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X.-NUMBER 2255.
The List of the Lott Cabin Passengers
Completed-A Monument to Mark the
Graves of the Victims in the Public
Cemetery at Halifax.
HALIFAX, N. S., April 4.
A steamer bas just arrived lroui tbe wreck
of the steamer Atlantic. Tbe ship le almost
intact, and only a few packages of her cargo
have come ashore. Tee report that Mrs.
F^ter's body bad been lound was not correct,
and the story In some ot the papers tbat Al?
bert Sumner committed suicide ls also false.
One of bis triende, wbo was saved, says that
Mr. Sumner lietel on to the wreck as long as
he possibly could, and then was washed off by
the sea. Tbe captain Bays that the stories of the
mutilation of the bodies by the crew are false
and the reports of robberies largely exigerai
ed. He says tbe people at Pro?prc. did a;1 they
could for the living and dead; b it among me
crowds who flocked to the place irom the sur?
rounding country, there were some who
robbed the bodies whenever they could get a
chance. The collector of customs Is awaiting
Instructions from headquarters, and will pro?
bably commence an official Investigation this
evening. The captain can give no explana?
tion of the cause of the disaster, except a
miscalculation as to tbe curreut and tne ves?
sel's speed. Great numbers of people are
leaving the city In steamers, going down to
tbe wreck.
No efforts will be spared to recover the
bodies of the following named passengers:
Mr. 0. M. Fisher and wile, Vermont; Mr. W. J.
Bheat, wife, son and dau^ht r, Nevada; Henry
L. Wellington, Boston; Mrs. Merritt, Miss
Scrymeer and Mr. Kruger, New York; Miss
Brodie and Mrs. Barker, Chicago; Mrs. Brind?
ley, Mrs. Davidson and daughter, England,
with tbe names of the bodies reported this
morning as recovered this completes the list
of cabin passengers who w re lost. Captain
Williams aud his assistants Bearclted the
islands around tbe wreck thoroughly last
night, and picked ont from among me rocks
many bodies and brought ashore mose report?
ed this moro'ng, which had been telegraphed
for by Irlends.
The bodies reported recovered this morn?
ing have been dressed and placed In tightly
sealed metallic cofflos, and await tbe arrival
oif-frlends and relatives to take them lo
charge. It Is ihougnt that the bodies will
hardly remain In a condition lo be examined.
Another trip will be made to me wr?ck to?
morrow. The Bte wards and other men ac?
quainted with tbe passengers have been lett In
charge of the wreck io tak? care ol bodies as
they are washed asnore. John Brindly was
lost. His name'was-put by mistake in the
list of pisseogers save.), oue ot the passen?
gers having mistaken another for him. Il ls
DOW proposed to bring all the bodies to this
city, bury them toeether' In ihe public ceme
- tery, and erect a monument over them, the
city council, on application of ihe provincial
government, having resolved this allernoon
to place a lot In the cemetery at ihe disposal
of the friends oi the dead.
One hundred and sixty lour is ihe exact
number of bodies found up to this morning.
The work ol bur-,leg them has commencer),
and a (tang of meu will be sent down thia
evening io helo the fishermen In mat work,
The bodies ol J. H. Price, Henry H. Hewitt,
Mr. Merritt and Mis j Merrin, of New Tork;
Albert .Sumner, of Sun 8an Francisco, and
Heurv Metcalf, tbe eecoad officer, have been
brought to this city.
BOSTON*, April 4.
The emigrants saved from the wreck ol the
Atlantic are expected to arrive here on a
Pullman train from Portland to-morrow. The
agents of >he While Star Line, In this elly,
have engaged Fuueuil Hall for me reception
of the unfortunates, and preparations are
making lor their, wants upon their arrival.
They will remain In Boston all day. and Satur?
day evening will Drceeed to New York by the
Old Colony Road cud ihe steamer Newport
from Fall Blver.
NEW YORK, April 4.
Tbe surviving officers of ihe steumer Atlan?
tic have been ordeted io report at me compa?
ny's office In this city, when their conduct will
be partly Investiga;td. They will return in a |
short time to England, where a rigid examina?
tion will take place before the Liverpool
Chamber of Commerce. The adenia of ihe
company are still In the dark regarding the
reason for Captain Willlams's course In mak
ifjg for the harbor of Hali ?ax.
Terrible Collision on a Western Road
An Engineer and Conductor Who Need
ST. Louis, April 4.
It appears that the accident OL ibe st. Louis
and Southeastern Railroad, which occurred at
French Village, yesterday afternoon, was oc?
casioned by the culpable carelessness of ibe
conductor ot a construction train. A passen?
ger train was first about to take a side track
tc let a freight train pass, when a construc?
tion train, which had oeen passed by the pas?
senger train bul a few mlnutea before, so that
Its conductor must have known of ibe prox?
imity of ihepasseager train, came thundering
around the curve at high speed, and plunged
Into, the rear of the last passenger coach.
The conductor of the passenger tralu saw ihe
construction train coming, und cried out lor
the passengers to Jump for their lives. Many
did so; but, beiore all could escape, the
engine of the construction ixaln had
entered the passenger coach. The latter
was Immediately filled with steam and a num?
ber of passengers were more or less scalded.
Mrs. John P. Lusk, or Luke, of Morgan Coun?
ty, Ho., while in the act ol jumping from ihe
train, was caught between the cars and
crushed lo death; her husband, with an infant
In his arras, succeeded in reaching the plat?
form unhurt. A gentleman, supposed to be
Hr. James H. Watts, of Chester, III., a mem?
ber of the Illinois Legislature, was caught be?
tween ihe platform of the rear car aud the
engine of the coosiruction train, and literally
torn In pieces. A young daughter of Mrs.
Griffin, of McLeansborough. HI, received a
Jet of steam full lo her face, aud was horribly
scalded about the bead and the upper part of
the body. Her eyes were put out. and lt ls
thonght she cannot recover. Mrs. Stebbins,
of Mil wauk le, was severely cut end bruised
abont the' head, and several other passengers
where more or less Injured. The engineer ot
the construction iralo. Michael Fannery, fled
st soon as be saw the result of lils carelees
A Railroad Accident in Nova Scotia off
the Heels of the Atlantic Disaster.
HALIFAX, April 4.
Last night a coal? train Irom Plciou muon
tba track west of Truro, and soon alter the In?
ter-Colonial express train from Saint John, N.
B., came along and ran Into the freight train.
The engineer, who was named Cameron, and
Baggage'Hasler Hunt were killed, but none
of the passengers were Injured. Among the
passengers were ihe agente ot the White Star
line, who were coming to Halifax lo look alter
tbe Atlantic.
A Baltimore Steamer Stranded on the
Massachusetts Coast.
B08TON, April 4.
The underwriters' steamer Charles Pearson
left thia port to-day to go to the assistance of
the steamer Blackstone, bound for this port
from Baltimore, which went ashore at Devil's
Bridge, off Giy Head,- during a thick fog.
Her cargo bas oeen discharged into lighters.
A Mississippi River steamer Sunk.
?1 _ ST. LOUIS, April 4
The steamer W. j. Lewis, oound lor Bed
Blver from inls port, with eight hundred tons
merchandise, has gone to me bottom Her
cargo was valued at $100,000, but the loss ls
fully covered by insurance.
Perils of the Menagerie.
This morning as Herr Darcolls, who has
charge of the Hons in Forepaugh's Menagerie,
was attempting to change the animals irom
one cage io another, one of ibem t imed on
him and Inflicted a fearful W?und on the left
side of his head and lace. Tue aulmal was
secured, and the wounded man pulled out and
sent to a lent, where a physician was called In
to dress bis bead.
A Stray Bear In the Streets.
NEW YORK, April 4.
t Considerable excitement was occasioned to
day. on Third avenue, by the eeca. e of a bear
from a crib in which ne wan bein? conveved.
Aller seveial shots had been fired, the animal
was secured.
Losses by Fire.
A tire at Parkei's Landing bas destroyed the
Parker Bouse, Ceutral Hotel, Exchange B ink,
Savings Bank, posiofflce and telegraph office.
Loss $200,000.
ST. JOSEPH'S. Mo., April 4.
The livery stable of Stack & Gordon has been
destroyed by an incendl?ry fire. Eighteen?
horses were burned to death.
A Civil Service Tour of Inspection?
Another Indian Outrage.
The members of the civil service commis
s ou lett lata night to apply tests to the cus?
toms and sub-treasury ?nices. They go first
to New York, thence lo St. Louis, New Or
leaus aun ie xas. Another party, headed by
Mr. Saville-, chief clerk of the treasury depart?
ment, will leave next week for R.dimond,
Norfolk, Wilmington, Chai lesion, Savannah,
Mobile and other ports ol entry and treasury
stations ou lue coast.
The following ore the treasury balances at
(he close of business ihm afternoon: Currency,
$2.038.288; cole, $(9,869,897; coin certificates,
$23,293,500; outstanding legal tenders, $358,
Trie case of Judge John Wright, formerly an
Indian agent to pay annuities to certain West?
ern tribes, has again been revived. Wright ls
living now lu or sear S . Louis, und bis trial
will be held there to accommodate the wit?
nesses, most ol whom reside In the West. The
frauds, charged ogaiust Wright, amount to
nearly half a millen dollars.
A telegram received here from Fort Laramie
announces mat D. R. B. Bogers, the govern
! ment mail-carrier between thu Whetstone
agencies und Fort Laramie, was murdered by
the Indians last Monday while carrying the
mahs This will stop mail operations with
the Whetstone agency.
The secretary ot the treasury has Issued
regulations for the withdrawal of alcoholic
bond- for scientific purposes under the act ap?
proved February 2lst. It r< quires the presi?
dent or curator of the Institution where it ls
to be used io give a bond that the alcohol ls
for preserving anatomical specimens.
Advices have been received Biating that a
large number ot eeizurep, mostly ol unstamp?
ed tobacco, have been made lu Hie Third Dis?
trict of North Carolina. Warrants have been
issued for the arrest ol the guilty parties.
Wall street Settling to its Normal Se?
New YORE, April 4.
Gold lias been strone at 17$, 17|. 17fal8 On
gold loans the rate? have oeeu 7 per ceut.,
gold, per un n mn to 1 32. 3 61 il 16 per day for
carrying. Foreign exchange was very weak
at the ?pening, but bus sine Improver) a frac?
tion, bales have been reported at 106? ilUG| lor
sixiy days' Pierling, andI07jii07| for demand.
lu the money market tue openiug rate tor de
maud io,UH wus oue-quarier, liar, per day.
Afterwards there was a decline to one-eigtun
mid un advance lo three-sixteenths. Mer?
cantile paper is entirely uomlnal. Government
bonds were quiet and steady, in Southern
Slate bonds ouetnees was confined lo two
thousaud dollars of Ncrtb Carolinas. In rail?
road bonds seventy thousand dollars changed
hands, with prices steady. Investment shareB
were dull. The stock market has been sirong.
Money lu easier. The bulk of business was kt
3-16 lo i per day, with loans at 1-16 to i about
Hie close ol bank hours.
Exchange was weak nt Ihe opening, and
leading bankers lowered their rate lo 7?. Soon
after ibu market gained strength, and the rate
advanced ; per cent, at a lime um ll lt reached
7} The highest quotations for actual business
wa? 7 j. There was an improved demand to?
day, partly the result of ihe easier condition
ot ihe money market.
The New President of the French As?
PARIS, April 4.
Louis Joeeph Buffel was tu-aay elected
resident of Hie French Assembly, to succeed
revy, who resigned the position. M. Buffel
ls a well knowu French politician, who was
born at Mirecourt. in tbe department of Vos?
ges to 1818. and hus occupied mauy Important
public offices.
A New Carllst Leader.
MADRIO, April 4.
General Fleo has been appointed generalis?
simo of the (Jurlisls, and will assume the di?
rection of offensive operailouB by me insur?
gent iroops.
A Threatened Revolt in Portugal.
LlBBON, A pi 1. 4.
Deputy Val ad a made a long speech; be de?
clared ihe crown beset with danger from
talent revolutions. Eiegrent, the ministry
president, declared Vaiada's fears groundless,
and called on the House io trust to ihe coun?
try's loyally.
General Nouvlllos has gone to his head?
quarters ut Estella, where he will op?rale
against the Carlista. The commune has been
declared In ihe Province ol Salamanca.
Illness of thc Pope.
ROUE, April 4
His Holiness the Pope is Bligblly til.
-Dr. Hepworth'a new Church of the Disci?
ples, in New York City, was dedicated yester?
-Silk laces to the amount of $10.000 have
been captured at New York from the trunks
of Hie passengers of the Algeria.
-Robert B. Bleakelv, ihe murderer of his
niece, Maud Merrill, In New York, will be
tried next Monday.
-The bursting 'ot a machine in the Calvert
Sugar Kefluery, m Baltimore, killed one man
and injured two.
-The funeral of the late Chas. M. Barras,
the dramatic author, took place yesterday. He
was buried at Greenwood.
-Tb? New York gold gamblers are to be
sued lor $50,000,000 damages, alleged to have
been indicted upon the city and county by the
conspiracy w Uh which ihelr clique ls charged.
-A new irial hus been ordered In the case
nf D miel Scull vs. the Kensington National
Bank, Philadelphia, in which Ihe Jury render?
ed a verdict of $37,000 tor the plaintiff for the
loss of bis bondu by the robbery of the bank In
February, 186?.
I?- The directors of tbe Texas PaciSc Railroad
met at New York yesterday, and e il led a
meeting of the stockholders for the 16ih in?
stant. A trip lo the California terminus ot
the proposed road ls to be made next Bum?
mer by Colonel Scott and other leading offi?
cers of the company.
-A writ of babeas corpus was granted yes?
terday, returnable next Monday, In favor of
MoDooald, the alleged forger ol the Back of
England notes; on ihe ground that a conspi?
racy to defraud is not covered by the extra
diction treaty. It is stated that several other
packages of notes sect here to the care of
Jay Cooke and others by Bidwell have been
NEW YORK, April i.
Tbe following is Ihe comparative cotton
statement for ihe week ending April 4. 1873 :
1873 1872.
Receipts at all ports lor week. 49.138 34.551
Receipts Tor theyear to date..3,049,6 3 2,4Si,oo7
Exports for the week. 62.145 ?o.54t
Exports iorJ.he year to-day...1.840,941 1,697.216
Mock at Oil U. S. p irts. 633,189 387,111
Stock at Interior towns, [Ita*
Montgomery). 101,26 1 61,583
Stock at Liverpool. 645,000 714 OOO
American afloat for G. Britain. 195,000 218,000
For the Southwest, Increasing southeasterly
winds veering (o sonni west, with threaten
I lng weather. For Eastern Gulf and South
Atlantic States, Increasing southeasterly
winds and cloudy weather For the Middle
States and Southern New England, northeast
winds, cloudy and threatening weaiher. Cau?
tionary signals continue at Duluth. Mllwau
kle, Chicago, Grand Haven, Detroit, Toledo
and Cleveland.
The Hon. Wm. D. Porter's Remarks nt
the Reception given by Colonel Lu t li?
era-An Eloquent Expression of the
Sentiment of our People.
At the reception given the Hon. Wm. G.
Bryant and tbe Hon. Horatio Seymour, by
Colonel Blcbard Lathers, on Wednesday eve?
ning, tbe eloquent and leellng address deliv?
ered by the Hon. Wm. D. Porter delighted
every one who heard lt. In compliance with
a very general desire, we have the pleasure
ol placing Governor Porter's remarks before
the readers ot TUE NEWS:
Ladies and Gentlemen-I am sure we all
feel grateful to our host, Colonel Lathers, for
tbe opportunity of meeting and Interchanging
views with bio distinguished guests from tbe
North, both of whom are well known to lame
one In tbe field of politics and statesmanship,
the other In tbe higher and serener region of
poetry, where, like his own ''Waterfowl," tie
hovers, self-sustained in the thin, pure atmos?
phere aloft. They come a9 friends, with
words of peace on their lips. We give them
welcome, and cordially reciprocate their
friendly greetings. Once enemies, now fellow
countrymen, we lay the olive branch on tbe
altar of a common and reunited country.
Let each one come with honest
purpose, and over toe sacred symbol of peace
renew the vow of mutual fidelity and a com?
mon nationality. Tbe war Is at an end; what
we now want is a lair, substantial peace.
Henceforth, our fortunes and our fate are
one; and li we would make those fortunes
and that fate happy, prosperous and enduring,
the flag that floats over us Bhould know no
distinction ol part or section, but embrace In
Its protecting tolds all parts and all sections
as coequal portions of one common and un?
divided country. Let whatever of bitterness
or prejudice may remain on either side be
burled out of eight. Let the memories and
tbe Borrows of each be respected and held
sacred. Let one hope, one aspiration, one
endeavor for the common prosperity, animate
us all in tbe future.
These Irlendly vl-its will bring us all to
a better understanding. There waa an "un?
pleasantness" once; that ls over; but lhere ls
a misunderstanding still. I do not mean to
say the fault ls all on one side, nor do I mean
to deal wl'.h any question of controverted pol?
itics. But I cannot help thinking that tbe
people of the North have not appreciated the
honesty, depth and universality ot the senti?
ment that underlay the great secession move?
ment of the South. It was not only an honest
sentiment, but a deep, sincere and pervading
conviction connecter) with considerations of
public safely. The cause or ground o', that
conviction ls now removed. Whether lt was
then right or wron/, well-founded or 1)1
iouno'ed, ls not now ihe question. I am deal?
ing only with the fact ul ns existence, and tbe
universality of tbe sentiment or conviction is
tbe best proof ol its honesty. A whole people
do not enter upon a great movement like that
witb almost entire unanimity, and sus?
tain lt for years wllb unparalleled sacrifice of
blood and treasure, to the very verge of im?
poverishment and ruin, without the sincerest
convictions. We know that we were honest,
and thal we did our very best to sustain our
position. We know, too, that we utterly
failed to do so. And men that have honestly
and bravely fought out their fight, whatever
the result of tbe coin oat, can afford to Icok
each other 6trulght in the face, and strike
hands and be friends again. In such cases
men generally become faster friends than
they were be lore. Tbey have tested each oth?
er's mettle, and learned to respect lt. There ls
no disparagement, no sente ol humiliation on
either side. Where all is lost on one side but
honor, that very honor of tbe deleated and
the magnanimity of the victor fur Die h a
ground upon which both may stand upon a
footing of equality. If we did not feel and as?
sert our sincerity and mauhood, we should
not be flt to be accounted American citizens.
We lost our cause, but we did not lose our
honor. If we are Jealous ol ibis, let a gener?
ous sentiment appreciate and respect the
We stand in view of Fort Sumter. What a
tide of recollections does tbat name summon
up. It ls not my purpose to rehearee them.
Fort Sumter ls a stubborn fact; it stands
where lt stood; lt is and will be memorable in
history; but lt may be used lor other purposes
than those ol war. Within sight and bearing
of the spot on whlcb we stand tbe first gun of
the civil war was fired. Now that the war ls at
an end, would to God that from this same
spot and on this very night there may go
forth voices that will calm the troubled
waterB and charm down from above the bless?
ed spirit ot peace to brood over them. Then
will Sumter, which first broke the echoes of
war and clothed herself with thunder, be girt
around with blessings, and aland lorth lo all
the world as tbe type and emblem of peace in
a once distracted but now reunited land.
Regular Meeting.
Council met this day, at dve o'clock P. If.
Present-Boa. John A wagoner, Mayor; Alder?
men O'Neill, Bowen, Smith G-jge, Garrott. Ken?
ny, Voigt, .Nweeg+ti. Glover, Juhoston, Moran,
Brown, Slmon?H, Pelzer and Mgwald.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and
Of John 0. Cochran, treasurer of the Sooth
Carolina Jockey Club, for remission of penalties
on taxe*. Granted.
Of H. F. Baker, agent, to erect a small wooden
office and sheds, in co 1-yard, Cumberland street.
Ot J. A. Murray and J. Rosi?, to erect a
wooden workBhoD in cumberland street, south
side, nearly opposite the i'hoaix Engine-houeo,
subject to be removed by order of Council.
Of citizens, praying that Shepherd street be
not run across from Klug to Meeting, as con?
templated, la connection with which was read
a communication from W. J. Magrath, president
S nth carolina Railroad, on the same subject.
Both of which were referred to Joint committee
on streets and railroads.
or residents of Ward No. 5, requesting Council
to reconsider their action in allowlsg the South
Carolina Railroad Company to ruo their tracks
through certain streets. Referred to JJlnt com?
mittee on streets and railroads.
Of otto senwectzsr. for reduction of asaess
ment of house and lot In Ilayne street. Referred
to committee un assessments.
Of resident-) of Line a rc t, ror drain In said
street from King to Pr aident streets. Referred
to committee on tidal drains.
Of Pregnall Brus , to erect steam engine, boil?
ers, AC, at their shlpya ct, Wbarf street. Re?
ferred to committee on steam englues and ma?
or P. O'Donnell, ror remission or penalties.
Referred to committee on retrenchment and re?
Of residents or Canoon street, to have Cannon's
conrt run through. Referred to committee OB
CHARLESTON, S. C., Abril 1, 1873.
Hon. Mayor and Aldermen of marleston, s C.:
GENTLEMEN-t have the houor to report to you
the condition or the Fire Department at tnt* date.
All the steamers and hand engines have the
necessary amount or hose, say eight hundred feet
to steamers and four hundred feet to hand en
! glees, In good serviceable condition, and ready
tor any emergency.
Very respectruliy, M. H. NATHAN,
chief Fire Department.
Received as Information. i,
Rejort or the city sheriff for the month of
Mai ch, showing $3368 84 collected and paid into
the treasury. Referred to committeajon accounts.
The Joint committee or waja ana means and
on accounts, to whom was reerren a paper is?
sued from the trea-ury, aud purporting to bo an
addendum, and statements of receipts and ex?
penditures, respeotinlly rep .rt, that on exami?
nation or said paper they And lt Inaccurate in
macy i esp?ces, and ont ot the usual order aa ap?
pertaining to the cnatom of former councils of
the city.
Under these circumstances they deem lt un?
necessary to make any extended report to Ooun
CU on the subject, but would respectfully and
confidently refer to the Mayor's annual report,
and ihe cnlclal statement-* accompanying lt, for
a correct exposition ol the financial condition
and prospects of the city. ,
Commut?e Ways and Means,
W. B. SMITH, ? -
Chairman Committee on Accounts.
Arter considerable dificultan the vote was then
called on Alderman Voigt's moilun, to amend
Hie motion to adopt ihe report of ti e commit?
tee, KO nat the addendum and s.atementof ac?
counts and expenditures of city treasury wonld
be rt ad aud spread on the minutes. Lost.
Vote then called on the original motion io adopt
the report or the Joint committees, which was
Committee2 on retrenchment and relief re?
pined as follows on petitions of J. A H. Lncas:
i .? Committee recommended remission ot peuai
I ties."
(Signed) 0. A. BOWEN.
On pet m n of A. Foster BlacV, "Committee re?
commend remission of penalty."
(Signed) 0. A. BOWEN.
On pe itton of Ellen J. Blact. "Committee re
commedd remission or penally."
(signed) O. A. HOWES.
The committee on city lands made the following
report on the subject or the Broad itreet prome?
nade, which wa-i adopted:
On tne mernot lil of J. H. Stelnmcyer and one
hundred aud feny-one ot her citizens f jr the Im?
provement of the common bonndel by Rutledge
street on the east, Broad street on the somh,
Lynch street on the west, and lands of stroheck
er on the north, the petitioner* ask that Council
purchase the >trohecker property at a cost ut six
: i.ona md uoilars, so as to corry the northern
boundary of the common to Beaufaln Street
Your committee iegard the proposed improve?
ment Important to the Imereat of the city, and
the pi loe asked for the pnperty not unreason
aole, and woola recommend that Council appro?
priate six thousand doll irs ror the parchase of
tue same. Provided mat no pan. of the money
be paid until a valid title to all the Land and build?
ings oow held as private pnperty In the area
bounded by the four streets, above named, ls
made io the city, and approved ty Hs recorder.
The committee on lighting the Btkj .ported
favorab y on placing a lamp in Line street.
The committee < n contracts rep - rt ed the follow?
ing estimates for budding a house for the stone?
wall Engine:
Thomas Mulcahy, $1698; 0. 0. Tm rabo. $1706;
J. W.Sawner, $i600;O. W. Egao,$i89?; R. Brown,
$2lfi0; Albert Eire, $2306; Fred. K. Lucas, $2497.
Mr. Mulcahy 'a eotimate being the lowest, the
committee recommended tha. the contract be
awarded to him on furnishing proper sureties.
The committee on engrossments reported the
following ordinances as properly engrosad and
ready for ratification:
An ordinance to establish the weight of coat, to
allow dealers in coal to weigh coal on their own
neall a, and affix a penalty ror not having coal
welshed on tne public s jales when to ordered by
the purchaser.
Ali", an ordinance to prevent the niling < f lots
or streets wu h certain material. Both or which
were rai lOed In due form.
Tue special committee on the Fire Department,
to whom was referred the communlcanoa from
tue Chief or ihe Fire Department relative to pro
curing tune additional alarm bells wonld re?
spectfully beg to report, that tncy fled additional
means ut alarm at times or lire necessary, and
that the committee on the Fire Department be
authorized lo invite off ?rs for rurn Whin ? three
s ul tab e be ls ot one ihonsand pound i each from
the f mndnes in our city and elsewhere, the pre?
ference, if possible, consistent with ihe Interests
or Hie city, to be given our own mechanics.
That, the committee on the F re Department bc
authorized to accept the most advantageous offer,
and have the bell? placed in such positions as
may be Indicated by iheb ardor nremastcrs and
amur the supervision or the officers of that body.
Ali of which ls respectfully aubml lcd.
0. A. BOWEN,
Committee lire Department.
The special committee or the fire department,
to whom was referred ihe pena n ol the Pioneer
steam Fire Englue company tor a house for ititi ?
apparatus, would beg leave to report, that they
and a house for mat company much needed for
the belier preservation of their property, and
woul i recommend that tne company be request
o t to select a location in their Ore district and re?
port the s?me to ihe committee on the fire de
partment, and that said committee be authorised
tc parchase the same on the mo it favorable terms
for toe city.
Thai the city engloecr bo Instructed to prepare
plans for a house mr said company and bubmlt,
thc tiame to the committee on the Are department J
tor their ??lection, such select lou to be sunmlt
ted to Connell for contlrraa lon. The committee
would ai.-o recommend mat the committee on
contracts invite proposals for the work as early
aa practicable after the selection of location and
plans, thereby relieving the city or the heavy
rent now being paid for the use of shed for said
Pioneer Company. All of which 1) respectfully
(Signed) E. F. SWEEGAN.
0. A. KOWEN.
Commlt'eo on Fire Department.
'1 ni; .Ma. or stated that he had just read a peti?
tion Uanued him rrom tue teachers or the Shaw
Memorial >chool, and signed by a great i.umber
of others, praying mat tue South carolina Rail?
road company be not allowed tn mn their track
through Mary ctreet. The pei li lon was read and
referred to ihe Joint committee on streets and
Alderman Sweegan called np the bill to provide
salaries tor the public weighers, to define their
duties, aud ror other purposes. Bead second
time by sections, tht d rime by title, and ordered
to be engrossed for ratification as follows:
AN ORDINANCE to provide salaries for the pub?
lic weighers, to define their duties, and for
other purposes.
SECTION L Se it ordained by the Mayor and
Aldermen, lu Council assembled, That hereafter
the public weighers elected by the commissioners
or the Markets for the upper and lower scales
shall receive a salary at the rate of-dollars
per annum each, payable mon hly.
SEC. 2. That tie said pub.ic weighers snail '
have their offleeB opeut-d every day, (Sundays
and nolld iys excepted.) rrom snnrlae to sauset,
ror the purpose of weighing all articles offered
lor weight
SEO. 3. That for all soch articles weighed, the
welgner sha 1 rurnlsb a certificate of weight, over
his own algnature, not primed, ror which ser?
vice the said weigher ?halt collect snob ree; as
may from time to time be prescribed by the cora
mi-sioners of ihe markets.
Ska 4. That the commissioners or the markets
shall have power to make such rulen and regula?
tions for Hie government of said pcbllc wt igtiers
as are not inconsistent with the ordinances or
Hie city.
?>BC. 0. That all ord in naces and parts of ordi?
nances relative to public weighers and their du
tlec, as are In conflict with the above, be and the
same a-e hereby repealed.
On motion, council then adjourned.
W. W. SIMONS, Clerk of Connell.
North Carolina.
-Three deserters from the British brig
Essex were arrested In Wilmington last Thurs?
-Doc. Jenkin*, colored, a candidate lor the
penitentiary af Raleigh, attempted to escape
irom his captors IOBI Tuesday, while golnir
lilith T, but i be attempt proved fruiilesB.
.. The citizens ol Wilmington have irled to
get some "letter boxes" for their street lamp
poBtB from ihe posioffice department, tut have
not succeeded.
-Wm. Taylor, the fireman who received In?
juries at tne late boiler explosion In Wilming?
ton, Billi survives, though In a critical condi?
-The splendid postal cara built by the Wil?
mington and Weldon raliway company will
soon be placed on the road. They are de?
signed lo run through to Washington. Two
additional cars will eoon be ready.
Progregs of the Work-An Elaborate
Design for the Entrance-Improve,
ments to the G round?.
Under tbe efficient management of Mr. T.
H. Oakshott,ine United States superintendent
of construction, tbe work upon tbe new Cus?
tomhouse steadily advances towards com?
pletion. The modifications of the original de?
sign of the building have already been de?
scribed in THE NEWS, and it now remains to
notice the plans lor embellishing the grounds
around the building, which have been recent?
ly decided upon. The open space between
East Bay street and the west portico of the
building will be converted into a tesselated
stone terrace or platform, five feet high, fifty
four feet wide, and sixty-lour feet deep. Tbe
north and south sides of the terrace will
be composed of solid granite blocks, panelled
off Into sections of six feet In length.
On the west side, on street front of
the terrace, there will be a flight of seven
stone steps, which will afford easy access to
the floor or upper surface. The floor of the
terrace will consist of alternate squares of
New Tork blue-stone and red Seneca tiles,
resting upon a layer of concrete supported by
brick arches. The terrace will be surrounded
on all sides, except that next to the building,
by a granite blocking course, or wall, Ave feet
high, which will be provided with an opening
on the front to allow Ingress and egress. On
each of the two outer angles of the terrace
will be a large ornamental lamp, upon an iron
poBt set In a rouBd granite pedestal, of ornate
design, Alteen feet high by two feet In diam?
eter. At each ol the Inner angles will be a
similar lamp, resting upon a half pedestal ol
the same heigh' and deslgQ as the outer pedes?
tals. From the east end of the terrace a Alght
of granite steps will rise to the Aoor of
the portico. This terrace will give the en?
trance to the building an appearance very
similar to that of the Treasury building at
Washington. The work upon tbe terrace bas
been already commenced in the excavations
for the base of the arches supporting the Aoor,
and the driving of the piles necessary to
secure a Arm foundation. Between the front
ol the terrace and the wooden ienc : now
standing on East Bay will be an unoccupied
space eighteen feet wide, wblcb will be added
Into the sidewalk of the street, which is to be
par. d with smooth Aag stones, and will make
a spacious promenade, nearly forty feet wide,
extending along the entire west front of the
Customhouse grounds. The Market street
sidewalk will remain at Its presen t width, ten
feet. The present wooden fence will be pulled
down and replaced by a highly ornamental
ron fence, with spherical, spear headed railB.
The fence will rest upon a foundation of stone
masonry, and will be divided off into sections
nine feet long by a series ol granite posts, six
and a half feet blgh and two feet square.
The grounds on the east or water front of
tbe building will be evenly graded In a gentle
Inclination to tbe water's edge, from where
two long piers will run Into the stream, and a
handsome boat house ls to be built at the
head of the dock formed by these two piers.
The work on the eastern portico ol tbe
building ls BO fur advaaced that that feature
ot the building ls now ia something like defi?
nite shape. The columns have been put up,
and the entablature and the pediment are
now approaching completion.' This portico
will be In all respects like the western one,
except that lt will have no terrace before lt,
but will terminate in a long, unbroken flight
of steps.
The north and south sides of the building
are finished, with the exception of the putting
on of the fillet or crowning coarse of the
cornice. The rool of tbe building will be
pitched in form, consisting ot an iron frame
of rafters and purlins eight inches square,
covered with elghteea by twenty-four Inch
blue slate, so that lt will be perfectly fire?
proof. The roo! has been contracted for by
Henvelman A Haven, architectural Iron
workers of New York City, at a cost of a little
more than $10,000. The centre of the root
will be surmounted by a large Iron dome, the
design of which has not yet been determined.
United States Court.
The United States Circuit Court will be
opened for the April term on Monday morning
by Judges Bond and Bryan. The District
Court adjourned eine die yesterday. The lol
lowing Jurors have been drawn for the Cir?
cuit Court and summoned to appear on Mon- J
day morning:
Thomas Stuart, JOB. B. Boston, Newberry;
M. C. Long, Edmond Carllse, Union; Be nj.
Goodwin, colored, C. P. Bernsen, James Miles,
Columbia; Ellas Irby, colored, Laurens; H.
Hannaberg, Charleston; Dr. Jobo B. Irving,
St. Thomas and St. Dennis; Jno. Marlin, Hick?
ory Grove; Fred Copes, Wlnnsboro'; Simon
Elierbe, Paul Hudley, Chesterfield; F. A.
Clinton, Lancaster; William E. Towne, Rich?
mond Wilson, colored, Beaufort; John J.
Hoffman, Beaver Dam; Lewis Bullooh, Horry.
P. M. Whiteman, Beaufort; Rev. Robert M.
Andrews, Jacob D. Singleton, T. J. Tuomey,
Sumter; Robert Houston, J. B. Purcell, Jos.
Dereel, D. B. Vincent, Jr., Theodore D. Wag?
ner, diaries tut) ; Louis Filly, Holland's Store;
Thos. A. Sullivan, Abbeville; Calvin Dlxson,
Lancaster; Geo. W. Brewer, Oro; G. H.
Lowodesberry, Clement Salierihwalt, Aiken;
Andrew Dibblf, Frank Carter, Camden: B.
Williamson, Oranirebuig; BenJ. Marshall, Dar?
lington; Wilson Hammond, York ville; C. D.
Lowndes, colored, Warren Minion, Columbia;
George H. Coleman, Klngstree; Giles West,
D. D. UoiO. Union; John Dudley, Augustus
Mccullum, Benneitavlile: BenJ. Lowry, Ore;
Conrad Erhard!, Barnwell; Booen F. Scott,
Klngstree; J. N. Glradeau, Newberry.
United States Commissioner.
Kit Ford, colored, was bound over by Com?
missioner Porteoti8 yesterday, for trial cn a
charge of violating the Internal revenue laws.
Court of Common Fleas.
The case of H. Massot vs. D. T. Corbin, suit
to enforce the provisions of a contract to pur?
chase a phosphate plantation, was taken up
and the testimony and argumeu' j heard. The
Judge reserved bis decision.
Inferior Court.
Tbe April term of the Interior Court will be
held on Monday by Macon B. Allen, the newly
elected Judge. The following Jurors have
been summoned to appear:
Archy Cooler, city; P. E. Moultrie, 8t. An?
drew's: Prince A. Simmons. John's Island; C.
B. Clancy, city; Frauk McConner, Christ
Christ Parish; A. M. Moreland, Edward
Harleston, T. B. Maxwell, J. E. Johnson, city;
Toney Flagg, Christ Gburoh Pariah; Horlbeck
0. Palmer. St. John'a Berkeley; P. Gadsden,
city. Tnomas Scott, John's Island: B. Foley,
McMillan C. King, city; Mingo Ward, Christ
Church Parish; George Lyons, Strawberry
Ferry: Charles Claggett, city; Peter Virgin, BL
Siepnen'a; C. W. adgnlous, H. E. Meyers,
Thomas F. 8malls, city; Abraham Cnlsolm,
John's Island; James B. Blackman city; An?
drew Elvers, Christ Church Parish; John
Henny, city;Stephen Russell, Edlsto Island;
John W. Gordon, N. Hill, L S. K. Bennett,
James Mazyck, A. M. Moleo, Aosoa Laihan,
city; Wm. Burckmyer, EdlBto Island.
Trial Justices' Courts.
J. H. Harken was fined three dollars end
costs, yesterday, by Trial Justice Adams, for
whipping a colored boy.
Mayor's Court.
Samuel Tollver, colored, was lodged ander
a warrant from a trial Justice; Boney Dew?
berry, for being amok and disorderly, wai>
fined one dollar; Jobn Osborne, and William
and Joseph Owens, all colored, lor disorderly
conduct and assaulting a fourth party, were
fined one dollar each.
-The town election in Lancaster occurs on
the Uth Instant.
-A number of new stores and houses are
building in Camden.
-Tho?. Hardy, of Abbeville, died on the
27tb ult., aged sixty years.
-Mrs. J. W. Lewis died at Le wi s's Turnout
last Sunday, nf consumption.
-Master Willie Kennedy died in Wlnns?
boro' last Wednesday, of meningitis.
-Hon. J. C. Dunn bas been elected a direc?
tor of the Atlantic and Coast Line Bailroad.
-Sixty panels of the fence of the Camden
Cemetery were destroyed by dre on Tuesday.
-Mr. Hampton Stone, formerly of Ander?
son, died in Texas on the 11th ult., aged sixty
-The Wtnnsboro' Hook and Ladder Com?
pany give a grand ball on the 2d proximo,
their anniversary.
-Last Friday Major A. C. Spain, of Darling?
ton, lost a fine cow from eating the berries of
a mock orange tree.
-Another "hop" waa enjoyed by the In?
mates ot the Colombia Lunatlo Asylum last
Thursday evening.
-The Southern Mutual Life Insurance Com?
pany propose soon to erect a fine building oe
Main street, Columbia.
-An outhouse on the premises of Mrs. Jan?
nie Means, lo Wlnnsboro', was barned by an
Incendiary last Monday.
-Rev. Mr. Query has accepted the call ten?
dered bim from tbe Presbyterian churches al
Lancaster and Douglass.
-Ibe presbytery of the Associate Belormed
Church will be held at Tirzah Church, In Tork
County, next Monday.
-There will be a meeting ol the corpora?
tors of the Chester and Cheraw Bailroad at
Lancaster Courthouse April 16.
-The Darlington courthouse ls building
rapidly, and it ls expected that the house will
be ready to hold the next session of court.
-Judge Mackey will address the people of
Yorkvilie next Monday aiternooo in the In?
terest of tbe Chester and Lenoir Narrow
gauge Railroad Company.
-Mr. Hancock, the conductor on the Spar
tanburg and Union Bailroad, was seriously In?
jured by an accident on the road last Satur?
-During a violent wind and rain storm in
Wlnnsboro* last Tuesday the parapet front of
the Blore ot Messrs. Bacot ? Co. was blown
down and completely wrecked.
-During the prevalence of a severe storm
last Tuesday, lo Darlington, a newly erected
house belonging io Ben Dargan was blown
down and Its contents destroyed.
-The qoarteily celebration of the Sunday
school connected with the Anderson Baptist
Church took place .oat Sunday afternoon, In
the j/ieience of a hrge audience.
-La/jt Tuesday alternoon, while a violent
sto: m was raging, Lewis Blackwell, a colored
citizen ot Chester, lost by fire his house and
all bis ho use li Did goods.
Tbe opening lecture ol the annual course
before ihe Slate Medical University at Colum?
bia, was delivered, last Wednesday evening,
by Professor Babbitt, on " Galvanism."
-Two young gentlemen of Greenville,
Masters W. A. Miles and Tnomas Bteen, died
last week, aged respectively eighteen and
seventeen years.
-Hannah Roseborough, a colored woman,
of winnsn-.To', feil from a bridge In front of
Mr. Pettlgrew's store, on Friday last, and was
badly hurt.
-At a meeting of the citizens of Camden on
Wednesday, the lollowlngConservative muni?
cipal ticket was nominated: For Intendant
William Ellerbe; for Wardens-F. J. Oaks,
Lem. Boswell, Abram Marks, William Deas.
-All the county officers, the sheriff, clerk,
probate Judge, auditor and treasurer, together
with their books, papers and furniture, have
arrived In Barnwell from Blackville, whence
the county seat has been removed.
NORTH WSTMOOTH-Per sehr Albert L Bntler
409 tonB phosphate rock.
! The Charleston Cotton, Bice and ivaval
Stores Market.
FRIDAY EVBNIN0, April 4, 1873. j
COTTON.-This market maintained a quiet and
doll character, with a limited holiness, st un?
changed rates. Sales about 300 bales; say 6 bales
at nc, l st 18, OB at 18X, l at is 6 at iaj<, 7 at
io, 6 at 19X. a at 10X, 0 at 19X, and 120 on private
terms. We quote :
Stains and tinged.ie @nx
Inferior.12 ?15
ordinary tu good ordinary.16 @17X
Low [email protected]
[email protected]
Strict middling-.19? iex
Bios.-There was a firm feeling in this mar
ket, with well sustained rates. Sales about 8M>
tierces of clean Carolina; say 30 tierces at 7 316,
16 on private terms, and near soo tie ices, which
waa partly kept private, but which waa understood
to be at 7 316, 7 6 ie? : Kc % lb, these rates show?
ing full prices. We quote common to fair at ex?
7HC good [email protected]
NAVAL STOEBS.-The receipts were 63 barrels
spirits turpentine and 229 barrels rosin. The
market was quiet. About so barrels low No. 2 to
extra No. 2 rosin .were disposed or at $2 60 9
FRBiouTs.-To Liverpool, by steam, direct,
nominal on nplsnds, -d on sea islands; via
New York, Xd on uplands, ld on sea
islands; by Ball, Xd on upland 3, and
Xd on soa islands. To Havre, ixe
on uplands. Ooaatwlse-tn New York, by
steam, Xe on uplands and -c on sea Islands;
$2 V tierce on rice; 60c * bbl on rosin ;
by sall,-c V ? en cotton; -cv tierce on
rice;60c f\ bbl on rosin; [email protected] 9 M on lamber;
$1291250 9 Mon timber. To Boston, by steam
Mo on uplands and $2 60 V tierce on rice; by sail,
-c onu m nplands; rosin 700; resawed stan
$12? 12 60; timber [email protected]; phosphate $6$6 io.
To Providence, by sail $10? 11 * M on boards.
-c * its on cotton; by steam Xe via New York ;
To Philadelphia, by steam Xe on uplands; $1-36
a cask on rice; eoe ? bbl on rosin; $1 on spirits.
Throngh bills of lading given to Boston, Provi?
dence and the New England cities are regularly
issued on this route, and dispatch guaranteed.
By sall, $8 ft M on boards; $12 on timber; - V
ton on clay; $8 60 on phosphates. To Baltimore,
by steam xe ?> tt; by sall [email protected]* Mon
boards;-on Umber; $3 60 9 ton at oity; $4?
4 60 y ton up river on phosphate rock, vessels
are in demand by our merchants to take lumber
freights from Georgetown, S. C.. Darlenand sarn?
ia River, Ga., and Jacksonville, Fla., to Northern
ports, and [email protected] 9 M ara the rates on timber
and boards.
DOMESTIC F.ICHANQB.-The banks purchase
sight checks on New York at X to X per cent,
premium and sell at X premium.
Exe HA no H.-Sterling 60 day billa nominal, 26
GOLD.-17? 19.
Markets by Telegraph.
LONDON, April 4.
Noon.-Consols 93; fives 90 H .
Pu AN SPORT, April 4.
Evening.-Bonds 96X*
PARIS, April 4.
Evening,-Rentes 66.
Nsw YORE. A pril 4. -
Noon.-Freights firm. Stocks steady. Money
firm at XaX> Gold firm st 17X per ce it. Ex?
change-long 7; snort TX- Government and
Mat? bonds dull and steady.
Evenlng.-Goid opened at 17XI advanced to
13??, closed at lsxusx. Loan? wera from i Cu
71*10, gold, r. T carrying. Qo vern menu dojlaad
steady; during day closed very strong. Freights
quiet bot Ann. el-'**
Noon.-Cotton opened quiet; uplands ex?JJXd;
? r leans 9 % a. > ales 10,000 bales; weekly e-a.ooo; ex
n rr 19 /Win. tnconlof fr.n Trtnn- mMk HAR mn, amer?
ican 806,000. Receipts 181,000; American ?.OOO;
actual ejporta 8000; afloat 630,000; ^inKWlt
Later.-Cotton beary; a peculation and export
2000 bax s. Mfffer
Evening.-Cot on closed dull and degrfttsafl;
sal. s lnciuJe 6000 American, deliverable SA Sat ac
nah or charleston in April, at o>?d. Tams aaa
fabrics dull, with a downward tendency. ..".
Bi KW YOBS, A pill 4.
Noon.-cotton dnll sales 427 hales; uplands
19Xo; Orleans ?oxe.
evening.-uottun sales for export to-day wt
bales, last evening 200; sales of futures lauto
nales, as follows: April, l8Kal8#; May, 19*i9M>
Jone, 19Xai9 9 1fl; July, lw>ial9X; Atyrrut, io*
Joiton dull and nominal; Bales U89 bsJea;nnd
dllngs 19Xc, Orleans 20X? t s-,***:
BOSTON, April .*?
Cotton quiet; middlings 19Xc; gross receipts ?
1699 oaies; sales 26^: stock 12,000; weekly deVre
celpts los: (tress 9397; exports to Great Britain .
229; sales 1600. s. - . '-so
Cotton dall; middlings ?exaaoc; weekly net
receipts456 btles;gross?68. ;>? ,>:::3W.
Cotton ; weekly net receipts 68 baies; saies loco;
stock 17,000. "_L_" ff- 'tg%re
- - NOBFOLT, April a. - .
Cotton quiet; low middlings 18c: net reoelpta
589 bales; exports coastwise 120; ?ales 450; stock,
acinai count 9700; weekly net receipts 7849; ex?
ports coastwise 6649; sales 646. * tea ;1
BALTMORK, April 4.
ccotton dull and nominal; middlings ISHO; net
receipts 704 bales; gross ?ool; exports coastwise
37; sates 14; stock 8871; weakly net receipts M;
?ross 1762; exporta to Oreje Britain i0l; Ooatt
net 789; ooutw;ss438; sal? 868.
\. ; t t*) *?.-. tcrrr FbtvT, ansi
Cotton, net receipt? for the week en btles.^
. WILMINGTON, April 4.
Cotton doll; middlings 16xc; net receipu 91
ba es; exports coastwise TI; Bales 66: stock toter
esly receipt?4S8; exports coastwise309jeales
190. - -
A ra CST A. A pri? 4.' '
Cotton dnll and nominal; low mtdditnga i7Xc;
receipts 2i8 baies; sates 198; stock , VL?ti
weekly receipts 1166; sales 1666; shipments 1781;
taken by milts ML -
S iYANMAH April 4. i
Cotton dnll; middlings 18Xc; net receipu m v
bales; exports to Oreat Bri ti ac 2368; coastwise
621 ; sales 867; stock 47,489; weemy net .-ccaipu
6817; exporu to great Britain 6688; to tbaOoatU*.
neut 8068; coastwise 2217; sales 4627. *w-*ou
COLUMBUS, April 4.
Cotton dull, middlings 18o; weekly receipts sn
bales; shipments 609; sah. 8 462; ?tock-1873,6281;
1873.9490. . ;"
Cotton quiet; low middlings naiTtfc; weakly,
lecelpta 809 bales; shipments869; stock 7471. - '
eKLMA, April 4.
Cotton-weekly recelpU 827 balea; shipmenU
772; stOOk 2846. _
Cotton nominal; low middlings iexc; weekly
receipts 886 bales; ship me nu 3184; stoclt 11,298. '
. MEMPHIS, April 8.
Cotton duli and nominal, low mmdiings nxo;
receipts 1681 bales; shipments 2098; stocKlsTi
28,884,1878 '?,778; weekly receipts 83i7; abipaaata
982T;sale"i000 uMiW^}
Cotton dnll and nomi-al; middlings UKO;
good ordinary 16; low middlings UMo; set re?
ceipts 440 bales; exports coastwise TO; sales 200;
stock 89,222; weekly net receipts s4So; gross 3?io;
exports coastwise 1668; sales Moa, . , .
? Nsw OBUS AN?, April 4.
Cotton In moderate demand and- easier; ordi?
nary 18XC good ordinary MX, lovjnMffljM
lSsisX, middlings 193? ; net receipts 8247 bales,
grosassir, exi ortsto ureat Britain 6i73, coast
wise i/o; sales 1800, last evening 1200; stocc
KO 48't; weekl* net receipt? 19,742, gras* 21,181;
exports to Oreat Britain 19,147, -ontlnint 761?.
coastwise 3793; salea 86,000. _ :;i2;1'/: '
Cotton weak; Texas ordldary l4Xo; good ordi?
nary iee; net receipts 940 bales; exportai to Great
Biltaln 1734; sales 200; siock ea.2a6; weekly net
recdpiB 4363; gross 6110; exporta to Great Britain.
1734; coastwise lees; sales 4100. ? B
UV7.KP00L Afill 4. b
Noon - Breadstuff's steady. cusr.'vsrMad. out.
38s 6d. Beef 80s. Lard 9s Sd. For!. 60s. iral.ow
Nsw TOBI, April a. .
Noon.-Flour qnlet. Wheat doll and tn buy tis'
favor, at $1 67a$l 68 for prime to choice No 2 Mil?
waukee float. Corn qole1 and unchanged. PorX
flrm. tendency upwards; new $17 0&a$i7 M. Lard
steady; western ateam ?Xas 11-16C Tnrprattna
dull at67a67XC i.osln dud and heavy at |3 1W
$3 so for strained. . JixttSai
h vening.-H >tr quiet and unchanged. Wli'jkey
90XS91X. Wheat, spring, very duh a >d in
favor Of buyers; scarcity Ot freight and depietaed
exchange checks the demand. Corn heav y and
lower; yellow Western oaxaca. Klee qui? st
8a8K. Fork qnlet and rather easier; nevr 817.
Lard firmer. Tallow steady. Turpentine heavy.
?09ln"gat *wimnm*m?ik>
Spirits turpentine, no salea reportad, .noam
outet at 22 26a2 so for strained, crude tornen
une dun at $2 26 for bard, ?8 76 iorysua? dip
and virgin. Tar steady at $260. . v,
" CINCINNATI, April a.
pioor dnll and unchanged. Corn un caa s ged.
Provisions qnlet. ForkBipaay^r jut ta jMjML
easier and In light demand. Shoulders at oj<?7c;
clear rib 8?a9; clear aldea 9X- Whiakay KSt?y.
tr. Loma, A pi 114.. ,
Flour dnll and unchanged, with only "order
trade. Corn doh and drooping at 33**83* c for
No 2 mixed, east track do;saci?a?.; WMffia
quiet at 87c Pork quiet at $16 62X ?PPM,? ? :
mesa. Bacon weak, ySlWJSKKaA^
operate; ?mau lota lower at 7X. 7X; 8X ior tilde*,
Lardtoiet. .
Flour duU and unchanged. Oom la lalir
mano; white shellsd aud sascked dellT.redat
denot W Provisions quiet and demand UghE.
Porx $16 60?i7. Bacon 7,9, ox. oxa9Xo. Snaa*
Snamsl334al4c; plato U?f?ff^?g
8}<a8Xo; tierce 9X*loc: keg ?xe; neamorder
lots Xaxohigher, whiskey steady at eeaflt.
New York Rio? Msvrlcst.
Miw ?01*,l?rll?,, n
The Dally Bulletin says: Rice ta s tia firmly
held, with only sales to the trade of' 60 tttroaB
Carolina at 7c, 260 bag??fH^&{*?K'
There ls so little snap ?*? ^^S?5rffl'.
would not take bargams ir the lot was mora ?ian
their aotual wads requirements.
New Torie JJT*V?1 Stores Market.' ?v*
Nxw YOBX, April 8.
The Da?y Bulieria says: BecelpvB tc^oay 1068
bbls roam, 6 bbls spirits turpentine. PP^-WJ;
pentlne has ruled very Qalej tc^uy, "?P^
are again a shade easter, ??lea mernda IM?*
s^lpptoa: ord? at MM?, bot msrchimtai^k**
were oriered at MXc, without -
rosin ls also quiet and depmsed.
at $8 00, and 160 bbls at $$ 26. The itoer?MB?
remain quiet and nnchang^^Jggjgj?:
Doned improvement and pncea about thesiime.
Pitch tn moderate Jobbing request and stead/.
Wilmington M?rltet. . .?. '
WILMIKOTON, April.8. '
5 PIRIT8 TTJBJPBNTiKK.-Market quiet and weak.
No sales reported. , . .. . .;t gi&firtrts -
BosiN.-btrained rosin has been1 tcttvejKjMV
both ror spot and future transactions, tf?Vmm
in every instance has been at a decline. fctrsMjed .
has declined 40c ou spot, and i6c for -utures. Th?
KAirs emo.aced 8960 bbls, aa follows: _M9*Wf
?t lsxc, and 1 do at i6c per tt. v f *?
Interior Cotton Markets. . . i '
Market quiet; very little offeriS&-^Sl?p,u *
good ordinary 16, IoVmldd^i7^^^'??i.
?xc. ?aies I^^CBl
Cotton ls selling nt n?*mnn*> ApMI J.
The toUowtna am rho C3^UmM' 81.
Saturday afternooi?- ITM2? Sg ?aotanoni on
ry iaal2X, IJW ordinary MUM, . 0|,,,A**
There was an Improved amJ?S??t?&?l
good-cottons. AhTn^rlnii SS^MSS ^
at 18c for middlings-rig d dl^?$2!r' Sf*a
la no improvementto poor eo?ffii 2g"
good ordinary beug tono request w
Market quiet; ordinary M^ggSBWt^g?l ?.
16J?S1SXC. low' rniTungs ?MMTJ^m^SS?
18c; sales 176 bales; recelVu"71",.Sen^1,,I.
Ordlnsry 14c, good ordtoarl^^ti???S
ordmary nc,t?^toSrnffii*aSMSS?JBm
naL The market is quiet: *' ""??"?fi tM?u.

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