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j?nosr CO I,UV I! I i.
Tho Free School mil-Another Salaried
Position-The Registrar of DI .sue Coo.
vcyance-Repeal of tho Township Act
T(Mlay - Ur?, um Selz ti rcs- Railroad
Accident, ?be.
CoiA'uniA, December 15.
In thc Senate, several sections of the 1)111
io establish nut! maintain a system of free
schooi? passed their second reading. Ono of
these provides for a salary of ?S0O per annum to
each county school commissioner.
Thc following bills passed their third reading:
To incorporate thc Planters' Mining and Manu?
facturing Company; to moke an appropriation
for the per diem of the members; to Incorporate
thc Ashley Drldge Company; to amend thc act to
Incorporate thc South Carolina Improvement and
Trust Company.
Ttic following received their second reading
ond were ordered to he engrossed: A bill lo pro?
vide for tho payment of the Interest of Hie stocks
and bonds or thc State In coin; to authorize thc
Governor to appoint thc physician of thc Charles?
ton Joli; to protect persons lawfully in possession
of lands and tenements.
A hill to provide Tor the assessment of personal
property in Charleston, was rend for the first
In Ute Itonse, thc following bills received their
second reading: To incorporate the Unity Friend?
ship Society of Charleston; to incorporate thc
Dcl.ancy nine Guards; a Joint resolution to ap?
point a Ash commissioner; a bill to change thc lo?
cation of Darn well Courthouse back to Hanns ell
Village; a Joint resolution relative to the ex?
change of pnbllc documents; to recharter Blythe's
gap>turnplkc road; to extend the limits of the
City ot Columbia; to grant a lot for a Columbia
pos todlcc.
Thc Senate bill In relation to thc ?alco or Reg?
istrar of Mcsnc Conveyance of Charleston, and to
Ox thc tenure of office or W. G. McKinlay, was
read the Urst time.
Thc hill to better protect thc holders of Insu?
rance policies was passed, and Rs title changed to
that of nn act.
Ttic bill to repeal iho Township ac.i was passed
and sent to thc Senate.
Tho bill to amend thc charter of Sparenburg
received Rs first reading.
Assistant United States Assessor Corwin seized
four poddlcr's wagons filled with spirit;?, at New?
berry, yesterday evening.
Tho Governor grants tho petition of Charleston
citizens to release L. o. Cox from Jail.
James Rums was run ever by thc train nt Sum?
ieron Sunday afternoon. Ills body was horribly
mutilated. It ts supposed ho was asleep ou the
Tho Abbeville Election Case-Judge
Carpontcr-Jt-dgn Rutland-Receivers
-Th? " Mr I Kb "-Rantowlc'i llrldgc
SMatat ton and Quarantine-The Bond?
holder"' mil-The Educational lilli
Corbin thinks Vermont a Good Place
to Emigrate from-Another Emption
-Attempt to Exclndo thc Representa?
tive* of The New* from tit? lionne-A
Roaring Lion-General Elections.
COLUMBIA, December 14.
lu thc Senate, to-day, W. It. Hoyt (from thc
Committee on Privileges und Elections, to which
was recommitted a report made hy them, about
ten days ago, on tho report of thc count y com?
missioners for Abbeville County, on nu election
which was held en thc 25th day or May, isco, to
choose a senator .'or said county.) submitted the
following report, under thc instructions givcu
them by Hie Senate:
Your committee do liol deem lt necessary lo
seuil for luriher evidence lu thc case, us thu evi?
dence already before your committee la smllclniit
to enable them to comply with tho instructions
or this body.
According to the testimony or Mr. L. P. Cullin,
tho poll ai Calhoun's Mills was not opened until
lialf-poal s o'clock, A. M.. while section .seventh of
uti oct or Hie (lenci al Asiembly, approved tho
'?dill day of Sept "ml ir, A. D. ISCi, iviiu.rcs that
lite poll should li . opuned ato o'clock, A. M.
Secondly. Itisuuown by tito testimony of the
same gentleman Hutt ho saw tho chairman or tho
Hoard of Managers appoint a person on that dav
to act ns manager of elections ut Hie precinct of
Chalhoiin's Mills.
Thirdly, "li is shown by thc testimony of Mr.
h. P. Cullin that three persons registered ul Hie
precinct of Child's Crohn Roads, bul ll ts not
shown whether they were ipialltled or not un?
der Section Bcoond of Article Eight or tho Uonuil
tutlon or this State; and here your committee
beg leave to state thal it ls evldeui to them thal
thuUuurd of County Canvassers were or the opin?
ion that ll wa-' thc duly of the Hoard or Stale
Canvassers to throw om hud or Illegal votes, and
tiley themselves hud not thc power so to do, from
thc fact that evidence to prove illegality, Intimi?
dation or fraud uccompiinlcd the statement of the
votes sent to thc Stan; canvasser*.
Your committee have been rurtilshcd by Mr.
Cullin willi twelve itffhlavita allowing thal
there were many persons who were iutiinhlated
to such an extent that they wcro arah! lo and did
not vole. These nmdavlts nie corroborated by
tho testimony of Mr. Thomas A. Sullivan, wno
stales that ho was ul the Ili udloy's Mills Precinct
on thc day or said election, and that there were
between thirty and forty persons driven Dom ibo
poll hy members of the D?mocratie party and not
allowed to VOle.
Mr. James S. Oothrnn, who. according to Hie
st.* lumen l of the Board or County Canvassers, re?
ceived Hie highest number of votes for senator,
was not served witta a copy nf nie protest sotting
forth the grounds upon which Ids election was to
bo contested, bm hearing that Mr. Gurun claimed
the seat and that ii was claimed Hint voters were
intimidated nt Calhoun's Mills, furnished your
committee with ten uilltlavits, setting rorth thal
Hie election was orderly und that all had thc
right to vote as they desired.
Tn accordance willi tho resolution referring thc
report or this committee hack to Hiern, your com
inittcobeg leave tn state that Hie vote for State
senator, according to the Maternent of thc hoard
or county commlsatoners, was as follows:
J. S. Cothrun. H. H. Guinn.
Abbeville Courthouse...Kio 480
bradley's Mills.'?33 til
Cokcsbiirv.121 220
Calhoun Mills.133 BO
Child's Cross Roads.53 bl
Doualdsouville. 08 io
Due West. fi& 7
Greenwood.los 122
ti Douglass' Mill.-3i IA
Ninety-six. 58 30
Union.37 7
I White Hall. 39 M>
Woodvlllo. 7 67
lowtidcsvlllc.120 3?
Centreville. 00 48
Warrenton. tl 181
Total.1408 1403
Your committee nrc well satisfied from tho tes?
timony beforo them that there was no legal or?
ganisation of the poll at Calhoun's Mills, as there
was hut one legally appointed manager of elec?
tion present; also, that the poll waa not opened
nntil half-past 8 o'clock, and whereas, according
to law, lt should have been opened at 0 o'clock A.
M.. and therefore your committee respectfully
submit that, whereas, from tho facta elicited in
their Investigation, the clccttou at Ca iii mi o's
Mills ls noll and void for tho ransons heretofore
mateo; and whereas, ir tho votent such poll be
, thrown out, the said L. u Gunin would have a
clear majority ol forty-eight; therefore, your com
mitt PO rcspuctiullr recommend thai Umsah! L. h.
Cullin hu admitted tu a scat In this '.ody.
All ut which ls respectfully submitted.
W. lt. Hu VT,
T. J- P. OWBN,
w. B. ttosu.
Thc report will come up to morrow.
.Muck and Wright, who signed live former re?
port, recommending that the clcctiun bc declared
noll and void uud neither or thc contestants lie
allowed to take a scat, arc not herc at present,
and, ir I mistake not, were nut herc during th?
session ur thc committee, the report or which ls
above given.
nie following letter won submitted by Corbin,
received and referred to thc Judiciary Committee:
CiiAKi.BSTos, 8. C., December io, 1800.
linn. n. T. Corbin, President of (Ae .senate, Co?
lumbia, .S. C.
Sin-A charge has born made against nie, ns
appears from your published proceedings, by a
mcmlicr of vour honorable body, In his pince on
tho door or ?he Senate, Hitit I have as a judge been
unjust to thc colored people ur my circuit.
If tills ls true, then I am unworthy to retain the
Imperium and responsible position I now occupy.
H labte, 1 nm entitled to u vindication us public us
the nccusution. Inasmuch as I am tumble lo
meet it lu ibis general and sweeping rona, I res?
pectfully ask or your honorable body that thc
Charges be made specific, and ror a Tull and tltor
uiurh Investigation or my ulticiulconduct.
Very respect Hilly, your obedient servant,
Circuit Judge.
.limon RUTLAND.
As soon os the above letter from Judge Cnr
pcnlcr was received, Hoyne (sarcastically) asked
If there was one of a similar character from the
Judge of the Fourth Circuit, (Judge John M. Rut?
land;) H there was such he would Uko lo have lt
read. Tilla remark created a little laughter, and
thc approving noils to Hay ne from seme few of
thc senators seemed to say, what was Interred
lrom hl3 (llaync's) remarks, that Judge Rutland's
olllclal conduct would not stand thc lest or an in?
vestigation like that or Judge Carpenter.
The letter or .lodge Carpenter was rend In the
House, also, and on motion ol DcLargc, who
arter saying "Oh I ho, that la all right,'? moved to
receive lt us larormatton, which motion was
adopted. Some one or thc colored members sent up
a resolution requesting tbc House to appoint a
committee or six to proposo articles or Impeach?
ment against Judge Rutland. Thc speaker sent
tho resolution back, and slated Hint as lhere
were no charges ol ofllolal misconduct before thc
House, the resolution was not In order.
The joint resolution or thc HOUR? to take a re?
cess rrom thc 22d or December to Hie 6th or Janu?
ary, was brought up in Hie Scnajp to-day. Uayne
moved to amend it by substitut Ins 23d Tor 2Jd.
Arnim moved to amend by inserting 4th instead
of fit h. llaync's amendment WHS adopted. The
mein ii ITS of the General Assembly will, after about
twenty-two days of work, have a rest of twelve
days, at $6 per day.
A bill, introduced by Hay nc lilllie Senate to?
day, which received Its flint reading, provides
that Italian bc thc duty of each enrolling nfllcoi
of this State to open, at sumo convenient place
within each township or polling precinct, an uillcc
for the purpose of enrolling such classes or per?
sons as ure described in scctiun 2 ur nu not enti?
tled "Au act to organize and govern Hie militia
or thu Slate or Boulll Carolina;" that ten days
notice bo given, by publication In a newspaper
of thc locution or thc ellice, and that it any per
son liable to bu enrolled shall neglect or rall ti
present, or cause tobe presented, hut name foi
enrollment, he shall bc subject lo a fine of not
more than twenty-live dollars.
To-day, in thc Senate, thc Committee on Roath
and bridges reported n bil), which received lb
llrst reading, providing that the charier or Ran
towlc's Hridge, over Hie si ono River, in St. Faul':
Parish, Culluton County, bo vested in Mrs. r.iizu
beth S. Messervey nnd har heirs, and thal th
rates or toll bc I he same as provided by law; prc
vlded that voters going and reluming rrom Ita
polls, and chlldrer geing to and from nolteol, li
passed free of charge.
Julnt resolutions or thc House, requesting th'
Governor to Inform the General Assembly wha
action he had taken to secure ror (he state tu
beuetlLs or au ucl passed by Congress donatlii;
public lauds tu thc several States und Tc ni to ri Cl
which may provide colleges ror tue benefit t
agriculture and I he mechanical arts, and also t
establish workhouses at the Charleston quanti
Hue station, were submitted lu Hie .Senate an
concurred ill.
THE nONnilOLDBKS' mix,
Otherwise known aa tho Mil to "better prot?t
thc holders or insurance policies In the State,
was brought up in tue House lo day ror Its sec?n
reading ansi passed without a dissenting volet
Thc hurried and undignified manner lu which I
was parsed In thc Se?ale was severely com men
eil upon, us were lu provisions aim, by many i
thu members, u:ul it was thought that when th
bill came. Into ihUr hands lu would meet wit
considerable opposition.
Tic special order for one o'clock-thc report i
the Committee on Education concerning a bill ci
titled "A bill to establish mid maintain asystei
of rrcc common schools ror thc Stato or Seilt
Carulina "-was taken up ubuut half-post on
o'clock, and discussed until niter throe o'cloel
Aftern long discussion o:t section Sd, provldtn
that a school commii.sioiiur shall Lc elected i
euch comity at lite general election in October
iSTO, lt was postponed Indefinitely, Section 2is
providing that the Uovoruor shall lil! all vaca nea
caused by death br failure lo qusliiy, nilli sccllo
22d, providing thal thu Kchuolcominissioucr sha
vlsll each school In bis county nt lean ouco dui
lng thc regular term, received their.second rea?
lng. Besti?n 23d provoked a long discussion,
provides (bat it shnll bc thc duly ot thu schoi
commissioner "to sec that in every school undi
lils cure there shall bc iaught, orthography, real
ing, writing, arithmetic, geography, gramma
history or the United Slates, thc principles or Hi
Constitution and laws or thc L'ulted Bluies au
ur this State, anil good behavior."
Corbin thought that il was thc Intcnllo
ol thc fra me rs or tho 20d section to "bun
wide open the heads or thc children i
the rrue schools or thc State," and ns 1
did not wish tu see their heads, nor Ilms'? <
thc teachers neither, split open by cramming u
much ur thu various studies mentioned, he woul
move to amend by Inserting thc clause provide
that ihcy arc rar enough iidvanccd. Jlllso
thought the "senator from Charleston" attcmp
Cd tu bc sarcastic In Ills amendments; any hov
he wauled a "square fight over Hie bill," au
didn't object to uny kind of discussion; but 1
thought thal ir some or thc senators bad taken I
their course all or thc mudies alluded to, Hu
would be none tho worse off; In tko state (Vc
mont) rrom which the "senator from Cliarlesion
hailed, they taught the children the princlpli
of thc constitu? ion and thc laws or the Unite
Stales, and he didn't seo why R couldn't bc dui
In South Carolina.
Corbin, Interrupting. Oh, well, Vermont, fro
which I came, ls a very good State lo emigra
rrom, sad 1 hope Sooth Carolina will always bc
gund Slate to emigrate to.
Nash, colored, to Corbin. Do f understand yt
to say thal Vermont ls a good State to emigra
from, and a bad ons to go back tor
Corbin. Oh no, lt ls a very good State: lt al wa;
protcotod tho colored people; there was never or
slavery lhere.
After mis by-play, sections 23, 14, 26 and
were passed through their second reading.
Section 27, providing "that each county scho
commissioner shall receive ai compensation f
hts services tho sum of -dollars, payah
quarterly by tho county treasurer," was tnkc
np. Corbin moved Ibat tho blank be Oiled up I
inserting thc words one thousand, and that
olauso be added providing that the commission
for Cliarlesion County receive $ Ks?. Nash want?
tho commissioners generally to receive $fl00, ai
those ?r lleanfort and charleston Counties tiooo.
Donaldson thought $.vjo caca was enough. Jutson
mentioned no sum, dui argued Unit ir thc commis?
sioners attended to their ?luttes they would haven
?.real deal ludo; thal ll would take twenty yearn of
hurd work lo advance ibo free sebe?la ot this
Statu louie Mel;;tit ofcBtClenoy now occupied by
those at thc North. Thc band commission, In thu
person of Leslie, began lo show signs ol au erup?
tion. Finally ibo " .rattiur" ope :d, aud
threw out n stream of abuse of Hie Democrats
whom it believed never were n-u* never will be
educated, tried J Iltoon ever so hard, anil there?
fore Ibo* shan't have any lund, lu passing
he said Tua Nnws "was the press or the State."
(This was mi ended ns sarcasm, but sonic or lite
senators didn't see lt lu that way, and cast In?
dignant looks landward, ns much as to sny, just
listen at il praising a Democratic sheet.) Further,
lt was or thc opinion that the commissioners
wouldn't work hard, lu mot, lhere was one from
barnwell County who was a noble fellow, he
worked alsiut three days lu thc year ami he
would not work tiny bunter; he could draw
money, though he had taken thc census, that to,
bc had taken il from thc books or tho deputies,
and had drawn $soo. The land commissioner
wound up by hinting that the Increase or salaries
was not much needed, but would glvcgood ollloes
to some people, whereupon Corbin arose and saul
that probably he would take one. That state?
ment being within thc range ot probability, les?
lie replied, I have no doubt or lt; 1 thought so.
A moi len for adjournment, which was carried,
Interrupted the discussion, which was then con?
fined mainly to remarks about what salaries were
glvsn to school commissioners lu the Northern
States. Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont and
other Slates were heard rrom; in Tuet, a sinniger
who should have happened lo have listened to
thc debate, nnd heard Hie senators say "In my
State (New York, Vermont, or other Northern
Slates, ?is the case might be,) so anil so is Hie
case," would have supposed that thc Senate of
South Carolina was the United States Senate, In
which neither South Carolina uor any other
Southern State was represented.
As thc correspondent of Tut: NBWS*walkCd Into
thc House this morn Inn, just before lt was called
to order, ho sn rm toed from thu "black looks,"
(blacker than usual) of ibu members that some?
thing was wrong, that something unusual was
afloat. His surmise waa correct. Shortly after
Hie House was called to order, C. D. Kayne, thc
postmaster or Aiken, who has no nose, offered thc
?ol'.owlng resolution:
Ketujlvetl by tho House or Representatives, that
the reporter ur Tun DAILY NKWS, and nil persons
connected in any manlier with snit) paper, bu ?uni
they nrc hereby excluded rrom seats upon the
floor or this House, mid that the Speaker lie re?
quested to Instruct Hie clerks or I lils House lo
withhold rrom nil such persons nil Information in
reference to the proceedings ?r this body. .
Harney Burton, colored, rrom Chester. I second
IL M. Smith,(Democrat.) I rall Tor thc yeas
and nays.
Wilder, colored. Mr. Speaker, read that resolu?
tion again.
Tomllnson (substantially.) Mr. Speaker, 1 dh!
not hear the resolution on account ol' thc noise lu
thc House; please have It read again. (Thc clerk
rendit.) Now, Mr. Speaker, 1 trust such a reso?
lution as that will nol li.-adopted. I trust that
I thc dignity nnd self-respect or members will pre?
vent the adoption or that resolution. Only con?
sider, I ask, how small mid contemptible ll would
bc to adopt it.
De Largo, colored, hoped Ibo resolution would
nul oe adopted, saying substantially, I eec no
necessity for it. I nm willing lo Accord to the
press that freedom and privilege guaranteed Ul
them nuder Hie laws or this state and thc United
.Stales. 1 nm aware they sometimes curry abuse
to thc extreme thal all guod men condemn lt. 1
myself care nothing what any newspaper lu this
or any oilier State says In relation to my official
Rollona, Dc*, them say what they please. If y un
adopt thiti resolution, lt wi!! look ?us thu'igh you
wore afraid or somebody-lt ls foolish lo act so.
ir you exclude this reporter from thc Hoar, lhere
bi no power lu prevent him rrom occupying a
place in thc galleries, unless for disorderly con?
Sims, colored, moved that the consideration of
thc resolution be btdoQnltcly postponed.
llnyne, colored. I withdraw thu resolution,
K. M. Smith. I withdraw my motion ror u call
for yeas and nays.
Sims, colored. I withdraw my motion to post?
Horton, colored. "Mr. Spotter, I offor du fuller?
ing resolution :"
Resolved by thc House of Representatives, That
the reporte,-or Tun ClIAIIt.KSTON DAILY NI.'.vs IS
hereby cx-iclicd from this !i,?or.
Drittle, colored. I move that the resolution be
laid eu the table.
Ihtrton, colored. "What for you do dalt" .
DritUo*H motion was pul and carried, very few
voling a.;;.inst it, r.uil ur thurn four-UftbS were
It bus been asserted that thc resolutions to ex?
clude thc correspondent of Tun NEWS were due
lo Christopher Columbus Ruweu, who stands be
ron the world oharged with being a Congress?
man from the Second District or South Carolina,
a murderer trom Georgetown, South Carolina sn
Incendiary and robber rrom Jacksonville, Florida,
und a perjurer, bigamist mid inward "at large.*1
Thc bill to grain Messrs. Dickinson ct ul the
right ol way over thc Charleston and .Savannah
Itu.lroad wat t.tke.i up in ina House ugaln today.
Detergent once look the Uoor anti read u long
mcmor.aJ from tho railroad company protesting
agalnjt thc right or way bel?g granted, on thc
ground that lt would conflict with thu Interests
of thc road and of tts charter. Smalls, colored,
next had thc Hoer, and Intimated Unit Rlllott had
not noted as he promised ho would. Rlllott
branded thc statement ns false, whereupon
Smalls said F.lliult was thc roar.ag lion of the
House, but then: was one among tba members
(and that one was Smalls) who did not stand In
rear or bim. Tho Speaker rapped Saudis Into his
sent, and tho whole subject under discus lion was
referred tu the Committee on Kali roads.
Rowley's lilli to amend tho uct providing for
general clochons mid conduct or thc same, was
read In thc House to-day. It-provides that char?
tered bodies, which shall discharge employees
because or their political opinion?, shall have
their Charters taken nway; and If planters and
ol Mers discharge their employees because nf their
political opinions, they shall bc lined $luoo and
bc Imprisoned al tho discretion ot tho judgo. -
His reported that the agents or the Chatham
lian road hav bought a Int of crap o since thc pas?
sage or the bill lo prevent bribery and corruption.
Messrs. Magrath and Peake, ur tho south
Carolina Railroad, Meredith, or tho Crconvilto
Railroad, iiarllee, of the Wilmington and Mill?
chester Railroad, Mciver, of the UM era tv and Dar?
lington Railroad, and two roprcseutatlvcs ot Hie
Georgia Railroad, are herc.
Judge Willard had a largo reception to-night.
Meeii.K, December 16.
Thc winter meeting at tho Magnolia Race
Course commenced to-day. Tho first race or two
mile heats was won by Carrin Atherton; time,
8:6014*, 3:61X and 3:60X. Coquette was second,
and Donovan was dlstanoed after winning tho
first heat. A mlle race was won by Corsican lu
1:6S&. Larkin second and Whlscnhunt third.
LONDON, December 16.
Thc Times say3 editorially, that whllo ad?
mitting the Improved quantity, quality and price
of India cotton, lt docs not consider tho displace?
ment of American descriptions possible.
WASHINGTON-, December 15.
Hour lias bern nominated Aiisoclato Justice
ol Hm Unpremo court, and i;? rv lance United
States Attente)* for tito Western District or Ten?
Noni? carolina bondholders u.': t>.-gtng Federa'
Interference In North Carolina im?neos, on the
ground ilial Hie Fedora! ?.ivo.-^*;?U must cn
forca constitutions adopted t-<H^'the llecou
strttciion acts.
In tbe Senate Sumner present' t thc petition or
the recent colored labor convoi on, praying ror
a division or tiie publie l inds In^fib South among
A resolution was ottVrcd a.uhr ./.ing Delano to
oifer rcwardd Tor assaults on rev, aito ortlccrs.
Resolutions ror adjournment *o?um the sad to
the 6th ot January were concurr. ?J In.
While opposing a motion to ut,' ?uni to the 'JOtli
Instead ot thc '?tli of January, Si puer said : "Wc
have Georgia, Virginia und the Able connection
pressing upon us for conslde*c?f?<*u." l*omcroy
added, "and Cuba"-when Sumner replied, "the
least said about that Gio better. V
A resolution was int rod aced let" the Com mil tee
ori'iibtio Safety to laka cognbuvee or steamboat,
railway and other disasters. [j
Carpenter argued against tli^dcparture or thc
Spanish gunboat', malntatniuigtbat actual war
existed, nutt that our proper u?ltudc was abso?
luto neutrality. The House injjoiirued wltliutii
any notion liebig taken.
Tlic cousus waa discussed up ju ihe hour of ud
NliifS ANO a oss i r jr JJ. MAIL.
Thc Xcw Circuit Jiulgrs-A Nice Itel tte
ol' Fls-u.
A dispatch of the 12th Inatunt, to thc New
York Tribune, tjoys:
Tlic trouble regarding th1 Circuit Judges ts
deepening, and tho present lt ntcuilons uro that
unless Homo ot their t?nmes nrr wtthdruwn from
the Senate tty thc President, they will ho rejected.
Thc opposition is mostly couliiied to three, miine
ly: George H. Yetman, for thc Onto Circuit;
George A. Pearns, lor the Maryland circuit, und
William Mclennan, tor Hie Pennsylvania Circuit,
and ls developing with groat vigor. Thu most ob?
jectionable or Hie nominees ts Ycainan, and
thc burden ur thc charges ogalunt htm is that he ls
not in tull accordance with the Republican parly.
Already remonstrances arc pouring In upon
thc Senate Judiciary Committee. One member
or the com milt ec alono luis received moro Hum
a do/.en protests, numerously signed, frum Ken?
tucky, and others have come tn baud from Ohio,
tine or the Supreme Court justices has aid that
Hie President ls already considering the propriety
or recalling Yeoman's limniuatiou. Thc objec?
tions io MctCcniian arc that tit; ts Incompetent.
Pvtirre is opposed on sevcrnf accounts, and ii ls
rumored that his record ls nut ouitc satisfactory
in regard to some luternnl revenue matters In his
.Hs! rici, lt appears that a large nntnbcr of sena?
tors are dissatisfied with thc nominees In their
districts, because their own recommendations
and those of tho representatives were wholly dis?
Tlic Fifteenth Ame nd inc ut.
The same correspondent says:
Tba Importance of ratifying Gio Fifteenth
amendment lon appeared to thu Democratic
Mends of Chief Justice Chase ina novel und in?
teresting form lately. Hts asserted by iuiliicu
Hal Democrats, who favor the nomination of
Judge ('huso ror ('resident by Gie Democratic
cou ven i ton or IS?9, that fie raUUcallon ofilia
amendment will be of- Indulto service to thc
Democrat to partisans of tuc chief Justice, Inas?
much ns lu: can tiling to hie support au ta?mense
negro vote which nu iumn juw. iii ember of tho.
party usn do. Pendlet?-!!. Hendricks, Hog
nulli, General Hancock, 'mid others, hciug
nil on record ns against, negro suffrage,
cannot, ll ls urged, receive the nomina?
tion in case Hie Pincomb amendment ls adopted
by Hie required number af States; mid tits furth?
er urged by these fl lends ?ir Mr. Chsao thal Hie
I Mm i oe ra i s cannot hopo io beat ihe Republicans
except, with thc nhl of tho negro vote. Tlic Chief
Justice having always hecii on thc tilde or the
tailored men, ii ls claimed that he lias their sym?
pathy and confidence to a-greatcr exteut Hum
any man in thc country. In Hits view ot thc
case, lt ls not Improbable that maiiv of the Demo
cats will rogjnei t<? see t^c. sf/eudmcnt heroine a
put oi tho cousin niton.
A Washington letter loth?! Iialtlinoro Gazette
There ls a rnmor In town to-day that informa?
tion has been received from Democratic sources
at Albany that uoetfort ?nt tie made by tho i.eg
l<d:i'nro of New York to repeal the vote of that
state lu favor ?if tho rtfieoiiih amendment (so
called.) Prom nil lean learn, I think there cnn
heiinw no doubt that said "amendment" will, nt
all events, be declared adopted by this adminis?
tration under any circumstances. Whatever
Georgia, New York or ohio mav do, or refrain
from doing, therefore, will not. in tho least, af?
fect tho action of the government, either in Hie
Legislature or executive branches. Tho country
moat bear with Hits additional onungo until next
Coil gross, whoo ll ls to be Imped thal the posses?
sion oi"one of lite Rouses of tuc National Legisla?
ture will enable Democratic Staiim lo wipe nut
lint only this lett Hie whoiu series ot u a authorised
eiiui.'tiiicnts-"umeudnivtits''-inflicted upon us
Ihe past niue yeats.
Ttl?! Supremo Coiivt mt;l Habeas Cnrpui.
Thc Washington correspondent or Hie Halli
moro Gaset lo writes:
The practical effect or Trumbull's tilt) (tr 11be?
comes u Statute) upon prisoners now in eusiodv
<>f tm: military authorities will undoubtedly i.e to
sullied them to trial hy court maniai, li pro?
fesses tn declare what thc law ni rea dy tn. Some
Rrriuigoincni, however; (tho exact nature ur
which ls not known,) han taren mada by which
i lu- lives or stieii mon urn to bc scoured. If a casa
shun arise under this last enactment, dmihitatta
tho (Supreme Court would iiculdo lt-io bo uncon
siilntlonal and void, (ir by resignation, like that
or .li.den erl r. saoul,I not leave thc Radicals in a
majority,) und. notwlttisiniidlng tho inhibition,
issue tte writ of lut ben* oorpus; bul lt t* Kiroaiii
known Hint (lenoraI Grant would follow the u til
of Congress, and disregard the mandais ?f the
cniiit. This would arord tho Urst Instance lu
which a Pr?sident baa dared to ignore the ex?
plicit order of the Supremo Court ortho United
Slates, designed hy the (minora ?r the '.-enstltu
Hon ni tiie guardian or personal liberty.
The Cotton Tax.
A dispatch to tin N w York World says:
Tito argument or the cotton tax bet?re thc Su?
preme Court has been Halalled, Mr. Hoar and Mr.
Pteld speaking for tile government, and P. Phillip--,
of thia oily, and Rcnjamiu R. Cums, or KOSH m.
against ihe coiistiiuilonulity or the tux. The sum
involved In Hits particular case ls only twenty
live hundred dollars, but tue total amount to bc
infected hy the decision ls esl ?mai ed as high as
twenty millions of dollars, li does not follow,
however, oven If Hm iiiiconstitntioualitv nf the
tax lie alfi rm e.I by thc court-, that Hits entire sum
will ba nt once refunded.' Probably ouly the
monies will lie promptly refunded where thc par?
ties made regular protest und appeal us required
by law. lt ls eon lectured Hutt lilts has lion done
In comparatively few cases; but if thc decision
be averse to tho tux, lt will follow that nil this
money has been wrongfully token and lt will lie
tim duly of Congress to provide ror Us repay?
ment. Some members say this will be done. In
the .debate on the repeal or the tax, it was con?
ceded thal thc lax was only defensible ns a war
Other Hits at Go?sl|?.
From thc Washington dispatches to Hie Nor-h
crn press wc glean the ?ullow mg paragraphs:
Governor Bullock, orOeoigla.ls hore, hobnobbing
im-inbcrs or Congress lo gol possession of his
Stale, and then, by manipulation, have himself
seul herc ns United S*ales senator.
information In received Unit mattes are now
so arranged with referciioe lo the l?gislature in
South Carolina thill Governor Scott will come hero
as United Sutten ?otiaior Trum that State.
John Russell Young, E*W|., Inte man a.ring?-diior
or the New York Tribune, has bern tendered a
?) i (om as editor In charge or altadles) pnper tn
'intgomery, Ala., with thu salary or $ie,e?o. and
a fighting editor thrown In as a protector, tho
latter to receive ?suoo salary.
A largo amount of assorted war material
landed at Port Maria, Jamaica, for thc Cubans,
lias been seized by the British authorities.
Sherman hos arrived In Now York and will re?
main for several days.
Th'- Spanish gunboats aro ready for departure.
A northeast storm ls prevailing at Portress
0. P. Barlow, of Florida, committed suicido at
Terre nautc, Indiana.
-Tho Massachusetts State Labor Convention
have prepared a hill for presentation te the I/egls.
la un e cnnctlnr that after the 4Hi nf Jnly next, no
molo under olghtoon and na female of whatever
age shall labor In any mnnttfnctory more than
ton hours every day or sDuy bonrs a week, except
who? necessary lo prevent stoppage or Inter?
ruption of the ordinary running of the mills or
m ichlncry, under penalty of $50.
Tlic i|itc8tlon of labor muong farmers lias as?
sumed n serions nature. There never was u time
when tho energy, patience and luci of the Heath
em planter hate been put to such severe tesis.
Bets rarrouttded by a concatenation of eircum
stances suillcleul io mar thu hopes of a nunc
sim;- uni'- people.
Since the rinse of tho war to the present he has
managed, by hnok or tu oak, to command inoro or
less labor, ibo system deteriora." ur. 1 hough,
each yenr. and i he supply decreasing, until liiutiiy
lt has become almost entirely uiiuvuilublc. The
course which contributed most, lo ranier thc llrHl
purl of this assert hm true, hus been tho existence
in our midst or Ibidlriil demagogue*, who mykc
pulu len I Capital out or tie: negroes mi every ques?
tion which relates to them ami Hie nativo whiles.
That which has lent must to render the second
true has liven tho Injudicious policy or tim land?
owners lu miling their hinds to the only laborers
whom, under existing circumstances, they could
peesihly expect lo Obtain.
Th MU causes, together willi the cocci of thu re?
cent Labor Cou vent lon, which were represented
fioiii nearly every portion or lao State, bavo re?
duced the prospects tor binn laborers thc coming
year lo still smaller pro|K>rtlons.
farmers every when: favor Hie Introduction ot
Hie Chinese. No matter what muy bc their Status,
whether they ls: law-abiding or not. or have any
sense ol moral rcspoiihihthly. the cry ls-lid them
come. Au old gentleman thc other day ma'1': thc
profusive wish thal they might bimi hero lu less
i lian twenty-four boura thicker titan hail stones
ever fell. Ile afterwards qualified lt by milling, '-ir
we could Iced them."
Thai Ibo South does need more lithor tn de?
velop lier resources and make her more prosper?
ous ls a paipat.:?' tact. Thu party lu power in
this State ls opposed lo any movement which hus
Tor Its object un increase of labor. We, therefore,
cannot expect any aid from thc Stale in gelling
Immigrants herc. But, Mr. Editor, cannot Tun
NKWS, as Hie representative paner or Hie State,
suggest sonic plan by which tills result may bc
accomplished, thc opposition or Scoll ami his
sable subjects to tho contrary notwithstanding*
Let thc land-owners and all others who may
favor thc project, form Immigration soclcUcs in
every county of thc Stale, mid every person on
becoming a member contribute an admission rec.
Arier the societies have been thoroughly organ?
ized, and tho membership Increased to Its m?xi?
mum. Int each member pay Into tho treasury or
his society u certain percentage or tho State tux,
tobe applied to defraying the expenses of Immi?
gration-iterate of percentage, or course, io bc
len io a vote or each society.
In this way each member would pay propor?
tionally, and hy rising thc rate suitlclciitly high u
munificent suth could bc realized. Let every mau
who becomes a member do so with thc determi?
nation to vote tor ns high a rate or percentage on
his State tax as his m.ailis will penult. Then let?
hia! make bis arrangements accordlnuly to meet
thc payment, ir he ls a runner, let lum plant to
makcu bale or two mure or cotton: H a merchant,
let him reduce his expenses or living. Let every
one make temporary sacrifices for the bcncilts he
will ultimately receive.
After ench organization has paid iisnssrssoil
amount, let the whole be turned over to nu honest
mid reliable agent, elected by thc different sotio
11rs, whose duty lt shall be lo apply the funds
thus placed in lils hands tn defraying thc ex?
penses for transportai lon or immigrants, on
their arrival, Iel each county receive a prorata
until brr according to tho suma raised, to bc dls
II United lo Hm highest bidder tor thc price or
labor among Hie members cf Hie society. lu this
way a general dflfnsloU ol immigrants would be.
mado throughout the State. They would become
satisfied by the presence of numbers, mid at Ibo
same lime receive thc highest prices itu lr labor
would command. Competition would drive thc
negro lo work, and. In thc course or a few years,
the supply ut labor would ci|iuil thc demand.
Of eon rsc, all cannot, nt lint, expect tu obtain
Immigrants. Hut the Introduction or oilier labor?
ers will supply thc demand ol' some, ami nodoiibt
create a competition that will place the negro
within com maud or those who may Tull lo gel ha?
mil! ranis.
loller these suggestions with a hope Hist the
subject ululer consideration may be agitated, and
Ila:'plan proposed improved upon to a BllCCCSSfhl
termination. More labor ls what we need, and
Tim il we get it our progress ns agriculturists mid
manufacturers will bc comparatively slow.
Kork or Edlsto, Ueeonihor, HUB. PAYSAN.
? ? mt ? ?
Tho Terms on Willett thc Celestials Con?
trite.! AM Lubarcru In Korclgn Conn
Thc tollo wing copy of a printed form of con?
tract now in use, with thc approval or thc Chinese
authorities, between citizens or Hutch (liliana
and thc Chinese laborers whom they engage, will
bc read with Interest by our planters:
ARTICLES OK AOKRBMKNT, made this dav nf
, in the your of the Christian ora 1889,
hclngthe day of Hie month or Hie
eighth year or the reign of Tungchi, between,
unlive ol ellina, or Ibu one part, mid S.
Alicml anon. Esq., of Butch Calana, of the other
part, as follows: Tho said doth hereby
promise un.I ?..grce to and willi Hie said S.
Abendauott, his executors, administrators and
assigns, in manner mid form billowing, that is
to say:
1. Thal he, the seid , shall and will, so
sonn as he Miall t?e required by the said S. Aben
dation, or his agent, embark nu board the
ship, now ly lug at anchor lu thc harbor of Hons
Kong, ami bound fur Dutch (blinna, and remain
on board thc sahl ship henceforth uni!! she pro?
ceed to sea, and shall then proceed ns a'passen
ger nu board thc said .-hip to Dutch dillina, for
the purpose of carry Inc out the stipulations liirc
hiaftcr contained on thc part ol tho sahl s. Alien.
.J. Tba tl ho said shall mid will pr-rform
field und factory labor its S. Ahcmliiuon, Ids exec?
utors, administrators mid assigns may direct, fur
the space ol' ten hours each day during thc terni
nf six years, (each y ear rated at three hundred,
and cacti week at six working days, festivals ac?
knowledged by the government excepte], and on
Hie anniversary of each Chinese new year tv.-o
days freo from labor,) to be computed from the
dav or I li?' date of tho arrival or thu said shiptn
Hutch (liliana.
lt, That thc sahl S. Abcndanon shiill provide Ibo
said Kith a free ntis*ai!o to tho salli lluicli
('?idalia, und shall supply him gratuitously with
sucll toed and clothing as may be necessary lor
Hie voyage.
*. That so long ?is Hie said shall con?
tinue and be employed ns such laborer ns afore*
said, he, thc said S. Alu .minnon, shall well and
truly pay, or cause, to bo paid, io Hie said
wages ul the rate ol'seven dollars, or an equiva?
lent lu thc local currency, per calendar month,
thc laborer flinting himself provisions: m case or
Illness medical attendance with bonni TA ill bc pro?
vided by S. Abrndmio'.i, but no wages during
thal time, nud a bonus or (J.IO) sixly (lollara after
the expiration ortho six rears service, and a
piero or arable lund TV O sqniiro foot, should thc
said laborer wish tn remain In the colony ; but
should he de, ire to return lo China, he will bc
provided with :i passage and rood, but will re?
ceive no bonus.
6. Tim said promising punctually and
fall li rn',ly to observe all ordinances on tabor, mid
to show snell respect and obedlcnco us laborers
or servants owe lo those whose service they arc
Indentured lo.
0. Tho undersigned, S. Abendunon, or his
agent, declares to have engaged thc above men?
tioned for the purpose ami under the con?
ditions aforcanld, promising fallhrully io perform
thc sahl conditions, kindly io treat or causing to
bc Mindi trcutcd Hie Indentured person, and lo
pay or cause lo be punctually paid hLs wages at
the end of every week.
Helli parties declaro to be entirely satisfied
willi ttie atiovc conditions, ami for the perrnrtn
uni e of ni,, same to bind their persons and goods
In tho most cillclcnt manner according lo law.
7. Il ls ab o agreed 1 hat when thc hrforciiifn
lioncd term nf six years shall bc connliulcd, thc
said shall be itt liberty to romain In Unirai
Ctilana, to return to his native laud, or to go to
any other country which he may choose.
Thc Immigrants lo enjoy all civil rights held by
native citizens.
Namo , agc , native of
I certify thaton this day of , iRfio,
ol Hong-Kong, In my presencc.thn above contract
was fully, distinctly and intelligently (as I be?
hove) explained to tho above named laborer In a
dialect which be understood: that he expressed
himself willing to bc bound by Its terms, and
that ho received thc sum of ola. il dollars as a bo?
nus, and an advance of seven lollara ont of his
wages, to bc repaid In seven monthly Instalments
of one dollar cachi
Emigration Officer.
Norn.-In thc caso of a femalo engaging her?
self to work on the same tenus os Hie men,she will
at.-o receive wage? at the rate of seven dollars per
month, the bonus to bc paid her before departure.
wilt be twenty doilars Instead nf eight dollars, the
amount given to a man. In the case of aman
taking his wife and children with him he will re?
ceive a further benns before departure for each
chin in arms two dollars, for each child nnder
(en years of ago three dollars, and from ten years
and upward, If not old enough lo go as a laborer,
four dollars.
-The walters at thc new hotel called Arlington,
In Washington, aro uniformed men; dark hlno
pants, and Jackets "picked out", with light bloc.
The maids, os Pre?en nonne?, while caps, short
drer?sen and aprons. Thtse aro great strides to?
wards imperialism. Freemen tn liveries ls the
oo-alng slavery of the period.
LA TUST r.A non itmrs.
Wages in Fingir* ml ?nd (Ito (j tilted
st nu ?? Uoinparctl,
Thu billowing shows tho rule of wages ro
ceived iiy workman In Iho loading pursuits lu
New York City:
bricklayers, $4 MI und .*.*> por day; carpenters
$3 ?vu mid $4 per dav; simm masons, $M f>o und ts
per day ; plain primers, $-?S and $:c> |ior week;
plasterers, $4 mid $4 ra) por day; shin painters,
$3 Ml for ulm} hours; varnishers nit?! polishers.
$17 lo $31 nor week: clothing cutten, $20 tu ?-24
per week; gohl-bealers, $14 lo $IS per nook; gil
dem, cents per lunn-; longshore hnnberhiiiiil
lers, 40 cents per hour; furniture carvers, $18 to
$iM per week; wutclicnso makers, tis lo $i? per
week; restaurant carvers, $|S lo fis per week;
liorse-sliocrs, $2t to $27 |ier week;walters, $30 per
month; coop'TS, $2 50 to ?3 per day.
Thc following rates of wages, converted Into
legal tender currency, lt ls asserted, ure paid to
mechanics In England:
Puddlers, $12; helpers, ?il no; shinglers, $20;
rollers, i-io so; bricklayers, $9; plasterers, $'.?:
carpenters, $7 SOS painters, $7 -Iii; masons, to;
ritrnacoMilers, $7 50; laborers (graded,) $3 41?; la?
borers (common,) $120.
Co-opernt lon In New Yo ric.
Co-operation ls being generally agitated among
thc workingmen of New York, and lt ls probable
Hint next spring win witness the opening of sev?
eral cooperativo establishments.
Among i he trades now moving ure thc cigar
iintl;ors, who cont?mplale opening n large cigar
manufactory; thc shoemakers, the members nfl
Hie Knights ol* Bl. Crispin, who expect to siart In
business with a capital or Sioo.oou; thc clothing
cutlers, who will apply for ii charter for their pro?
posed co-operative tailoring establishment, ami
who will commence business as soon us $10,000
wini h of slock is disposed of; und thc journey men
tudors, who have thoroughly ergaul/.cd for ibis
purpose. Thc friends of co-opcrailon held a meet?
ing Mst week, nt which a Oo-operallve Chamber
or Industry was orgaul/.cd. Thc initiatory step
will be to bring In Hour und coal, and fm nish
i hem to tlioso participating In thc enterprise at
cost price.
(?mitt andi thc Colored t.niim < r ,.
A negro delegation rrom the National Labor
Convention waited upon President Graul on
Saturday. Thc President made Hie following
brief reply to a congratulatory address:
I am gratltlcd to receive this declaration, as 1
have watched the proceedings of your conven?
tion with great Interest. 1 have done all I could to
advance the best interests of tito cilt/.cos ot our
country, without regard to color, and 1 shall
endeavor tu do In tho rm ure what I have done In
tito past. I hope that thc measures you have
Inaugurated will result In the sccurcment bf your
bes alms." Kev. Sella Martin then spoke or the
desire of thc Southern negroes lo secure land.
Ibo President said that he could only aid this
inafor by suggestion und recommendation, but
won.d givo thc matter his attention.
Special Notices.
solicited for a NEW MARKET BUILDING to bc
creeled on the sile of thc present Market in i?u
wannah, Ga. Thc available space is in shape a
parallelogram. Thc sides on Congress and li rv an
streets, being two hundred ami ten (210) feet, mid
on the side streets one hundred and nlne-llvc
(106) reel.
Plans may Include a cellar story below, and
halls, offices, Ac, above the market proper. It is
desirable lo leave sulllclcnt space In Hie Ulterior
for light and ventilation, ol the same Hine
roofing the entire area.
Two hundred and Illly dollars will bc paid for
the plan adopted, and one hundred donal's for
thu pian next approved.
I'luns will be received until Junurry'io, 1370.
decir, ihmo Chairman Market Committee.
.A and all kinds of WRAPPING PAPERS, go lo
EDWARD PERKY, No. 1.15 Meeting street, oppo?
site Charleston Hotel, Ctiaicstou, S. C.
lb el I lilUOS
ING claims nguiust thc Esl alu of Dr. J. L. NOW?
ELL, lat.* or St. James Santcc, wilt present thom
to the undersigned properly attested, within thc
time prescribed by law. All Indebted to said Es
tan: Will please make paymcnl ator.ee.
E. W. NOWELL,) E-eot,tl"_
dec7 imo_L. C. NOWELL, } Lxccntors.
FRECKLES and TAN from tho face, use PERRY'S
Moth and Freckle Lotion. Prepared only by Dr.
lt. C. PERRY, No. 40 Band-Street, New York. Sold
by alt Druggists. decs amos
jaar J U S T It E O E I V ~E~ A
NOS. 5 ANO 6,
Which will bc furnished to our customers with
Business Card neatly printed thereon at $4 to $?
per 1000.
TIVE.-A free and regular circulation of thc blood
ts essential lo health, lt places thc whole system
In n state ot active defence against all unwhole?
some' Influences, and ls un especial safeguard
against Hie Inimical effect of sudden changes ur
temperature, timi or damp amt cold.
ll proper attention were paid lo this important
rael, lhere would not only bo u great decrease in
tho number or cases or stomach, bowel and renal
complaints, bul also In thc number or deaths by
consumption and other pulmonary diseases.
At this period or thc your, when the dividing
linc which separates a genial rrom an Inclement
season has just been passed, a course or IIOSTRT
TER'S STOMACH HITTERS will bc found of in?
valuable service in Improving thc condliion of thc
vital ?luid and gently stimulating Its dow. Vio?
lent coughs and colds, like intermit tcul fever, arc
iho frequent cifccLs of a chilly atmosphere upon
a debilitated organisation. Diseases of tho kid?
neys often proceed from tho sallie source. How
essential ll ls, therefore, ror persons of feeble con?
stitution, to Invigorate thc vital organization nt
thc commencement of winter. Fortified by warm
clothing without, and IIOSTETTER'S HITTERS
within, tho frull mid dellcuto may brave with
impunity nu amount of exposure and hardship
which, under other circumstances, would ?iros
trato them on a boil of sickness. Let them con?
sider this and bo wisc in Hine. dec?s fin.tc
Errors of Youth nnd tho Follies of Agc, in rela?
tion to Marriage and Social Evils, with a helping
hand for thu erring and unfortunate. Sent lu
scaled letter envelopes, free of charge. Address
HOWARD ASSOCIATION, Box P., Philadelphia
l'a._septa, amos
?lf A CARD.-A C L E RG Y M A N,
while residing In South America as a Missionary,
discovered a safo and simple remedy for the cure
of Nervous Weakness, Early Decay, Disease of
tho Urinary and Seminal Organs and the whole
train of disorders brought on hy baneful and
vicious habits. Great numbers have been cured
by this noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to
benefit tho afflicted and unfortunate, I will sew*
tho reclpo for preparing and using this medicino,
In n scaled envelope, to any one who needs lt,
freo of charge. Address
Station D, Hillie iionse.
ocU 3raos?_New York City.
splendid flair Dye ls the best In the world; the
only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable, In
s tan tan?ons; no disappointment; no ridiculous
tints; remodles tim 111 effects of bad dyes; In?
vigorates and leaves tho hair soft and beautiful,
black or brown. Sold by all Druggists and Per?
fumen; and properly applied at natohelor's Wig
Factory, No. ie Bond street, New York.
nov2? fmwlyr
Special Noliccc.
Tho omeo or this Company hau been RRMOVRD
from No. 117 Meeting street to No. 84 Hasel street,
immediately in rear or tito Pavillon Hotel.
decto IS Agent.
having rcllrcl rrom butines* lu Cliarlesion, takes
tills opportunity or thanking bis many mends
and customers rortbclr liberal patronage sound?
ly bestowed on bim.
In retiring, I n'so lii?e pleasure in recommend?
ing Messrs. CHllTKVKWIK.lt BROS. as my succes?
sors, reeling satisfied thal 1 bey will strictly adbcro
to my motto or quick sales und small prullts.
deel<M_A. ILLINO.
MARSHALL, Jr., ror three huudrcd and ssventy
llve ($a75) dollars, drawn on the People's Bank,
payable to JOSH HILVKY A CO., or bearer, lia?
been stopped, and all persous arc cautioned
ugaiusl trading ror Hie Hame.
ileclu tjisi>i3*_ JOSH 81LVKY.
16, 1 ROO.-SEALED OFFERS will bc received up
to li o'clock M., ou MONDAY, (lie 2* th Inst., ror
the purchase ot Hie Manure rrom the Company's
Stables, Bbophcrd street, for cue year Hom tho
1st ol January next.
l'or particulars apply at thc Company's Oillcc,
Broad street. By order.
deem ihwsrt Secretary.
SKA OUI,H, rrom ballimore, uro hereby noticed,
that she will discharge cargo Tuts DAV, at lier
No. 1, Union Wharves. All goods not taken away
ut sunset will rennin on Wharf ut consignees'risk.
dcclO 1 Agents.
n ot ?lied Hint no freight will bc received after sun?
set on thc days ol their sailing.
jlccO_J. D. A1KKN A CO.. Agents.
Rill Heads, Statements, Canis, Card Hoard, Print?
ing Material, Binding, Ruling niul Cutting, goto
KOWARI) PERRY, No. 165 Meeting street, oppo
sile Charleston Hotel, Charleston, S. C.
deolA Cmos
TICE that he will apply within thc tiuic prescribed
by law for illegal discharge as Executor or Hie?
blat will or Mrs. D. DAVIS. Settled estate.
dees Hil*_ Executor.
ago tun or twelve Cut Class Cas Globes were
lort with I*. L. GUILLEMIN, Gas Killer, Church
street, lobe sold. Tho owner will please claim
Hie Globes at once, or they will bc sold to delray
expense*. dceii
LAW BLANKS and Legal Printing, go to EDWARD
PERRY, No. 155 Mooting street, opposite Charles?
ton Hotel, Charlestor, S. C. dccl4 Autos
ou thu Cause and Cure or Decline ?In Premature
Mau, Ht: treatment or Nervous aud Physical De?
bility, Ac.
"There ls no member or society by whom this
book will not lie round useful, whether such per?
son holds tho relation nf Parent Preceptor or
Clcrgyniau."-Medical Times ami G excite.
Sent by mall on receipt or tiny cents. Address
thc Author, Dr. E. DBF. CURTIS, Washington,
D. C. _aeptt lyr
thc people besch! thc wonderful cures which
wore produced by this drink, Abraham said, "My
children must not suffer; give mc thy drink to
drink, and I will give lt a name."
And so Abraham drank, and said there was
nothing like lt even lu Surigumun Couuty; that lt
wns biller to thc Ups, but good for thc stomach;
and because lhere were bitter times tn lighting
ibu masters of thc plantations, lt shall bc forever?
more called PLANTATION BITTERS; and BO it
hus ltcon.
And thc wonderful work which lt has perform?
ed is witnessed at this day In every town, parish,
village and hamlet throughout all thc world.
And hu said, '-Let it be proclaimed throughout
thc length und breadth of thc land, from thc val?
leys aud mountaintops, thal all who an (TC r from
fevers, dyspepsia, weakness, loss of appetite,
nervous headache, and mental despondency, will
find relier through the PLANTATION BITTERS.
They mid tone lo the stomach, and brilliancy to
thc mimi, or which I, O people, um a living ex?
MAGNOLIA WATHII.-Superior to thc best Im?
ported German Cologne, and sold at bair thc price.
<loci4 tut hs?_
JUNIPER TAR Tor Coughs, Croup, Whooping
Cough, Asthma, Rronchltls, Sore Throat, Spliting
or Blood and Lung Diseases. Immediate relief
and positive cure, oi price refunded. 35 cents.
N. IL-Tho gonulnc article has yellow labels,
with wliitc, unprinted wrapper.
Sold by O. W. A IM AK, Agent,
Corner King and Vundcrhorsl streets.
nov;;. | hst ii..mo
MAN who suffered ror years rrom Nervous De?
bility, Premature Decay, and all the effects of
y ?ut brui indiscretion, will, ror Hie sake or suffer
lng humanity, send tree to all who need lt, the re?
ceipt and directions ror making thc simple rem?
edy by which he was cured. Sufferers wishing to
proilt by the advertiser's experience, can do so
by addressing, with perfect confidenco, JOUN B.
OGDEN, No. 42 Cedar street, Now York,
novo amos
RHOEA CORDIAL.-nils article, so well known
and highly prized throughout thc Sont lieu. States
as a Sovereign Remedy for the abovo diseases, bi
now offered to the whole country.
It ls invaluable lo every lady, both married and
No family can afford to bc without lt, and none
will to whom Its virtues arc known.
Ker sale by all Druggists ami general dealers.
nelli ft m os ruc General Agents.
VERT18BR, having been restored to health In a
row weeks, by a very simple rcmody, niter having
suffered several years with a severe lung affec?
tion, and that dreadful disease, consumption, bi
anxious to make known to lils fellow-sufferers the
means of cure.
To all who desire lt, ho will send a copy of the
prescription used (free of charge,) with tho direc?
tions for preparing and using the same, which
AsrnuA, BRONCHITIS, Ac. Tho object of tho ad?
vertiser tn sending tho Prescription ls to benefit
tho afflicted, and spread information which he
conceives to be Invaluable; and he hopes every
sufferer will try hts rcmody, as lt will cost them
nothing, and may pi ove a blessing.
Partien wishing the prescription, will please ad
dross Rsv. EDWARD A. WILSON, Williamsburg,
Klagn Conn tv. New York. novo amos
Pl.R REMEDY positively cures Comedones, (Bald
Hoads or Oruba;) also Red, White and Maturated
Pimples on the face. Depot No. 40 Bond Mroct,
New York. Sold by Druggists everywhere.
deco 3mos

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