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New Yobk, Jnly 12.?The mails by the atoani
?aip Persia leave for the South this afternoon.
Privato letters are encouraging. Tho actual
fltock of Cotton at Liverpool is 60,000 bales lese
than tho eatimate, of whioh 20,000 aro American.
The total stock is 958,000 balea, of which 424,000
bales are American.
Tin.? stoamship Persia has arrived with Liver
pool dates to tho 30th ult., and Queenetown dates
to the let ?net.
Liv.?pool, Juno 29.?The Brokers' Circular re
ports the sales of cotton for the week at 78,000
bales, including 5250 bales to speculators, and 10,
500 to oxportors. Tho market opened buoyant
With an advance of Id. to ljd.; dosing with an
advance of jd. to Id. on tho week for American,
and ?d. to ?Jd. for other descriptions. The author
ized quotations are: Orleans fair, 15 Jd.; Middling,
lid.; Mobile fair, 15d.; Middling, 13 Jd.; Uplands
fair, 14?Jd.; Middling, I3jd. ?Stock in port 959,000
batos by actual count, being 56,000 bales below
?the estimate. Stock of American cotton 424,000
LivEitrooL, June 30.?Cotton quiet and un
changed. Hales 10,000 bales. Broadstuffs quiet
and steady. Provisions show a declining ten
dency. Flour dull. Wheat nominal with a down
ward tondenoy. Corn flat: 6d. to Is. lower. Mixed
38a. Gd. to 29b. 3d. Beof firm and quiet. Fork
steady. Ba;on firmer. Sugar quiet and steady.
Coffee very dull. Boain dull at [email protected]
Tho Hanoverian army had surrendered to the
.Prussians, and been allowed to return to their
A desperato battle had been fought in Bohemia,
near Nachod and Tranleneau. The accounts of
the battle were conflicting. A Berlin dispatch
claims that the Prussians drove the Austrian?? on
the 27th and 28th ult., capturing 8000 prisoners;
while Vienna telegrams olaim that the Austrian?
had captured 18 guns and many prisoners. In
the light of Tranleneau the Austrians are said to
have lost 4000 or 5000 killed and wounded, and the
Prussians 1000. There was great rejoioing at
Berlin over the alleged Prussian victory, and the
people presented an address to the King.
Vienna dispatches, on the other band, assert that
Benedek prevented the junction of Prince Fbede
biok CnAnL.Es with tho army of Silesia, and was
successful in the engagements of the 27th and the
'28th, killing and wounding a great number of the
ODomy. The London Times says that it is difficult
to decido the result. The notion was not decisive.
Reports from the Italian army, which has
changed its plan of operations, are indefinite.
Dkuuy Las boon forced to form a Cabinet ex
clusively Tory. Trouble is threatened among the
London population about the Retorm question.
Further Foreign Intelligence.
London, Saturday Evening, June 30. ?Consola
closed [email protected]?; Five-Twenties [email protected]
According to Prussian reports, they defeated
the Austrians at Nichod on tho 27th, and at Tran
leneau on the 28tb, and at Munohengratz, in the
vicinity, on the same day.
On the other hand, the laut Austrian telegrama
. give tho following report: Pabdoblitz, June 29.?
The Prussians were completely defeated by the
AustrianB, undor Gubltjtz, leaving behind one
third of their army killed and wounded. They
withdrew toward the Prussian territory toward
Glatz. The iustriau cavalry.undor Qen. Ehei.heim,
drove the Prussians out of Jaeiu to Turliau, and
compelled them to evacuate Molinik and Lissa
and to retreat. The Prussian Iosb was enormous.
The Prussians here engaged were the army of
?the Elbe. The Prusaiau army on the Silesiau
frontier were commanded by the Crown Prince
Fbedebick William.
A Federal army was on the point of m arc hi i g
from Frankfort, and a battlo was anticipated. A
Cracow Austrian diepatcb eaye that the Prus
sians attacked Oawynten Juno 28, and were re
pulsed with heavy loss. Tbe Austrians acknowl
edge that the Prussians have destroyed their
railroads and seriously interrupted their com
munication with diftVmtit points.
Washington Newa.
Washington, July 12.?It is rumored that Attor
ney _sneral Speed has tendered his resignation,
and that S< cretary Hablas will do the same.
It is alleged that there are fraudulent issues of
etook of tbe Washington and Alexandria Bailroad
to the amount of $300,000. It was used in con
nection with the defunct Merohanta' National
.Bank, and one Now York firm advanced $100,000
on said stock.
Gen. On ant has issued an order directing all De
partment, Distriot and Post Commanders in the
.States lately in rebellion, to arrest all persons
-who have been, or may be hereafter, charged with
"the commission of crimes or offences against offi
cers, agents, citizens or inhabitants of the United
,States,irro8pootivoof color, in cases where the oivil
authorities have failed, neglected, or aro unable
do arrest aud bring such partios to trial, and to
detain them in military confinement until auch
time as proper judicial tribunals Bhall be ready
and willing to try them.
Washi/otow, Jnly 12.?In tho Senate the Tariff
Bill came from the House, and Grimes moved the
postponement bf the consideration of it until De
comber. After debate the motion was agreed to
?yeas 23, nays 17. The Niagara Ship Canal Bill
was up, but was not disposed of.
In the House a resolution to inquire why i ho
miuority report of the Beconslruotlon Committee
was not published with tho evidence taken, and
the majority report of the samo Committee, was
laid on the table by a decided vote.
The Philadelphia Con?rnt ion In LouIslana
and Texas, Ac.
New Obleahs, July 12.?Louisiana will send
atroug Johnbo? delegation to the Philadelphia
?Convention, and so will Texas. The weather is
-.exceedingly warm.
Resignation or Secretary Dcnultton.
W-sniNOToN, July 12.?Secretary Dehni?o*. has
roaigned. He writes to the President that the
call for the Philadelphia Convention in antago
nistic to tho poling of tho party which nominated
and olected President Lixcoln,and of the Conven
tion over whijh he ( Dennison) presided, and he
thoroforo withdraws from the Cabinet. Rumor
adds that other resignations arc to follow.
New York News.
New York, July 12.?There were three cases of
cholera during tho last twenty-four hours, but
nono fatal, and throe in Brooklyn, two of which
wero fatal.
Ru-jEBTa, tho Fenian President, has boon in
di tod by the Grand Jury for a violation of the
Neutrality Laws.
Tho Mozart Hall Democracy has endorsed tho
Philadelphia Convention, aud will send delegates.
Pire In Philadelphia.
Pni_ADBLFniA, July 12.?Bniaas' Print and Dye
Works, fl vo buildings, and the Trenton Railroad
bridgo, over Frankrort Crook, all in tho 23d Ward,
were consumed by fire this afternoon. Loss
New Yoric Martlet.
New York, July 12.?Cotton quiet and firm;
saloB 250 bales at 85} to 38 for Middlings. Cold,
50}. Sterling, 9J. Sight, 10}.
Cotton firm and unchanged; sales 1800 bales.
Five-twenties, coupons of 1862,107; Five-twenties,
coupons of 1865, 105J ; Sixes, of 1881, 109}; Ten
forties, 99; Troasnry Notes, 99. Cold, 152$. Flour
doll and unchanged; sales 6500 bbls. Wheat, No.
1, firm; other descriptions deolining. Pork firm.
Lard dull. Whiskey dull. Sugar steady. Coffee
quiet. Turpentine, [email protected] Bosin, $2.62}@8.50.
Now Orleans market.
New Oiileanb, July 12.?Cotton irregular. Sales
800 bales; Low Middling [email protected] Sterling 63.
Cold 50.
mobile market.
Mobile, July 12.?Cotton sales to-day 150 bales;
Middlings 29. Market quiet.
Late Markets.
CmoiifNATi, July 9.?Flour dull. Wheat unsettled.
Whiskey uuchsnged. Mess pork Is In good demand,
sales 000 bbla at $32 SO to 82 76; 800 bbls at S8A Salea
or -JO'J.000 lbs bulk shoulders at 15c; sales 125,000 lbs
aides st 17a to 17X0. Lard nominal. Gold 160.
Chicago, July 9.?Flour quiet. Wheat quiet at $1 90
to 1 01 for No 1, and $1 25 for No 2. Corn activo at 69 ?tf
to 00c for No 1, and 58 X to 69o for No 2. Oats firm at
S2A? to 32X0 for No 1. Provisions very dull. High*
wines steady. Freights dull at 12o on corn to Buffalo.
Receipts?75,000 bbls Floor, 15,500 bushels wheat, 162,*
000 bushels corn. 06,000 bushels oats. Shipments?2300
bbls flour, 30,000 bushels wheat, 122,000 bushels corn,
10O.QO0 bushels oats.
Milwaukee. July 9.?Flour dull and declined 25c.
Wheat firm st 196?f. Corn buoyant -_d adranced >{o.
Oats firm at3G)_o. Receipts?2100 bbla flour, 12.000
bnsbols wheat, 10,000 bushels oats. Shipments? 2300
bb!? -ja?, 5.1 T?: J- .|J_.'? Vu?**-*-. *
St. Louir, July 0.?Flour quiet at $8 to 9 60 for
spring extra; $0 75 to 10 for double extra. Wheat un
changed at $3 20 to 2 60 for new. Corn opened higher
and closed dull at 68 to 81 Ko. Oats firm at 43 to ISO
Pork, bacon aud whiskey unchanged.
St. Louts, July 9 ?Flour quiet; II to 9 60 for extra
spring, and $0 76 to 10 for spring XX. Wheat unchangod
at Si 20 to 2 60 for new. Corn opened higher and
closed dull at 68 to 84>io. Oats Arm at 40 tc 40.',' cents.
Fork, bacon snd whiskey unchanged.
Louis ville, July w?'1% P. M.?Sales of 60 hhds to
.acoo at fully sustained prices. Superfine flour $7 60;
extra family $10 76. Mess pork $33. Naoon?shoulders
17o, olear sides 21 j-ic Lara?tierces 21 >?c. Mixed corn
71o n bulk. Oats 48o. Whiskey 26o.
CnfcntHATi, July 9.? Floor continues dull and prices
to a great extent are nominal; a retail demand for trade
brands at $0 66 to $11. Wheat greatly nnsetUod; sli ex
tra sold at |2 60, aud extra spring at $2. The samples
of the new crop exhibited on 'Obange are very superior,
snd the yield indicates a better supply than had been
expected, which makes holders of old quite anxious to
part with it. Corn steady st 62 to 63c. Oats dull and
In lower. New pork in good demand; sales of 900 bbls
at $32 60 to 32 76 cash, and 300 bbls at $38, being all this
inontli An active demand tor bulk shoulders; sales of
260,000 lbs at 16o buyer, all this month ;. subsequently
160,001) lbs st 16o cash. Sides sold to the extent of 121,
ooo lbs at 17*4 to 17?; o, but it is dlfflonlt to buy them
below 17y?cu Ricoh In good jobbing demand at 17 to
19,'?oand 51>io. Lard dull and prices nominal at 21c.
Sugar cured hams 24 to 25c. Groceries unchanged.
Gold 160.
State lit ins.
The. Fourth of Jidy.? The day was very quietly
unobserved in this town. Several hundred freed
liion, attractod by tho bogus rumor of a sumptu
ous pic-nio, lounged about the streets until evon
ing, and then quietly disappeared, with disap
pointed expectations and empty stomachs. 8adly
and slowly Pompey and Dinah wended their way
homewards, none tho wiser for their experience,
and ready to bo misled to-morrow by the samo
ignis faluus.?Chester Standard.
2he Crops_Tho intenso heat of the past week,
with the long-continued drought, have sadly
damaged the crops and abridged the prospeots of
onr planters. Several of the moat experienced
and practical planters of this District pronounce
the opinion that the yield of corn will be less oven
than during the dry year of 1845. Should their
fears bo realized, great destitution and actual
suffering will be the resntt. The orop of cotton,
from various reasons, will not suffice to purchase
the breadstoffd that will bo required to meet the
wants of the citizons.?Chester Standard.
Public Meeting.?We are requested to give no
tico that a meeting of tho citizens of this District
will be held in the Court House, on Monday, the
16th July, for the parp?se of eliciting public sen
timent relative to the repeal of the Stay Law. As
the subject is of vital importance, a large and
general attendant? is solicited.?Chester Standard.
Court of Equity.?Title Court, which convened
on Monday, continues. Many important caee? have
been brought up, and argued with ability. One
that we heard was important ab. touching upon
the liability of guardians for trnet.funds invested
by them in Confederate securities_Winnsboro'
The Court of Equity for Newber?*y DUtriot,
convened here on Monday last. Jutlgt> Qafrull
presided with nnimpoachablo grace, vigor aud
dignity. Tho docke t was very heavy. Maoy
original and singular casos, growing out of the
times which "tried men's souls," were considered.
Court adjournod Saturday,?Netoberry Herald.
There has been a miss mooting in Newberry to
consider tho eubjoot of labor aud immigration.
Tho Samtor Watchman given a long account of
tho Oommencment of the Academy of the Lidies
of Meroy.
Even tho Radicals of the Northwest are begln
i it if* to discover that if the old tariff was oppres
sive, the inc.reatso of duties now proposed, and in
part already adopted by Congreso, will render it
unbearable. The Cbiougo- Trihnne, one of the
most rabid supporters of thofaetion now in potvor,
denounces the AmontUtory Tariff Bill as "a pure
scheme of plunder without the slightest excuse or
palliation," -and throatona to bold "every Western
member of Congress who votes for it, whatever
his polities may be. up to the execration of his de
frauded constituents.'1
The HI no Ridge Railroad.
Wo bavo been favored with tho following ox
traot from a letter written from Louisville, to a
gentloman in this city,?one of tho delegation
who rocontly visited Cincinnati. Ho says:
"I write you, thinking that certain information
which I obtained after you loft Louisville, in rela
tion to the probablo success of our mission to the
West, might prove interesting. I regained at
Louievillo until noon on Sunday. On Saturday
wont on 'Change, and at that place, bb well at
two or three social re-unions tendered us during
tho day and evening, couversod freely with gentle
men in relation to tho Blue Ridge Boad. Tho en
thusiasm in favor of it, and confidence in its early
construction, seemed to be increasing rapidly.
Mr. ?'mith, Prosidont of the Chamber of Com
merce, In formed mo that ho was having resolu
tions proparod, which would bo submitted and
adopted on Monday, the 25th Juno, indorsing tho
project, and asking tho City Council and authori
ties of tho Louisville and Nashville Railroad Co. to
appoint oaoh a committee to moot a committee of
the Chamber of Commerce, to consider and re
port upon tho whole aubjeot. This is putting the
'ball in motion' in the right direction, and with
assurances given me by Mr. Fink and membore
of tho Louievillo and Nashville Boad who we did
not meet whilst you were there, that thoy wore
determined to press the Lebenan Branch direct
to the Tonnoasee line, at the point of intersection
with Mr. MoQhee'b road from Enoxville, affords
groat encouragement.
"I returned to Cincinnati and spent Monday,
the 25th, there. Went on 'Change and conversed
fully with a number of gentlemen in relation to
our project. Colonel Cook, President of the
Board of Trade, informed me that the feeling in
favor of the early construction of our road was
becoming universal, and that he had entire con
fidence in its success. Mr. Glenn, who you will
remember, informed me that the subscriptions to
the one million loan has inoroaaod rapidly, and
would certainly be completed during the week
adding, that 'I (he) can say to you positively, that
the idea of applying tbe loans to the construction
of a road towards Chattanooga or Philadelphia,
has been abandoned, and it will certainly be used
in making a oonnootion directly with Charleston, by
j way of Knozville, whether south or north of
Enoxville I (he) cannot say.' This is certainly
The Radical* Darlnrc the War.
Tho following faota will show the citizens of the
United States tho procesa by which the Radicals
held possession of political power in the otates
during the recent war. At the election in 1?G4 for
President, State officers, members ot the Legisla
ture, and other officersiu Bholby county, Missouri,
the poll-books were taken out of the hands of the
judges and olerks by armed men, and so manipu
lated as to disfranchise fifty-one out of one hun
dred ami' thirty _-?e' vote&ftn that township,
The following is copied from the fly-leaf of the
poll-book of tbe precinct in question :
I, James 0. Hale, one of the clerks of the gene
ral election, had and hold, in tho State'of'Mis
souri, on tbe 8th day of November, 1804, and at
the voting precinct of Shelblna, in Shelby Coun
ty, Missouri, do hereby certify that the foregoing
is the identical vote taken and poll-book made out
by the judges and clerks of said emotion at said
precinct. I further certify, that the day after said
election, and before return had been'mado of tbe
poll-books, to wit: On the Oth day of November,
tbe said judges and olerks, to wit: W. W. Wethor
bv, H. D. Smith and David Wood, Judges: and
Morris Goodman and the undersigned, Clerks,
wore arrested by one Colonel Staff Graham, who
bad with him four or five armed men, and taken
with said poll-book to Shelby ville, before John F.
Benjamin, under whose threats of imprisonment
and direction (he, Bonjamin, at the Bame time
producing a blank poll-book) the judges and clerks
made out a now poll-book, leaviug off of it such
names an were directed by said Benjamin and
Graham?all the names marked with red "8. S."?
a? d "rob" and such as are marked challenged?so
that, out of one hundred and thirty-throe votos,
flfty-one were left off or dropped from the new
b?oks. This was done at what scorned to be Ben
jamin's headquarters (the Circuit Clerk's office)
ooUeen the hours of 7 and 11 o'olook at night.
Said Benjamin and Graham both claimed to bo
commanding tho militia of Sholby County, a con
siderable number of whom wero then quartered
in the Court House. J. 0. HALE.
Cannot say that he, Bonjamin, was commission
ed by any authority on earth, but thore wort
armed men in Sholby villu who obeyed his behests.
J. 0. HALE.
By such outrages as this upon tho purity of the
ballot box, the Radicals obtained the majority, by
which they are now preventing the Union from
being restored, and passing laws intended to
change our republican form of government to a
. ? ?-?
Missodbi Appoints Delegates to the National
Convention?Who They abb.?We learn from the
New York News that Missouri bas taken the lead
in the appointment of dclogates to the Convention
which ia to meet at Philadelphia on the 14th of
August, tho great Conservative State Convention
which met at St. Louis, on the 8d instant, having
appointed a full set of delegates from the Stato at
large and from each of the Congressional Dis
The delegates selootod, says the News, repre
sent every shade of conservative opinion, and
were clearly selected without any regard to past
party affiliations. Amongst them may be recog
nized many who have beon prominont in national
Eol?tica. The Hon. John Ilogan and Hon. Thos.
L Nooll aro members of tbe present Congress?
tbe former a Democrat, the latter a Republican.
Willard P. Hall, F. A. Rozler, James S. Rollins,
Louis V. Bogy, Thomas L- Price, William A. Hall,
Qilobrlat Porter, Robert Wilson, and others have
filled important offices, both Federal and Stato,
and have long beon potent in their respectivo par
ties, while the bar sends its chiefest ornaments in
tbe porsons of Samuel T. Glover, Albert Todd,
James O. Broadhead, and others scarcely lees dis
tinguished tor learning and virtues. While a
majority of the delegates bavo been Republicans,
ana voted for Lincoln, we find among the minority
many who have always adhered to the Domocratio
party, and who have uovor bont the knee to Baal.
No more auspicious beginning of the caraj,?.igu
against tho Radicals could have been mide than
that which the Conservatives of Missouri have
thus initiated. It insures their victory in that
great State, and gives to the Philadelphia Con
vention a prestige of auoceis whioh everything
conspires to mane brighter and more hopeful
Verily tho day is dawning, and the skies are
brightening. _
Pelican eggs are very abundant in California,
and sell at i2| cents per dozen. They are as large
as thrco hen sggs.
Vebmont.?Democratic county conventions are
called at Rutland, July 11; at Midd?ebury, July 17,
to nominate county officers. In both cases tho
call is addroaaod to "Domocrats and all others
who will support the principles of reconstruction,
as sot forth by President Johnson."
Noa-rn Cabolina.? Governor Wobth h?a issued
a proclamation, in pursuance of tho ordinance of
the convention, directing an election to be held
for the ratification or rejection of the amondod
constitution, on the first Thursday in August.
Westbbn Viboinia, or the forty-eight counties,
including the Pan-handlo, "designated as Western
Virginia," is in the hands of a Radical "Stato
Executive Committee," which calla a "Union"
State Convention at Parkorsburg, August 30. This
convention, in addition to selecting Stato officers,
will nominate Congressmen, and preliminary
township meetings aro ordered August 9.
Iowa.?It is stated that F?Rtlt- Blair will stump
Iowa against Oenoral Dodoe for Congress, and
that Senator Doouttle will stump the First Dis
trict for Frrz Henry WAnnEN.
Tennessee.?A Radical Nashvillo papor, edited
by a Massachusetts Southerner, tells this story:?
"Under tho Governor's proclamation, tho Legis
lature is expected to meet to-day for tho purposo
of ratifying tho new Constitutional Amendment."
For tho purpose of ratifying?of course.
The Amend?tent Out West.?Tho Burlington
(Iowa) LTawkeye "is authorized by Governor
Stone to say" that he has been personally assur
ed by Governor Oqlesby, of Illinois, and Governor
Fletcueb, of Missouri, that they do not intend to
call extra sossions of tho Legisla tare in t hoir re
spective States for the purpose of ratifying tho
Constitutional Amendment.
Illinois.?A call has been issned by Generals
Looan, Palmee, Hayne, and other soldiers of Illi
nois, for a masB convention of the "Grand Army
of the Republic" o? Illinois? a political organiza
tion of military mo-_?to be hold at Springfield on
on the 12th of next; month.
Abkansas_The Radic**i** of the present Legisla
ture will havo to make "hot haste" to obtain the
ratification of the Constitutional Amendment by
Arkansas. A letter from Little Rock of tho 19tb
ult., says : "A general election is to bo held in
this State for Congressmen, members of the Gene
ral Assembly, ?be., some time in August. I am
told that, as a general thing, thoro is not tho
asnal stir and noise that, in other times, preceded
auch occasions. It is reported that there ?b a se
cret organization extending throughout tho State
with the object of securing the election of the
Radical candidates. As the disfi-anchising law
has been decided to be unconstitutional, and as
all free white men are now entitled to vote, it is
not to be snppossd that this movement on the
part of the Radicals will amount to much. It
seems to bo (he universal opinion that, in almost
ovory district and county, the "representative'
men of the South will bo eleoted with little or no
Tbc Pm alr.n --Needle*' Gun.
As this weapon, vhioh was referred to in the
telegrapbio dispatches published on yesterday,
will in all probability be frequently mentioned
during the course of the present European war,
a few words In description of its plan and princi
ples will not be out of place.
The cartridge used in the "Needle" gun is made
of stiff card-board, the ball, powder and explosive
composition being contained in one and the same
cylinder. Its great peculiarity is that tho deto
nating powder is plaoed immediately in re r of
the base of the ball and between it aud the pow
Tho advantage of this is, that whon tho powdor
i is ignited that portion next the ball in which com
bustion is first perfected exerts its full force upon
the projectile, the powder in rear also exerting its
influence, as it becomes almost Bimultaneoualv
ignited. Under tho prtaent Bystem, in which that
part of the powder next to the breech of the gun
ib first ignited, a portion of the powder is fre
quently expelled from the gun with tho ball in a
condition of only partial combustion, the explo
sive force of the powder first consumed being
adequate to expel the ball and the powder in its
front bofore the whole charge has timo to bo
come entirely ignited. ThiiB in the "Needle" gun
all the powder is consumed, and applied to the
beet effect, aud so as to obtain its fullo.-t force at
the same instant and in tho same direction.
The "Needle'' gun is a breech-loader; and when
the trigger is pulled, a stout "needle" or wiro is
thrust through the base of the cartridge, parallel
with its axis, into the detonating charge by the
ball, oauBlng its explosion and the ignition of the
In accuracy the "Needle" gun cannot be sur
Easaod, and its effective range is said to be about
fteen hundred yards. It is, however, doubtful
whether it will be fount to bear with impunity the
necessarily rough treatment of an active cam
The Prussian J?gers and sharpshooters gene
rally are armed with this formidable weapon, and
upon a skirmish line, when it can be nsed with
oare and deliberation, it must prove highly effec
tive.? Richmond Times,
Cotton Fibes.?A Sdooestiom in Relation to
the Handling or Cotton.- A gentleman at En
fat?a, Ala., of wido experience in the handling and
insnranoe of cotton, and having unusual facilities
for observation in regard to that staple, states it
as his conviotion that the defeolivo covering of
the bales sent to market from the interior since
the close of the rebellion has been a prolific canee
of tho cotton fires. He says "tho bales are gen
erally made so heavy that the bagging intending
to cover thoni cannot reach ronnd in some cases
more than two-thirds, leaving the exposed part
an easy prey to the incendiary or accidental spark.
Tho resources of planters are still slender, and
rope and bagging, storage and freight are higher.
We may expect to see this bad praotice still more
generally adopted tho coming season." Be sug
gest? as one romody, "that the insurance compa
nies, fire and marine, agree to take no risks upon
cotton when the bales exceed 400 lbs. each, or
encb other weight as will secure its being entirely
and perfectly covered. Bayers would give such
cotton the preference, s'nee it only could be in
sured, and the result of each aotlon would be for
tho benefit of all concerned. Factors, warehouse
men, and boat owners would heartily'join in such
a movement, and prohibitory charges would soon
be laid on heavy bales in warehouses or in transit,
and they would ultimately disappear and give
room to moro manageable and safer package?."
On tho night of the 7tU Inst., by Bev. JounT. Wioht
of Charleston, 8. C. ?
On the lith day of June, at Ohrist Ofaurcb. Naahville
TonneeaM, by tbe Bov. W. 3. Eivliim, WILLIAM B.
BEE8E, Esq., Oouneollor at Law. to EMMA FREDEN
RIKA, youngest aaagbtor of Furdkihok Ruti.kook
Esq., of Charleston, 8. O. *
quested to call at tbo offlco of Mesara. RUTLEDOE k
?OUNO, Solicitors, Wo. 20 Broad atroot, an early as
practlrable 3 July 13
CODNTof tho British schooner "AID," J. AT. McCon
MiCK, Master, will not be paid by SALAS A CO.
Jnly 13 a
per Bchoonor "UNITED," from Now York, aro hereby
notified that her cargo is this Day being dlsobarged at
Boyce h Co.'a Wharf. All Goods not called for by
unset will be stored at their risk and expenso.
July 13_^_1
are respectfully requested to meet at my Offloe, corner
Globo and George stroots, on TO-MORROW (SATUR
DAY' EVENING, at S o'clock.
July 13_3_JOHN A. WAOENEH,
THOS. S. R1IE1T, et al.?la pursuance of a Decretal
Order made In the above stated case, the creditors of
THOS. H. BHETT, deceasod, aro hereby notified to
come in and provo their demands against the Eetato of the
ssld Tho?. M. Rhett, on or before the 1st day of Janu
uary, 1867. D. B. DE8AU88?RE,
Commit Bioner in Equity for Blchland District
July 6_fia
ER IN WATCHES and JEWELRY ; Agenoy for the
AMERICAN WATCH ; also, every variety of SWISS and
ENGLISH WATCHES, at tho loweat market priooa.
No. 189 Broadway, New York?established twenty years.
Trade Price List? sent on application.
January 19 fmwGmo
PORTED TONIC_It la utterly different from alcoholic
trashy bitters. It waa endorsed by fifty-six members of
the American Medical Association, with their signatures,
Baltimore, May 1, 1806. All physicians who examino It
unhesitatingly approve It. It ia tbe BEST TONIC FOB
LADIES known. Sample cases sent on receipt of $15.
Nos. 31 and 33 Broadway, New York.
MUSCAT PERLE? finost Table Wine.
N. B.?Samples sent to physicians, with formula, tros
of charge. mwf2mos June 25
? a?.***! ?
An experienced Nurse and Female Phyislclan*
Presents to the attention of Mothers her
Soothing Syrup,
Whloh greatly facilitates the process of Teething, by
softening the gums, rodnclng all Inflammations, will
allay ALL FAIN and spaamodlo action, and la
Depend opon it, mothera, it will give rest to yourselves,
Relief and Health to Tour Infants.
We have pnt np and sold this article for over thirty
years, and can aay in ?confidence and truth of it what ?a
have never been able to aay of an other medicine?
EFFECT A CUBE, when timely used. Never did we
know of an instance of di asa ??faction by any one whO
need It. On the contrary, all are delighted with Its ope*
rations, and speak In terms of commendation of its
magical effects and medical virtuos. We speak !n this
matter'?what we do know," after? thirty years'expe*
evory instance where the infant is suffering from pala
and exhanition, relief will be found m fifteen or twenty
minutes after the syrnp Is admlniatered.
Full direction b for uolng will accompany tsuoh bottle,
None genuine union? the facsimile of OUBTIH h FER
EINS, New fork. Is on the outslrtu wrapper.
Sold by all druggists through?- . .he world.
Price only 35 Cento psrBolU?.
For sale by
"nhr-ia?-? *'? A n? I"? ' -
Is Health Worth Having:?
If it is, protect it. it is a jewel as easily lost ?* vir
tue, and In some cases aa difflcult to recover. Nature,
in our climate, and especlall? at this season, requires
to be occasionally reinforced. But everything dependa
npon tbe tonto used for this purpose. Tbe medicinal
tinctures, all of which are bated on common alcohol, are
dangerous. Quinine, as everybody finds out who takes
much of it, la a slow poison. One safe protective from
all unhealthy atmoap !. trio in fluonoos exists and one only.
This powerful preventivo is HOSTBTTER'S CELE
BRATED 8TOMAOH BITTERS, a compound of the
purest stimulant ever manuiaoturcd, with tho most ef
fective tonics, alterativou, regulators, and depurators
that chemistry has yet extra-ted from tbe botatfea!
kingdom.-' Convalescents, languid and t> oble from re
cent sickness, will find tbo Bitters an incomparable
Reiterative, not disagreeable to tbo tasto, at?d emi
nently lnvigoratiag. No other stimulant proluoe^tb*
ame offeet as this Stom?oblo. It does not excite or
flatter tho nerves, or occasion any undue arterial
action; but at once soothes and strengthens (ho nervous
system and tho animal spirits. 6 ?Lily 9
tari*, a. A. B.^EJ
LITIO, warranted a certain euro for SYPUIUS
,n all its forms. Entirely vfgetablo.
03-For sale by all Druggists -?
Julys_Smo"_OHAttLESTON. 8. O.
Priaeo cashed and Informatton furnlabea.
The highest rata? paid mr Donniooa? ?no *i ai u o
rjoid ?-m? Bin? T-maOBv*'. *m "
?"?rur-rya Cmo Nt> K^ ^*l^m>m^. its - - I)

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