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Go-.. Jenkins, of Georgia, Inaugurated.
r.i.v.'T BY OREGON.
fow York Marko i
Titi/vn*.; jrutlon o?" Hie Governoo rf c?eo.-gln..
riIi;.;..:i)aKV.'^LE, l'ccem'icr 14.-Oovornor .TEN?
?IS/ .<.. i inaugurated hore at noon lo-day. in his
addro-.s to tl?o Legislatura bo baya thero will here?
after bo no conflict betweon tho Constitution of Ute
United states and tho Constitution of Georgi
and that tho laws of thc United Scatoa will bc su?
pp':: . lio paid a hands une tribut-.! to the good
conde. '. ?t thc negroes during tho war, und say*
th- .y iiKtst be thoroughly proL3CtoJ in person and
prop* aud have (he right to enter Pic Courts.
The;? uro tho best working class, and their late
owners 'ic best employers in tho world. Qc re?
viewed tbs condition of thc State institutions, and
says thai even tho light tnxos will ho burdensome,
but h i poa hy a system of good management that
tho ?eenie may not sn (TIT. At the close of the
address Provisional Governor JOHNSON handed tho
gre:a -eal of Georgia to Governor JENKINS, who
took the oath, and waa thou declared by thc- Pre?
sident . ? tho Sonato Lho constitutional Governor
of Georgia.
" lie Proceeding? In Washington.
WASHINGTON, December 14. -In tho United States
Bonni . this morning, Mr. FOOTS offered tho asnal
resolutions of respect on tho doath of tho late Sen?
ator COLLAHEB, of Vormout, and Bovcral other
Senators joiuod in paying a tributo of respect to
th'- memory of the deceased.
Tho following are tho Committee appointed by
the TIouso to take into consideration the condition
of the s< i-callcd Confederate States : Messrs. WASH
BOUTWKLL, BLOW and lioosns.
Tin iiooao resolved thai all papa/s -?r.oh may
pe ult: red upon inc condition or to? eo-cuucu.
Confederacy, bc referred without debate.
No members shall bo admitted from any Stutc
or States uutil Congross ?hall declare such
Stalos, or either of them, entitled to representa?
tion. Several eulogies woro delivered oa the ?loath
of Senator COI.LAMER.
Odicialinformation received at tlio State Depart?
ment- annoimced that Oregou has ratified the
Couv.it: i'.ional Amondniont.
Latest from New York.
N.-.w YORK, December 14.-Cotton firm. Sales
fmr thousand bales, at 50 cents por pound. Naval
Stores quiet. Gold 46.
The Sinking Fund.
A decidedly interesting papor, bearing thc above I 7,
title, was read by its author, Hon. F. A. CONKLINO, j
before tiic Geographical and Statistical Society of
New York, in session in Clinton Hall. In the ab?
sence of the President, Mr. AncnnuLD RUSSELL,
the Vice-President, occupied the chair, and intro?
duced tho orator of thc evening to a select and
highly appreciative assemblage.
Mr.' Conkling prefaced his trc atm cut c f tho sub?
ject, bv remarks on national debts in general. He
considered it to be the duty of overy patriotic etti
2011 to compress tho burden within its narrowest
limits, and provide for its immediate removal, as
each generation had sufficient labor to meet its
own emergencies. Moreover, it being thc wish of
every property-holder to leave his heirs an unen?
cumbered c3t?to, each generation should pay the
debts by it incurred.
Having alluded to tho financial theories of the
French encyclopedists, Diderot, Condorcet and
others, tho speaker advertod to tho national debt
of tin: United States, lio scorned the assertion to
tho effect that it was a blessing, and stated that
tho people had resolved, by the next Presidential
election, tu read a lesson to those financiers who
had sought to reduce such a theory to a practice.
Having glanced at tho financial condition of tlio
.country in thc past, ho proceeded to review tho
origin and adoption of tho sinking fund system,
which had been first proposed hy Earl Stanhope
aud subgcqncnt?y carried out by Sir liobort Wal?
pole. Ho considered that the adoption of that
eyytc :i would bo the host means by which to ex
tif.",".i i: a national debt, which ho considered thc
gre .' . curso that could rest ilium u lund, ir any
example -.vere required, continued Mr. Colliding, j
the right of England, whoso rich men aro tuc | "
richest and whoso paupers arc tho poorest,
and who is gradually losing rank among nations,
would tarnish sufficient proof of tho terrible ef?
fect i of a constantly increasing national debt.
The speaker then traced the progress of tho ad
horenci to thc sinking fund system iu this coun?
try, and urged its immediate adoption. In con?
clusion, he stated that, assuming that thc sum to?
tal ni' : lie -public debi would reach the amount of
three thou- ind three hiuidrcdmillion dol?ais, the
following pr ipositious wore incontrovertible :
Thu l\ -wirec millions of dollars, annually invest?
ed and improved at tho rate of six per cent., would
extinguish tho debt lu thirty-throe and one-third
Sixty-fix millions, annually invested nndiiuprov-,
ed in the same manlier, would achieve a Uko result j
hi a little less t!ian twenty-five years. , p
Ninety-nine mUlkius, annually invusted and im?
proved as above, would be productive of similar
effects in about eighteen and three-fourth years.
Thus, then, was thc sinking system vindicated j \
by plain facts and figures.
Mr. Conkling'* remarks, to which a few lines
caun.'l d<> iostico, were listened to with marked
atto- ' ont. At the conclusion of his
z.C \- 'Ss, Hon. (J P. Daly moved that the mailtt
soripi be deposited hi thc archives of thosocictv, .
ann a copy thereof handed to a committee for pao- j '
heat ian; which suggestion was adopted. ' I
After an announcement to the effect that an ad- j t
dress on "Cotton" would be delivered toforelhcL
organization by Edward A. Atkinson, Esq., of Dus
ton, ou Thursday evening next, au adjournment ! '
was li id. ! (
Foreign Intervention.
The oracular GvoUte?envi?n has ever been h
ono nf il?; pit h iou t pieces of wisdom handed do
to ns by antiquity, in a liberal English trana
ihm, these two Greek wordsarts represented
lite homely proverb, '.Mind yonr own busbies
Un!, Uko many other wiso saws and anden' ?
aianecs, ii is no longer considered binding b> o
enlightened modern?. The maxim nov seems
ho. never mind your own affaira, bat ho saro
pry ?ni-' yoar neighbors'1. Wu were forcibly .-tm
with Ihis. somo limo ri go, when wo saw a long h
ter of r.dvii-- lu thu pi- of thc- Unitod .Si::l;
Ly JOHN STIMJIT MM.?., -i. P., tho renowned Ku,
??sh pub?cist, ami learned writer nf heavy, ni
readable honks. That Air. MILL should f;;vor h
ignorant firamKitlantic cousins with the light
his vvi-.ii>;:.-, and suggesL reforms and imprnvi
tnenbi in oar nji'.fonal r"*^-."? "" :,.>
arbon we <.? ??si 'cr. thai i.tiglaml no longer ?ffor:'
tnyncopa i'-.- !.? ; i ;!)or?. f?li?kc ALEXANDER, h
leeds ?io! ??< ep ..-..>. Lb re arc no marc trorid
br him tu co ?.; ?\ Ami ricai ?. inc uuVsinuar
leid, nuil when Mr. SoxxEn shall havo cirri od hi
.wenty-iivo bill.-, and this Continent too shall Ii:- a
bo great Reformer's Feet, then Aclhiopia (proper
rill stretch ont 'uer hand, and wc hope h r Majes
y's Gov- minent trill appoiut Mr. Miu. envoy ex
raordinory to tho Conri of Tixnucroo; and wi
rrcatly err, if tho Icamod gentleman will not fini
cork suiUciont in that promising Held to occnp;
lim thoremaindor ofilia natural life.
Not eontctit with thin Ililli English authority
hu "Loyal Publication Society" next saddles ui
rilli u long letter, written in first-rate 1'aiisiai
Vouch, hy Monsieur UK QASPAUIS. an.l addressci
!> thc President of thc United States; ?nd nol
icing quite sure that his Excellency stndied hi
lllcmloriT in Greonrille, Temi., tho Society con
iderately gets a Miss ?VLVBV L, Doora lo Iranslab
JO document into plain English, and places u
opy of it on tho desk of every Congressman and
Wc have not seen tin's letter, hut from a aynop
is of it in one of our New York French co tempo
arics, thc "Afe$sager Franco-Aincricain,'' wc loam
hat it contains a "profound discussion of thc
roblems of thc day on this side of the Atlantic."
Tho work of Mr. LINCOLN,'' says M. DE CTASPAUIN
> Slr. JOHNSON, "was war, and tho abolition of
lavery. This he gloriously accomplished. Your
ork, no less glorious, is thc reorganization of the
ann try, and thc proclamation of thc rights br?
inging to thc frcod negroes." Mr. JOHNSON, UO
ouht. is highly delighted to h am further, thal
io wisdom and limitless of his administration,
ms far, had tho Binccro admiration of his French
ilviscr. He says that "tho authority of tho Priai?
ent is grouter than that of the Queen of Eng
.nd; hut still, if tho fate of thc coutif-y depend
1 upon tho acts of a single mau, *h<; people of
io (Jnitod Stfttrn wnnld "nt hu a free, pc/pio,
bo v.iii ff <.?.?. i'i???iduiit, thor?loro, ?a suhbrdiuaiu
i lliat of Congross; ondit is important that thu
ougrcss that carried on the war should he the
imo that now arranges the terms of peace, Re
cllion and slavery were one nnd the same thing;
nd rebellion, then-fore, must have no hand in
i-guhiting tho destinies of slavery."
All Ihis is very clear to this French lecturer; so,
Iso, that thu very first step Congress must take,
i to declaro universal suffrage. But now arrises
serious difficulty in his mind. He says : "Qu'est-ce
tue le Congresf ("esl le peuple represent*:
What is Congress ? The representatives of
lie people. The assembly at Washington lias
0 other power, except what it holds from tho
copie. Whatever it does or ordains, is in the
ame of the people. How, therefore, eau it itn
osc on ihc South a law which is objected to even
t the North ?" Our learned French logician
lerits some little credit for this much Candor
ie more, as ho attempts no answer to this knotty
nest iou.
The political status of thc South at this moment
1 not over-pleasant to contemplate, with Messrs.
TETONS, Sura EB, WADE, WILSON, Sec., armed
ip*a.~pie with resolutions, hills and speeches, all
?niling in the same direction ; but to see meddle
>mc foreigners volunteering their advice, and
cap gratuitous insult upon our devoted head, is
little too much for our over-taxed patience. Aro
riere no grievances in England? What of tho ill?
ume tax, the poor rates, the oppressed miners of
browall, and tho down-trodden, half-starved Lau
asbiro factory hands? What of China and India,
lie Ionian Islands and Afghanistan ? And what
f Ireland? Of course, all is well over lhere Un
il Mr. MILLS' letter came over tho seas in search
f a proper held for his philanthropy, wc had no
lea of tho happy condition of everything English
-did not know that universal suffrage was part nf
lie English Constitution.
The same might bo objected to Monsieur nE
?ASP.UUX, only he could give a much better ox
use for his letter. He might say, true, we have- a
reat many grievances in this happy empire, imt
s liherty of the press is not one of thc Napoleonic
teas, I prefer t" !?? .<..', :i:i 1 burl "my tlmiider- j
nits across th,- Sc-n, where limy will IM? ?t! !
armless lo mo.
Queens and literary wonieu aro very .
MUtlsomc, but there aru some exceptions, tu tho j
eueralrnlo: The Empress of Austria is one ?fi
lie most beautiful of European prineoe-ics, nul j
unod for her Idudncss ol' temper, tio?withstaiid-j
ig her rather haughty hearing. She is tall, sion
er, graceful, with a very white skin, a good deal j
f color, large, limpid blue eyes, and an amazing J
ead of light hair, which she weam ii eight illus?
ive braids, wound round and round her head,
irmiug a magnificent diadem of hair, nachas very
aw women could match from their own resources, j
ihc ix abm said to be highly accomplish! il. Shu
peaks all the principal tongues of Europe, and is i
>articidariy fond of the English language, which
hu speaks as perfectly as though il were her na- !
ive dialect, she is au uxocUcnl mtiwciaii. paints
nd draws extremely well, and is one of the bold-,
st and most skillful horsewomen nf Austria. She j
tosscsaeg a stud of very valuable horses, and a i
tack ol' splendid hounds ; and shu is said io take j
he warmest interest in thu racing and hunting nf I
ill Europe, and to know by heart the names of the j
icroos of thc turf, biped and qnadrapc'l, ?I all th? .
rountrtva nf Europe. '
Congressional Proceedings.
W.vsiijNfiTox, December 12.- i" tho Senate, to
?lay, Mr. Davis, of Kentucky, offered a resolution
which was referred to thc Judiriary Committee,
declaring that whereat* th .. isl . longer ri hellion
in thc limits of thc United States, therefore tho
jiriril go Of tho writ of habeas carpus is restored
m ov?ry State.
i !t . Senate resumed the ronsfilmfion of thc
Ui oise resohtliiui pr riding for thc appointment of
itjohl com tcoi?f fifteen lo inquire Into thc
v. -inliti i. i?f the Stn ti - ?vliich ?briu M thc so-called
C'inr? ' racy, rind rej.orl whelher th<y or anv of
thew arc entitled io bo n .. :..?ud in either
Hunso of Coii?rrcs?. f
Tho resolution wa? amended and passed-yeas
34, nays 1!. *
Tim s -o (lion sdjourni .!.
l:i thu House tho Speakor submittod ?. comma*
nicalion fruin tho Govi rnor nf '?? frr-mia eu 'losing
an Act of tho General Assembly i ?Sst: ot thc rc
[leal of lb? Act ,'iving lh<.isiml m?>m^km-'?3?:>
lure of Virginia I ?<. >?? ?- tn??g ."?n?" new State
,rW( st Vir?-??iri.
F! ? rrod lo tho Judiciary Committee,
ir. Raymond present*:. I tim credentials of tin
... thors cluct from Tennessee.
?ir. .Stevens objected, saying Hi it thc Slate of
?' j;lessee was not known lo the Mouse.
The Speaker oTcrrnled thc objection.
.'.Jr. Raymond .-;.ii.i there ware many ?acts cou
loctcd with Tennessee, {mst nod present, which
wmmended its cstxi to tb<- earl) consideration of
lie House.
Several gentlemen wanted tho Tennessee mom
lers nt once admitted, lauding them for their
latriotism during t.he war.
The Monsc referred their credentials to tho joint
?mmitteo of fifteen on thc couditian of tho late
/onfederatc States. Veas-125; nays-42.
Arcsolntiou won passed, inviting' tho members
?lect from Tunucasoc to occupy seats in tlio Hull of
tepresontatives, pending Hie ilecfc;i >n of their ease,
["ho House then adjourned.
\Fro:n Ute iVeie 1'orA- 77?ii} of December ll.]
THE FENIAN Kt ! i()TII : ft M <)OD.
It is manifestly all up with the junta which styles
tself thc Senate of tho Fenian Brotherhood. The
ircthren in high places, having accumulated a
ant ?tnd, amounting, it i? sui? to moro than
1,0(K),000 now in tho treasury, havo fallen to ligbt
ag over thc distribution of tho money and thc
ianagcmerit/if the Fenian movement in America.
We have it from high authority thal the Prcsi
Icntof the Irish Republic in America and Head
?entre of tho Fenian brotherhood broadly charges
bat some of his brethren of tho Cabinet have
ecu concerned in stupendous frauds upon tho
reasury, aud that to these frau\s tho origin of
ho secession movement in the brotherhood may
e traced. On thc other hand, the ten "malcon
Biita" who have given so much trouble to the
wellers in thc Union-square na'aco. allege that
f these lavish contributions whick tue frugal and
ldustrious Irish servant girls in lue United States
ave contributed with the expectation of lib?r?t
ig their native isle, no insignificant share has
eon squandered if not ombezz?-?d hy thc salaried
llicials who utter their edicts ftcra thc boadqnar
rs of thc Fenian President in Now York. In
low of this alleged malfeasance, tho illustrious
'cn, etyliii" themselves the :'? tm*.- of the Fenian I i
'.'..^?.nri,,,...! " : --,--?-_. ,. I
TuoK n.Mi: nv IIII: .',>a,.i ,,i:h
isl week, and, assembling ad alienate ana or
anizing in obedience lo the provisions of thc
'.institution which was- ndopted by tuc Congress
f the Brotherhood, in Philadelphia, in October
ist, proceeded to draw up bills of indictment
gainst Col. John O'Mahoucy, the President, and
lr. Bernard Doran Killian, Secretary ut'Hie Tie a
ury. The charges against O'Mahonoy are: "Vio
ition of oath, iii declining tu communicate with
he ??'cuate upon nffnlrs of the Fenian Brother
tood; refusing to enable the standing Finance
ommittec of the Senate to obtain from the Secrc
iry of the Treasury the honks and accounts
di ich thc latter had denied them for inspection;
Hiving placed in oflicial positions and salaried
cvcral persons whom the Senate rejected when
resented for confirmation, and other persona also
i;l- ??darica who lind not been submitted for cou
irmation; having himself usurped thc position nf
gent of the Irish Republic, tu which a salary nf
wehe hnndred dollars a year is attached,
nd after being peremptorily rejected for that po
ition by the Senate, having, in defiance of the
ienate notification, duly served upon him, Issued
(iuds with his own name as such agent in print,
rhile the constitution requires them tn be signed
iy a confirmed agent of the I. lt.; having uncou
titutionnlly refused to lodge in the hands of tho
;eneral treasurer, ns heretofore, the greater por
iou of the money recoived for society purposes
ince the Philadelphia Congress; having refused,
rom time to time, to lay communications Emm tho
. lt. authorities before the President nf the Senate,
s required hy the constitution, and having read
aid communications in open meetings at No, 814
Irnadwav, mentioning tuc proper name of thc
'.E. of LIL, and thus endangering bis safety;
laving wastefully expended a large amount of
aoney hy paying an immense rent, eighteen
nonths fu advance, for a mansion Oil Union
Iqiiarc, and lodging another large sum for
lu siunc period to provide against dain
iges lu thc said building. Huts depriving thc
'Vniaii Brotherhood for n year and a half of the
ise of money which is serionsly needed for Irish
evolutionary purposes; having aided the Sccre
iry nf the Treasury bl malfeasance; having arbi
rarily menaced the ecrctary of War, and throat
nod to remoro him if he should report to or com
nunicate with the Senate on business nf his
[cpartiuent; having calumniated, hy writing and
ithcrtrisc, tko C. 13 nf the I. j;.; having made in
lamniatery addresses tn meetings nf Fenians in
his city, inciting Hiern lo violence against thc
leuato of thc Fenian Brotherhood, and to viol.t
iou and overthrow of the i (institution in other re?
gards: havingimpeded thc progress of thc l?giti?
mit? bnsiucss of thc association in <?? rasing in thc
i cndiry ?if War the money appropriated by I ?ie
! <i ?i lurtment, such appropriation
? . :;., ?.. i ;.;i;i. .Vii ll>" himself.
r ipie? nf thcs'c elias .. . eopks of charge*
Lg.Mti '. .'. T I try licitan, wer?*"'sens t" Messrs.
de.:, *y .?..:.! l?i!?a.i, but thu gentlemen limit?
ed t ,. ,ii.-e lliem, and thu ten Seiiat??rs mi Sst
ird.iy, iiserefon.*, proeixiletl In tho trial, and.
ia*.*i:*:g l'.:u.J i tic accused guilty, for um Hy deposod
-.i fr.iiii oluCf, and llu:ii noe II," lie ir own mun?
JIU. w. it, liomuns, WAS cnosfvX i*iti?n?i:NT.
ll is stated lu.it Mr. li-ibcrt-, ia accepting thc
.Hita!, stipulated th it 'i . salary Ii .ubi be attached
Oh. TIIM ! H Si*:sat."ii*:.i, huviag isistalh-d llicir
.'resideut, aduptcl tin f ?!lu;ving
OFFlCJAl. Clia . LAU,
rhicli, with accompanying resolutio;**, ?i lube;
?ont t-' the various br?nciH'S of Ibo Pcuiasi ?r-1
C.iuiza! I-m throilghoul the United S: itcs and in I
be Canadas:
SKS.VTE CiiAMiinn. PCM.VS nnoriucitiit?oi>, | ?
NKW Vont, lAxvniber 7. t?SS, I
Iv Ult Mrmhrn nf Ik* Frnlttu Hiut/iert'*?!:
EaoiUKKs-However |*aiiiful t esccouqniiyitis revi.,
utionmoy.Iw(tlio bond resolutions alr- a.ly pnblisbed
lithe lferohl). we, your rpintnteiiiativcs, iia^l but one
litnttiativu lieforu us-to subaiil in sileiiim iv the ruin of ,
?nreanseaud lite iubbt-ry ul ?' li?M.*onndisi<? puopk*, ir j
:o lay lieftnw ron thc Irutli. ami trust tu ynur virtue ami i
pat iii u ism t? save Irebui.l and -er nome from the eon-j
tempt of the worU.
Tm- Presideut, disregarding that cuiistitniion \\ ]>i.-li ,
ie has sworn tn you t'- supiiort, rcrusvs lu wkuuw-|
I (Kip! thc authority ot tb? S'jiiaU:, ymir cluixeli rvpnseij. .
tali ves.
in a few days yon ?? ?ii bu in powession uf an ofiicial
titateiiicnt ..! ?vvry fa l: until then, let it Minn e tu say i
tint the Se.-n iary nf War, a tried ami nsjwriciicen' sol. |
iii -r, \? h-..-., ability auJ g-Ubntry have sta <i the '.est of '
eiglite.. u yearn, has been impeded in the perfection of his
plana lor immarliaic action by the imbecility and the
dishonesty of men in whom wo had, unfortunately, re?
posed om- confidence.
The Secretary of tho Treasury refuses an investigation
of hin hooks. We are prevented from inquiring uno tho
expenditure, of those monera which you liad ojutribUed
to further the cau*c of your conntry. An amount of
money had boen appropriated to tho War Department :
but, when a portion was called for. to buy arms said ina
lerial of war, tho money waa refasod, although it waa
sl ued that ".-urd? amounts would be given to meet cur?
rent expenses." Aid yet tllrro wcro funds wherewith a
palace waa hired, eighteen mondia' rent paid in advance,
a largo Hun d posited in tho bands or the owner as se
enntj for possible damages t.> bis premiaos, and locked
.ipili bia hands until 18e7. sumptuous sleeping rooms
have lioon fitted np, and elegant timi i turo piirchasocl tor
several thousand dollars more, for tho accommodation
n )t merely of thc machinery necessary to our govern?
ment. Ira tal *o n>r the II-i-or a crowd or useless, und, in
f.>'Tii" eases, ev. u dmcvroun. hangers-on. whoso names
imve never batai presuul td io your Renato for eonttruu*
V? : siroil ask you to .nok nt far-ta-to leiten to ihn
truth. We ask of you to support iij^han whojo appoint?
ment to the direction of inilitary'ruTOTS was I tided i.y all
ol you asa pledge tba*, business was meant, ?nd that wo
were no longer .1 remain inactive while our brethren at
homo were lying in a Uritish dungeon, awaiting their
summons t., ?1... .-. alfold.
All ruiiiitianctisof moneys Tor Hie purposes or the Po?
dien Oni.licrhnod should be nuulo in drafts payable to
tb- order er the Treasurer, Patric!; O'Ronrke, and be
directed lo Ho:; N i, .-,|}| post?nico, New York. An nc
count ol the amount or money forwarded bycachClr
rle. since th.- dale of the Pbiladelpbia Congress, should
be s -ut i.y tlie Trcnsuror or the Circle t . thu address 01
Inc Treasurer In New Vock. as above. Tho names . f
those members who have paid the. "final calf should
ttlso be sent 0:1. m order th it such members may rc
reive lim bonds lliernfur, wlien properly signed and
We remain, Uro,bees, von n inf atornltv.
JAMBS GIDDONS, Philadelphia, Penn.
P HANNON, [.dunville, Kv.
.1. w. FTTZOKUADD. Cincinnati, Ohio.
W. SULLIVAN, Tillin. niuo.
T. O'UOUltKE, New York City.
EDWAltD L. CADY, New York C ity.
PATRICK .1. MKKH \N, New York City.
MICHA BL Sf: vNLAN, Obi agi, III. *
W. K. ROBBKTd, Now York City.
Members or the Senate ur the fenian Brotherhood.
while the tria! was ?11 progress, was iud idly smok?
ing his choice Havana ?it the palatial mansion of
Hie Cabinet m Union Square; on Ibo contrary, be
a-as in busy correspondence with the members of
[he late Philadelphia Congress, propuriug for thc
reassembling ol'that body in this city on the 2d of
January next, and for the expulsion,by that body,
if the ten Senators whose names aro'uttaehed to
Hie foregoing address. Colonel O'Mahoney and
Iiis party of ins. or thc cntoprising gentlemen who
ire transacting business in thc narnu of an Irish
Itepnblic, at Union Square, distinctly charge that
me of the ten malcontent Senators r?contlyloancd
?180.000 ol' thc Feni an brotherhood's funds, and
?hat the Brotherhood have neither security for
[his large sum of money nor any positive proof
:hat they shall over again see the "color of a dollar
;hat is said so to have been loaned. They further
nore accuse thc Senator of having spec nhl ted in !
rolil iiml thus irretrievably sunk $47,000 of the .
Lilians' monoy: and they it'ld that thc delinquent I
Senator now refuses to surrender thc Brother- *
lood'd hooks to Mr. li. Doran Killian, tho only 1
secretary ol' thc Treasury that is recognised at 1
Jiiion Square. s
Against another of tho disaffected ton Senators 1
-the iditor of a wceklv paper of sonic celebrity- f
niving been sent with ?500 to Ireland ns ibo "
tea-edited agent of the American Fenian Jlrothcr
looil, with instructions lo disseminate among
Irishmen information concerning tho movement 1
'??..(M.??./!! li.''.-.-1'.<.- ;;. d bi-. fol- Lui: end ,
nslnieiioiis- the- -Identical mtter.??ml,ii'>Ueyj-i .,1 ?
lave put England's detective policemen nfl riwrif 1
failles Stevens, the Head CelittV of Fcuktuism ill (
Another count in the indictment against Un- ton
nalcontcuts ls that they have employed a repartee r
rho is attached ton morning journal, andar? pay- ,
ng him a princely .salary lo writu in Hu ir interest .
uni in opposition to the American Fenian Presi-1
lent anti Cabinet, and to this circumstance they a
itu ibu tu tho whirl which was editorially madu by .
1 newspaper on Saturday morning. I
These alleged tacts are to be used in the Coil
?ress by President O'Mahoney A- Co. against tin- s
.en Senators who have presumed to heard that h
iflicial in his lair, and O'Mahoney thinks, with the t
?roofs 1i1.1t are in the hands of tin Cabinet, a seal
>f infamy may lie stamped upon the brows ol' the
en, and their" ignominious expulsion from Fenian '
..h oles may he effected.
The Cabinet 1."fi than hint that the agent J
vhom they dispatched to Ireland to propagate .
Feninnisni," niel speak encouraging words to the <
Italians then:, sold out to the Uritish Govern- I
lient, and was bribed to disclose to English de- 1
tectivo officers the Fenian Brotherhood s plans, j
and that his disclosures led to tho apprehension 1
jf Stevens, and the snppn -sion of the Fenian ?
icwnpapcr organ. The People. This charge also ?
- to bo sustained, if possible, bofnru the Congress 1
nJanuary iioxt, and the Inquiry is to he pressed '
is to how much British gold thu alleged apostato ;
nickeled. The Cabinet will also arraign the ten 1
malcontent Senators for circulating subscript ion
jailers, and promising to utter bonds ol' the irish 1
Republic without authority, and fir collecting
?liS,IH)0 from Irish men ami women in tin- rural !
listricts, not a dollar of which, say tho Cabinet, 1
lias been deposited in the general treasury. ;
At Ile- Congress, il is said, loe len accused Sen- ?
alors will ask nuder whose authority the Union- ,
??lluro people have begged upward nf ?l,la'J(l,0tMI .
rrum their rellow-coniitrymen, and to what uses j
lin y int. ?ul to apply this gigantic fund. They I (
aili want lu know wini authorized the li as.'ng of |,
the.President's headquarters, al a rent ol --is.oo;;
fur eighteen months, and who bade them pledge
i?OtHl lo keep Hie man-ion in repair, ami why they
?greed to expend f?HIMl m ir? in tilling tho b msc (
willi luxurious furniture'.' The ten-.viii likewise i
ask what, during tho late war, were the affiliations j '
ul' i he present Secretary of the Fenian Troasnry, .
ami whether he was thu rebel Cen. Price's friend j1
and himself an active rebel. And the American
[.. opie, in turn, may ask whether tho Fenian. J
scheme, from begmuing to end. i.- not the mont
audacious imposition tba' was ever perp?trai il
upon all iutcliigctil people.
Mu. ('. If. Wm,o writes to the Pharmaceutical !
Journal : ''A very enrioua toy is now being sold !
in Puris under thu nanto of 'Pharaoh's Serpent.' :
A- this toy n ally constitutes an interesting chem-1
?cal experimrnrj pi rh.ip- an account ol it may j
prove interesting to vour readers, ii consists of
a little oom- ol' t in fol!, containing a while powder. :
alu mt nu inch in heigh!, and resembling a pastil >?. ,
This cone is to lu- lighted at its apex, when there
immediately begins issuing rinm it a thick st-r
?>i id-like coil, which rout mues twisting ami iii?
Grousing in length lo an aim ?at ?nen iltbSe extent.
The quantity ?il maller tims pruducud is li nly j
m in ellon .. ?spncinliv as Hie eil which so exudes
is solid, and may bo handled, although, of course. I
il i< extremely light ?iud somewhat Ira:.ile. Hav- i
inga ??Ul. of lb; wi.il-- pow.p .. with which Um j
cones are lilied placed at my disposal by a fri- nd. .
1 submitted it to analysis, ail I found i; io cond*t
of'siilphii-cyanidii of mercury. 'Mo- sa!-, when
healed io a'tcinjioraturo ljolowredH.es??. nndorg.ica i
decomposition, swelling or growing in s;/.u ?1 a!
mos! remarkable manner, anil j?r ? luring ?: mix-1
lure ?if mellon (a compound nf carbon and ii ?tro-,
geni, willi a little sulphide nf rn? rmry. 'l ?e- re-.
nnlliiig mas?often assumes? most faiiinsiieHhai?e,
and is siuiicieully c ?her?u?l to retain ils form, ll ?
presents a yello-.v e-.!.?;. i?:? tho 1 xteri??r, but ;s bin?-!; ;
within. Xii? 'oirjieut' snape. !" c.?;iriie, reinita
from the sill btfing burn! ?11 a..?-?ne??f lin foi'.
Ii.nl: Hie inureurou?ami nu 1 ? . ?Miipho-e; ?itii?l?'S
decompose, in the sr.inu iiitii'hui ; but tl? ; III? reurie. .
sall, ? out dning n.oic siilplei-cyatnigen, s-ems ca?
pable of fiirnishbig a lirgt-r quantity ol m-ll ut, j
and ii tiiivna u*f?J in tie- French serpc. ?
Something Werth Know inp.
[From tlie lioslon Pott, December t.}
Thc wonderful success and abnoBt incrediblo
profitableness of tho File manufacturo in this coun?
try is known only to thc lucky holders of stock in
tho few companies which enjoy a sort of monopoly
in tho business. In fact very few people uncon?
nected \rith mechanical branches ol' industry can
possibly form any cstimato of the extent to which
!. iles arc used, and what an important item this
article forms both in thc lists of manufactures and
importations. It may he a piece of interesting in?
formation to stale that no less than from 34,000,
000 to ?.-;,000,()0i) worth of Files aro annually im?
ported into thc United Stales, and from $5,000,000
to ^,000,000 worth animally manufactured hero,
and yet this supply, as large as it may appear, docs
not exceed, ami indeed often fails to satisfy tho de?
mand. Tho want of skilled labor in this branch of
industry, holli hore and in Eurolie, is so great
that it taxes the 'Uniout energies of tue manufac?
turers to suppl; thc constantly increasing domands
pl tho trade, -nd u'-^ Z-m'-s to continually en?
hance tho cost of proti?SuOD. Ifc should bc stated
herc that ?u ordinary machine shops it requires
a iile of ic very best make and quality to last
a good workman ono single day, and but fow
liles, in fact, last so long. It may bo addod that
sonic of thc large iron works, as well as tho
government and railroad machine-shops, uso from
??0,000 to $100,000 worth of liles each per annum.
Tins will explain thc enormous consumption of
liles, and sufficiently answers tho inquirv, what
becomes of them all? Tho system of recruiting
tiles is practiced to some extent. Hut IICLC again
thc want of skilled labor is encountered, and oc?
casions the same dUUcnlty as in thc primary man?
ufacture-the same process having to ba pursued
in recruiting as in making a now file: and the high
price charged, together with tho fact that thc liles
aro lessened in weight and tho temper of tlio steel
destroyed, renders the process hy no means so
economical as it would al first appear.
While thc Whipple File Company, of Providence,
pursues tho noiseless tenor of its way, and
livides quietly among its stockholders sixty or
eighty per cent, per annum from its profits on
thc manufacturo of files, another company, in
Sew York-ibo Russell Pile Company-is doing as
neat a thing for tho fortunate who hold its shares,
by recruiting .ami romanofacturing the tons of
ivom-out and useless tiles which, otherwise, would
io thrown aside as "scrap"' steel. By a process
delusively in tho possession of tho company, part
ly patented and partly secret, old dies are renewed,
mil made in all respects equal to new, in a
scry few minutes and at comparatively trifling ex
lOnso. A.S many as eight hundred dozen liles
lavo been renovated in a singlo ?lay bv this pro
:ess, and with a force of only lifty men. This
itatomctit would seem incredible if it were not
..ouched for by trustworthy men who have wit
icssod thc operations of tlio company. Whether
his process be a profitable one or not, may easily
ic inferred from tho fact that, after only thrco or
"our months' work, tho company has paid tho neat
it Ile dividend of ten per cent, on its capital, bo?
udes retaining on hand a surplus sufficient to
ntarantco a lUvidend of twice ton per cent, in
darch, when the next quarterly dividend will bo
Ktyablc. There certainly would appear to bo
ionic virtue in old liles, if "their renovation can be
nade tn pay as well as is indicated by thc success
if tho Russell File Company. Thc results of its
oe ret process reminds one' of tho rejuvenating
nachinc which, out of such poor materials as au
ictiigcnarian, could make a vigorous young man.
itnl have stock enough lett to mako a small dog I
The joint resolution introduced by lion. John A.
lingham, in tho House on Wednesday last, which
?? -. ? ? . amendment* .>." tho Constitn
fr. Bingham taprop^oM-? 'j-^--'* !> ?. i.'.innso ai
he necessity which suggests tiicnC Thc^?TrJect
if thc first amendment, which provides for tho
epeal of tho fifth paragraph of tho ninth section
,f thc first a: tick: of the Constitution, to wit: "No
ax or duty shall he laid on articles exported from
my State," is lo enable Congress, by nn export
buy. to compel thc European Powers to pay tri
Hite upon our productions which they must buy,
inch us cotton, tobacco, Acc., and thereby relieve
io that extent our own pooplc from tho burdens of
Thc second amendment proposed declared that
.no part of any debt or debts contracted in aid cf
he late rebellion, or which may hereafter be con
raetcd in aid of any rchellion against thc Unitod
states, shall ever bi: assumed or paid by thc Uui
ed States, nor shall any Stato assume or pay any
iart thereof." This amendment is intended to
mike repudiation of our war debt impossible by
miking it unconstitutional lo pay anything for re?
milton, either by United States, or State appro
lriatioii. This "being done, no party, North or
tenth, can ever open thc question for thc ratifica?
tion of such an amendment. It is an implied dc?
.Inration that both tho States and tho nation hold
di their resources exclusively to pay the debt nf
the Union contracted in its defence.
Its ratification will lie an express and solemn
condemnation, hy nil thc people of all thc States,
if treason and "secession. The third and last
amendaient declares that thc Congress shall have
power to make all laws necessary und proper to
iccnro to all persons, without distinction, in every
Ktate of tho Union, equal -protection in their rights
d' life, liberty and property. This is intended ta
. ?eure equal personal, not political, rights to all
i.ersojis, without distinction, in every State which
is a part of the Republic. It is a healing measure,
inda measure of security for the future against
lite calamities and crimes of the past.
Ilrliubold's Highly Concentrated Com?
pound Fluid Extract lincha.
ls :i Curtain find Sale .llcmedy. pleasant in taste ami
?dor, and i m mei'?ate in it* action in nil diseases of. thc
llindiler sud Kianeys, (Travel, Dropsy, Fin?ale Pom
ubini*, Organic Wealiucis. Ol ?struction of Urine, i:::?luil
i?se?.?-.. ot the Urinary Organs, in every li rm, whether
uxistiug lu male or feiiiaie. ?nd nu matter nf how long
for ilif.li.i-1 Piriperti-^ : bTCHU, sci- l>h.|iensatory
.>:' ibu '.'nhill Slab
s-.. or i * i . :i ' . .' Ina! :.. wo: I? un thc l*fo< Ilea
nf l'hysh
see remarks, made by tim bte ci lebratcd hr. I'liYeica,
Se- remarks made by Pr. KPROAUI McDnwcu. a cel?
ebrated Ph;siclaii and Mi'iuUiTof ilia linynl Unllegeof
8nrgiroin>. irel ma, siul |i iblii-hrd lu th? Transaction* nf
the King BIM! Queen's JnnmsL
Se- M"-.l?ci>-i:?iinu-gical tievi?w, iwMishcu l y Bayj.v
MIS- TffAvmw, Fclluw cf l oyal Cinltiro of Surgeons.
Sci: uio-t nf lbs lats btoiMMnl ^'."l?i.k- .?f Mediclim.
I'liyriieiaiis phase notice-/ mabu ;.?> tfcrel >:. .'...'..?.
lb Im'Hild'r fiiuwiitrateil Compound Fluid fotrarl "f
llncliu ia rsinrii '?*! of bm bu, ....'.elis, end jiiui|->.r ln-r
.,;.. (,.,?.? ,? m vn-nn hy II. V. lIKi.MI'.ul.l'. ami fold
otitis ami Chemical Warelimije. Nv.?.?! Ur*il?
way, .'.. 1"._
N.MI I:' ": i't'CMTCURnf the mimili i* i " i referable
tu nov ?hal art ian MIJM ly. J lienf.i.. keep your le. lb
cl.iui aim in UISHI n |wir ?>iih Unit loth i f m. ''?grollt
Soroiloiit. i;i'H>!i Ihitmiaib' willi th!? iielU'i'mi vifge.
lah!.-jtn nsraliici, ami the.% will not be liavb I? ..rwm
iilc-or iUu-ay. ' j;i
('.-.??>m i.. jj; i- Soutfi CnroliiiM IJ.IIII'IMMI,
L'cvi'tnTji r 13 ami 11.
r.-jej.*.!?>< (vt-...- r-> ? -> " Tvbscco, Furnitur* and
M.'/. |.. '. . ? Iii 's W liUillilanu, .! I" ?rottii,
f V- hi?. \. 1- u?lo ..il' m ?crj;i-r, i? W Willi .ms k
Oi '. Mur-A* Cs?, il h J'?riVr* k Co, Jenniugi>, Them
li II' . i - . li i "l>;.i ... Ci?, gibbes .': I ". Hyatt, MclPir
I...A.-I-... I: IVar.l. V St.'Uli?n?e .V Co. W C lice k tv. ?
I. ii?i:;? sama, Y.itM X line. K ll Kn-iger* ft Cu, ..r?e?'r
.\ Smith. J :{<liM.:.'S, il I !...;!:.-. IV U Milli?-? .v i .?. <. l
Neaiier. ? ah.ll X ? .?. luvend v, U ?. k Kx?ciuvr. J il
C. M-', e'l .'; Suns, i-.'ill tl.l- T A I.e. ll .. J M' I1' >.
n."? IMiigrahani. Wardlaw ?\ i.'sr?ia. '<:. ..'; *.

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