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The Executive anti Cuba-Annexation.
of St. Domingo, &c.
WASHINGTON, January 8.
Tho President will nominate William Strong,
of Pennsylvania, as Grier's successor. He Till
not withdraw Hoar's nomination.
The administration contemplate no action re?
garding Cuba. Executive circles have informa?
tion that thc Spanish regiments eau mareil to
any point on the Island.
A treaty for thc annexation of San Demingo
to the United States was negotiated by President
Baez and our commercial agent. Perry, at Son
Domingo. This treaty, with a secret message of
the President of the roiled States, wui;ce sent to
the Senate on Monday, or the truth of (lils state
ment, there ls no doabt. Thc government's mo?
tive for the acquisition of San Domingo is its
geographical relation to this country, as a means^
of national defence, as well as its general mari*
time advantages, and hence, as a ?preliminary,
Jtee lease or 'Sania na was effected, and
the jurisdiction of the United States,
established over that part of the territory
of San Domingo. Several senators who a:t
cognizant of the particulars or thc negotiation
privately assert that San Domingo.'s or os much
importance to us as the Island or Cuba, ir not
more, and thet the acquisition or one will more
easily lead to the possession of others. It may bc
that the President of thc United Stetes, in a mes?
sage recommending the ratification or a treaty,
will briefly-etate his reasons for negotiating. It
ls certain, 'however, that he has stated them to
some of his most intimate political friends. Al?
though the text of the treaty cannot now be pub?
licly made-known, there ls no doubt it contains
thc following propositions:
1st. The United States sripulate to pay the sum
of one million five hundred thousard dollars.
2d. This money to be devoted to the liquidation
of all the 'Obligations or thc Republic of San Do?
mingo, Including the redemption of its currency,
which La-rt presen ted to be of comparatively small
3d. In case the obligations to be .assumed by
the United States shall exceed the before
mentioned sum or $1,500,000, the imbi!; lands
of Sau Domingo are pledged as security tor the
4th. The liquidation or the obligations is en?
trusted to.commissioners, one to be appointed hy
each or the contracting parties.
5th. In consideration of the discharge or these
obligations San Domingo cedes to th? United
States all forts, docks, customhouses, And all
other publie building-, arsenals, kc, and com?
plete Jurisdiction over the territory.
eth. San Domingo is to be annexed or acquired
as a territory, not ai a State, and subject to the
legislation or Congress- In the same manner as
the territories of the United States.
7th. The treaty is to be valid to all intents and
parposes when ratified by thc Senate or the
United States and continued by a vote of a ma
jority or the citizens or Sau Duinlugo.
The telegraphers' strike still continues, with?
out retarding business. The Alta california ap?
proves the position or the management on this
coast. The Bulletin, arter publishing the state?
ment or both sides, closes a loug editorial as fol?
lows : "We cannot believe that the Eastern ope?
rators were correctly informed or the slight cause
for the strike in San Francisco berore taking a
step which forces the necessity npon the company
of maintaining its position ac all hazards."
The telegraph strike*nas been virtually ended
by fl.\cen of the strikers resuming work, having
signed a paper dissolving connection with the
league. Only seven or the original strikers hold
PARIS, January 8.
The Memorial Diplomatique asserts that a
eompromise has been arranged on the question
O? thc infallibility or the Pope. Infallibility will
bc affirmed, but a dissent from the article will be
Indulged In.
LONDON, January 8.
Thc story has been extensively circulated on
the Continent lately to the effect that President
Grant will soon visit the sovereigns or Europe,
?RI that lie will make the trans-Atlantic voyage
accompanied by a fleet or ironclads.
The Supreme Court of Alabama has decided
that there has beeu no property in slaves siuce
1863. It also decides that every judgment given
by any or the courts In Alabama from isa to 116513
noll and void, aud that all officers of aonrts and
l?gislatures were usurpers during that period.
Two hundred and lirty Chinese arrived a: New
Orleans on Saturday via St. Louis. They will
leave by railroad lor Texas.
Thc seventh bali or the Twelfth Night Revellers,
given In Kew Orleans on Friday night at the
opera-house, was the most elegant or the season,
-Henry Ward Beecher is for Instant Cuban
recognition, right or wrong. Ile looks at Cuba
as he did at Mrs. McFarland, simply as a suffering
-The dwelling ot Minister Motley, in London,
was robbed by burglars, Wednesday night, or
property valued at ?5000.
-The Kew York papers somewhat exultantly
report Fisk as having "come to grier." In August
last the Erie ring attempted to wiest the Albany
and Susquehanna Road from its rightful owner?
ship. They so rar succeeded as to throw thc
property Into litigation and receivership, but in
the recent trials every point raised has been de?
cided against the Erie ring, and they are made to
bear the whole costs or the proceedings. Thc
gTnnd result bi, that the road, its franchise- and
management, have been remitted to thc control
or Mr. Ramsey aud his co-directors, and that they
arc now in undisputed possession again.
-Mr. Atfted II. Louis, formerly the proprietor
and editor or the Spectator or London, lias come
to the United States to live, and has declared his
intention to become an American citizen. He
will reside in Kew York, and will there practice
his profession as a lawyer, lt is hid conviction
that thc Uuiied States is to become the centre or
thc English race, and that Great Britain and all
her colouies are destined, at no very distant day,
to form very intimate relations with this republic,
one result or which will be to maintain a genuine
equilibrium among cations, aud to abolish the
enormous military establishments which now
everywhere burden and exhaust thc people. This
opinion, formed after years or study and travel
In every part or the globe where English is spoken
has led him to establish himself on tids side of
the Atlantic.
-Mr. Bateman, inc theatrical manager, a
member or the Manhattan Club, or New York, on
New Year's eve invited a couple or friends to dine
with him at that institution, in contravention, it
is alleged, ortho rules or the house. The steward,
in the presence or Mr. Batcsinan's friends, was
instructed not to serve the dinner. Thereupon
Mr. Bateman became indignant, and, learning
that thc steward's orders emanated from Mr.
Hiram Cranston, proceeded at once to pet an ex?
planation. A correspondence ensued. Mr. Cran?
ston wrote evasively, and Mr. Bateman satislied
hld wounded feelings by Blooping his face berore
thc whole club, lt was reported that the dilil
dAty baie fair to lead io serious results.
\ - ?_
Charleston Affairs-Corbin and Cain
Railroad Katters-Special Taxes-Port
Royal Metropolis-Tlic Clicclt System
Cotton Steal lng-Srtdges and Ferries
State Lands-Walk in and Help Your?
self-Security Wanted-AU A DO ut a.
Safe-Columbia Postofflce-Laborer*
Phosphates-Str?y Items.
COLUMBIA, January 8.
The Mayor and Aldermen of'thc "City by thc
Sea" have, In their pride of being elevated to thc
position or ' City Fathers," forgott?i mose who
ratsed them, and nave legislated not for them or
anybody else, bu: tb em sel ves; consequently their
supportera arc determined to wreak their ven?
geance upon them by hurling them from their
"high places." Thc commencement or this effort
^fo displace thom is tffc bill offered by DeLarge to
extend the City of Charleston, and to provide for
the election of municipal officers therein. This
bill uad not been prepared when notice of its in?
troduction was given, and the unanimous con?
sent given to thc r< quest that that notice of its In?
troduction should bc considered "a first reading,,;
ls an evidence that its passage will meet with no
opposition In the House, and certainly very little
in the Senate. It appeals to thc prejudices of the
colored ruemberB, for which reason they will vote
for lt, and thc white members dare not refuse to
do the same. This morning Dcl.argo endeavored
to bare a meeting or thc Charleston deiagation in
order.to draw up the bill, but railed, and for this
reason it was sot called up for its second reading
to-day as was intended.
Even the introduction of this bill was not deem?
ed a sutneient snub to thc Council which dis?
graces the City of Charleston. To-day Ransler
gave notice that he would shortly introduce a
bill to amend certain acts in relation to thc power
and privileges of the municipal government of
thc City or Charleston, in thc matter of taxation
and licenses, and to compel, in all its legislation,
thc Incorporation or the principle or equal civil
rights and public privileges.
Cain answered to bis name in thc Senate last
Thursday and disappeared. Corbin has not yet
made his appearance. To-day Nash asked fol"
leave or absence for three days for Cain. Itatney
wished to know ir he and Corbin didn't stay away
?s long as they desired without leave. Some one
else moved to give them both leave or absence for
the rest or the session. Leslie -. .-s willing to give
Cain that privilege, tr 'twas only to give him an
opportunity of running around to Edgefleld, Ab?
beville and elsewhere, making " Edgefleld
speeches. " The leave was granted.
Yesterday in the Senate. Leslie, without pre?
vious notice, introduced a bill (which received Its
first readiDg) to regulate the rights and powers
or railroad companies. To day it was taken up,
read by its first title, and referred to the Comm It
tee on Railroads. The bill provides that it may
be lawful for any railroad company or corpora?
tion organized under thc laws or this State to
merge and consolidate tts capital stock, franchi?
ses and property, with that or any other connect?
ing company.
The report or the Railroad Committee on the
bill to amend thc act incorporating the George?
town Railroad Company was to have been taken <
up In tlic Senate to-day, but wa? not, because the ]
bill could not bc found-havlag been stolen du- I
ring thc last fow days. The bill to charter the t
Manchester and Augusta Railroad has been maTle ?
the "special order" in the House for the 12th of 1
this month. The Senate bill to authorize the ex- ;
teuslon or thc South Carolina Central Railroad
rrom Sumter, ria Camden and Lancaster Court?
house, to North Carolina, in the direction of Char- ,
lotte, In that State, and the House bill "to empow- ,
er certnin persons therein named to construct a ]
railroad," (formerly a bill to grant right of way ,
over the Charleston and Savannah Railroad,) 1
were referred to-day to the Senate Railroad Com- (
mlttce. <
A short time ago a bill was Introduced author
Izlng the County Commissioners of Darlington
County to levy a tax or four mills on the dollar to j
dciray the expense or rebuildlug a courthouse.
The bill was reforred to the Committee on Fi- (
name, which reported yesterday, stuting that the
taxable property or thc county ls $0,160,890, and
that a tax or four mills would realize $20,733
50-100, and that ia the opinion or thc committee
two mills on the dollar, which would realize '
$10,301 78-100 was sufficient. The bill was ameud- 1
cd in accordance with the recommendation,-read '
thc second time yesterday, was engrossed, read
the third time to-day and sent to the House. Thc '
bill offered by Hoyt to authorize the County Com- '
missioners of Collcton and Spartanburg Coun- '
ties to levy additional tax, (the former four and 1
thc latter two mills on thc dollar) for thc pur?
pose or liquidating their debts, was called up
to-day, read by Its titi? and referred to thc Fi- '
nance Committee. :
Jillson offered a resolution to-day, which was
laid over under thc rules, authorizing thc Com?
missioners of Kershaw County to levy a special 1
tax of two mills on thc dollar.
A jolut resolution to levy a special tax or two
mills on thc dollar to rebuild the jail or Williams?
burg County was adopted by thc Senate to-day.
Every day or two some person residmg iu the
vicinity of Port Royal, generally one who has, '
with thc exception or the laBt twelve months or
so, lived north or Mason and Dixon's line, comes
straggling up to the Legislature, and "talks" con?
siderably or thc prospects or Port Royal, until
those who love old Charleston conclude to annex
her to ihc new metropolis so that her name can
at least bc mentioned with thc new "City by the
Sea." While a great many talk of the prospects
of Port Royal, a few act with a view or bencflt
ting thc place. There were introduced In the
Senate yesterday two bills, one to incorporate the
Fort Royal Improvement Company, and the other
the Fort Royal Dock nud Warehouse Company. The
Hist named bill provides that Royal E. Robbins, D.
Appleton, H. II. Boody, and Stephen C. Millett bc
created a body politic, under the name of (he
Port Royal Improvement Company, with a capi?
tal stock or one million doilars. to be divided in
shares or one hundred dollars each, for the pur?
pose of constructing canals, plank and turnpike
roads, street railroads, Ac, iu the Connty of Beau?
fort, to construct wharves, warehouses, hotels,
bridges, dwellings, dig channels, Ac. Thc second
bill provides that II. L. Stuart. Stephen C. Millett,
Robert H. Thayer, Calvin Adams, and Shelton L.
Hall, be created a body corporate, under theuaiue
or thc Fort Royal Dock and Warehouse Company,
with a capital or one million dollars, to be divided
in shares of one bund red dollars each, for the purj
pose of constructing upon or near the
harbor or Tort Royal and Beaufort, dry or
floating docks, piers, wharves, yard*, depots for
coal and ot her supplies, railways, foundries, ware?
houses for commercial uses, and other conve?
niences anti structures for receiving, docking,
building, equipping and supplying steamships
and vessels or any description. And said com?
pany may issue certificates or indebtedness, and
bonds, with or without coupons attached, pay?
able in gold coin and other lawful money of the
United States, to an amount not exceeding thc
amount or the capital stock aforesaid; and may
also receive and hold, in care and custody, aud
on deposit, any goods, wares, merchandise,
money, or other property, on terms and condi?
tions stipulated; aud may make advauces 011 the
same, as may be agreed upou by parties in iu
l er est, may buy and sell foreign or domestic ex
?hange, maj advance on bottomry bond ar
mortgage on steamships and other vessels, V.-JI
or without assumiug the dangers of the seas. Ai
ail certificates of indebtcdnecs, issued as alor
said, shall be received in payment of all deb
due to said company.
To-day Wright introduced a bill providing th;
it shall not be lawful for any person or persons
Issue checks, receipts or scrip to be nsed as mon?
or for thc perchase of goods, without the authy
ty of the General Assembly, the pwialty for a vi
latlon of w-hich law will bc a One of not more tin
one thousand nor less than five hundred dolla:
and in ?default of payment, Imprisonment in t
penitentiary for not more than three years n
less thsn one year. The bill received its flt
On-introducing thc biil, Wright stated ihe piar
ers were in the habit of having stores on tl?
plantations, and when they paid their hands, i
stead of giving them monoy, gave them checks
scrip, with whicli they could only purchase ar
des at the plantation store. This, he said, wa?
serious evil to the colored people, not only t
cause it confined thc expenditure of their wag
to the one store, bul al-o because these stol
keepers and planters were In league with 01
another, and between them thc colored men we
Wright introduced another bill, which provide
that no storekeeper or trader living outside of xl
corporate limits of & city shall boy cot;?a b
tween the hours of six P. M. and six A.M. A
violators of the law subject themselves to a fir
of not more than one thousand nor less than Hi
hundred dollars; and in dofault of payment tu
more than three yearn imprisonment in the pen
tcntlary, nor less than one year. The bill receive
its first reading.
It will bc remembered that before thc recess th
Senate passed a bill rechartering and vestings
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Meeservcy, wife of Lawrence.
Messervey, BantowJe's Bridge, over the Sion
River, in St. Paul's Parish, Colleton County. Yei
terday, No. 3 on the 'Calendar, a report (uafavon
ble) of the Committee on Incorporations on a.pi
titlon of John II. Law was called up. Hej
mored that the report be laid en the table, statin
that Law only wanted to have thc charter of th
bridge vested In him; that ho now rented il
Hoyt's motion was adopted. A bill providin
that the Combahee Ferry, on the Combahcc R
ver, be rechartered and vested for fourteen year
n Henry A. Middleton, with the same privilege.'
rights, franchises and emoluments as arc at pref
eat sec ami by law, provided that children golni
to and returning from school, and vot?i s goln;
to and returning from elections, shall bc passei
free over said ferry, was read a third time to-da;
in the Senate and sent to thc House.
There has been considerable grumbling arnon)
the members of thc Charleston County delegatioi
about lands belonging to the State lu charles to:
comity, and resulted In the introduction in thi
House of a joint resolution directing the con m \
commissioners to examine and report what hindi
belonging to Ute State, in thc portion of Charles
Lou County known as the Parish of St. Johu'i
Berkeley, arc now held and nsed by private iudi
valu?is; the said report to be made lo thc Attor
ney-Geueral, and by him transmuted lo thc Gene
ral Assembly. Yesterday the resolution was
uloptcd by thc Senate. If thc couuty commis
.toners work with their usual alacrity, the lon?
term senators may have au opportunity of bear
ng thc report read.
A bi l "ceding the Jurisdiction of Hie State ol
South Carolina to the United States of America
iver such lands as may be acquired for public
mrposes by thc said united Stales of America,"
las been passed by thc Senate. Under this act
he United States authorities can walk lulo the
state and select a piece of ground, assert that
hey want to build a lighthouse or erect a Hag?
nau* thereon, and quietly go to work.
Tito Senate to-day passed the bill authorizing
ill administrators, executors and other fiducia?
ries to sell to the highest bidder, as other personal
property is now sold, all notes, accounts and
nhcr evidences of Indebtedness, coming into
their hands as such, when thc same is appraised
loubtful or worthless, and the purchaser thereof
ihall bc allowed to bring his action in his own
lame as purchaser to collect thc same; and pro
riding, that they may, with the cousent of the
jrobate Judge, compromise all demands coming
ut? their hands as such, where the same is ap?
praised doubtful or worthless; aud where such
?omprornlses are made, thc same shall bc fully
ihovrcd iu their annual returns.
Arnim s resolution instructing the Committee
>u Finance lu inquire and report what security is
leposiied by H. II. Kimpton, (the Financial Agent
)f the Slate in New York,) to secure this Stale,
ivas adopted by the Senate to day, lt is stated
that Kimpton hus given no security. .If this bc
:ruc, it certainly gives another evidence of thc
loose way that thc Radical State officials have of
arr; lng on business.
Yesterday Raiucy introduced a resolution au?
thorizing the clerk of thc Senate to purchase a
safe for the deposit of State papers, and to-day
when lt was called up offered as an amendment
that he should not pay more than one thousand
dollars for it. This seemed to be a rather high
price, and several of the senators so expressed
themselves, among them Jillson, who made a
long speech in opposition to lt, saying among
other things that the Seuatc had better at once
purchase a fireproof safe Inrgc enough to hold all
of the senators so that they could go through
judgment day in it. [ile Is thinking about
"meeting thc Issue.''} Leslie was In ia vor of buy?
ing the safe, and was of the opinion that one to
answer the purposes of tho clerk could not be
purchased for less than one thousand dollars.
lils speech was so long and warm that Nash's
suspicions were aroused, and he asked Leslie if he
was an agent for thc sale of safes. The resolu?
tion was adopted.
Thc special order for 1 o'clock to-day, In the
House, was "a Senate bill to grant and give thc
consent of the Legislature o? this State to thc
conveyance to thc United States of the lot of laud
situate on Richardson ami Laurel streets, in tho
City of Columbia, hereinafter described, for the
purpose of a postoitlec and courthouse, or for
other purposes, a d to cede to thc United States
jurisdiction therein." This bill has been, appar?
ently, a source of great trouble to thc good peo?
ple of Columbia, and since its introducliou nume?
rous petitions, both favoring arid opposing the
bill, have been sent to the Legislature. Some say
that Hie designated location is "too far out of the
way," aud others that "it ls just the place." When
the bill was called up to-day, Perrin moved lo
postpone Hie further considera!ion of it until
Wednesday next. Neagle moved to recommit the
bill, and all papers lu connection therewith, to
the Committee on the Judiciary, wiih instructions
to report on Wednesday next. This motion was
agreed to. Yeas 03, nays 20.
Thc following joint resolution, offered In the
House to-day by Henderson, and which was re?
ferred to thc Committee on Labor, Is of interest
to the laborers and their employers throughout
thc State:
liv. it resolved, by the House of Representatives,
the Senate concurring, That the Governor be and
is hereby authorized and empowered, immediate?
ly after Hie passage of this resolution, lu appoiui
contract agents or supervisors ol'each cornily of
the State, whose duty it shill lie to furnish all
iormina wishing to contract with proper forms,
showing clearly the obligations of employers und
That the agent or supervisor shall keep an oftlce
at the county seat of each comity, where shall be
recorded a copy of each cou tract made, and Hie
naines of all purtles to thc same; to hear and ex?
amine all disagreements, und, as umpire, award
justice io thc aggrieved party, except In such
cases which require legal Intofcrcnce throagh
the courts.
The contracts shall be in dugcate forre, the
employer ano the craplovee hohllc one each; and
the third ?hall bc Mal and rocordd In the oftlec
of the agent or supervisor for te emmtj, each
copy receiving the signature and cal of the ajjent
to validate lt, for which duty h shall rtcelve a
fee of fifty cents from each party outracttng, and
furnish necessary papers.
All contracts for the year 1870 Dist be recorded
as set Tort h above, and be subjetr.d to the same
rulcof approval and record, thouto made, signed
and-entered upon.
Thc agent, or supervisor shall atcr lato recog?
nizance, for the faithful perforraace of his duties,
In a bond or not moro than $a?, or less than
tfooo, and hold hts office for tin years, unless
wperceded for negligence or ratoonduct.
Mtnday ls the day appointed for he special eon
?aidera'.ion or the '.bill to grant to;*rtaln persons
therein named thc exclusive rlgh" to dig and
mine lu i\c beds or thc navlgabUstreams and
waters of fte State Tor phosphate rcks and phos?
phate deposup." It ls not probate that lt will
be taken op tten. The supportorsor the bill to
repeal the towtshlp act assert tba their billmust
be taken np and disposed or first. Corbin is op?
posed to the repealing bill, audhas a bill to
amend the townsh'.p act. Over bese two bills
there will be an obstinate fight. Tte supporters
or each are about equal in nunktr, and thc
result is doubtful.
In my last letter I mentioned tuaton Thursday
morning lau there was lying on thedesks of each
of the senators a copy of Dr. Pratfs "History or
the Marls of South Carolina, and ol the discovery
and development or the Native Boie Phosphates
of tbe Charleston Basin," and that it was not
known who placed them ?here. Ttiert is a report
,n circulation that it Js pr?posed to iitroduee In
tbs Senate, at an early day, a bill prwlding that
the State pay to the ""discoverer or he value or
the phosphate deposits" a sum of noney, ($2C0,
ooo has been mentioned,) as a mark of appr?cia?
tion? of the man who has opened up trthc State aad
its citizens sueb a source of wcalu. The report
further alleges that Dr. Pratt ls tl* discoverer sf
the valut of these deposits, and tiatthc copies or
the w?ifc rererred to were placed b: his friends
upon the senators' desks, with a vbw or prepar?
ing tbem lor the bill; also, that the su pp ?rte rs or
said bill have been searching mr aprecedent for
their request and havo found OHC-the reward
given to if oise by Congress Tor bis Invention ef
the telegraph.
Wright has .-ecclved a letter ft-om 'Ms attorney,
A. Riddle, or 'Vushlngton, stating that his suit
against the Richmond and Danville Railroad
Company for bung put out of thc Indies car bad
been commence! in the United States District
Court at Richmond, Virginia, the damages being
laid down at $ux)0. Tufted States Senator
Robertson has cxptes-?ed bis Intention of seeing
the case through the cotrt as far as als means
will permit.
The following business vas disposed of in the
Senate to-day:
Jillson gave notice of his (mention ti int roducs
a bill to protect thc depositor) in allbanks, sav?
ings and loan Institutions not chartered by thc
United Stales. Leslie gave notice of A bill t o pro?
tect depositors in all except uattonat>anks iu the
Slate. .
The reports (unfavorable) of thc Cimmlttecon
Claims on account of T. H. Cooke; ei account or
Sallus Randal); on account or Dr. lobby; on ac?
counts or Drs. Calhonn, Duncan, Templeton and
others, were adopted. When the last report came
up Leslie made one of Iii* cbaracicnsiic speeches,
denouncing Democracy, THE NEWS and the ofll
cers or Barnwell County.
The rollowing business vas transacted in the
House to-day:
Doyle gave notice or a bill to extend the limits
ortho State or South Carolins, and to provide ro??
an election. He afterward wkjiircff his motion.
It was resolved that the use m the hall of thc
House be granted to thc Chaplain or the Senate,
and any other minister of the Gfipei who may
desire lt, to hold service on each labbath duriug
this session.
Brodie Introduced a bill to Incorporate the Ply?
mouth Congregational Church,of iharlcston, S.C.,
which was read the llrst time am referred to thc
Committee on Incorporations, livers gave no?
tice that he would introduce a bil to Incorporate
the Sons and Daughters of Zion, >f Hamburg, S.
C. Johnson gave notice that he rou ld introduce
a bill to alter and amend tl? charter of the town
of Wlnnsboro', Fairlield County, ^asportas gave
notice that be would introluce a bill to amend
thc act which provides for thc appointment of a
land commissioner.
Thc Judloiary Committee reported favorably
upon the rollowing bills, wllcb were ordered to
lie over ror their second rcaling: A Senate bill
to protect persons lawfully h possession of lands
and tenements; u bill to prarde ror ?he establish?
ment or county courts in thc several counties or
the State; a bill to prohibit tlc carrying or con?
cealed deadly weapons by aiy person in this
State other than a Suite or muildpal officer; a bill
lo amend an act entitled '-ai act to empower
circuit judges lo change thevoiue ror the trial or
actions, both civil and erltnhsl,"
The following bills wer? received from thc
Senate, had their first readUg and were referred
to thc committee on Incorporations: A bill to
graut a certain lot of land to the Zion Baptist
Church of Oolumbia; a bil to incorporate thc
Vigilant Piro Engine Company of columbia: a bill
to incorporate the Watcree?IreKngincCompauy,
No. 2, or Camden, South Camlini; a bill to Incor?
porate thc Wlnnsboro' HookanU Ladder Company
of lite Town of Wlnnsboro; a bil to incorporate
the DeKalb Fire Kugine Company of Camden,
South Carolina.
AjoiHt resolution, authortelngthc county com?
missioners of Williamsburg Couuty to levy a
special tax, was made the rpecial irder for one
o'clock next Monday.
Thc News In a Nutshell
There was snow in Greoavllo and Lancas?
ter last Monday evening.
Colonel George W. H. Legr, lias been ap?
pointed a magistrate for Sparenburg? County.
A colored girl, named kassey, was acci?
dentally drowned in Laucaste on Tuesday.
An agricultural society has been organized
in Spartanburg. Presiden! Colonel T. J.
A planter in Oconce made lore than a hun?
dred dol?an worth ol' tobacc? from less than
an acre of unmanured land.
Some bold rascal last Sundy night got into
the postofllce in Darlington but only took
twenty-live cents which wo&eft in the drawer
and thc lock from the door.
Governor Scott hus appolr.ed J. Mcculloch
a magistrale for Barnwell Chinty; Wm. Ford,
Sr., for Marion County; Join 1/,'e for Chester;
Alexander H. Brown and W E. M.kell no(a?
ries public for Charleston. .
Dr. T. T. Moore, of Colmilm, mn with a
serious necldent Saturday, b; the explosion
of some chemicals with which ie was at work.
His right hand was badly cut, ml he will bu
unable, to attend lo his p'rofcssiual Julies for
several days.
Thc Northeastern Railroad.nnonnccs "Hie
gratifying news, that from ail after thc 1st
January, 1S70, the rate of Irnsportaiion tor
corn from Charleston lo au; point on thc
Cheraw and Darlington Balitad, will be re?
duced thirteen cents per bushu" The Darling?
ton papers return thanks.
A colored man charged wh hog-stealing
made his escape from Dorlinton jail. Two
colored men employed by Hie aeriff, but with?
out .> ders, went to arrest, himshoL him in tho
foot and made him prisoner The prisoner
died from lockjaw. One of tb shooters is iu
Jail and the other has lied.
Four negroes have been arrsted in lancas?
ter for colton stealing, and IhojfJiccr* ure on
Hie track ol others. One of th negroes now
in jail made a full confession; md ic appears
from his statement that mis rgunized band
have been engaged in the busies* for some
time past. This is not douelor "political
Un Wednesday ni'^ht of las week as Mr.
William Mclllvaine, clerk in fruit store at
Florence, was coming iu hil father's yard,
aller a walk with his 8ister,'some person,
lyinjin walt, eiruck him seveny on the hoad I
knocking him senseless. Thc cries of thc sis?
ter alarmed the villain, who ran off. Mr. Mc
lllvaine was taken In the lronse, and is doing
William Johnson was found on last Thurs?
day, drowned in the Peedee Swamp. Mr.
Johnson had been on a visit to his son in
Marion County. He left for home on Sunday
morning. The presumption is, that in falling
(rom thc footway be was stunned; the water
was not more than two feet deep. Mr. John?
son was about 73 years of age, and was a citi?
zen of good character.
There was a tournament in Spartanburg on
Friday the 24th ultimo. The successful Knights
were Ferguson, Knight of the Stonewall; H. M.
Davis, Fox Hunter of Cross Anchor; F. W.
Funt, Knight of Enorcc and J. C. Copeland.
Knight of Clinton. The young ladies selected
by these champions were Miss Sue Walker, of
Cross Anchor;Miss Dora Gibbes, of Union; Miss
Bertie Ferguson, of Cross Anchor, and Miss
Alice Browning, of Cross Keys, each of whom
was crowned in thc order of their names.
A squad of United States soldiers has reached
Spartanburg. The Spartan says: "We regret
that the conduct of a few unprincipled scoun
dcrls should render It necessary to make a
dralt upon thc standing army to guard the
person of one of our most loyal citizens. There
never has been a time before in the history of
our district, when the meanest and thc lowest
citizen thereof could not find ample protection
for person and property in the civil courts of
the land, and it certainly augurs a desperate
surte of affairs, if every man who may suffer
from the violence ol' the lawless, or the torch of
the incendiary, is to lind protection and saiety
only in the bayonets of a military guard."
What was Done on Sales-Day.
The Orangeburg News says :
The sheriff sold 10,862 acres of land for
$43,83G, and personal property to the amount
of $2000 on Monday,
Orangeburg has never been more crowded.
Thc merry spirit of meeting, and the cold,
row day, prompted conviviality. Alas ! that
conviviality should find expression these days
in such deep and frequent draughts ! The fes?
tive genius of happy reunion, with its genial
Joviality, gives place to the revel and riot of
Bacchus. Drunkenness mars and degrades
these occasions. We aro no "preachers or
temperance-lecturers," but none could witness
tho drunkenness that stalked and ran riot on
our streets on Monday last, nor see and hear
of its dread and bloody sequels, without a
Bbudder. It was frighful ! Some amendment,
some remedy to this increasing demoraliza?
tion must, come, or this vice will be our curse
and ruin. The snow In the evening fell like
nature's winding-sheet upon our village.
Would that lt may be thc shroud and the burial
ol such Ecenes !
The Southerner says:
A very large number of persons -both
white and colored-assembled at the village on
Monday last, in accordance to old custom, and
it would seem by thc number who were drunk
that they would have snved money and time If
they had remained at home.
Kcal estate did not sell as well on Monday as
it did on sales-day previous, owing no doubt to
the fuel that uiuney was getting scarce with
some who wanted laud, while those who were
able to purchase were shy. Barring tho noise
occasioned by a few drunken people, the day
which was very cold-passed off quietly.
The Ledger says:
Tho following property was sold by the offi?
cers of the court un youduy Jost: Estate of
Wm. Fundeibunk, C35 acres for $550; W. A.
Fundcrburk purchaser. Estate of Anna Mittag,
50 acres for $85; Dr. A. Craven purchaser. Es?
tate of J. A. Slcwmun, house and lot in village
for?) 500; Dr. J. Carter purchaser.
Thc News says:
Sales-day has been one of more than un?
usual interest to our people. Thc sales were
well atteuded, though as usual, property went
off at low prices, real estate averaging about 4o
cents per acre.
Thc Courier says :
The attendance upon sales-day-one of the
"institutions" that 1ms escaped the ravages of
time and Radical reconstruction-was large,
disagreeable weather considered.
The sheriff sold thc real estate of James
Sanders, deceased, for good prices.
As the day waned, "noise and confusion,"
supcrinducttd by imbibing too freely of a liquid
known hereabouts as "tangle-foot," became
only too apparent. Man, lt seems, is not only
willing to suffer the Ills he has, but will fly to
those he knows not of.
The Gazcltc says :
The following prices were realized for prop?
erty sold un Monday last, at sheriff's sales: 3G
acres uf laud, as property ot G. W. Reese, $G4;
100 acres of land, aa property of Isaac Hardy,
deceased, $50; Ol acres ut lund, as property ot
Calvin Sellars, S1G0; 2 3-lOth acres of land, as
properly ol' ?. J. Robinson, $35; 164 acres of
land, as property of Thomas Wood, deceased,
$100; 200 acres ol' land, as property ol' Josiah
Baling, deceased, $550; 131 acres of land, as
property uf J. H. McDowell, $450; GI acres o?
lund, as property ol David McDowell, $140; 104
acres of laud, as property of David McDowell,
Thc Enterprise says:
Thc saies on Monday were well attended,
Our streets being crowded, although the
weather was blustering. But few pieces of
land were sold, most ut those advertised by
thc sherill having been adjusted previously.
Land of J. N. Taylui, R1G| acres, purchased by
Daniel Nue for 814SO. Land of ll. J. Paris, 15
acres, purchased by Alexander McBee for $301'.
Defendant's right, lille and interest in house
and lot in elly, six acres, property of W. M.
Thomas, purchased by \V. M. Thomas. Land
of estate of James Locke, deceased. Tract
No. 1, 131 acres, purchased by V. B. Locke for
$1181; tract Nt?. 2, 102 acres, purchased by'G.
W. Locke, lor $SO0; linet No. 3, 105 acres, pur?
chased by G. W. Locke fur $530; tract Nu. 4,
230 acres," purchased by M. J. Locke for $535.
Land of estate of John P. Shockley, deceased,
210 acres, purchased by A. L. Cobb, for $3000,
one year's lime. There were also sold twenty
live shares of Greenville and Columbia ltai'l
roat' stock, which brought $2 25'per share.
?rjjccm Notircs.
Bill Heads, Statements, Cards, Card Board, Print?
ing Material, Rinding, Ruling and Cutting, go to
EDWARD PERRY, No. 155 Meeting street, oppo
site Charleston Hotel, Charleston, S. C.
dccl4 fllllOH_
RHOA CORDIAL.-This article, so well known
and highly prized throughout the Southern States
as a Sovereign Remedy for thc above diseases, ia
now ottered to the whole country.
lt Ls invaluable to every lady, both married and
Xi? family can afford to be without lt, and none
will to whom its virtues are known.
For sale by all Druggists and general dealers.
neill 3inosn*i: Kanora! Aeenrn.
Eyes made new, easily, without doctor or medl
dues. Sent postpaid on receipt of 10 cents. Ad
dress Dr. E. D. FOOTE, No. 120 Lexington avenue,
New York. dccl5 wfm3mos
splendid Mair Dye is thc best in thc world; the
only true ?inri perrett Dye; harmless, relinblc, in?
stantaneous; no disappointment; no ridiculous
tints; remedies thc ill effects of bad dyes; In?
vigorates and leaves the hair soft aud beautiful,
Mack or brown. Sold by all Druggists and Per
fumers; aud properly applied at Bachelor's Wig
Factory, No. 1G ?omi street, New York.
norJC rrawlyr
jarERiiuiis oe YOUTH.-A GENTLE;
MAN who suffered for years from Nervous De?
bility, Premature Decay, and all the effects ol
youthful Indiscretion, will, for the saki of suffer
lng humanity, send free tu all who need lt, the re?
ceipt and directions for making thc simple rem?
edy by which he was cured. Sufferers wishing to
pro.'it by the advertiser's experience, can do so
bi addressing, with perren confidence, JOHN B.
OODEN, Nu. 4-j Cedar aucet, New lon..
uov'J 3mos
WING-MACDONALD.-On the evenir)* of the
6th January, by the Rev. A. Towner Porter, Mr.
ROBB UT Wiso to Mrs. SAHIB MACDONALD, all or
this city. *
PEEPLES-KERRISON.-Ac Spartanhurg, S. C.,
on the evening or the 28th December, 1869, hy Rev.
J. D. McCullough, EDWIN W. TEEPLES, or Beau?
fort, s. C., to MARIAN, daughter or Charles Kerri?
son, Esq., of this city. *
Annexai Notices.
EDGERTON.-Died in this city, on the morning
or thc Oth Instant, J. IVm KDUKRTON, aged Ul
years aud 2 days.
acquaintances, and those of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. E. W. Edgerton, and of his brothers, are In?
vited to attend his funeral services, at St. Luke's
Church, THIS AFTERNOON, ats o'clock. janio
PANY.-You are hereby summoned to appear at
the Engine Douse in citizen's dress, THIS DAY, at
at one (1) P. M., to pay the last tribute or respect
to your late brother member, J. IVES EDGERTON.
By order. T. D. LEBBY,
janio Secretary.
Special Nonces.
Schooner SARAH FISH, Thompson, Master, must
bc presented at the office of the Agents, by 12
o'clock M. 'luis DAY, 10th instant, or they will bo
debarred payment.
J. A. ENSLOYV ic, CO., Agents,
janio 1 No. 143 East Bay.
CHARLESTON, JANUARY 10, 1870.-The City
Treasurer is now prepared to .Issue Licenses ror
Carts, Drays, Ac, ror the year 1870.' Suth Li?
censes required to be taken out on or before the
20th Instant. S. THOMAS,
janio 3 City Treasurer..
date, application will bc made to the Bank or
Charleston, S. C., ror renewal ol Certificates No.
6448; one ?ld Share, 6553; two old Shares, 7381; ror
fljleen old Shares, and 4249; twelve new Sharcsi
standing in the name or Ann Susan DuBose; and
7847, two old Shares In name or Est. C. C. DuBos?>
the original Certificates haring been lost.
janio lanio3*
1870.-The Annual Election for DIRECTORS of
this Bank will be held at the Banking House on
TUESDAY, the 11th instant, between the hours of
10 and 2 o'clock P. M. WM. C. BREESE,
jan7 Cashier.
Deposits made on or bet?re thc 20th instant will
bear interest as or the 1st Instant.
janl si mw!8 thl Cashier.
ror the renewal or two CERTIFICATES or the
Old Stock, In thc Bank or Charleston, South Caro?
lina, viz: No. 5748, 22 shares, standiug in the
name or R. J. BARRETT, Administratrix, and No.
28, 7 shares, standing fn the name of RACHEL
BARRETT, Administratrix; both Certificates being
lost. . G. POZNANSKI,
deco lamo3* Executor.
JANUARY 7, 1870.-The attention of all persons
concerned ls hereby respectfully called to the
following City Ordinance, willoh will be strictly
enforced on and after this date:
Notice is particularly given, that all public ball?,
where tickets arc sold, will bc required to pay
License, as laid down in Section 2.
By order or the Mayor.
* Chief or Police.
SECTION l. Be it ordained by thc Mayor and
Aldermen m City Council assembled, That .Hom
and alter thc passage of this Ordinance, every
publie exhlbitiou, enrcrtalument, show, concert,
lecture, Jcc, of auy character or nature whatever,
which shalt be hereafter exhibited, represented,
acted or delivered m the City or Charleston ror
gain, lure or reward, shall first receive aliuenac,
und shall pay ror thc saul license trie sum or sums
hereinafter mentioned; provided, however, that
nothing herein contained shall prevent a license
from being issued free of charge, for any such
public exhibition, entertain men t, ic, where the
same may be lu aid of or for the benefit or any
religious, charitable or literary society, or insti?
tu? ion local eil in this city.
t?KC. 2. That thu price or license to bc herearter
paid ror public exhibitions, entertainments,
shows, concerts, etc., shall be follows, to wit:
For each and every circus, $25 per day.
For each and every menagerie, or other public
exhibition ora like character, the sum or Siper
day fur each and every day thc same may bc
For grand, operatic, and every other concert,
or public entertainment of like character, the
sum of $io ror each aud every day the same may
be exhibited.
tor panoramas, paintings, works of art or
mechanism, and all public exhibitions of like
character, the sum of $to ror caub and every day
the same may bc exhibited.
For lectures, ?fcc, und tor each and every other
kind ol public entertainment, ol'any character or
description whatsoever not hereinbeforespeclllcd,
such sum as may be determined by thc Mayor per
day, fur each and every day the same may be ex?
hibited; except lor theatrical performance by a
regulativ established corps, which shall pay such
sum ur sums as the City Council may determine
on application lo them.
Fur each public ball and festivity given In the
city, $13.
SEC. 3. That each and every person who shall
opeu to the public any kind of entertainment, ex
hibitiou, show, concert, Jcc, without having Urs
obtained a license as aforesaid, or without hav
lng paid the license fee as herein established, shall
lie subject tu a penalty of fifty dollars for each and
every day thc same maybe so kept open, to be
imposed by the Major, and recovered tn any
Court or competent Jurisdiction, one-hair or the
said penalty io go to thc Informer, and the other
to the use of the city.
SEC. 4. That each and every application for li
cense, of whatever character or nature, shall
hereafter be Immediately referred by the Clerk of
Council to thc Mayor, who ls hereby authorized
to grant the same upon satistactory proof that
the license lees have been deposited witb the City
SEC. 5. That the Clerk of Council, upon the writ?
ten authority or thc Mayor, shall issue all licenses
WHICH may bc granted, lo be countersigned by
the .Mayor._Jau7 10
COUNTY.-In Equity.-W. P. HUTSON, Trustee,
vs. P. 0. CRADDOCK, ct al.-Bill for Foreclosure
and Sale.-It appearing to my satisfaction that
P. 0. CRADDOCK and W. R. MALLON, parties
defendant in this case, arc absent from and re?
side beyond thc limits of this State, it is ordered,
on motion or Messrs; Colcock & Dutson, com?
plainant's solicitors, that they do appear and
plead; answer or demur to this said bill, within
forty (40) days from the date of this order, or the
said bill will bc taken against them pro confess*.
C. C. P. and Ex. Off. Register Court ef Equity for
Beaufort County.
December 7,1869. declo,M,30 jan9,l9
SUPER-CARB. SODA, Hie best for housekeepers.
Established 1846. sept27 nicmosoic
PLE REMEDY positively cures Comedones, (Bald
Heads or Grubs;) also Red, White aud Mal tar a ted
Pimples on thc face. Depot No. 49 Bond sweet,
New York. Sold by Druggists everywhere.
deco amos
FRECKLES and TAN from the face, use PERRY'S
.Molli and Freckle Lotion. Prepared only by Dr.
B. C. rniiRY, No. 49 Doud-street, New York. Sold
by all Druggists, deco amos
3HANTS' LINE.-Consignees per Schooner LILLY
ire hereby notified that Bhe Ie THIS DAYdlscharg
cg cargo at Adger'3 North Wharf. All Goodi" not
:alled for before sunset will be 6tored at their nat
ind expense. No claims allowed after Goods
eave the wharf. TYM. ROACH A 00.
jan IO 1_
jcneflclaries of this Society are requested to catt
m thc undersigned, at his residence, No. 14 John
street, during the present week, between th?
lours of 9 and 12 o'clock.
janioi_ Treasurer. '
Li hereby given that THOMAS E. SCREVEN, Ex?
ecutor of the will of THOMAS E. SCREVEN, will
Ole a final account and apply for a final discharge
or himself as representing the said THOMAS B.
SCREVEN, deeeased, committee of JOHN D?
PONT, on account of his admlnistratlonof said
Estate of JOHN DUPONT, thirty days from this
date, January 8, 1870.
jamo ml_ Kxccutor.
demand by persons of taste. Call at the HASEL
STREET BAZAAR and select a beautiful PICTURE
from a lot just opened. jans
horeby cautioned against crediting any of the*
Crew or the British Bark Y UM URI, as no debts of
their contracting will be paid by the Captain or
Agent. K. T. WALK ER.
dec31 _
Board cf Directors having.declared a Dividendo?
FIFTY CENTS per Share on the ?apitai Stock or
of this Company, the same will be pain to Stock
holders on and arter Monday, loth prox. The
Books of Transrer will be closed from this date
until the loth prox. "W. J. HERIOT,
dec29 ll_Secretary and Treasurer.
CHARLESTON, S. C.-Thc COUPONS for interest
on the Bonds of the Savannah and Charleston
Railroad Company FIRST MORTGAGE, which
mature January 1st, 1870, will be paid on presen?
tation at the banking house of H. H. KIMPTON,
Financial Agent Stale of South Carolina, No. 9
Nassau street, New York. S. W. FISHER,
dcc2713_Treasurer. '
TON, S. C., December 20, 1869.-All persons Re?
tailing LIQUORS in the County are hereby called
upon to take out Licenses for one year, from 1st.
January, 1870.
Every violation of the law relative to these Li?
censes will be prosecuted atid the penalty strictly
enforced. . F. LANCE,
dec?l_ _Clerk Board C. C.
the main spring of a watch, and every portion of
the works become disordered. The human stom?
ach is to the human system what that elastic
piece of metal is to a chronometer, lt influences
thc action of the other organs, and controls, to a
certain extent, the whole living machine. The
comparison may be carried further; for as th?
weakness or other imperfections of the mam
spring is indicated on the face of thc time-piece,
so also is thc weakness or other disorder or the
stomach betrayed by the face of the invalid. The
complexion ls sallow dr faded, the eyes are defi?
cient m lustre and Intelligence, and there is a
worn, anxious expression m the whole counte?
nance, which tells as plainly as written words,
could do that thc great nourishing organ, whose;
o ni cc lt is to minister to the wants of the body,
and to sustain and renew all Its parts, is not per?
forming Its duty. It requires renovating and
regulating, and to accomplish this end HOSTET
TER'S STOMACH BITTERS may be truly Bald to?
be thc one thing needful. The broken main
spring of a watch may bo replaced by a new one,
but thc stomach can only be repaired and
strengthened, and this is one of the objects of the
ramona vegetable restorative which for eighteen
years has boen waging a successful contest with
dyspepsia in all climates. As a sp?cule for indi?
gestion lt stands alone. When the resources of
the pharmacopoeia have been exhausted, without
at best doing more than mit igating the complaint,,
a course of this wholesome and palatable, yet
powerful stomachic effects a perfect and perma?
nent euro. In all cases of dyspepsia the liver ls
more or less disordered, and upon this important
gland, as well as upon thc stomach and bowels,
thc Bitters act with singular distinctness, regulat?
ing and reinvigorating every secretive and as?
similating organ on which bodily and mental
health depend._jan8 6o&o
LAW BLANKS and Legal Printing, go to EDWARD
PERRY, No. 166 Meeting street, opposite Charles
ton Hotel, Charleston, S. C._dec!4 Cmos
TRUSSES.-Comfort and Cure for the Ruptured.
Sent postpaid on receipt of io cents. Address
Dr. E. B. FOOTE, No. 120 Lexington avenue, New
York. _ declo wfm3mos
RAL TROCHES, superior to all others for Colds,
Coughs, Sore Throats, Bronchitis, and Hoarse?
None so pleasant. None cure so quick.
Manuractured by RUSHTON k CO., Astor House,
New York.
No more of those horrible tasted, nauseating
Brown Cubcb things.
For sale at wholesale by GOODRICH, WINE
MAN k CO., Wholesale Druggists, No. 23 Hayne
street._dec30 3mosp?o c
LA and all kinds of WRAPPING PAPERS, go ta
EDWARD PERRY, No. 155 Meeting street, oppo*
site Charleston Hotel, Charleston, S. C.
decu emos_
thousand cures without medicine by DuBarry'p
eradicates dyspepsia, indigestion, acidity, nausea '
vomiting, wasting, diabetes, sleeplessness, cough,
asthma, consumption, debility, constipation, diar?
rhea, palpitation, nervous, billons, liver and
stomach complaints. It nourishes better than
meat, and saves, moreover, fifty times Its cost In
other remedies. Cure No. 68,413-' OMI, July 21,
1863.-The health of the Holy Father ls excellent,
especially since he has con fined'himself entirely
to DuBarry's Food, and his Holiness cannot praise
this excellent rood too highly." Sold In tina of
one pound, $1 25; 24 pounds $18; carriage free.
Also, thc REVALENTA CHOCOLATE, in one pound
packets, $l 50. Copies or cures sent gratis. Ad?
dress C. N. DPBARRY k CO., No. 163 William
street, New York, and at all Druggists and Gro?
cers^_,_janl 3moa .
VERTISEIt, having been restored to health in**,
rew weeks, by a very simple remedy, after having"
suffered several years with a severe lung affec?
tion, and that dreadful disease, consumption, ls
anxious to make known to his fellow-sufferers the
means of enre.
To all who desire lt, he will send a copy of the
prescription used (free or charge,) with the direc?
tions for preparing and using the same, which
ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, AC. The object of the ad?
vertiser in sending the Prescription Is to benefit
the afflicted, and spread information which he
conceives to be invaluable; and he hopes every
sufferer will try his remedy, as lt will cost themi
nothing, and may ?rove a blessing.
Parties wishing the prescript ion, will please ad?
dress ll KV. EDWARD A. WILSON, Williamsburg,
Kings County, New York. nov? 3mos

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