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The Charleston daily news. [volume] (Charleston, S.C.) 1865-1873, November 17, 1865, Image 13

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FBP3AY MOBrafl^.^OVKMBB? 17? 1888, /?
*3" PjnOM.calling for Advertised Letters, wul piesse
pay M-'El'-i ?.VU. R, Ww /. AU v i* 'j^.TWTvi* j
?Sr Office honra from 8 A. M. to fi r. M. On Sun
days, from ? o'olock to 10 o'clook. A. M
STANLEY O. TROTT, A oting Pos trna a ter.
Abraham, Airwi a^ttflfriU).f ri^^^p. itt
Mrs Gutoalnga. Mia* Parker, Julio '
Pieresville, Eliza
Benton, Beulah HutHon, Mm Peter phia ^
Bell, Sarah B >. i Ti Ji' ci Bourka, Mary
Brlggor, Ellen 1 hAafcj Mrs fe ? Raux, Miss J E
Blaney. O -??J ?Tj Buff, Mrs JL A
Brodie, EUzia MT Tonkins, Ada fr Ruddy, Hannah
Brissonden, Emma Joukins, Emma Boah, Cate
vfomsaifr WSSSi^i ti?^**$?
Brindle, Molter A Vohnson, Susan G SSvislr. Eld (fy * ' ' -
Brown. Hachai Ken?le, Amolla W S?call. Miss Hen
Brown, Eben L Krusc.Laura O riotta
j^wr^^^^ Stoppard, AAn ?
Campbell, Mar?'et E^^Mar^B^'>-' l^^^^oaS'h1^*'*'
^Bi^H ?^rd^*L?Siyin!tT
. Camplin.Margaret .Linly, Julia Y v T '
Vapore, IimbeUa Lc*m?*sTM*?ha Thompson, Mrs
Cgl??Pan. A E Lyney, Rachel Treadway, W p
'bornait. JM?rry?fc . , . '.??MJu.i. r* (rnvwOttfiMdaa E
"Colton, Elizabeth Mackferson, Rock- O
Cochran, EUxa hanna Tl Af D
Cook, Mary Mitchell .Mtfe" 0 VontrA^r^Busan
Cole, Rachel MtehooL Sally Yenning, Maria
CummtngJCilsiroi ??114TgAqpima Vogel, Mrs L R
Cuthbert, Emeline MUla, Mrs "W"
-^ 'T^W Miler, Misa Ward, Mary C
D?W-.-ttMy Middleton, Mrs N Walton, Jenny
Donnoy, Lenora M R Wallopo.Mrs.Now
Dwain, Pilgcy Moore, Mrs WmT tonio *
Ellzy, Laura ^ ^nk^^ary^^'^c^r^^br"^
a??te 'saws, m &,.
Fowlor, Catherine . E Wilson, Joeophlii?
. S??,*' Dln? Nathan, Mrs L . Willla?b, Virginia
- ?fr***rTohi* ? V L 3 LO ( PS Wintsr^Ac? , , -
Oreen, MatUda lO'Ncalo, Mrs W S Yaidi?iJ Anna
Adams, < i eorfre . I Gmc/sbd?BWnV "Adi IWtariwpv--eeorgo
Allon, Maj Chas 8 gust -J?McSL?r. ,
Alston.jCol Robt H * /A VofoWBtfiS?o? W
.ffls'i?1 w ir?Kcnj d
AnoTreVe, Wat* HaW^?Moigan "Mkt?1d&Agent
inRtqilT_ra^" " Hart, R L Perry, Edward M
AndrtwSrrga|(t>, rift?i,Ttd*?r,-? . atol, August. _
,..r. rtich Harleston, Rich'd Piper, Fred i!iE
..'^Afeelmair, Enaste? Hafc^OXooettn: PnaD<at.*/hn Jas
..,..,.D. .. Harney, John PrlnccCsntHenry
3?ptist church' ??.' cllR?-f .i .ri .ir. ) tdul?lejwjunarlCH
barnwell, JJ w Hawkens, O W Qu?le, James
Baiantni'W^H'.- " Hey ward, JameriC TU.
^. .. -Baka?f-JAbn' R .? HoAard, Beorge. Rempp, Conrad
BonsornannjWm Horkerday, 8 Raino, J
? Bjpft.ife?i^c .jasa*-.
. Beglev. Jame? Howard, JA Righten r H Y
Blanks, George Howard, GA Rivera. Wm
Boyd, F O HoUctt,GooW Riven, Gilbert (
-jBcouar.JDavhi HughboSj Thos W Rivers, Johu
Rolgor, Edward R HuKnersonVTst? Rttttornron. C H
Boa ringer, Wolf A Hubbard, John Ri ec ko. Gerhard
Alexander Hyott, James Rlcardaon, Ned '
Brialn, Adamo H rm ea^, Jackey Romare, Paul
Brodman, Honry' J? I -. ?CT > Rowen, Alfred J
Bray, W Jordan, 1 homaa R Roye, M A
Bradford A Osborn Johnson, Ooo H S
Britt, James ''f;.'!" ilobno^W t>*vi4TS? SsHej, Wm
,?J?j|?lr|. iqnnac^S^&ll. SaU?s, J Curry -
Bryant, Wm.? to? ,;-? ?'.) . Sanders, Francis
Burgess, James 8 iohnsflp/Jbbepb Sebnoit, John J
Burrill, W H JobSfeon ?tHtgglrJs Seaman, Wm
J,._|7n^?.?^lrV, .. ??llei;S5. -1 ? ? Scbofleld,(George
MW?SSSSf??k? *?*na*< '? Bbrre?jMivbael
:.:,.Rl?t i"- "? ? HetthjJTbm . .r.w, SimxoooaV Merter
. Brjawt?tjobt? ' Kinefnan! Maj CD SmaiU,'NaUiaili^aI '
ByVd, X?they. K^pmanA Phelps Saul tb. Wm WiitM) I
i 3 ^?)a& A ' ft'"' ^ _ ^?e?f Jnames
Calder, H P Lanahan, CapHr sp>aguer J .'
Camel, Isaac . Laur?'y, Joseph Starkey, Ben
c^n-?^ te .
' "^evebrn^rhrtaoKtwtt?jiQmMM,rr >Tfl*aentor. H , f
.Clare, Jonb,. I inMwmjtj . Tharley, M ' . ^ '
Orokmau, Oeeetet Mlddloton, Lud?a Thrne?, J L
' ! .. .? . r^M?H? ^ : Mliei^?cber: ^en??'
Daniels. FA,,., Miles. James W VanaaU-oalon.Goo
Devis, FE J.1,, Mke? ?ooeph Veris.JohnFrancls
Davis, Lierrt O A M?flafcam*lflchael Von Hadeler,
.??M; Saf ' wardTwi3111^
Duane, Patrick Muller, D . Warner, L W
- Durant, Charleo Murray, Mr . Walen, Michael
FarreS, -W?f - : . ?Mc?oj?sai' A* Co- I Watson, Wm
-??a. d ? jaa assi: ??ftfe PM wr -,
Ferooa.John Fran- MeFaruin, Robert Wcatcrman, John
? 'f 1 ???*bM;'B?r?vVl ? i i- PT 'I ! }.> W*bbWlXonte
?1&nl?*n' J??B. r f?WvV^* Wnlfinf, EM
.Vogartie, SarnMel- HkCam, Jarte WlRlams, John 'w'
? Foguea! aaratuj. KtotamJoAjiW WlUiAmB. 8 N r:.:
.; i - ? !r^?P?: ar
' Fufot, Danfel-? ?'H?a^.lAwBUI?l ?rtfiboms. Ani^nio
O- W WUklns, B G
.Oangan, T . . ' i OUVer, E Winter. 8 A T i* .?,
- ^IMtt^T O .; 0'*^9.??M ^faU/J N,U^
Gircns, Tho? Osburn, Charlu? ' Wlgudl, Samuel
O/oen, C I Owens, Y J P '. -? Wnesboni^ ,
0^a?^aen^.W|p ... ^ . "(
' . ?*Y< - ?*r-jsammf cj?uosiffnfjf'iUlbw'-ibV^e^pisfefn^^wTO
. Blaaso to ^(?^,^04^^^^ hand cor
perfect satl??notion In aR tb? branches of bte trade.
Refera to JOHN SJMn^OlIand^ttowr' 8tM0>
HoromBor 7 vmo*
nu coU?iaMtMiU
~ kiport? for Uk? Week, outing Nov. 10.
' tTv^BPOOL-J^tjfig^Jo^^?h*iald>-^bLe? 8 I
AML 7? balea Upland Cotton.Br bark Echo
NASSAU-Sr ?St AliT FloVa^.Wf?otT df "Boft?i
--* I-mag
. N*?W YOB^^t^^Vlca^aB^ '?Mv^rSMa Up
>ud Cotton. 284 bbl? Boaln. 63 bags Groundnut*, 3 bbl?
Brass and Lend. 1 box Zinc, 3 caaos Boots and 8hoes. 3
Sonder-15 bales Bea Lrland Cotton. 343 bales Upland
Cottcnaj; IO" t?o?}**? JB.Ice, yjflb?g Rosin, and 18 Packa
8 ea.
Crockery, 4 Bales and Package?.
_conroy SUPPLY. avKtmta '.
.~T>nr!Tc'iir' Y,oyk"tHyftHi1 flt ' MWIBBBW'gUt uimMo-tho
t li e^l at es t ma? ^^b^^ec e 1 v ?^'lQ Nowr ^^^^^^^
York by Nov. IL 1888 .400,000 "
Exports In the saAlCpUlCSUM?tlfrom Sept.
1 to Nov. ll, 1885.?.. 188,000 ..
Estimated stock in the ports, Nov. ll, 18881.393,000 "
sfOfi^rqn wxsx ENDINO THUBSOAY J?VE^O^ NoyiatasnjlC.
At tho time of. publishing our last weekly' *iktom ent
the Cotton ' market Vas edtlrWy-w?t?it?i^S tinder the re
peated decline of tho artillo In the foreign market, and
we were conBequen^,*san*b"? to quote prices, as there
had been no BO?CB': Or!1 Friday last, holders having con
cluded to yield, prices: feH som? foin; oon ts .-per, pound,
and ?av?rai hundred balsa of Cotton were disposed of at
43 to't?cente per pound'for Strict to Good-Meddling.
The news of a'fdf th'w failof two"p>nf^p&rjkiand, which
pubUahed in our paper of Tuesday) does'not appear to
hava. materially affected tb.or.market--the '?aTWT.which 1
toc?Cr.Tfc'<!*Y|s?^ Middling, and
43 to 48c. per pound for Strict'to* Good Middling Cotton.*
Tho stock on hand for sal* is vofy-Bgtft; ahd IboJiceJpts
for the past Wtjt?jf gpro aro quito tnralEyjnnounting only
to seventeen b.undred. a.ud. .flfty-c/ght balea of Upland
Cotton andiwo hundred ah? fort/'ba'lcs of Sea Island.
The last item includes acme parc?]? received previously,
but which w^anfrotjnafRoB.t ^-r-\l-?
KKA ISIJVKD'COTTON. -Nearly all "tho receipts here arc
being shipped through! ^&gs.pjBj??r?toq nmfigpjgfpo?t
the samari ian) woek, w^sma^^sahja. at. [email protected]$1.65?
per lb. K
- jr LJU-? r rts??ts: *uPid. ?.<*.
Stocken liana Seprr rat;-wbeT..'.. .-"^683^ 1610 100
-Receipt? from Sept. 1 to.Kov. 8.1 eC5, 747 33835 784
tWcclpta from Nov. 9 to Nov. 10.... 340 175?.J 30
ToUdrece^P?:.''.'.''TSV 37303 884
From Nov. 10 to Nov.
?ll?, 1868.ICQ _f2852 119 :L?2?Ttj?
Totarc>:p*dVtil....ll92 21552 ffli?QW 21552 751
** 'tfBe?fei?h?WvUd.'j .v.- .aA .nr?ff? "21 "*tt?f 1 133 |
RICE.-Some 1600 buehchi of CaroUna^ Rough have,
boen recei\ed this week, mid (TbTOIfnfijtfi, "?chavo
heard of no calca, s?djejpyrt a dull market at 12>[email protected]
13iic. for clean Cardlifai K 9 \ '
NAVAL STARES.-About 'our hundred barrels have
reached th??ra*kAdhrlug the week, and eales of No. 8
Ragln Jhfl^-e taken place at $5 to $0 bbl. ; No. 3, from
ft7'*>?Wand No. 1, $13 to ?16 V bbl. Receipts Bght
and no stock. Bales of Spirits of Turpentine have taken
place at [email protected]^:%ll?n'- J * ' 7[^_
HAY.-For nomo-time, past tho receipts of this article
have been_ merely nominal. About one hundred bales
pt Vorth River, whlchcamo'J? S ?t?ainot changed haada,
at %'i fl hundred. One bund redland seventy balea of
North River wjere i+afij? in a schooner Uai a vening,
and are consigned to t' dealer. Jf
CORN.-No receipts during the week, but we learn
that pr? v?p?s, Importa tiona fcafvej been disposed ;of at
about $1.15 perhttahel for yeiloW; atti -$K1B 4o $1.20 for
whiteAIaxTland Com: , - N ,._
'T5?AT8.- tho market ls abundantly sofritos? with thia
'grain, witEV Omited demand-and prices an before quo*
ted, say 65c, per buahol. ^ . _ . r~ i t ^
SALT.-A ?srgo of Liverpool; which W? reported pre
viously as haring been sold -af$3CO0par sick, 1? being
rapidly disposed.of In amaUer quantities at $8.50. A
sjeeoEdoa^gp, which iras also mentioned aa being off the
bar, has reached port, and aome WO sacks have beenT
sold, to be reshipped' to WRminigton^!N. C., on private
term?. 8o.;mneh of thia cargo,aa remains on band ls
offered from on shipboard at $3.40 par sack.
FREIGHTS-To liverpool are quite dull, but the rate
of freight remains, uyhanged, and we quote *?d. for.
UpUnd and-'lUw?^i. To New York, br
EjK.OHAIfOK . Bilja on England are selling at 670&680.
SigW^ecksfbn^;NeW*ork amsold. hje*tho Bankers'J?
$ cent.'Vff. 'Tfie- puw^aetog^-rates vary, but may be
fla?t?4.?f .^^X'ftj???>?J il3B9i I IV j:i'f ii-' :
GOLD ls purchased by the Brokers >t 46 16 47, and
and sold at<8 toa?.. -
. NovcMWin 10.-N B Olarkaon, Dr J-J Staggers, J J
?eaeane, H^"L4???pj, Bastee'; fiV D Connor, CpUeton. y ?
Passenger?. .TCI I! J
Per steamship Emily B Souder, for J?ew .York-M T '.
Hatch, A Potter, L L Siddons, MreiTB?R?ftr-end 3 Chil
dren, J L Woodworth, J H Sc roven,. J .1 Austin, GiP- ?
Jacoby, Mrs Bowen, Miss M Quinn, J'Atkans, 8 3 Sb?
deY, P Fogarty, J Quilt, Misa A Burnham, Misa A Mur
phy, Mrs Sly. J Bendall, O B Gran?T.?ttStyau, J H Hood
and wife, E F Btrother, J Harris, H Karmack, M Maree^ ,
jknd one steerage. r^X'' - PSI !
Arrived, Yes te rd? y. (BOT. 16
Brig f Leighton, Brown, Boston, 13 days. Mdse. To
P P Locke, and other?. .
,Sohr B M Hawkins, WyAtt, New York. 5 d*y?. Mdse.
To W Roach. E R-Cf wperthwaite, G W William?' AO&<
H Bischoff A Oo, J'vrCarmalt, Ltttto A Marshall,1 ? -W
Trott, Nathan A Ottolengul, Stolnmeyer & Son, D H 811
cox, T Street, 3 Thbmpson A Oo, L WeUkopt, W B WU
A Co, FHernhArdy,0 Bernard, J G Beverson, Bl?aell I
Brot, TJcffin^rBr?L &?MiWVTJ:CUr?*>n A Co, H
Cobla A Co, F Conner A Cn, OnarVis. A Oo, ? N Dawson,
.CO? J W Harrisson, J Heins, Hilton A Co, QA Hopley A
Co, J McCabe, Morris A Hunt, B O-NoHi; IF O'Neill A I
H?nr Order:.CtFrraceT D H silsox. J-E Adger A Co_0.
1lWrt;TJarrk*WHrth, A WsVS?fl, T-M-Bristoll. A CtanAteV
J ACVllA y?*tjjEP neaeman, H salle, Calhoun A COrt
Joaeph Walker. C O Witto, Von"Holten, Tanteen A Co, H
Sehr 8yPran^tefonaro', New fork. 6 days. Salted
Hav. To tho Master, Geo W Clark, and O Bahinaanif. .
-' "i-WlTSl OFOTKO..
'OBearad X*mi?*t?tfm.r. 16
BteayAb?j8jlra?M* ?Bmtnkn kQ**os??p*ltot9C>mi
;BarkM??o* wiiltMaXTn^f^o^M??^
,BT,brtft'/ohn Richard?, Goudey. Liieifti^j. I v J! ? II.
.Behr'FrajsjelR?o,' Smart, B?JUmora>-jrriT:K
.' 1 ! 1 11 'ilwaHMia mulji in, ?j?j i. ifflfl'J
ab??O sell anew and wonderful OEWING MACHINE,
the only cheap ons lioenoed. Address SHAW * CLARK,
Bldds?ord, Main. Smos Beyaexnbar U
Correct ?a ajkid Re visitor ?He W??k yidInp
Thnridar, Wovr mber 16. 1805.
BAGOT jo fi ?Saftfl ?... m m . o y.
Dundoo..,..,,,. 80 ? 33
Gunny 0J^il."r.:.?.r;':.V.'ii?; ? ?r*T ? -
BALS ROPE, ft lb-Man Ula. 26 B 08
Western.wo. 19 9 30
Mew York. U | -
BREAD, ? ft-.. .. r L
K?r7...i'XiU....4....7?':ibj9?e ,* - rijft -
Pilot. 10 9 -
Crackers. 13 a 18
BRICKS, M. 15.00 ?18.00
Ordinary to good ?rdlnTu-jr-.'. % - a -
tf?ia?slc^ /i ?fl (4> 42
Oood Middling. 44 ? 45
Wil^aq^ j
Jara.:.... ? # ?
^Ta^nelean^ S
(HM^[email protected]?aV|^?l!(CS?! !v????? B 65? @ 75
FI311-Cod, fl 100 lb?. 8 <.? 10
Herring, ft boX.rr,.w,". 75 a 80
Mackerel, Ho. 1, ? half bbl.10.50 012.00
Mackere^WilL1K^?U^ft\?M 8.50 ? 9.50
Mackerel. Ho. 3, ft bbl. ll.25 ?14.00
-,:?,:'.f -?:*-r'a-r.*?'
Sardines, f? 100-quarter boxes.. 32 ? -
-Batf boxes. 70 a 75
FLOUR, ft bbl-Super. 10.25 ?10.BO
. - *Mtfly. bajf bbU. 6.25 @ 6.75:
FR&IT&??mnt*,ty%K\. i. X.. : ?JAL . I Pjfc.. ?. :;,B6?
.'. il .?? Ai i, I .>rjt*. r?? 15
Abnonds, soft shell, ft ft. 40 ? 46"
Italslns, M. H., ?.box.. 6.00 ? 6.60
Balalns, Layer, fl box. 7.00 ? 7.SO
French, 12x18. 5.75 ? 7.00
Western OataTft busbef.. 70 a 76
"fflWti:::::::::::::::: i!" I =
HAX&Kmax.-.North Hiver. . 1.20 ? 1.25
Eastern.none - fy -
HIDKS^tfrft fl ib..... IO ? 12
rtvW^IS^ *ft\\'.'.*.\'.-V:^?;.: :*>W0C1.75.
lil rgj. ft M. ... ?---n-i-rrr-,^^ 4.00 ?A.50
Plaster Paris.,. 4.00 ?4.50
L UMBER, ft M feet- ili: ?
Clear Wldto Pine, 1st quality_90.00 a^ -
nrfw^^rfl^^^e^tfw??rw^f; Sit? ?>18'.00
Ash.>. 65.00 ? -
LEATHER, country tannodTfUb. 40-*? 50
wlsWWB!!^ o 60
Muscovado. 65 ? 80
Porto Rico.V.-rtr.. 75 ? 1.00
Copper, ft ft..... 1.00 ? -
ATA TA r^Hi?^r?Jai)kr4. V.JX. UM g !
K'W^w^afeiiii tis.bl
R0MB^0tt>.C2n.?, A. ?Kj.:i,i aa. 7.00 ? 9.0C
l^^^^iSn^^i??a::.: 6'0S |?:7j
r8f?aBrWrtes3^*:::::: ?.S I q
s^wil?iR^?:^ *&# id
Cotton Seed, ft gallonA/dKU, j v.zsti t* -
?^?f??/6V\?Jj?W,Un^^';ttbl.... 16.00 ?20.0(
.^'ffia?:::::::::: 8? Fl
Bump, ft bbl.,". 30.00 ?35.0
i??Or/6'/OAr?_Bacon, Hams, ft tb.. 30 ?35
Bacon, Strips.,. 30.00 ?31.0
Potatoes, ft bbl...;. 4.00 ? 4.5
SPm:;:;S^;G[]: *:S IS:?
J\i ?NT.S- White Lead, ft ft. 18 ? S
SLATES-American, ft square. 12.60 ? -
SALT-WV L3!00 S 3.0
Liverpool, fine, ft sank. 4.00 & 4S.t
Mace.1.75 ? .|*
SPIRITS^ mSSSSSS^Z!^221 t jxi. ?6 (
aj?EsiMi^ is: S'S!
Oin, HoUand. 4T?6 ? 6i(
Gin, Amortoa?..".. 3.60 ? 3.'
Bum. Jamaica,.. 5.00 ? 6J
Whisky, Rectified. 3.30 ? 2.
Clarifled A.-,. 21 ?
r^?. ft ft-Hnnerlal. 2.00 ? ?
?.^:::::::;:::::::::: loo ||
lOTAnPUfto, 10x14. 17.00 Sit:
rV??aW*Ok?iLaa^..... 30.00 af"
WF/^^c3&\^i;/l:J 'j:j^^r. j7f ra} 4
Twine, Baling..7. HW fl
.Twine, ^lenap,, . . .'r.iv J.-r'9m ? ?
tt4?^fe^?t^'4itg^:,:;.r:/;:{ n.og I
TzS?tthi..ntr....T.V...?T:r.A 11.00 a
F/^Jg^4H-Whi^^toe, ft g*i?"*? - . j a
ron ??OUSTA. M.-Mondays, Wednesday? and
F?i'l?ttTdiriT?i?l Poit??H>dsW0,rva?;Ai* ?AII--I
FOB Naw'y^JSro'^^^MT?oirr^f
^ I^D^? ald^ialor^^?s^n^pi^Uon
OfiSfl^ours From ? A.; M. to 6 P. Wf.Vt?andays. (
\mar^ * -~' arr iKgawtYY o. TBC/TT,
k^.:?trte?! ;"
August 14 OBAJUaUITOJW, H.
. . . .
X.VJ 10. bezels POwa^rM- B?tame
'J* toirO?b Ji;.? Vnd C B????> tffifth,
??^? ti^i? and 'MeW K Cf ?j
AS?^?irt:toweft-^i^^iicjisty-;- .'<; 1 . ? .
. PTO.' ?OsjE?kt'B?y, opposite New Ou^ohl^HoWe.:
November 17. . . -.-tx-nra
j - op8 t?xM?e^!^<e^fc^^^A'?^ B?tr? i !
.TOI^^ ?
-T?j5!S5SSi? 3 "k1""" ? jjggt for the Factory.
iJ$~-LW3i ?twweat marTtef pricoirtry - ' I'*
; ?$f^ :
November 17 -.-- ima
3* barrels BAt^^^^ATB? ^* if !
' 1 barrel iteflue'd*Camphor.
Of-^eefel|Mi^ita4M*i fron, England.
-Balaooe.ot.tnn Amelia's. oarg.o_Undlng this- flirr. pot
For aale, at tho lowest; mirko7r%-t*?,?bi'l^?*l,* 5
-^Koyemher 17 ^ . f^a No. 74 East Bay;
jlju^^ !" ?. ?? !? :>?...-..>.}
' lo^bbiti? H?ef^i*i*rte*t *? -5TC-rci ? j w,., ,
60 bags Prime Bio Coffee. !
<Y?'O?-4lAttB'-BY-' isnru:-: .- .XOiimriBj.A M MK, !
^v?berSS 1W???B?M ^ ?M?iiJSm
?WVf--ForaaleJawAtJ?Q^3T Mftiket-stre.A't:1'*- i '.'.I
Novemb^tf^j-^jip?^^^ .
..^a^L^A^A^^^AN ^ft???uA?a^,'?0PER
L PHOSPUATESTnnd thoBru^7*Cof^tr^frea Eor
November 17_ No. 68 CUff-atrcct, New York;
? a^i.^Biif reife "
.'"?e'iaiieck. Imperial and other, branda bf CHAMPAGNE
Absinthe, Chartrenee, Vermouth
Ajrp _ I .
Havaua and Domestic SEGARS.
110 ^i^^^^^^to8=- r.;
^rt^, &.^"~np,LO?R. . )
1 A*^M*^trVaU?<MY BAGGING.
1U 50\?Ws^Uotna Kop*,. K lrich,
"a--. BRmliia^?K^m"?.'
N?w landmtrpor bark Juatln?*cd tor" aahthi ,
.., .'lF;.a''7TB^t''?aLTr~'"" fi ?
1 A A A ! 8AOT^ SALt^V?w LAIOJ?NO; FBxsrkE
IJWy a^.OenotnlWindhjua.from Uverpo?t/^
S^HeJ^.^ , _ JOHN KXN0 A OO., ,
?oveaabbr-ltf-R T ::it? i Mo. 88 HaaeLatr??tJ
l^r^lffi^OfOIi SAIiT AFLOAT/
4?(t??a#&^ ;
*^!l-!3'ff?a^^,l^S!^*" . ' -?OJflSAM.x, ;
faTUAli LIME _ . T ... .
T. a. TRO OT will b? happy to ?MO hil Cid ?rlacds ?nd
customers M above. September M
,250?^ bark SA? AH PAYSON, Oe#rge Dakin, KMter.
[Yf3Z$?*W ton?; will meet with dispeieh. For : relght.
apply to - ., , BAVENEL A COT
November ll .. < ^ ' . t j /_
|3bTyOclMi Clipper ?hip ?-TAMERLANE, Jackson.
?aBMSLriuaiiU?r, will bave iinniedAatp dispatch.
mil.-AU?? Liberal advine e^?.on e^bfl?i^ I
For Freight engagements, apply to ' ? ?. ' J: ?.
November ft '" '.. ,.,r Wfidatt W^fXBUmM.
,SQ2^The nrsl-claae packet Mohr. ALB EST iMASON,
?/JfiCTSyCapt. 'Pttow*, will U-ave for tbs above- ^rort on
??SSHsSfaa?urday. 18th ?st.% ? m>t> sooner.full.
For Fi^nt?T Pawflftge, apply to .< n>r;
? .>. .'.'.?"-.i.?- I . . 1>. J. STUROES.
Novomhy IC, -r- -, go. jg Venduo Bango._
i?^fliflt i?lilng Packet Orig O. F. O EERY, Captain
jKHf^COHKLlN, havtlig ? terpe^rttoW-of iher cargo
?Jf PrlCi?engaged, will have dispatch. For Freight, ap
_ -, "*" irv? "s^lL?ttH'l1 "Oil CIHAI'KR,
rWKs?yHuRK, Master,, will .have dispatch for tho
.?s?&atKivo^port. For Frebrht cngafaemjots, afply
to ' JAKES W. BROWN\mF-CO.-*
Npvcmhor U ( NosVtSoTmd 138 Meeting-street.
?vS^Oio abovo port in a fow (fays.
' '3blA ?NN. flt?F? ofoV rh complet? jrurjolmj, order :
?5^?&&-ricr3 two'tl?brfsn'tia' ?bnehesB ?rgrado.: oei tnrcn
i-GSS&ty-tivo cord? 6'f weed; ? Win hW soUtebeapnfep
- New York and Charleston0"
taYlnK each Port every Alternate thursday,
? ? Carr. R.,W, Locnvrooo.
1T- irMW H-?JCBX3AA.
-a?d Char leaton market n can afford j and for safety, speed
And cojufortjare unrivalled on tho'edbst. ' P"7 ) '
"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ?
-^'"-?^-?&tAl'"*:' ret
?sp F.T-.ZO.YL JO-. . H. .
lock P. M., precisely.
MODATIolfs, appiyTo6:'-? "W*0"* AOCOM
. . T- _R RAVENED k GO., Agents.
^SP? ^T^'-^i*^1 VanderbdrsCs Wharf.
Saturday, Nov. 26, at 7. Thur?dayTNbf TS at 7
-jS?iti??5ifff??/ b- ^ngnaw throughout in each and
ud^o ncdmetwRh b>W<> ^^"^UEjM <F* tho travdlng
Paaiwngers by thia Une can arrive at oiOiertmarleston
pr SavannahV ?V rttblixllClFjJf,. thereby avoiding tho
tedlonaness and danger of night travel.
For Passage and Frelgbl/apply1 to - ' 7 ;
No. 19 VandorhorsV^Wkk^-Chkriosto'n.
"Old Charleston steam' Packet Wharf," Savannah.
hriy '^^?0^-^g* ba?^*rt?r aosoVin^rons^r
ca*lrj?asaagS. . -f.. ,T?*^hOob>r?di35^ 00
L?^ &''y'-^T;- en.bearjTto C?ptala
- 'r^PBkSfl?ik?hOTg&ents,^
MILLA H0U8I, BimiA?c?, i

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