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''Let oar just Ce n rare o
Attend the True Event."
Tb? Umughter.
Tile oid niau sits beeide the look,
Where ?ltdey dries the water;
Tho old wife, io ber faded frock,
still knit?! eua nods bj? tho cottage clock;
Bat ?hi the little daughterl
i MOU no more her loving eyes,
I hear no more her low rondes
Alas, ala?! the d aug h tori
At dawn tba bird? begin to sing,
And o'er and o'er lue water
The swallow flits with winking wing;
Toe old folks waka with the waking epringf
Out ?bl tho little daughterl
No more to list tba onckoo'a call
Mio roams the woods of tho Manar Halt
Alas, alasl the daughter!
Hid-aummer brought the >onng Earl back,
The lord of wood and water;
II ? mot her in the greenwood track
Ills eyes wore wondrous bold and black
Ali, mel the little danghterl
Ho whispered, "Trust me, Ol mine own!"
Hho wept, VI live for thee alon? 1"
Alas, alaal the daughter!
Hlow moved the weary mon tba to years;
All day dripped down the water;
Tue father's heart waa doll with fears.
The mother'a eyes were dim with tears
Ah, me! the little daughter!
Who is it 'neath tho city's glare,
Looks up with wild bewildered atare?
Alaa, alaal the daughter!
A night there esme-a night of wroth
The rain beat on the water.
The wind blew from the nighing North,
'i bo cottage lights ahown freely forth
But ah! the little daughter!
Low in tbe dripping look she lias,
With tangled hair sud altered eyes
Alua, alas) the danghtor!
[ Tinsley1 a Magazine,
nerluus Bolt ?(?The Hat?"-Tbe Atlantic
Monthly Attack? President Urant.
The replies of the friends of the Ad?
ministration to tho charges made against
the President have boon from the iiret,
considered merely as replies, singularly
ineffective. The official reply to the
oharge of nepotism was that, instead of
having appointed twenty-fonr relatives
to office, the President had only ap*
pointed twelve. But the diflioulty with
thia method of meeting the aoouBation
was, that it did not go far enough.
Obviously the question was not whether
the number of these appointments had
been exaggerated, but what the propor?
tion waa between the whole number of
appointments aotuaPy made and the
whole n amber of relatives. If the Pre?
sident has 2,000 relatives clamorous for
offloe, the appointment of twelve (it may
possibly have been eleven) was not very
large. . Ou the other baud, if he has
?inly thirteen relatives who m eic offices,
und are eligible under the Constitution,
thu appointment of twelve shows a
different spirit. To have made ita reply
complete, the official organ in New York
ought to publish not only a complete
lint of all tbe relatives of the President
aud Mrs. Grant, but at the same time
furnish full information on tho other
points we.have indicated. To the most
Hurious oharge of all, that of these
family appointees several were incompe?
tent to discharge the duties of their
offices ib a fit and houest manner, one of
them Ueiug the notorious Casey, of New
Orleans; no reply bk's been made. Tbe
country has as yet been spared hearing
by way of official answer that these in?
decent appointments were not in reality
four in number, us had been reported,
bat only three.
In the second place, tb" oharge that,
in the face of repeated remonstrances,
the President has allowed an obsenre
und impudent adventurer to amass a for?
tune by a systematic system of pl nuder,
under the protection of th?, authorities'
of the Government, it was replied that
the general order system would soon be
modified. And it bas been modified,
and no one knows to-day whether Lset
retains the control of it or not. To the
charge that the President took no inte?
rest in the most important political ques?
tion of tho day, that of civil service re?
form, it was replied that a board of emi?
nent men had been appointed to consider
the subject, and that the President would
be guided by their conclusions. Their
report was made and adopted by the f re?
sident, and a great flourish of trumpets
- was made over this reform, which might
quite as easily have been introduced
three years before; and it had hardly
been adopted, when it was announced
that the rules would be temporarily sus?
pended whonever the Administration
thought proper.
And, lastly, to the oharge of present
taking, the reply made is, tbat the whole
matter was talked over in 1867 by Gol.
Forney, Mr. Justice Garter, and Senator
Thayer and General Grant's ohief of
staff, and it yras decided that, as General
Grant had saved tho rich a great deal
during tue war, it was only fair that hs
should get'some of it himself. AU these
accusations, however, are merely matters
of detail. Those who distrust the Ad?
ministration ha vo an underlying ground
of complaint, which it would require a
great deal to remove. It bas often been
repeated, but repetition does not weaken
ita force. It is, that ? when General
Grant was elected, four years ago, it was
the popular belief and understanding
that he would bend ai i his energies to
tho work of purifying the Government,
of redeeming it from the corruption into
whioh it 'has fallen, of assisting those
whoso object it is to make political lifo
in America onca more respectable and
honorable. Instead of doing tbis, he
has allied himself with the very men
whose hames are' by-words throughout
the cou n try for those vices whioh he pro?
fessed his desire to root ont; he has lent
bis warm assistance to petty faotions,
warring not for soy political object, but
for the eontrol of plunder, nntl he now
demands his re-election on the strength
of these services to the country.
[AtlttnUc Monthly, for May.
An Atlanta lady recently playfully tied
her husband's hands and feet together,
and while he was thinking it waa a
capital joke, she picked his pockets of a
certain billot-donx. Since the occur?
rence, the ( gentleman's friends avoid
him, under the'impression that he baa
amall-por. '
i A cow in Do vor, Tenn., excites the
lenvy ol all her bovine oom pani on s in fly
|ime. She has two tails.
York World, of the 21st, treats of a sub?
ject, editorially, which is interesting to I
all men and everywhere. The TFbrWl
says: "How to dispose of the dead is a
question ooneerniog which . sanitarians I
and sentimentalists are at swords' points,
and as population increasingly aggre?
gates at certain centres, the discussion I
between the conflicting parties acquires
additional importance. Tho village |
church-yard, distant from the habita?
tions of the living, with its dozen or so
of flower-bearing graves, is a very differ?
ent thing from the city cemetery, with
its hundred masoned vanita, in each of
which are shelved the coffins of two or
three generations, and medical authori?
ties are unanimous in insisting that tho j
latter, at all events, if not the former,
must bo suppressed. But how? 'Wo
must have oonseurated ground for Chris?
tian burial,' says the churchman. 'We
must show our reverence for the depart?
ed,' adds the strict follower of the fifth
commandment. 'Every family of any
respectability must have its family vault,'
chimes ia the patrician. 'But you
mnsn't put a number cf dead bodies to?
gether to poison an entire neighbor?
hood.' retorts the sanitarian, 'Senti?
ment-begins a blooming widow. 'Sul?
phuretted hydrogen gas,' interrupts tho
"It cannot be denied that our present
method of interment is not only detri?
mental to health but wasteful, inaBmuoh
as it prevents tho useful completion of j
nature's oircle wherein decomposing or?
ganic matter is utilized for the fertiliza-1
lion of the soil and the maintenance of
new life. The system of inoremation
a return to which is advocated by Prof.
Hammond-would be almost as wasteful,
because, although no particle of matter
is really destroyed, and the vaporized
produots of combustion would ultimately
enter into new organic combinations, yet
a large number of persons would proba?
bly insist upon carrying out the enoient
custom in all its details and preserving
their deceased relatives' ashes (which
would contain important salts) iu oma- j
mental urns, thus defrauding che vege?
table kingdom of its rightful due.
"A plan satisfying all the conditions of j
the problem has been once before sug?
gested in these columns, consisting iu
the simple expedient of abolishing
coffins, and dedaring that all interments
should be made in arable soil-fixing by
law, of course, the maximum numb ir of
funerals to be allowed tu un ucre. In
this way mab's ordained ' return to dust
would be assured, and in luxuriant crops
the 'r?surrection of the body' would be
literally verified. The disinfecting pro- \
perties of earth, which now aro resisted I
by the interposition of ooffius, would
then suflioa to protect the public health.
Thenc too, sentiment ns wall ag a sense j
of the eternal fitness of things, might (
be consulted in the selection of appro?
priate garden-beds to commemorate |
special traits of character. Husband
and wife might repose together beneath
tho roots of a prickly pear-apt typo of
their earthly union; the pastor's sermons
might be recalled to the memory of Iiis
flock by a stately growth of the som?
niferous poppy; the lawyer might j
posthumously flourish in the barberry,
while his olieut might be typified in
ragged robin; the boardinghouse!
keeper's dryad would find n continual
abode in 'ash; and so on throughout a
wide botnnioul range of similitudes. Or
special modifications of vegetation might
be induced by experimental horticul?
turists familiar with the mould of human
nature and of garden, not surprising the
liquor dealers of the West fear for their
profits while the novelty of tho new law
A PAINT MINE.-During a recent visit j
to Augusta, we saw specimens of pure
burut umber, taken from au extensive
bed of this valuable minoral recently
opened seventeen miles above Augusta,
about a mile and a half from the Georgia I
Railroad. It is on lands owned by a Mr, [
Roed and his sister. Miss Lnoy J. Reed,
well known as the agent of tho Grover &
Baker sewing maohine. The mino is of
vast extent, covering several acres, and
lying iii a vein easily aooesBible, twenty
feet deep* on a hill-side. The umber hos
been analyzed by chemists in Augusta
and New York, and pronounced equal to
Turkish umber. It has been used by the
painters in Augusta-some of the inte?
rior of Gray's elegant store boiug painted
.with it. Major George T. Jackson and I
tho Messrs. Denning, of Augusta, are
Open io g the mine, and preparing to put |
ibis new product of Georgia's mineral
wealth upon the market. They propose
to deliver it in New York at $50 a ton.
It is believed that it will speedily take
the place of Tar ki ah umber for many
purposes. It has been already burnt by
-*->?a? volcanic heat, thus greatly reduc?
ing the expense, over the raw, of prepu-1
ration for uso.-Athens Banner.
ton socio ty, it is said, everybody snobs
everybody else; In New York society,
everybody gossips about everybody oise;1
in Philadelphia everybody attends tocho
morals of everybody else; in Baltimore
society, everybody fraternizes with
everybody elB6; and in Chicago society,
just at present, everybody is borrowing
from somebody elsa. Boston, therefore,
is aristocratic; New York and Philadel?
phia democratic; Baltimore, patriarohial ;
and Chicago, communistic.
DOLLY VABDBNS.-If our readers havo
ever seen a flock of sheep follow their
leader, running when he rans, walking
when he walks, and even leaping over a
straw, should he happen to have in?
dulged in that silly proceeding, they
oannot fail to compare them with the
blind followers of fashion. No heed
what ridiculous peculiarities fashion in?
dulges in, the stupid Bheep follow her
lead with the most nnquestioning faith
in her. If it be a hat that does not cover
the hoad, an abominable chignon that
imposes on nobody, a bunch of curls
that makes no pretence to be either well
placed or well matched, and, in faot, is
innocent of deception of any nature; or
a puf&iug out of the skirts that robs tho
figaro of all (trace under tho title of a
Grecian bend, it has only to bear the
sign-manual of fashion to become the
vogue. The last vagary of this kind is
the Dolly Varden, a very pretty affair
when seen in pictures of a hundred years
ago, and which was, no doubt, a charm?
ing addition to the costumes of the So?
phia Westons, the Lady Botty Modiahes
and the Clarissa Ilario wea of old; bat ns
muon, out of place on the backs of the
Indien of our day as the square-cut coat
and sword of the time cf George II
would be in connection with the black
pantaloons and shirt collars of the pre?
sent time. But leaving all anachronism
oat of the question, wo must protest
against the general use into which it is
coming, regardless of propriety. Elderly
spinsters, servant girls and chamber?
maids have booome inoculated with the
mania, and have made a raid upon old
chintz hangings and bed quilts, iu order
to transform them into Dolly Vardens.
The way was paved for it by the return
to the hideous high-heeled shoes of n
century ago, and we may not have lou g
to wait before we see our wives and
daughters add the quilted satin petticoat
and the powdered wig to their costumes,
and the black patches known as beauty
spots to their faces. Why should this
retrograde movement iu fashion be con?
fined to the fair sex alone? Why should
not the sterner sex also have its privi?
leges in the way of fashionable eccentri?
city, and boldly dive into the ocean of
the past to oome pulling and panting to
the surface, dripping with the gorgeous
inconsistencies of a by-gone age?
ladies and gentlemen in a Montgomery
County town determined a few days ago
to get up a surprise party for the pur?
pose of visiting the house of Mr. and
Mrs. Gilpin. Everything was arranged.
The provisions were nicely packed away
in the carriages, the musicians wore on
gaged, and the porty merrily drove to
Gilpin's residence. It was agreed that
instead o? ringing the bill, the frontdoor
should be quietly opened aud the party
should rush right into the parlor, in or?
der to make the surprise the greater. It
was done. The company entered on tip?
toe and stole quietly along the entry
until the parlor door was reached. Then
it was opened, and the whole crowd
rushed in with a laugh. The merriment,
however, did not contiuuo-not for any
considerable length of time, at least; for
the first thing observed by the visitors
was a tableau-Mrs. Gilpin sitting upon
tho prostrate form of Mr. Gilpin, with
one hand tangled among his hair, while
with the other hand she pounded him
with tho coal-souttle. Gilpin, mean?
while, expressed his sentiments in
groans, intermingled with certain om*
phatio and earnest adjectives and verbs,
which were, perhaps, natural, but cer?
tainly improper. The party was more
of a surprise than the company had nn
tioipated; and when Mrs. Gilpin ob?
served the visitors, she rose and tried to
explain that she was helping Mr. Gilpin
to tack down the carpet-an explanation
which left no room for any theory os to
the method by which Mr. Ci ii pi n's nose
woe induced to yield a copious stream of
gore, and permitted conjeotnre to run
wild as to why Mrs. Gilpin should hold
him down to the carpet by his hair, and
hit his head every time, instead of tho
tack, with the coal-scuttle.
-Major-General Sigal has addressed
the following lotter to the committee bf
arrangements lot the great soldiers'
meeting to be held afc Cooper Instituto
on the evening of May 8:
NEW YOEE, April 16, 1872.
Colonel Edwin A. Perry, Secretary
DEAS SIB: I have the honor to aoknow
Iege tho rooeipfc of 100 tiokets to be sold
for the pnrpose of erecting monuments
to Major-General George H. Thomas
and 4,000 soldiers who fell in the defence
of the Union. In return I send you
$100, with a list of contributors who
have joined in the noble work. Allow
me to. say that I hopo to seo th oso mon?
uments to stand ont not only in honor
of the heroic deeds of our soldeirs and
the eminent publio services and tho spot?
less" private character of a bravo com?
mander, but also as a sign of national
calamity-as ? solemn pledge that the
hatred of tho past shall be buried, and
the future show only ono American peo?
ple, eqnal in their rights, great in their
?atriotism and honest in their purposes,
am, Colonel, very respectfully yours,
-??? ?
The death of Major William H. Wilt
berger, of the Pulaski House, Savannah,
is annonnoed.
drove his celebrated colt Startle yester?
day afternoon, on Fleetwood Park, a
quarter of a mile iu thirty-three se?
conds to his road wagon, iu the pres?
ence of a large number of gentlemen.
The colt wa? timed by Monars. Daniel
Pilfer, John Lovett and several others.
No horse of any rgo has ever trotted,
when hitched to n road wagon, n quarter
mile us fast as this, except Dexter, and
he mu?e it iu exactly tho same time. A
f ow days ago Startle trotted a half mile
to n road wagon at tho same park, on a
heavy track, in 1.00%. Such veteran
horsemen as Pellmau, Pilfer, Saunders,
Roden and Lovett pronounce Startle
the moBt extraordinary trotter that has
ever been kuown. Mr. Bonnor paid
$20,000 for him a little over a year ago,
but Mr. Alley, from whom ho bought
him, has since then offered $35,000 to
get him back again.
midable hns tho Carlist movement in
Spain become, that eveu Madrid tele?
grams admit tbe possibility of tho revo?
lution being BnccesBful, provided the
Radicals continuo to oppose tbe Govern?
ment. About 15,000 Carlists are now in
the Held, but the whereabouts of Don
Carlos is unknown, though it is asserted
that he left Geneva iu disguise on the
21th ult. Should he be found ou Spa?
nish ground with arms iu bis possession,
he will fie shot. Tho King has declared
many places iu a state of siege. Serrano
has been sent to Navarro at the head of
G.OOO mun, and he is to be made general?
issimo of the forces operating ugaiust
tho insurrection.
SPAIN AUAIN.-Tue young Kiug Ama?
deus is leading n hard life of it, and his
path is not by any means strewn with
roses. Revolutions uro cropping out so
fast, ju tho various parts of tho country,
that it is almost us confusing to keep the
run of, and properly to chronicle them,
ns it is to do thc same for Mexico. The
experimental adoption of Amadeus bids
fair to tum out ou thu European conti
neut very much the sumo us did asimilar
adventure ou tho American continent in
the person of Maximilian. Tho market
is overstocked with kings uud emperors,
and tho ruling price is very cheap,
as to quoted rates, but yet dear ut any
Tho grand jury have found true bills
of indictment for conspiracy and mur?
der against John T. Craig, Henry Suber,
Bush lt. Blakeley, Samuel Wost, Robert
Williams, Jumes J. Ador, J. Compton,
Simeon Pearson, Elihu Young, John A.
Fritz, Osborne Bishop, George H. Da?
vidson, Muuroe Beaufort, Charles E.
Franklin, Porter Ferguson, BCD j. Bon?
ner, Richard LoMuster, William Ward,
Henry Worthy, William Smith and Har?
vey Mayberry. - Charleston News.
Tho outlaws have again taken to the
war path. Wo learu that Stephen Low
rey and Andrew Stroug robbed tbe r?si?
dence of Mr. Heury McCollum, of Red
Bunks, on Tuesday last, of a tine double
barreled guu. Low roy weut to the
house alono, Strong being uear at hand,
aud while Mr. McCollum was at work in
the Held. Ho took from the house a
gun und u gold watch, but returned the
latter to Mrs. M et kill nra ou her pleading
for it.- Wilmington Journal.
A soldiers convention will be held in
New York in May, to protest against
Grant's nomination nt Philadelphia.
The call is signed by Generals Kilpat?
rick, Bartlett aud Barnum. J. D. Cox
or Judge Brinkerhoff will preside over
the convention.
- A Kansas City mother cowhided n
follow in that city tbe other day, who
had attempted to outrage tho person of
ber datightor, n child of twelve yours.
Tho follow drow a knife, but tho daunt?
less woman still laid on, until 100 lashes
bad boon administered, and then let him
Tho latest diversion for good little
cbildreu at Lebanon, Tennessee, is wit?
nessing tho marriage of their great
grand-parents. At a recent ceremony of
that sort, both families woro represented
to the third generation.
Tho twin curses of Chicago are land?
lords and milkmeu. The former are
uiiving the routing population out of
town; the latter are driving the resident
population to chalk, ammonia, consump?
tion and tho grave.
Mrs. Emery, of Indiana, warns all
women against ber fickle, faithless bus
band who bas desorted her. She says
he may be recognized by a broken nose,
whioh sho demolished with a skillet.
Tho Boston Post thiuks that Mr. Ten?
nyson, if ho comos to America, should
visit South Carolina to see how his "fe?
deration of tho world" is getting along.
A young boy in Li fay otto, Alabama,
shot his mother dead the other day on
her refusal to allow him to go out hunt?
The two oity tickets nt Mackinaw,
Mioh., aro respectively known ns the
?.Good Templar" and "Good Tipplers"
Sunday evening is the fashionable re?
ception evening in Baltimoro, and
Wednesday in Philadelphia and Bostou.
Tho bodies of Jarnos McCarthy and
Richard Prince, drowned in Ashley
River,|last week, have been recovered.
? mournful event is tims alluded to
by a San Francisco paper: "Any per?
son learning the whereabouts of a yoong
man named Scott, who attempted to
seal a bottlo of benzine this morning,
with a lighted oandle standing near the
bottle, will confer a favor on his sister
at the Mission by reporting the same to
hor, os his clothes will fit her husband,
who ia badly in need of them."
There is nothing HO effecting iu a child
as a certain sweet inborn spirit of self
abnegation. Sammy WOB a little boy, at
school in a village far from his homo.
One day his father came to Bee him, and
they took a walk together. Meeting the
principal of the sohool. Sammy per?
formed the ceremony of introduction.
"Mr. 8.," said he, "tim is a father of
The polioe in Japan are very vigilant.
If you have anything stolen, they run
after the thief and bring him back for
identification. If tho stolen property is
found on him, they chop off his head on
your door-step. By paying a sum equal
to about eleven cents of our money, you
can do your own killing and keep tue
A newly made widow at Oshkosh, at
the funeral, stepped up and kissed her
dead husband's brow as he laid in his
coffin, and then was disgusted beyond
measure to see several other women,
whom she did not know, step forward
and do the same thing. With the re?
mark, "I thought he was my husband,
but he wasn't," she rose and left the j
In the electoral college of 357 votes
this year, the former Blave-holding
States will have 131 votes, the Western
States 102, the New England and Middle
States 100, and the Pacific States 12
votes. Therefore, according to geo?
graphical apportionment, the South is
still the leading political power in the
The following conversation recently
occured at a dinner party in Washing?
ton: "A.-General Grant was to have
dined with ua to-day, but I am sorry to
learn that he is detained at home by a
very severe cold. B.-I am very sorry.
But how did Gen. Grant take cold?
C.-Ob, he took it from a draught."
1 New York Sun.
During the present season there are
twenty-four Atlantic steamers running
from Montreal and Quebec, 142 from
New York, four from Philadelphia, eight
from Baltimore and twenty from New
Orleans. This immense fleet of ocean
steamers is almost exclusively owned and
controlled by foreign capitalists.
Prof. DeLaunoy haB been leoturing on
"The Roman Catacombs." He says the
rock under Rome, 100 feet or more be?
low the sui face, is honey-oombed with
about OOO miles of passage ways, and
that from six to seven millions of human
bodies have been placed there.
The Courier-Journal says: England
has the most powerful navy in the world,
while ours amounts to little more than
Robeson on a corn-stalk raft armed with
a half-inch howitzer made of plaster ol
Paris. That doesn't look like we ought
tobe "consequential."
At Mount Washington, Ky., William
Pratt's dog killed Wm. Wigginton's hog.
A consequent law suit ended to the dis?
satisfaction of both last week. On theil
way home from court, both carrying
shot-guns, they quarreled. Wiggintoi
fired first and killed Pratt instantly.
A youthful novice in smoking turnee
deadly pale aud threw his cigar away
"Oh, dear," he said, "there's aome'in
iu that cigar that's makin' mo sick." "]
know what it is," said his companion
pulling away." "What?" "Tobacker."
Mary had a little lamb, with hair a
fine BB Bilk; the longer Mary lived, tin
more she found that lamb a bilk. Fo
all the hair was only flax, on that deceit
ful brute; but Mary hadn't much to sa;
for hors was only jute.
Indianapolis girls, when at tho oper
occupy balcony seats, and playfully hun
their feet over the railing. A man i
the parquet recently had the top of hi
head crushed in by one of the youn
ladies dropping her shoes on him.
A Republican paper, ulhajding to ih
numerous investigatiouti into Radical oi
fioial corruption, says the tronblo is the
"Rats are trying rate, sud the eats ar
counted out. It's a nice thing for th
"Whioh of the Fejee Islands are yo
from?" asked a visitor of one of Bai
nntn's cannibals the other day. "Ti|
?perary, bedad," was the reply of t?
ravenous anthropophagi ni an.
An octogenarian Iowan having deed?
all his proporty to his dearly belove
wife, to whom ho had been marrie
twenty-two years, the lady showed h<
gratitude by immediately eloping wit
his son.
A Georgia paper advises its subsoril
era that "payments can be made in bu
ter, eggs, corn, potatoes, ragged groo
backs or tobacco stamps-if nicely tata
from the boxes."
A ten year old Keokuk boy used li
mother's new "Dolly Varden" dress
oolor Easter eggs witb. In return tl
indignant parent colored her son's fie
into variegated hues with her slipper.
The famous Mer du Qlace on the sm
mit of Mont Blanc is diminishing
size. Tts height baa been reduced I1
feet in the last twenty years.
Hartranft, the Radical candidate for
Governor of Pennsylvania, occupies, as
the Philadelphia Presa (Radical) saya,
the "unenviable position" of having
been the chief hangman in the execution
of Mrs. Surratt.
Acoordioc to the census for 1870, dur?
ing that year in ??assaohuBetts six girls
wera married at fourteen, thirty-three at
fifteen and 181 at sixteen. A woman of
twenty-five was also married for the
fourth time.
Griffith J. McKee, Esq., an old and
prominent citizen of Wilmington, died at
his residence in that city on Sunday
morning last, after a lingering illness, in
the fifty-second year of his age.
A German, lately married, says: "Id
vas youbt so easy an a needle cood valk
out mit a camel's eye as to get der be?
hind t vordt mit a voe m an."
Mamma-"Now take your medicine
like a good girl, and when' you get well
I'll buy you anice dollv." Sick ohild
"Please, ma, have it a Dolly Varden."
Smiggles, who is, perhaps, too criti?
cal, says there are a good many modern
preachers who wonld burn quite as well
as the old martyrs-they are so dry.
. A Boston woman makes corsets that
produce good figures-very good ones
in the sexton's book.
Three Texas gentlemen have made ar?
rangements for inclosing 114,000 acres
of laud in one body for pasturage.1
At tba residence of the bride's lather, jack?
sonville County, Ala., on Tuesday evening,
23d April, 1872, by the Kev. Dr. Henderson,
HOSEA J. DEAN, Jr., of Spartanburg, S. O.,
and Misa MILLIE MOSELLE, eldest daughter
of Col. Hamnol W. Crook.
dentrifices had tboir.dra whacks until the Hain -
brioua Bark of the Soap Trie waa brought
from the Ob iii an valleys to perfect the fra?
grant Sozodont, the moat delightful article
for the teeth that a brush was ever dipped
CK.M'N."-Every caso of Croup can be cured,
when first taken, by Dr. Tobin?' Venetian
Liniment, warranted for twenty-four years,
and never a bottle returned, lt also eurea
Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Coho, Sore Throat,
Outa, Burna and External Pains. Hold by the
druggists. Depot, 10 Park Place, New York.
VENUS herself would not have been beau?
tiful, if her complexion had . been bad. If
beauty ?B skin deep, it is necessary to secure
and retain that part of it ; ana ladies, ia stead
of resorting to paiuta and powders, should
remember that an Impure, blotchy or sallow
skin is the proof of feeble digestion, torpid
liver or vitiated blood, for all which Dr. WALX
anre and effectual remedy.
BURNETT'S coco AINE.-No oils, neither
pomades or alcoholic washes-foreign or do?
mestic-can compare with Coooaine as a HAIH
DRESSING. It anchors the bair firmly in thu
scalp, gives it new life and lustre, and renders
it the "crowning glory" of both aexea, old and
PRATT'S ASTRAL Ol I.-Moro accidenta
occur from using unsafe oils than from steam?
boats and railroads combined. Over 200,000
families continue to burn Pratt'a Astral Oil,
and no accidents, direotly or indirectly, have
oocurred from .burning, storing or handling
it. Oil House "br Charles Pratt, established
1770, New York.
A BEAVT1K?L, WHITE, soft, smooth
and clear akin is produced by using G. W.
Laird's "Bloom of Youth." It removea tan,
freckles, sun-burns and all other discolora?
tions from the akin, leaving the complexion
brilliant and beautiful. Sold at all druggists'.
Thia preparation is entirely free from any
material detrimental to health.
Thanka to Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,
we have for years been relieved from sleep
leas nights of painful watching with poor,
Buffering, teething children.
FOR DYSPEPSIA, indigestion, depres?
sion of spirits and general debility, in their
various forma: alao, aa a preventive against
Fever and Ague, and other intermittent fevers.
The Forro-Phosuborated Elixir of Calisaya,
made by Caswell. Hazard Az Co., New York ,
and Bold by all druggists, ia the best tonic,
and as a tonic for patients recovering from
fever or other sickness, it has no equal.
COLOGNE WATER, according to tho ori?
ginal formula of Pr?vost, Paria, no long sud
favorably known to thu customers of Havi
land, Harral & Itialey and their branches, for
its fine permanent fragrance, is now made by
H. W. Bisley, and the trade supplied by his
successors, Morgan ic Bisley, Wholesale Drug?
gists, New York.
POWDER.-The beet article known for
oleanaing and preserving the teeth and guma.
Sold by all druggists. Price 25 and 50 ceuta
per bottle. F. C. Wolla & Co., New York.
CARBOLIC SALVE, unequaled as a heal?
ing compound. Phyaiciana recommend it as
tho moat wonderful remedy over known.
Price 25 centB per box. John F. Henry, solo
proprietor. 8 College Place, New York.
magnificent compound is beyond contingency,
tho aafoat and moat reliable dye in existen cn ;
never failing to impart to the bair uniformity
of color, nourishment and elasticity. Manu?
factory G8 Maiden Laue, Now York.
SVAPNIA ia Opium purified of ita sicken?
ing and poisonous qualities. It ii a perfect
anodyne, not producing headache or constipa?
tion of bowels, aa ia tho caso with other pre?
parations of opium. John Farr, Chemist,
New York._
For SlRltt ls Priceless!
Kui the Diamond Spectacles toill Prenerv lt.
IF yon value your eyesight nae these PER?
FECT LENSES. Ground from minute
oryatal pebbles, melted togethor, and derive
their name "Diamond" on account of their
hardness and brilliancy. They will last nianv
years without change, and aro warranted su?
perior to all others, manufactured by
CAUTION_Nono gennine nnlePH stamped
with onr trade mark. WM. GLAZE, Jeweler
and Optician, is solo agent for Columbia, b.
C., from whom they can only he obtained.
N" neddlera employed._Joly 81 Illly
I No. 5 N. Shroeder Street. Baltimore, Aid.,
Manu facturera of
Patent Improved, Portable
VT GLB MACHINES, ?c. Dealers in Circu?
lar Sawe, Belting and Mill suppliesgenerally,
and manufacturer's agents for Leflel's Cele?
brated Turblno Wator Wheel and every de?
scription of Wood Working Machinery.
sarRend for descriptive Catalogu?e and
Price Lists. May 23 rt*ly

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