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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 04, 1865, Image 1

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"Let oor just ?endure
.Attend the true event."-Shakfpcarc.
.: ELBY. COLUMBIA, S. C., TUESDAY, APBIL 4, 1865. * VOL. t-NO. 7.
_._._._!_Z_ m
? i l'liBLMHK?
.;,, Thursday and Saturday,
? , SE L B Y.
nsertectut $5 per square Xteu
. --rtiou.
.IT jOoOtimilaia
'. . it invariable feature of the
-loly procession, of fugitive
u unit old mun escaping from
ec, to be ?seor tod by lau kee
c: s--aa frmjueiuly by the vue aa
* >.? Vmietiuies pretended civil
. . p with jceilug ur o if eu ai Ve
. . situation.. Thea? civilities
j vet. To accept, thein, under \
.ley w-ei-e tendered lu good
- obed or. iusulittd. l'iie young
... ? box Of buui.lle. Who cooli?
' Li uat it lo lb-v.churge ot our ol'
ry otieu |o?i possession, of it
ii biiiivll. but it Seems heavy,"
ug..lady, who^u ihe proees
M US carrying oft her mother'?
i n, i.wdvdert Lrt tue curry
\ m. My object is to save it. if
i I save it tor you; leljmehelp
I no help of yours, and wish
t hat 1 mean to nave il, it' 1
too proud,- lnissl but we'll
? You have been living in
-wSll briug you down to
ThOM white hands- shalt be
.... sun before wcVc done with
?it ?; ok? out that Yankee auvy
?asperity and the superior privi
nation, which lurks at the
'. un kee heart, which ha? shown
utaud foras of spite, ?ll-fealiug
uiu. .y years?and now reaches ita
-.- ? levendiarism and massacre.
M vg te those who have laug
ac iristics of thia, people, that
I a ranking so high as colonels,
wore ?ouud as active in the work of mau ?cs and
plunder as any ot theil' common men. One of
these col?cela came into ?har presence of
young girl, a pupil <%t the Convent; and the
daughter of ^ distinguished publie maa. Ho
wore in ins, hat her riding plume, attached by
a small golden ornament, and in bis. hands he
carried her riding whip. She calmly addressed
hjm thus: "I have been robbed, sir, of avery
article of slothing and ornaments; even the
dress I 'wear is borrowed. 1 am resigned ti
their loss. Bat there are some th rn ga that I
would not willingly lose. Tou have in your
?ap the plume Lrooi my riding hat-you carry |
in your baud my riding whip. They were gifts
toSne from s precious friend. I'demand them
from ^ou.7' t "Ohl these cannot be yours-1
have had them a long time." "You never- had
them before last night. waa theu 1 lost them.
They are miue, and thc gold oruaaaent of th?
feather engraved with the initials of ibu giver.
Once more I demand them of you.*' .. Well,
Tm willing to give them to you, if you'll accept
them, as a keepsake." "No, air, 1 -Vink no
keep-sake of yours; 1 shall have s?ffle.colly
painful memories to remind me of those whom j
1 could ney er- willingly see again-whom 1
have never wished to see." "Ohl I rattier
guess you're r:ght there," witn a grin. "Will
y_-u restore me my whip sad feather?" "As a
keep sn kel Yea." "No, nir, as my property.,
which you ?au only wear as stolen property."
**1 tell you, if you'll take them as a keep sake
from me, you shall have them." "You must
then keep them, sir-happy, perhaps, that you
cannot blush whenever you sport the plume or
flourish the whip." Aid the miserable wretch,
representative ot the best Government and the
most saintly peo le of the world, bore off the
stolen treasures of the damsel.
In these connections, oatua of the moat blas?
phemous kind ?rere rarely foreborn?, even
when their talk'was had wita females. They
had a large faith iu Sherman's generalship. One
of their lieutenants is reported to liare said:
"He's all heil at flanking. He'd flank God
Almighty ont of Heaven and ike devil into
But this ia enough on this topic, and we must
plead the exaotious of truth wud bte iiecesai
Mes of historical evidence, to justify us in re
peating and r?o?r?j "g such moosic?*us blasphe?
mies. We a?iaL -carter, irooi maier ha<"l>,
be able to rapo/' ''?me uJuitio-nai dialogue
held with i-hc v;~...r- ot Columbia, by tonic, ol
the Yankee otii<rers.. Ot their lttu/nr, oue ur
two more brief anecdote.- will suffice.
Th?- Couvant., among h.* other possess ion?,
had a very beau?fui mo lei of the Cauiedra..
of Charleston. 'Cms occupied a p...ce in the
Convenir ground. It wus "destroyed Dy t.i?
soldiers. One ot the nuns lamented its Ute lu
thc Mother Superior.'in tba presence of .lol.
Kwell. (?) an aid of. one of the gene, a's bi - ni'
tared bitterly, 'Yes, it is rigmtv s?i vi?d? .ii
could wish Ute ?ame fate to oei ul every o-f-ur
drul iu vrltteil Ttl JJ?tint ima oten pirie- : il
the down fal of our glorious A ig." *
A g?utlemau waa expressing tootle o:^.;
Yankee Generals the fate of tue Coiiv?ut. n ;
speaking of the losses, especially of tuc indy
Superior. He replied dryly: "It is cot format
ten that th is lady is tue sister of Bishop Lynea,
wno had Te D*um performed in his oatucdrai at
the fail of Forii Sumter." ?
A lady of this city spoke indignantly ojha
Atkius, of Sherman's army, and said O.'^HBB
General, "He wars upon woineul" ..Yes,"eH^
Atkins, "and just y. lt is the women of tue
South who keep up this cursed Tdbelliou. lt *
gave us the greatest satisfac?an ta see those
proud Georgia woman begging cruml* from
Yankee lea vi uga; and this will soon ba the fate
of ?ll you Carolina wotneu. ,
A. Smw mCQo saL?pie? of theron 01 take Waich
they held with our people, especially the Wo
map, will serve to illustrate more completely
the cold-blooded, vipcroa* ?ad thorougmy base
character of tbe invaders, while sbowiug t o
spirit of our women under tins crual ordeal.
' Escorting a sad procession ol' fugitive? irouz'
the burning dwellings,' one el them said:
"What a glorious stolid" "Terribly no,' saiu
one ot the ladies. "Grandi" said he "Very
?uiful," waa Hie reply. The lady added: "How,
? men, you can beUotd th? horrors of tins
seeae aud behold the sufferings of these mao
certs, without terri?lest pangs of self eond?ax?
il utio a and self-loathing.it is difficult to. ooa
ccive." "We glory in hT' was th? answer. "I
tell you, mada.ii, tha\ when th? people of th?
( North hear of the veugeanc? vre have melad
! out to your city, there will be on* universal
?bout of rejoicing from utan, woman aud child,
troua Main? io Maryland.'' . "You ara. Uren,
sir, only a titling representative o? your peo
,4e'" . - .
Another said to a group ol ladies, while es*
. cortiug <uem, on asimilar Hight troui th? lire?
?mu tnuiug their progress by ln.c sneers and
sarcasms: "You nted*d illumination her*. Tao

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