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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 08, 1865, Image 1

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Daily Paper ip^O a Month. ^ , "Let oar iast censure j Trj-"W<-tki.y a ?.?OMIII.
Payable ia/ "rance. J Attend the trae ovont."-SXaktpettrc* t { Fa*. ~V>i? Ad
BY J. A. SMUBY. COLUMBIA, S. C., SATUEDAY. APRIL 8, 1865. VtL. l.-l\0. 9
The Daiiy is issued every monning, except,
donday, ut. $?0 a mouth. Tri-Weekly, Tuesday, !
Thuisday and Saturday, at $10 a month, m va- |
riably in advance. Siuglc copies $1.
Advertisements inserted at $5 per square (ten j
lines) for each insertion.
Oar Refuged ism. e ,
fe ?
Wa found Lincolnton tilled with refugee from
Columbia, some keeping house on a small scale,
-some boarding on a large one. All the three
Weeks'we were there^ it rained almost laces,
saut ly; thc streets so impassable from the mud,
. one tumid it impossible to go lo se! an opposite
? neighbor. LiueohiloD ia? by no mean: a fist
place, the verd'antiqu* on tome of the houses
gives signs of.age and still standing. The
Court rio lue is a tine,, one, and beautifully
situated, ou a centra! eminence, thc principal
streets radiating front it. The churches are
good; tile new Methodist .?nildiikg is a very tine
' one, that d?nomination baying -in? luck to have
. their church completed "just before thc war.
* We ri lid the spiriteof extortion lins reached thu?
far and Confederate money almost useless. Om;
retugoes seem generally cheerful; for our own
part, wheu believing that all worldly posees
w eious wer? swept away, wc lelt we could take
"U-od for our portion.". Among the refugees
wno has lost most heavily by the fire in Colum?
bia, is Cel. C-; but he cannot get out of his
old habit of giving, and continues lo distribute
just as if he had not loot several millions, ile
regretted, he said, the loss of his cotton factory
most, bf cause it threw 600 poor operatives out
of employment. My neighbor refugee over th?
tray, *wno has been reduced suddenly from
afflueuee te comparai.ve poverty, and made,
willi her five little children, houseless, says:
"W hy should 1 be exempt, wheo so many better
people have Buffered," Yes, we have many
sana tor which to answer, bul we are a batter
people than the Yankee?.
1 Uk? Liucointun, all bat its Basse, which mast
ever bc distasteful te a Southron. We advise
the good people to chang? it-call it, for in?
stance, Leesville-but 1 digress. In spits of
the reads, that make it hera almost impossible
to travel, we must back ie ear poor sacked and
?burned city; we must 540 back and "weep with
those that weep."
i Dreadful, indeed, we proved thc road to
j Dailae-r-our first day's journey, and tho ?ext
j having ^iven one of our mules "the-scratchea,"
made the poor creature more mulish than ever.
Tuesday night finds us at Dallas. In the morn?
ing, the threatening aspect of the- weather
would have kept withindoors, any but des?
perate travelers bent home. Oh! such "h?ls
of difficulty. ' Oh! such "sloughs of despoud"
os wt- encountered, with the rain beating m our
face* all the way; but, at night, Mr. li.'s com?
fortable home made amends to us for all the
toils and discomfertof the day. The next day
(Wednesday} the road? grV-w worse instead of
better; there one oj*thermales had to be prized
by malu force ont of tho''mud, where it lay
helplessly imbedded, and theraiu again pouted
upon tis. Called for a night's lodging at a
lordly mansion-said, we only desired a shelter,
haying pro visions for man and beast alon,
with us-puitiug'iu our plea as refugees, frsra
Columbia. It was of no avail. We were
directe d to another houie, about a mile or
oi- two ahead. A large handsome brick bouse
thia wa?, lt was nearly night, now, and .the
rain still pouring. We urged ?very plea to
gain admittance. Mr. M-told them he feared
the creek between their's aud the next house,
to which they directed us, would be swimming.
It weighed nothing with them, go we must.
Wo went on, sad and gloomy, and -fearful
enougn. When we neared the creek, found it
a sta; kuew nothing of its depth, and in the
darkness and raiu it would have been suicidal
lo attempt its passage. We turned baek again
to petition, by every -plea of humanity, for s
shelter-a ru ere molter for night. Again, per?
emptorily refuted. I then made a personal
appeal iu this fashion-God has bean merciful
to you in keeping the enemy fi om your home.
But, supposing you w%re driven from it, as we,
and under suen circumstances as we arc now,
yon were refused even a shelter from the rain.
Oh! have you no mercy! Mr. M. took tuen hu
seat ou a bench in the piazza, and said: "lier?
I slay all night, and will here, al least, have t
covering over our heads. Whether hie resolv?
or my appeal, moved her woraau's heart; w.
know not; but, after going into the house fo
a eouboitatiou, shu caine aud told tu to conic III
aud treated us then respec'lolly, ;it :ea?.i
There were none but ladled in th? louse-th
were lari ag sumptuously; everything J. b<
tb? wari the home wee an ?antun? ?> - i
MBH ? ???? H mm ii.ii-w i ia-r*-< -nio-.
could iiave given room Lo fi d >z-;.i \> ..> .. .
lerad refugees-h.sides whicli, it, hud 1? .
been a stoppiSK place fur travel, i s and thu*
had a right to call." Wo paid our bill, nut ix
orbitant, but a very ^respectable one tor one
bight's grudged entertainment of us-$65
Before having, I took occasion to s?y to the
lad\', our hostess. **There will b? no hotels m
Columbia, now. You may have occasion to visit
there; if so, I hop? you will come to my bouse "
JH. J2-?L IO :
QEVERAL hundred fine CABBAGE aud
0 BEET PLANT? to exchange for pi o visions
or to sell for specie, at the Cemetery.
f f Notice.
ALL persons having demauds against the
late SAMUEL W. DIBBLE, will imiae
1 diatelv present them, duly certified, to
Columbia, %%?., April 7, 1363._
~ Notice.
ALL persons having demands against the
estate of Mrs. IL M. DIBBLE, deceased,
will present their accounts, duly certified, im?
mediately to . W. JASPER D?BBLE,
Atty of Ex'r Estate Mrs. H. M. Dibole.
Columbia, April 7, 1865. ' April 8 1?
Notice-Stocks and Bonds Stolen, Lost or
Burnt on tito Night ol' 17 tn feor^ary.
iyU 20 " Farmer's and Exchange Bank
of S. C.
63 shares Planter's aud Meehan ?e's Bank.
13 " " State Bank.
23 " South Carolina Railroad and Bank.
23 half shares " "
10 aliares People's Bank.
3 whole and o half shares Charleston Bank.
20 shares Trust and Insurance Company,
Charleston. *
?356 fttate S. C- 7 percent. Bond, *
ALSO, . .
$500 7 per cent. Bond Charleston and Savan?
nah Railroad.
55161) Confederate States 8 per cent. Beads.
The above securities staun in the name of tba
Ancient Artillery Society.
ia ii .persons ate nouben uot to trade for any
of iht ab:'. c kccunties. a<< implication will be
rn-l thv reli?wai ; i th'* ...io*.
v. ?l.'o f. i&A2LA,
. ..' \ i* ?C'ety,

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