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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, March 28, 1865, Image 6

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Yb? oin ce ol' lim 'Conimbia /'/?auix i:
GBtoo slr.-.? t, second door fruta Plain.
?. ..?.li.
r.lA?.xi.tc OSNOWSKI.- We regret that the
editor ot Ihc Augusta Cot?UiffitionaJist hu.-?
suffered the report to appear in Iiis p*per that
Madame Sosnowski, of this place, has gone off
with the Yankees. She never for a moment I
left that home here in which ?he has beeu so ;
long distinguished for good "vo'ks in the Con- i
federate cause. We beg to call thc attention of
the Constitutionalist, and all "other papers, to i
this correction, and to the propriety of giving;
it general circulation.
Gov. MAORAi\H^--wXare~pleased to welcome.j
his Excellency Governor Magtath ouee more to |
our city. -He brings with him the most en- j
couraging auspices. Be has organized au ade- j
qu&te partisan force for the covering and pro- j
tection of the country below usv He has also!
established guards on all the mountain avenues |
in the country above us. We trust, and take j
for granted, from the copious r?pons before n?-, 1
that we shall be fully able to keep the chapter!
of war chances fully in our own hands for the i
next nine months.
WINWSBOXO.-The Fairfield Courier report i
the ravages of the euemy in Winusboro, which
bear a famiiy likeness to our own. Twenty
dwellings were deployed-certainly a large,
proportion for so small a place. The citizens 1
were robbed of everything. The route of the
Yankees to and from Wmnsboro and to Black
stocks, Was marked by the like destruction, of
houses, barns, plantations, stock, cattle, hogs, !
?e. Horses and mules were carried off every?
We les,rn that the Hains on thc Macon and
Western Railroad are running tnrougn to "At-,
l?ota, and that Uie trains on the Georgia R- I
road are expected to be running through noni
Angusla to Atlanta by the middle of April.
Overcoat Lost.
LO-T. <>i, the rond tel ween Coinml?a Krill]
, Wm <ih..io a LJL.M'K UVEKCOAT. Inj
the pocij.-; . Were :i |> ><i >. ...i.. !e s lin tl lear j
haiidkarshie -, ... k "fi. .-> Gr- .-!??" A eui
able reward will bc givcj, if lal. ai this office
march 28 .1*
Ft;]I, at th" buttle ot Av?i yburo, I*>t C., On
Thursday; M ?mit 10, 18?5,' "Lieut. OSCAK
Lv BORD? Company A. 1st. Regiment Smith
p?^B?tV? -v. (;hi' 1'--*??. eorp*) ?
"V-utr i .io ,'n.u lc ri ?tesl i?>t hou*, |>ut thi'U
-h ilt ku?xv lii-i v??'s?.?.."
Hoop Sk its*'
S- OME HOOP SKIRTS are for sale at A.
TRACER'S, em! of Richardson sireet, close
to Frazer's n?-t^ bn'ldiiurs. march 28 2*
Cottage Wanted.
WANTED to purchase, a*uiedest COTTAGE,
editable for a small family, in a pleasant
part of the city. Apply at this office.
. Writing School.
MRS. S. E. PELCT will resume the exercises
NESDAY AFTERNOON, at 4 o'clock. Tera.j
$60 per month, Lessons daily. Apply at the
South'Carolina College Buildings, South side,
Ward B. _ Maroii 2S 1*
* ; Notice. . ~~T
ALA. r^rsoas who tre desirous of leaving the
city for. any other portion of the Confede?
racy, will leave their names and the cumber of
heir families, withm the next few days, with the
Mayor, lt is recommended by the City Coun?
cil that all persons, who can will leave, as a
-Scarcity of provisions isseriously ap re h ended.
Bv order of Council.
march 23 ,1 _ T. J, GOOD ..TN, Mayor.
ALL members of my company j and all meu
in the District liable to service in the re?
serve forces, are-hereby ^ordered t.> appear ai
the old Market House on MONDAY next, ad
April^at 9 o'ciock a. ur* with four days' ra
.lions, prepared to go io Sumter. ?
march 28 1* Cfrpt. Co A, gib Bat S. C. it.
Schcol Notice.
SCHOOL for boys and girls under tuai
teen, on the FIRST MONDAY in April next,
at the president's house, in tu? College Campus.
Che number of pupils n< t to exceed twenty,
march 28_3*
ALL CHECKS drawn by che suttsvnber on
ijhe Commercial Lank ot th levity si nee 1st
January last, have been paid by me, hut. san:
checks were stolen during the time thc eoe ny
were here, Uig?thei wiin ?42,400. (jilucipaiij
in large \*i ii*. This Is In.ended lo Sta?l II lite
tT.itjite aim ut taking said enocks, as ihry were
not H ni kc i pain; in- hank f.ut rtteeiviug depu
.-, 1 lian a small i?ix mere with ilieiiiou.-i m
? i. ir . i he checks d poshed in i os memoran
match 28 3*
TVs c n alter tal Fire,
1)R()BMJLY i.y iuisiaki-.fi PLAIT) GAS3I
MRltE SUIT. Pari ol 5? w ?.. (.,r tho
Catholic Ohorn*1!; 'ii<- r**?t .. a ; .. ? ?li??,
.leta.,?i-' (.V -.u' . Any ?. <?. .icir
pos*, ssion wr.I-Iv? rewavdci.il required, bj
leaving it at i hu office._ march 28
~ Stoles;
FROM A wagon on the el.:? of the ci'}-, ?he
day tlie eiuinv eotervd Columbia, amone
other things i^\V( >RK BOX, containing a ?mau .
paper box, fi#F?i with locks of hair anda small
Testament, If any one Ivas t-ueh a box in their
possession, they will confer a favor by leaving
it at this office. . march 28
ALSO, , i i: a
SEGARA, ?c., &c.
Apply in Pendleton streit, West side, one
dcor fron; A-v.-inli'v ?tr et. m?rch"28.?*
lost Articles.
rr^HE undersigned having lo'st a quantity of
_I_ things nt. Um Charlotte Depot, ?Dd some
t . these having com.- recently to light, he is
encouraged lu gi ce a ?bt of such as may he
most easily ?deniif?. d, viz:
2 Brussels dupers, ! large. fawn-colored
ground, mi ami Inn? flowered, and 1 small,
mostly red, mir mid pieces; -1 Mattresses, with
' eatral Association'' ivorfcid oh them; 2 Bed?
steads, h>\v post, l ample* 1 mnhog-my,stained;
3 Pillows; 1 fiu >il m. ilium < th?.... leather >-otfer
e?1 rtrnp ?..und ? , wir?iin it i sra.ill -lilv^r .
>?M)on, marked "il ," ?nd ?ohl^sad; 1 Walking
riiiek, with silvertop, lettered 'W. M. from J.
?v P.;" I Silver Plate Cake Casket; Candle
s ck; 1 Ooff-;e Biggin; 1 yen he?ivy white Mar?
seiiles Quilt; 1 smirflei; 1 laige Calico Comfort;
Calio -pren ; sell of Curtains, (red flowerson
le.llow ground; lse.t Muslin Curtains; 1 Gen?
tleman's Dressing Gown, (rea flowered;) 1 Bri?
min ia metal Bowl ami Cream Poi: 1 box R>oke,
with name i o si de; 1 pack -e ''Lvri-. and
k.-arii< .;' ! ?quar-.' Grce? Tin i?ox, with four
,1IVIS:..I,->ti- >>? ? . ; :irtie|es iii il a Cake
0-ad.iy; iii-iss aiiovel'and Ton f , (I steil. 1
iif-w;) Hearth Brimin, (pi inind wbl 1 Calico
Dress; Colored Uvtn?spnti, ol peculiar pattartt
12 yards Clo . (blue died ) A liberal rewaiB
will be paid to the hilder ol' auy of-these ag??
eles by R?v. WM. MARTIN,
march 28 1 Blauding strutt.

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