a rued
ical or moral point of view, to which the huiiuni family is
more liable, than that arising from impure connect ion-
A" a medical man. it is the duty of even physician to
(••ok at disease as it affects health and life, and i. ■ ole object
should be to mitigate, as far as lies in his |mw«-r their t»sil
ly suit, ring Human nature Uat host hut frail . all an- li
able to misfortune.
Of all ills that affect man, none are more terrible than
those of a private nature. Dreadful as it is in the |>cr*on
who contracts it, frightful are its ravages upon hi- constitu
tion, ending frequently in destruction and a loathsome
grave, it becomes of still greater importance when it is
transmitted to innocent offspring Such being the case,
bow important it lewniti that every one having the leu-l
reason to fear they have contracted ilie disease, should at
fend to it at once by consulting sons- pit. -ician whose re
portability and education enabler, him to warrant a -ale.
speedy and permanent cure. In acconlnuce with this tie
cesslly, Dr. Young feels called u|s>n to state that by long
study and extensive practice, he has become perfect master
of all those diseases which come under the denomination of
venereal, and having paid more attention to that one branch j
than any other physician in the United States, he feels him
self heller qualified to treat them.
Hyphillis, in all ila forms, such as ('leers. Swelling of the
On-ins. fleers in the Throat, Secondary Syphillis, (Titan**
ons Eruptions, Ulcerations. Tertiary Syphillis, Syphillis in
Children, Mercurial Syphillitic Affection-, (buiorrim-, Gleet,
Stricture, False I’assages, Inllamniation of the Bladder and '
Prostrate Glands, Excoriations, Tumors, Pustules, etc., an*
a» familiar to him as the most common things or dally oh
The doctor effects a cure in recent cases in a few days,
and finds no difficulty in curing those of lung duration,
without submitting the patient to such treatment as will
draw upon him tin- slightest suspicion, or oblige him to neg
lect his business, whether within-doors or without. The
diet need not Is* changed, except in cases of severe intlama
tion. There are in California patients (amounting to over
two thousand in the past year.) that could furnish proof of
this . but these are matters that require the nicest secrecy,
whieli he always preserves.
All letters enclosing flO will Is* promplv attended to.
Office hours from OA.M.In:i P. M Address J ('. YOUNG,
M. D.
The following are selected from a voluninious accumula
tion of testimonials of the Press of the United Stales, and.
front eminent l*rofessors of our institutions where the prnc !
tice of medicine is taught.
Fro m the S. F Citizen.
Tito question Is often asked—-Why is it that Dr. J. C. I
Young is so successful, while other advertising Physicians
are failing from day to day?” The answer must he, or
slyould he, plainly apparent to nil. It is, that fie understands
his profession, and attends to it, and, as his practice increa
ses, bis knowledge extends. So close has been his appli
cation to his unprecedented practice, that he is perfect mas
ter of his profession, and can insure all relief from their
troubles; and w bile others are daily sinking into that ob
livion from which they were never fitted to lie delivered,
his course is onward and upward, placing him at the bead
of his arduous profession. So great loot been his increase •
of business that he has been obliged to associate with him
self two other physicians, both of extended knowledge and
practice. We would advise all alllicted tu call upon him in
preference to any other Phjaieian. We are Informed that,
lie treats entirely on the Vegetable System, and will always ,
w arrant a perfect cure. His office is at the corner of Mont
gomery and California streets, opposite Wells, Fargo & Uo.s’
Express and Banking House, San Francisco.
From Ihe J'iina and Transcript.
There are thousands In thU Stale suffering for want of
scientific medical treatment, and they fear to apply to a
physician because they have been deceived, or their friends
have been, by some of the charlatans who infest the com
munity, and who publish themselves as good physicians,
professor, etc. To all such we unhesitatingly recommend
Dr. J. (’. Young, a» a physician in whom all can place court
dcnce. He is a man of eminent and profound study, a good
surgeon, an honorable man, and one who can sympathize
with persons in alliictiou. His standing as a physician and
genth man are both guaranteed—the first, by his medical
works, which are an honor to their author, and the exten
sive and highly successful course of practice with which he
has been honored since his advent in California, and the lat
ter by his numerous patrons and large circle of non ua in tan -
cos. We say to all afflicted, call on him. as he will at once
state the case to you, and you may rely ii]ton lii» Judgment.
We like his principle —no cun no /»iy.
From Profmur Hikkmrk.
1 have watched with more than ordinary zeal the rapid
progress of this young man In the intricate paths of our
profession. Few, with the accumulation of years upon their
heads, have approximated to anything like the stand lie has
fairly earned. Were I the father of u much more numerous
family than I now boast of, | should not hesitate for a mo
merit r-hould the services of a physician la* required, to
cullon Dr. J.U. Vot \o, having full confidence in ids capn 1
city, (a very important adjunct to a physician.) and Ire
commend my friends to do the mine.
J. C. HirriHXM’K, ,M. D., 1.. L. D. |
From the ItotO'H Mutual Journal.
Although we are opposed to the sy stem of advertising,Tor
good and Mifticieut reasons, still we deem it hut justice to
say that Dr. Yot’NU is one of the most industrious and in
defutigahle votaries of the medical science in the United
Dkvtow.v May 28, IS.si. |
Dr. .1. U. Yor.MJ .—The medicine and advice which I re- ■
ceived from vou ou my visit to Han Francisco last month,
have effected a most gratifying change in my physical con :
diiion My appetite bus returned—that dull laugour and
paleness left me, and I felt like u new mail. I'ersous in Ibe
mini's, have been so much imposed upon by luliytiunity uhy- i
sioisns, that they know not vvlist to do. Many who have l
noticed the rapid change in my ap|*'inanee. have expressed '
their astonishment ut it. I write thi- out of pure gratitude
for what you did for me. WALTER WARREN.
Vullinfni j- Cm llfirnti ITom lion Pt-ilro’a Bur.
Being dc-iious of iK iirfilting my fellow matt as much as
possible, inducts me to come befoje Hie public nud certify 1
lo the following fact" in July last I called upon Dr J. ('
YocnU for medical ndtli f. I «mm then laboring under ;v
dizziness in my head. a very tedious pain in my hark an*f
hip*. weakness in my leg* and amis. ki*« of memory, sore
c\ (•*, palpitation of the heart. extr<-me nervon-n* - - and
general debility !wm so had that I was 'nm pelted t« W»-
pen.! business. After a careful examination of my cam
l>r. Young pronounced the case rateable, and I commenced
taking the medicine* ho prescribed, and the re«nit i*. I am
now perfectly veil to all appearance*. although not n
„trong as I could wish, yet I inn constantly gaining—can do
ns good a day's work a* any of the men In my locality. The
reason for publishing tbe above is to counteract that wide
spread rn«cnlly empiricism which is stalking with such des
(ruction throughout thi* otherwise blessed country.
Residence, I ion Pedro’s Bar.
Witness W. (.rev, C. 1. Bustwlc.
hie disease, which, when once seated in the system,
will sureiv go down from one generation In another, under
mining the constitution and sapping the very vital fluids of
18,, y |i o n ,.f trust youraelfin the hand* of those mushroom
(Juaeks that start up even day in a city like this, and fill
the papers with abominable falsehoods, too well calculated
to deceive the voting. and those who are not |aisled up
in the tricks of foreign and dement ic imposters.
You cannot be too carctul in the selection of a Physician
or a remedy in these eases, Yon should apply t*» n man
who has had ample experience, and who po«-. - cs true skill
In the treatment thereof. Such n physician is I'r J. <
VofMi. who has treated and cured more cases of such dis
eases than any one man living to day, in till* or any other
country. His offices were the first that were opened in this
city for the exclusive treatment of private diseases Hi*
different publications have been re published in almost
every country in F.urope, and are now acknowledged as
standard works by our own medical colleges and the proles
sinn thronghotit tbe country.
DR. VUI Nti. I.y recent Improvements in the healing art.
is enabl'd b* effect cures in a lew days, without mercury or
change of diet, under a challenge of
Married persons, or those contemplating marriage, Isdng
aware of physical weakness, should consult DR. VOIiNIJ.
e-|s*elnlly. who have become the victim of solitary vice,
i that dreadful, fascinating, and destructive habit, which fills
thou -ands of sick rooms with paralytics and consumptives,
and hundreds of untimely graves with its misguided vh*
1 thus, should consult, without a moment's delay, one who
' will sympathize with their sufferings, and cure them for a
j moderate compensation. Indeed, lie who places himself
1 under the cure of Ml. J. C. YOUNG, may religiously confide
I in his honor as a gentleman, and confidently rely upon his
'kill as a physician, acknowledged by all the wealthiest and
i most respectable portion of our old inhabitants
Office—Corner Montgomery and California streets, opp"
site Wells, Fargo A: Co.'s Express Office.
\ the treatment of Private Diseae*, is at tin* corner of
Montgomery and California streets, opposite Wells. Fargo
j k Co.'s Express Office, San Francisco
REMEMBER—'That 1»k. Yovxh want* no patients but IhoM
fully capable of appreciating and distinguishing the services
of a regular, thorough bred physician, from the paltry, un
j learned and trifling quack.
KKMEMBEB—That Im. Vorxr. Is the only regular tired
i physician advertising to cure disease* of imprudence.
I UKMI MHEll—That Ic. Y"i N'. s remedies and treatment
. are entirely unknown to all other*, prepared from a life
-pent in the great Hospitals of Europe and the first in this
country, from pure chemical' iin ported.
REM KM BEK—That Du. Yorxo has a more extended prac
tice than any other phvsician in the world.
REMEMBER—That all the Wealthy Citizens. Editors and
our popular men. are well acquainted, ami lake great plea
sure in recommending I»h. YoCMi to the afflicted.
REMEMBER—That Mi. V"i Mi makes no faUc representa
tion* to gull the unfortunate, but that all lie says will be
faithfully carried out.
REMEMBER—That Dk. Yorxo will cure any mseof Pri
vafe Ifisease in one half the time that it takes others, and
that ho never fails to bring relief to the afflicted and unfor
tuiiMic. curing them in from two to six day*.
REMEMBER—That Mi .1 C. Yot'XU gives every attention
to IMsenses peculiar to Eemales. a'J'J-I'm
< altforiiia Steam Navigation Co.
Steamer CORNELIA Capi. K. Cwkkmn..
Steamer .1. HR AO HON... Capt. Thuim W.Sfbley
I/*ave Jackson Street Wharf, San F'rwmixco, Daily. (Sun
days excepted,) for Stockton, at 4 r. «
4*- Freight and I’aasangnr* will always reoelva the lie*t
attention. JOS s. PRATT. Agent at Stookton.
j n22-3m PAMCKI.J HKNSKEY, San Francisco
DOCTOR 11 c> I T’S
Private Medical Offlco
I f Chronii- «•» 1 .inhering Disease* "f l**tb »exe* and to the
( Hereditary Affectmu* of Children. Diseases ofthe Skin sue
cessfuily treated.
4« - Patient' may rely upon a judicious and efficacious
• treatment, in accordance with the long and well cstahlMied
j principles "f Allopathic Practice. mitt) 3m
TO BdJTMEHM, ./.vs.# ffJfl.s,
G-old Dust Dealers.
1 established their NEW GOLD AND SILVER REFINE
RY on a large scale, and in a permanent manner, are no**
rea«ly to receive the precious Metals and prepare them for
immediate coinage, at the U. 8. Mint, in the most expidi
lions way.
They invite the attention of the Bankers and Cold Hast
fiealers to the fact, that their refining is conducted by a
1 process so much cheaper and quicker than that of the Go
vernment. that they can fix a much lower rate of charge*
I for tin operation, and thus make it a great pecuniary lame
fit to the Depositor, both in the time of receiving lus coia,*u*
! well a* in the amount of the returns.
i They an* prepared to return either coin or refined* bars for
dust and imported bars.
tW Office 8T Battery street, near Commercial sirant.
mt>-3in HAKAS/.THY, 17-NAY k CO.
Tll E II 0T K L
Jackson Street, above Montg«inrry h
S A .V VR A xcisro,
undergoing a thorough repair in every department, and
[refilled throughout with NEW Ei KMTUHK, BEDDING,
(ARPF.TS. etc., and ia now one of the best, most cleanly,
and more comfortable (ban any House on (be Pacific.
It will Is* kept a* a First Class Hotel in every particular,
where all will meet with a Social Home, combined with good
dean Rooms and Beds, and the best table ever set in San
The Hotel Department of tbe Railroad House ha* always
ls>en acknowledged to have f*een (be umsl cleanly . and bet
ter kept than any other House in San F rancisco. It is only
necessary to say that, until recently, Mrs. Halky controlled
that part of the Railroad House, and a ill now lake the sol*
charge of the International, assisted by Messrs. Jgu. J. Ha
iky, and K. R. Rohixmix, formerly of the New York Hotel,
late of the Railroad House, and Mr. M A. Fkksuti, late of
the Raxsette House. We will serve lo please, and ask but
one trial for success.
From $2 to $N per DAY, and from IPi to fIH per WEEK.
Jffjr The INTERNATIONAL COACH is always in attend
ance to convey Passengers to and from the Boats, at
Corner Merchant street and the Plaza -
A Class. Furnished or Unfurnished, will find them at this
Hotel, which is the moat fa'biomibleand comfortable of any
in this city, and being under the immediate supervision nn<!
attention of tbe proprietress, presents all the comforts of a
Rooms rented hy the month, day or week.
Passengers arriving by the steamers, will always find
lodgings prepared.
Private entrance on Kearnv street.
I mfi-.Tm Proprietress.
Attorney and Counsellor at Late,
A VOOA T, AB () Or A I ) 0,.
F'.xprcssßuilding N.FI cop. Montg uiieryand California sts,
E . O . HALL,
Importer and Denier in
Blaulx Bools-s,
' Cnnw-r Front mi-1 (Vnnnipn-iol - 1 - . s.n Frnn-io-o. oC9 tf
So. 97 Front Street, corner Merchant,
44 ’ (ohhls bought and forwarded premptly to any pars
| ofthe Mine;. •• May Flower, ”•* Our Jewel/' •• Va. Offer
j ing to California," nod •El sarramentn," Tobacco, Fo
ra Ir by a'-UK 3 11 lI'KIIARIL Agent

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