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.Meetings Ti\X? Day.
f trieb-Obae rr ance Lodge, at h alf -past 7 P. M.
Phoenix Fire Company, at .naif-past 7 P. M.
Carolina Bramatlc Clqb, at hair-past 7 P. M.
Crrr TAX ASSESSMENT.-It -is said that the
Council committee on ways and means have de?
termined to report in favor of a* tax of two per
cent, on real and personal property at the next
meeting or the City Council.
er Maryland, of the Baltimore Line, which will
leave this city on the 2lst March for the above
place, will there make a close' connection with
the steamship Nova Scotian, to fyave for Liver?
pool on the 25th March, and caa take ona to two.
hundred bales of cotton to go ss above.
DsCA?TRO.-r-Our readers mnstaot forget ihe
matinee which, this afternoon, closes the success?
ful entertainment OX this magtclku. The children
especially are expected, and a handsome present
win bo.distributed to each one. The price of ad?
mission Ao all par's of the boase will be twenty
live cents._
A FINE Doo.-A large white bull slut, wblcb
had been missing for some time past, was discov?
ered. Thursday night, by Officers" Nlp9on; on the
premises of Mr. Marco, P. picture vendor-of this
city. The. dog ls valuable And exhibits several
pomts of great beaity ia the bull-dog line! Sh? J
has bean turned over to the owner?Mr.'King, of
wentworth-streeli ' . ^- ? -
grounds ror the belief that the programme of the
theatrical entertainment-to take place on Wednes?
day, 22d1inst., at the. Academy of Music, w'ui.be
en ri ch ed-by the ' addition of one of Moria's best
one-actcome'dies.-.' I (is* morer th tn -probable ..oat
the'^dvertistment to appear'ln our n?x*t Iss?e^w?ll
please those who have'already procured tickets
for "Married Life,""and prove anew incentive to
those who have not yet done so.
of the ttoet?es-'?r the'-Csarliston' College tool*.|
place, yesterday morning, at the City Hau, for
the purpose of making 'preparations for the ap?
proaching commencement. Fourteen out of the
twenty-one trustees were present. Several mat-,
ters w?r? dtrotti^u and arran gect-in reference to4
the comm euee men t, w li ich is to ta?? place on.tat
last Tuesday of this month.
derstand that "Charles Hickey, Esq., of Ko? 3i? Kl?g
street, ls forward.ug< every few days handsome
Clubs of subscribers to the "Aiken Premium Land
Sale." By an Investment of $5 shareholders
secure a>work or art worth the money, and per?
haps a $25,ooo prize. Bead Mr. Dei by'? adver?
tisement in another* column. Mr:* Hickey I? re?
ceiving, large- orders for. frames? which he does
well and at reasonswe?prleea. Adam your homes
by investing $?ja- the-greatlaud- sale -st Aiken.
FOND.-The collection taten u> to-morrow in St.
Mary's anarch, Hasel street, wal be% devoted to
the relier of toe distressed Fr each'people.-/Con?
tri mi tic ns ordinations te this O ojee? wlU be
-gratefully received by the pastor, Jptv. C. B.
Nc?fthrop, northeast corner of St. PbHip and
Wentworth streets, and also -by M. A. De Be
lalgne, Consol of France, -at bia'.' resideuoe iff \
Broad street, next. t<T the"Bl3h?p'e "r?sidence, op?
posite Orange street? These donations may be
made any time doting the coming week.
PROMPTTTO"DK FIRE CoMPi?ar.-?At an extra,
meeting of tho Promptitude "Fire Fngine Compa-J
ny, held on the lita Instant, the following officer*
were elected to serve fbr the*'ensuing year: R, S.
Attles, president; P. Lawrence, vtee-president;
Bobert Brown, secret arv-; F. L.- Raimes, treasurer;
Thomas Wright,flrst director; B. F. Fuller, second
director; J. Coleman, third director; H. Fevers,
fourth director; W. H> Lockwood,.engineer; Taos.
Jenkins,.first steward; I. smith, second steward;
M.'B. Alien, solicitor; Rev. E. J. Adams, chaplain;' '
B. A. Bosesaon, surgeon; S. Managault. F. White,
W. Managault, W. Fordham, axmen.
a *** *- s ; *.-<-.
?* S* - Vj V Fy . <k y, \ -
HARAWAKI Roi)BERT.-For some- time--.paar .
Messrs. Abrahams A Sons, in Meeting street, a
few doora above Market, have been missing
vario .s articles from their establishment, and
were compelled at last to refer the mattel* to'tte -
chief of police. Late Thursday night, Bd. '3row??_ n
a colored man, ?was arrested by Officer NTpso? ?
and duly lodged I a raa.G uar dhouse. After spe?4- '
lng"a short time la.his celt. Bro wa acSuowiedgbd-' j
that he had stolen;tho-things, and tola the offltrex^ -'
where they coultoBjound. . He aajs that ti?dit '-<
another fellow, wifii-was 'arrested wiih .lum,.hut; '?
escaped arterwa^^w^-_ln the habit of.?S?$9 ?
around and, while o'nff"a??j?ifee price ai t?rtrigs,. \
the other made way with anythltg convenient).': i
l?thls way they bad collectei-^jsveral dose'tf
knives, scissors and other little itemsSj'Brown is
a regular worker, but has never bf?a-?aken up 1
before. H? halls from North Carolina,"fud bis
companton^vho escaped.fromGeorgia. T?mrpriso- \ 1
nerisheldfor furthei examluation. * ? .'
About 2 o'clock, yesterday afternoon, while RlcfR 1
ard Ancru u, a colored mam, was standing In.
Elliott street having a talk with hits Hame, he
was annoyed by the approach of a rival in the
shape of Benjamin Brown. Notwithstanding <
Richard's threat to "bURt bim," Brown persisted- 1
in joining the party, and, a quarrel having en.? 1
sued, Rlohard >cLsed a large brick and hurled lt
at his rival's head. The aim was good, ?nd
Brown- saw stars as the heavy missile took him j
jost over the ear. The ont was apparently a
severe ona, and bled profusely. Riobard was ,
soon arter arrested try a constable, and confront?
ed his gory-headed antagonist bet?re Trial J mi- <
tice Levy on a charge .of assault and battery. '
Thc bloody head Was too strong a witness to get .
over, aod,.o.v?njnltag toe^Kusae/jeai-msy! tfje J
justice sentencod.-Richard t?^tkirfcy days?-, tm- '
prlsonment m Jail, to which place he was at-once
THE STATE-COUST.-The'Coprt of General '
Sessions met yesterday at io o'clock) his Honor.
Judge Graham presiding.
The State vs. L. D. Mowry vs. Eugene R, Wal
ter vs. J. M. Alexander and vs. Dan tel .Sullivan
Tailing to Serve aa coroner-Vjuf ora. Arter argif.
ment by Samuel Lord, Esq., for the defence, and.
the solicitorior the State, the four Indictments
were quashed on (he ground that the defendants
H>fa been served by a dead tbs ed constable, and ?
not by the deputy coroner, as required by law.
The State vs. Alexander Simons-assault with
intent to kill and assault and? battery. l_ I?
Woolf for the defence. -Verdict, not guilty, and
prisoner discharged. ," . . "
The State vs. Mingo Smashura-Interference
wlth {erry. T. H. Strohecker ror the defence.
After argument, the indictment yeas quashed on
the ground that lt was not a matter ol criminal
. bnt or civil jurisdiction, there being no penal
Clause in the act creating the ferry in question. .
The State vs. W. G.- Ptnotmey-false imprison- .
anent. CoaBnue^^ybjBa-terflk jSMP . :
The state va'-the oame-r-saaic ofrende.'- same
The State vs. July Smalls-grand larceny.
Bench warrant ordered ror the defendant, return?
able on the ?th Instant, and tte trial ?zed ror
that day.
- The State.va Jupiter Black-assault and batte?
ry. Struck off.
The State va- John Ferguson"-assault with tai
tent to klU and assault and battery. NoL proa:
The State va. Oliver Smiley-petty aVroany. Nal. :
proa, entered.
The State vs."George Brown-bigamy, R. W.
Seymour for the defence. Verdict, not guilty, and
prisoner discharged. -*
The State va Benjamin Hernandez-kidnap?
ping. L. L Woolf for the defence. Verdict; not
The State vs. L. Baneh-official misconduct.
B. W. Seymour for the defence. Verdict, not
Sae court then adjourned ar i p. M., to meet on
Monday morning at io o'clock "
Tlx? Seventieth Anniversary-The Elec?
tion of Officers-The Banquet and
' Tfcssta. - K f.-'4 . ? p?
- ?? '_. - ? U >?
M-: ;-jf- ? - SS >?
. TeBterday appearjed to-"be giver*- uj>bj' OUT
Irish cltlzen>to th? service of their patron samt;
an* trtsm marat-ag- until"night, the '"Wearing ot
tlie Green" reminded one ot the occasion, its
.assoclauoftgy^MOHUtgrmrmtu-icajf the olden:.ttoie.
.? V?t?rdancAj^ tir^^?or?a^o?rto^"?ie
BjoW'an?'S]?c|nT j ee;.ebra^d3p??_*ann>^?'sry
jroh^?r^ferberri?ih gSwhiBwfe Organized
aevie?t^WR.ag'o; the fecend?fta*of?Xbff brigi
fSS?g*t?x&i arourrd"lhe'h(JSUlteb?e ho?ftf.'md
for three ox nr. hours pleasure reigned supreme.
.There is nc? society".Qi Srmih . Carolina w&t?fl
rembracefl ^ ?greater ^K?ayjr5oi,. .dJsrijignlahed
^?'ras'itf' ' greater* fetfeic^ce? f&att ' thlgT fer
hans one hfY-tBe mojt-interesting relics
in Its procession-in.-the*. Urn aviver a volume* In
"^wrhioh are reeottled lie ?ntegr?rphs of men whose
memory I? still presex?ed, aajdentlfled wlth uee
;fulnes8 and renown.-_Jn truth, jintiqult^ ls w?lt
;.tea'o?-ev.ery-Ettge" oj^h^Jh^pit'o? fte>.fe?olety.
?W'ftslil?n?d "^rfr?res ai?g' atornW:-?nV walls,
"foo powdered tatrand-rtaflledwristipands of early
members' carry,o?^b???.t? ie "olden time, while
aie portraits look^c-fen-"on scenes where, in the
Oesh .'the^rlgltialswere wont io marthe aviklu
dag wtthr eteoneot"?,^
the- '.'?dsh h?r^-" rifles the. c^awtctjw-'-of sthe<
sooiet wfiNjiu ttte'ba'ctB of*tba old rime chair s to
the ?olde'n emblem that glrsttas'sDove th?jdobr
".^-eftfie bau. . . , .. V, : -, ,
^^awiKfWnoit oV"orptOEaa, . :. j.
"whlci-js general^ 'sh$ote$l(ni\at much ?nteres:,
Waa^^sttsr^iy,- nh^e^e^? -toth^MeV tho
rooms were thfowv'e^efi-SM?b^r sad f?orn [bat
time unUl 3 o'clock P. M., were thronged with
ni..-inb<3rs- met? o pay-past.- due*, ant! err/oy .hat
so i]?^tnterc?au|e wblc?^s-neirer nib-re l???j than
whesr*li fnvHMvefrTelV?slMhen?of tit l>08ryas well
as sou'.* ... . . .
The meetli g was called to order by Vice-presi-'
dent.General James Conner, and the usual pre?
liminary business was transacted. Among other
things done, one hundred dollars vfaa donated
from :tie-funds of che society to tue-Male "Orphan
Asylum, in charge of the Sisters of Me: cy.
The socie*->""then , went into "an election for
eUlcers for the ensuing year, which resulten in
the choice of the following named gentlemen, the
late pr?sident,-Mr. John F. O'Seill,.declining re
eiectlc?r:-" General James Canner, pr?sident : Ber?
nard O'Neil!, vice president; Thomas O'Brien,
treasurer, James - Armstrong, Jr., secretary**
?eh? Bums, ha ll keeper. Commit tee on. Fi?
nance-A. P. Caldwell,' James Mcconkey, T. 8.
O'Brien, H.-F. Baker, S. *L. O'Neill. Coomttteejj
(m ReHef-M.P. O'Connor,.W. H. Houston,.G- A
Bowman, J. M. Mulvaney, C. C. Trumbo. Com
mlttee on Letters-James Cantwell, J. H. Murrell
John Kenny, W. E. Howland", James F. Slattery,
The antwuncf ment was received with applause,
and a graceful speech by R. S. Bruns, Esq , called
-tue president elect to the chair.*' TheJatter re
aponded In his happiest vein, thankiag the socle
ty for the honor that had bees conferred upon
hita, and pledging-ms best efforts to carry ourthe
purposes of the organization.
There-are BO words which caa aptly descrlbe
H Hiern lin banquet lt 1B* a thing which stands
apart by Itself. It is enough - that whatever
money eau produce ort he outstate* can concoct ls
spread before the meinbars and gueate with a
profusion-whian saris-fies, tf R does not disturb,
everything epigastric. The doors were thrown
-open aboat eight o'clock, and thereupon one
?hundred and thirty gentlemen, preceded by the
newl.v-electedjiresideut, marched In to ibe music
61* the band, anil took their places aroona"? the
board. The arrangements were admirable. No
confusion occurred In securing seats, and, In,a
minute or two after entering the ball, the ooinpa
ny were ready to Join In ?he customary .'grace
before meat." In this connect lon praise may.be
worthily bestowed upon the stewards for their
excellent and systematic management of the
whole affair.
The repast was furnished by Tally, and In all Its
sppolntments reflected credit os bis experience
iud tact. TurouKhout the entertainment excel?
lent Ansio "Was discoursed by-?---;---mj-.band,
ana 't|e sprains or*st. Fa;tick's Uayiu the Mom
It] g,''*"T"T<? H8rp tflat once tftro^gh'Tar?'s Ba?i^".
and the "Weariag of the Green" more than once
elicited a burstrof genuine Irish enthusiasm.
When y>? cloth was removed, General Conner
paid Als* respects to the society as the newly elect
ed pr sldeur. He made a handsome and eloquent
?peech, such as few .eau Imitate, In which he
?e?nit d to touch every chord of the heart, and, In
joncludlng, announced 'the fl rat regular toast:
-The Dav we Coiebrate.-iThs-aualversary of the
jrjftbof Irfj^rTS tutelar aaa}*- Ever sacred lu
the* n-emory' cf her son?, ?nether at home or
...tattered broadcast, uuxwgti'mr Ute earth'* wide
lomaui.. Mav t-auirannual recarrence of theda
Ind ?s united ia the bondis of charity and good
fcUowshlp. .
Aia-r-'iSfi"Patrick's Day lu thc Morning."
This wafcfespmided*:o by M. P. O'Connor, Esq.,
>n one-of those warm outbursts of eloquence
-vmichecro characteristic of this distinguished cit
?zerjon al public occasions. Historical and poet'
lah'now dlscour-ing of thc past, and again read
lng hopeful signs Ut the horizon of thc future, he |
held his audleuce rapt in attention from thc be.
tining to thc close of his remarks, and eUcited
frequent and long continued applause.
The seeondtegular toast:
Ireland-The laud of valor, genius aod song.
Her sons cherish the nope thar sorrow's cloud,
willen has so long hung over her destluy, will, ere
long, smlv beneath the gorgeous sunburst of
freedom and ludepend. nee.
. ^ AIR-"Wearing ot the Oreen."
To tua'Sentiment Mr. J. J. Grace responded,
iud lc would spoil one of the moat eloquent efforts
af tlie evening to attempt to glye a synopsis of
ats remarks. With choice language and* happy
Illustration he depicted Ireland and the character
of Irishmen and women, and in poetry and art,
In history, peace and war ahowed how" Important
a part they had borne while Insneuctng the pro.
gress of the age. _ n .
The't-hW.tfi-gniar t?aat* ^ ? f
The State bf South e?roirn **-i-ix ten ding a warm
welcome to ali, her adopted sons yield to none In
devotion. Her history records their gallant deeds
-ber prosperity ls.-their glory-her fame their
reward. Ala-"Bonnie Blue Flag."
A.7. Magrath, Jr., E iq , being called upon to
respond to this sentiment, did so in a manner
which vividly recalled thaacehes of other days. He
contrasted the past with the present history of
the State,.dwelt upon the evils with which tlie
people, have to contend, wimont, however,
trenching upon the domain of politics, and, In
concluding, drew rorth'the platHHts of the entire
asaeqibly as hi?contrasted the situation of Ireland
afld Sooth Carolina in the present, and portrayed
tba picture of enCh In their poaslble latui..
The fourth regalar-toast:
' The Judiciary-A barrier behind which the
rights of the people should be seeurc; against.
whl"h neither power nor party ought to prevail.
The announcement of the name of Hon. R B.
Carpenter an the "respondent to this toast brought
out {he moat enthusiastic applause. Tue distin?
guished gent eman took for his'text, "The char?
acter of an upright, Judiciary," and although, as
he said, he was unprepared to take the pla Cb of
Judge Bryan, who had been tajslgued-Xomake the
response on.the oooaaton,'he delivered one of the
.most telling and effective apee hes of the even?
ing. We hope to be able to present lt id fall here?
The HOI regular toast: "
The Press-When lt ls an exposition of th} in?
tel Ilgen ce and rights ?fa peoole.it is-theq. and
only ".hen. a pahadiutA -of the r liberties, and. a
pioneer of their proare--). May Its voice ever be
heard on the aldo of Justice aud liberty.
- . AIR-Polka..
Mr, James H. Murrell, one of the veter?AS of
(Be press, answered to thia sentiment Ina solid
and. Judicious speech, graoefui, tasteful, ana
abounding tu thoughtful suggestion. He was
frequently interrupted by applause, and tbe man
ner of delivery as well as ihe substance pro laced
a profound Impression on all who wetghel his
The a LT th regular toast :
Our Sinter Societies-May a generous emulation
Stheir respective spheres ot duty ever actu ue
em, so that heart in bea t, and hand In band,
tbey may win and wear equal laurels, whether it
bein cue halla of good Cello*-atp or in the nnored
walks of charity. Ara- "Mpae-Hoioe,"
Colonel Charles n."Simonton, the.pr?sident cr
tb? Fellowship -sSoeiety, la -never mere at nome
than when uttering, the beautifully rounded
phrases li which he conveys thought. And last
night his effort wes especially marked by finish
and power. . . .:
The seventh regular toast-: - - _
Woman-The only foe tbat, yielding to the em?
pire or arms, wrns victory while acknowledging
defeat. In prosperity oar joy, In adversity our
stay. Thia-wo?W-would be a dreary wild were it
not for her approving smile.'
."Oh Woman, whose form and-whose soul
Are the spell and the Hght of each path we pur?
Whether, sunn'd in the tropics or chilled at the
PO% ??
If woman be there, there ls happiness too I"
AIR-"Ever er thee so"TOndly dreaming.1
This was responded to by Captain James Arm?
strong, who in all or his happiest efforts-and
they -are not a few-never surpassed himself as ra
this. Woman has seldom been depicted with more
graceful power, or resolved more honest tribute |
than was bestowed at bis hands last evening. For
twelve months In a-hospital at Washington, while
a prisoner of. war and suffering from wounds re?
ceived* at Appomattox, he was constantly nursed
by the Sisters of Mercy ans) the patriotic women
of the national capital. On their altar he laid hlaf|
eloquent offering. Nor did lie fail' to remember
the ribble women of his own Ireland, or whom be
selected Mrs. CDonavan Rosea, (the wife.of the
recent Irish exile,) as the type of that moral he?
roism which in the hour of adversity shows Its
grandit strength, not only In maintaining Itself,
but in infusing courage elsewhere, softening the J
stormy pillow ano* buoying the breaking heart.
Mr. Armstrong was Interrupted by frequent and
deserved applause.
Volunteer toasts how followed?' and speech
making was the order or the night, until the
assembly dissolved. Many good things.were
said which the lateness of the boor preclude us
frora publishing, bntthey will Jong Oe remember
edin connection wl?h the seventieth anniversary
of the Hibernian Society. .
m The fifty-third anniversary of ibis sooietyj
was-celebrated yesterday according to the old
custom of the Institution. At :S ?'tfoCk to the
morning the members, each wearing a sprig Oj
green, began t? assemble' af the bau, in King
street: When trie members Had all arrived' the
procession was forme J. and, at hal repast nine,
?he society marched np Meeting street to Line,
thence over to King, and down to St. Patrick's
Church, waere mass was heartland an appropriate
and interest!ng sermon was preached by the Rev.
H. P. Northrop. These services being anded, the
society agajn formed In procession, and, prece
ded by a fine band of music, marched d?wnKlng,
through Broad and the. principal streets. Thej,
! members had each a green'scarf'thrown across
the shoulders^and the society presented a hand?
some appearance. .
After the parade the society repaired io their
-katf and. proceeded to an election Tor Qfflcers to
'serve for the'ensuing yes*, which resulted In the
choice or the following gentlemen*: President,
Rev. c. J. Croghau; first vice-president, Jas. Cos-,
grove; second vice-president. James Potrer; sec?
retary, W..Baker; treasurer, Jao. Barry. Commit?
tee on Finance-J. T. Maher, J. D. Kennedy, C. jl
Mulvaney, Wm. Corbett, Thomas Lyona. " Qom
mlftee on Relief-Thos. Murphy, Stephen Malo*
ney,, sames Quinn, Jno. O'Connell, P. Conroy
Jno. Blake, Patrick Kennedy. Committee on Let?
tera-Jno. Borke, Jr., A. O'Connell, Thomas
In the evening, the society assembled at Mason?
ic Han, and soon, to the music ol the band, 'the
doors wi re thrr/wm>pen, end the members, wita
a large number or inri ted. guest?; took their places
around the hospitable board, which was graced by
a handsome banquet.
_ As soon as the numerous good things had beep
c iscusst d to the Wis faction ol all,. tue! first Wee
president, Mr. Cosgrove, arose, and In a few.
words announced hts pleasing duty of giving the
first regular toast of the evening:
Tu The Day we Celebrate-Dear to us, ever held
m Tond, remembrance ny. ali true Irishmen.,
v' "C?. - ^-Meacw^sC'Pamckt? Daf.n
The Rev. C. J. Croghan, responding, welcomed
the guests'and members to the celebration. Ad
verting to the ruthless hand of time willoh cor??
signed to-oblivton heroes, empires and stater?, the
?peaker said that lt painted the day we celebrate
In colors deeper and more lasting as age suc?
ceeded age. Over 1400 years ?go a Catholic
bishop bad breathed his last on Erin's soil, and
the memory of St. Patrick grew brighter and
more dear in each succeeding year. His Illus
trlousname was entwined with tb-ttoT Ireland
In her jay s aBd sorrows. To-day, from the rising
to the setting sun, the name or St. Patrick is In?
voked wherever the sons of Erm exist, and
through his apostolic ministry the glory of Cpd'
is magnified. The sneaker here drew a.touching
p!cturffot.ireUnd~la. her struggleeauc distresses.
TH eCusfom'of wearing fae slmmroe?Tor?gYuuted,
be said, when the apostle first .preached ibe'Gos
pel to Tara. Taking a- sprig of lt he held lt up to
the audience and Illustrated the doctrlneof the
Trinity by its three parts in one. -From that
time the s- am rook has been au emblem of Ire
laud and Ireland's faith, and ls worn w-day-tty
irk-lmam wherever they exiHt. The speaker cou
eluded with a sentiment to .Pope Pm- IX to his'
troubles, which was twelved with mucfiT feeling. '
2. Ireland-The gem of the ocean, tho g'enlus or
thy NOUS, shines forth as bright as fewels iu all
quarters of toe earth. . *
MVsio- "Wearing of the Green."
-.Responded te by Captain James Armstrong,
wai>; having eloquently aflnded to the fallen and
desolate condition of Erin, proceeded to llius* cate
the bright prospect yet in store lor: her. Her
grandeur tn her oppressed and unfortunate con?
dition was acknowledged even by the authors of
her "wrongs. .During seven centuries, he said,
her sons bad clung to their nationality, and, While
some or them had. been false, thc nation had ever
been trae tonerseif. This sentiment or nationality
mast ever unite lier sans, and, in good time, work
our the salvation and liberty of their oppressed
country. This day the sons of Erin throughout
the world gather to-look toward- their'native
country; and In their memories rhe forms of the
loved ones lure'as fresh aa when they pressed the
parting kiss on the lips or the voluntary exile.
The speaker ended with a. burning prophesy-of
the time when the. banner br the?harp and. sun
burst should wave triumphantly over dovyntrod
den Ireland.
3. South Carolina-The home of our adoption, we
cling to ber In her adversity, with the rond hope
ere many-days that sae will be restored, to her for?
mer spleudor. - .
Colouel R. W. Seymour responded, and paid a
well merited compllmeut to the voluntary exiles
to our * hore. He alluded, to the past of Ireland,
her statesmen and heroes, and said thara land
fruitful tu such men must soon risc In her might
and lake her place among' her sister u at lons
Their spirit, he Bald, still lived In thc bread', or
her exiled sons. Who were willing, a rew years
back, to perll-their lives and property In a contest
fur thc glorious and eternal principles of liberty.
With the love o? their mother country, which In?
spired these men, the day of liberty or Ircand could
not be far distant. The speaker now briefly re?
viewed the pa ,t oE^outhCarolina and .the present,
and oemipaucd lt wltii that- of Ireland. He joined
heartily in -the wish expressed-to tho toast, and
said they would all have to work ere it cou H be
accomplished, and when this should 'be, irish?
men- would not utck strong and hearty friends In
the struggle for the liberty ot Ireland. The Colonel
Bat down amid enthusiastic applause and the
music of Dixie from the baud.
Charleston- the Queen City of. the South
We yield to nene in devotion to her loteros;; we
lO'-g o behold the day when she may be restored
to her pristine glory.
Major Pillsbury responded. Adverting to the
natural advantages or charleston, he said that the
other cities might exceed her In their expendi?
tures and dazEllng ?how, yet for felicity of situa?
tion, salubrity of climate and good-order she was
indeed without a rival. The Irish element bore a
large part or the burden or the city-they were ?7
be seen lnevery brauch of business and every pro?
fession; their churches and schools were to be
peen on every side; their charity emended further
than the mere calls upon lt; and they could, not
allow this day to pass without a contribution to
Mother Church. He briefly alluded to the Sisters
of Morey, their glorious work and the way in
which they performed lt. The irish were strong,
1 br said, In the labrrriog c:asa;;ara' to tile claia
I moat Charlea ton loot for her rise from Uer- present;
depressed coadltion. The-re marica of the May or
were pointed and weirrecefved".
Tito tl rta. was t lieu.proposed : ? - .,
6. Oar Sister Societies-Designed for noble1>b
Jects, we greet the representatives with pride. .
Response by M. P. 0'Connor,.E?q.
6. The Press-The best guardian-of freedom.
7. Ireland's illustrious martyrs, living and dead.
Response by Mr.-James Power.
8. Woman-Last not least, the guide of our in?
fancy, the companion of. our manhood, the conso?
lation of our old age, the crowning gift of a lov?
ing Qod to the highest desl?es or humanity.
Response by Mr. Stephen Moloney."
At the fifa toast the hoar began to grow late,
and as tue speeches followed each other the so?
ciety seemed more animated and bent on enjoy-,
lng the season; The rain and storm without ad?
ded bot ?est te the enjoyment, and good fellow?
ship and fun was the order of the evening. At a
late hour the meeting broke upland, ail'carried
home pleasant recollections of St. Patrick's Day.
The celebration of St Patrick's Day is gen?
eral throughout Ireland. There areno disorders.
Naw YORK, March 17.
St. Patrick's Day was. celebrated with a grand
proces8lon^26,000 people In line.
NEW ORLEANS, March 17.
St. Patrick's Day was Observed here by-proces?
sions, banqueta, Ac.
RICHHSVD, March 17.
St. Patriok'a Day was celebrated here ia'the
usual manner. An address was delivered by
Mayor -Kelley?
G ONS TURNED OVBB.- All the arms lately in'
the hands or the militia of Fairfield County have
been turned over to Colonel S. B. Clowney and
Sheriff Doran. Thls-ls fi move In the right direc?
gleton, a" colored youth, was brought before Com?
missioner PorteouB yesterday evening, on the
charge or voting when under age at the Bluffton
pells, Beaufort County, during the election last
rall., Walker was .proved to be.but 19 years cf
age at the present time, add in default or bail ha
was committed to jan * to await his trial at the
April term or the United States District Court.
CLUBS, AND ST A RS.- HU g ia Maguire, a waite'
man, applied for lodgings, and in the morning
seemed so ill that hs was sent to the city registras]
by the Mayor.
Carrie Wilson, lodged for being druak and dis- -
orderly in Elliott street, was sent to the House of
Correction for ten days. **
Wm. Ward, arrested at. eight o'clock yesterday I
morning for beating his wire In his house lu ?tate ]
!treet with hrsffSts, was sent to the House or Cor?
rection for twenty trays.
TUE JUGGLING JAPS.-The rain last nigb?
leemed.to be doing its very best to keep pleasure
leekers within doors; but notwithstanding the
weather a very-good house assembled at the
Academy to witness the first appearance of the
lapaneae. The performance was rosily wonder-1
'ul. But we cannot ifndertake to describe the
h ou s and and one marvellous feats* accomplished,
moy most-be seen to be appreciated.
A grand matinee will take place this afternoon
tnfl we advise every one who desires to be astpn
eked by the most extraordinary novelties 'ever
leen la Charleston te be present either this after'
mon or tcantght.
DAPHNE m TBOUDLE.-Thursday night,
?aplrae Alexander,- a jr o m te on t.c h arador in'the
wile*-annals, obtained some mean -whiskey, and
(bout 12 o'clock she waa Keen In Calhoun street
rhooplng and cursing' like mad. A neighboring
?olloe'man could stand it no longer, ano. st last
crested Daphne. Arrived at the Guardhouse, she
;ot noisier still, and made, that gloomy-looking
?lace resound with her yells and mandila gibber
ags. .Saeyas thrust l?te the black soie,, and
laving told the story of- her wrongB before the
lay or .next morning, was sentenced to thirty
lays lu the House of Correction. This unlooked
or turn of affairs aroused the turbulent spirit or j
he prisoner, and she became obstreperous to the
ist degree. Another dose or blaok hole was
)nnd necessary, and Daphne only changed this
partaient for the more lightsome one or the
louse or Correction, where she oan be round ror
he next thirty days.
recession, five miles long I Sixty thousand rn en :
earths Illustrated m-h World, AU news agents
PARISIAN;DRESSMAKING is famous, the world
ver, for Ile matchless meaty and taste ; and.
aoseof oar lady readers-who wish to avail them
elves of tue services of a traine : and accomplish
d artiste In Ureas, may give their work to
[adame i.rater, with full couti,lonee In her skill,
romp:?tilde and ability to please. She also makes
ue Freuch corsets .to -order. Her establishment'
ion King street, one door above Wentworth,
ver thc Dollar Store.
MARK YOUR CLOTUSXU k-Order your Stencil
'lates at the Ua-ei street Bazaar. octl4-fs
el ved a: the Hasel street Bazaar, the cheapest
roquet In the etty.
ti Velvet and Leather bindings, 75 cents; old
rice 90 cents. lu Verves and Leather bindings,
5 cents; old price $1. In Velvet and Leather
Indinga.-Si: o? l price $1 20. In Velvet and Lea?
ner bindings, $120; old price $1 SO.
HAS st dr. BAZAAH, AND No. 161 K LNG ST.
IF YOU would possess renewed lite, try the
?ld Carolina Bitters, the Great-Southern Tonic.
"BU8?NE89-ENVELOPK8.---THI? NEWS Job'Office |
s now prepared to furnish good envelopes, with
melness cards printed thereon, at-$4 ter thens
md. -Send your orders. Every merjhant and
luslness man should have his card prlnted-oa
iis envelopes. ;_?_
tor any adulterant or 'any kind used in Mapes'
superphosphate. Kinsman A Howell are the
igeats. ?._- o .*
-E?-*R -? '.'
AT COST ! AT COST ?-?Large size CI. romos.
"'- ? ^ ;_ , * -->
:>rtwenty-pef cent on-Side and Cgraer Brackets,
uoetrB?cks, Ac, ?tour stores.
cn AB. 0. RIG II re a Sf Co.,
HaSW afreet Bazaar, and No. TBt'??gstreet.
- '
9 sud 12 cents eaou ; rurmov'prlccs, 5, 10,15 and
ATTENTION, TOURISTS.-Stereoscopic views
of Charleston aud viclulty, at No. lui "Ring street,
or at the Hasel st reet-Bar.aar. novl2
to our large stock of Waltha a Watches, These
Watches have been long kaown-tbroughOut-the
United- Startes as the be*t-and cheapest m.. the
market. All Watches guaranteed.
. ' ?" W. OARBINQTO* A CO.,
marl3 r.'-^ NoVJM Kteg street.
SurrERiNO numanity wb?.'labor under the
effects of the Ufcvaoperind deed by malarious dla
eases, oan snaYe^rtKetr^earthly pains by using
the Great Southern Tonic."
INDIGESTION, Torpid Uver, 4c, should be
imm?diate!) attended to, and for suck relief ap?
ply to the Oki Carolina Bitters.
B. C'X?l P E N T E R ,
Charleston, S. C.,
Will Practice In the State and Federal Dourta.
LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Po3tof??cc
at Charleston, for the weak ending March 17,
1871, and printed officially in TEE DAILT NSWS,
as the newspaper hading the largest ck-culs&n
totheOitjof'^Thar'aston; -.? s. rv. . r
49* Persons calling for' Letters. Advertise!,
should state that they are ''Advertised.*'
*7* Orsce toara from 8 A. IL co e * P. H. On
Sundays, from ?>? to^ P. H.
STA??LJ3XS. TROTX Poatraajtar.
Albright,-Eriza ?Forrest, Martha [Morts.. Martha A
Alisten,- Har- Frazier; Miss S Moore, Ana EU
rtett Ann- A .. j\ ca 1 ?
Austen, Hester* Frtsamouth,Mrs1 Murphy, Sallie
AlrJersoHjrEliza IfD .... . (Mustard, Mrs C
Almeis,Henrlet- Froa?, Anna R . \ A
-taT -' ,-^-*a?i. Bttar HMartland, Mrs
AnCmm, Lani-21,symon, Margr. . Edward
"Bacot, Marla K .. ret,W^"-":H**?W. Mn'&
Batee, Li? -? Glbbai?BaraV*-^ .0i .- tvT
Barr, Mary A Gibbs, Louisa "Miller, Rosalea
Bar, Kate Gliyard, Elisa I Mccormack, El
Bennett, Miss GiHeard. Ftora ! len.
Bee, Mrs H.S. Goldsmith, -Oor-iMlsbet, Isabel
Berring, Hester neil* ? . Sestet, Nancy
Beahan,' Agnes Gardant- -Min '.Veli, Mary .Ann
J Sallie j Sosa, Catherine
Bonnee, Mrs H Graut, Jose- O'Neil, Mrs J
- H . . phlne Osten. Maria '
Berbtnt, Agnes Grant, Jane Parket, Susan
Bellinger, Maria Habeaiebt, - Petit, Mrs OM
Blake, Mts Wal- Christina ?Perch, Mrs Atex
. toa . H anton, Maxy J Peck. Cecile
Biewer, Mrs- -M Haywood, -Belle Power-, Mrs K
- ? Haywood. Mary Price, Lisa
Bisa, Eliza R Harvey, Julia Price, ?ranoee
Boagar Lillie J Hiller, Mr? BU Purse, MraBen?
' Bryant. George Holfe, Christina Jamin .
_Brady, Mary Hands, Jane A Porse, Margret,
.iran' .* HolmeB; Ann, M - - -.t .
Brown. Susan Aim tluinlln, cathe
Brown, Peggy Homes, Anna rlae- ?- .
Brown, Mary Holman", Marla Revels, Lizzie
Bruce, sidney- - Hopkins, Bettie Reed, Martha
Butler, Miss El- T Richards, Car?
la Hopkins, MTS B rte
Buncombe, El- Jenkins, Eliza- Richardson, Liz
fyf&Tlar-x- JU?lwln, Pe^gy J ailey, Mrs M
t-ap^T??r?\A B Jones, Sabina Riv? rawilla
Cancre, Ansa Johnson, Alice.. Budgers. Emma
Cl ltd,...Mrs Ma- Ajm '- . Robinson, Coro?
na Johnson, CamiL- line .
Cleveland, Be-. la Robins. Carrie
trocea ' Roany, Kate D .Solar, Martha A
Coopw, Betsy . Lo tts, Con- Schar toe, Mrs *
'Corneleaus, ER- . wanto M Simpson, Celie -
zabeth .Lanham, Mrs LSimmons, Sarah
Coot, Sta L M A Simmons, . Re
Cortile- Mis-fCAifjawton, Mrs H , becca
-costa, Mri V H . . Si-okier, L?rzic
Cochraro, Char- Lawrence, Mar- Shlmett^?hnre
- lotte ilia Stamou, Flora
.Cortes, Vennt- Luy, Mary Smith, Sophie E
va? Littie/Mr? Jahn stany-ard, Elsie
Croco, Dolly S Sta?covrch, "An
' Cross, Josephine,Lloyds Jane F j na A *
Deweese, Lucy "Lucas, E!ieo?V iSwecjiy, Mollie
Drayton, Bbeb--Madden, Mrs Ll Taylor, Mary
' by A Jane .
Drake, Mary Marjenhoff, yrs Toomey, sarah
Duffy, Mary .Georgia Toomey, Mrs J
Duffy,Mary Ann Matlln, Mrs M JlVanderpool, -
Eldon, Miss Sal- Marshall. Vina | Jane A
lie - Mathews, Sarah Varner, Mrs L B
Eife, Miss Middleton, Su- Wade, Sllvey
Elfe, Henrietta san S Warren, Mrs A
Eavens, Bessie Miller, "-allie . P
A I Mil 1er. Emma Walker, Mrs W
Parren. Mts M , Mitchell, Mrs D H
Fenwick, Anna Moloney. Mrs J Webster, Eliza J.
J Moran, Ellen Waldon, Sallie* -
Fleming, Minda Motton, Kb?- A -
Fowler, Mrs M Jennie Williams, Mary
Ahrens, John. .Hogan, Jan i Partner, William
Alfbrd, B F Hogan, Michael Parker, Israel
Albert, H Howard, WU- Patterson,
Ash, Henry ' liam T ! Frank
Arnold, AS Huchtings. Jno IPatrlck^Seth
Aviuger, Thoa J Huggins, J H Phelps, Seta
"Basribourne.Jas Hutson, JW , Pblllp?JtB ,
S . Hunt, A E Philip, L <
Barrington, Hubba,ino B Phillp, Marx .
. Ju ige Jno M Hives, J ese Price, James
Rack am ear, Hdlchings, Jno Piaetuey, W G "
Charlea lnglesby,Dr G ? Ply wt, Ralph
Barnwell, Wm Jackson, E- ti PlpktaSf-C ti -
Mason Jacob?, CP- Powers, Pierce
Barn am. A. R JerTerson, E Per- Potter, Jackson
Balley. James cell Procter, Jr 1
Bell, Wm Jerman, Warren PregnaK, WBRB."
Beverley, JetTords, DE s \ ]
Samuel Jenkins. Joseph Purcell, James
Black, J B - Jones, William Purefl,- Dennis
Boreland, Pat- Jones. Robert Puchgan. A
. rick Jones, Thoa H <aumn, Thom ia
Baleu^ratrick Kaufman, M L Qnlnmln-, James
Bolger, H H ' Kel ly", Owen. Habb, J 0
Brown, Willis Keller, J M lUnsaou,-Nelson
(coi'd) Kennedy, J T | Raper ca, Michael
Brown, Abram Kennedy. U 0 Reed, A J
Brown, B H Rirkey, John Reynold, C B !
BrowDle?.Jame? Kirana ey, Fran- Keech bern, Jno
Kenia,.James els - Reils, B
Brooks, Cesar KlRgman, Mar- iRembert, TfcOtn'
(col) un M aa J
Brandy, Wm Kllncke, H Richardson, Ro
Bmyn, Prinoe KlipateiB, Dr bin II
Briggs, David Louis-H Robluson, Ste
Bravara. HenrylKuleakecn, Rev phau
B ranford, Ch aa Jo-epa.' Robinson, Sam
- G- Kohlmann, D " uer
Brungea, Wfl- Kornahren, TN Bose, W G
iiifm . Korn?hren, L IUnight, Thom
Buits, C A Krlesaen, Geo [ as J
Buggelu.Johaon Kictcmer, F M Rome, John
.Campbell, -Rev Kuhl, -Zimmer- Kass.-Joua Mt
8 ; mann c Slneieton, ?a
Campbell, Nico-Lallatt, James ron T
las? Lacker, TJ "Sanders. Mosea
Carter, J M Landllaoda. J Sanders, L
Canuon," Henry Lawrence, F R Sanford, Jame?
.^p- .. . .. .. Lezney, Saub'- 3arbreen"Thoai
Carraghef.Fnin-' mon " tr
- cia Leopuian, laaac Scliarz. Isador
Carr, N H Cern kale* C Z Scott, "Robert K
Cidsolra, R J . Little, Wm T Scott, L G
Clauasen, J C . Linton, isac- Schlondrotf,
Cole; John H Ltnsuy. Pierce Henry A L
Cohen, Kinsey Livermore. Chas Scroder, Otto
Davenport, wm O' Schiobom, Hen
liaiiani,.sr.epueu|Loyd. W James ry L
Dawson, W H i.uoke, Claus Schott, Robt
Daniels, G .nardu, James Seabrook, ErvIn
Davis, A.J S Seo. Bergo
Dalton. J B Martin*, Janies sexton, Busiles
Dent, Walter H. * . Shaw, u J
Denny, Peter Mathews, James "shine, Joseph
iluden, Prof L W - Simons, L
Denham, Limey Mailalup, Joan Sinclair, Frank
Dixon. J . . ? Maret, William Singleton, Jo
DicKlhsoff, F.J.- R . , sepu
ward A' : . Marion. Albart. Skunook, Paul
Doth age, Joseph Mnudel^A G . slattery, Thcm
Donahue, J J Meyer, OH as
Drury, Joan Meyer, J Smith, Oastcu
Dukes. Reuben* Mere nant,-H C. fe mi Ot, Matiai
Divan. M ' Mee? ze, J Goss Smith, Samuel
Bason, John Meerssn, John . E
Edings. D Scott Middleton, John Smith, Osarles
Elfe, s R - Middleton, Heu- smith, Rober; A
Evau.-vJ If. ry (col'd) Smith, Peter
Fluide, Jno C Mlles, W c Smalls, Taocias
Fink. Hermann Miller. .Samuel Smalls,"Frank
Fields. John D Mitchell, James Smoke, Richard
Floyd, orpho D splncken,Henry
Flood, Capt S W Mitchell, Julius Snipes, London
' Foley, J ahn Mitchell, Petter Show, Capt B C
Foster, James Morgan, J ' soltar, Henry
Fuller. Lewis . Moora, Rubin. Spear ACarring
'Fuller, wm F Moore, John ton
Gadsden, G H Morse, A H Spires, Albert. B
Giiryard, Ed- Mooren, Thad.J,.spiller, L
ward E . Stalles, Mr
Gibbes,~W H . Mungln, Ned ferrad, Chas
Gibson, Abram Muldoon, James Stepmend,
p.-oi'd) Bertishaw. BF L Thomas
Gibson, Alex Mdrphy, Thos St-ehj, Chas"""*
Girard, Joseph McCocnack, Sullivan, P T
Gla?aon.-J C L Henry Sutton, RS"
Gooden, Iaerel MoCue, John rurmnason, L '
Go ld soo rough, A McCluskey, -Theodore, John'
H Rtcnard - Thurman, P
Colson, John - McEiheren, Rev Lnatt
Gordon, Robt D T?tt, Taylor
(col'd) Mc Falls, CbArleslTobblca, Toni
Goff, sabey McDonnelJ, J P Tucker, Fred
Gourdon, Hor- McHenrey.C G- Tr?nke, Henry
. tens MoKce. J "rS? Tourner, WU
Grant. T D McNanly, P G. ? liam W.
Gray, R A & Co McMillan, James Toony, John
Hamilton, WU- \y S Wallace, John
liam P McPherson, Jrlo R
Hawkins, JtfhV.McO'Brlen^Jo" ?ard, LLB
Hartwell, Daniel Morfia. Jno F; Walton? D A
F N?iT.v?r Beii J a i^at, Wilson
Hammond, Da- min . Weston, Mel
vid Northrtp.Oeorge wile M
Haskell,Dr. NelanU.-J-C .Wethers, 8am
naskell, John Nuluud, Thea White. James
tla-seu, Dr. .Noland, James F Williams, Nel
AbesB Noble, Edward soa
HedgeB, Hon P Obear, Mikey ' WLl|am?, Parria
B, O'?rien, ff/ Wilkerson, Jim
Heron, S O'Connell, John WUlkey, James
.Heide, Louise O'Neill Mr Winter, Henry
Henne, G Oswald, BL A
Henry, e H Owen, Edward Wind. Mr S
Higgins, James R Wtngard, L M
Homes A Magill Owens, Edward Wlekiug.Jobn
Holman, Eph- Owans, 0 S Woodbury, The
rai m Paul, Joseph W Wright, J J
Hood, Uriah J' [.Young, Nat
89- Persons depositing letters In the PoatonTce
will please place the stamp near the upper right
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By vlr?ae of an order of Court to me llrect.
ed,.,will be riold- at TUESDAY, the 21st d*vof
All tfcac UrT-?f LAND, with the buildings them.
. on, siRtatMrtaf ?nd being on the west aide, of
, Ly nc lr ?tree?-, ?measnrtng,?nd containing name
front a-:d rear lines 121 feet 4 lhches,.?a?ln depth.
212 feet aAooirea, mote -or leas, bottuig and WBSm
{og to the north o&iands-now or late belonging
toJRayoara-,-^ the-oath on Lands now or Tete i>e
[to Albert Bife totheweBt'onBanafciiow
or late belonging to Paul H. Waring,- to--the etas
on Lynch 8ij;ee*;iae said lot betag-fi?owV*J?tt?
^ttJ-^J?halle*t0o-?y tfta numbermm&e&L
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~^1^A^ ^??fbBeiihett Dy deed fcearlng-date
tba2flth day of August, ian, and the said-Joseph
Bennett sold and conveyed the same by deed W
Nicholas Oehia on the loth day of W?lfer. WIT,
and of widen Ann OfWbecame "Betted and pos?
sessed as widow anrj-sold devised of Nicholas
Cobla. . . .*?.
; Terms-One-third oas?;baUnce 'on a credit of
ona, two and three years. Bond of purchaser to be
secured by mortgage of premises; building to b*
Insdred and pohcras?g*ed;Inteetot on bond at
- sae rate of? percent, per annum, payable a?mn af?
luir om-day of sale. E. W. M. MAOKRJ, .,
merlg-stua , " .
A ac tineen. _,.
. -PRESS Companys Bato- of Unclaimed
Geoda. . . .
Nb. 16T Meeting street. To the hlj-heSt-bldder. - *
r- i . FREIGHT : ... ".
Averillk Son. C. IC, Oaariestoa-1 Box. % :
Airen, tp, Charleston-l Piree!?7
Ambler, S.. Charleston-l Parcel. >
Alms, H., Charleston-h Box;
Brown; G. W., Charleston-1 Parcel.
Bender, W. iL Ch arle*on-rl Goa. -
Bennett, W. J., Charleston-1 FAcksga.
Brown, 3Uh('p, Georgetown, ?. C.-fBojod'c.
B ac t( arach, J., Oh a rles rom-1 Package,
i -Bat?as- R. M., tl har lea ton-1 Faroe r.
wBotn, ?, Charleston-t Bareet
Beektey, J. C., Chan ? pron-1 Bag. . * "'
Brown, J. W,, Char.estoe-I Package. '..?. ?
Bamba in, E. 8^ Charleston-i Box.
Burnham, E. S., Charleston-1 Box.
Brown k Heyer Oha-leston-1 Package.
Bren Hardt, Ci. H., Charleston-i Box. - -
Brooks k Co.. <. A., Chasaw, 8; o.-j Bax. ;
- Castlon, A., Charleston-1 .Box. -.*...
Christopher, Captain J., Charleston-rrjoilalrs.
-Cameron, Rimciey k Go., Onarlesroa-i Oasttnc.
Cameron, Buckley & Co., Charleaton-r-i Hi??gfi
Sola ? Co.. a. Charleston-l Parcel %
riesti>n,.Neirte Charleston-l Pactaste, '
Capers, J. H., Charteston-fcBox. ; .-?'.-?.
Chesterfield Dejaporat, Gheraw-a BarsjaL .... ss
Downing, Airs. C. W., ?harleatotr, ?. C.-lPaxCOL
"Dukes k Ob., W. C., Charleston, S. C.^XTackage.
.Dnkftr Jr. Co., W. 0.. Ch sf teston* 8? "0.-1Package.
jJawsja. Chariest'>a, H. C. -I Box. . . .
David, J. H.. Becnettaville. S. C^-lBaixel.
Ehlen, T.. Oharleaton-1 ParceL"' .
, Ford, J. E., Ohasleatencl rfctsefc . /?-'..
Forbes, 6. E., Charfeaton-1 P&rceL
fisher, E. G., Charleston-1 Box.
raser, F. E., Charleston-l Jug.
Gerdt?, H., Charleston-r Box.
Pa?e, B. J., Charleston-l-ParceL '
Hannon, D., Charleston-1 Package.
Bart k Co., Phirlesfon-i Package.
Horhaoh, J. P., Charleston^. Box. - -.
Hems, D., Ciarl*s:?a*-i. Eale, . .
JJa>eldcn, Mr. and Mts. F. G., A?am'&J&nn, 8.0.
?? ParceL * "? ??tf-V
gm, Mnc-W. vr.-, 3bciety?iu. 8.C.-llWoeJ,-*4
Joh aeon. Sa rah, Charloucm-i B IX. * ." - -
Ken-Ison. C., Oh ar leeton-l Dundie, . .
Knox, w. P., Charleston"-! ParceL * " -
Knox, Wi P., Chadfttton-1 Parcel. " ~v <*i'
Leslie, C,P^ OharleaSoo-iL Parcel -*
hawtop, J., Oharleaton-TPan>eJ.. .
Langley, S. Cnarieaton-1 Box.
-Lewia,?. w., CitBtlesrorr-2 Cans.
Larouaaetare, W. L.. ChaFleston-1 ParceL
I Leech, R., Charleston^. Parcel,
Logan, A. N., Charleston-l ParceL
Metzler. G.vCharieston-tTafceS '
Manlganlt, H., Uhaxieatoo-J.Box.
Mitchell, E., Cbarlaston-1 Box. , .
Mitchell, E., Charleston-1 -Box.
Markws,J. Vhariasion-i Parcel
Marsh, C. \r.. 'iharlestorr-J Truss. ' ? "
Mein lyre, R, -. ? , Char lest oQ. S. e.-1 Parc?:. .
?Avoy-j. JA, or, irleatooVS. 0>-t Bax.- , 1
Nathans. 8., jfearla^ou^O.^TB. ?ag.
Owens, Misa A. A*, Char lesion, 8.*.-1 ParceL.
,. Tond.A Co., G. WV Qharleston. Sr .0.-1 Parcel,
Platt, C. B., Charleston..a; C.-l Castlag. ^
I Pafsonr, Dr.. 8, E.A., Ch4r]e^tou,~3. 0^8 Boxea.
Parke, CUi a Caarlcatop. 3. 0.-1 Basket.
Patton, w^jOharlest?n, S. fl.-l.Bag. . 22 '
Quar?.keubnaru.A.. Coai4-:stOn. s. (3.-1 Fa?fOktfe.
Rfcnwood, B.Tr., Charleston, 8. C.-1 Box. lij
Roberu, Mri. CJR, Cbarlestap, S. 0.-1 P. Box.
Rbherts, w:. Charieston, 8. rx-^-l ParceL
Rllper, E., Chajletton, 8. C.-1 Bag. ^
Richmond, G. A.. Charles:on". 8. C.-l cross.
Randtett, J. Beaufort, a G>-1 Box.
Stacks, M ra. 0., Ch aries ton^l Box.
Scott, a M?t; Charleswm-i Box.
Sc?tr,.a., Oiarrleaton-1 Parcel. <.
Sweeu. H.? Cira ri e? ton'-1 Parcel.
?simmons. Mn. N., Charleston-1 ParceL
SiiaJTer, Torn. Charleirton-1/Baakec. ?
Stall. J,'IC Gharlaston-l.Parcel.
Trot lor, J. fit., c naries toa-I ParceL
Veronee, J. P., Charleston-l ParceL
i fandraw?, -8., Charleston-1 Boc.
webber, W.. Charleston-i Box,
, Williams * Co., H., Charleston-1 Package, '
Williams, Mr.,(marleston-?Paokagea.
Williamson. Ax, Ch aries to n-n Bag."
wnie, Mr., Charleston-i Parcel.
Walker, fcfTs. R. E., Charleston-TP. Box.
W US te, R..0bar leaton-1 Box.
WHilams-A Co., G. D., Onarleaton-1 ParceL '
Williams k Go.. G. W., Chnrleaton-i Box.
Weat, E. W.. Oh a?l es ton-I Parcel.
White, A., i*Jaarle?ton-I Parcel
Yeojnanari.a., I'emaesoe, S.O.- 1 Bar Iron. -
of eight Stores and '.Terpsichore" or "Torc.
Haiic'-^on the east abie of King st/eet, between
Broad and Tfadd afreets, which tor ruteen yearn
previans.tp- the bombardment of Charleston snit
since the'close of the war have always b-ea rent
ed, making them tue most certain pieces of- rai
estate in the "city for yielding rents; also, Na-lld
ehurali street. ^ '
Cm TUE6DA?, the 26th of March, at ll o'cloclt
A. M., will hh eoid at the old Posioffice, -
The following RE4L ESTATE in Charlearon, at
deaeribe*d ur plat made by Edward J. White, sur?
veyor, la'FeQrnary, 1B7L by U15 letters
A.-The two and a half story BRICK -TENE?
MENT STORE AND DWELLING with elate root,
Ko. 86 Ring street: Lot measures U feet -from
by 240 feet deep, on which ls a Brick Tenement .
Kitchen,wpji slate roof.
u- The two and a hair story. Brick Tenement;
Store and .Dwelling, with slate roof. No. 81 King
street. Tho Lot |p 17 feet front by- 2*0 feet deep,
on which ii a Tenement Brick Kitchen, with slate
roof. "
C.-The two ard a half story Brick .Store aiKi
Dwelling, wjtrh tjje roof, No. "82 King atreoc Lott
-21 rest 10 frKmea front by 241 feet deep, on- whick
fis a two story Brick Kitchen, with tile roof.
. p.-The two and a half story Bric* store ann '
Dwelling, ?th Slate roof, No. 80 King street. Lot
27 feet ? luches front by.2i?feet deep, on which li
a two storj" Brick. Kitchen, with si&te roor, and it
large one stow shed. This place has been rio;
many years used as a dying establishment by Mr
Boesch. .
E. -The two story Brick Store and D wellmr,
with slate rooT, sind one story wooden addition.
No. 78 King street. Lot 24 feet 7 inches front by
241 feet deep. "
F. -Trie two-story Brick Store and Dwelling
wirti tm roof, and one Btory. Whoden Shed, No; 7?
King Street. Lot27 feet 1 m ch ea- by 2*1 feet, deep,
oh which ls a t"o story Brick Kitchen with slat-)
roof and"a Carpenter Shop.
G".-The "two story^Wooden Store and Dwelling
with tin roof. No. 74 King street. Lot 23 feet ?
Inches by 131 feet d?bp. ' jt-. ."
H.-The tWh and ahab* story Brick" and Wooden
Store, a?d Dwelling with slate roof, Nc 72 King
street. Lot 32 feet 2 Inches front by IK feet desi t,
on which lu a two story Brick Kitchen with slate
roof. ...
I -The "Terpsichore" or "Turn Halie," navio?
an entrance on King street of eight feet TJaohea
wide, runntng 13L feet; and then, widening to <3
feet, and running 1W feet.deep.
Tiie three story BRI'lK STOBB AND RESI?
DENCE, with tile roof. Nb. 116 Church street, 099
door sou1 h ?T Queen street, containing six roanyt,
pan tr v. piazza Ac, and a two story brick tu tch
cn : lo: 39 feet f ron t by H2 feet deep.
Condition?-One-third cash; balance by bonde
bearing 7 per cent semt-annoallncerest, payable
In one and two years, to be secured try mortgage
of the property " which mu-t be kept Insured hy
thc purchasers and the polities assigned; theresa
en: policies of Insurance robe taken by parohaaera
and paid for pro rata Purchasers to pay for pa?
pers and revenue at, rap?.
, marl6-lthsmwfmetul
Auctioneers' Ihiodte Salee, &t.
Real Bistate Braker, No. 56 Broad Street.
PHOSPHATB LANDS;of best quaUty and
locations. . " ",
Rice anet Cotton Plantation? la all parts of ta?
8 CRT Residences, stores.; BuUdlng
Fsrmi. *_._- -
a new FBBNCH DYE HOUSE has Wen opeatid
it No 8B?img street, where r#BlNTluvau od?
orsand raeaning of all tods ?K: .lone" at tte
shortest notice and In the best sty la .
n?r . X BILLER, French Dyer,
No. 340 King street, near corner George street,

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