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The Charleston daily news. [volume] (Charleston, S.C.) 1865-1873, November 17, 1865, Image 1

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Bomen. Chief of Staff tottan, ? k^?pr^^x^ p rosen t^
these to tto.MorWrtr?ni^>^^^c*a'JoarnM- oi
ooumrths;sTisrrB^,Iba^$^^ dU?yj
T^<i Jilter formerly'4?N? ?t?tfi^m <#g? nul m -Cap?
^^fimi ftissiiniisi snitttHt"-, <n ""??^littW^L
wb?gia<ift KwM^HHBipw n?*
speak a word of EngUeh. . Bp mott hare made good' uso
ol' hta time during thc war, is this narrative ia exceed
ingly seoSrHtte'tf, ncTv&CTC Sxlfibltibg .oiocUins or for
v B^?T?Vowera;V^'?e?.M ??rj^?aa<<?; andtn-im
.^???S*??*^?^.S?tTri??1%v?l{ ,
-. IJcrng chased by a Federal man-of-war ojJf^tM.ooaat of
Nassau, he took Ch>5 precautionary rne?e?re "?r destroy
ing all bia letters of introductio?, and thoa found him
?elf in a strange land. Ignorant it the langnage, without
a single friondJor any vouohenas to his oharaoter, iden
ti ty or intentions. Be was f?t?nate enough to meet a
gonUemariJrJrj^tUj) ^o.S/v.k, /him finder his wing)
. vjite^sj?yM^if^rvy?r^wtio, ir^^?^?1,^ r?port to
G.^eria0BlruAR?. "-T%lv^/di*:iw41m?vtD?^ oC?Woh
Sined thu frioni'.sfalp auftopAMen^ej^^aJ ga$fhl eol
Srfana'?Hofn tirai d?f-W4h?'eiia 0*I*>XWMBI'? lifo, in
..Ms^oU^wa^c^^ i
If-?N rib>fln?aU compiimailtiQ,r$v ftofftg?'S mfa;
hoodJhj^a^Rfl^WVfetW ??fWWififili sws sj Ole ah?ul i
BO raKw? W^r^X^^^'fF^^ ?* thc
" h Uff??* ta Sals* <and4 ia sb*-boar ta -of 4?^? ^
; J*&i^Wfify%' 0<*oiWrr1t-^*d^-g4n*?|.iwith
? fine. P?N???.3ai^ sol
dWrf MHWfc%>jyasAnly exercise," and a' favorita
wi i?f?'Wal?iV,'',dfTtrourKe,v'bu t scarcely loss eo with ilsa
sterner sex. He tells his story withou^t^rnbek mod
esty ; and wc, qui part quorum fuimus, know that hi*
record ls trna Bis admiration fer General STUABT ia
unbounded, and all the glory he claims is as one of the
- - -favored oatoUitoa of-thia his groat Jjuniaary.... _Hc never
indulges in reflections, moral or political. Be ls a mat
ter-of-fact man, withs fine poetic oyo for tho bom tier
-of nature, whether displayed in tho dark foliage of 'the
distant mountain-slope, the large hickory-tree under
Sfcr VHhbj*^ Ol
.nm rattwinwe-iratlnra?roc&^
*r*fc^M^axhi''*rvW^ tim.
^?mArVfrajaylng.U.U mt?h?:ws^e^?^^a^y^k{^f
i onA'*#tfr%??intemrtiealV/ of ashnlsrcr pW
KO lately worshipped atiithn SanW ?hi?^^.^whlcn'Wi
^^^n&fcAsi HRf?ii^r??ftmi^iMSfi Viv?
i. Kr, JACKSON, LoNoftrKXE'r, and, indeecV/Htrf 'the pro mi
neut offlc-cra connected with the Army of Northern'Vi?_
ninia. ric,
To illustrate his style, and give our readers a taate q
the Colonel's nanalise .Powers, we give a few extraen
'? ??fta??f>V; we imotnS?reopyUta ^?l?\ htoUokr. w4ft
' .Bmi?^,^a\?eimust;refer our friends to the Soptembej
"jjj^ wl?c^^ta??^
^jn-at interest neon the gtra^g^^^B^^^^^^^^anm
vilU-liio private dwellirigs. Wra3HBHt?faenB, iti
straight BtrecU-Uncd on olthjir ??debi noble trees, -tb
-bparklisg 8s*-fronf,4gatasewtriEn\ th? blue wave brok?
gently-a magnificent appearance. Aa I walked Into Un
? fown, I could not rall to remark ?instUsnnsrf that bus
" tl* thal ons u H? airy finds ta? "Large, lotty, c IhU waa ex
jplalned by ihV tao? that ah .attaiSK ?>Hh?l*?deral. floe
l; -ivtaidaiW expeetodZ-iB'^eos^ rnaxrj
'- places W bttstaesji wera Uoso^aarr' s^y laraUiea hal
. ocne into the interior. Butlf Us? comxrisrota* -energies
M of Uta'town wfer* odlesowt, thsf'stoeatsfga? erldcmc.
everywhere of great, tn Iii ta ry activity. Companiea of In
sorta of weapons, wera *?ft?WWis/ abtrat; and cavalry
:2^?and* down cm fi?e-look?ng r/orseaf" I mnaf^qn*?OK
that-with ma,- aoenstom ed aa l.wut ?.^'rr*pean disc!
idea how soon th caa. sus t ir?n would excite my high ?l?
admiration on the battle-field. But I had small opp?
1 t?^fS^?^^f??WBt?X^?U(A and
was rolllno with mo, and ir ora th xx fifty other'ocfct
panta, ra3>O? ??ct???ng^|ftij|ly to ra rds the scene ?
-military operations in Virginia. * . . Whiz em
peaceful-looking farms and fertile estates, in the fair'lin
l?fl/a?^sa ?rWake, sAU?tuUy d*Ssed3Cs?'Jttaxtlmorrfih'i
?adfil-, and OOf"Vf* ?Its l>e informed me that rmfhi
.SEew ai4?? sas
looking troopers obeyed tho orders of their CotanUTU
with T^?k dia?plineind rapidity the breaking up'df S
"*?i?P w" m5nf?od- ? offered M.f^?.^'M0
? -eighihnndrsd sinong> to pass me, tnrtT tfligbt obssn*
more narrowly itsOSOtertai. The scrutiny' called fori
Daca exercise; anlTmey were iiftwin^aa^osuy on biooa
follow a'in fatigue ifcd nih?, ?nd thSf ehouM*hkTe
mourn tho loes of-alas) sp many who afterwards fi
. 'Trlgl?&?t?;f%?r^^
?5 f tho c?*. wet ?sachad tho mint of ?^deaf sstforanai
; .ICfclbnWiUss pothsjbd dtlt tom?a;MOBiu Jtalioiyng rapid
-'- .?lsa4 osiah.aotfrs;kKcalkcsny,bJirjM^**?^Sir9(bam
SfU'sss srilsst f ssiatssi so sJUdtajasEjs j jin sob
' ? cwMflybtowM ta ma,(ms JtthsWiy?liaff frtan
Xtertshad inahts WOT**,1 ?.I rtehiVi , ..?d^-.iti
> ^f^otalgtaastwssia.strsst? w?^isf|fc,wsi?r six
- . rhotalddte hetsMiof s fratdis^sd wlimiMSxprsaaloo. <
lower part of his fine f?o?..?ovSPed M3*?V4<? bro
board,* wlilciH-fWwKr tsifSri sis towt Bis sys was qu
: -aiad btaiSomg^saaCfcs DHghtbhiB III i?|Hssjjfwil ohasgi
J ^tw^dsrkir toge andofch^??M<tas^ yhote a
' i -wa* to. ian tbs raodsifcf . dwitfng ?Tsirr?e?der. ? *
.. in, daUfihtadta lb* nolshiii? ^ibs\jbaciarf fad the i
of the bugle, and he had aomathlns *f t Mttts^s weakn
i -i^fasoeiaaaaonofitheparrdTHke betraysd this tal
? -*u*h*y:w hiaiaonty icnlfarm, whian oonalsted of a sn
- ' ??7 Jacket, trousers of tho samei s?tfc i und ' orsr th
-Wjp rallitary hexta, m y allow silk sask, s ai ? ajay sta
'**.': ' - :-t i-?)?"??"?> ???M.';jss>'S'J(f li ITK?"?>?.}. '
,, ^^^?t?1'- <* Georgia, delivered . Isotare
formed Sjmb)tkal.ffkiti T^ StMi>il-*^iB?sisaMWianni II
- rsntrsoixt to:vu?ia?eitaohaa. ummnt?t sash trip of
??..mers^imd aboTrttbssams to Boston, and ike
.^ "Ttr-irrn si sass is j ?cw? tallai MI
?boat 10UQ barrels. ""' ^ "-w
. ofr gatun c r?w;Au a varjjaga ?'
i. J8frW?MBllBt pnrjAwm'? hlwtnry of his administra
tion, ernbHdying hiview QSC cA.UB.ea.pf tho jato "gar,
Mid tlie ?Daponsiblllty thereof, hu just appeared, from
the pied os* ?fjfeJfjM-^ i2a- Fjw YPrr*v. J? fe*** 110 '
Mea IV??* Hy?PBi Sf tt Wrc?p^??e*S^i!r~*nib i ttflr
ed enemy, JOHW W. FCRNET^U; ihi> ?&jt?ti^,JK**>
\vaic?,m* a matter of ooaree, ia rory denun^jatyp;, The*
following ia'the preface : i
"The folioWM a?7i?r0Mft>nrtft e of Au ?rente poe*
coding themis robeUioMjUUe *Apar*dU>poii aftor Its
outbrtak, substantially In the present form. It may be
asked, why, then, waa1 lt not publlahed at an earlier
period ? The anaweMa.tHM rt** ?abJS?artjOTrwe*?*^yod
to avoid tho poBllhWtfnpntaaQtUiMa^-aA) Ods wodid
have boon, thaUaaty-ipolrtawwo/ faMBM unca dod to' ok
barriras *?r.-mo^i?'B,:ids?d?i?tca^sclg ?ic vigorous
prosecution of rM!a??ghoaajlrOa^^,?JM^?or^doefl?Bd
himself to BurU?MihaTgfwT>He jwnw jffcH*hl?d tbp BUO
ceseful e*?oaxtf UU*ra?rolrnp dm4ag*, 4#ft Pr oat gloomy
periods. Jli\iriridruwa hti?rot;br*?.t!h; ?gen .after tho
ado??W?"- ?of laV. l'ederal ;aofi*Ututlon and the ?rflou
wt?Wt <y<>ia\<ajttatf-,^Ddd??Tlng been an eye-witness- of
tttWBl t^MBPjWMBOf ?heari 3a? securing liberty and pros
ier! tv%tfcoror, and Intal aaau?im an aj^aAjttAe op
pressed Iii other hmffBvho felt an abiding oonvfetion that
tbp ArnffiJc?n peopirwtraid rrcror enffor the ?res* char
.tXoltKirjlAjta toWdeatrMfs?. T To Ule CDW?rutloD,
as Interareteaby its Gramere, De DTRvsWI d?Voted,
bellovlrg that the specific-powers which lt confers on
every possible emergency, whether In belob OT 'In war.
Ha tli reabre clainia;ttt?vye?pi-V morK lt bo simply to
i^Ro.-"...Ia-periornxlng. thia.. tuiaV.t?^g^
fliCB itself, aa tho starting point, upon the existence of
domestic elavery In the South, recognized and protected
os tliia was, by tho Constitution of the United 8tates. '
V?& snail "net iui}aiN> whether, U*pe?rjo?o ?nd- cullg ht
clal ?vii, though they considered thiT-wtoroaoBesary to
avoid the>IlfiigreOTiiy>l>nijVy-rjf dissolving tho Conven
tion without tUoigroUtion of Our Fertcral Union.
..Tko narnftSrc <wJIU ?r?y^ft&t then*rlgfrl?l and con
spiring caji ay a of itt ffirFtrrt?^WBi^toV?t?ello be found.
iIl^^M?T^Mf^?P^,Hf^ #hostility of thc Kort tn:
Southern fllaVerr.'tfrM<Mfln*i*l6mph of tho'ir canso
in ?iUo>?lecHou,..gf ?r?irM'iiil ~nfncV?m ; and; on the other (
hit' d.'t?'oc^-bflr/b?.rl?n^ihftd?^Wt? and vlolonco wituw
which Vho advoc?.tfi^f MaVfeW-'?*M8ted these effort*,
and vindicated JM'uW?l^TA?<a%i'B -oxtenilon np to the
pcriqd-.ysSMfto^-'ilO ?*?{tt^#*re the paVtica th?C'
baa . tho>^^?^d-tb^^|fl^rii^lal to^inflac^ the
:!J?lcue^Wldi?>r .?n^m^o^^r^niei*' *n*ViTuai
flieporKa^. ^^?^^^^W^^**!^^^*
reader, aa-air aa.maj.he possible, t?om reUauoe on Indi- ;
vidual naemofjr.' iTroa-t?re nae of ?private correspond
?nc*he hawTea^utely^bBiainedi-r,; .. . ; ; 3*
"Wn<*ttsnd. September, MM>, ?. ?: ?jtMti'A 9f?Su
;< Tho following heidi^^eol^eWedoilnthsbook,
will give ?orne farther 'fo^/?f/'^o^?n^jb?# Charac
ter: ^ -
?S^^B?^TWP^P?V.*?? Jj??*?? ????^SS^n'tdM'
txb?Otton? petftronsrThd ?ge. ?F sxtreme Southern
fft?r^Tbo ^^f^?rtcr^i?i(^lotfj^??o^M
iabSBiiah-iffg?aa^ ptoVUw aaat tts con.
rb^d^t3uc0ianaj^'4itet _Wftfa4l%?^?l?e,-OUciiuiaU
venue i the thirty-sixth Congress t>9fU*t. ttaatlnj^-ttlJ
^^^ they^ ^^^1; j
WADE HAMPTON'S liA**fca. . _ ^
- t
??i?eWng to?r?>rtb? Btate| ?? U*w ^ata. for an un
oerUJn period, foaohot do so without e?p?eeslnf toW
leJJow-cltUens my-peetonnd sense of the honor paid to
me by tho vote given to me in the recent election for
aindnrsBjJ^ I* dne to them that I should atete the rea
eo0?WQahi iiaucx? nield d?cline to boa oandltlato. In
tho first place, the Convention, which gave the ?U*Uf??'
looogh not In their poblio oapacl^r-je^n-ted iho dhrfibiV
arine at home fron* auch a contest, whilst itanlgm'do
as Infinite nn*(hO!f ?b*P?d> The President of the United
. Mates had exhibited not only a> strong dUpoaHtmnr M
iNMeS ?iir: BetuQt'iframi. tJui.-ntdloa^sin of tho ?TOHL;
But to rein ?Ut? aa in our civil and political rigors'. *T
fured thai roy aMbtlon-by ambarraaaing bim in, his
; Mi affaira, neglected for flra; tfmf^^?J^^?.
madded my personal aAlaaiHeaii- ?i*d I b?ll?-/edlhtt^jyy;
I at Iberty to deoUne, though deeply sensible of tho1
f l-*6?sv j i a^am'iigi axa?, ? -^nd appraoUaa, tja.
-*?{/'?? i I?M 8*n-a i ir ? ry-;
thank* for your; ami ero na ronftden?? in,joe. t'?hhuj?<i,
klndnesa-toa?d- ww?dence i?. Wv^vidoL*! aa i?acx
P^y*Mar|Bjititt*a?!l)een the boast ?f.pp^Sliii.'. that
*k"eJ*?^**??iw-P?rtjf within lier limita. %p^ena?.
ble ax*TlU?n?-tma*Bt*tc)of affair* wse,.Tu? JM^?AT
ia it a*; by* so uo^ I^r?^S?
tho paW^vrr* dst* .of. the present, e?e^qpc!V LbV
future, bras na- ?Ul: tn. stand .*t^ildor3o sjToulSer
The work betorb?iiaj ??niamU al I ibo pa?^eui eST?o
ccurngo, attthe endrtranco of CHip.Y^epecW. Lei no
party strife, no minor issues, u? party potties divert
us from the gr^.^^ie^eg;work, o/ lb* hour-that
s?cn pre^s-tloWHfrHrhicra such
earnest prayers, has suffered shipwreck. It behooves us,
as wiG^eij U?V?M of-^*-,b^k*n?lmbera, ss beat w?
may, nraft ^rtTpVcr wb Arfary^fcTib reach a haven of
renaad sa fe ty.
,iS*r*when O?lonn? of pf,?ernmcnt aro re
stdr?*^?r fxi**O?tOf (W?rhpttowetl, to-, us, your late
Convention will bo subtect?* fc4^?W?? af??ita
action impugnedy-? Shau44 a?oJUy^nha??nyTbo tliTcW,
remember that you, ther-fia^erp?^^Wp?roUna, ac
cepted this Conveutieu AS ?J*???n^ pirS ortho terms
of yonr surrencUr. irhQJilife?fti^-hi^nQ ebadow of
authority, I ad rn it-undr cSw^J^?u^Sl pf tho United
8tatcs-to order a Cnd?j?l6??i?ii?/yJt9ther Stato;
but as a conqueror, ^imAMSiSBh^S^ff, if not io
dlotate, terair:?n? taai^iifrd?^ have ac
cepted. and you ar* bonnay byiew^^cjate of honor
and <af maatfnej^.fc,; abld?-by-??^Ketlj-. and to
keep, In good falth^th?.ple?^y41?TwLvo. given. I do
not .myself^couonfcfmlfr in^^ame^ttrei adopted by
lb* W*?re^tait eiiaUsh^rftfV^u^?^ An the
action lt took to carry out faithfully the terras agreed on
aud,^\?tUms*^"cprd?CDit high praise for thc inannor
ii^ Vhlch it diBclipgcd its arduous and unwolcomo Ia
^TTr\WBt ever representad atrorelargely
than Uid>4j4he?gnUy, thel^tajuths vtrttie, and the
Entertaining these xians, I think that it is our duty to
?o^^AMl^afirfe th? CO*poTt!l0n m m?S^Sf 'h6
United States so Lug W .nianrMtYa^tsp8$Hon to
4H??wn"?labmaA? Rut0'ana to Rlvt'to
gravo and responsible duties? Abovean??fe??s^i?a& by
our State-her re<:0M-1s honorable, -lief <W<<ntah?an un
?aJf|frli??ii 18 ?ffrpJ>untlT-tbo land of our nativi
s?ur?z? ^KI?J afrecrfon. Here all our hopes should
we . have worshipped the God of our
.robe^herc/nmtd abarred ajUrbUokw.Qdruiufc are the
?^s^J^oncc fondly, called our barnesi. and,-Juro wo
^ilSSnr111 a?Tl0" Kffff ?nttred;: -Alt these eeered ties
"And, as a child, whon scaring sounds molest, '
HCs?ap*h7se and cloaat^-the^thorfaJ^asi: :
So the loud toaren/B^ib* ffjS?wi?hVroar 1 .
I trust that yauiirHt}p^fm^?;^r ti*? venturing to
^P.^n^^miJmSmKvm in no presumptuous
TPelih&tnaTI db t?o, bot;*ofely in an honest, sincere and
humble hope of conthbrrtinir" taite-f?'tbs welfare
^j^2*3#TWirta*ej. What I hare aald has been
?Z&fLJfetESL rtCent' manifestations of kindness to
7^?.:t.^**"**?a? rburlsh a*.nne of tlte-'VCOud?st recol
lec?onsoTinyif?Jorira88triv?rTne of jour belief that
? hyj&tt?P&iiPV 4flr*,?' WiPf fejW*B forme, lu
4^^^~*fl^?^WJ*?M'W the State
need* my services,?he_ has only w command, and I
^^p^^aaToom^ei^^T^ have
prayer, and a???la^eWng ?rPicod moro of thc ma^thani
l^m****** ai? flryinr^iveration.VT^CToydsai^
?rho knows maror la beyond bls"hope. ~ H?verihel?se he
met bi? tate Wb^l^ksVOjwd eye, unmoving feature,
aj&aoata? dehberaU prayer for all those whom ha has
conversation waa fulTor protestationsfSit belied un
^^J^^^S&^B Jnmor
counsol, corommlCAted^io him the result of his last ap
peal to tho President. Wira' aald he had no hope. He
r^*?^ad^^todle. _^h*dsought and received religious
1:?r**^5 -?r ?ha Bari* ;Can*ui?t* ?iso caiieJ^'
,i^^t^? ***9?*m-tt:?? retaUvea, that they might
tor?oota* JmtHiey .to enable bfaa.la conduct bia de
^^f5 "i^^ -???P*L*?f^?V?? retiring, slept,
wundjy the best par? of the night.- ,Tbi? morning C
HM* ^T*^ P?rto*k of a mcJerife-^uScst: Soon
his counael's effortaJ
:yl^.Kp^e**?a himaalf aa to bia innoes<U}?M4nnch sa he*
ha^one^ySji^- Tt ta dnw^jfe schade to say , that he
hta c^m^H?^Tmei^^ 1c?0lOD8f'th V'te0^
^^^^?^-^^?.^*^ Wlrs- ^s^rltwd^viseaai
Tub 4^ti^w?al*^/o*^-totb?.acajTB^^^^
i??L5r^ JLuUe-of Baltimore. John
4eotrraa;- Kasels* ^jOOttttatty Kj MM Hew York Volun
.teera, hung In the tAd 'O*rttt*ya?dij0ecoa>ber 5. 1802
-fer .the murder pf U^rTlAi?^S^?^ S
ny, aiimTSTxthstreet wnarT- Aagn*tn?r-*ord, oolurSd,'
hujig^lh^Mbf ly[^^^^^ JftU 7*U1'eil!
Oainp Casey, Vligfc?*^ on the ltth o?'sop^n^e^re?
j ^flj oAyaciij? of.ihe yaidi for htfiifln'gispoctatorH having
bee n cloaely salrbiajedVdi by Major:
. WalJbcld^and. Wlt^lTTWW**X>* to briug;
left freo until lie reached tue ?caliold. ?JB they were
leaving the' room> Wiri iii ru ?ft I to U1Q m*att& ?nd with
RS much nonchalaq*.-?;%Bj-lf-; he>t?sd been in s bar-room,
took us T-q. ?lottie of, whisky.*?d MMUtfm out a. liberal
draught/'{lrimir lt dowiF^p^^iW
?iou, which waPB l^cT'W n|,ft F^6^TOarsh^3h^^o
bridge in the rear, ty V^chv^^e^vtne^^^S?eA; tho
scaffold, the prlaoner'oiWt'pp?TOd^ his I
movement?. WWw?o, trw^fl^?MWlnA?iBclf
dangling over ,lls^1Ctt<^'^^^^^^^^^^r',^^^^*<1
fh'g^ Wt vii.
J. A. Seddon, Howell Cobb.. John H. Wmner..JUichartl?
Injure the heall'-, and to.destjoy lim Uves, tv abjecting
to torta^a?d^?esA?3UrdrlIig, hf ctot?hig /ri^nA^t h y
audT9r,w?oUeW ASM^tl^ "W^n* .Wj&Wle.
mency or winter, niijlrto .the dew* *rld-burning -sun of
Hiiniiuor, hy coinpeHingQw?M o? impuro water, and by
fm-uiflbUig uiHurnVier^.Md'unwh'c^eaHft ??od^bT larfco
.farrmbersTof #M?fs5^t???r?;?to: w?C thl?Jhnnibor ol
about 45,000^1jel(l (jBjprlBoners of war-? Xndersonvllle;
within the lfnes,'ofthVsoXesh on
or beforoihe-Ortii of VMS .??.?; an? tat -Idrvbaajtimos
between that day and tho 10th day of AprttydBBtbdo thc
end that tiin+mlyfit the TTnileABta^mlghtbo weak
and comforted, Ac.Jkj.ii; t.;r? . rH~tlej\STy lair
The order statos that the pns^jjor.\v^ tyiuid guifty af
tho second charge, vu^Ai?r<W,^? iviohpUon-or tho taws
and customs of war, ua syy\tyrf>f fifthsjipeoiflcatlons,
excepting the fourth, tenth,-aqd^irt^nth^ w,hich three
set forth that he UUataN.pr?99&e,r )>y phqutlug him wi ttl
a revolver; th sis. h?i0f IriOM. s | pnjln^r J??. QB upon an
other with a revolver; and tbjitil?ft?hohanother with ?
revolver, so that ho died. amii ?- nrvats , : '
The order concludes s*;fell*wfci'.--vi!- ?- ^ ;, P
' Sentence.- An?Nfe6"c!ou#'ttb?*^c{f?^ him
Henry Wira, to be hanged by UtHW^TOtil'ho bo dead
at such time and placo as t?itj'rcerfidc'?t ?tl^he Units?
States may direct, two-thirds pj. tJhi-t?eh;bt-rH of LUI
court concurring therein. Si??*22*??*
And tlie court aLso lind tbe'pWrtt??i;, ' Henry Wira
?:uilty of having caused the d,<j(iui."l,h,.ftjo manner as. si
uged in specification ll, cbijj?o, ?, by jnijahs of dogs, o
tliree prisoners o? wAr.ink(s,,rablnife-;j)1tjq rfojdlers of tfi<
United States, one c^rSaofl oi?'?V.?IifSf thhl?th day c
May, 18G1-, anothc?;<kiiUrtfM:oii Ot RKOTV ihe.yth da
?I (July. ^9^y.f^<^Ki^im^ 'q^^ift k?but-the ie
day or September, TfifitTy^iit\yj;iu3ll XflWlnA^as hero . ?i
pressed, has not aud. idjd'.nxil.Cjj^ur5 aw .the! sentenced
the courtaalwfoM;^??^^^^"'" f ?2~l? . '. . ' ?.
Secowl.^Xixo p$c&bU\(&^dUiR ?$'sentence in Oj
foregoing ciao having., ht^V^H^u^cYYo, tito Presiden
of thc Uuit^jBU^^^Mkl^ar^ 4i?,?^aerfl :
Tho proceedings, finding ona ?e'ni?l?i .o? thc court i
tho within cate, are approved, and it tri Snored that (ti
JI^^E?s^K<^f^.Jrp^^b*^^ 1SMVheleen the hours of si
Department pjl A\asir?natoor.if Mnamanded to cause th
fore???!? ?i^tviSj??.- .e^^r^enH jWlrjLta t
duly executed in acoordan^iwitttbs-^^^onrB'rjrde
atfa volunteers, :
de^$i&p$i^^ A. A. a
^Tb* reeding,, was ftnlaSfea*? ^b\^?^d'WH? was! d
TC?tVl toHrtso??V: . MaioWI?useU asked him if he bi
*gttP??\Bg 'rb'fcay rM>liefy, to which Ie replied "No.
Father boyle then, recited th? service of the Cathol
During theso fowmo^enfosheutsjmuidbe heairifroi
the- soldiers in tho tree "tops'"oj ,f.^abg"t?iin,?' ?Ande
Bonville." "Remomh^-And/srap^r?Qe^" Jdid others m
calculated tn .frifT W?j.H?fafeeaB0r, but he pai
- 1 At thirty minutes past ten, his uanda and legs havui
been pinioned by straps, the noose was adjusted t
L. J. Bichardsjs^.aaUteiar.ZMS*)eUve, and the doom?
man shook iranak/TsahJtfli)1?juleeU and officers'. ?
^utnTs foot<a$$CL tto^tsraVlnk.tBe/trsp fet 'wlth
h?s,vy noise,*?41he And^rapr^vilM1 jailer was" dan ghi
n ibe air.' There weru" a few spaamodjc convulsions
the^Sskt, a slight movement of the ettrolblUe*, anfii
waa over. WJUen lt was knownrln the street that Wi
wrns hung, the' MSfisAiVs^t hi aloud ringing choc
Just such as T Have flesra scor??rpf Urnes on the batt]
field after a successful charge^ The1 Bufferings St .vnjd*
Bonville ??rc too great to cafis? the soldiers to do otiM
wise than rejoice at auch Sd?ath, of euch a man. .
After hanging fonrJUjen minutes the body was exai
inc l by Post<Siff}ggcm Ford, and life pronounced tb '
extinct. It then taken dov/u, placed upon a s trete
st) and carried io the hospital, where the surgeons to
charge of Ul
V i Nb sooner had the scaffold and the rope done its wbi
ina become historically iiinpna. than reUq. eeekers i
gan their work. Splinters from the.MAM were cut
ike kiadljag.woodland Mflfssi fe^"M-rbpe disappear
alasost instan!U? , *rhrr4l?orr^sii??fi of tho guard 01
slTo??m wttoW-thini-iromT3b?Sig ^riod off in t]
"]1!^^Q8U>?^i?8,n?l?i'a p?aVmOTtem, and an examin?t)
o?^e'iectshowed. thxi.?oxtehwo W WtWftlb?elted. ' I
oT^ano?d^bnnd^vlr?grTr?k?fl c^tfVesh. His bc
also showed severe scrofuQQd ?rhUUUfll. ->?.?.
Agreeably to a*r*4u?<t'from i^'ii^.^Fstherrtoylo,
col ved tho body to^yrand-:deli>r8oredat to an undtfi
[er. wlio will inter lt, to smut thosrrivai of Mrs. Wi
wh-6 ls- expbeted soon. Win left-feseuorrso esrt
?rfffcia.'' The only things in his room after the ex ccut
werea jfew' fl^r^'ftf^^tfdyg. some tobacco, a n
io^B^^?r&^catr^h^**? S?s?fif^(?^ompsid
This ls sll there ls ^i?t:bJUai:1^ r. 9 aZTI .,.
USU iiWfl^os/S na ? - J-il U - ' ! fS
A VAJW^s ;..<<rf H . : kr*
,tf;3Qp..MAEioK inrHrr Krf?r>fE m
Tfs^ntftifjy, sajt-fetb aid.fxom ttedr.,^^^^!^
Charlestontho purchase of a ?HW ENOINE A
; ,?n masing ^ s^sjSiAJ^t^ubJfe^? a
that this Company? was formed iaiieW.-. and {that tl
sortee fifteen years. They, therefore, ooimileh
peal toHassIf ftlfw^tiissM^tfcgsatisfied that, fifi
of their rMt BfTr>1c?es, a'gefierou* public wlU not den;
them t>%tvrV/\ jW^t?lff?'X^^ fri ?pqiape
their Comp^'y^wtfV>?^?T?TOSKBW? P0^ wel
?md astfety of the community.
? ' Bt?^p'tirtik^bSTsW by^MtSMay?!) the un
signed Committee, who will oall upon the cillions :
Wardt !*?.\j'?& 3.-?&fti HAWKIN0 and fi. 1
?E Ward tito %-*."? >aOH^S?A ?? '|?SAfe??W
^J9N?M ^(7,.4.-r?. O RAT and THOP. DIXON, Yr.
Vsrxfs iVo?V 5 a?? 7_P? V. DUNrTlkd ?M W. II.
HWdf?$6 emd 8.^.* t>tf\*& lid W. JACKflON
W*t OT J.V.rVW-BfTPM ..n.|;i:
/'fmofi ri^rynllj/so^cl^ fdr ?heliARIdK faRK C
-??K&thft sltj they 'roijhlre- Uien-.s^ne, Tro m
serries, be?hff"almost useless.M. H. NATHAN,
.Ootobsr^Q j nP,' j |ij Chief Fire DepsTtmq
itfeg Iflaii I,M:;I:V. tl I ,-. fSz.fr i. a'jedUttn
--Every ;swner, lessee, occupant amii too int at
"PrVrniacs^frontrr^^ W^^ys^^^i) havl
M??Tlo^i^hsi^^iosi dtfhsl|r??nd hT^Unsi
*rle s^bB^jeVsrby 9 o'slsok, A^-it.t And any pars*
TdrtdlriK-rArsl?. ?r plass?g acyoirW fllt?.. ?Ir?^
. ?rth?r^ffSF?ftSP tb* boaar .s3swsvasns?<?srJi? bs ss
to;a*fined* aK4t*aa tba?*H?OT morstasxV?9 ?se
kM?mf *mutoi+*h*tiBt*f&** Uss atapsAli.t
a ?aorsmbVl? ^ /^^/^'jtfcl^J^Mw^ Osos.
h*roe&;W^lvi1ded in aocb?s.nee 4 ith?S*T&?rii!?d
.contraefi*,' all -perm?tA-?cr tra?e aJbngihn;OkwSOijRittt??
District exe hereby laajctoaodi ?n^tra^r^
prohibited. _
Px?. II. Any partira carrying on an iUo^HrtiWe^rafflo
^/?er^^lr^^-T?nWWW:t^hl8 tre^am^saM.'ii?.
.raMlate aotlcewof tide oabrr.: re-n -..-:rp? >?r uuiori
P. r?*<ooxpm?n4rf? iWfl?W^r wH^MtJtlSfri>
HEADQ^RS^^??r?M^ '(THl.y i
^^v^?^Fr? WrirMift?terr?fi co?***
4??U 9? ,luly-'a^i<Sr/r>nr:AiVt '1Wn'iil'?f??lHioto. InJtho
I ??Oto of South Csrobna, i* .?twihe d.u*y*afi Wo Histor
'All ^Fif?oflr*-'afta- tfegrttHt?s'fcr** herebynotified
Htatrhltf -will noVb? D?rtt?TtfcW ?c> *a\r*w?aAf aseaste of
U^rt^aWc?fiera^^eiA-. ?rd ieave an^WHi of
Injunction bVc^ercivfl.pT'Sc?sr tealeiHMed?*?. hnpwde
or embarras? them in the discharge of .tB??r-dttttsa.
birt bf tb? United ?ut**;; msy -be rartjudlcai?d ilij^tho
J^roTOflt CauEU.-Wllh. thorigbA to.sjfcK*ktp tyito&f??1*1'
u?ttt? (?ll<Jo\irteia???ht?bKaueil; or btdursiardi?idi?Fo
B*J.*re;;res?h^.i*^J^ba* ,. g*y
;: 'rToVetriacrig1 .v"? cfcyAjsaa^CA^tttto^gijgaa^
**? ;,^rUl5(JtJAft'r*RS; iV?PA-K'RrfH?frOT BW..'*.
ntr?T^f^-vwiieW?tfft > itt* bMeeMHff vAaspeoplo
o^l^tb t?axoTOuillbr theirU?mpiUriB^o?jT?' updec tho
^yith"o^e3trdrtbe<,ri^iii,y TO*a.<#?tr??t? Without au
thority from these Headquarters, or from higher, M4H
to?iaiUrborlty.yCompleii) .UaU.p/,J?l .such p.rqperty,
^Iherb'orQnguSTo tne'?nlU-d' gtatcb- bV reasons o?
VfeMftsV. chpftr?^dr-lmpresefi?eiit. <* t?Unf I*o <3dnfo
def&U?ttstes, -with the jtames
'trict'Coui m1mdc^sfor^^??c^ecttY^^
^s prac^Hcibli?. irr?fcrWr?W toifh* IKafcft.-XJihtrtewnafl
ter ol the D?partaient*!! Antra?}*;: ^sanded,VU, S "
'^H: C. or'?.'?,-bTO'e?b.^ifr"4?'Wgar(?e?' as havrr*?-bceu
twgulartjrand r*opi^ dallied, a f: V^hnryuUodHtate*.,
;tlic;nrt* CoW?*er*l?> ?' Uta ft-s; %M fl ?abo fi tb ^.-enses? ft do
:njot> rtKhaaUy bvicmg^l^portte? ^ving.^em. m pos
session. must begj^..t(o. Juatafy.tbQlr being.ial^P08:
session of by thomited-State^.'-Atf&?A^ wlU
.be^k^-'n???tiarof antt-lMo evldiMaoeiaoyertod; :u
^tiTiic'tb'-rjIe csH?J l?;foi?tB?WXW3 ?aal besefttei?ka United
i WwHaWW MgbaVia^aaa^a?^ fl*r?Bta*m ?
JJaaniaii;-,< tal? uiM-~'.niey /????tpi^P^^Pv,
November IS, , ",4 .. ?ffiupf^njan^^^^^
St I hare thia day ttaVB ^3?^
SON. U. 8. N" Lighthouse Inspector of tho Sixth Dla
: ! i ?n:?? - .-mr Aaaia^eofeXJ'.-fr ^Jf^E?V?'.
The attenUon of lighthouse Keepera. aaatvaiHaoihera
?- AV?m^Ta^ftS^^o^^''^
November-U: ?-H raw So-nU if ?: mt>nasi ..
' ?-. CaQaifcixsTOari. No*smb*t?a, Mr? }
enger- Tr?to -^?r^l* leaV? St. Andxowla Depot for
]^toiave^.on^^vpjTAir^v? and Saturday,, at
Until the Company's ferry ls re-eitabnsbodi passen
ger? can cross the Ashley mvenst^Mew Bridge Ferry
? .y;res*^
. .?nvK.AND,,?Frr??t, x-HU^pA?Kyefr? I?ST., THE
*^c^?.,rt?^?^M2MULA: .
. '?' ' AMV?iat Charleston.Of Xatfaarlff P. M.
...-f^mberl,,, , , r:]^nex,^u^i^ndent.
1 A TH?? ?%^I^A?;T^^ Buai
1 r^? m;thB-ttt>.:ar*^ lon?
' ,eyubl?ifned'irn*",sl*rkno
8TBKET, where ther ?^'?aa^^y t^Jl??Wsf ihamranoe
against loss by fire, orr4'fatt>'abectemod*tln?
terms. J?Hrf'B/^?^f^j^Presldent.
J. r^irBjiiroB ab^o^:ra?rffsbsry I riB TWssnrer.
Comer of ?i?ig and'.??Wiwt -sWts.
Ajphvotypea at?O.oenieteixch.
Novdmber*. . c-. .-. i imo
WliT?lng a ?.kxl artldo of well bsked Ix^'Brtad. ara rs>
'qUeal?dtoleavo their ordere at baker*-, o-i
Habaaprooured compstei)^ oitft drirenL and wffl ds>
bv?r brVfcd to'arry p?J* ot Wsivp . ???
ai KsTBBBbas-ll i >r i ij?jCl i u-? O^ljAJiHAJX.

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