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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, March 25, 1865, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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Daily Paper $L0 a Montbr) .' "Let oar just centre v J Tri-Woekly $10 a MOD th.
' Payr.!:! J ?n Advance. j" ' Attend the .true event."-Sh?kspcare. ^ { Payable ia Advance.
Every Tuesday; T^fe-sday dad Saturday
"<** .H. si - j
SiiUle copies gl. J . .. ?
, Ai?-e. !.:s.jtr.f nts taserU-.: .it <5>p..-f souaro (lea
?ijjes) h:V iv. nio'C.,. . ]
. . /-?Vi.!- .1
Throughout Mr.- .>.' i....s terrine wi -v. ?
tba pfei.Jt tcr.-^^o.iiilifei'iii.-n- : :. vc. aJ.- i-.i-n.i-...J
alter ?po'. . ' -z'?:-?. ^. .?it.y MI., j
fiOOU ?alt..ul ;u- i .-i??'Sfe-?. v..ri'-. ,-.th of
iron. ?;?...?. 'i.-avr.-. .. , : i ? -. .j *y. :-a-l
tilo v. . :? ? ^^g.?-.-j i.. . ?.:./.
Tl.ey We -: .:; tu:-i - y:,. i
HK??!t-yj?-i..i "b^fiifc, i^Sfe. "i f;t.:'*oiid >.:v?r. '
.)?Wei& Kd,d';;?a'.e ''a)W:l'-ll-V'' "S" " ^
??'li pi::'..', v'fy ..r v ?4 :>'!.../:. la. h . U!
\>"...i.-.v, \:.i. , <..; ?iejaPr^ (Si :':.y, . . ,ii;:?; <.??
ca, >s, ?":'.ci!-.;L.o : ! c..?w<>> Vy.-fc ?, ail ?I s?.iii
ul.. ?.*'/'O.'V . ...?o .*.?*..rf, w ?.:.*.
;.p:.r . / 4V.**<ii e.-txUj..- l<> ')".. i:, 0-;- i Jf?>- .;
?i... : < -i ?... ????UK --. j?jjfior? M cit urn.!. ?iii:
sue?i ?.Ma.'.-, ? ?? o aat'iwBjj Ct?: W._cr;.r. L??e?lt-..
?ltliso:' '?Ht?kit l.:: kor ?g|i. l'-.i--.. ? t.iQ?.di$tiu
gu.....::.-.- ;.:?c-..:. - ??es j...a.?..?lejii mt Ul? viutu?e.
'i'r.?.r?; >. .--' ui?.->??i disowfciJEiiiAi in the maller
.?.1 t.jt<"; a ad li y p??gfed, v.' .! ao?t change of
yis'.tgc, >.o:a l?..*. VahK nullor, which jrfudge
Burne t?-.?.d to ?ay i/*a?. a provoked winbin'
hii:r**"?u 'injniiu.ite prt|pfc.:ai?y tu^sdja?e," to
ina "choicest rod- wiu'aaSi . tit? aueTsnt;dellars.
Ia o;;e; vaait ou Ala^i etifcet, seventeen casks of
wino were ?lortd a*> ay?jwlneh, an eye*wit?e8S
tells us bare .y su?iced3oiice biokeu into, for
t he dv4???hV pf afeiuglaaioiir--?ui5h Were lac
appetite^ at w\>rk and tac numbers in posses?
sion o? tiiei >.- By,c-, catt, claret and.Madeira
all found their way inti? the same channels,
and we are not to wonder, when te d that uo
ksssthau 15u of thc diunk.cn wretches perished
miserably ?niongfthe fi?mes kindled by their
own aon. -ade^ and froc?which they were un?
able-tc escape.? Thc estimate \vili not be
thought extravagant ^y^those who saw . thc
condition of buodred^pter t; o'clocj. a." ni
Hy oiiitis. however, ^^^mte :.- redoce'd ?o j
thirty-; 1.14t "vii.-, number wiil sever be known. :
.na.. '.- officers 1 hemseives are reported tel
have "sa i?;- that they lost more int 11 in iiie sack!
und onrrijng ot' the city (.including cerjt?r? ex- j
^plosions) than in all their hg hi s while appioach- ;
mg it. .lt ia also suggested tiiat the oiders.
which .Sherman ijfued ai daylight, on Satiird .y I
morning, ior the ari est ol tue tire, were issued '
in eousequenee-oi tue lois* ol' men '-.ri?en ht-ha.: |
i.:us su.-ta'rird^ 0'ie or more ci bis ?nen were '
soot, ?7 pat tu-s unknown; "Hi tu me d.-rk. pa.-.
> oi-'aiiejs-rit is bUppvjed il\ ci-.-.-v^i^o": j
ol some attempted v'ojutrs'gvs ch t?u5uue.?..y j
;;-.r.'.v. stun ure; the assassin t;'!;i::y udv-.u 1
'.ta gu* oV the obsciirily o; the situation, u?id
j^fi?Vi?itljj 'iuii?gliiig wwii the et ?"'1 v>,va. ut. j
!'? Ii ie '.ii-r ii?.i*.-,-, were at t.ieir i.^iic:-'. atAt :ac*t
I ext eu sive iy 'r?:?:Eg-grbajis of t:.e. J ?'..oio.iics
[ might h... aeon at the st-wra! Co?-ite.rs of tic,!
.\.. : ?.<?, ...?;..."...!;., I'OaViusj, ?-Hg tr. g. rt Veli i ii.'-- j
(.-}.. .'g ?ir rwitii b?*?pKe<&es-wa..* Xtiei
L|ud.--- ano accord?on we.-?, pitying tout p?.pu- .j
tar a.i J r.:nong them. They cx-cu?*? al: sorL> of|
r?iilies- orne vt th mi ?eaptag if^mad^^'ratiooj j
..1 .a .Jelling ?.nd 'tjii.giiig like the red rhenJj
I around inc bu.nmg pyres Of '.h.df .yici..i??;1
j biaudtehiog knife cr pisto!, and in. rnaudliu j
i aiieoiivn pawing and'embracing one another, '
I and not uKfjreguerrtJy the passer-b .. Aad ,
(white these scenes worein progr?s ., over and
amoiig the ruh.s'al.rcady mude, the torches and
Si-e-bsiSs were bu '.ly1 plied in-districts whicsh
bud mus far escaped the fiaines.'*'Thore wastoo
cessation of the work till 5 a. m. on Saturday;
tor ii ope baud was too' drunk to play ,tho in?
cendiary, there were yet thousandsaufficientiy
sober LO exnabit R'I the still, dexterity, agility
and*meth?d which di3tinguish?s'the experts ia<
city crime. It was hejiwcM? -1 aojd 5 uh the
morning, when some oi tue lino?t buildings on
the ?n9t side of Jkain street were given to tue
?'? A siugio thought will suffice to ?uow that tl e '
owners or lodgers in the houses '.hus sacrificed
were not silent or quiet spectators ot a comla
grafftou which threw.them u a tag}, ??id botpe?efcs
H.:der tb? ak.es ot night, iiie m'aio^.opu.'aLiJj,
cora.'-stuig whoiiy ot agiu Chen; ..i\ai;d., <Ji .
ceej .ts. won.*n and chiidrtiij'?\vcro liol capable
ol very active or p^We. :i;i exe. "?oa..*"t,.i^ 1.1.
did u>. succumb i?? the t..;u 'wit'om ?." .
pi eas oh.J ttrciiOv ad ...: .. (.U^J^.ih , ......
women' '?nd c.iOT?r?u vu'v ;.. ft-c , o.'?,?.
whirl :.::?. ?Lun?M wer? roiii.i^- elad >?~9*i<HC
around them, ^v?ill i wal'.a \v???? cr,-.-'-.'?Mr and .
gaiters.toi,;t-i-ir:^ -.: i Uir.ib?ing^t-the ea i ?savor
to ?av?"'tu.:ir sloth t?g ttiid'scnic of-their m< <?
.valuable ?noe:?.' ['?-?"' :>. y..sn . that they'
were80jF?reU.?to*succeed^ /..cy: wove driven
ont^b??diong; pistola eiapp. il ,;?;.. ?their head?. '
violent ha?,?< jaul;upon ::. <...," ?ad d?liar, and <
the ruffiua* ac* inca m .\ ?ut ante aa-iuc?
non ia .their? treatment or ?ISJ ' or i??uua,
ladies wier* Bustled.' from taStr chambers,
auder tho ?trongi 'srm, or wi uh flic mer..icing
; . lol at : 'lt'.!- ?! IM3?3-their dru; utv.its plucked
... oin'tii.-a- persons, their !'c. fro,a U??ir.
ainu!::, lt. was in vain t t'-c moiler ap*
pstL'd for Uie gV.raic.2i ; o. ?. r .- At h vu. i'L^
Were ;.o. :i fro?a a ". gflr . id ta": . . pieces,
>T a a'le . into lite ? a.. iii ?j yoong chd -
siviviug to aave a ev^'e. 1 .M.-k, {au: tt-rwit to
fi .ros in ber grasp. ?. -a .?..?. ?oatn .bc.trir.g
oil their -runks were ?ou:(f?, despoiled, in a
ment tti? t/uuii burst - :,. . -r tv Uh .-l'ire
a.u?:c . ot" axe or gau-tmlt, i?*v cciV.?i.?? J.-iid -
oater, r db-d bf uii the vbjeots ol' desire; aad' ii:e
residue ruthlessly sacri'..; c-:d to the -tire; w into
liie.tfcr.'t??? menaces, Ooo. led w.th 'he fouioet.
yoatbt*, - "ad'ued a*desperate' ferocity, suca'aa
PK. ? no hope of mei cy to . prayer, entreaty and
[?ho iiwi.st, earnest solicitation. Thc wreuaes
wouid ii? in wa.I at ?lie entrauce of the hou*ej?
, woulu ender lae owner to bring /'orin ?i?>
truiiu, satisfied that he. would emergo with tn at
1 which was moat valuable; iiiea tear it, from j
his grasp, wita wild shou.-s fcf exultation.
. earcely ouo in a hundred succeedid in Ova-r?
ing off the poor remains o.' pro'perty wniciihe
had risked bis i he to ri .aver, i'uu inigUi ;ee
the ruined owiiO., standing wa begone, ..-,h.)*>4
gaziu^ ai UM tuiuobag dwelling, bis Socatiued .
?.(jroperty, willi a dboio agc iy*Sia his ?ace that
wai inexpressibly louciiing. OUietoyeu might
hear", as we did, with vila biaapbemjip assi :l?
?Hg thc jji?ica 'ol Heaven, or "ravok big. with
liked anti; <'eucu.-'d bauds* the fiery wi itu of
th? ?>Venger. But" thc funes .. lanae red x;a, and
the savage fired; and dr an ligand rsgecl, add
danced, aaa sii.'ig, aud tue moon sailed over all
vr'.a aa.'tereiie an aspeft as .when she first
rsai..ed a pt tr the ai < rvsiing against thc slopes
ol ^tmr.i...-?'??'? ^ .
. ' XV".
was tK? spectacle tor h&yg-s on ti-.e 2fain%
ca el .?'!?i;i.i?i- s.l'ect vi-iahiino.a. li .jess
,.' "<.-..? ci* W'.ui'c, nie BJH'clnele ' v. MOI lCftS
!c ,.i o t* i er pprtf?n* i/i'<ae cay, au<l'
.St ?Vi bi law'jji??.; cu.ue.. ?t hil? . uuwci?adn of

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