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VOL. I....NO. 81.
.'.Tlc moir jj of thc Confedera lr W?r fat An
. ?. i. -;.-., ?tr penitence'.'''' ' u[ "' f*1
''nd?r this litio a very interesting series of papers' la bbn
- ."ug-TJ'ublished.'ln n/dtliot-lil Staa/pfo - Co1- IJf"KO?*os'
ItOBtiBZ, Chief of Staff to/laa, K. il.. H i na?J, pro?olita I
Mme to too worM a'I'.a,""^ flt Ui^Ajporitan jo?rnal. of
court?, tho i)iwrat?yp,-i>eio^UapBcribo?lfi*om lil? diary,
?'li .laiRtlp itjttjff-itipi, aud nearly] a)to?'J.tVl.'.r. .ri!'itr?''?'*'- t"
'.the-AxWntHrea op Gen. .Bnraar? nd bia cipoC :-t.-.'
Th,';.Mf^itcr formerly waft an officer hi 1h* Pra**i*>n Bran
debbum ?rngootis, amlielUtua. in thoBO.rS*OTbiy*. that
* ll ii ilo li* WA in Ctaarl-pjlAibJ -f iti'ijWa. )Usj?:o.:',l not
SccaU a word of Kngli-di. lb- must have inadu good une
Of hin timo during tin- war, as this narrativo is exceed
ingly well \vritlcii, n-*v-lrcre exhibiting solecisms or for
.''*V-igii Idioinsl..?'Jtt? is .poet?ssi-d,' ?norcnvflrc,yf? r*ri* do
??rVp?v?'powers, 'a -rraeofltl? denoale-iinV?l-fr, auda-rim
.:ntB*?f g(H>d-f?Ui>w>bip. j ! .tfw^w1
Rerngchaaed by a federal man-of-war ofl-.-tlw.oo-ist of
Nassau, b>> took th-- prcc.i'Ulonary measure'of destroy
int- all his letter* of introduction, and thu? found him
self in a strange land, Ignorant >( the language, without
a bingle friend, or any v.-u. lieras to his characl'-r. iden
tity or intentions. Ho was ftrtunate enough to meet a
'^.ntlcma^Jp7$ajsau ' Mio V"k llln?,finder his wing,
ac.?qropaniod;bim i>>-IU< iunoid. and introduced him to ,
Otc-Sderotory of."W.?r; wi... ,.i,?,.iva lum .to roport to
".. t'vnera4?rrri>AnT. ThH?*-to did-fti 4ho vtolnity of !jRi.:h
" mun il,'-'>u st .l??forrt tUr'JhaSlp of Stj-rerf fiMK-Ho" ?non
gained th.- friendship Mid connovicio of) iji.it galjaht HOI- j
ilVr^'??id from trrat rtay-to-lhe end of nSroAB-r'a life, m l
Ma/.-1 lib?, wa* hjfl i'i\n?t^|'c.(>ipjj"t>?uJ'oii; ' '
I (-OM no'emall cnm-?inu?ut to ?'ol, .VON r>> uu..--i- ' - man - i
hood Jthaly Dinaht s'tit-h ady?r?-? Wrt'tiraatam'.ua.i'ilie Bhoui-JU]
MO rapidly- .ba-ve. eftaj?od so jl?gli a V(lju-'r;;:hnv"i on the
t-tail nr-hin chief ali-1 in the -h' ai I - -of al)" wbo'yani-- 1:1
(yuU'i!\*'i,(n liini.. .TlieOoion-il-, if i? trur, M-giOntl -with
a Hue p?rauiiv"taU. .itu bit io, ji md ?onici'.C'fi?ify"frirH-'a Nil
dS-'r: trjlt?e*"-- inv.vory -manly exorcise, a?d a fiiVorih):
?villi O?? la?llcs. ormurs?-, nut scarcely I,-ss BO with tlie-j
st- mer Hex. He tolls bis story withouV?n^'mOck mod
i*ty; and wc. qui pan quorn* fuimm, know that hi
re ?il ia tran. Ul. admiration f*r General Srru'.r is'
ItniKMindod, and ali thc glory be claims is as oin- tal th" :
1.1 v-red Miall!UM of thi.- bia great .luminary. Ile.never
indulges in retie lions, moral or political, lie is a mat- |
b r-of.ficl man, with a line poetic eye for the beautici
?.* nature, whet lier displayed in the dirk folia,;.- of the
il:slant luotintain-sh-pc, the large hickory-tree under.
? i:*:*"! i :ji'?t?-fii? ?iuiju. .lu,- yv^.i i*juncbtu*{. Jila dry corn
l;V ^.f--r.,Jb?iTTtrf-:! w^ntair' waving' -IW-??hite hai.dk r- ;
jfcplcl ai th o ?;i>;-"-ava|tU(1?*? ll*?wtyT]Saat litif Jri-tn. or j
??.<* ;>J,i .-sU''^.'-J>lit niareT . J.^obill-n Ir-'?lirrrt ' mantilla ttf
' IVA batar'.-?0 ratliL----iur3p*?''t thal*iinji buYsii ?iii ?lc J 'i,
,1 ...;?j-"?hifm .KVh'jWr-'J-ifnliaibona. euwalryman . tli.*nV
?,ls?:i-l^V I" ?it-V ^UJ . T .-rX-ai r ''j . " ' '
?i.Mr. Aftin-'M-ylu-; Un - mui-U, wu-.lii.?-.-il-m^iir;ly ?ul J...?u;t, j
VV-V'V'11 *' H -u* ^'.*!?>* hiterV'st tl? all. ol'.whutovi r pol:?
t. al pro.iivily - tit i-nir^c jut'-st, }vcli'ri?lr'i t?jtH?lK Wb i !
:.. lately worabippi d at..the name -<br--?\ii-!f>U-.whieh'h> ?
., ,1^.-3 'iiUV?in?. Hr ^iyes lifelike i-aii?tir-VIB. bf D?vu..i
r.r.K, .IACKSOS, L^NOSraCET, and, indcei?.'ai? lh-> uro;:..
lient cf?icrs couuui ted with tho Army of Northern'Vir- j
To illustrate hi> style, ?md give our readers a U.-Jr of !
i ha Coloual'11 narrative iiowers, we give a few oxti ?* j?.
ri'Ho^iubt ct ia'vctj' ti rnpting-, Slid \v*re w-rto followan'
' rf?^iatiorr, we sbourd-r-^iy'tlio -^vliolof; hut Tour space" ff
' liratUiaYand we:must:rcicr our friends to thu September .
birrtiber-Of /J"rKiViiv>?>f'-.?: ?/uja??i?-. which contains th-?
..tfrt/i if?sturui?tot of th# "Rrcmoiru. ''
' "'" 'Xflcr'f'Hriiij- a lively a.co'iut of running--ho blockade I
. Irf'taie "A'fffe," he thus s|ieaks oiJ)ui (Ui>y:-4n
"'. The early morning round impwaaUlti aiaW-piokiiu; with
.?ri .it interest upon the stiango-'ffig4'wjiiio,-my Imine
'," d?alo "futuro badin-Btiire I Uniw. S9^iUSft of action, of
"dury; of danger; rf advt-uttwf.-. ; OlNMMidn lay before
i. .- lp the lull splendor of tl^nAS^tiPpa sun, ?ad pre..
sorted-With it? harhor full Mj^?^m^SJ^^?iiificaodioUb,
vi'ila-lilic private dwellings. IlsTfftfHi^iKL?rardciiH. ltd
<-Lraight Htrui-L-. lined on uiilinrjiUle J>y noble trees, its
-spurkhng seA-fronf, ?gaiuat*YmlCb the blue wave broke
g- utly-a ni agni ii.?-?nt appearance. As I walked into the
r6y*u, I could not fall to remark tho absence of that bus
? flo that'doe usually biidB in A largen-ity. Thia was ex
plained by th? foot that an attack by tho Federal fleet
w-aH dally expeoted, In consequence of. which many
plucrtl of businoss were closed, and many families had
gone into the interior. Dut if thc commercial energies
of the town were qui.-?cent, the ntrc?lH gave evidoncn
ovci-y where of great military activity. Companies of in
fantry, in every Viru.- ty of dWsH, and armed with all
sorts of weapons, were marching ab&ut; and cavalry
men, tu costumes the most picturesque, were galloping
-. up,, und down on tine looking horses. I must con fons
that with me, accustomed as 1 waa to Kuropeau disci-'
.. pl-.qe ami uuifurm, tlie JO et impression of our Confediv
' Vitfc s?lfliers- wis not A VHvoirable one, abd'I bld> tho.n no
idea how noon these same mon would excito my highest"
admiration on the battle-field But 1 had small oppmv
? '..ir.mtv. -fm- oxtendwl observation' Of .Charleston. Tile
iralu lo'r Kichr??fitt- left ttie-Htfirion about 'noon, and 1
ii, .-i|iiii! id tts pasfcugi-rn-wondering much at fnq odd
"' i.lif-ped, long, biml.erlnii saiiwav c*J jagA-fir 'car,' which
was rolling with un-, and nore th 11 fifty other O.T-I
pauts, r.ipull<i AUit.iXange-^lA.My ?V/ .ards thu Beena of, .
military OlteratiODa in Virginia. * * ? Whizzing 1
? tirrnin-h ?liv rice ti^d?vwi^?fa-av(ijl4?? oo^?w amps, and
'* UilaU idne woods (ffl fcc two VifreTlfua?, wo came at list
r."forn<Hrti*t)r oak ?mr niclmry, whicb .aHematcd wrth
pcacefnl-loukiug farms and fertile estates, in thu fair laud
or.ibi.'crid l)omliii,qn..'.-..;;?-j -t-~
. ,1-tO' uiB -hrst mcctuig^ with Clcn.,,8niAi!T_ and the Vb>
atblA (-avalry, ho'apeakt'ib tho'ffilio'wingtftVms :' *. \ \
: ll<?? was wwako, and'- lilly drcsHcdJChri 'nextniorriibg, "
. :i when, , with thu first ghiupsc of . Up; Bim breuking
rf:rough" thu exiiansted clomls, tlio tfdiu'pet hounded* to'
?adixte^aji-Ij Colonel KitllLoe Informed rae that iin"ha6T'
jual rocv?veiT march 1 ugliTr-?li-rs. He added that ho i-bbuhf
" fT-'rTTii "fiffeeii fiiliiu?clf.iVifrt that my best chance bf
,:.. timi: (icu..Stuart wae to ride with tho regiment. It
1 "wue 'rniirvclfouB- lo soe hoKv-' readily those unmflitAry-:
looking troopers ol>ey.e?l tho orders of their Colonl-t?'and
witta what disaipliiiei?ud rapidity tho breaking up of th?
. -.?amp was managed I suffered Un; whole regiment,
eight hundred strong, to pass mo, that'! 'might observe
muru narrowly Hx-maleriel. Tho scrutiny called forth
my adniiration. 'J ho men were ail .Virginians, whpBo .
, - aiy and graceful ?cati Jietrnyed tfie habitudo of noise- :
liait exercise, snil trhcyweni rnonri-ted mostly on blooded
- ? rniiin-tiK. nome of whic^ittheproudostgnardwiian, oribe
-.1 ll rppst Mit*-o*ii "Hweitr mUMOB would hajvo boon gla?l io
Hbov< ojfin llydo I'ark'. Looking biMikivbross threo eveut
fnt > vivrHV> t)ial motuiiig*'? iiiaroTi, 1 fbel how little I then
thought that 1 should bo joined* Ao closely to these bravo
lellowH 111 fatigue and light, and that I should have to
mourn tho loss of-ulas! so many who afterwards full
>, ' .-?round mein battle.. After a ride, of tinto hours, paus
ing directly through llfrtilnond to" Olb opposite sido of
.' - ibo city, wo roachud tho point of our destination-, and
0 boni l.iMi poilited ont lo me xlUBit, galloping rapidly,
. ? along on.an active. Uatidauine.horse, aa Btutirt, thu man
'. Whose arrivai 1 awaitod HO aiuioualy. and who HUIIBO
1 - p .1 -lilly became tu mo one ol the Uueet and bust friends
1 bavo h.ul in this woihl.
r-*<hin ral H tuart was uiiUmUy-built man, rather above
fl -?. mid-he hniglit, 01 a frank and winning expreeslon, tho I
lower pu t of bis fine face ooverod .with,a ihioli brown j
m ant, wirril lliiwod over hui Irti'ivit. Iiis oyo was quick
iand piercing, und of u bright blue tn repose.' but changing
to a darker trage undue high e.x-u Uuoiiut. ; 11 in v.-hu lo per
son Seemed Instinct with vitality, .hie movtxnents wcrtf
- -alert, hid'ol>iici.vdlr)>n tu en and rapid.'; and, altoguthor, ho
? to mo tim iu"dt I ? 1' a d.iehing cavalry lo:u.lor. ? * *
lie du.igbtudin the neighing 01, th? ob argy ra and tho roil
of the bugle, Hiiil ho had something of Aluntt'a woaknoss
' fiii'Ulu.o.itonUilioniJ'. Uiupiira<to. Ho bolmyod this latter
- -quality in bi* Jaunt) uniform, which r-onsisUid of a small
irrn> ju ,;ei, trousers of Ute Hame- stuff,- and over thom
high military Issitx, ? yellow silk ?twk, end a grey aiouuh
. *iAt?. sjioi-iuiiu^j by u swcofiliig ?UflEdf ostfieh plumo.
Tn is attired, titling Rnu efully on bia fine horse, lie did'
. ?ol fail u> attract Ita? uopue . and admlratioa. af oil who
haw him riuo along "
"'- ? -: - ^.?-.^--^i- ., ;
k. II. H. HAWSON, of Oeorgia. delivered a lecturo rev
cunlly. in Mow York, tu. rxply. lo-tho.:rooent spcoch of
Wendel1 l'.uiiips.
Borge idea ot Uioeatent of ?be oysbir trade ma? t.b
rormi-il f-nnrtbe that, -.u* sUU'd iiLthenewnpapers of
Ni.rl-.lk, that the ,ililpmonU of oysters from that city
MTOtnil Ul iMStWiien r?uoa?d INO. barrita each trip of tho1
HtoainerH und about tho haine t0 lmeton, and the two
une?off Maltamoru Bleaiaors take-iUaU?. an avarage. 0/
about Hs.j bari tda. r ^
?x-President BucHAHAN'a-hb-toQ' of bi's adaiiaistri
tiou. emlodyinR nts* view ut the dklttfit.pt tba lat?- ' Wat-,
.nd thu ivsponaibllity thereof, has .just appeared, from
th? pres>of iJtiT^TWr^fr fir. flew Xark.. Wo have nut
seen it. ?;<>r iajVlIotlfli M it weep*?ito'4'sValf. embitter
cd enemy, 'OHS W. FOBNKX>I|? tbo rhali?'ll.-'iiliin J'rrn,
with-h.a* i? matter of course, is very denunciatory,, Tba
following is die preface :
..Tllf tolloM>iuK h&torieotaiarraUv..' of (Yu- event* pre
i-Citing the'tafe rchWhiHajUuis uiXpari jJL.i-'">ii utter its
outbreak, substantially m the present form, lt may be j
a.lo .I. why. Iben, wratfrlt not published at au earlier i
pt nod ? The auKw?t'ia.lluikten; pul>hentroii;wus ?May? d i
to avoid the j -fibl.-iinpnt.-iU'JU, u|iju,lt aa. tl.i- wotjld j
ha\e benn. il.at.' any portion oj ii wak inUuided to' em- .
burrMMs "Slr. Lincoln's admioietration-ju tin- vigorous
prosecution ot pending hostilities. ; The author deemed ;
it tar lu tter to pint.rr ternpvr.irj: itij.ustioo than to expo*
lum ?eli t.. such ci uhilrgA He neVAT >?tVu>U?'d the sue-:
<?. --ful cvt-nt-of tbs war.roven dui nj;;. tho. most gloomy .
p?riode. lUMii:: drawn hid .firm Invath soon a-lu-r the |
adoption vif ta?- lash-ml cunstJtution and tho' Union
whins lf<*?tJl Wm*, aud having brea nu eye witness ??t
tfu'Tj'.^sMhd rtuvi? of-tlu-sc USaecuriug liberty niui pros
pot itv (rt home, mid inpnuumting un cxmuplo patin- op
ing ? ] in oilier landa, he felt an abidingeon v id i< ni that
tl?; A milnes u peopletwraid never sulTor the -not ellar
i.U+.iif UiVirjrightrt tobe destroyed. " To Uh- Constitution,
, as Interpreted by its Jriiincrs. li? has' over liei-h drvoted.
bollovirg that tho specific ~px>wera which it confers on
i thu Vexerai OovyrJinu-nL, notwithstanding the exp? ri
! ones'of tin last drvfrf&fvift? arj-J fujfuciont for almost
every miasiblc emergency, whether in peuce dr in war.
Il" th retare clauiie'ttfe ?oei?N-if merit it be simply to
.do o?i-'tt duty-tlia,t while In tile exorcise "f executive
fii?u1fi'ons.ite nev.>l> Viiia>ti?itaiiy kif ita prolusions. .
I y}t ina* be nbkvrvyd, that no extensivo and formidable
reuelioii of un InnmlmBr'peoBlei. bj^?%ujt o?b?sbluiheil
i liov-rnmeiil.. ha? ever irisen withr/pl 'ti'Wig train of
(.priMv.v.i^ un?? subsidiary emili's, ft* yr I umpuljottjaet nf
theniuVluix, thenefon;, is td preslfntftO the reader a his
?;tOMIPH sketch of the aiit. cedciits ending-'in. tho Ultu te
I b*Hi<ti. In poiioriniiig thi* task, tho'eye naturally
tiv< M .'self, as the starting point, upon (he existence ol
. lom. Stic slavery In the South, recognized and protected j
na thia waa, byllu' constitution of thi- United States, i
tvii-hiialinrft lactaire whether IVt-patrioyc ?ml oullght-.
tejiedSnuuprsacted with wise foresight in yielding their
sanction lo au inst il uti? m which; la In llllcif"a-grelitl su-i
dal (.il, though they considered Mils* tsinrnumsaij tn
avoid tag Still groiiter-calamity ol dimmlvina Uie Conven
tion without Mio formation of nnr Federal bulen.
. TL-, narrative will 'prow *\M th??!?S'dt;hial iud inn
spiriut.caJisjej) of all (fm fnt dre f?itVbles'?iHsf? be round
m tli-ioiNki fi'ttvCarid (lerrfi^teht hostility ol th? North.
? en Ao'.*lit.'o:i:s'tn.' both in liinl'iiut nf Coilgn sgailisl
ni thorn i lave ry*, .irtrli! th>< nit-tV triumph of their isiusc
.1. thc llcuV^u of. ri-e><i-lciit l.lnc'oFU : anil, oil tin- lither,
lu? ii.' Hie ,? om ?..?|ii'fidiirjr ?rait.V.?'S'r'i'snl and Violence wit iv
whi.-b Uli! a hm ati'idir slaVeyy resisted th.se (.norla, I
an i viticMuiicd u^p^nerv:'"!-*>..? ami extension up ;?> the
ii -r.o I of. t\iV'?:/-ui'i(.'' 'So excited w>re the parties thaT.
lia 1 the. infrtiled to fufn'lajf' material to luttai ie the
la--..i.ii? ri tin; une .igainSt;" t/ir ' -Mlu-r, ? h? M.. .ril.l not
fi; ii :u>2-'Wreit?fHy siiW4-eflM-tfi.nl?--' tluV did bj their
.i.jVi'i-il v 'iidnii'ti'W^aprV ?(.c'rrVViifiifttoil'-'.! 'rin*: struggle
.lon'.isiuj? .'without' .luh'nt'iHtfliMi for* m'M-A than i ipiar
? U v.v-r.i.ei -itiiri', i)x'e.'V<t'V\ ithfn th?,'hrh-f Inh'rVAl hatween
i V--a';';e'..f t!iiM:?imppini?-?e m?fef?liV(<?v.fi-ino*iii| the
i ji'i.d .nit,iii'' Mbispuri L'onjproniiae in ISM. durllM vi lu. h
>*ihu,'iibaC3c at?luigit Pf .ibo naHleS We*ei-itr>-.MU> allayed,
^p.4",u;:?iic.--;'<v,'ri? i-nti-rrAHibtV trin't the' slWIeirrit'hr.tlnallv
.....ni-.','.!., TU!-,-?:' Ut'?cefiir -pnmpl-ets, rt win apaesr,'wi-r<<
?'.Vu? h'Jrt^.d hy the .rcp'ljarilf 'ttl4s:eomiirl>nlll.4e.--aiiil Ike
sfr'ilg de was OtW fer.-e.w^l with' ib<>i-e:olfliVrii*B tba?
?iViir?, un Ul t(u J'uwl i-att^troiptje:, '*Marry gfWvium err"! s
'were ?iminiBeuoy hotl^Yiafttewfrririi-tln" bestiailng, but
...;L.I'.,AUO.-I fsSal^tb,em^v|wur;im sucrsssin *f Un- opt-;
i'?ot? Stat?i. ' . "." . ":': 1 .'* .'."-. '?'
.....?b'-i?4uth.,ic?lc? hlted.lil the"work will fuie* that Mr.
n-.u-^j'?ji/uerc-r'Tiile.'l', "?pon-'atl BTritabl?? bcooMons, to
warm ills.' CUtintO tueh pf the-sppi'i.^rlrfn^ AkTogbr, and i
;t?'?,aav.i*vllu-ai of tho rvroi'eT Tnenri>? lo'bVerltt. Both
beuu^iand aA?r he bfesmn i-tcirldeiit fie Was ali-earnest
-ii^vi^^ej?f 'cvii?tpro?iagc? between tho partii% to-Save the
. (Jiii-jji, hiltConxress dlsrtgardM ht" r..TolrviiH-ii,!.uir.iit.
liveu a?ti-r bc.liad, uii bis messages, ifxposed lb* danger
ous r'jn.litifu of public'.iffaffs^ and whed it h?d bocomc
uiiH ..il> i^i tun that All hts courts rd avoid ThoPivil war
wouhi\,n frfiatr?ijed By .agod??eB f?>'*?e^.oud b? eontrol,
Uno? rw?i?tentiy'rcJtWed U) pa?ui any tnrasuresenablinu
bim Orbis successor's To execute the lawsSgHinat armed
roi.is upi a-. or to defeud tliC'country again'sl approaching
r'ebeuiuh. . . * ? '-. ' ?' ' '
"jTho book courhtdes by ,-> notice of trie- successful
.1? ujiyftie. and foreign policy of.the Administration. In
the portion .of lt Mnc???iug"'??.rTTifati?n8 With the Mex
ican Kop ubini, a history of tho origin and nature of the
U^mroe doctrine is appropriately includrtl.'
" it has lu i p the author's tUtehtion, in thl? following
pages, tb verify ev?ry statement ' of fact by a docuineii- i
ta ry or other authentic reference, 'and thus save the'
reader, as far as. may be possible, from rclraiioe ou indi
vidual memory. From the use of private correspoud
enco he has resolutely abstained. -
" Wheatland, Huptembor, 1?66. J. B.*' *
The following heads of subjects treated of in the book,
will nive some further Ides of Its contents and charac
ter: ^ --.. " "
CHAPTER "The rise vail progress of anti-slavery
agltatlo'n; 1?he higher law; Anti-slavery societies; Their
foj-rnatlo'n au'd pro<!eediiigs; Their effect destructive pf
Stst?. cmauctpaboriiThrf ease' in "Virginia-, lim ploy ment
Of the pOst-oniccs to circulate luruiuliar}' publications
slid pictures among -the slaves-,' Message nf Ueneral
JaOkifon to-p'nibrblt thfH by law;' HI? reoommeodatioi\
Udlcated; Thc-, pullut, the'press; and other.agencioa;
"Abohtlou petttiorisr Tli? riso of Sn: extreme Southern
prp-alavcry party;Ttio fugitive slave law of 17'JJ, and
\h<i carfi' Of trfgR T*- VeithyjivsmWahd its pornicious < f
ft-(*is; The South threatem^seoesfclou'j^he course otMf.;
lJU'chana'u as Senator; The.Wllm?.>t proviso und Ita cpu
issuupncea- Tho Hbihn fn'serious daifgsr at -tbenieutiiig1
?flrtir :esB iht'S?cemlier, lata."
CHA? -EU ll.- "DeV?Blon of tho Supreme Court in thc
Dred' S,cOtt-caSoV'B?p'ildi?t?MI by-the Itt-publlean party
uu'd.'the. ti?iit?llia DCmorrAcj 7;S>iiHtu?ued hy.Ute old Dem-r
oVrii-J-; 'l^hi'Oran'Haa' U?oV KebriWka'Aet; Ths iiobiy"and
ptsiax ?fCttogrefcs1 towards'?the Ter-iiloiMes;\Abuso of
?msiiU-utiJucl?anan- fdr1 'rot edh'Sritirg-tdibe. Ctncum.iU
liltf?iim withppt fOtriKlation."
(kwta tVTfI'.-^-"<:?biigTetilr pSSsoHr-'nti-rnessures to
l'nabr.'iti?' r-resraprjr trr o-xecw?e the-laws b*-deiend th*
OUYcrnuient; they decline to revive the authority of the
Fu'dcrAtl-Iu^rctttjy iuB6uQr''CarV*in?,-'sufep?iUed by the
r.j'riignatioii ? .f all thu JiiatrctaJ'-' offieors; theyi refuse au
tfmrito-.tii calVforth'tbfc'hiflltiii ?rr: aclispweluttteera. W
suppress lnSiirrVi'tlon-against "tho -Untted'<8tatca, aud i!
.was iievcx. pr.tposed to grant an appropriation.for rtrm
pliriiotp;; fhe"Senate dedines' tbroui-nebtthe entire ses
sion Po*'Kct ??Wiu;t?d''?chmnaUbn-oT'a' HTciHeoto^ of'tao'
Port ofChafR'atori; Congress ref mles to ..grant tho PK-si
dent the. autlfirlty long miice (Vxp'rivrt.'-writt'Ii hlid boetl
g-faiitrd to Oennrat Jackson For tm>-exdIbeU<tm of th?^Nw
venue; the thirty-sixth Congress ex-'pbrss, (sating the
.law Just.js.n they.tmiuil it-general y^acrvaUona." j
\VAI>K 11 A .11 ITO\ 'S LKTTlCU. T '
, I .
i ? txpocttng bj 'cite, the State in L fow daya, for an un
certain period, I cannot do HO without expressing to my
tellow-citlKous my profound sonso of the honor paid to
rn? by. tho vote given to mo lu the recent .'Ioctl m for
< lovernor. In roturning my thanks to them for ths late
HpontaueliiiH and nxtruordiuacy. msnifjstUtiori of their
kiuilucHs, lt ts duo to them that I should state Un: rea
i.i m.' win- h i?duood mo td dociLne to bo u candidate. In
tbe first place, tho Convention, which gave thu clot lb ri
: ofo?v'oruor to?uipoopla, bud, wiUi singular unaninilty-i
though not in their publlucapacity-rcquasted tho disthi
1'iiit.iiml );ctJrnia:i who has bi en ole>;t<Ml to become a candi
dato for the omeo. Tills bo consented todo, though, doubt
less, at great pees nial inixinv-mieiiuo und a heavy sacri
lioo of lus pr?vala int. csu. TJudor these cireumstaiiocs,
? ilk- ut^Wlillng to do any thing that migbtjiauaa iv polit-..
ieal ooMskt in tlii^.state. . I Ihd?RftttiWa%*Ao gooup?alu
anse ut homo from such a contest, whilst it in:|!lit'do
us inllnite lUWdliRf abroad. Tho Presid? nt of tho United |
hiates bad Oxhlbltod not only a strong disposition lo l
(protect tho South-from tho radicalism of tho Korti',.'
but to reinstate UH in our civil ?nd political right*! "r
ftared that my oldction-by embarrassing bim in. his.
1 .hots andaiolicy -uught, ijicUltl'itally do liai ni to (ho
BlaicL.'..blipti'ii bul lp ih(.-?e. cpr|B?deratious of ? t'uldlt'
ej.^roct^rj dcti rring mo from nppuaring as a . .:..!. uti.,
wrc were otheravui ? private iiaturi" no less HLTOIIR
al) alfairs, nogluotod I >r live yeuis, imperatively' d?'?
m y. io ! my prrssaal attonlion. Had I luiiiovisi Hitit iijy
alsation us Wpvsrnor?Ol aid rv-ally ben. ::t ice KtSte, Ot
?sul-i.Mi-vii knyoi ber trus iuhireMH.'oo aaciifioe of a |>rv
vati natara, howeve.rgreat, would havodeterred mo f.Mfp
'VcetpUn'i ttrat or any oHn'r poeitlou IbM/hicb She m^;;f
iiayicailuil n.c- but regarding.my nomliiaUoju only r.K a
'eon^ilimirrib'iVorii -.dirie -oi my foi noir doini.ni ?, ; fi ji
at lhorty to deotlue, though deeply sensible of the hpiibrl
pail .Lo nm by lUttjiouitiaUuti. and tliomai.iier In wbicV
it Vah'Vot'eiic?- throiri.hoiit tho 8tnt?.' 'PIIIIHU riSWo'ris,'
.wlKb 1 b.<po ymi wlllicooetHtani and appreciato, im
pend mn to withdraw my name.. .lUvu'it Riven, {bo
..jaioiih for Uio courso I pura ned, 'Sn J ' oxpressod 'my
(banka for your sonoren- < i-nddcm e lu u??i I sboiihl, :
perhaps, rlofW*. Hut thc uvidcuce ye liav'e gi ..n ot your
kindm SA to ami con?denre ia uie--cx-donn.-tis um-.
pccUxl us it is gratifying-autli-.ri/.os?iiv, I tris't without '
prcaumplloa; to add a law wordnot counsel.
l'or yearn pu?t it bas 'battu Hu- boast ?il curt?ate that |
there waa imt onc-party xuihin her limits. ,ijoiiup''mla
bli- ami-Vital tiftthat state ..! nOuitea wa-A tluriigUp: wat', j
it is so*re???y>* n it nil. leas; so now. Krory a-i-A -.mon ot ',
thc lias*; ..v?T*r Aittv of Ute pr?sent, ?.very loue inf th.? ;
ru lure, bids us etui: to stand '"nbMiWpr.lpshoulder.*'
Thc work l-. fmv UH demand- all th--piitrint.-m, all I lie .
courage, all the oinlur?ntv ni mir wh-ilc pooali-, i.et no :
part> strite, no minor ir..?uos, no party pottle*, divert \
Its tr.nu the urtatt zlldpiessing work Of tin Imur-that |
ol reanii:;atuu;. H.- far as pu--ible, our proMtratO ami ?
blettding nfatft-.-'atid rilmhitatiiig. her, as speedily as,
may be, with thofornis, the rights, ami tb/- sanctity of |
tr*T.*mmnit and ol Isw.
That ba(lL wldcp wan lettm lied II few \ ? nL-..?mi amid
aVMCXti'tS >ir"J??iTi(l/i^. uhich*w-y-*1rt-iK?ti*i with
snell prcr?fttH uot^raMSrhlcftwa* ?tnt??! onFby such
oarncHt 'rayer*, hus sn (Teri-d shipwreck, n liehoovea us,
as w?Bfmen, to bitiid ot .-rif -i-jv*<'*ikimbers, as beat we
may, a raft, wbevtin-er we*jt*^*d?rtp>-??i> reach a haven of
ri stu-i'l Bau ty.
; lua) bc that when tin-form.- of i . .eminent are re
-t.fced, !u .. fr?, odo wot "jfifh nlU-wctl tom your late
Convention will be subjettttiii lu liar.i'u . rtt'lclnnl tfiuk its
action Impugned; shndd suoh..u.iihw'1'il.x. be the , av,
remember thal you. th-*-pcuplu-pt' South Carolina, atv
. opted this < ioiix i mimi at-pari ami jwricl ol' tba terms
of jrottr surrend*r. Tim Picude-nt .?ad ho shadow ot
authority, i admit-midi rip".Coii?U?iUH?u of thc t-i?ted
State*-tn order a cwiveutii-iJ.-iii, Ut(s,.v**,?v,iy other State; '
but, as a conqueror. Ive had tbr.i.iyht tdjiiffty, if not io ,
dictate, tenus. .'The tenuH offered by him you nave ac.
repted, and yon aro bound, by .-very dictate of honor I
mid of manliness- to abidir by thain, pouestly, anti to ,
keep, in good failli, the pledge.* >*!U ?au, given. 1 do
not. luv-eil, eomuir In Hy in all tho measures adopted by
tin- f'.'invention; but i shall cheerfully avti?csoe in th
action it took lu carryout faithfully the terms bgrcotl on,
and.l . xviUinitry- aei'ord'U' it high praise for thc manner
In? ?vliich vt. duclt?rg?d Its arduous and unwelcome la*
bor.-..' Nn'sinill?r bddyover rei>rcM-ntad mo-v-iurg-iy
Iban |idh**4bu dignity, the le-u-uwg* the virtue, and Hie
patrioti-n) i't Un- Sta,to, lind \ fin sure Unit :t was actu
ated i>y x-Trrv-'nriil -hi-rli inittlTiwtiT ??????I I i
Kuteralutug these vluw*, I think Urn! it i> our duty to
sustain tin- action of thc Convention in i-eeognixini; Hie
ib"oUttui>'t .siaTory, t- aftpport: tiw- d*-tf*l<'i|-M|ol thc
I'liited Staten no Ling ail,hu luafin -ts'XTIUitOitftioti t-.
reston- nil our right - a?- fi B?rerelgn Ktate, ami t" itive lo
-*?HB-iiv.wly?,lI?ladUl^ a ef-rlijl c'i-uprraijiui.jii lu
grave and r< sp.iii-ilile duties. Above all. fi t us stand bj ,
our Stat.h?-r n-coril'1sllMllo-rablo, her1 e ii'iiu-bt'ou un- I
lurn^Bhod. Hore is our count rx the land ?.Tour initivi
b*,'tb.c b'ome .-four affection. Hore all ..ur hope- should
cHiIr?: n"?ro xvo have *..r>h;pi? d th.- ("od "t our
tritberv: hore, muid litarreil nu l*b?aukeii))il min?, un- flu
?potM' *-*>e once loudly lulled .-.u ? homes-; .Mid; Muro XM
bui-ieiLlhc BHI? ? of. our kindred. Ml thru* naeri'd tn - ,
'ViprilrVtn ?iry !italif,.4ii-l U.i .-. mU iicsir -L ",lf
Te+Hig -1ml lrt-r-d#?.Mi.J J* -' . ? -' u :
..Ami, u< a rhlCTTwheii rs-aring nouuds motest.
?(Sings close ami rltiHttr io ibo motin ri* breast.
sollie loud torruiUaJ?i tin- ?a-blrlwincl'a'roar
.ffetiit bind us tn i/ur iiativvi l.in-i Ihf, i^''; c.''
1 trust that yuuMrjU p^rtUnVine Rir HM'IA venturing t-> ;
cpiiuv'l you. pejirrro, ri??-.- tiwi ir'?s in uti pre*>umptuou<i .
fceliriA tnat l db ??, but s ..(ely in an lu uest, sincere ami .
humbh; h i>. nf oontrllrittin-l kity mtt* M tho welfare I
ami Jumo-;.n ) pur ?jtulc What I lutve saul ha- been j
.liyiAetl oj yiriir rtwcmt manifeatationa of kindiieat lo
tn?-.' : T^iS-1 i-httll i hui'ish as ?in- of tie-- proudest reeol.
le?CliVns ol' iiiy J|fe, fdr it a-.-ur.-s me of your lielief that
I li:tvejt?V<> pi.cW-tiv duAffc, it ."fly 4>tn?Tfts for me, m
biddtnV- yuafl iar*w.'^l.',tV sa? Aliiii vPSWf " the State
tn-oils nix aervleew. abe has --nix to i-ouimaml, and 1
ob di obey. ... ,
'.-J uiii.'Yefcy li-iooi ini'ilx .ind grid.j.ill*.i Tour ,fcll--w
'ciRreu. : . VVADB l?MP??S.
"? li. . .' - "?- -.*.. . - ?-!? '-?>' i ". ' .
. ' T tl K 'li A N <? I Yt? OF HENRY WHIZ.
.? jj l?*>/"F^ni<f>-n<'.- of HT fi'fvy ^or/. -rimi <. ;
, WA?IUNOIO?;,'JFiTday. "Ko^ebitior'ib*-Wjrz was ex
edited tblA ni ilm m y ut 10i:tli o'clock. Notsidy who ?axv
bim die to-ttaywill; tliiiik any the less1 of Uro. He dis.
appointed all those who expected to soe bim quiver at
rho brink of-death.- He mut hhVfale. mit with bravado
cr di nanoo, but with'a quiet, cheerio* indifference.
iimii... oven playedtlpon hxu enuntciiance unlit tie ola. I.
coat abut.out Triim his eyes the'sunlight ami thc world
forever. Hi? -physical misery, wbatever it max havo
been, wa? completely hidden in his list and successful
effort to die bravely and without any exhibition of
trepidation or fear: so his step xx-a's steady, his.demeanor
calm, bia tongue silent, except as he offerod bp bis last
prayer, and rill bis bearing evinced more of Ihe mau than
at any time since his first incarceration. The crowd said
ho* was a braver mau than Payne, or Ilerrolil, or Atze
roth'. ; Perhaps lt iras the bravery of u desperate man,
who knows mercy ls beyond bis hope. Nevertheless, ho
met his fate WlUi..onblaacbed eye, unmoving feature,
and a calm, deliberate prayer for all those whom be has
doomed Lia pe^ecutors. He seemed to**tJSVe convinced
hfnbiclf uf libi/pw-nj?anocenoe, and hU last principal
conversation was tull of protestations fliat be' died un
jusUy, ami that others were just as-guilty as ho.
Y?'sl?rd?y afternoon,-Tionts- Scha-le, Wirz's Junior
counsel, communicated to him tho result of Iiis last ap
peal to the President. \Virz said he had no hope. Ho
was ready to die. He had sought and received religious
eprisolaUon,-and lt tuattoTed lltUc whether ho died now
or wa? ?pareil to'die a natural death,' fot- die soon he
must. AU attache of the Swisa Conquisto also called to
Ukcertain the resideiiL'U of his relatives, that they might
bo otllclally apprised nf bit death. Wire, said bc bad
boon greatly wronged by the refusal of the Sxvi*s Consul
to receive ."money tn enable htm te conduct bis d?
fonce. " . ..
- Wir?:' ate "his supper- ?ts- Aeualr arid retiring, slept
..-tor,.:-il> the best part of the night. This morning
u,r,oB0 early and partofk of a mod?rait- breakfast. Soon
after, lt. H. Winder, w ho xvus associate? with Win in
Uie oemmajid atykudi'EapnvUlu? n'-u-^Uoxved to visit him.
and thfttw* lmd> linii Cjoiv>?rha|iiii aovotcd to a review
of Oier>>"aYTer ar the Htdi'kirrh'r a'rt-xa.Sr of tho evidence,
ind mutual assertion"-'tirat they were equally .-guilty, or
raiher eajnajly Innocent; and ulai if Wirz desorved bang
ing, so.did WiudarA .WiifduE laen bade Wir/, au emu.
4wuiid r?re.w.vlik ki Jiuibpapt. tiKJUt -Aio.-k. Kir. Rebad?
was a-lmUt-d ?o\:n tarewejl interview, during which the
priBouo.r'rrivrat?tf Wu th?nkrt-'f?r his counael'a efforts/
ami expressed himself as to his iunoceuinv uuieh as be
had dono TH'fefC!, It la due to Mr. Schade te say thal be
baa been indefatigable in sticking to prolong the Ufo of
bin client. He tefl the prison at the close <-f the inter
.vle'V. and wilav.lp Ult! .^r^fth-nt'B.'wrt?-^ %tj tam tbirty
j flvtj >>e infvplf .!>.;?} appeal. VVJ?rjc. wu* bung at ten
After Mr. fjebade left Wlrz, his spiritual advisers;
e"?rth?rV liedle aii.l Wliget, e.htieri.-d and. rernstned with
bim un Ml lu- iw? led tor tl i. to thu scaffold.
Tho urrAngerountB'for tho excciition,:.Whicl-, had been
timtor the martagumiint of Major Huaaeli, i'rtivost aiar
sbal Af-Uie-District, and <lapt. Walbruige. commandant
of the ' ?iiiuoi?.: were completetl- at.au early hour thia
morning. The Htiaffbld was creatod in the soutborti por
' Hon of-the prison yard.- . Wlrz ia tho eighth criminal
who ..baa., benn m- .-ut^U uyou it, Woi>jlwi?.rd. for tho
mui doe. elf Alst .Wjfe, waa^JlnUgfU jtyic jail ;. yard nearly
tittyoii yearat ago. Samuel Powers, bung' in the same
place for the murder of yoong Lutze, nf Daltlmore. John
':eonrad: "kessler, of-Company K, lfXtd New York Volun
teers, hung in tho fUd Oapltrd yard December 5, lHfii,.
fbr tile murder of Lieut. F. Linzy, of tho same com pi
ny, at tim ?ixtlmtreet wharf. Augustim Hurd, oolorcu,
hung-onth* 3d of March, 1S?3, ?. iho Jail yard, for tho
murder of Oeorge Adams, colored. ConieUufl TueU,
hu Trm thc tail jard on-July jBi^Mtr*>| thu murder of
?b|srxt,ife, dharlegj fenl ou |uAv..rs.' of Mosby's gang. |
\ bung in tlie Old Capitol Vard, d"n Aggnst 28, for Violating
t bl? path of a?U-gtabcii ha'bini twie- taken. Qharlee Wiu
t lilli Js, '.IlBt Ui?ftfedl otate? CblprtxlTroops, Nov.imhor M,
for the murder of an MIIIVTIMWII eolored woman ut
Cu ip t:oBoy, Viriflaia, on thc nth of September pre
vious. - . t -.
. 7titv copai-.ity. of thc yard for hcMIng: HJUM tators having
ho ii closely e^Umated, direction- xfrrr giVOU by Major
-Uuskidl for thc is-tuu Ol two li'mdn d I ?eke ts of admis
sion'. Ho bad application* for Un bundr?<d. Tho hour
for tile execution not brin*;'generally knoyru, poopla be?
gan to fUirieulble as iarly Rsv tfe|ock;'t>iit no'one xvas
admitted to the var-i unUl nearer 10 Tba crowd who
rdibdn't got in at all noon bcr.-i?n< -.ery hi^ge. and was
cb: fly Comprjrfexl of soldiers; many of w hom well rc- I
mo whored Andersonvillo Tie' fai-Hifi^s for oimerva
llrt; Tor Una outBido crow.1'v.-i-re f-fw -chiolly confined
tO t.i 1 .tojis of a rcw'of sliade Ift-ei in tho cuidtol ground*,
afi v htpjB.e..tvvpR, ami Un-'d'une nf tiro -?:?; u.-i. a quarter I
of: mlle- tristam. .Tho bonacitcpa w?ro'p?Uiptod ai an
6iX ? liorir.'ancl favoriibP-'-ilSc?? "r sce'ing coinuiH:ide.d.
a p. oinlurn. . .. -;
At lt) -?''dork, all bring TrAil).M-ij finamlUand Capt,
Wa .or.iie.o and tho gnard'?titei-i ,i Wlrz'a room io bim:,
hin? 'o Uio'fvcnffoUl". Wir^gr'-i i"! tbeoflii-ers in a ipii't
?ij,d ? isy ni innor'rTfo had'l-JM**! engaged f*>r tho pri>xious
.n?u' ivltb ihn confessor?, ami itow cohiplio.l with Uie
J&V i'^M? PtVliaro for tho final M-OIIO. Without'any i v.
Jhij^t,?b of nervoubiie^s.'beg'Vcti 'in^lulj;?<13n pleasantry
as to. bjus apiioaranro. In Tp?'lfla .K Ahfiflitl,' rlbd said, also,
thit "-Vx''.bopeil to bavn ? .vrhtl* ?own^.i Ai." ? The otu.
ca rs p? o, eeded to VtVnmii hi? ?nbs' bellin I bis liAei", but
'foufiA the" hkmlcuflfs would not slip on to bis right arin.
"lt boin*; much swollou. lila huib? waiw^tbereforo .ali.
- i : r . , ?rTT7 i? YT i
li'fl In c Until ho roached til? scaffold.' An they WVTV
having Un- room. Wiri taratta lo thu inaiitiii ami with
aa lunch nonchalant*!;*? if hr had been in a bar-room,
tunk up a. bottle of wlusky, and pojiring out a liberal
draught, drunk- lt down mp apparent! Tcilt-h. Tilba
taking a oliew of b>baccb. he jook hin1 piare hi llie proivs
sion, which was led; bj the ltnvrmt 'Marshal, then th.
two Priests, then Wir/*, Iber guards next, spa Capt-:-Wall
bridge in thc rear. In which, order' they wtbriiltod the
scaffold, tin- prisoner exhibiting iriuehSteadiness in bis'
ntovemeiits. Stepping ilpoii tho tr.m/ho'iv-irtiM'lliriiK. lf
ll|H>tl a Kiwi, the ?flQ&L />tf ar><m I/.'Tv 'hlM fatal muire,
dangling OM I- lils Instil', Mal.' rtiis?,V>l dion bfcjrraileil (<>.
read the orden reciting Ifiu'uuillug bf thc royfrt. MW) the
approval .-f Uti s?it|(eu?? by the Rmiqcnt. ?? . .
'jiu- |:rlwui?|T Was charged' amt ,cVitjylctMiw:c*ottbln
inp, eotifi ileratinj: ttiVd consplrinri'wiih '.jOTSraon Davis, !
I. A. Seddon, Howell Cobb, lohn H. Winder, l.'i.har.i
H.. Wiudi r, Isaiah. While, W. S. Winder, W. ShcloV Heed.
lt. lt. Stevenson. S. I?. Moore. --- Kerr, lat* itbspital
Steward at. Anibireoliville; Janies Uunein, \Verley W.
Turner. Ih ii.ianiijiTTarffc, and other's, whoso names are
nukunu H. aiiii'wuo weW. tbcu'r-ngag>d in iruwt rebel
lion Sjgaliist the rnitod States, In malioinibdy, Halter
OUsl) and in violation of (He laws of \V:ir, to Impair Illili
injure the health, and to.destroy the, lives, liv subJcctlUg i
to torture ?nd gvoBAstUTdruig, by ijonjihirig m unhealthy I
and nnwTiol?Hi>Mi<e' quartoT,, by bxpoaing ,b\ moquete,
m. le y nf whiter, and to the dews And burning ?nm of
hummer, li; ? ?iii|H;Hln|*thW6as1 of impure water, and l>v
tm ul-Jiing Insuinelenl ami unwhof?<ioine fobuVnf lurfeo
limnbrrs bf Peib-rai'priMtnvr*. ti> wir, ibo humber ol
about 15,01)0,held ^prisoners of war- it AndersonviUc,
within the linea of llienmlealletl OdufederuW Stales, on
ur before th<*-'J7lh <if kfereb, MUN, and at .UvVrs times
between that doy and (he loth day of April; ihtift, to tin
end Unit tbii^iiii-siii thc Ui?Jtal?batfijLmight be weak
niicd aiekimpniri-d.'iind that the mmH?nta .iigai.Mil m
iirnirn rimidli'itV^^n^erne t inb-n^iK-K-ntV^lk be Oldod
ami comforted. Ai-.. AT. . . ... ,
Til? onler states that thc prisnnm- wu* mund giiitlv af
tin- secoml charge, MA., Murder,-iu rtohjtlon ol the taw/*
and eimtoniH of war, ?iud nu ii ty, nf all thc spot;! ftcati ons,
excepting the fourth, tenth,ami tiiirtov-iitli. which three1
si t I?.I th that he killed a .prisonerhjf.puowtfag him wu.lt
a revolver: I hat h<^ ur decyd a toiiiiuVl ti lire upon an
other with a revolver; arni that UvFU>V puother with a
revolver, HO that be died. .,. . ,... "
Th.- order concludes m-follow* I* :
S-Ht-if.-And' tlio 'court .?b.-T|ipref.vro. snit.n.e him J
Henry Wire, t.. be Imngetl by tU? nc! k until h. ls .h ad.
ai snell tim.- and placeas tltl'TTo^ident of th. l uina
staten may dlr?-vt, two-thirds pl QiC't?chtberil ..: die
court eon. niling Hi?rela. . .. ! "1
And Hie court also lind thc'pri's^?er. ?. If pry Wini,:
guilt) ni biiviiiu rniiseil Hie il$|itn;*lu jr.. tiitninirus ul
leged in SpccinVatlOII ll, charge'J,' hyjli-'ali? ill .logs. .1'
tl.i. .- iirisoiiers of, w-r III hi- ? ii?t.i.tj" ana soldi... A ,<< tho
I n::, il Slab -, oin- ov'iu'rt'ifig on olabout lill; l?.h day ..t
".lay. ISf.l: aiiiitiic?lih'dURl)?k:??lA 'of ftbrAit' tin lilli ".I iv
. 1 july, l.si.l; Hledln i ; t.i-e'un jl^' 'tiff 'CW hbo.lt the I ."t
daj of September, Yw.|. hu', \vlucb fiiii.Uli?. !?s bero ex
pr. 1--.1l. has not and lU'liiot'iiuter 'itiXu'.lbu Holltelice of j
ile- court as before Ktvoju^. .,. . '.' '
fi.10. - J Ju: pKy^^(|igs,|i^dbi'g and sj nlciu i m fije"
?oll gi ling i a-. f,a\ in . bueu.sui Juill.il to'tbe Preslilcill'
..: lb- I na.-1 Stan s. Un,-r..Il?.\\ji|ig ar.-Til-i.o-dei-i : . .
l-'.x.v i TIM: ty&VitjjS/'lCovi nit er :i.
Tin- i recced lugs, Duding otid seiitetlO?.?i' thc court in
lin- withai i - a - e. un- npprovetl, and .t Itt Wilfreil that HW
-ei|fe)]ci? beTiifnrtl fliito.-e^oeiitrrrrrljyjlie elli, .-r eonv
inandliurthe Deparftnent oW^mtVr'rr.ti: Ir?i4?rida\. the.
TCtb '3?> of ffpvjemlter.; ltuVi, Itctweell the hours of -ix
.01 !,oek in Uu uioritiuu ?iid twehe iiVlock. neon.
* ' ANDItF.W ?OrfNStlN*.
Ti' rY-rz-.PrerideiiLui thc l iut.-d .'?tillea.
T' ii^/t^Xaio?s4i?derhli.(!;. C. Alijjtfuvtdoiiiinati lin;: the '
Di |iartmetlt pt -Waibirii?l.ou.jir: e.uuiuaudi,d to ea.l^. :he '
l-l-vCftillg tv-Alb;!* e. .iq Itl'e . use pf ll?lin ?\V|ra. to uv
duly ex. eut.-d in aceordairce w'i??i'tls- PresVuent'ftlinler.
/"'pirM.-'Hie-.-Militaijy .C.iiipnisi^.?u, ol' which Major
llitnerirr.ewis AVidla'cc-. .Vnltid States Volunteer.-., ls
President) 1 ?<? lu reliy ais^ul^cd, ln, -comriuiiift ot tin- I'mi- ?
dent id the I'uUcd'Stiftes.' ?
thighed) ' ?il.. R. D.'TOWNSEXD. A. A. t..
Thc readiiui was tiuisltcd''at 10.OO, arid Wlr7 was di-J
rafted trrntand. up. ? rilnjor Russell asked him if I.e. had
"a1li}irhlrVy til'ehy rrt?diely. to which bc. replied "No."
Father Boyle then melted the service of the catholic
( burch fdtf trjr*-djtli]{, to whjOjh-**jipj ^.sponded in a lou-?
During these uiwrn.onieiits.sbf.utH could be heard frnfn
the soldiers in the tree tops' of ''UaUR bim." TAuder
aonviUe." 'TtcmemUer.Aiidi'rHouvllle," aud others not
calculated to i"Tt?a? ?1? i.ii... .UiHv.iiior. but ho paid
no attention to-tbom, and preserved his cheerful expres
sion Pf couuteuaqct- throughout.
At thirty minutes past ten, his hands and legs havuiij
boen pinioned by straps, thc noose was adjusted by
L. J. lticbardsijn,.Militar}- DMMtive, and the doomed
man shook liajidk .u iii thc . nne-t? and ofrlcere. At -
exactb' thirty-two minutes past ten. Sylvester ISallott,
another detective,'?it Ute ?iigu.il of tbe.Ptovoiit* jt'arshVil;
put his foot upon the fatal spring, the trap fell with a
?navy nome, and thc AudersouVille juilnr was duugbug
in the uir. There were a few spasmodic convulsions of
the chest, a slight movement of the extremitii-M. and all
WSH ever. When it was kuowmin the street that Wir/,
was hung, tho'vofdlcrVj se$t np a loud ringing cheer,
just Sllcb a-< T nave neafd scores of tjmes on the buttle-,
held after a successful charge. The sufferings at \nder
sonville were loo great to carnie the soldiers to do other
wise than rejoice at MI.ii a'death of such a man.
After banging fourteen minutes the body was exam
ined by I'ost-Sirrgoon Ford, and life pronounced to be
extinct, lt wns theil taken down, placed upon a stretch
er, and carried to the hospital, where the surgeons took
chargtt of it.'
N'o sooner had tho scaffold and thc rope done its work-,
and become historically famous, than relic seekers be
gan their work. Splinter's from the sciiffold were cut off
like kindling wood, and aduzco feet cf ropo disappeared
almost instantly.. 'Trie inUriKisjti?il hf the guard only
saved the wliolfl 'tldng1 from ticing cai ried off III this
manner. . --. . . < . ' :
j ' Tin- MU jc-o? . held ll post-mortem, aud an exainin?iUiWl
'of the" heel showed Um vertebra1 to be'dislocated. His
right arni? which ha* bec?, the chief cause of bis ph) ol
eui thjsjnfy. w?/?JFC?,,a'1 eoaaifliiri in consequence
of un old wound having biokeft dur hTresh. Ills body
also showed severe scrofu?tld vrupUuti.s. 11
Agreeably Ul ^request ' from .Wira, Falhe.r/ Hoyle re
ceived the "body to-day, and d.t'.iTor.-d it to an UlideTUt
, ker, wbo.W?I inter it, to await thoorrival of Mrs. Wira,
'who ie ?vr*','t''d soon. Wir/, left few-.-or-no earthly
- e*i^i"ts. Tho only things in his ro.Au after Um execution
were a few aclicles^ of clothing, some tobacco, a ITtttb
fwCaahfJajwSumai^MMm af QunaoaiBaZbn the Apoc
.aiypbe", 'irVirt .1 eutrwhtfh ^raa 4W?at?J*J*i.companion.
ThiH is all tln-re is Lett of bim. ; ,
'***' ?"<fAItP--.:
-respectfully ask for. aid. from their .h^fw-jsl'tlienJ of
Charlestop in tho purchaso of a NEW KNUINK AMD.
APPARATUS. ?i ! j I lill'.
: .In mailing tbis; aiqical tp"i the public Uicy, would otate
that this Company was formed in ISfJ, and ;tbat their
Eitgine lit now' completely-worn' o'iit-*-R having been-Iii
service liftoeti yearH. They, thereforo, "cbnfldchtly* ap
peal tothrb-ifUc^'-eiUze?s.if?AlliigBatis?tsl that, In view
of their past services, a gcfiefcniil public will not deny to
them that.iud which., Willie Increasing the efficiency of
their Company, will, al thc same time, atld to the welfare
and Safety ot the COmmUBity.
Subscrlption? will be received by dither of the under
signed i'om m i (ten, who will tish upon the citizens:
Wards Xi?fi'a&Z.-jit? HAWKINS and H. FER
RARA. .... r
Ward .VD 1.--Y. K. MICHEL Md ?.. M. WljlTlNCi.
HVirj A'o. 4.-R. aUAV and THOA. DIXON, Jr.
H ur,/? liai. r. a?W 7.-P. V. DUNNINQ and W. H. SIG
WALD.. |. . ? I 1 . ,T- i .
Wur,l.' ,Vdt, tl Ort-.' 3. -S.' f>A'v?i8 ked w JACBBOK.
I most cheerfuUy solicit, for the MAlttON *I>IRECOM
PA NV, the aid they require -their engine, from long
service,being almostusclosa M. H. NATHAN,
October 37 ' ? TP ' ' " cbiof Kira Departmant, ?
I - 1 ' -
..JfrrUB?^?jflOTIOBj f?^fiOE CLKRK OF
CulTNi'l'l., NovcmCcr lo, lrffiA.'-Thc atUntlen of own
'era sud tenants of lots ta"'hornby dlroctM to'.the foUow
leg f ?... ; i . ; i ....... . ,'U'
live*/ owner, lessee, occupant sud-touant of any
pr. luise,, fronting on any Street, lane, alley, or opc|i
/?pufl. idii'd on evtry day MUHjdaya yxeiqiU-d) have the
dirt, nlth', garbage er OtboTomi, plaViyT'in front of ins
in brr lot, iii a IM rn I, bo?, 01- heap, and In read mea: lor
the scavengers, by 9 o'clock, A. M. And any pm-sou of
fdadlrig !t> rein, or placing any.dirt, liltb. snirbago, or
ditter otf-i', after tho hour above named,'will bo uubjrict
to a Uno of not less than fl nor more than 9b for each
and every offonoo, to bo unposrd by tho Mayor.
By d>deV:. . / ' ,
.Movembe?il . . W. B. 9MITJJ, Clartvof' OounoxV
HEADO/llS MIT, UtsTltH'T ?IF C H A It??flCIUi, i
fin M-.i v.-ir. .s, R. C., NoveniW JQTSBWM 1..
(OMnthAL ()w>Kn?. N<h i|H.j . .. ... i ,
lui: I. I.S URDLU THAT THK ?"?lf'Pi).'.MAV 'ME
>mr\t t-li iT, :iiul dividid In accordance Ivitlr Miliiori/rd
contracts', all pcrinllA for trndc abmg tlir inoi.-i ni lin?
District aro hereby rescinded, and tending ujiuii themis
PAIL II. Any parties carrying ou au illogan hi rile rea Oie.
will, ri Hi h ir Unir vc?,.r! and ?tock babb. U> con Ipi."lina
;onl tln juHi.lv-s tn IIIIIILSIHII, nt " ""
TAU. Rfc person* engaged in Ibis tm Ad will- Uko Itu .
mot?late nuti. i>. ot tin? order. .
Dy con.i.uand wi llfcvet .Maier (icu. t MA;.., Di'\? s'.. '
? * f.Eft W. hVlifRf.n. 1
Xhvember Y5 ? rt ' AMiHkftt 'A<ljiktnnfc?lf1n<-rali
ll LAIM i'KS 'DEPARTMENT QP^KX'fflll, li
Hi I.r<rx lilao, tri. Oo.-Nov.-?u 14G*.-- j
.{.\i.K.Nt:lHL OH1U.RS, No. O'J.l ...
I N I ll. si .Ml TiMI s AS ?nrtTED STATE?* COtiRTH
shrill be duly auTiiof'/.? fl ?nd itut M oponrtloti Itu Ute
Mat? ot'Si.utii Carolina, kt.UUhe duiy.uJi U|u MiJiiary
Atith.ointji-'t *to-i<|lotd loll und ample proltH-Uoii lo'ofli
cera ami agents of Ui- United Slates Iff thu tuaeuvrco of
Ui/ ir olin til duties.' ?.'i.l . i ? : ?? ; . v
All civil ojfmcr? atiil mn;?iMiates arv hereby noUiied
'that tln'-r will not !>. j rio'if. /f itu caii-*c thli urn-?,, of
United States rtlBt'ora-jS akeift?. or U> I nanti any uni ,.r
Injunction or oliicr civil pra?wMj r-ileriMled to Impede
or embarrass them in the diwhargu ol 'tbetV-dtlQea.
<:i.?oiw made by riUseua for iiroperty io tho custody
of, or inalim<\ tty/siiclf ofltecrs or agent*'.'neting'tu h<
Ir?lt of thc Utiifail stat?*, mar -be art Indicated hy tho
i'mvoKt t.oiii-t-i..wiUi tho right io Hii'CiiLto DISU-MI Cpm
maulera.. Iu.w,. of doubt, lhe~custotly of (bu proper
ty claimed will in- K*mimi-t1*hy tin- Mirft.?ry Wu thorn ie-.
iitiHM'ivlH-'ourt*urn established, or i.riurtf ibr.it* diipo
taU.ara revaired (rom, higkw. auihoritjt?, .
Hy comuiutid ol ibypr-ttciierul >>. \. aiLtaiohfe,
offtcwi : . . ?.- w. i., M. iftritoRtt.'
N-.veinb.-r ir. .'{ Assistant AllintanHTcnurul.
: 'if KA IM/l'A RT r. I ts. )>T-IV\llTMr>NTOK Kl'., I ~
HILTON liCAli. S..-C. >oi\\ e; !!*;>. j
?t?Kh l,l'.*t. OliliKHh, No. lid.;
Cl/ES. that bavti been Wt with, br loafrtPd lo th" people
o?s..nth Carohnir fur tbrir temporary ?*<*, under thc
ptn-tulnf-ion gcaub--t in UetieraJAV? :i. .SHLKMAN's or
der ol April milli'. IMA. willied' be Wk! il poRiwaMn ul
by'tlic agi-riti of the 'Pn-asury DIT-S?MII.-MI Without au
ihorit) from thi-rtr Headquarters, or from blgbur Mili
I tan*)authority. Uouiiiluie hit;;..ot. ail auch prop- rty.
I wlu-titer licliluging t.. the I'nite'd state's by reamnis??f
' purch?w*- rbptnfe, or ImpresnnWitt. or to'lba'l?ui Cunfe
I dural.- Stat- s, with thujiaDU.-S alid.-n-t-lilciii'tvof the per
I siutn^baving it tu j-o.i.ii.>.->:on,.w,dl I".' mad1; "ut by bia
i trot t'oiiimuiidcr*. for ?luir ft'?qM'?rtiW disfrlcts, us soon
' .1^ pritcnrable, Atttl f-irw:n-.lf-l to th.- n-Tiii r-t?uuiti Mu.is
lei . .; tie- li. jul uncut. All .anttptdn bi-ai|il. d vi*. K."
will IM- regarited aa 1-eluugUui to Ij-e l inbd males, and
I .Will b- tal.i o .K . o.mt ol'. AhlriiM- liRAidisn "I'. H." with
''"I. <. ,.r'-.'.' iw-v>nih.-wdV-b<-- n'^-ttrdt-irl-'as having bts>n
! regularl.v and p*"c?perly i.liM-"r-d ijt by-Abp yuttuilKtati -.
I and vj..! nut be. laKijii account of eaceptunon evidence
hui iran i. In rhV-'Uiitw-ltcii bt kiibwn'nfarlrs' bl- bnimls . i
tb" Alte ro-rrt"'-.!.-'!-.!!- Minti -, v-Tnl.rtii i-ii.tluU, anbuals do
! ni t rtr.htiuiiy l-viitiu.to Uu,-;p.iriio? ..l-iiving Ahv-m Ul po-.
s-Mtsion. mun In:good, t<> lusUfy tticlr being' takeu p--s
lonofb; ile t'lillcr.srat'ei*.. 'AHVnA^'erQoHMwill
: he' HtlrVAl iteeo'ttrit ?-f and Ibo ?*.-, idiruoo-n porhjih -j
i . -il'hi: luau ot Uii? prv-pvrty .\y:iK. py.tira-s a-jiuc liersomi
i errouvvusly suppose, a wiri ol tin-' cimveiiUoTi between
Ut-nerals sli.'rm.m and !? iitt-t--ir. MiiVif1 U WWft'"?1 any
' i: i . Ih'-lie e?ll?d in 1er th- -M i-- aird ln-sei>i u?.tb<.-United
I StattiS. . . s, ... . -- ..
i . Jiu- niuuctliati; atlenti-.-n 0i?rD'uUfM-d ?omm?ini'l?'l - w di
, be iirrt-cb-ir'toth'o'exeeutWn t>roit*bmer.? ' . 1
I . Uv r'oi?rimnd-ikf flIajcr-ti*nr.ral-?Tir A*- ein-'-atoi-.c
! .Othilia!:.. -. . . . ,., - -JS" , \Vt. Lv .M.. J?UKi.Ut.
November 15, jt^ A.ssi-titi} A'd j 11 (.i n t- (ii-ni ra I.
. ?txru lii9Tiii<.'-tvi;u.t.Ht,i:erv*i. H. C., }
Nrtvet?ber I'MhHtSK )
H^USE MUblMbmcut of, tho i'iuied.i,ta!4.. lp.the sixth
Dlstri?li or h'av'lfi*! busihoni w ith fto'iftnie, are^notlftad
Unit 1 have this day l>4'tj ri hev.-d b> tfttdCZS Bi<%XiLI
SON, U. S. N., Lightboiisc Inspivtor oi thc Si).Ui Dis
Ltftflrl ? * IT2 F A * . * * M J ?j'----,
(Signed/ 'r "'1 . c-HAhr tr-fJoirrELLT-:,
. -: Afl#wU?t,li. S- Ooajtt bnrvey,
. .I^tc Lighthouse In: cy>r Sixth uistnct.
Tlic attention of Lighthouse Keepers, and eil others
cotuic-dud with thu Sixtii. Lighthouse Jbotrict, is called
to tho above notice, and all reports wiU bo made in future
..... .o -.-; - ir.na ?? ..- o.,^^-. u?'>Mv-.?iD thh, city
(Siguqdi , ..!.>. . .i'llANCIS B. ELI.lhO.v;
Lightboiiee Inspector iBixth District.
HA- Savannah papers please copy1.' ' '
November 14 . i . :: :-,. . G
CHAtiLltsTONi November IS,' 1885. |
\ / will bo open between Chafluslou and Edisto l?ver
(21? miles). .
Passenger Train will leave St. Andrew's Depot for
Edisto River, on Xutsdayfj Thursdays and ?Vnbo-Wayj, at
V A. M.; rotoruUig same days, will arrive at St. An
drew's Depot lit 4 P. M: " '!- '
l'util tho Company's ferry ia re-established, passen
gera can cross the Ashley Uiver at tho New Bridge Kerry
For additional Information, apply at tho Company'
Otttee, S. l?. R, lt. Imildihgs, John-street.
' H.' S." HAINES, Eng. and Supt.
' lNotomber'13 . H.' . . ''':}'.. ' ? .;..'. . ; \>G mwf
-. OlUKLKa-toN. S. C.; NOV.*Otb. Wt?. j
.. Passenger Train will run tho following Rehedule:
'i^ave Cbarl.st.-n..-.v:'..:'.'. \ .'. M.
Arrive'at I'hsrlrston.i AW -VJ.MA P. M.
I^ave lL)pluhs'.,TurnoUL .,. ...,.TA. M.
. Arrive-nt Hopkins' Turn-out.-. *. V .x.. .9M1*. M.
? .: .-...' ...... . ,H..T.. 1'KAKK.
. November 7 , , . Geperal Superintendent.
N?fiR in the City, are again ' lb poimnaslon of their long
.?UblfBbod and w-oll . koowri Ofttce. Ne". 8 BKOAD
STHKE1', wh. ro they ar? fi-t-mihg Policies of Insurance
against loss by bru, on. fkvot-abl? and !aoeoramodaUng
j terms. lOHri H. 0o-N'OUB..I're?i'lont.
J. LAWRKNCH HiDNotr-?. Secr?tairy anti Treasurer.
November IS ' '?' ?_
Comer ol King and Market streets.
Ambrt tty JX:IH ; it. 50 <soi i \? e? MU h.
November 4 ,mo
-O-- : ra I
known llak.-ry. No. 60 Tra.ld-stroot. 1 amllleit
wisblti|r a good article of well baked Loni Bread, are re
queat?d'to hare their orden ?4 baikenr.
Ho ha- pio.-,ur?xl competent cort drivers, and win de
liver broad bratty part ol the eiry.%- 'J .
NovemtHirll V. . . i J. 0. MAHflU ALL.
rcaaouable yarms Mr faa LEApiNG.'NKWKl'APKRii
in the Son'lU. ?poeimob obpte? can be Been by implying
to . ,. ... i . HplLACKY. KUUO,
P. 0. Hoi a|l. . ; ' ' Wp-.lW*layiet-Htroe4.
Advert]sera willan' weil to oAU.1 Boptembor U

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