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VOL. I....NO. 81.
VMens/sV?"* of the < onf< ?lera te W?r- fan In
^rrrko-V " ' deteW??^*;."' 'a? ?rev Mi ;
. ; Under this title avery interesting series of papers' L? l?
? In-'-p?ibMuhed-'ln imwM??fojijrjJylvCol.
IioBc-KK, Chief of H taff to/iss? d> l^.n^STuaJUj presents
WiPrtH to tho -worid-ei-j)!;^ ,qf hi^^rjjorican jon rna!. Of
muri?, trio.Bs,Tratiye, U-'tofl trauBcnbed. from his diary,
i'iutsssjajs t*M*y??i??-i, ajid uearjyi ?iJfogotljor.roBtrirted to
4h?'^Ui*?n%*reB Of> Oen.i&reaa? Wi his p?&^JSftB.
T^kjqw^ter fornierK- wasah? oHnVs?rt? th* llftuiiui ?run
dCTtburv Pisuoops; and-tellsus.. ia. theaajfijOT^ir'H, that
?heto2oLIAttAln Cbarl^ui^nj *?lWy&flFT1* not
sneak a word of English,. . Horuust have mado good use
of Ula Umo during tho war, AB this narrative is exceed
ingly seUVrlttcd, nrrwitOTe exmbitthg solecisms or for
]?)kigfi ldtywy,;?? is :potimu*?i?M>t9iiiaK?Kv? ??*?. d0*
?chpfive powers',''?g^^ andtwim
.?IKH ?tgood-folkrwehlp,. '. ;i f j ~j 9 ,i'72%T?g fi j
'tfeftigchased by a Federal man-of-war <W-^M>o?asl of
Nassau, hp took thr precautionary measure 'of destroy -
im; all his letters of introductios, and thus found him
self in a strange laud, Ignorant ff tho language, without
a ?Ingle friend, or any vouchoras to his character, iden
tity or intentions. He was f?rt una to enough to meet a
rtentU-msuJpJ^.-vkAsiO Iffho. Afok ||rimdunder his wing.
sR^rjcrnfatsmedihini ki-.r^hmo?d, an? 'ln.trod.uced him to
. - tire- Sevsfotary' of ?Warj who, iofe&ri; kliy.^o roport to
Vj G$er?t??jftuAhT': J'.flPnlJH** di*:tw4be vtoltdty ofctjEUeh
-'. m?artTiufii ,?i^f?\gc'|.b?^ pf ^v^^h?^.^?ffe/ soon
gained tho friend.--Inp ?Hid cenndoncio oi? tjj'at galjahl sol
(Bsr^lBtr?rofn trrat -t* -the- '.ma oetsiiBtsn's lifo, iri:
"M?xju^fl?<6.ws#..hjs:co^ ;
ll-fH SO'sntsU co m id i mimi "to ,<:.ol," ,y??i per?ut'* min-.
wit])' ?o Wales. '?YrbursVbut Bcarcoly loss BO with the?
sterner sex. He tells his story without' ?n^mijck mod
esty; and we, qui pars quorum fuimus, know thai bi?
record ia true. His admiration far General STUART is
unbounded, and all the glory ho claims 1H as one of tho
favored ?Atellites of -this, his great .Jumluary,... lie never
indulges in reflections, moral or political. Ho is a mat
ter-of-fact mail, with a fine poetic oyo for tho beauties
of nature, whether displayed in thc dark foliage of thc
distant mountain-slope, the large hickory-tree under
whespi.'jjaU-ftil ?Iud?, dir jyu munching Jiis dry corn
breJEr^ "^ea'vrtr^ handker
'?WJ ^ ?|0^S^:5-^VaAJ?i^crs)>i ?l'Air^?r jdaVkt*.kit1eTr3V?fu. or
- WM frnjsjfUeafiut marc^y'^o^'n^ mr
? h?oar;:wre ;ratlierrawpec.tH>%?-V?nfi ?^^V;i:?lfcj ^;
*Jjjjfyjff*f?a*m ''ftf#?f?*mphtt1io*? ?aiMilrjrmsn \ thut'y
-aiaw?wt.*i?i sju^-oth?r'?^pe,. -,'.-'.,*:,'!'"JN!;.?.is:'i Vi* '
**n Aftm?aaxiug Uii.- njui-U,. w?UK\'<l-^wtkly ^'?.^"t; {
'J^^RS?'I? on*'^$?*t InterViat tl? all, of .whutnver po-'.i
tical pfoclivAy-^iii Vftid
HO lately 'worshipped at;.?ha same jikcVj^i.,}>h-.wiii?-lrhf
^.,r.!^r% ^licVn?ef %?-;'giye8 -lifelike ?tii<ft**SK.bf DAYM?.
LKK, JACKSON, LONO?TI?EET, and, inde?oV,"'aTf 'the promi
nent officers connected with tho Army of NorthernVir^.'
ginia, I. icjt
To illustrate his style, and give our roadors a taste of
the-Coloual'a narrative powers, WQ give a few oxtracji,.')
jltjo)Hu'bl'Cti"a\-ery U nii.tiilg", sud;wyo we-to foUowdm
*' r\rtotrarjn, we shourd-edpy ths-4vn?io\ buAToar npa??'-f?
' IimiUUland'wo;must;refer our friends to .the September
; : ^\t^m~W-Binck#oW^ Magaxinr., which Contains: the
;-;"4rr^'Ifr?tarrn?tof the''.Bfamolra... A
'Nfter'HKInu a lively aooouut Tui)nln*tho blockade
. ilf t?l? "J??i?,'' he Ih?s- spcakB.^birijUby:. 4n
" '.."'Thrt early m<rruiftg found ^?SMnjKp^i%^in^ with
Jn ut Interest upon the btraug^p^wiOjCpPey itny [mme
Ut/- -future hud Imitiiro I kniwi iS?&ft of-action, of
'Unty, of dang^r.- -of aUrentuj?ii j WHMFI00 lk> ?"fore
niQ in the full splendor of tbjodtf?wcfM?4 *UH, add pro-. .
f-ented-with it? '.??'? *HTrMt?f?Qfci^
villa-libo private dwellings, '**^f?BtBff"ir>rH''r'? itB
etralght streets,.lined on oUh?Cfiida J>y noble trees, its
-sparkling Bea-fronC, sgainsDwnichTtae blpo wave broke
. gently-a magnificent appearance. As I walked into the.
town, I could not fall to remark tho absence of that bus
' fl?1 that one ustialry fruds to a.Targeixaty.i This was ex
plained by the-' fsbt that ak -?ttadkt by'UtSiFsderal. fleet
v,*a? dally erpeeto<l. in consequence of .walch Pa'anv
places of business wera cloBod, and many families had
?mno into tho Interior. But if tao commorciai energies
'' <>f trio town were qsiesc?ut, th*'stop tita : gave evidence
everywhere of great military activity. Companies of in
farttry, to; efvoryVsrLbty '?? sMss, and armed with ali
sorta of weapons, were marching about; and cavalry
men,-to-costumes Hui most picturesque, were galloping
:i . up,, and down on fine-looking norse?. I must confess
That with ma, accustomed aa I was' tb Eurbpeau dls?l-;'
. - J4VIO?IM1 uuihuTn, tho Jlret imuresaion of our Confie'
" ^-Wier?wasn?ty?a^bl5^
idea how soon thesssame mon would excite my highest'
admiration on the battle-field. But I had small oppnr.
. Mthnityj-for exttfndwn observatioa'of A^harlestaa. The
' ' train for Rlcfirfi?fit?* left rha'statton about -"no^n. and ?
was rolling with me, and nore tb n fifty other'ocrm
pants, ra^puUbL ??dplangO?ljulry to . ards the scene of,.
military opemtions in Virginia, sss Whizzing1,1
?ytjtrrooj-h thsrice flsis^oott(fusils, oozyjiwamps. and
J Qujfl: iitos woods dB fco two T?ifroifuas. wo como at last
T>)"frjWsri*bf oak RrKT hiersry. whlch-\Hernatcd wfth
peaceful-looking farms and lc rt ne estates, in the fu ir laird -1
?t-W.fn? IXftPMlRb.' rtJHC y-'Jt -rr-ry- "? ?"
'/'US' n1*'-ttr8t m^t>*lns'iwAth 0$feJ&TVwr_and the Vb>_
. ginia cavalry, ho'fip?aka'lfi tho'towwingteVms :' . ^ i IH
.'.^'"iwas-iawske, and'tfitlly d?fcsseiMfhrj 'neir?mo'rmn'g, .
tr wbSAf i with . tba .first gilmiiBe ot. Um. sun breskiug
rbroifgtrtho exhanated-cleSd?, the frowpet-ubonrU'jd'to'
aajjdje. andColonel Fitz I^>e Informed rae that lln-"h'arl:
?itst re*c5v?^marchinX?j?riJaeTH. He added that ho bhOdUf
?TTrTn? affeen minutar,"anil that my best chanctobf
. mating (ben..Stuart was to ride with tho regiment.. lt
.' WuA VnaKelfdus- to soe how>'readily those un u Ol tary1--'
looking icoQpcrs ob^y.&d tho orders of their Co. ml-lj'iind
with wihat discipline jiml rapidity the breaking up'of th?
??arno wes managed. I suffered tho,,wh?lo regiment,
eight liuudrod ?troiig, to piaa mo, that"! xdight obatmre
more narrowly ItainiUericl. Tho sorutiny called forth
?ny- admiration. The men-, were ail ..Virginians, whose
. bair abd grsebfulMMflS&irtf 4#|hAbltude of .hoiM-l
hack exercise, andTMey-wert nrourrtedmostly on blooded
7 ?sm?njdB,some of whiobs^s-proudesAmaniaman, or The
lilnW (Malani "sw?rl^i?l4sllon wo?fk?hjjV* been glad u>
sb pw plfin Hyde Park? Xooking bacVacrotrsihroo erent
fui.yoli?? t/)?>sl-mo?uTng, ?Tnai-d?', ? mel how lit t?o I then
thought that ? sfiouldbe Joined" so ol?ssly to these braye
fellows in fatigue abd fight, and that I should havo to
mourn the loss of-alast sp many who afterwards fell
, arr/und mein batUe.r After a ride-of throo-houra, pass
ing directly through Itfcfcmond to1 Che opposite aids of
H . tho ?Ky, wa reached tho point of our destination-, .andr
i ICeloneUEee pointed out to me. xmw?, galloping rAfJldlyi
? al?nd on. an active, hatuuvims.burse;SQ Stuart, the man
?' iWioso arrival 1 aiviitod so aniloueVyi-ond who aubse
i - UquenUy became to mo gue ot the truest and hast friends
I hsvs bod in lhls worHL vi > -|. vi
<: iMflsjosral Stuart wa? a stoutly-built mw. rather above
.-- Hie-middle height, of a frank anti winning expression, the
lower part of bis fino fae? xjovfcpod VfMb^k thlci brown
board; Ah'.cTf tttfwWi (?v?n-.bld bwast. His oyo was quick
and piercing, sud Of a brightbhiB lartposs/bot changing
. to a darlier Unge.ufldsiMugh ftxeiteuveiit,.: H.lS whole por
nos seemed instinct with vikJity, .his moveanentfi wt?o
.? <?ert, hl8"?l)d(r.vatftin keen ftnd?t?pl*,T and, altogether, he
' ' > -was lomo IBbkaodsUof ?d^WM^vaarylpader. . . .
He dslightod-ln the nelghmc of, the ohargors and tho roll
of the buglo, and ho had something of Wurst'a woaknoss
! '- .?r'tba ostentation o? tho parado. Ile botrayed thia latter
i equality in bis Jaunty uniform, which consisted of a small
'? ?rey Jacket, trousers of tho ns mn, irtilffi S Tl over thom
high mltrtary boots, ?yellow ?ilk saab, and-a grey slouch
. ? ?u i-ii iou nu?), lry (w swsMdns shtsi* oaifieii plume.
Thus attired, sitting gracefully on his fine horse, he did.)
.: bot fa? to attract the i*>\i<t*, ?pd a/lmlration..qf all whp
saw him ride al6ng." ' "~ '
5- ?. RAWSON, of Ooorgia," deUvored a" leo tu re re
?lii^K1^' tn-N>ply..tb*h*3S0S?fc apeechof
* 'k " ** * " 't.. i- * m sj| SsSjJ ; j j j i t m - i^.
Borne Idea of Um extent of toe oyator trade'tea)'ba'
ISSSM n Jl' ^ ?UU>di*.tbSBSWsvaponi of
tho shipments of oysters from th a V city.
.-. sjnwaht to bdrwd?n :Rookud IMMOrisI each trip of tfirf
atesmerH and about tho same to Boston, and the two
....-Mdse.eff JialUmoro Btsarasrs take.(dali? sn avsncs>?i
about IIKJO barrels. mmm w
. - M R. BTJCTX VV \!X $ BOOK. - J
'?;.. UH j r:- r. ? V-J.,. a vr-.* ra ca
Eij-Presdent IU.cn ANAS 4 hUtor_y of bis administra
tion, ?-ml dd yin-? allview of ?he OUV?PC S?8 Jatt?rv7a*r,
and thu Responsibility thereof, has just appeared, from
tho prest-o* M>in^ni?stfii:c^iitiSf -Xwkw.Wo_ have not
seen IV hor rfc j* ffutlf 6 bf lt excepa^*M?if-?iir. embitter
ed enemy, JonN W. FOHNKY,.(TS tho ^PhiladsJyhlA J*r**?i
which,a* a matter of courso, is very denunciatory,. Tho
following is the preface : ".
"Tin folioing hXatorlraLnarraUve of fTic events pro
cellini! the Mais robs*IiosT*fc/is pAparodL-Bpon after its
outbreak, substantially in the present form. It may be
asked, why, then, was~tt~not published at an earliur
period? The aiiHwet'is.ltLuti*") *?ubJieBTtjt^?r*a*aeiUel?y.??d
to avoid tho I'.miUvU'iihipntfltioiu MuJiiM ;i?*}, fids woijhl
have been, that-r*ny. .port?an:oi UjHee intended to nin
barrVsA "?lr. Llnaola'H adrnADietraUoRju thc vigorous
prosecution of peu di ag hoatilHfe'f,?j^ author deemed
it far better to tw?or.tempor?r? inj.us?loo thf?n to expone
himself to norh tt^?hitrgftj otlo JIVYAT idou-ukd the HI1C
cesgful evMkVof Ala*-Ara**;-oven during- -wv. -most gloomy
periods. lUViil!? driWD h?aSret Invath tjo?n .after tho
adoption" ??f th* F?Mleral OotUr?tuUon and tho" Urflon
willoi1! itf <?A?..i t.-vbofi, aud haviui; been an eye-witness- of
tb?'-'?leWi?* rtttirtM bf^heae laeecuring liberty and pros
perity M h<>ni-\ and rntpttaenting an eximida Jit .the op
urejjsed'iu othor landa, he felt nn abiding conviction that
tia; Atrtiir'cau -neopliTWoTllrt trevor snffor the great ellar
-.ktoXtSdr^lghta to 0* destroyed. : To the Constitution,
aa interrreted by ita -framers, no has ever 'b'c'PirdCvotcd,
belleview that tho specific-powers which lt confers on
thu Federal Uoverjuixant, notwithstanding the expert
eue*?oftho list &tmffgfqU A-Jjj MBOWU for almost
every possible emergency, whether in poact- dr in war.
He th-reabre claUue.-tttv ?nerjf+if merit lt bo simply to
,da.o?e's duty-that, whllo In tuc exercise of executive
funefJons.Hte hev^'Vlcta??il?nyVxfilB prOTintonfK|
i .y} t maj be nb.wrvvJ, that no oxttuuilvo and.formidable
r?bo?on.pf .an'lnlaill?bni' people,'hgattist np 'established
?iovrnnisnl. hail ?iver 4rt9C.n,wttfor*'u"t -tv't?flg train of
.(PiHvi?M* ?b{LaubjUfli?*;"* ca?ijo's. A-prine'rr?l pbjoct of
the ^vUicf. thocefo.ru, ls t,0 pres?tat?o :tho r??dtip a bls
t-.'/?tiJ sketch br the afatceffderrttr ending!* the lnt?? re
|-b<41i?n. In perlurmlng. thia tasaV. tfie\'by tr-naturally
fixes Itself, as thc starting polut, npon tho oxTsicnc? of
dorn? itlc slavery in thc South, recognized and protected
as this was, by tho Constitution of the United States.
Wfe-filial!*ne* inquire -whether.Ua.prdriotjc sud. enlight
voilcil traine ra act?d with wise foresight in yielding their
sanction lo auiiiatilulioh' which* ls in lt9elf,:B:gfcatl so.-:
cial ?\ il, though tht-y considered thia'-.Wuatasceesary to
avoid the, ??U groatf tc-ilauiity of dissolving thc Conven
tion without the formation of ?nr Federal Union.
"TLc narnlnV? ^.<ll'lpr?re-?A\? thtVarlgirial And con
spirini.ca-ises of ?H 0^.fnidrb lrdubt(**:aiV>iIo be found
lnthtm?i T:<?-<>.^c'fl^a"?,*r,ri,?f,r*?1,* hostility'of the North
ern A?^Iti?aiBte/,b?rb.rin-otta!OM? ?f Congress, ag?lnat
HouthPrn Bl?'vcryi'irrrtfl thoi fiha*'tWrimpli of thoir cause
ln^ettleoKp.n.-.<}f.j^wfiraft-'-l?t?SSih; and, ou the other (
int- d, tho conT.spbntlbrpmrtA^^i^nl and violence willie
which the advocaWf \>f ?}a\cyy 'reWistcd these effort*?,
and vindicated, l^irTO5Cr^t*Dh^l>ii;-extt-ii*"ion np to the
ueriojL ci.'nV'(^'jSiidri:':'So exc|<d?':""w'?re the purlieu that,;
liait th'?y ltitcniled tb-"-fUtTiislf m?terial to inflame the
pj- .??.?nu >>*' the 011e . agaifi!t:",ffi*!*fl)^ lhay?<*?81d not
.ha?! i?^?^fregtojrilj* H'T-W^tHHh?tfUWJy did by their
. JTT "Bli* I T<CTrf>'T?'> '^ocrrlMlnaHWHal' ''The niruggle
.^?iti?uct jnWpnK .ivrcrli'i**1''*l/'f<?r-: mere -than 1 tjuar
tU t.v?'a.J.j?iturj'. lixcb^t'Wilhfn-1 hc^brief ii^W? txtivcen
tho p?Vaiige'?f XB?nOoafa?OuM? m'?^?'iire's'^f'HWIOaiUltho
tJij)-i.dyt,ile Mu-syuri Ooniproip.isein lH?i, dui4bg**-hieli
?'^.jj?amfeUi?ingtiiXVlio allnyed,
:^pO. AMrVOnH ?tortaHifcff-ttiat tr*' stHfe-rrf?fnC.aiMUly'"
,ejibsi.)^,, Tb<^?t'4c??fur StHmtteWR wi? mwMit;- w.-r?
M>tfuj btwtyilby ?je .i^al-?t ^Ma'co-^iHtMlaeVaiul the
aCrugiiie Wis WIT itmiff? *WMrM^w>iB^HeVaaiia> th
5V.?y-fcuut^.thi JUuil o^tMtrppM?/- '-MaBry gil?Voita-errors
' we're" i*omm?ttsa~*V*f bhfh parti'-^ fr?rrii-tlie bciriiudng. b?|t
r.^S'ffM^fc; fa*-*1 nfr ^U^ft W-f8*jliie -aoeeastou-^the opjy
Voil Bia Uv. " " il i, in " i"J ' ' ~ - ' .?'
r ,:,{-;Tb*a>Uipil)ilcs biftdJn,'l^e'S??t>r*:wllI ftH^-Xhat Mr.
flueJiii^pi'n??c'r''^fie;dVlt^nrall-^ be?aMbns, to
. wariTiiw.' ?bU'nuVbieil.'pf fhc'?pbWa^bfcg^a?Jtng-Br. and i
^.advj&^hcfn of .tUoiprop'?^:' tn'c-inif to^*ivei-t4t. Both
'bof"u?y,^nd a/U>r h? b.^>mb*frf*^af?'ehf fie WU a*-earnoat
.^a^,bT.Ki?ii\prt?^0.\}eX^^n the" bartlHe lo-save the
? Qnioxi, UutWhgreas7 cUsrvgr?r-^ M^rve?ln-rie?
. Kven -aO-ir h?.bad, lju hU moasatrtjs expose?* the 'danger
ous ttmdiU?'n bf pubUc'rdrafTw. abtfwhed'If-hftd.-become
.inpridlv fii^Uin thal alt fib] effbrt* Voivoid tho-blvil war
wo^jd ba'frfuitrafed by .?j-anhie? -fa>&i#loud- btt *ontrol,
thtvy p^rA?Htentiy reJTtUaillO pa*4 any w?r?r?rt-enablina
him or'his Hueoei'ii?f'a'To nreciite the law-? ?^H?det armed
ruiiUUance^oc to defend th?'^ont.ryagalnbt approtichLng
riibeuibn.' ? ' '' '--"-.'""-?
-".The book cpneindea by a notice of the1 tmccesaful:
?-^Wt^?pa^formgri jjoUcVjOt-ihe Adini-HSttmtion. ld'
the portion .of it eoOccinljig* ?o;f-reratlftnB with the Mex
ican Itepubli?, abUiLo^y ol tho orfgin and nature of the
Mpnroe-d?ctrlne ?If topj?ppriate'y BnMaF''
"Ijt bas he(:n,thO 4u"0??f s" ifiteriUon; In thb'foUowing
pages,. ?0 "verify^i b?ery etat?netit 'of. tact by ? docutnea-.
Ury'or other authentic1 ?r'efereric'o,''and thu* eave the'
reader, os-far aa.maj* be possible, from reUauee bn Indi
vidual memory.' from'the uso of private correspond
ence- be hst raaoluieiy ab s tain od. .-. "r
i ''Wheatland, Beptumbor, A866. - ",J. B.'* *
Tlje following heads of aub^eo*? traated of in the book,
will give some' further ideW. pf' Ita'cpnfcqtA and charac
ter: - '" ?-*.*??*?..
fl t^ancipat-ipri;''Th? caee?ib "VirginHIT Employ ment
or tht-. pbst-oHlcea -to' circuhite Incandlarjt pohlicatlons
abd pictures -uhong the-Blarve?;' Maaastg* of- General
'Aennn tp'iprofarbH ?if-?"W Uw?: Ht*?r?ocrmmendatloti
felted:' 'i'ht;pulpit, \hh fpreaa; bad-other.agencies;
'Xbrtntlon petitionsr'TlnJ ris? bf- ?TV extreme Southern
prp-alav.ery party;"The fugitive alavo law of 1703, and
tbej ?1% of Vaga *?:Trati?yvhit?k?*hA Its pernicious ef
f?(*is.;.Tho ^t?n thre?tenfl-seo^i??lotirj-Th?course otMr.!
n?cbrta?UBSfltetoator{ Th* Wilmot proviso and Its cou.
[seq^enceJ;.-r*h?^ Ut?hrr m-^?rlb?*didgarOM -thwmeeting"
OTCbngresB lirPe^thnbor, 1849."
(ICUPirn JJ.-"I7Bc*tBlon of Uio Supremo Court In the
DrTcd ?tott- cafioVVavajilMM MttH ItbpubUcan party
arid Uro tibiT?|tj- T>?nrm;raw-;'S\i*rtBincd ??/."Ute old Deihr
ojric*; *Vhi(f*ttn*aa?y*W"4*ebr^^ a'he.poLlcy'-cntx
fhmnt bfrangr^ia* tbwar?br;?h* T-er-ldnviaa^b-uso of
?re?uUut J?iichanan-f?r,;irbt WaerUfg^o-tlift Unclnna? (
Wpm withonf f-i?iIrdaUon..,
'MaS?M^Tl^^^Oa??UiM pttBe-f'TUfr-iiavoaaurea to
r.*iti".'p'rci>?lt*iir toe^ec-?te<b*4aw* bx-defend tb?
aupprcsaln??rri?cllo^lataln?i1the . On 1U*P ?tates, oud-,1*
.proposed to grant an appropriation for tb*m
, b-r^fenaUs dod ibo* tbi-dubborit <he- entire BPS
?cf ubon tliV nrt?lnatlbb^'al HMleaao? of'tto
.fbiWs^r'COrifrrtas refttBeWHb'?grant tia PrfcsV
.dent theauth-irHy long siu^'Ax^tirBn.-.whHjh-. had 'boen'
gtabtCd'tO Oe?nVal ?a?ksofr for tbb-eoileetiob of the!Nw
venue; the thirty-sixth Congress ex-'piroe, t?l*vlng the
.law jnatasj they^tpupd it-r|?*rt-|eBj^o^-Mir-'a^ ' ; ??
I i ?xpo>Ung to lo^tD tba State-' UV l|ew days, for an un
certain period, I cannot do ao wlLhottt expressing to'-hay
lollow-clticeus ii*y-pmfound sense of the honor paid to
me by, the vote given to me In the recent election for
Governor. In nHurning my thanks to then? for the late
spontassbua and (rxUaortliuacy. mJiiUlivlUtion of their
kindness, it ta.duo to them that I should state tho rea
soiiB*whl<ih isduoed ino W dacllnq to be a candidato. In
tho first place, the Convention, which gave the ?lMsC?'
ofOet/ornoT to tho poople, bad; with singular unajiinntt-f
though not In their publlo capacity-requested tho ditrtfii
RuUhwt'-y^unan.wh?hasbt^elactod to Ix-comoa candi
dato for the office' lliUhocbnse'iltodtodo, Uiough, doubt
less, at graat-psxsona) Lnconvoqlonoe and s heavy sacri
fi?e of his private iuteieats. Under these cXfcuinalanoes,
(waa unwilling to do anything that might .causo a polite
1oal MMMIHI thal?tats. ? X thiliigfttt abiAl'do good, could
arise at home from audi a contest, whilst ltm'.gnt'do
aa Infinit? tiiianWir Hbrpad. Tho President of the United,
blates had exhibited not only a strong dispohMtlpi) td
irdtsct tbs* Bduthiifrorn.. tbn. radlcailain of t ho Nm th,
out to rolnBtato us In our civil and political l igDts?' 'T
ftarod that my oldctlon-by embarrassing bim In, his
lAUOCS snd4>ulicy--nvlght, lJlciiluntivlly do hann to (l.n
Staid.?sttparad lod Jp -befl^aidoratlons of i ?'ubllii
el^rnctjvr, (IcUxring mo from appearing os u> candi^ktA,
' twre were' oth'eVa-o< tf private' nature-no leas atryug
: ti} affaira, nogluotod for five yeiMfa, iiiiperatiycyr Oe
m anded my pt-ronna! attention. Had I baliovqdihat jyy
ol tnt I on-af a*?vernor-o? ?ih? -raalLv benefit tho State,' nr
.airt*erv? ariy-of her tra? Jubireeta.'?0 aacrlfioe of a prv
, .vat4 paturo, howover great, would have deterred me frolji
.acc'p?n?rth?'br a*y"othrr :i?-)?l*l?ai tbVrblch ?Hbo myjro
' aSMiSl?l!^^
at I berty to decline, though deeply sensible of tbo'h-dji&t
wliab ?'bxrp? ysn. w di .-mi setstan 1. an d appreciate, ira.
polndv me to withdraw my name.. .JLUvu?' given,(bb
roaioni for the courte I paraded) 'ina; expro*sed''my
thanks fur your flnnorona confHle?oe- in un; I should,
perhaps, cloflev lint Du ovttloueeyou have gl'oqiofyour
klmlnesX'to'srid confidence ii* -in ?j-evidents a's um-.
pee tod as it la H rut I fyi ii).;-authorizesjr?t?, I irisYiy.it} io ut
presomptioji, to oddaloiw words of ooiuise). ' . '.
Tor years ptm it has heen the boast of oiirSlatv (hat
there waif trot- tran .party within her limits. ,fo|iup<nda
ble amt-Tttains'ihatHtato:of affair* waa di:ri*?:.Ui<: war.
it is Seai.^l?; Tf it nil, lesH HO now. Kvery .a^ji,>yuitlou oi
the palM;.-'every dat? of the present, eve^ljQu.iiloI^he
futuro, bldb us still: Uv staud "sUi>nW<>r?to shouldyr."
The work beforta IIB ?flamands all ih<> patriotf-m, all I lu
cc ;ura;;e, arl th? em luria fv of cup whole peoile. I,.t no
party strife, no minor issues, no party potties, diVert
us from tho Knit ? tnd.presi?ng. work of th? hour-that
.of reanimating, s? far as possible, "our prostratu and,
blereling-'Hfate;-on* r?liaKlt?tiiift.'iier.- as speedily;; as
may be, with tho forms, the rights, sud tv- Handily of
'gOvVrnnTBBt and of low.._ '
Tbatbatk. winch was rann? bed a few MM ggp "?mld
s\b??ry'?i3>Jt^lWIf"' which!wy?irt'iKll*? with
.such pre?.ous TTc^irsr an^^^ onrby such
earnest ?ra^ers, has suffered shipwreck, lt behooves us,
as Wesen? n, to M?hl of-'its'ihrykfn,limbers, as best wo
may, a raft, whisnVvcr wt? vU/^pffm tb reach a haven of
rest asd safety.
f'. iiiay bc that when (Iii'Forms of go'eminent are re
Btitrs<ti-ah<l frtedbni of spsach nhowetl- to? us. your late
(Convention will bc Bllbjectew. h> harsh, ?TiU?'i*nr ifn/l: its
action Impugned.- : Should rfUcU, jujiuappiiy. bo the .Vc,
remember that you, the-jr??plo..(>? 'ftputh parolina, ac
cepted this Conventional-. i>art,aml pe-Ttid vf. the terms
of your surrender. Tho. i^e^idcant JI^UAIijo shadow of
authority, I admit-undi r ?cbo.Omst^tiui.pu i>f the United
States-to order a ConvenUs>u, iii; V?lni-vi'.^O' other State;
but, as a conqueror, tte. had itMv.right.toi,oflV?r, if not lo
dictate, tcrnis: r.ThV tsiSUH offeretlby him you have ac
cepted, and you aro boundy by -t*vpry,: dv4*to of honor
and of manliiirpv tO:ubldfi- by thorn, fcouestty, sud to
keep, in good faith, the plodg*w yon, Uflyo. given. I do
not, myself, t ouant .folly m all th? measures adopted by
tll? ?f c>?vr rrtton; but d shall cheeitul ly acquiesce in the
action it took to carryout faithfully the terms iigrcod on,
aud,t)wt?iua^> ?Kicord'tr? lt high praise for the manner
.lui lyhipli lt, discharged its arduous ami unwelcome la
bbr4"" ?o S?i?laT\boiay ever represented ?ttorcJargely
than ttdiA-4ho dignity, the legfuhig?, the virtue, nndthe
patriotlBl4#>C the State, and 1 sin sure Uiat it was actu
ated hy tjrrn-Srrrrl +rifHt motiv.*LL^.,_-l .
Entertaining these views. I think that lt is our duty to
.?HM?,wiy?ik^adQl)jjx-uiur a c v*3iali\uroprT3y<ruju bis
grave and responsible duties. Above aili, lei us H Ci) ul by
our State-her rec?rilis'hbiicrrftble. 'lief1 eliMitcheon un
tarnished, tiorn is onB-cppuntry-the land of ?ur nativl
AX, the home of our arfocttVin. ll? re all our hopes should
-cWtre; '-SM0 we bfcve worshipped the God of our
-rathers-; hero.tuntd ollarred ajl l1iao.Ve.ii.qd num. ure the
llWffi'we once loudly called our honiCfli-Riidi.hcro we
hurieiLtlic ashes'ot our kindred. ? All these sacred ties
"And, as a ehlTftrwhon searing sounds molest,
?UMligHtflpso and eh^er. t?. Hu- moth, L'Sbreast ;
So tho loud torrent liflil the ^iiirln W'd's'roar
I trust that you, w?U'p?ruir?'me j fi>r tiwi* venturing to
counsel you. t^frvir roVi.'.tlidt 'iVls in n(> presumptuous
feeling that" I flot*o, bjtt Bofely in an honest, sincere and
humble hope of contrlb?finj?' hry TO tte W ' th* welfare
and Jionoc.K'i pur ?jtate.. What I have said lias beeri- :
.(jv'itc'd Mf jBttr recent' manifestattona of kiuducRS to
.wiei :-TiWc5-t?hBtt rlmrlah us.?ne of ttav.vcoude.8t recol
lections of inv Ufo, fdr lt'assures 'me nf ymir belief that
I haveAttf?-d. i<sO*"|Biy di*t*., lt.offly rcui?JTiH for me, in
biddlrig. >**fi fariiweil.W (fe* .alfat ?JBfittevcr the State
needs my services, she has only to rammend, sud 1
shall obey.
1 am;lfrrj ? respectfully and' grhlciullf ,ijron* .fellow
lciR?en, . . : ' - Ki WADU ?VMHON.
.- . ^ ! ? ?"-u-^-^-!. < f"t'f. r i :
j WJUJIINOIO>-, ^j-iuay. TTovehi?er Itr- Wirz was cx
imrte^thii m^nrir at lQ:3t) o'clock. .'KHfc?ily who saw
him dirtolrl^SivinlHi-bk:'any:tfte lee#-sr*-htm. He dis
appointed all those who expect cd.to soe him quiver at
?rt brink o? death.- He met bik1**!?. md' with bravado
or deflanoo, but wltli'a-quiet, ebeerfAt indifference.
SWIM ?ven pUyedtipan.juii roantnance un ult lie Diack
coif abufiouHMitt his eyncthe' sunilgbt and ?he world
forever. Hi# .physleali misery, whatever lt may l<ave
beep,, wa? completely bidden in bia kat and succ?s dui
effort: to' die bravely and Vifbout any exhibition of
trepidation or fear ; so bis step wis steady,his, demeanor
T^lm.lrta U>mruo ?yent, ?-x<'?pt as he offcrrabp4iis last
prayer, and nil his boaring evinced moro pl the man than.
? at any time since his first incarceration. The crowd said
5oT was S braver man than Payne, or Uerrotd, or Atze
rofhr. ; Perhaps lt was tho bravery of.a desperate man,
who knows mercy ls bayoud his hope. Nevertheless, he
met his fate with _nobla*ch?d eye, unmoving feature,
anda calm, delibera to prayer for ail those whom he has
deemed nts pe?secuf{m. Be seemed to-tlave cen vin ced
hfniaeif of htfc^wn J fpnocejioe, and hht Ust* principal
conversation was full of protestations that he* died un
JuaUy.'Snd" that others w?re -just as. guilty as be.
Yeatirduy afterfibon. "'ixmrs? Schade, Wirz's Junior
counsel, coromnnlCAtod to him the result of his last ap
peal to the President. Win said he had no hopo. He
was ready to die. He had sought and received religious
Vfcivo'uirUon.'.tmd ft mattered little whether ho died now
or was spared'to die ~? natural death," fol'die Soon- he
musty An attache of .the Swiss .'Consulate alao called to
ascertain tho residence. of his relatives, that they might
be officially .apprised nf bib': death. Wire said he had
been gfe'atl> wronged by the refusal of the Swiss Consul
to receive -,mimoy to enable bim .te conduct his d?
fonce. - ... - .
- Wirr* ate -Ms- eup"pe>~casr?fl?al/?n<f retiring, slept)
?Oi)ndly Uss beat part of the night. Tins morning hs
arose early and partoak of a moderate breakfast.' Soon
aftor. H. H. Winder, who wus uBsociat?O' with Wirr, in
the command at^Andiicapnvi)Ie? WAU allowed to visit him,
and tetfiM had>' fesM Wf&j&VWt9evoted to a review
of flrerKcire o r af the atot-flrftrer'a'rkvlcw of tho ertdenco,
f?d 4i?iual assertions that they wt re equally rgiulty, or
mthM-eiifiilly -innocent; and that if Wirz doSQEved hang-.
jjig, B<) did WikdarA JKlndec then bade Wirz an emo'
AUTtMfkruuwdlkif Jibifipa/tr'^igbt u.Vloc-k. Mr. Scbad*
wss admitted ffir.a ?arewejj Interview, during which the
prlsoner'relwrotfd'-Mii thBnks-ibr his counsel's elTorts,"
and expressed himself as to hiB innocenoe,. uuich aa be
had'donol^cfgre; ; lt 1 ? duo to Mr. Schade to say that he
baa been indefatigable in smoking to prolong the Ufo of
bia cUent^B^sMteft the prtson-st tho cloao^ of the inter"
After Mr. Sebsde left Wirz, his spiritual advisor?;
.?Wh?r?' Bs^e'iimd: Wi?e4,:ehtt*e.l'-ab?P.teUi?lped with
him until 'tie-was led for th tor thu BcaffoOdi
Tlie airAHgements for tho excoo?on4:!which had been
itodor th? madapimont of Major. Hassell. Provost MkT
fhalM- the'rislric't, and' Capt. Waib'iiige. ?commandant
"of thV firtaosri-Were complete?!-.ab an early hour-this
:mornlrig. Tho HOaff.Jld was creotod tn the southern por-*.
Hon oMbe^ prlsos ?yarda I Wirz JS : tb s eighth criminal
Smrd^?^w^go^^ 'llX
firtee&; y<savfSf ?go. . 8amuel Powers, hung in the same
pince for tho murder br /dong I.uUe, nf Baltimore. John
konrad'- ieasWf, of:Company K, lfBd New York Volun
teers, hung in the md Oapitol Tard- December 5, 1802,,
for the murder of Lieut F. Linzy; sf the ?arno comnaV
ny, at tho Sixth-street wharT. " AUjrUStnB Ford, uulured,
huua*hthii 3d of March, ISO. lb the JaU yard, for the
murder otr George Adam?, colored Cornelius Tuell.
:bnag-iu'il\e/?il jard on'July ,?.bs*t,-?io? tho murder of
als, wife' ?Jharlop i ?siiteii, BUw'iis.' of Mosby's gang,
SnuTin tlie 6ld CaplioTyara;'(th' AtlRili? 26, for violating,
.his ?path of allegiance, he" btvdt twlee taken. Uharles W1U
UiJJs, Hist TJdif^di State?Cblf>rbd>TfoopH, November M.,
lt?f, for the mirrdor of ab'unVrihWii colored woman at
Camp Casey, Vlrgttlia, on tho ltth of September pro
vloue.- - - 7-. rr ?t ' ? . *
? Tiiojc^pacityiof.the yai-dfor hdi4(ng?8p(>ctators having
bot.:n cloaely estilnittod, dircctlrthi weTS given by Mujor
-hussell for tbs Istnlq </f two .hundred lic?tete of adoils
sltia. Tie had applications for Un hundred.' The hour
for tlio'oxecUtlonTlot btin|'generally kho,wn, people be*
gao t\oassemble as- barly Mt cffciock'.'Ki'tt notons was
admitted U).tho.yar?i ufntll n??rirl,10.' TI>A crowd who
??dllidn't?bt iii at ?ji iVwh 'l/eiW'fiH Very'l?f^e, and w as
chiefly e?tnpafod inf sPlda?rt^:iHbny''"of Wimm' well ro
maubered ^ndersonville. ..T^n? fa?lh'tl?s'''1br oUflerva
ti?i Tot this outside ?r'owd',wore' ftrw-i~<6hfefly confined
tq tj itopB bf srt?vt?f shaxlotfH'Slh-theea?tbelgronnds,
?ti. v honse-tdp's, tSnd'rb?'dtnheVsf tmV ew|)itdk, axwarter
of :;'rollo ^latairt. The ' lroneo'tops' "were' p?dplotl at Uti
W^yMfVttioi^ $fQtjMbW?BiMfbf acdintj-'coinmaiided;
IJ'Pr?inl?m. ' . ;-'- -'-.-' " '
'. ' At to o'clock, all being really, Mnj Hnssell and Capt.
Wallbrldgs and tba gnaf?l ?tlt/rt?l'-Wir?'A rbom lo brlug:
' him To tho'ftCaffoU?. Wlrz.gjiH t?(l tho-?fHe*rB lu a quiet
ind r'jiay m sn herr-Bro had'bWt-ngagcd for* tho prbvlotil
lfon:,'wfth tho confessors, and nViW'cohipIlotl with: the
. XC?i , at to pxsnara for the filial scone, without any ox,.
? w^^^^w^^^
tSWhV-,*hbpei'to ns^-o e^mte g?iwin*>.lV)ln.V I The om.
itm V> tofcrMfiblsa^ibeblni bi? baok. bul
Irancd^tnehkndeiiffs would not slip on to h la right arm.
? Hieing much swollen. HiB limbs wewtheroioro .ail
left free until he reached tno scaffold." AH they were
leaviiigthefooH?j Wiri til rued to the mantell ?nd with
ns niiich iioiielmlaix'ii.iiHi If he,, hud been in a bar-room,
took nu i?, li.,ttl., uf. whisky,land pouring out a liberal
draught,- aranlt lt down yn^n tpparent ^VeJlB?ii Thicn
taking a obey.-, pf Jobnccb, ho took fif-rplaco id llie Y>rocoB
Biou. which Was lcd" Wy, Ru Vmxfmt 'Man-lirt?. ihen tho
two Priests, then Wljrz,,the; MRU) rJert, ?A?'L'apfr^Wall
bridge in the rear^In^vlilch'.'i^dcfr^thoy*ibJ\ute? Uie
scaffold, the prisouerVxblbltlrig i?ttet?Trtea4p??-se if} bisi
movements. Sleeving ilp^tpe trap/bc-fteeAt'cVHl^iself
upon a stool, the IfMWC'JSP&SFQ to'Toe''ni? fitful rtiare,
dangling over his liend^-Mal.' mts'sc'i] t?iOH pffA-f<ide<l to'
read thc <>rd?m rccitliig thv'?vJtlhig K*Che codrf : ttin tho!
approval of th?) eeiU^^ by ?\<* Praj?cnt. ' . .! ' ?
, 'j'he, iirisnuejr'WajB "Margcd ?ud-cohVict?i MWo?lbln-'
lng, confederating MU conBpirfng'wT?h '.J^frWsorr Davis,
.'. A. Seddon, Howell Cobb., John EL Wfhher, Uichardl
B.^Viudcr, Isttiah,Whlte;}v:^. WttHt?r, W. Snttr/y Recd.
R. II. BuVenaOb,' 8. P. Moore,'-!--Kcrr^int*ilbapital
Steward. at,^\nd<frBOUX'llo-.Jamci? "Jundfo;. We-dey Wj
Turner, lienjahiiu'Uams,' olid other's, wu^So ntdrrvs aro
unknown, and'wno wH?p?tnen rngagVd in ?rrhcd,rebel
lion against the United St?ab-s; in -rriallcfbtisfy, fraitor:
ously and in Vi?latio?i bf tho lawsnf vfbr^iA impair and
injure thc health, and to .destroy the lives, bv subjecting
to tor'rujr?-;awl.giH^a'dir0r1J??, by conjlfirftg m'.noHt-althy
nud7U?wh<)l?s.i>-n.?: <jOi?,rtcr?;, by ' Wpxialng- .{o tbo'iucli-.
money ox winier, ai?a tb the dew* ari* buming mm of
Hummer, by compelIlnft^lfcJ??? of impure water, and by
iiuu Idling lQajfCoKlent. aud'unwhblbaotno fob\J,.:br larfce
nrtmbrrs- bf rV<l?raP prir?iU?fs,':to. wit the -fiuhiber of
about 45,000. Ij-. Jd, as .prisoners of war;'it Andersonvtlle; .
within the line* ?? tlieTmlcAheil ?flrtifoderute'B?AlOf?, o? j
or before#the-V.Tth of firSVeb, 1864, and ?at 'divt-xH .times 1
bot weep that day and the 10th day of April; 3 HM,-1 o thc*
?Cd tluit tbeyi^nhai M?. tho Un^d ^tate?mightbc weak
ened nn<VlnNIrv4..ajd tfiat the fnrtir/je'irti- engaged in
arineffTTOelli(in'^-*-nlnVt*tTic l"rritt-?^t-e?^iA??fc be aid<xl
and comforted, &c._j*ic.-, .-r., . t- ->7.- - s-ry . .< '
The order states that ibo p fra o nm- wa*.' fi; 1 uni giHrty atti
the second charge, vu?* MurdVr(7lu violation or tho law-*
and customs of war, uud guilty.nf all.lho spiivifteations,'
excepting tho fourth, tenth,and-$irto-?otV? wbb h three'
set forth that ho *djled..a,.pnsvi-or bj- /ihoiitiug him wida
a revolver: that Uv.'Pfdor^ a fOHUiyil'.t? tjre upon anti
other with a revolver; and thafrUq*hof puuthci-with a 1
revolver, so that he died. amii' ; i i-.-i- .
The order concludes a*f*MN*wal'i .-. ,".1
.?^n/e/icr.-AiH?th"6"?ourt 'db*,*t^**rc'f?^ bim, :
Henry Wir/, to be hanged by thClV"i,S,?iutll-he bc dead,
at such time and place SH tblj'CTc^i^cnt'of! the Uiiitvd.
States may direct, two-thirds cj(' OiIJ"*1n!ebibi-rs of ibo
court concurring therein. ' ' ' ' \. ' '1
And the court also lind tbe'pjfTl(5p*fi:, t fleury Wirz,:
guilty of having caused the d?,it|l?'iti''tI\C manner us ul-,
leged in specification 11, clulTge.lj.'D** jneah? of dog*, of
tlin c prisoner* of, \var.ln.hi9,.gU8lboii-;ati? Soldiers of the"
United States, one (Xqu'rrih? onto "aboutthc, loth dav of
May. 1804; aiiotlicr,ikej(r'r;ii){'.o'^ ''of ab$it? Jthc.*.lth day
ol .Jul}-. ,wt\yr jin'iilii-i-.?c?'?rrL?j{- .on' "or Jd-outth<: 1st
day of September, IHOi^liUt .wlucU araluan herc . ?Vf.:
I>ressed, ha? not aud^did-'.luiUCi'.tuf ?tit^.'j?u sentence ?d':
the court aa before??v\?.."-1..?~'~ . ' ; J.-* ...
Stcond.-Z^OfO Pfivj?iiUtliliK-S Mf?m? ?nd acfttonco In ?je"
foregoing case bavinn,bueu',HUb^iU(^d'fo. thc President1
ot" thc United su'es^.jthij follo^i-ii* aro nl?,oi;dcrs : .
l-VxK< t;T'iv'jiMAKWi)^\"S'bv< nibcr 3. 18??.
The proceedings, Unding und'MnUmCalnl! the court in
the within cate, are approved, and it\ti (iPilercd that tl??;
^eilfebecv bf-'rartlOTIiiitOj rtocnt-e-lTrlsyilit- o?ieer conk-.
ihai?llng"th.' UpfniTOient of-N"r^Wrt?t?Mi! W?^Priday. Ojo.
IWb:d*y- of -?<p-(?nsber,; I860,-between the boors of six"
Relock.tn-Uu- morning and twelve b'vlock, noon.
... .- Btiri,. ...i-, i nf? ANDnEW'Jr?lTNS<)X,
Ll"Z rTT/-.Pl*??T,s',cn,?0? Wu?.United .'.tatefl.
r/.iWW^iaio-Miad?rblLC. C. Autatifloinmanding the
Department pX -WiFbinnjtqu,,if omuuandyd to cause the'
fottgSlDg a*N|jn*Sf^.-txfr-^e: cajo J?t.-.HenH Jf Jr?, to bv
duly executed in accordairc?pVH?h't'H?.presvdont'ii"t>rdcr.
>*-/urM.- Tb?-^lilkany .C?^nSnisijlo?; o? which Major
fJwncr?l* Cowie -WaJlacf, "Cnlied tates "Volunteers, ls
Prealdent? b-Jipre??y dis?thl^ccr.^?io 'cp-h?ian?l of the Pre**:
denti^-lbf-mteil'ebt&a".-'1 .-'' . '
l?lgned) ' -ill-TV: e. Di'ifaWiiSEXD, A. A. G. *
.Thc rea4i*y-. was finiBU'ebriai TO.'iCr.'-?iid Wlrj: waaf di-?.
re?tPd trnrtand u\>, . Maioir-lihsscU asked him If ho had
???TrrTblfjy W *&y irt*>liefy, to which le Tepbod "No."
Father Moyle then cccilod the Bervico of thc Catholic
Church ldifJlVrdj^iJ, to wb?c^Hr^ijp|*fe8ponded in a low?
During these btwpionients.HhpuU cauJd be heard from
the soldiers in thc tree "tops' "qf .''Hang-"him," ?Ando*-'
son ville." "Remember .An<h^r?on ville,."' and other* not
calculated to in-r??? .?if??' W#fct3?*ffSa*a*rTi hut ho paid
no attcnUos to .-thuin, and preserved his cheerful exprcs
slon of countenance throughout. ' ? .
! At thirty minute? past ten, his hands and legs having
boon pinioned by atrape, the noose was adjusted by
L. J. ltirhardstpi-'.Military- ejective, and tho doomed
man shook bandafanU?UsKvissta and otb. ern. At
exactly- thirty-two minutes pa^t ten. Sylvester ilallou,
another dcteiUyp.'it'-.thtraignal of th?.ptovost'jl'arsrral;
put bis footnp?n tbirf?taJ- spring, the trap fen with a
hnsvy nols?, and the AudcrsonViuV jailor was" dnngUug
in the air.' There were' a few'spasmodlc convulsions of.
the chest, a'aiight movement of thc extroibittbe, and;ali
was over. \Vlieu lt was known>ln the street that Wirr
was hiing, tho'^Tdl?fs? nr^t n? a loud ringing cheer,
just such as 1* haVe heaid scores-pf ti*pcs on tho battle
field after a successful charge. Tbe Hufferlng? At' .tnd?r
sonville were too great to ca it s e. the soldiers to do other
wise than rejoice at such a'death of such a man. . ,...
After hanging foutU'eii minutes the body was exam
ined by PosUSuTgeoU Ford, and life pronounced to be
extinct. It waa tli?ti taken down, placed upon a stretch
er, and carried to the hospital, where thc surgeons took
charge of lt. -.
: No sooner had thc scaffold and the rope done its work-,
aiid become historically famous, .than r<:Uc .q?ekera be?.
gan tholr work. Splinters from tho A't?ffold were cut off
like kindling wood? apd a.do?en feet ."of-ropo disappeared
ajnaost instantly.' Thc:'l?fctnuaiti?tl of the guard only
saved'the whole tiling-from "b?lMg cairied off In this
manner.-: ? ? y . ? > 'I I JW ttl
y^")Che.s?^seou^h?lUn*p?8"r-mortem, and an examinaU>>n
o'lane'beck showed, thu ?,;ricbr;e t?.? b.-'dislo?;ntc?l. His
right ?fQC? which ba* bees-i the chief csMse of bis pbj si ?
calthjej-fx, waif tr ? vi/y liad cp^ajQ^dln consequence
of an mdwonnd havtrig broken dufirfroBh. His body
also ?howell severe scrofuDQd ertiplUniH, . ? yt 1
Agreeably to a^rt quf-st ' from .Wira, l'athe.r ('l".i>ic re
ceived the body to-d*jr, and'.daltvured it to an undcTts
L ker, wlv.w.ll Inter lt, to await thnorrlv-.l of Mrs. .WM,
1 who ls e'*p?oted soon. Wirz lett few,-or .nu earthly
- effecbi." The only things in bis rouen after the exreutinu
were a few axJJcles of clotbln*,, some "tobacco, s nttib
HM?gtt f&twtmgutmJ of ?luqw'viTon the npoc
*nfm,*wm-t* catrwWr-h owaa ^wU*?>?J?i.companion.
This id all ttu.-re ls lett.of. tdin.:-: j -; . , . ,.
A CAJR?1V..:... ., !.< , -f.
-reei,ectfuily usk .for, aid. from their. Ml.^w;.l'ltl-*''n.";
'Cttwleaton^'n tho purchase of a NEW ENGINE AND
APPAftii*78. . 0 :K . ?Ollt
a -,?In making this, an^j^iib^^abjila^t^a^ would state
that this Compairyi was formed tn c.lBOT.Cand {tbst their
jt#?&? t?r-nbw c?rbj>|etel-f-wbW o*rU*'hi-Hh$ "been1 tn
service fifteen years. They, therefore',' confidently*'ap
peal t.>*tbrtrr/etl?S^-cl?7:ens,.?P*lirig satisfied that, In view
of their' plat seTvlces, a geftefoiltt public will not'deny to
them that.fli.il. ^t?ttviiy.b)Vi),;in'?rett^g the e^Bcjiency ol
their ( :.>inpapy,, will, il the.sanie t?u?.<Add to the welfare
?ind Mf?ty of the community.
SUbfiriptioiijr will be r?r-etvod by either'of the under
signed Committee, who will pall upon tho cltlxena:
Worth ???'j'a'iu 3.-.W.;t?, HAWKINS and H. FER
RARA. ?\ ? . ...... ,r
! Ward No. 2.-F. E. M?OHEL and K. M?. W^PITNG.
T^'or-it iVo. 4.-R. GRAY and THOS. DIXON, Jr. . .'".:
Wardt Nor 5 ami 7.-P. F. DUNNING and W. H. SIG
WALD.,,. . . ; *. . -T J J
IVbrt?i ?tVfmtd 8.-?S? ?>AVI? Ud W. JACKSON.
? moBt aUtserftilly solicit, tot the MA RWN ti?lRE OOM
PANY, the aid. they require-their ongln,q, from long
service, being almost USCIOBB. M.H.NATHAN, !
October ?lr ' 'j "4^ ' ! ";. lt Chief Fire Department, j
JCQITNCIL, Novemoe"r"10, l^.-^TbeL attention bf own
J*, era. aftd'tetjants of'tots Hf-hfireby'dlreeUi to*;tho follow
ttig >...-.> ..tr .-.;.. . il ria : 1 .':. . '
Every owner, lessee, occupant ami . fenant of any
premises froiitlng on Alfy street, lane, altey, or opec
MtlH, Hhsil1. (># 0V*TI> day "BWgto*f*J .-WRaptod) have \h?
dlrt' ni'.V, garrjn'gVeYothcn-?ffiU, plaV?off'in front' 6f;Kif
of lief l'?t. ii? a* r.arricl, bc-ti oil heap'; And ln *<**?b?oi,a ioi
Ute sesve/^ers, by- 9 o'dook, A. M.- -And any poraenof
fond lng !^ reift, or-pbvcisg any. diit, filth, ?pvrbago, 01
other olT.?; aftePthS hour shove named,-wiU- ba aubjocl
io ?Ino of Blot tess Uvui 91 nor moro tha.11. g fi for. eaot
and-every offen oe; to bs-lin pcs ed. by the M*gror. w-r.:j.
.tun ^ii-?Li?J? ? :>:? <> '? ? th . -..ituM. t t. . 1
liEADcj'ttft Mir,. D?8TRICT ?f CH\MtgfBB?l >
CHABt>yjj<roN, BJ C.; K?V?mb^ir^HPr? ?
EOMMBuifOasai^iMoi wa.] -, . .,. ......
harvested, ?ind "divided In acetbrdomctritlr-hhlhori*ed
iontraefsV ?ll iwrm?tA for frntle akuir; tlir ravcr.? iHethlB
DUtrict are hereby nittciodcd, ami, tradiuftujjou, ?iern..ia
prohibited. . . ' ;''
PA?. IL Any partita carrying ou au iUog^rlhiKte trafilo
Willi rentar their ?vessel and stock habit* to ?opriscstio*
AndJhemBt'lves to p?niidi??ont.'* r- "*
PAR. nh Hmm>rigage<d iii this tnt*? wtll* takdita
Wtsdlate notlcAof tilia order.: :.. - -mi 2 x.. .,
? :By command^ ij?e,v^ M(uor^qep. ^"?fc^*^,
: N'M-omVr TS"1 .' 8:' ;,: ..AM?lMtha*,?a.iatnnb?idiv-pdi
m .A i xi' its7'?kPlt'HTM?7NT br ??a. ?rm;, v
?lUlVtW lilao. trV (.hi-Nor -r* 14<~. ? j
.{*>*?Wxt. O.RUVJW, Mo, ?M. ... .... ....
shall hf? duly nrrriioTir.?a: :??tt '-put 'idofSdnHicJto- rn i th o
iwate of South Carolin?, ift.iaiih* dui.Y.oi, (ho Military
Authorities Jto-altord full and ample nroioo.l.ion to offi
cers and agonfa of the Uuitcd Slates In tho' discUtn-ge Of
:?^fyi0?jfatu& AXrrw&n e.r. ?? r i i i'! - .
?'.'All rtytl Propers-!ofrrl niAyfMr?t?s'arti her?hy noUfiod
'that rhl* w HI not b* uurtnltfcff ?i ??be? ?A?- ur reit; of
Unitt'd Otates OflV?'or?-oT Rgnrt?. or to U?\if. iu,y wmt of
injunction or"other eivfl prwe?trtT tr-?k-tiletod to? tmrpodo
or embarrass them in the discharge of 'thoiV-dil?OB.
-ulniiun made by fitizeus for propurty in tho custody
?r of cTalm* .1, by, 'such* officers or tigen W,' acliug<iln be
b?? of the United Wtate*," may..tn- cd indicatedMy the
I.Croioet COUrt*,.wiUi th<> right to astral, t?. Distntjt.Ci.m
ruanriers.. Jji.cascs.of doubt, thecustqijv of"'(he prober
Tyctaihierl Win b'?' ftSsumi'if-Tjj- the >i>m?'ry ?Ai?rh?Wili-s
mitti CAil-Courtrfttre established; or ntduraJor.it? dispo
sal.sro revoir.ed fcrcuu.higuur autlioritjw
.l^lyc^mrnau^wf.Slujor-tleneral Q. A. tjiLLMOltt:.
NV?v*mBerl6" 3 : . Assistant Adjutanb-t?cnersl.
- ''iiEADQittAftTftflft; WPAWrMBrfTCF 9?C:.\
.1 ... :. v .: -. HILTON H?A?to..B.iU...iNaw 6?-W65.- - J
MULE-i..HORSES;i>".\(i??>s; ANT) dTHEit 'rftni
Ct/KS, thathavc beere left with". br-';l?aviW IO th? peoplo
.11 Souti, Cu-uTinu-fur their l?mporary..^a^.,, upder the
; ptpmiission; granted ;in tittie ral *V? T,.fiHiil{MAN,'S or
,di,r of April.adtTi', IKC?. will ??fl?e UKefl pMniHg of
T)ytne'n;eflta dfthe TWwnr'y IMypaPfHret'ti Without au
thority from these Headquarters, or from bigliia*. Mjli
tarj'iauthority. . CouipleXe .lists.pf. All .such property,
whether bobuigVt?g ' to th'e'.United States - by reiisons of
I purc'liaife-, rapture, orimpres?deiit, or 'to^lh?'??to Confe
decat.. sun s. with thu minea aiW.:re#?lpn?g.oX thc. pcr
.^(ijlK-Uivilig it lu 1'i'?.i,,;,,-,;,,]i, .\\?il bea uiadi; out "DJ- I)is
.trict Commanders f??r fh'eir''t(V]iV?Ul'(3''di&OTCT?;"?r?
Tts pnictirabli', ind forwarded tmHie 'CKA r-XjihirteMnas
ter ot the Dupar?Uehti. "AU .?nti??lB: h?arjdo^ VU, B."
.will b-; re+jajileilns bi.dongUtjz.lo, UJC Dnftoq Htal.es, and
l .will be buten account ut Ainh'ials-br.rtid'iltl "TC '?:" with
t'"I. C. or ^'''' l^V^h.^iB'-ljiB W^ardtwl-'as bavrniaT.bt'en
-rrgulsrlyand prapuJy.disSKtw?d.?il b^^bp,yuU?^lHtates,
and wi,;! not he. Uken account qi except upon evidence
ot mud.' In flu "alisei?co 6f know'ri'??aTK's'hr-b'Hiti.ls of
tlie Mi (irnT^^?er?l^. ^MWKPS; ?tridenbOAtho* -oatraeia do
not riRtUfullj lui.itia.to.tlw.-jparliivj .l|i?vini.; llietu \j\ poB
Bcsaion, must bugiiod, t? justafy their beitig taken [>os
session cf by tli.l rillt, d srnt'.i-R.1 .Al?c*aH\?,?r ttoUtrt wiU
.be mVV'n'iiei'otiritrif and tho Mldmsoairoperbxh ra
. >The.Irtan ot this . property..,?.:?*. py.t,^ m^uc. piersons
crruneousb;- suppose? a pg,rj of the ciu'iveiiUMi between
.Oen6rals'BKe'r^n'abd"j\*nstonValn<r*\?J' 1? Tf?blMrt any
'tlrite'tfi bo ctilled in ter iii-.wie ?ml ?enotU odttau United
States. 'fTi,.* . ;-r-vi -.
.'ihwiiiuui;,lta.tij ?U?en,tl<in o? rr)?Htrii;l ?om?ra&il"^? will
be drrecfeiTto tBcWec?ttdn-'oHfar? brder/
:"Hv><tir'.mtmdtVf ?ilaJor-UeneraVttjr ArslnanWBV
-O?ntalt-t.... .1: r . itr - , JU\JUui?K,
N o ve ni ber 15? . .?^ . A.ssistjint Adj| 11 a nt-O encrai.
. . . rr Not^oer lMth.' f?t??- )
.UyUSE esUbluhtpcut of tho Umtcd.Htaffa tn tho Sixth
Dlstri?t", br blivinft businom With tho' eirhe,-' aVe-"4uotlfiod
that I havo this day be?'n rchsved:by' tiaifJXl ? lt ?/ELIA
SON, U. S. N.j Lighthouse Inspector of tho Sixth Dis
^map ? ft : ! say
: ?ut : i - ti:.< v.-iu? AMiAtauhAI-: bV GoyAgjurteft
...-...ir, . ?^^;Mfth^^-I,lB!?0?.T,r ,T*^ -rF10''
Tho attention of Lighthouse Keepers, and oil-.others
connected svith tlie bi*fh- Lighlbouse District, ls called
to tho Sbtrre nottce, and alireporth will bo tinado In future
1 <" ??y .mna.?t:it~-o...i. ?i *T,*?^e>ltoLtblS City.
(SiguodX U : . j ,. - ..PlM>Cl?Fv?WMHONv
..... Lighthouse Inspector Blxfh District,
ba- 8svan-hahT*penipresae:riopy,.-" '- .'
Novembeb U; -.." ? nt 1 - - - : 1 s late ... 6
. . . . ^JtOAD COMPANY,. .
' '-' CitAnLfcriTONi November 13, 16(55.
will be ?pen between Charle sion arid Edisto River
(jo miles). , . .
Tassengfer Train wt?l leave St Andrewts Depot for
Edisto River, on Tw?dayti TAirrri^ayi asd &ttwniays. at
ti A- M. ; roturnjbg- .same days, .wl^l. arri Wet' Bt. An
drew's Depot at 4 F.'M' " " " ..' ? ' -:T
Until the Company's ferry la re-established; passen
gers can cross the Ashley Riven at,theNe\K fridge Ferry
For additional information, i?p?ly at the'Company'
Office, Sv CijtifU'*Da?l^?e? Jbhriatreet.
'" HT?."TIArNES, Eng. ond8upt.
1 ^?vemb?rll? _ W K\ "J i M'. J J ''/.'^E^U?mwt
-.ctuMLMiaam, a. c.; NoHrtittt, IBM. ]
tvs.^sp.lajn-?it '\nin\av^'?riVr?8T.. THE
VJ,. .Passenger Tram will run tho following Bohedule:
-^ tjeavn Charleston.rW&2.VZWK. M.
1 Arrive at Charleston.; ? ~*l J;3*rlff P. M.
. . Leave HopkJras'Trurn-out.,.",.... ".,,./. . : . -T A: M.
' ' . Arrrre-ot Hopklnfei Trirnimtv. j .? ? x.. P. M.
tit t.'.laWi :>iV..' .>-.t:iii?:rHi.-.T-.llH^gE,
? November 7 , , . , ^;?.ft?n^?t.j^Hgg52Sv^^^_
' THE" ONXif'LOCAL '???fjii^ ?f?*' D?fNQ BUS1
N?8? fn'the City. ?V?s|t?m:'mip^ea*fc>n 6?their long
esUbUshed rad- 'w^ ?ef.-' "8 'BROAD
STREET, whero theyare fss^a^'r\iM<)le*s'6f fnuuranoe
agamat loss by fire, ott* Aw?r^e ?h^sjoeommodaUng
terms. JOHN/ B/V$tf^O^B? President
J. L?wnitios Hb^oW,;B*c?tOajry:a^ Ttessurer.
November lg . -.'^ .;:*'.? :v ''f-}\.\ 3_
MW mmwmMun,
Corner bf King and M^arlc?t streets.
Ambrotypes at?O-eonle e?^?h.
November 4 _jr.__l5??_.
1 known Rakory, No. 60 Tradd-street. Famines
Wishing a good article of woll baked Ixisf-Breed, are re
qdeet?d 'to leavo their order? at bakoryi. O'J
He baa piooured competent cart drivers, and win de
? D V ERTI SlMG ^ i A GEN C Y.
Av.reirona&ammk Mt #l# W?PAPKlia
P:'?: ?2LS?2.'' L"-?I::,? '^?Wk?iv?..tir?4.

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